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Fake news about Syria continues to be everywhere


New York Times (1993): “Human rights monitors estimate that 500 Palestinian detainees are subjected to [torture in Israel] each month and that at least 30,000 have been interrogated since the beginning of the anti-Israel uprising in December 1987.”

Yes, fake news about Syria is still ubiquitous. If you read the Washington Post, you will get heading titles like this: “A ‘human slaughterhouse’ in Syria.” It states that

“a Syrian military prison where thousands of civilians have been killed “after being repeatedly tortured and systematically deprived of food, water, medicine and medical care.” Allegations of atrocities against civilians are nothing new for the regime of Bashar al-Assad, which has subjected entire towns to starvation sieges, dropped barrel bombs full of nails or chlorine on hospitals, supermarkets and schools and pulverized a U.N. aid convoy during the recent siege of Aleppo.”[1]

The BBC is no different. It stated last year that “Nearly 18,000 people have died in government prisons in Syria since the beginning of the uprising in 2011.”[2] The Daily Mail tells us that “Inside Assad’s death chamber: Three minute trials… then torture and hangings as report says Syrian regime ‘exterminated’ 13,000 captives.”[3]

Fox News said the same thing: “Up to 13,000 hanged in Syria’s ‘slaughterhouse,’ activists say.”[4] CNN is no better: “Inside Syria’s prisons, where an estimated 17,723 have died since 2011.”[5]

Again, let us assume that those stories are true and the figures are correct. Do warmongers in America and the Zionist media seriously want to tell us that they have nothing to do with this? Would we have a Syrian war if the warmongers didn’t support ISIS and other terrorist factions in the region?

Do warmongers mean to tell us that Assad is literally slaughtering civilians? Is Assad that stupid? Do the civilians actually say that Assad is their enemy? Don’t they say that ISIS is being supported by the West? Why do you think the warmongers in America hate Tulsi Gabbard?

Gabbard has been doing what the warmongers and the Zionist media fail to do. She went to Syria, talked to the civilians and even the Assad government, talked to the Christians, and their conclusion was unanimously and independently stunning: why is the West, particularly America, supporting ISIS in the region in order to get rid of a sovereign government?

Peter Ford–former UK ambassador to Syria

It wasn’t the Assad government that murdered to Syrian Catholic priests in 2010.[6] It was ISIS, the same terrorist organization that both Israel and the West have been supporting. The warmongers prefer to use fake news about Syria because that’s how they can convince the people who have been living on a steady diet of mass manipulation.

Furthermore, why don’t warmongers and the Zionist media apply the same standards everywhere? For example, David Palumbo of Stanford University has documented last year:

“Children represent 46.2 percent of the 4.68 million Palestinians living in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip, and instability and violence defines much of their lives. Since 2000, Israeli forces and extremists have killed more than 2,045 Palestinian children, including 551 in 2014 alone, the majority during Israeli military offensives on the Gaza Strip, according to documentation collected by Defense for Children International-Palestine.

“… Palestinian children living in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, are routinely subjected to widespread and systematic ill-treatment and torture and the excessive use of force by Israeli forces. At least 48 Palestinian children from the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip have been killed between October 2015 and March 2016 as a direct result of intensified violence, all except one at the hands of Israeli forces.

“Of this number, 34 allegedly carried out knife or gun attacks. The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reported more than 2,177 Palestinian children from the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, sustained injuries.”[7]

Now, get this from the New York Times itself—way back in 1993:

“Amnesty International, in a human rights report in July, said Palestinian detainees under interrogation are ‘systematically tortured or ill-treated’ by Israel. The International Committee of the Red Cross, whose representatives regularly visit Palestinian prisoners, has accused Israel of using interrogation methods that violate the Fourth Geneva Convention on treatment of civilians in occupied areas…

“Persistent reports and accumulating evidence of abuse, including the deaths of several Palestinians under interrogation in recent years, have produced a gradual change in official Israeli attitudes after years of secrecy and denial…

“Human rights monitors estimate that 500 Palestinian detainees are subjected to such treatment each month and that at least 30,000 have been interrogated since the beginning of the anti-Israel uprising in December 1987.”[8]

Do the math: 500×12 = 6,000. So, at least 6,000 Palestinians were being tortured every single year. Let us assume that this has been going on for 10 years. Do the simple math again: 6,000 x10 = 60,000. When was the last time that Israel got punished for this? Where are John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and the entire Neoconservatives when you really need them?

When Israel does it, it is all right. But when Assad presumably does it, everyone goes mad.

[1] “A ‘human slaughterhouse’ in Syria,” Washington Post, February 11, 2017.

[2] “Nearly 18,000 have died in Syria state jails, says Amnesty,” BBC, August 18, 2016.

[3] “Inside Assad’s death chamber: Three minute trials… then torture and hangings as report says Syrian regime ‘exterminated’ 13,000 captives,” Daily Mail, February 8, 2017.

[4] “Up to 13,000 hanged in Syria’s ‘slaughterhouse,’ activists say,” Fox News, February 7, 2017.

[5] Emanuella Grinberg, “Inside Syria’s prisons, where an estimated 17,723 have died since 2011,” CNN, August 18, 2016.

[6] “Baghdad: slain Syrian Catholic priest had prepared for worst,” Catholic Culture, November 2, 2010.

[7] David Palumbo, “The UN’s damning report on Israel and torture: The desperate case of Palestinian youth in the occupied territory,” Salon, June 17, 2016.

[8] Joel Greenberg, “Israel Rethinks Interrogation of Arabs,” NY Times, August 14, 1993.

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Russian Special Forces to Thwart Trump’s Moves in Southern Syria


Russian Special Forces Arrive in Southern Syria after Recent US Air Raid on Army Convoy

Russian Special Forces Arrive in Southern Syria after Recent US Air Raid on Army Convoy
A military source confirmed that a group of Russian paratroopers and special forces have arrived in the Southern province of Sweida, after the US-led coalition fighter jets targeted heavily a military convoy of the Syrian pro-government forces near the town of al-Tanf at the border with Iraq.

The source told AMN that the Russian military personnel are in the region to advise the Syrian government troops in Southern Syria, while also helping to deter any potential response from the US and Jordanian forces that have carved a niche in Sweida and Homs provinces.

According to some media activists, the Russian forces are planning to build a base along the Sweida province’s border with Jordan.

Other media reports suggested that they are allegedly meant to engage the enemy forces and help the government troops capture the Iraqi border-crossing.

Lebanese Army General Charles Abi Nader, an expert in military strategy in the Middle East, told TASS on Saturday that the United States carried out a direct military intervention in Syria to prevent the establishment of the Syrian army’s control over the border with Iraq.

“There is no other explanation of the strike delivered by the US Air Force on the Syrian forces and units supporting them,” the general said, TASS reported.

He added that the border area in Eastern Syria, where the army units are carrying out offensive now, has major strategic importance.

“There is the only border crossing there, through which one can get to Baghdad now, taking into consideration that the Rutbah-Ramadi road has been cleared of terrorists of the ISIL,” the expert said.

“The goal of the US is evident – to prevent the restoration of transport links between Syria and Iraq and also Iran, which is the ally of Damascus,” he stressed.

The expert noted that a similar intervention of the US Air Force occurred in September 2016 in the outskirts of Deir Ezzur. Then, the ISIL militants used the airstrike of the US aviation to seize a defensive position on the Jebel-Sarda mountain near a military airfield, which serves as a major basis of the government forces.

As the US-led coalition headquarters reported, on May 18 the aircraft struck pro-Syrian government forces operating within the established de-confliction zone with Russia Northwest of al-Tanf. The statement claimed that these units posed a threat to the United States and its partners. Several servicemen were killed in the strike.

Syrian Army Retakes Control of Strategic Region near Border with Jordan

Syrian Army Retakes Control of Strategic Region near Border with Jordan

TEHRAN (FNA) – The Syrian Army troops continued their anti-terrorism operation towards the border region near al-Tanf passageway and managed to recapture a key region in Sweida province near the border with Jordan.

The army men engaged in tough battle with Jeish al-Hor terrorists in Eastern Sweida and managed to take back control over the strategic region of al-Zalaf Dam region at Sweida-Jordan border.

The army men also drove terrorists out of Zahra Um al-Salasel and al-Eiseh.

Well-informed sources said, meantime, that the army units also took control over 50 sq/km of Sweida Badiyeh (desert) which was under the control of the terrorists of Jeish al-Ahrar al-Ashayer and Jeish al-Aswad al-Sharqiyeh.

Relevant reports said on Saturday that the army and popular forces took back a large chunk of the terrorist-controlled territories East of Sweida province in the Southern parts of the country.

“The Syrian army and its allies seized more than 60 square kilometers of lands in the al-Zalfa region in Sweida province,” the Arabic-language media quoted a military source as saying on Saturday.

The military source noted that after securing al-Zalfa area, the Syrian army troops would push further East in order to secure the provincial border and lay siege on the Free Syrian Army (FSA) near the al-Tanf border-crossing to Iraq.

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Senator censures $110Bn arms sale to Saudis, citing atrocities in Yemen

Yemeni protesters take part in an anti-US rally in the capital Sana
Yemeni protesters take part in an anti-US rally in the capital Sana’a on May 20, 2017. (Photo by AFP)

A US senator has censured the whopping $110 billion weapons deal President Donald Trump signed with the Saudi kingdom, insisting that Washington is trusting a regime with “the worst human rights record” in the region to bring peace to the Middle East.

Press TV – “It appears the Trump administration is counting on the country with the worst human rights record in the region to enforce peace and security in the Middle East,” Democratic Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut wrote in an op-ed piece for the Huffington Post on Saturday, describing the arms sale as “a terrible idea.”

Murphy, who is a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, further pointed to the fact that the monarchy has persistently used US-supplied weaponry against civilians in the region and specifically in neighboring Yemen.

“[Former President Barack] Obama withheld precision-guided munitions because the Saudis were using US-provided munitions to repeatedly target civilian and humanitarian sites in their bombing campaign inside Yemen, despite regular protests from the United States,” he wrote.

“By selling the Saudis these precision-guided weapons more — not fewer — civilians will be killed because it is Saudi Arabia’s strategy to starve Yemenis to death to increase their own leverage at the negotiating table. They couldn’t do this without the weapons we are selling them,” the senator emphasized.

Murphy went on to insist that more Yemenis have since been radicalized and blamed the US for Saudi Arabia’s military aggression against their country. He further argued that the advanced armaments supplied to the despotic regime would not be used against intended targets such as the Daesh (ISIS) and al-Qaeda terrorist group.

“The Saudis’ obsession with Iran, and the proxy wars (like Yemen) that flow from this obsession, mean that they have little bandwidth to go after extremist groups,” wrote the US lawmaker, arguing that even if Trump tries to exert pressure on the Saudis, they will likely not concede since “they are already getting everything they could ever want militarily from the United States.”

The Democratic senator also pointed out that the weapons deal “was negotiated by Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law, who has zero experience in foreign relations generally, or Saudi arms sales specifically.”

This is while Trump praised the unprecedented arms deal with the Saudis on Saturday, boasting that it will generate job growth for Americans.

“Tremendous investments in the United States. Hundreds of billions of dollars of investments into the United States and jobs, jobs, jobs,” Trump stated referring to the massive weapons sale.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration has claimed that the arms package aims to bolster Saudi Arabia’s defense capabilities by enhancing their military hardware and relevant services while also allowing the US to reduce its military commitment in the region.

“This package of defense equipment and services support the long-term security of Saudi Arabia and the (Persian) Gulf region in the face of Iranian threats, while also bolstering the Kingdom’s ability to contribute to counter terrorism operations across the region, reducing the burden on the US military to conduct those operations,” the White House said in a statement.

Murphy, however, underlined that the arms deal would escalate the proxy war in the region, adding that this is not “our fight.” He then argued that the $110 billion in funds could instead be applied to a strategy aimed at attaining global security, such as providing primary education in Africa.

“Yes, this is the Saudi’s money, but we shouldn’t just assume that the path to global security is through the spread of more and more weapons,” he reasoned, noting that terrorist groups “thrive on economic destitution” that more education could combat.

Murphy concluded that while the Saudi regime remains an American ally and cooperates with the US in what he referred to as the battle against extremist groups, it is “a deeply imperfect friend” to trust with these highly calibrated weaponry.

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Pravda: Articles of impeachment for Donald J. Trump


As Americans experience the incompetence, cluelessness, and malfeasance of Donald J. Trump and his band of idiots on a daily basis, many hope that the venal, sycophantic, and/or cowardly members of the Republican majority in Congress will soon recognize the tyranny that is beginning to engulf the nation.  In that hope, I submit the following Articles of Impeachment and Indictment for High Crimes and Misdemeanors:


We the People hereby indict Donald J. Trump, Michael Pence, Kellyanne Conway, Jeff Sessions, and other members of the Trump administration, known or unknown for:

1.      Colluding with a foreign government to illegally steal the election of 2016; And/or

2.      Defending such collusion in order to further the agenda of this foreign government and/or to financially profit Donald J. Trump; And/or+

3.      Giving the appearance of such collusion by providing false information to Congress and/or members of the press; And/or

4.      Impeding investigations into such collusion.

This treason has been furthered by:

5.      The demands of Donald J. Trump that personal loyalty to him take precedent over loyalty to the Constitution of the United States; And/or

6.      The efforts and/or overtures made by Donald J. Trump to subvert and/or obliterate the rights to Freedom of Speech and Press.


Any and all relevant averments in Count One are hereby incorporated into Count Two, whereby We the People hereby indict Donald J. Trump, Jeff Sessions, and other members of the Trump administration, known and unknown for:

1.      Donald J. Trump intentionally, maliciously, and with malice aforethought lying under Oath when he swore to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States;

2.      Jeff Sessions lying before the United States Congress about his meeting with officials from the foreign government discussed in Count One.


Any and all relevant averments in Counts One and Two are hereby incorporated into Count Three, whereby We the People hereby indict Donald J. Trump, and other members of the Trump administration, known and unknown for:

1.      Attempting to influence testimony from a potential witness against Trump, former FBI director James Comey, by issuing veiled, malicious threats to use alleged “tapes,” to discredit Comey, and/or dissuade him from testifying.


Any and all relevant averments in the above Counts are hereby incorporated into Count Four, whereby We the People hereby indict Donald J. Trump, Michael Pence, Kellyanne Conway, Jeff Sessions, and other members of the Trump administration, known and unknown for:

1.      Firing James Comey in an effort to impede an ongoing investigation into the collusion discussed in Count One; And/or

2.      Intentionally, knowingly, and willfully lying about the circumstances of Comey’s firing in order to accomplish such obstruction, by creating, causing to be created, and/or defending a document used as a pretext for Comey’s firing.

3.      Jeff Sessions, an officer of the court, breaching both his legal and ethical duties by assisting in the creation of said document, after having recused himself from said investigation discussed in Count One.


Any and all relevant averments in the above Counts are hereby incorporated into Count Five, whereby We the People indict Donald J. Trump, Michael Pence, Jeff Sessions, Kellyanne Conway, and other members of the Trump administration, known or unknown for:

1.      Knowingly, intentionally, maliciously, and with malice aforethought creating, or causing to be created, a document that contained pretexts used to fire the director of a federal agency, in this case the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI); And/or

2.      Fabricating falsehoods about the FBI’s positive reception of this document that have been discredited both by the sworn testimony of the FBI’s acting director, and by Donald J. Trump’s cancellation of a planned visit to FBI headquarters.


Any and all relevant averments in the above Counts are hereby incorporated into Count Six, whereby We the People indict Donald J. Trump, Jeff Sessions, Kellyanne Conway, and other members of the Trump administration, known and unknown for:

1.      Jeff Sessions, an officer of the court, assuming the office of Attorney General after committing perjury in front of the Congress of the United States; And/or

2.      Jeff Sessions assuming this office despite having been declared unfit to impartially adjudicate the law as a Federal Judge-a declaration that makes him equally unfit to enforce the law as Attorney General.

3.      Donald J. Trump ordering and/or causing to be created, and Sessions aiding and abetting the creation of, a document, on taxpayer time and at taxpayer expense, with the purpose of personally benefitting Trump by manufacturing pretexts used for the firing of James Comey; And/or

4.      Jeff Sessions aiding and abetting the creation of this document, despite statements made as an officer of the court that he would recuse himself from involvement in the investigation Comey was conducting.

5.      Kellyanne Conway, an officer of the court, knowingly and unethically disseminating “alterative facts” to mislead the American people, and intentionally, willfully, and knowingly defending the pretexts in the document used to fire James Comey.

6.      Trump, Sessions, and Conway intentionally, knowingly, and willfully undermining the integrity and credibility of the American legal system, and the judges and attorneys who serve it, by engaging in the conduct described in Count Six and other counts in this indictment.

WHEREBY, We the People demand immediate Impeachment proceedings be commenced against Donald J. Trump, and that any and all relevant criminal charges be filed against Trump, and all other persons, named or unnamed, responsible for any of the activities described in this Indictment.

We the People further demand that when Trump is impeached, Michael Pence be disqualified from assuming Trump’s office, due to Pence’s unctuous exploitation of religion for political gain, his proclivity to place loyalty to Trump above the Constitution of the United States and the needs of its people, and by his willful, knowing, and intentional participation in many of the activities described in this Indictment.

The fate of the nation and the freedoms and principles it represents demand nothing less.

David R. Hoffman, Legal Editor of Pravda.Report

Donald Trump humiliates Xi Jinping

– See more at:

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Assange, Wikileaks and how Israel enslaved the British


How Donald Trump’s best friend in Britain—another big fan of Vladimir Putin—put his party at the service at Wikileaks’ Julian Assange.

[Editor’s note: Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive…While few would dispute that a tangled web surrounds his public image, many fail to discern that Assange is practising deception; in fact, it is his raison d’etre, he and his Wikileaks organisation are a front for what the CIA correctly identified as a “hostile intelligence service”; VT will go further and identify them as Israel’s Mossad.

Furthermore, the unstinting support given to Assange and Wikileaks by Nigel Farage and his UKIP party is a clear indicator that they too, are serving Israeli masters and have been ever since they appeared on the British political scene in the 1990s.

Let us step back in time to the mid-90s, a time when Britain was coming to the end of a 15 year rule by the Conservative Party, most of it under Margaret Thatcher. The Labour Party was undergoing a resurgence due to the leadership of John Smith and the disarray within the Conservative Party caused by the thorny issue of the EU and the Maastricht Treaty.

Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock had failed to win the 1992 election, largely due to poor handling of the media and a failure to sell Kinnock to the British people – he was too Welsh and too ginger and Labour never managed to market him effectively, the popular support within the electorate was there but the marketing savvy was lacking.

The Conservatives under Thatcher in the 1980s had transformed British politics by hiring the prestigious Saatchi and Saatchi PR firm and making politics more about the image presented to the public than actual policies. Kinnock’s failure in 92 began a new phase in the history of the Labour Party as party insiders realised that, to beat the Conservatives they had to play the same game where PR spin was king and policies a distant second in importance.

John Smith replaced Kinnock and was hugely popular both with his own party and the British electorate, he was seen as a near certainty to win the 1997 election – sadly he died of a heart attack in 1994 and was replaced by the man who today is best remembered as the war criminal that followed George W Bush into wars in Afghanistan and Iraq like a faithful lap dog, one Tony Blair.

Tony Blair was an Israeli asset from the moment he first entered politics under the sponsorship of Zionist Jew Levy Mendelsohn, a man Blair would make Lord Levy shortly after becoming Prime Minister. In partnership with Peter Mandleson, a close friend of the Rothschilds, Blair destroyed the Labour Party, turning it into ‘New Labour’ and moving it from a ‘left wing’, socialist party to a centre-right, populist puppet that emulated the PR spin tactics of the 1980s Conservatives while slavishly following the directions of their Israeli masters.

All the other New Labour leaders were stooges too, Jack Straw, Gordon Brown, all of them, only John Prescott remained from the old, socialist Labour and he likely only got to remain because he knew where the bodies were buried, so to speak.

Under Blair and New Labour, Britain entered a new and shameful period where we functioned as the 51st state of the USA and our armed forces became an adjunct of those of the US, dutifully working alongside the Yanks to fight the War On Terror in Afghanistan and Iraq and share in the heroin, oil and stolen resources profits.

During the Blair years, the Conservative party fell into utter disarray under a series of unpopular and ineffective leaders such as William Hague and Iain Duncan Smith (yes, no-one remembers them in Britain either), torn apart by a deep divide over the issue of Britain’s membership of the EU. Out of this divide came Nigel Farage and UKIP.

Farage, a former City banker, formed UKIP in order to attract away from the Conservative Party those who were referred to as ‘Euro Sceptics’ and wanted Britain to either leave the EU entirely or at least change drastically the nature of Britain’s membership of the EU. With the benefit of hindsight, it is now clear that Farage and UKIP was an Israeli operation to weaken and destabilise the Conservative party, thus allowing Tony Blair and New Labour to enjoy almost 15 years in power. Thus, Britain became an Israeli puppet.

While UKIP never became a major force in British parliamentary politics, they served a vital role in the Israeli takeover.

By 2010 and the election of David Cameron, Israeli control had been completely solidified; Cameron had been an Israeli asset since at least the early 90s and he continued to follow Tel-Aviv’s orders every bit as obediently as Blair had before him.

Fast forward to 2016 and the infamous referendum on membership of the EU, now universally referred to as ‘BREXIT’. Cameron dutifully did as he was ordered and lost, Farage won, a clear case of Israeli controlling both sides and ensuring they get the result they desired – Britain out of Europe, thus destabilising both the EU and Britain itself.

Having served their roles and achieved their assigned tasks, Farage and Cameron both retired from politics post-BREXIT, Cameron to enjoy his vast personal wealth, Farage to float around the fringes of politics, occasionally sticking his head up to support his fellow Israeli stooges – best evidenced by his visit to the US during the last election in order to make a few speeches praising his good pal Donald Trump.

So now you have the background to where we are today in Britain, a nation where the ruling Conservative Party is every bit as much under Israeli-control as New Labour had been under Blair, meaning we have been under the Zionist thumb for the last 20 years.

A glimmer of hope does exist in the form of Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, a true socialist of the old Labour party who has been attacked and slandered at almost every turn as an anti-semite and labelled as ‘unelectable’ by the British media, despite enjoying massive popular support amongst the British people. Of course, Corbyn is no anti-semite, he is simply labelled that because he is not an Israeli asset, the first leader of either the Labour or Conservative parties for over two decades who is not a puppet of Tel-Aviv.

Corbyn has attempted to purge the Labour Party of it’s Blairites, those who have taken the dirty shekel proferred by the Zionist criminals. That task remains incomplete, hence we have witnessed many attacks on Corbyn from within his own party. Sadly, if he loses the upcoming general election, Corbyn will probably not get the chance to complete the purge of the Blairites as a challenge to his leadership of the party will almost certainly arise.

In recent weeks, Tony Blair himself has mooted a potential return to politics, this is a clear indicator that the Zionists are concerned that Corbyn has had at least a measure of success in his campaign to rebuild the Labour Party into it’s original, socialist form and remove the Israeli hegemony it has been enslaved under; hence they are threatening to reintroduce their faithful servant Blair and use him to undermine Corbyn while dividing the Labour party in much the same way they used their boy Farage to deeply wound the Conservatives in the 1990s.

When Assange stepped onto the balcony of the Ecuadorean Embassy this week and gave his ‘can’t forgive or forget’ speech and stating that ‘the war is far from over’ he was reading directly from the agenda set for him by Tel-Aviv. The Swedish rape charges that have just been dropped were a complete fabrication, part of a psyop designed to lend credibility to Assange, to paint him as a real deal fugitive from justice who was the sworn enemy of ‘the powers that be’.

Of course, this is a total inversion of the truth, Assange and Wikileaks along with the British government, the British media and the British Establishment are all on Tel-Aviv’s payroll, all faithful servants, willing conspirators and faithful partners in crime to that evil Zionist regime. Farage too, although now relegated to the sidelines, remains ready, waiting and more than willing to continue to serve those same masters. Ian]

Daily Beast
Wikileaks: Inside the Farage-Assange-Trump Connection

When Julian Assange sought refuge in 2011 at an embassy in the heart of London, only one of Britain’s political parties was willing to offer support to the exile in their midst.

Nigel Farage’s U.K. Independence Party, which seemed a fringe movement at the time but became the driving force behind Brexit, swung into action and campaigned against the demand that Assange be returned to Sweden for a police interview on allegations of rape.

Farage and his UKIP colleagues have spoken out publicly in support of Assange numerous times since 2011, but leaked emails seen by The Daily Beast reveal the true extent to which the party apparatus tried to assist the founder of WikiLeaks, which the head of the CIA has since described as a “hostile intelligence service” that cooperated with Russian agents.

The episode raises further questions about links between Farage, Assange and the Russian government. Farage, who is also a favored friend of U.S. President Donald Trump, was spotted emerging from a meeting with Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy in March.

Internal UKIP memos reveal the relationship went back much further: Assange and his lawyer were given the opportunity to contribute directly to speeches given by UKIP on the floor of the European Parliament while branches of the party in and around London were told to send activists to protest against Assange’s proposed judicial surrender to the authorities.

“We need bodies,” read an email request sent to local UKIP associations asking them to send two or three people each as an “astroturf” protest against Assange’s plight when he appeared in court in London in January 2011.

Farage and his UKIP colleagues also reportedly met privately with Assange’s lawyer Mark Stephens, who was repeatedly offered the chance to help craft the party’s words on the case, according to the leaked emails.

Stephens was asked if he or Assange would like to meet a UKIP member of the European Parliament, Gerrard Batten, on January 31 that year “in order to discuss bringing out issues in the case.”

He was asked again if he wished “to include a few points to get the message across” on February 5, 2011, before Batten was due to speak in the European Parliament. Batten asked Stephens again if he had “any points that you feel I should or should not mention in the few minutes I get to speak” on February 11.

Batten addressed the European Parliament, standing at Farage’s right hand, on February 14, 2011,. where he raised the prospect that Assange was being mistreated because he was “a political dissident.” He returned to the case in June 2011, telling the parliament in Brussels that the U.S. “need him locked up somewhere” while they work out how to prosecute him.

The UKIP MEP also made a submission on behalf of Assange in his case against extradition, which went all the way to Britain’s Supreme Court in 2012. Last year, Batten wrote on his blog that Assange’s stay in the embassy of Ecuador had been tantamount to “arbitrary arrest and imprisonment.”

When news broke on Friday that Sweden would no longer pursue the allegations against Assange after a seven-year standoff while he hid in an embassy out of the reach of British law enforcement, Batten told The Daily Beast he had never taken a position on the guilt or innocence of Assange.

“I don’t really have a view about Mr. Assange. My involvement with him was regarding my opposition to the European Arrest Warrant,” he said. “At the time, eminent British lawyers who looked at it said this would never make it to an English court—these kind of accusations. It didn’t sound very sound in the first place.”

Assange hailed Sweden’s decision to stop pursuing the allegations and celebrated the release of Chelsea Manning—one of the first major WikiLeaks leakers—in a speech from the balcony of the embassy in London’s Mayfair.

“We have today won an important victory, but the road is far from over. The proper war is just commencing,” he said, promising to accelerate the distribution of material about the CIA. The standoff will continue because there is still an outstanding warrant for Assange’s arrest over skipping bail.

Batten told The Daily Beast he had attended Assange’s lavish 40th birthday party in 2010 but had not met with him since. He said he does not recall whether Stephens or Assange took up his offer to help with his speeches. He also said he had received no donations from anyone connected to WikiLeaks or the Russian government. “If only these people would offer me money, I’d have the luxury of refusing it,” he said.

UKIP has repeatedly denied co-operating with Russia, Russian front organizations, or taking funds from the Kremlin—which would be illegal under British law—but Farage, who was one of the first foreign politicians to meet with Trump after his election, has called for improved relations between Russia, Britain, and the U.S. He also described Vladimir Putin as the foreign leader he most admires.

Last week, Farage refused once again to answer questions about his recent visit to see Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. “That has nothing to do with you,” he snapped at a Die Zeit reporter. “It was a private meeting.”

He has claimed that he met Assange as a journalist—not as a political go-between—but no interview has appeared since the March 9 meeting.

In the same interview, Farage also failed to disclose whether he received payments for his regular appearances on RT, a news channel funded by the Russian government, which paid Assange to produce his own show in 2012.

The secrecy surrounding Farage’s meeting with Assange, prompted speculation that he may have been sent as an emissary from someone in Trump’s orbit. Farage is close to Trump, he has also met the political operative Roger Stone who claimed to have a back-channel to Assange last summer.

Farage has denied that he was carrying a secret message to or from Assange, whose WikiLeaks organization has been accused of influencing the result of last year’s U.S. presidential election with the help of Russian hackers.

One of the UKIP candidates contesting Britain’s election next month told The Daily Beast that there is nothing suspicious about the attitude towards Russia taken by Farage and his party. Nigel Sussman, the parliamentary candidate for Edmonton in North London, says it’s a natural meeting of minds.

“Russia is very credible and commonsensical—and UKIP is very credible and commonsensical,” he said. “There’s a synergy of views there.”

Sussman has a more intimate view of Russia than most British politicians. He traveled to Crimea last month as a guest of the Russian parliament, who paid for internal flights, accommodation and food. Sussman says he paid for his own round-trip flights to Russia.

Sussman, the chair of UKIP’s Ilford association, who was on the trip with another former UKIP candidate, met with the local pro-Russian officials and toured the streets of former eastern
Ukraine talking to local residents accompanied by cameras from Russia’s state-owned TV Channel 1. Although most of the international community regards Moscow’s covert occupation and annexation of Crimea following as stage-managed vote as illegal and illegitimate, based on his interviews, Sussman says: “Crimea had a perfectly legitimate referendum in my opinion.”

As a result, he has submitted a report to UKIP’s National Executive Committee, which calls for a policy change—demanding that sanctions should be lifted against Russia.

“As far as I can see there don’t seem to be a lot of people standing up for Russia right now,” he said. Is UKIP the most pro-Russian party? “Yes, I think it is.”

Sussman is, however, hopeful that Trump will ease relations between Moscow and the West. “I have high hopes for Trump because Trump is going to meet Putin. I think he has said it plain: he wants to be friends with Russia. That sounds like an eminently sensible position for God’s sake!”

The UKIP candidate insisted that there was no evidence that Putin’s regime had helped Trump into office, although the U.S. intelligence community is on the record and unanimous in its conviction that Russia tried to influence the outcome. He also explained away Moscow’s reported munificence towards Marine Le Pen. “What happened was Le Pen tried to get a loan from French banks and none of the French banks would lend her any money—and that’s outrageous… It’s a bit like UKIP, I mean God help us!”

The bottom line: Le Pen’s party received millions of dollars in loans in 2014 from a now defunct Russian bank, and, whether coincidentally or out of conviction, her minions, too, endorsed the Crimean annexation.

The two representatives from Britain on the Crimea tour this year were not joined by any members of Le Pen’s National Front, but the guests included an unlikely array of minor party politicians like Jaroslav Holik from a Czech party with links to Le Pen, or the son of Serbia’s Vojislav Seselj, who was acquitted of war crimes and crimes against humanity by a United Nations tribunal in the Hague.

“It’s a collection of odds and sods; far left or far right will do, as long as they are open to some Russian support. Some of these are full Russian puppets like the Serbian Radical Party,” said Neil Barnett, the chief executive of Istok Associates, a corporate intelligence and investigations consultancy.

There is evidence that Russia helped UKIP secure Brexit—using its army of online trolls and bots—but there is no proof of collusion or direct funding from the Kremlin, or assistance from WikiLeaks.

Arron Banks, the British businessman who was once UKIP’s biggest donor and set up the unofficial Brexit campaign group Leave.EU, says he has a good relationship with Russia—including long boozy lunches with the Russian ambassador—but says there has been no monetary donation either directly or through his array of offshore companies.

Banks, who was pictured in the entourage that met Trump with Farage in the days just after Trump won the election, gave an extraordinary interview to the Observer newspaper in London last month in which he admitted that his Russian wife had the profile of a Russian spy, then suddenly denied that Russia had bankrolled Brexit—unprompted—and repeatedly defended Putin.

“What you’re talking about is the degree to which the Russians actually—let’s say they influenced the Brexit vote. Say I’m pro-Putin. Nigel said he’s not anti-Putin, if that’s the right word. But all we’ve said is that there are elements of what Russians do that we don’t disagree with. We don’t agree with everything they’re doing, like murdering journalists in the street,” he said.

This “joke” is typical of Banks, who ensures it’s hard to know exactly how seriously his words should be taken at any given moment.

When his old pal Farage was spotted leaving the Ecuadorian embassy in March, original reports said it was unclear why he had been inside the building—not least since Farage claimed to have forgotten.

A newspaper later reported that he had indeed been holding secret talks with Assange, and Banks wrote on Twitter: “Well he didn’t go for drinks with the ambassador did he?”

Another multi-millionaire with loose-lips, like Trump, Banks seems to revel in offering glimmers of a sprawling axis that runs from Washington D.C. to Moscow via London—and a tiny sliver of Ecuadorian sovereignty.

Whether Assange makes it outside the embassy in the coming days or if he continues to hide from justice—the game of shadows will continue.

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Trump is a danger to the world


America considering blocking Trump’s return after his current trip…if only…

US President Donald Trump
US President Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump is a danger to the world who must be removed from the White House before things get even worse, German news magazine Der Spiegel has argued.

“Donald Trump is not fit to be president of the United States. He does not possess the requisite intellect and does not understand the significance of the office he holds nor the tasks associated with it,” Klaus Brinkbäumer wrote in an editorial published by the magazine on Friday.

“He doesn’t read. He doesn’t bother to peruse important files and intelligence reports and knows little about the issues that he has identified as his priorities. His decisions are capricious and they are delivered in the form of tyrannical decrees,” it added.

Last month, a group of American psychiatrists warned that Trump has a “dangerous mental illness” and is unfit to lead the country.

Over thirty mental health experts noted that Trump was “paranoid and delusional” and that they were responsible for warning Americans about the “dangers” Trump poses.

“We have an ethical responsibility to warn the public about Donald Trump’s dangerous mental illness,”  they said.

Trump has been on defense for reportedly sharing classified information with Russian officials and allegedly trying to quash an FBI investigation into possible collusion between his presidential campaign and Moscow.

According to a report, Republicans on Capitol Hill are growing frustrated with Trump’s conduct in office, realizing that his deepening scandals could cost them re-election.

Many Republicans have in recent days joined Democrats in calling for a special prosecutor to take over the investigation, while others want a select congressional committee to be appointed. Some are even beginning to speculate about impeachment.

This combination of pictures shows ousted FBI Director James Comey (L) and former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. (Photo by AFP)

Trump faces accusations that he obstructed justice with his dismissal of FBI Director James Comey, who reportedly authored a memo that said the president asked him to drop an inquiry about former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s alleged ties to Russia.

The Der Spiegel editorial called Trump a “miserable” person. “He fired the FBI director simply because he could. James Comey had gotten under his skin with his investigation into Trump’s confidants. Comey had also refused to swear loyalty and fealty to Trump and to abandon the investigation. He had to go.”

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Zio-American Empire Declares War on Planet Earth

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

As reported on False Flag Weekly News (watch it above, click HERE for story links) we are lurching straight toward World War III. Here are some of the data points:

A second US aircraft carrier has arrived “on North Korea’s doorstep,” moving toward war with China as well as North Korea.

A top Russian general says the US is preparing a nuclear strike on Russia.

The US has openly invaded Syria and is conducting airstrikes (on behalf of ISIS and a re-named al-Qaeda) against the Syrian government.

The Zionist Entity, largely in charge of Washington DC since the 9/11 coup d’état, is openly calling for the assassination of President Assad.

Now Trump has gone to Saudi Arabia (the country he blames for 9/11) to dump a huge new pile of weapons on the Wahhabis and prime them for war on Iran. Then he will head over to Israel, where Bibi hopes Trump will move the US embassy to Jerusalem thereby declaring war on all of the world’s 1.7 billion Muslims.

Meanwhile, the Empire is waging covert war on its recalcitrant vassal state Venezuela as well as everybody else in Latin America who wants to have an independent country.

The imperial figurehead, Donald Trump, is an immature, profoundly flawed individual who largely follows his Kosher Nostra masters’ orders. When they order him to hit the launch buttons, will he he refuse? Don’t bet on it.

The long and short of it is that the bankster-owned Zio-American empire has in effect declared war on planet Earth.

Will Earth fight back?

Tune in next week to find out!

When they order him to launch, will he refuse? Don’t bet on it.

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Soft-Pedalling with Satan – Russia Today and the White Helmets

[Editor’s note: 

… by the time the ‘dot connectors’ have finished, everyone who questioned these events was painted with the same brush and equally discredited, though undeserved. This pattern was repeated over and over to the extent that we began to see that false flag terrorism, now recognised as a very real threat after many years of getting a ‘pass’ from the media, could and would not exist without the armies of dot-connecting conspiracy theorists who poisoned the well for real investigative journalists.

Veterans Today exposed the White Helmets as proof Western Intelligence Agencies, media along with Israel, ISIS, Al-Qaeda and Holly wood buffoon George Clooney, had formed a cabal. The seeming victims of that cabal, other than those duped into believing the White Helmets were something other than simply terrorists changing hats were primarily Syria and their Russian allies.

We are adding one name to the cabal now and that is the media outlet known as Russia Today.

Though years ago we identified the White Helmets, Infowars, Wikileaks, Stratfor, DEBKA and the entirety of the mainstream and alternative media as members of this cabal, we also began to recognise this cabal designed to manufacture Fake News, Fake History and even Fake Events including news agencies like RT, Sputnik, Moscow Times, Russia Insider and even, for a short period, Press TV.

The most dangerous of these operations today are the White Helmets, clearly partnered with Trump’s controllers and now able to openly wield American military force, with the threat of Israeli super-agent Julian Assange prowling the streets, the threat level should be moving to Defcon 1.

The article below is meaningless and confusing, we know that RT has the facts because VT has laid them out carefully and seen to it they were published by the Russian government via New Eastern Outlook; for those unaware, nothing is published by NEO that isn’t vetted by the Russian Foreign Ministry and Security Services. VT takes the opportunity from time to time to push them to the wall, when we fear that intelligence failures might threaten global stability.

Thus we move to the drivel below and an editorial staff at RT wonderfully informed with facts to support their assertions, facts they chose to ignore – does RT sandbag any attempts at real investigative reporting? In 2014 we watched them murder the investigation of MH17, quickly jumping over to Kiev’s (and by that we mean Tel-Aviv’s) party line and implicating, through purposeful incompetence, Russia.

RT has, time and time again, accidentally discredited Russia, almost continually made them a laughing stock, has embarrassed Russia with international audiences and painted Russian policy with a wide brush steeped in cheap, Stalinist propaganda and ineptitude. The worst part of this by far, is that after laying all of this criticism on RT, they are a hundred times better than the BBC and a thousand times better than Fox News – at least somebody is watching there, just not watching well enough.

Obviously the problem isn’t just Russia Today, the real problem is that when potential solutions and there are so very few of those, like Russia Today, are compromised, the little world of Veterans Today becomes a lonelier place. Long ago, we walked away from mass audiences; we recognised the danger that writing for approval caused. The most prolific advocates and consumers of alternative media are some of the stupidest sons of the bitches on the planet; writers like Fetzer and Webb became addicted to the short-lived adulation.

The demented, the dangerous and the disfunctional – here’s the disaster that caused: the terror events in Boston, Sandy Hook and Paris had very real startling inconsistencies. There were clear fingerprints of intelligence agencies throughout all, but by the time the ‘dot connectors’ have finished, everyone who questioned these events was painted with the same brush and equally discredited, though undeserved. This pattern was repeated over and over to the extent that we began to see that false flag terrorism, now recognised as a very real threat after many years of getting a ‘pass’ from the media, could and would not exist without the armies of dot-connecting conspiracy theorists who poisoned the well for real investigative journalists.

Here’s what we’re saying, and listen carefully because we’re going to be as clear as possible; be it RT or, there is a recognisable pattern that, under careful analysis, proves complicity after the fact and in some cases, even foreknowledge, though not always specific as to type of event, on the part of these organisations in acts of terrorism.

What we’re saying here is that, through varying forms of control, such as underwriting expenses with phony cancer cure ads or, as with some who are no longer with VT, recognisable relationships on their part with Israeli intelligence or even as FBI informants, the entirety of media, social media, network TV, the big newspapers, Breitbart, Infowars, pretty much everybody, are controlled because they can be controlled, because they are in the hands of weak and vulnerable people. That bears repeating and emphasising:

pretty much everybody is controlled because they can be controlled, because they are in the hands of weak and vulnerable people.

With VT proving conclusively, that the powers behind Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, Instagram and others, are part and parcel with the Mossad and aligned with Israelo-American globalist depradations, they have sold their soul to a very Zionist devil.

We have just named and shamed those that are the problem, deal with it….

Oh, and one more thing – it’s pretty hard to not know the things we’ve just written, so why are other people not saying this, wait a minute, we just told you. G]

Russia Today
Syria’s White Helmets suspend members caught on camera during rebel execution

Syria’s White Helmets have suspended several members of their rescue team after stomach-churning footage emerged showing rebel militants conducting a summary execution of a man in the town of Jasim, with the White Helmets helping get rid of the body.

Graphic images released on Wednesday show blood pouring out of the execution victim’s head. After the man is shot dead on camera – in front of a large crowd in the town of Jasim in Daraa, southern Syria – volunteers from the White Helmets move in to dispose of the body, AMN reported.

On Thursday, Syria’s White Helmets, also known as the Syrian Civil Defense, issued a statement, acknowledging that their volunteers’ actions “did not fully uphold the strict principles of neutrality and impartiality.”

“Two Civil Defense volunteers were seen to act improperly and not in accordance with the voluntary Code of Conduct for Syria Civil Defense members,” the statement said, adding that the members have been suspended for three months.

“Syria Civil Defense expects each and every volunteer to perform their duties to the highest professional standard, as the individual actions of one member impact the reputation of all volunteers and the organization as a whole,” the statement noted.

The group explained that earlier this week, members of Syria Civil Defense received a request from local authorities to “dispose of the body of a person that had been sentenced to death by the local court for murder.”

The problem appears to be that the White Helmets’ local team leader failed to seek “permission from his superiors before agreeing to the request” to dispose of the body, and was later dismissed, the group said.

Hailed as peace-bearing heroes by the mainstream media, the White Helmets have long been plagued by allegations of having ties with terrorist groups. Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, said late last month that the White Helmets support terrorists and cover up their crimes.

“The White Helmets not only feel at home on territories controlled by Al-Nusra Front and Islamic State [IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL], but also openly express positive attitudes towards them, providing them with information and even financial assistance,” Zakharova said, as cited by TASS.

She noted that “there is documentary evidence” showing that White Helmets members were in fact part of certain operations by the terrorists. Zakharova said there are videos showing Syrian troops being tortured and executed in the presence of White Helmets.

The Western mainstream media have repeatedly ignored all these reports, however, Zakharova said. The group’s behavior during the alleged chemical attack on Syria’s Khan Shaykhun on April 4 is “particularly worth mentioning,” she said.

“It was the allegedly-irrefutable evidence provided by them that gave the US a pretext to carry out an act of aggression against the Syrian Shayrat Airbase on April 7,” Zakharova noted, adding that that the Swedish NGO Doctors for Human Rights had accused the White Helmets of falsifying information about their humanitarian work in Syria by producing staged videos.

The group’s website meanwhile states that White Helmets volunteers have saved “90,922 lives – and this number is growing daily,” with rescue workers actively “operating in areas outside of government control” in Syria.

Yet a Canadian journalist and rights activist, Eva Bartlett, who has traveled to Syria multiple times since the start of the conflict, said that while members of the group “purport to be rescuing civilians in eastern Aleppo and Idlib [but] …no one in eastern Aleppo has heard of them.”

Bartlett noted during a highly-emotional speech at the UN in December, that “their video footage actually contains children that have been ‘recycled’ in different reports; so you can find a girl named Aya who turns up in a report in say, August, and she turns up in the next month in two different locations.”

Aleppo residents also told RT that the group’s rescue efforts go only as far as to release dramatic videos, saying the White Helmets are nothing but “camera posers, thieves, and raiders.”

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Trump in Riyadh – A Gulf NATO to Gang Up Against Iran and Syria


The role – again – of marketing companies in selling wars

Few wars have been so thoroughly media-managed and marketing-loaded as that on Syria. No wonder arms deals are too – otherwise citizens around the world would protest loudly that their tax money is spent on destruction and more destruction and all the promises of the past that this – or that – arms deal will increase security and peace in the world have turned out to be fake information – disinformation – and an integral part of what can only be termed “fearology” by governments against their own people.

One must therefore welcome Russia Today’s excellent research by Alexey Yaroshevsky also on this dimension.

This report is high-speed but listen carefully to it as it points out two US companies associated with this deal and US-Saudi relations with questionable image – a report that also highlight to some extent the roles of both Bill and Hillary Clinton in all this: the Qorvis MSLGroup and Burson-Marsteller.

In passing one cannot but deplore that it is Russia Today, not its Western peers, that does the research on the role of PR and marketing firms.

NATO in Gulf with Denmark as a liaison?

Back to NATO in Kuwait and what it may mean.

Here is what the United Arab Emirates’ daily The National reported on January 24, 2017. Interestingly, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and the UAE are members of ICI – the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative – while Saudi Arabia and Oman plan to join. This is exactly the coalition we have mentioned above.

Three days later the same sources quotes the Danish ambassador in the UAE:

Image result for Merete Juhl

Merete Juhl (Source: ADIPEC)

“Nato officials are expected to visit in coming months after the Danish embassy in Abu Dhabi becomes the country’s go-between with the bloc, said Merete Juhl, the Danish ambassador.

“Nato and Europeans really need a reliable and capable partner in the Middle East, like the UAE, to better understand how to deal effectively with challenges internationally but also at home, with refugees and newcomers that represent a new security threat,” she said.

“So these types of partnerships are something we are prioritising because it’s what we need in today’s world.”

So NATO member Denmark is appointed as the go-between – the UAE being the second largest military spender after Saudi Arabia. The article also explains how the UAE has contributed to NATO operations in Afghanistan and Libya.

In spring 2016, then US Secretary of State, John Kerry had talked about a much closer cooperation:

“Ahead of last year’s Camp David summit, Gulf officials had hoped for a Nato-like binding security pact with Washington, but such an agreement was always highly unlikely. Now, the US is willing to discuss increasing cooperation between Nato and the GCC, though officials gave no further details on what was being considered.

Mr Kerry said Washington had agreed with GCC foreign ministers to “begin the process of evaluating whether or not the concept of a GCC-Nato partnership in specific terms is something that would contribute significantly to the security and stability of the region”. [GCC = Gulf Cooperation Council].

It’s worth noting the term GCC-NATO partnership and what is then stated in the report:

“Much of Mr Kerry’s meetings in Bahrain centred on Iran’s role in the region. Most GCC countries consider Tehran to be their gravest security threat, and are concerned about US intentions towards Iran in the wake of the nuclear deal and as Iran appears to be increasing its involvement in the Middle East.

Despite the Obama administration’s hope that the nuclear deal will empower moderates within Iran, Tehran has provocatively carried out a number of ballistic missile launches and continued or increased its involvement in the wars in Syria and Yemen.

Recent remarks by Mr Obama have only reinforced fears that the US intends to play a more neutral role in the region and do less to contain Iran. Gulf countries and Iran must “find an effective way to share the neighbourhood”, the US president said in a recent interview with The Atlantic magazine.”

One must assume that President Trump is eager, during his meetings with high-level people from Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries, to emphasize how much he loathes Iran and the nuclear deal.

US foreign policy aims, or so one must conclude, at deepening the Sunni-Shia divide – a divide that does have historic roots but has taken on a “hardness” since the catastrophic US post-occupation misadministration of Iraq that lead directly to the creation of ISIS.

Another dimension – a macro perspective

Of course there can be other interpretations of Saudi Arabia’s militarization than the one advanced here. But none of this could possibly lead to a new, wiser Western relationship to the Middle East than we’ve seen the last good 100 years. There is not a shred of evidence that the US has learned any lesson from those 100 years or, in particular, since 10/7 – the commencement of the war on Afghanistan and the wars that followed.

And for Syria and Iran, there can be nothing positive in any of the above – while there certainly is for both ISIS and Israel – the latter supporting terrorism in various ways and places and being allied with Sunni rather than Shia.

If you are in doubt, read the statement by a Israeli minister about the desirability to kill Bashar al-Assad and continue with the destruction of Iran. Since this minister has not been fired by Netanyahu it must be perceived as official Israeli policy.

So for genuine peace, the post-Obama rapproachment between the US and Saudi Arabia/Gulf States is a bad omen in that it still builds on divide-et-impera, confrontation and military dominance rather than diplomacy and mutually beneficial cooperation in the long term.

US/NATO and their allies in the region have learned no lessons from failed wars, destroyed countries and cultures, millions upon millions of dead and suffering people, the growth of terrorism thanks to Western policies and the now 16 year old War on Terror – and therefore there is nothing new, constructive or hope-inducing in any of this.

Future generations in the Middle East and in the West will pay a huge prize.

And even though much of what has been described above may seem to signal strength, every bit of it points in one direction: the dissolution of the US Empire and in its wake, the more slow disintegration of NATO and the EU.

The West works vertically on short-sighted and continued destruction and therefore employs military means above all others – permanent confrontation and exceptionalism.

The Rest works horizontally with constructive visions – such as the Silk Road and Silk Belt that sends much more attractive, inclusive signal also to the Middle East – with civilian means such as infrastructure, education, cultural exchange and mutual economic benefits.

In future history books, the Middle East could well turn out to have been a major crossroads in more than one sense of the emerging, much better, cooperative world order that will come when the last Empire has finished itself.

Until that happens: How many more tragedies and how much more human suffering shall the world witness and endure?

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Trump Accuses Iran of Supporting Terrorists and Spreading Instability

Speech in Saudi Arabia

US President Donald Trump has directly accused Iran in supporting terrorists and spreading instability in the Middle East during his speech at the Arab Islamic American Summit in Saudi Arabia.

But no discussion of stamping out this threat would be complete without mentioning the government that gives terrorists all three—safe harbor, financial backing, and the social standing needed for recruitment. It is a regime that is responsible for so much instability in the region. I am speaking of course of Iran.

From Lebanon to Iraq to Yemen, Iran funds, arms, and trains terrorists, militias, and other extremist groups that spread destruction and chaos across the region. For decades, Iran has fueled the fires of sectarian conflict and terror.

It is a government that speaks openly of mass murder, vowing the destruction of Israel, death to America, and ruin for many leaders and nations in this room.

Among Iran’s most tragic and destabilizing interventions have been in Syria. Bolstered by Iran, Assad has committed unspeakable crimes, and the United States has taken firm action in response to the use of banned chemical weapons by the Assad Regime—launching 59 tomahawk missiles at the Syrian air base from where that murderous attack originated.

Responsible nations must work together to end the humanitarian crisis in Syria, eradicate ISIS, and restore stability to the region. The Iranian regime’s longest-suffering victims are its own people. Iran has a rich history and culture, but the people of Iran have endured hardship and despair under their leaders’ reckless pursuit of conflict and terror.

Until the Iranian regime is willing to be a partner for peace, all nations of conscience must work together to isolate Iran, deny it funding for terrorism, and pray for the day when the Iranian people have the just and righteous government they deserve. 

Some people see a controversy in Trump’s claims.

Trump support of Saudi Arabia-a brutal theocracy & biggest sponsor of terrorism & the Wahhabi Salafi ideology fueling it-is a HUGE betrayal.

Pics from a Saudi “counter-terrorism” center could be seen below. One of the center’s tasks is to combat the so-called online extremism. Considering that a big monitor behind Trump allows to see a video and a pic with Syrian government forces operating in the Palmyra countryside (most likely) and in a desert area east of Suweida, it’s easy to suggest what kind of “counter-terrorism” actions the Saudi center conducts.

Trump Accuses Iran In Supporting Terrorists And Spreading Instability During Speech In Saudi Arabia

Trump Accuses Iran In Supporting Terrorists And Spreading Instability During Speech In Saudi Arabia


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