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Hillary Clinton’s Syria Revenge

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By Glen Ford | Black Agenda Report | May 24, 2017

Four months after Donald Trump’s inauguration, the U.S. military is fighting Hillary Clinton’s war in Syria. Last week’s U.S. airstrike against a mixed column of Syrian, Iranian, Iraqi and Lebanese soldiers marks a major escalation, as the U.S. draws lines in the sand to claim parts of Syria as its own. Although the presence of the Russian air force has prevented the establishment of Clinton’s “no-fly” zones over Syria, the Americans appear to be attempting to establish “no-go” zones on the ground to provide sanctuary for their Islamic jihadist proxies. The larger goal is to seize eastern Syria, under the guise of fighting ISIS, severing the land route between Syrian government-held territories in the west and the Iraqi border, and further east to Iran.

The U.S. claimed it struck the column, killing at least six soldiers and knocking out several tanks, to protect U.S. and British special forces troops training anti-government jihadists on the Syrian side of the Jordanian border, where Washington is amassing a large invasion force. The attack is a blatant violation of international law, an act of war, since the Americans and Brits have no right to be on Syrian soil, while the Iraqis, Iranians, Lebanese and Russians are guests of the sovereign, internationally recognized government in Damascus.

Washington claims it is preparing a big offensive to destroy ISIS outposts in eastern Syria — as if invocation of anti-ISIS intent makes Washington immune from international law. However, it is the Syrian Arab Army that has prevented ISIS from seizing the whole of eastern Syria, while the U.S., acting as the Islamic State’s air force, attacked Syrian government troops defending the city of Deir Ezzor in September of last year. Deir Ezzor has been encircled and besieged by ISIS since 2014. The September bombing by jets from an assortment of NATO countries killed at least 100 Syrian soldiers and allowed ISIS to launch a coordinated assault seven minutes later, overrunning key government positions and parts of the city of 100,000 people. Since then, the Syrian garrison and civilian population have been sustained by helicopter supply missions.

The U.S. later claimed the attack was a “mistake,” but it had all the marks of a military mutiny against the lame duck Obama administration’s agreement to a cease-fire with the Russians. As we wrote at the time:

“The cease-fire agreement arrived at between Secretary of State John Kerry and his Russian counterpart calls for the U.S. and Russian armed forces to collaborate, after a period of seven days, in targeting both ISIS and the al Qaida force formerly known as the al Nusra Front, the military backbone of the West’s proxy war against the Syrian government. If the U.S. superpower, whose military assets in the arena far outweigh Russia’s, honestly adhered to the agreement, the war against the Assad government would collapse. The mutineers see the waning weeks and months of the Obama presidency as a make-or-break moment for their jihadist proxy strategy in the region.”

As intended, the U.S. attack on Deir Ezzor snuffed out the cease-fire pact with Russia. The U.S. doubled down on its not-so-covert support for al Qaida (aka al-Nusra, now calling itself Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham, and no longer on the U.S. terror list), with the Clinton-led War Party and its corporate media screaming bloody murder as the jihadists were finally driven from Aleppo in the last weeks of 2016.

The triumph in Aleppo allowed Bashar al Assad’s government to free up Syrian forces for a general offensive, and to accelerate the government’s program of negotiating cease-fires and withdrawals by isolated pockets of (non-ISIS and non-al Qaida) “rebel” fighters. With their jihadist proxies in disarray, the Americans concentrated on supporting a largely Kurdish force that is slowly closing in on Raqqa, the so-called capital of ISIS, and with training yet another batch of “moderate” rebels in Jordan for what the U.S. is marketing as a final knockout blow against ISIS in eastern Syria — at Deir Ezzor. But of course, it is the Syrian government that is actually holding the line at Deir Ezzor against both ISIS and the U.S. “coalition.” The column of Syrian and allied troops that the U.S. attacked last week was part of the force the Syrians are gathering to liberate the eastern part of their country. The U.S. war plan is to deliver eastern Syria to its “rebel” mercenaries and jihadists.

The U.S. drew its line in the sand 18 miles from the U.S.-British special ops base on the Syrian of the Jordanian border. The ritual U.S. flag-planting-by-fire is a sick imperial response to the agreement reached by Syria, Russia, Iran and Turkey, earlier this month in Astana, Kazakhstan, to create de-escalation zones in Syria, where fighting and government air strikes would be put on hold and aid deliveries allowed to proceed around four main zones held by rebels — excluding ISIS and al Qaida. With Donald Trump now dutifully in synch with the War Party, the U.S. has countered the Syrian-Russian-Iranian-Turkish “de-escalation” with a major escalation: “no-go zones.”

Hillary Clinton may never win the presidency, but she has won the battle over U.S. imperial policy in Syria. The U.S. will soon begin laying political-military trip-wires at strategic “no-go” points around Syria, to create space for Washington’s Islamic jihadist foot soldiers. Hillary’s style of warring diplomacy requires that targeted nations react to U.S. aggressions in prescribed ways: the Russians are supposed to blink in the presence of a real superpower; the Syrians must accept the loss of their territorial integrity and sovereignty; and the Iranians are required to surrender or become the next inferno. Otherwise, “We came, we saw – everybody died.”

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Al-Awamiya: City of Resistance

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By Rannie Amiri | CounterPunch 

As the United States prepared to sign a multi-billion dollar arms deal with Saudi Arabia, royal forces laid siege to al-Awamiya, a restive town of approximately 30,000 in the Qatif district of the country’s Eastern Province. Bulldozers, backed by armored tanks and helicopter gunships, systemically leveled homes and put entire families on the street in the historic Mosawara neighborhood. This came under the guise of a development and “renovation” project for the long-neglected and impoverished city although the regime saw fit to post doctored images of allegedly captured weapons to imply that it was also a security operation.

Last month, anticipating such a move, United Nations experts on poverty, culture and housing rights, “ … called on the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to immediately halt the planned demolition of a 400-year-old walled neighborhood in the village of Awamia. The UN experts warned the development plan for the Al-Masora quarter threatens the historical and cultural heritage of the town with irreparable harm, and may result in the forced eviction of numerous people from their businesses and residences.

“The area is of importance not only to local people and the entire cultural landscape of Awamia, but also has national significance for the history and cultural heritage of Saudi Arabia,” said the UN Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights, Karima Bennoune. “The planned demolition would erase this unique regional heritage in an irreversible manner.” As the report makes clear, the project did not provide for the construction of residential buildings in place of those destroyed.

Awamiya was home to the late Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, the fiery cleric who nonetheless peacefully demanded equal rights for the marginalized, oppressed Saudi Shia community. He was ultimately executed by the government in January 2016 after his capture in July 2012. Awamiya is no stranger to aggression, but this past week’s attack and ongoing siege is a new escalation by those yet to be satiated by the killing of Sheikh al-Nimr.

The city’s planned “development” was marked by blocking ambulance access, cordoning off the entrance to Mosawara with concrete barriers, cutting power and shooting at residents. As one said, “It is really painful to demolish a historic and archaeological city like Almosara whose lifespan extends for hundreds of years. Some people who want to close their eyes to the truth and are not affected by the demolition will believe in the lie of development.”

The action comes on the heels of an interview by deputy Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman’s interview on state television in which he vowed to take the country’s standoff with Tehran inside of Iran’s borders. The offensive was still against Shia Muslims but instead within Saudi borders and the victims his fellow citizens.

It is erroneous and somewhat simplistic to frame the assault strictly in sectarian terms or as a move to appease the religious establishment’s anti-Shia proclivities. Rather, it was meant to send a message to all in the Kingdom of the fate of those who would oppose the authority and the legitimacy of the monarchy. It was to widen the narrow streets of Mosawara to allow tanks easy passage for future operations. It was a reminder to those in the Qatif who might still be emboldened by Sheikh Nimr’s famous declaration, “A century of oppression … enough, we will not be silent and we will not fear. We will call for separation even from this country and let be what will be. Our dignity is dearer than the unity of this land.”

Most importantly, it was to demonstrate that even when the President of the United States visits Saudi Arabia to speak about combating extremism, the regime itself can be extremist without consequence or reproach.

Qana, Lebanon has been the subject of two vicious Israeli attacks and massacres. Gaza withstood untold suffering from a suffocating blockade followed by attack from land, sea and air. The poor villages outside of Manama, Bahrain, have withered under the pervasive repression of the al-Khalifa dynasty. Now another has joined their ranks.

Al-Awamiya: city under siege, city of resistance.

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Manchester Terror Attack: Some Important Notes Observations


Ariana Grande/Manchester Terror Attack: Some Important Notes/Observations

The Burning Blogger of Bedlam


Before the usual calls to either (a) give away all our remaining privacy and liberties for the sake of security, or (b) round up all those awful brown people and send them to a camp (an actual suggestion that was being made on social media again by multiple users), there’s a couple of things worth considering about yesterday, terrorism and even Ariana Grande herself.

First, what happened last night may well have been a straightforward terror attack (or act of mass murder) by an extremist, possibly linked to ‘ISIS’ or by some terrorist monster who identifies with the ‘ISIS’ cause or thinks innocent concert-goers, including children, are a suitable target.

The official narrative may be all true. I won’t raise the question of ‘crisis actors’ or a simulated event (although some have already raised those questions, based on the available footage and pictures), but I will assume that a large number of innocent people genuinely have been killed or injured.

All I’m presenting here are some other observations, all of which can be dismissed if you don’t like them; or if you prefer to simply follow the #PrayForManchester or #PrayForAriana hashtags instead.

The official story, at this time, is of a ‘suicide bomber’ targeting the foyer at the Manchester Arena.

Terror drills (involving crisis actors in the foyer) were carried out in Manchester not long ago, as was reported by RT before.

This attack occurred on the four year anniversary of the Lee Rigby killing (May 22nd 2013) – just as the Westminster attack (March 22nd) took place on the anniversary of the Brussels attack. I’ve been told by a couple of people that the number 22 has occult significance (I don’t really know about numerology myself); interestingly, I’ve just checked and the number of fatalities from the Manchester Arena is now reported as 22 (it was 19 when I started writing).

The November 2015 Paris attacks also – according to the official story – had ‘suicide bombers’ attacking the football stadium during an international fixture.

However, as I highlighted at the time, there was never any footage of an explosion in the stadium or any aftermath footage of the damage that the bombs had caused (despite the fact that it was reported there was major damage inside the part of the stadium where the bombs went off). There were also suggestions that the ‘bomb’ noise in the football stadium had sounded artificial, as if it might’ve been a noise simulated via the speaker system.

There appears to be very little footage of the Manchester stadium attack: the majority of the people there would not know or have seen exactly what happened, but would’ve been in a rush/panic to get to safety once they were told something had happened. Also broadcast was an American voice (not a British or Mancunian voice) speaking over the PA system and telling everyone there’s nothing to worry about.

Ariana Grande herself is an interesting figure, being one of those carefully manufactured pop stars and trend-setters who can be seen frequently doing the ‘one eye’ sign and the ‘vow of silence’s sign. A Disney/Nickelodeon child star, she seems to belong to the same school of bought/manufactured mega-star entertainers – along with Lady Gaga, Jay Z, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, ‘Kesha’, Miley Cyrus/’Hanna Montana’ and others whose names I don’t know (because I’m not six years old) – who, for whatever obscured reason, keep making strange occult signs and using esoteric symbols in photos or in their videos and performances.

In fact, Ariana Grande is one of the people who crops up the most if you type in any combination of the words ‘Illuminati’ and ‘pop star’ into a search engine. She was also banging some dude called ‘Big Sean’, who also appears to belong to the same club.

I’ve never been sure if I entirely, 100% believe all of the ‘Illuminati’ stuff that flourishes online; a lot of is probably made up or exaggerated. But, at the basic level of perception, it is very difficult to dismiss the fact that all of these millionaire, mega pop stars or hip-hop icons keep making the same symbols (usually the one eye sign, the ‘vow of silence’ sign, or the ‘6’ sign), all of it suggesting membership of some kind of secret club or support for (or adherence to) some sort of veiled agenda.

The fact that this unfolded at her concert specifically leaves it open to speculation about a staged event.

Cast your mind back too to the November 13th (2015) Paris attacks, specifically the Bataclan Theater attack – and more specifically the fact that the attack was reported to have coincided with the Eagles of Death Metal performing a song called ‘Kiss the Devil’ (on the date Friday 13th – which was symbolically linked to the Knights Templar; seen by some as founders of Freemasonry and of modern banking).

Furthermore, the band’s singer (pictured below also doing the one eye sign) later hinted in an interview that the Batclan attack might’ve been an inside job: he talked about how odd it was that the club’s security all left the venue that night. It was curious, given the date, that the attack happened specifically during that song (Lyrics: ‘Who’ll love the devil/Who’ll song his song/Who will love the devil and his song/I’ll love the devil!/I’ll sing his song!’); as noted previously, the entire Bataclan incident was suggestive of a ritual sacrifice (either real or symbolic) on some level (while also being a false-flag terror attack on the surface level).

In such an instance, it wouldn’t be necessarily that the performer is ‘in on it’ in any way or has any knowledge about what’s going to happen: more that they might be seen as a platform via which a staged psy-op or ritual event can be carried out, in the same way that they’ve consented to be platforms or conduits for promoting or brandishing the aforementioned symbolism or imagery on behalf of an agenda or program.

There’s been a lot of speculation by bloggers for some time that Ariana Grande might be a subject of MK Ultra/Monarch programming, as well as so-called ‘Illuminati’ sponsorship or patronage. I have no idea if that’s true or not, but what’s noteworthy is that she appears to be an odd, apparently unpleasant, figure who has openly talked about encounters with ‘demons’ and who was once caught saying (about some of her fans), ‘I hope they all fucking die’”.

Ariana Grande was born into a very wealthy family and was apparently developed from a very young age to be a popular ‘teen idol’ in the same mold as Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber. Her mother, Joan Grande is, interestingly, the President and CEO of Hose-McCann Communications; a communications specialist used by the US Navy and military, Canadian coast guard and other nations.

Ariana Grande’s manager, Scooter Braun, also manages Justin Bieber and (apparently) Kanye West and has reportedly become the manager of David Beckham’s pop- star-wannabe kid (Cruz Beckham).

Interestingly, several months ago, when the EU, the UN (and former President Obama) all condemned Israel for its illegal settlement building and its demolition of Palestinian homes in illegally occupied territory, Scooter Braun went on a Twitter rant condemning the international community and tweeting ‘I stand with Israel’.

Donald Trump did the same, and so did Zionist agent Geert Wilders (see here), but they’re both political figures, so that makes a little more sense. Scooter Braun has in fact been known to run Justin Bieber’s Twitter account, tweeting as if he is Justin Bieber; he was also, apparently, dropped by Ariana Grande some time ago, but then recently became her manager again.

Away from the symbolism and odd connections, this attack may also (more simply) be timed to influence the UK General Election (June 8th), specifically to reinforce Theresa “security and stability” May’s position and make sure voters are too anxious about supporting Jeremy “friend of terrorists” Corbyn or any of the other “coalition of chaos” options.

That could suggest either a (UK) state-enabled terror attack or a false-flag op sponsored by Mossad or Mossad-aligned entities (like 7/7) to help ensure that pro-Zionist Theresa May (who wants to hold UK celebrations this year to mark the Balfour Declaration) stays in power and outspoken anti-Zionist Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t stand a chance of winning back lost voters.

Aside from domestic British politics, the reason this would be so significant is because the government in Israel (which has been in power since 2009 and which a former Israeli prime minister has openly called “the seeds of fascism”) needs a pro-Zionist British government in place and cannot afford for a Jeremy Corbyn-led party to be in government for the next few years. Read a couple of paragraphs down for more on why (or read the ‘Seeds of Fascism’ piece).

This incident also occurs the same day that President Trump arrived in Israel (and a day after Trump’s ‘Islam’ speech in Saudi Arabia).

When the Berlin Christmas market attack occurred, it was on the same day that the (incoming) Trump administration met “secretly” with the a Mossad delegation (including the head of Mossad – as reported in Israeli media a few hours before the Berlin attack).

As for the speech Trump made in Saudi Arabia, it was given to a selection of ‘Muslim leaders’ from multiple countries and was essentially calling on the Islamic world to work to stop the terrorism problem coming from radicalised extremists.

A big attack the day after serves to essentially spit all over his moderated, (somewhat) friendlier approach to the ‘Muslim world’ as presented in Saudi Arabia and to place things firmly back on the ‘us versus them’ footing.

‘With God’s help, this summit will mark the beginning of the end for those who practice terror and spread its vile creed,’ the president had said. ‘At the same time, we pray this special gathering may someday be remembered as the beginning of peace in the Middle East—and maybe, even all over the world. But this future can only be achieved through defeating terrorism and the ideology that drives it…’

In some respects, Trump’s speech was actually a very good one; in other respects, not so much (you can read the full speech online).

But the Manchester attack occurring while Trump is in Israel might be relevant. As previously laid out at length, extremist elements in Israel (including in the Israeli government) have been involved in a number of false-flag terrorist events in the West and have been trying to push for racial conflict between Europeans/Westerners and ‘Muslims’ in order to manipulate the backlash and create extreme nationalist and pro-Zionist states in the West.

I covered at length the reasons for this (and the supporting evidence) here: so I won’t rehash all of that same information, but part of the reason is to pave the way for a full annexation of Jerusalem, which would be supported by would-be Western agents like Geert “what we need is Zionism for Europe” Wilders, Marine Le Pen and Donald Trump (who previously said he supported the idea of Israel making Jerusalem its capital).

Trump has in fact stepped back from this earlier unquestioning loyalty to the Netanyahu government and has – on the surface, at least – started to take a more intelligent, considered and non-biased approach. But any moves he makes towards a more grown-up position regarding Israel might be undermined by terror attacks and other things designed to placate him back towards his original attitude.

The President was in fact at the Western Wall yesterday, the 22nd May (Solomon’s Temple – which, according to Christian/Jewish Zionists, has to be rebuilt in order for Messianic prophecy to be fulfilled; and can only be done after a full annexation of Jerusalem occurs, against international law).

For the record, I’m not suggesting Donald Trump is necessarily at fault: while I’m not his biggest fan, his public statements in both Saudi Arabia and Israel have been measured and even promising in some respects (regardless of whatever is going on behind the scenes). It isn’t really about him, but agencies and agendas operating around him – including Jared Kushner, who himself funds illegal Zionist settlement-building in occupied territory and once was a ‘bunk-mate’ of Netanyahu himself.

In terms of ‘ISIS’ claiming responsibility for the Manchester attack – it is possible (even likely) an ‘IS’ member did carry out an attack. However, ‘ISIS’ social media accounts can’t be used as evidence of anything, given that some of them have previously been traced to British government agencies.

And if a jihadist or a radicalised individual did simply go out and commit mass murder, it fits more into the ‘Gladio’ paradigm of controlled terrorism with sleeper cells being kept in place to be utilized for purposes other than just their own.

Interestingly, yesterday, when Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu faced the media, Trump made a gaffe about Israeli intelligence; this was to do with the fact that his alleged ‘leak’ to the Russians (which US media has been fussing so much about) ‘apparently undermined a crucial Israeli intelligence asset embedded in ISIS territory’ – something that Netanyahu and others in the Israeli government have been unhappy about.

All of that being said, I also entirely acknowledge that this Manchester Arena attack may have simply been either a lone-wolf jihadist/terrorist or an ISIS-related act of mass murder.

But even in that situation, you would also have to remind yourself of where ‘ISIS’ came from in the first place – which, when you do that, tends to render the entire ‘us versus them’ paradigm meaningless.

These are all just observations – not a thesis.


Here’s the last note for now – which has literally just been emailed to me by someone – and it’s a big one: it is being reported that the named suspect/perpetrator, ‘Salman Abedi’, fought in Libya in 2011 in the Western-backed overthrowing of the Gaddafi government.

If this is the case, he may well have been in Al-Qaeda or one of the other rebel militias that the British government, NATO and other allies worked with in 2011 to bring about the collapse of Libya (see ‘The Libya Conspiracy).

I have covered that subject here a number of times (see here, for example), specifically how the deliberate destabilisation of three previously stable, secular countries – Libya, Iraq and Syria – created vast terrorist playgrounds and training centers where wannabe jihadists and would-be terrorists have been able to develop their desensitisation and their experience and that some of them were going to come back and bring that experience (and desensitisation) with them.

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The tragedy of world-wide forced displacement 

Syrian refugees

By Graham Peebles

It constitutes the greatest humanitarian crisis since the World War II and affecting huge numbers of people and demanding all that is best in us. Yet instead of compassion, understanding and unity, all too often intolerance, ignorance and suspicion characterise the response to the needs of refugees and migrants.

There are now unprecedented numbers of displaced people in our world, with children making up a disproportionate percentage of the total. Figures from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR – the UN refugee agency) are detailed and shocking and demand our attention: At 65.3 million, “the global population of forcibly displaced people today is larger than the entire population of the UK”. Of this total, almost 25 million are refugees (half are children, many of them unaccompanied), 3.2 million of whom are in developed countries awaiting asylum decisions. The rest, 41 million, are displaced within their own countries – Syria, Colombia, Yemen and Iraq making up the lion’s share.

The movement of large groups of people is most commonly the result of wars of one kind or another. This is reflected in the fact that over half the world’s refugees come from just three countries: Syria (4.9 million), Afghanistan (2.7 million) and Somalia (1.1 million). People are also fleeing conflicts in Yemen, Libya, Nigeria and Sudan, and the UN recognises a further five armed conflicts in Africa alone – this does not include Ethiopia, where there is civil unrest, or Eritrea. Add to this list nations ruled by repressive regimes, other countries where economic opportunities are scarce and the magnitude of the migrant crisis begins to surface. It’s worth noting that the overwhelming majority of refugees (people fleeing violence), 90 per cent, are not crowding the cities of industrialised nations, as some duplicitous politicians infer;  they are in refugee camps in poor countries close to their own, living uncomfortable lives of uncertainty and misery.

Mass vulnerability

Most people don’t leave their homeland because they want too. They move because either their town or city is a war zone; because they are being persecuted and are in danger; or because they cannot find work to support themselves. Given the same circumstances wouldn’t we do the same?

Yet in countries throughout the world migrants have become scapegoats for all manner of social-economic ills. They are often publicly vilified and treated like criminals by heavy-handed officials and security personnel, herded into holding camps, processing units and detention centres – which in many cases are worse than prison. “Migrant” in some bigoted quarters has become a dirty word, synonymous with criminality and extremism. They are described as a potential threat to “national security” or as “Islamic terrorists” by those on the very fringes of sanity – flag-waving fanatics who call themselves politicians, but employ the rhetoric of intolerance and fear to ignite tribal instincts that should have been jettisoned in favour of mutual understanding, tolerance and universal brotherhood decades ago.

Migrants are not criminals. They are human beings trying to survive in a hostile, unjust world, a world in which violent conflicts are engineered by the powerful to sustain an insatiable arms industry (worth $1.7 trillion or 3 per cent of global GDP) and maintain geopolitical control. This is a world based on wrong conclusions, where the commercialisation of all areas of life has led to the commodification of everything, including persons – including children. In this world of money and fear the most vulnerable are traded and sold; vulnerability grows out of poverty, and allows for exploitation. And there are few human beings more vulnerable and defenceless than migrants, particularly migrant children

For most people fleeing conflict or economic hardship in the Middle East and Africa (North and sub-Saharan) the primary destination is Europe. In 2016, 363,348 people arrived at one or another Mediterranean port , roughly a third being children, 90 per cent of whom were unaccompanied. Most people cross the sea to Italy or Greece, departing from Libya, of whom 5,078 are estimated to have drowned making the 300-mile crossing during 2016 alone.

Since the ill-judged US-led assault on Libya in 2011, the country has become a chaotic, dysfunctional state racked with terrorism, political instability and crime. In this lawless land Human Rights Watch (HRW) records that hundreds of thousands of innocent migrants (including children), experience torture, sexual assault and forced labour at the hands of “prison guards, members of the Coast Guard forces and smugglers”. Recent investigations by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) found that migrants in Libya are being openly bought and sold as slaves by Libyans; young men from poor families, mainly from Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia and Senegal, are targeted. They pay traffickers hundreds of US dollars to get them to Libya, and once they arrive, IOM reports, they are handed over to smugglers for sale. In other cases migrant boys/men are kidnapped, held for ransom and then auctioned off to the highest bidder. Women and girls are “bought by private [Libyan] individuals and brought to homes where they were [are] forced to be sex slaves”. It’s thought that up to 800,000 migrants are currently congregated in Libya.

When those who survive the horrors of Libya make it to Europe, the nightmare for some is far from over. Save the Children reports that thousands of migrants are trafficked in Europe every year; the majority are women/girls, mainly from Nigeria and Romania, who are forced into prostitution, “made to rent sidewalk space to sell sex”, amid voodoo rituals and violent threats against their families back home. Some are as young as 13. Boys are also victims: “social networking sites like Facebook” are used “to lure boys with the promise of a better life”. The reality is slave labour in Rome or Milan. As the number of unaccompanied children arriving on Europe’s shores doubles year on year, the risks of exploitation and human suffering increase. Europol believes as many as 10,000 “unaccompanied child refugees have gone missing after arriving in Europe”.

Victims of circumstance

The numbers are huge and the demands on countries to meet the needs of millions of displaced people are intense and complex. But as Pope Francis, who is increasingly the voice of reason and common sense, rightly stated, “we must not be taken aback by their numbers, but rather view them as persons, seeing their faces and listening to their stories, trying to respond as best we can to their situation… in a way which is always humane, just and fraternal. We need to avoid a common temptation nowadays: to discard whatever proves troublesome.”

When migrants arrive at their destination, knowing nobody, not speaking the language and with no understanding of the culture, they are faced with the mammoth task of rebuilding their lives. All depends on the support and welcome offered. In the US, despite Trump’s antagonistic rhetoric, the attitude among most Americans is largely positive. According to a Pew research survey, 63 per cent of US adults think immigrants strengthen the country, with only 27 per cent believing migrants take jobs, housing and health care. In Europe however, the picture was less encouraging. In eight out of 10 European nations surveyed 50 per cent or more of adults questioned said they thought refugees increased the likelihood of terrorism, and in none of the 10 countries did a majority believe diversity was positive.

It is essential, and morally just, that all displaced people should be treated kindly, shown understanding and trust. Destination countries should be welcoming, government policies supportive and inclusive, refugees integrated – for as Pope Francis said, “a refugee must not only be welcomed, but also integrated… and if a country is only able to integrate 20, let’s say, then it should only accept that many. If another is able to do more, let them do more”.

Displaced people (refugees or economic migrants) sitting in a refugee camp or sheltering in an abandoned building, waiting to hear the result of an asylum application or in transit somewhere in the world, are victims of circumstance. They are not the ones orchestrating or carrying out the violent conflicts around the world, nor are they responsible for the economic conditions in their native countries. They are victims of a divided world, fragmented by religion, ethnicity, ideology and economics; and with the intensification of these causes the effects increase – displacement of people is one such effect.

The solutions to this major crisis, and indeed many of our problems, would naturally flow from the recognition of the fact that we are brothers and sisters of one humanity. With such an understanding, hostile divisions based on nationalism and ethnicity begin to fade, while the diversity of differing views and cultural traditions enriches and adds to the tapestry of society. This single shift in thinking – simple yet enormous – would facilitate changes in all areas of society; sharing, co-operation and tolerance of others would begin to shape the socio-economic systems, totally changing their nature, allowing social justice to develop, trust to grow and peace to gently settle upon our troubled world.

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The Coming Shift to Cosmic Fascism {Part II}


The Assassination of JFK in broad daylight triggered the emergence of Super fascism in America. Super Fascism has facilitated the emergence of a Secret Shadow Government (SSG) which in turn has transformed the USG in DC into a ceremonial puppet of the SSG, destroyed the Rule of Law and neutralized the protections of the US Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

[ Editor’s note: Bookmark this article and reread it a couple of times to assimilate how these unAmerican activities reverberated through the decades to the present time. This is the type of article that, in previous centuries, would have created its own entry in Encyclopedia Britannica. For those of us who lived through the Nixon resignation, the information below casts a different light on the lost 18 minutes of the tape.

Just like at Valley Forge in winter, there have always been good and resolute Americans who lived or died trying to take the right course of action, in the face of overwhelming opposition. ]

All-pervasive surveillance is designed to enhance totalitarian control systems

How did Super Fascism emerge in the first place in America?

America was abruptly transformed into a Super-Fascist state by a major catalyst – the CIA OP40 Assassination of sitting President John F. Kennedy in broad daylight.

Clearly, November 22, 1963 was a major turning point in American History.

Justice Earl Warren was appointed by President Johnson to be the head of the cleverly contrived Warren Commission to investigate this “crime of the century”, while a whole new radical form of government was being installed.

Justice Warren did not want to take on this responsibility but, according to one report, the CIA allegedly reminded him that his daughter had a skeleton in the closet that would best remain unpublicized.

Justice Warren was told by LBJ that if he didn’t pin the assassination on Lee Harvey Oswald as a “lone nut” single assassin, it was likely that the blame would be fixed on Cuba (a Soviet Union ally).

LBJ claimed this would then result in a full-scale nuclear WW3 with Russia, because the generals and the American People would never put up with that and would demand an invasion of Cuba, which would provoke a nuclear response by the Soviet Union, which is what many of the USAF generals really wanted anyway.

An accurate description of the USAF generals’ ideology at the time (as extreme as this may seem) is well-expressed in the notorious Peter Sellers movie, “Dr. Strangelove or How I learned to love the Bomb”. Peter Sellers allegedly played the part of Dr. Edward Teller.

In this Dr. Strangelove movie, it was actor Slim Pickin’s greatest part ever played, even better than his superb part in the movie the “Flim Flam Man” with actor George C. Scott, who had also played a major role in the Strangelove movie.

When Earl Warren went to the Dallas jail to see Jack Ruby, Ruby told him “you need to take me to Washington DC; I cannot talk openly here”.

Jack Ruby’s words, in a one-minute video:

Ruby had done investigative work for Richard Nixon in the past on the House Un-American Activities Committee; and he was a fixture in the local Dallas organized-crime network, which also involved associations, and gambling and drinking with several of the big oil tycoons, LBJ, some mafioso, and various Intel agents, operatives and assets.

Ruby’s bar and strip club, the Carousel, was a legend among the Dallas police, where they received free drinks and were always welcomed by Jack, a generous host who also did his own bouncing when necessary. Jack was usually quite friendly to his customers, but had an explosive temper at times when conflicts arose.

Soon after the Assassination, a local news crew went to Ruby’s club and interviewed a comedian and a waitress outside; and when the reporter showed them some photos of Oswald, the comedian claimed that Mr. Oswald had been in the club before and had sat at a table with Mr. Ruby and some businessmen from Chicago. This was broadcast live nationally; and as soon as the comedian made this statement, a test pattern was imposed on the broadcast, with the statement “technical difficulty”. This video disappeared from the station and was never broadcast or even mentioned publicly again.


The night before the assassination, a photo of Oswald, Ruby, Sturgis, E. Howard Hunt, “Bishop” and others was taken at a motel not too far from Dallas. This photo was held by a member of OP40, and later given to the House Special Committee on Assassinations (HSCA), along with a whole box of smoking-gun evidence, which was then handled only in secret “executive sessions”, and was immediately deeply classified. This OP40 member had left Dallas early that morning and did not want to be involved in the assassination. This illustrates that the HSCA learned that the CIA assassinated JFK, and itself participated in the cover up.

NYCPD Detective James Rothstein arrested Frank Sturgis at Marita Lorenz’s apartment, because Sturgis was going to terminate Marita upon orders of his superior, so that she could not testify at the HSCA. Strangely enough, when allowed his one phone call after the arrest, Sturgis called Gaeton Fonzi , investigator for the HSCA; and the next morning was bailed out by the well-known attorney Frank Nelson, who often handled NY Mafioso cases.

Others who were being subpoenaed to testify – such as Sam Giancana and Johnny Roselli (aka CIA “Colonel Roselli” of Operation Zapata, Zenith Technical Services fame in the secret war against Cuba) – were terminated with extreme prejudice by the CIA. This was done to prevent them from testifying about the merger between the CIA and the Cosa Nostra in a secret war against Cuba, as they had participated in numerous assassination attempts against Fidel Castro.

What Jack Ruby wanted to tell the world was that the assassination was going to create a whole new type of USG, and that it would be a new type of Fascism, best described as Super Fascism, where the defense corporations and the Intel Agencies that run them would use the Assassination of JFK to hijack the State and use it as their tool.

LBJ after 1968

After LBJ left office, he grew his hair long and often sneaked away from his Secret Service, leaving his ranch to drive to a local bar to drink with some of his old local buddies. He started talking too much about the assassination, and was then viewed as a loose end. It is likely that LBJ’s key role in the JFK Assassination and cover up and his failures in Vietnam haunted him to the point that he started cracking.

One insider reported that LBJ died suddenly falling off his horse into a small ravine; but could he have been helped by a secret serviceman upon the orders of GHWB, because he was drinking too much and talking too much?

When Top Cabal appointees start talking too much or caring about America too much, like Ike came to do while President, strange unexpected deaths start occurring.

Ruby had been manipulated into murdering Oswald in the basement of the Dallas jail by his CIA handler. Oswald was supposed to have been shot earlier, some say by Officer Tippit, who backed out and, according to a witness, was then shot by two men, neither of whom resembled Lee Oswald. Some believe that one of the shooters was a well-known FBI man at the time, who just happened to be in Dallas.

Ruby’s handlers had told him that if he took care of his assignment, it would be viewed as a crime of passion, and Jackie Kennedy would be grateful – that he would become a national hero and would not be prosecuted. But he was also told that if he didn’t do as told, his greatly beloved, two little pet dogs would be tortured and murdered, and his sister would also be murdered. While in the Dallas jail, Ruby had lots of time to think, and finally realized that he was a lose end. When his request to be taken to DC was ignored, he finally accepted his fate.

Tying Up Loose Ends

Dr. Mary Sherman. How is it that so many seemingly pleasant, intelligent researchers can apparently rationalize that their bioweapons won’t be turned against the innocent population?

Dorothy Kilgallen, the famous journalist and regular guest on the TV Serial show “What’s my Line”, was the only journalist to ever interview Jack Ruby in the Dallas jail before he contracted “CIA Flu”. He had been unknowingly infected in jail with the fast acting cancer developed in New Orleans by Dr. Mary Sherman who misused Judith Vary Baker’s cancer research discoveries without her participation or permission. Dr. Sherman was also murdered by the CIA as a loose end.

When Ruby started to have coughing issues he was taken to the hospital for diagnoses and treatment and was left under an X-ray machine too long with the tube turned on and spinning, and with the aperture opened for an extended time (which sped up the growth of his fast growing cancer).

Dorothy Kilgallen had copied her detailed notes of this historical interview, and had given them to her good friend and neighbor. Dorothy told her and some other friends that she was going to blow the whole case wide open because the official view had been a big lie.

What she didn’t know was that the CIA had her under intense 24/7 surveillance and tapped her phones. She made the mistake of saying too much on the phone; and the CIA’s James Jesus Angleton, who was deeply involved in the OP40 assassination operation in Dealey Plaza (which was run by GHWB) and the cover up afterwards, decided that she had to be terminated with extreme prejudice.


“Old 87”

LBJ hated the Kennedys and was intensely jealous of them, and felt slighted and degraded by them. LBJ had previously risen to be a major Senate power-broker – a kingpin of the USG.

LBJ was J. Edgar Hoover’s close friend and neighbor and an associate of the Ruling Cabal through his wife’s father, who owned a radio station in Texas and who helped LBJ win his first election. In that election, two election judges ended up dead; and LBJ won by a mere 87 votes, with many votes missing.

That is why his old drinking buddies in Texas called him “Old 87” to each other when he wasn’t present.

The new President Johnson gladly signed the “Official CIA National Security Finding” authorizing Dorothy Kilgallen’s termination, and then she died mysteriously of a claimed overdose of prescription sleeping pills and alcohol. In fact, a CIA wet-boy team was used to murder her.


A Rogues Gallery the night before the JFK assassination

The night before the JFK Assassination, a select group of super-elite American power brokers had met at Clint Murchison’s home. They went into his private study and closed the double doors and discussed the final assassination arrangements.

It was a rogues gallery and those present included Murchison, J.Edgar Hoover, Richard Nixon, John J. McCloy, George Brown, and HL Hunt. David Rockefeller had given his blessing to the operation through John J. McCloy.

GHWB was probably somewhere near Dallas that night, because he and his son George Jr. were photographed in Dealey Plaza the next day, but it has not been confirmed that he was at the meeting. Allen Dulles, who was one of the main planners of the JFK Assassination, was not present and did not want to be associated with Dallas in any way to avoid suspicion.

Dulles was concerned he could be blamed because it was JFK who fired him as DCIA for the Bay of Pigs fiasco. It was actually McGeorge Bundy who set JFK up to appear as a turncoat to the US Military and the CIA for withdrawing air support to avoid a nuclear confrontation with the Soviets.

The JFK Assassination was well organized coup d’état, run by OP40 of the CIA, and it has been rumored it was authorized by a secret National Security Finding signed by Vice President Johnson, J. Edgar Hoover and the JCS. The justification was that JFK was consorting with an East German female spy, Ellen Rometsch; he was taking LSD, which was making him reckless and disjointed mentally; and he was having an affair with the high-ranking CIA Clandestine Services man Cord Meyer’s ex-wife Mary Meyer who got the LSD from Dr. Timothy Leary. Angleton ordered the murder of Mary Meyer to tie up this loose end after the JFK Assassination, and made sure her personal diary never was made public which mentioned JFK’s new anti-war thinking and other sensitive subjects.

As many know, the DC phone system was taken down for at least an hour right after the JFK Assassination to impede any inter-agency communication and major dot-connecting, and to give the CIA time to coordinate the cover-up in DC. The cover story was that it was unknown if America was now under attack by the Soviets or not, and the US Strategic Air Command had to be in a high state of readiness.

The Secret Service illegally used force to take possession of JFK’s body from the Dallas Police at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, even though the Dallas Police had rightful, legal custody and proper jurisdiction to investigate the crime, while the Feds had none. Since then, there have been Federal Laws passed to extend federal jurisdiction to cover this type of event.


The Art of “Compromise”

The meeting at Murchison’s home the night before was secretly recorded by both the FBI on Hoover’s order, and by the CIA at James Angleton’s order. This provided forever-control over everyone present, as needed.

It has been reported by one insider that James Jesus Angleton was also able to deeply compromise the Vatican and manipulate it and transform it into a tool of the CIA because of its secret running of a Nazi ratline after WW2.


Hoover’s Demise

Eventually Nixon and Angleton both had enough of Hoover, so Angleton had two men from OP40 take care of J. Edgar “Mary” by using a scorpion spinner lock-pick to clandestinely enter his premises and add shellfish toxin to his toothpaste.

That Saturday after Hoover’s termination with extreme prejudice, Angleton drove his white station wagon over to the home, made sure Clyde Tolson was gone, and loaded up all of Hoover’s secret files and even the recordings of the secret meeting at Murchison’s home from the night before the JFK Assassination.

Angleton copied what he wanted and then gave these secret files to Israeli Intel for human-compromise operations. For this he was given a secret commendation by the Israeli government. And ever since, Israeli Intel has become known for the most extensive human compromise and blackmail ops ever devised and implemented against American politicians and politicians all over the world. The CIA, the FBI and many of the rest are not too far behind either. It was J. Edgar Hoover’s secret FBI dirt files that gave the Mossad a big head-start in these human compromise ops.


Ghost of JFK Haunts Nixon’s Presidency

Nixon’s part in the JFK Assassination came back to haunt him during the Watergate crisis. It later came out officially that Nixon’s secretary had erased 18 minutes of a White House recording. But the evidence suggests that it was done by Nixon himself, because the JFK Assassination was mentioned in reference to him as the “Bay of Pigs deal”.

We now know the real reasons that JFK was assassinated by orders of the ruling Cabal (BT/RKM/COL). It was because JFK was getting out of Vietnam, was issuing and printing US Treasury dollars and getting rid of the Federal Reserve System debt-notes, and was using Bobby Kennedy to shred the Italian Cosa Nostra. President Kennedy had made secret moves to block Israel’s acquisition of nuclear weapons, and had started to rein in Israeli spying inside America, both of which were likely important factors in the assassination.


Chicago Mob

The Chicago Mob was secretly controlled by the Kosher Nostra, which handled its money and high political connections. It was furious with JFK because they had voted a large number of previously dead folks for JFK, allowing him to beat Nixon by a slim margin. JFK’s dad, Joe Kennedy, who made his millions bootlegging and then by legally distributing imported Scotch Whiskey, had negotiated these dead votes with the Chicago Mob, and they expected to be allowed to continue operating as usual.

However, when Bobby Kennedy, whom JFK appointed to be the US Attorney General, started going after the Mafia with a vengeance, the Mafia, especially the Chitown mob felt totally betrayed and sought revenge. The CIA took advantage of this and used the Chicago mob in a supportive role in Dallas to provide leads going to nowhere.

That day in Dallas November 22, 1963, the CIA had brought in dozens of Intel ops, mafioso and famous assassins to strut around and be photographed, in order to generate false leads as a way to confound any serious investigation.


Lone Star State Corruption

We know that Dallas was a hotbed of organized crime corruption. Some insiders believe that LBJ had a strong association with Dresser Industries, Texas Tool and Die; and his wife owned various CIA proprietaries and air freight companies. Allegedly it was Lady Bird’s father who took LBJ under his wing and used his radio station and contacts to propel LBJ into political office. LBJ became the US Senate Majority leader and ran much of DC with J. Edgar Hoover’s blessing and help.

LBJ’s sister Josepha, murdered in 1961

Dating back to his Texas beginning, LBJ had his own stable of fixit ops, and one of them a Yale Skull and Bonesman Malcolm Wallace who served as his own personal assassin. It was rumored at the time that LBJ used Wallace in 1961 to murder his sister Josefa, who was an alcoholic and was out of control, talked too much and would not listen to reason.

Over 20 years after the JFK Assassination, Malcolm Wallace’s fingerprint was finally positively identified from a box on the sixth floor of the Book Depository in Dallas from November 22, 1963. Years before Wallace had been convicted of murder, but had received no imprisonment due to his high level connections and threats against Jurors and their families. It is likely that Wallace was a serial hitman for LBJ.

Numerous Texas insiders have claimed that Wallace murdered Agricultural Inspector Henry Marshall to protect LBJ’s boxcar scam with Billie Sol Estes, who later testified in a secret grand jury about this and JFK assassination matters. LBJ was becoming worried, because he was getting information that not only was JFK going to drop him from the ticket in the next election, but Bobby Kennedy was going to prosecute him over the Billie Sol Estes scams and more. This motivated LBJ to push hard for JFK’s elimination and to work with GHWB, J. Edgar Hoover, the JCS and Nixon to get this done by whatever means necessary.


Controlled Media Frames a Patsy

The rest is history. Despite the “lone gunman” claims of the Warren Commission that Lee Harvey Oswald did it which continue to be broadcast and published by the Ruling Cabal’s Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) over 53 years later; 80% of the American public believe that the USG did it or at least covered up a massive criminal conspiracy involving multiple shooters from the grassy knoll and other locations.

Most legitimate investigative journalists and researchers believe the evidence shows that Oswald was set up to be a patsy and didn’t fire a single shot. There is new evidence that he was standing in the doorway at the time of the actual shooting of JFK. However the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) which is comprised of six CIA directed international news and media corporations (constituting an illegal news and media monopoly (cartel). In actuality, the CMMM and its parent controller in Switzerland serve as secret CIA proprietaries.

The CMMM continues to publish and broadcast the notably false narrative that Oswald did it alone by firing three impossible shots from the six floor Book Depository, when there were actually five shooter teams and additional teams at the Trademart, if JFK ever actually ended up there.

This continuing broadcasting and publication of this monstrous lie that “Oswald did it alone” is perhaps one of the most clear-cut failed litmus test ever for the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM). This continued false narrative is truly disgusting and exposes the CMMM for what it really is, essentially a CIA proprietary and a virtual News Cartel and illegal monopoly of lies.

It is a well verified fact that Oswald was a trained Naval Intel operative and judging from the places he was given employment (with CIA proprietaries or assets), it is clear that Oswald was playing various different Intel roles in New Orleans and Dallas. What his exact role at the time of the JFK Assassination has not yet been ascertained, but it is likely that he was reporting at least periodically to the FBI and was somehow detailed to them.

The evidence proves beyond any doubt that Oswald did not shoot at JFK on November 22, 1963, nor did he shoot Officer Tippit.

No other issue has shown or continues to show just how totally dishonest and corrupt the CMMM really is. This big lie that Oswald did it is a strong illustration of the fact that the CMMM’s functions are completely controlled by the CIA through a major Knights Templar Investment house, with their home office in Switzerland that claims to be on the cutting edge or vanguard of investments.

We now know for certain that Oswald was standing in the doorway not too far from GHWB – who ran the five OP40 shooter teams, each which included a shooter paired with a radioman/timer assistant – so he couldn’t have fired at all.

One of the main objectives of the FBI and the CIA is the deployment of sophisticated human compromise operations on behalf of the BT/RKM/COL whom they serve as agents for.

Hoover literally held an iron grip on Nixon, as did the CIA, because of Nixon’s presence at the Murchison home the night before the JFK Assassination and his deep involvement in setting up and running OP40 for President Eisenhower.

When Nixon deployed a major assault to eliminate (as in “disappeared”) snuff film producers with a specially assembled team of operatives this sent shock waves of fear through the DC “Beltway elites” who participated in a pedophile network that they might be exposed or worse.

The BT/RKM/COL instructed their man GHWB to deploy a silent coup in order to immediately remove Nixon from office. The Watergate affair was set up to do just that and involved at least one turncoat inside Nixon’s own staff.

It’s a known fact that Nixon hated pedophile ops but snuff film producers even more. When he attended Bohemian Grove near San Francisco (noted for its Baal Worship rituals), he remarked, “that is the faggiest most g.d. thing you could ever imagine”.

If Nixon had been allowed to destroy the satanic pedophile network, this would have eliminated the main source of human compromise and control that the BT/RKM/COL, the CIA and the FBI had for politicians, and elected and appointed officials.

Here is how Nixon was removed from office.


The Watergate “soft coup” to remove Richard Nixon from the presidency

Richard Nixon

In one of the craftiest covert ops of US history, Nixon was manipulated into having a special CIA soft entry team go after the DNC pedophile book at the Watergate. Some insiders believe that McCord and John Dean were allegedly working together with the CIA and Dean’s girlfriend (and later wife) Mo Biner at the Watergate DNC to take down Nixon.

A Watergate door latch had been taped and the DC police had been previously notified by someone in the team of “burglars”. It had been alleged that Mo ran the pedophile book of top DNC supporters and some other human compromise ops which may have included Republicans and others.

Nixon wanted to know what he was up against and if any of his close staff or supporters had been compromised by this op, in addition to gaining the names of any powerful, influential democrats who had been compromised by the op.

Thus, the impeachment and resignation of President Nixon was a “Silent Coup” run by GHWB and the CIA, because Nixon had sent out a secret squad to disappear producers of snuff films inside America and sources outside America, too and planned to destroy the pedophile network.


Super Fascism and the Fourth Reich

GHWB (aka George Scherf) was actually the stateside representative of the new three-piece suit all corporate Fourth Reich.

Bush was placed in power and promoted to climb the US Intel and USG food-chain by the City of London (COL) private BT/RKM Banksters in order to implement Fascism in a new form, a new higher order type of fascism, Super Fascism.

The assassination of JFK signaled and allowed a major shift from the prior, regular first-order Fascism to this new higher order derivative Super Fascism. Regular Fascism in America was established in WW2 and was characterized by the merging of the USG (the State) with numerous defense corporations, but wherein the State maintained control.

Super Fascism is the merger of the state and the corporations; with the corporations stacking the State and transforming into their personal agent to represent corporate interests only at the expense of the interests of We The People. In Super Fascism the large international corporations control the State.


Fallout from JFK’s Assassination

JFK had become aware of a massive Cabalistic conspiracy, associated with the COL RKM Banksters, to subvert the US Constitution and destroy the American Republic. After he was assassinated, JFK’s Presidential Decision Directive ordering the printing of US Notes as money to displace the private Federal Reserve System for a US Treasury public Bank was quickly canceled by LBJ.

What quickly emerged after the JFK Assassination was that JFK’s order to start withdrawing from Vietnam was canceled by Johnson; and the Vietnam war was continued and expanded. When the Vietnam war effort was greatly increased, it made numerous Cabal-linked, large defense corporations so wealthy as CIA proprietaries that they could buy up politicians, stack the USG and take total control over it. This was essential for gaining control of the US Government (the State) and using it as a tool to serve these large defense contractors to keep foreign wars perpetual for continuing profits.

All of these CIA crimes, of course, were being done with the continuing blessings and secret financial support of the private COL/BT/RKM Banksters. There was no way the Ruling Cabal would let JFK disrupt their plans to use war as a continuing lucrative money-making scam, which made them all powerful and rich beyond measure.

When JFK was assassinated, the large Banks and Corporations were thus able to hijack the USG by infiltrating it, by buying or human-compromising politicians, and by then establishing the USG as their exclusive agent to serve their own interests and NOT the interests of We The People. Through the assassination of JFK, the Ruling Cabal was able to secretly transform America into a new Super Fascist State, now essentially owned and operated by them. For the most part national elections became ceremonial only.


An Asset on Every Block

And now when any group of dissidents threatens their new system of unlimited power and profits, they deploy an asset from their vast array to suppress such groups efforts. And their assets include local Law Enforcement, the FBI, the CIA and hundreds of private contractors and corporate mercenaries deputized under so-called “national security”.

I was once told that the American Intel assets are so great that any agency can find and contact an asset from their shared list within one mile from any surveillance target, and then get them there to surveil within about ten minutes, in most cases. They might be walking their dog or some other mundane task, but they can still surveil as needed; or if needed, sneak and peek secret burglaries can be ordered and enacted.

Super Fascism is the merger of the State with the major corporations, with these corporations using their large assets and credit to buy up, stack, infiltrate and hijack the visible USG inside the beltway. In this way they have been able to transform it into their personal agent to manipulate the laws and We The People to serve their corporate interests first.

And their corporate interests are to create large “corporate welfare” programs in the federal and state governments in order to access large amounts of federal Taxpayer funds directly and indirectly, through budgetary manipulations.

The numerous perpetual foreign wars since WW2 have been perpetual, unwinnable, and oriented to generating massive profits for the private FRS banks, their associated large defense contractors (and especially the approximately 66 families that own large chunks of stock in the defense contractors, especially the no-bid ones).

These illegal, unconstitutional aggressive foreign wars liberate cheap natural resources (Oil, Opium, minerals including Lithium) for these special interests, but also to extract an incredibly evil human toll, with millions of dead, wounded and disabled civilians and soldiers.

The saddest part for America is that so many great young American Soldiers have been needlessly sacrificed as cannon fodder while innocently doing what they thought was serving We The People, when they were actually serving the needs of these wealthy corporations, private Banksters, and defense contractors and their investors.


This new American Super fascism is run by a Council of Twelve “Kings” that answers to the Superior general (aka the Black Pope).

One King has now died and eleven remain, of that eleven one is very sick and near death, and another not far behind.

The agenda of this Council of Twelve is to reduce and eliminate the ability of Americans to defend themselves against invasion or a complete totalitarian police state takeover that they have planned.

Their agenda is best described as a Globalist NWO Agenda of evil that requires elimination of normal male/female sex roles, marriage and the family, destruction of conventional society, and a massive reduction of the Earth’s human population by about 90%.

It’s a fact that this transformation in America from regular post WW2 Fascism to post JFK Super Fascism was made possible by the great wealth and power that the various large US defense contractors accrued during WW2 and afterwards in the Korean and Vietnam wars. And the Cold War created enough fear of nuclear annihilation to keep the Defense budget growing and big profits for the Banksters and large defense contractors to which they became addicted.

It should now be clear to most folks that any politician who is viewed as a serious threat to the Super-Fascist system of the USG in any way can expect to be neutralized. This can be done either through smearing and discrediting by the CMMM, or if that fails, by being un-elected through various sophisticated means, including support being diverted to another candidate or through redistricting. Secret impossible suicide, aka “arkencide”, is always an option for the Ruling Cabal if all else fails, and if the politician doesn’t understand how to go public properly to protect themselves.

The CIA Op 40 murders of JFK, RFK, and MLK are a stark reminder of this grim reality of American political life. And yet it is now becoming clear that Super Fascism is not going to be a permanent state for America. Super Fascism is not an end state for America, it is merely a transitional state; and all those selected top Hierarchy officials who were promoted and given immense power, wealth and status are going to soon become obsolete and will be pushed aside into obscurity and perhaps even poverty.

Be certain that the Internet (Worldwide Web) has been the greatest spying device ever developed, but unknowingly at first to the Ruling Cabal, also the greatest cause of powerful emerging world populism. This powerful emergent populism cannot now be stopped and will certainly be instrumental in how the Ruling Cabal is made obsolete and pushed aside.

The Internet is truly revolutionary like the Gutenberg Press was and in fact is best described and considered as the New Gutenberg Press that provides instant access at the speed of light to immense libraries of knowledge all over the world and an incredibly large and accurate alternative media, if one knows where to go for it.



The emergence of regular Fascism during WW2 in America was extremely destructive to the US Constitution and Rule of Law, and serves as a vehicle to enable the large BT/RKM/COL blessed large American corporations to continue their ascent in size and power.

It provided the vehicle for them to take the extreme secrecy of the Manhattan Project for the Atomic Bomb and continue it as a way of life for the large defense contractors that emerged in WW2 and after during the Cold War. Secrecy has proved a vehicle for immense unchecked power for the Secret Shadow Government and the various corporations deputized as agents of “national security”, many of which have hired their own ex-FBI and CIA agents and ops and started their own Intel agencies that are approved and accepted by the SSG. Some have been given high security clearances and even “shoot to kill authority”.

This extreme secrecy of the National Security Act of 1947 was claimed necessary in order to prevent the most important secrets of State to be disclosed to enemies or potential enemies. This mindset has continued and has been taken advantage of and abused by these defense contractors, large Wall Street banks, and corporations that have been authorized to function as agents of US National Security.

Secrecy within these large corporations bred an immense massing of power and wealth because real Congressional oversight was prevented, nor were any State or Federal Courts allowed to proceed with any significant legal actions or corrections.

This isolation from any serious Rule of Law, the US Constitution, Congressional oversight allowed these large Corporations and banks to grow exponentially in size and political power and enabled them to run their own covert operations to manipulate politics, often in parity with the CIA and FBI.

It wasn’t long until these large corporations, defense contractors and large Wall Street banks were able to infiltrate and stack the Congress and most high USG positions, thereby constituting a secret hijacking of the USG itself and making it a tool of these large corporations, defense contractors and large Wall Street banks.

It was at this point that two phenomena occurred as never before. First the emergence of Super Fascism and second the emergence of several interlinked secret subcultures that constituted the hidden but real USG, best referred to as the Secret Shadow Government (SSG). The final result was that this emergent SSG became the true government of the USA, and the visible DC government actually became a ceremonial symbolic government subservient to the SSG.

Once the Ruling Cabal got JFK out of the way, Bobby Kennedy the US Attorney General was neutralized, and it was then clear sailing ahead for the Cabal to stack the USG with all their large corporate and wall street cronies, who would serve their immediate and long term needs.

It was the Assassination of JFK that was the turning point in America that allowed the BT/RKM/COL (Ruling Cabal) to transform America into their own Super Fascist nation.

Just as the original regular fascism was transformed into a higher level Super Fascism, so too is Super Fascism now in the process of being transformed into a new even higher level form of Fascism, best referred to as Cosmic Fascism.

And it is now pretty clear that this new transformation to Cosmic Fascism is being driven by the esoteric drift of the Secret Space war (SSW) program, its deep space fleets of the USN and the USAF, and the reality that Planet Earth is being visited by interstellar travelers using ultra high-tech anti-gravity craft.

The USG has recovered and back-engineered various Alien ET UFO’s, recovered Alien ETs – both dead and alive – and has formed working and exchange treaties with three types; and this fact is now driving this esoteric shift of the subcultures associated with the SSW programs.

This esoteric drift of the Secret Space War program is creating tension in MJ; and various old-timers are now disclosing – so many in fact that it will be impossible to stop the flow of information.


Part III of this 3 part series will discuss what Cosmic Fascism actually is in practical terms, why its emergence is likely, and how it will change the lives of humans living on Planet Earth.


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Trump’s Saudi visit wasn’t about Islam or Iran. It’s about America First.


Image result

By M K Bhadrakumar | Indian Punchline 

The Saudi Arabian government didn’t do well to schedule US President Donald Trump’s speech at the Arab-Islamic-American Summit at Riyadh for May 21. Just a day earlier, the headlines in the world media were all about a unique event in the Muslim Middle East – free and fair elections in Iran which enabled the moderate-reformist President Hassan Rouhani to secure a second term by beating an opponent who was widely seen as representing the religious establishment.

Trump would have understood the awkwardness of his position. He was obliged to show gratitude to his Saudi hosts who propose to spend $350 billion in the US economy that would create hundreds of thousands of new jobs for the American people. On the other hand, he was expected to condemn and pillory what is, arguably, the one and only democratic country in the Persian Gulf – Iran.

Trump ended up saying the irreducible minimum regarding Iran:

  • But no discussion of stamping out this (terrorism) threat would be complete without mentioning the government that gives terrorists all three-safe harbor, financial backing, and the social standing needed for recruitment. It is a regime that is responsible for so much instability in the region. I am speaking of course of Iran. From Lebanon to Iraq to Yemen, Iran funds, arms, and trains terrorists, militias, and other extremist groups that spread destruction and chaos across the region. For decades, Iran has fueled the fires of sectarian conflict and terror.
  • It is a government that speaks openly of mass murder, vowing the destruction of Israel, death to America, and ruin for many leaders and nations in this room. Among Iran’s most tragic and destabilizing interventions have been in Syria. Bolstered by Iran, Assad has committed unspeakable crimes…The Iranian regime’s longest-suffering victims are its own people. Iran has a rich history and culture, but the people of Iran have endured hardship and despair under their leaders’ reckless pursuit of conflict and terror.
  • Until the Iranian regime is willing to be a partner for peace, all nations of conscience must work together to isolate Iran, deny it funding for terrorism, and pray for the day when the Iranian people have the just and righteous government they deserve. (Transcript)

At the end of the day, Trump settled for a policy to “isolate” Iran and to “pray for the day” when Iran will be an agreeable partner. There was no itch to confront Iran or attack Iran. If a benchmark is needed, go back to George W. Bush’s famous ‘axis of evil’ speech regarding Iran in January 2002. (Watch the YouTube here.)

Indeed, the so-called Riyadh Declaration issued after the Arab-Islamic-American summit of 50 countries on Sunday contained much harsher language regarding Iran, but then, it is essentially a Saudi document, which the regime drafted exercising its prerogative as the host country. By no means is it a statement reflecting the Iran policy of the US or of the other 48 statesmen who gathered in Riyadh, including from Egypt, Pakistan, Oman and so on.

Equally, it was also apparent from the noticeably restrained moderate remarks regarding Iran by the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in the two joint press conferences with Saudi FM Adel Al Jubeir that the Trump administration took care not to exacerbate tensions with Iran. Jubeir spewed venom, but Tillerson simply listened. In his prepared statements regarding terrorism, interestingly, Tillerson did not even mention Iran. The ‘operative’ part of Tillerson’s remarks during the Q&A can be reproduced as follows:

  • We are closely coordinating our efforts in terms of how to counter Iran’s extremism… in particular its support for foreign fighters… its support of militia not just in Yemen but in Iraq and in Syria.
  • We are coordinating carefully around how we view the nuclear agreement.
  • What I would hope – is that Rouhani now has a new term, and that he use that term to begin a process of dismantling Iran’s network of terrorism, dismantling its financing of that terrorist network, dismantling the manning and the logistics and everything that they provide to these destabilizing forces that exist in this region. That’s what we hope he does. We also hope that he puts an end to [Iran’s] ballistic missile testing. We also hope that he restores the rights of Iranians to freedom… That’s what we hope this election will bring. I’m not going to comment on my expectation. But we hope that if Rouhani wanted to change Iran’s relationship with the rest of the world, those are the things he could do.
  • So it is our hope that – and we have a new leadership or a renewed leadership beginning another term in Iran – that they will begin to examine what this behavior is gaining for them, and rather, they will find their way back to a place that Iran historically enjoyed: good relations with its neighbors. And that’s what we hope they find their way back to as well. In the meantime, we will continue to take action to make it clear to Iran when their behavior is unacceptable… we will continue to take action through sanctions and we will continue to encourage others in the global community to take action as well so that Iran understands this is not acceptable. So we will be dealing with Iran in the economic sanction front and we will be dealing with Iran in these countries where they have decided to put their presence militarily.

In sum, Tillerson recapitulated the Obama administration’s policies toward Iran. No threat of war – ‘all-options-are-on-the-table’, etc. – no threat of regime change, no containment strategy.  On the contrary, the subtle emphasis has been on the terms of engagement with Iran someday in a conceivable future.

Thereupon, Tillerson dropped a bombshell. The following was his answer when he was asked by a journalist, “Will you ever pick up the phone and call Iran’s foreign minister? Have you ruled out diplomacy with Iran?” :

  • Well, in terms of whether I’d ever pick the phone up, I’ve never shut off the phone to anyone that wants to talk or have a productive conversation. At this point, I have no plans to call my counterpart in Iran, although, in all likelihood, we will talk at the right time.

Tillerson said effectively that the US hopes to engage with Iran “in all likelihood”. It is no small matter that he said this from Riyadh, while summing up what has been an extraordinarily successful visit by Trump in pursuit of his ‘America First’ doctrine.

Of course, the US-Iranian relations will remain highly problematic. But then four years is a long time in politics – and both Trump and Rouhani have that much time in hand. One can anticipate that Tehran will be savvy enough to sense the vibes from Riyadh and accordingly plot the road map ahead in its dealings with the Trump administration.

Do not forget that Bush’s ‘axis of evil’ speech in 2002 notwithstanding, Washington and Tehran had already got into a waltz in Iraq circa 2005 in a coordinated enterprise to advance Shi’ite empowerment in that country. Both the US and Iran knew the ground rules and the ‘red lines’ in Iraq, and they largely respected them in a co-habitation in mutual interests that was truly exceptional in contemporary world politics.

The bottom line today is that without Iran’s cooperation, the US cannot get very far in the war against the ISIS, al-Qaeda and other extremist groups in Iraq and Syria. To be sure, there will be a lot of jostling for space and influence but a US-Iran confrontation is not on cards. Neither side is seeking it.

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EU ministers approve plans to force social media companies to tackle hate speech


Image result for social media CARTOON

European Union ministers have approved plans to force social media companies to combat hate speech on their platforms. It comes a day after Facebook’s internal guide for tackling such behavior was leaked.

The proposals, approved by ministers on Tuesday, mark the first attempt at legislating at EU level on the issue of hate speech across social media, according to Reuters. However, the plans still need to be ratified by the European Parliament before becoming law.

If the proposals are passed, social media companies including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube would be forced to take measures to prevent hate speech, incitement to hatred, and content justifying terrorism.

“We need to take into account new ways of watching videos, and find the right balance to encourage innovative services, promote European films, protect children and tackle hate speech in a better way,” Andrus Ansip, EU Commission Vice-President for the digital single market, said on Tuesday, as quoted by Reuters.

The move comes after Facebook’s internal guide for combating hate speech was leaked online with its rules baffling many over its seemingly inconsistent policy direction.

It’s not the first time that European countries have called on social media outlets to do more to combat hate speech.

Earlier this month, an Austrian court ruled that Facebook must delete hateful posts directed at the leader of the country’s Green Party, a move that was viewed as a landmark victory for anti-hate speech campaigners.

Germany approved a bill in April which would see social media sites fined up to 50 million euros ($55.9 million) for failing to remove hate speech and so-called fake news. Critics denounced it as a violation of free speech.

Opponents of the bill even tried to climb onto the roof of the country’s Justice Ministry last week in protest over the bill.

In December, the International Auschwitz Committee accused Facebook of “poisoning the societal climate” in Germany and overseas, saying, the social media site’s soft treatment and arrogance towards online hate speech was “increasingly intolerable and dangerous.”

It appears that hate speech and fake news aren’t the only problems facing Facebook. A high number of murder and suicide videos posted on the social media platform prompted the company to announce earlier this month that it will be hiring 3,000 people to monitor content including live videos.

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Croatia: A New Round of Instability for the Sake of Stability

Adelina Marini, Zagreb

Last fall, when snap elections took place in Croatia due to the crisis in the senior coalition partner – the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), and the collapsed coalition was repeated, but with renewed, more moderate leadership, it seemed like the former Yugoslav Republic, despite the general trends in Central Europe and the EU in general, was heading towards normalisation. The former member of the European Parliament’s foreign affairs committee and head of the Delegation for Relations with Ukraine, Andrej Plenković, assumed leadership of the HDZ and the government with a promise of moderation, rule of law, abandonment of the division rhetoric (Ustaše against Partisans) and for reforms.

Changes in HDZ, like coupled vessels, brought changes to the other big party, the Social Democratic Party (SDP), where young Davor Bernardić won the leadership. The new political force MOST of Independent Lists (MOST NL) seemed ready to play the constructive role of a balance maker and a corrective. This was welcomed with relief by society. The media also reacted positively. It seemed like Croatia would finally break away from the grip of the past and deal with the future, which is facing serious problems, one of the most important of which is the rapid brain drain from the country after the fall of restrictions for Croatian nationals in some EU countries.

Being a Brussels man, Andrej Plenković quickly introduced the European agenda in Croatian society by starting to report regularly in Sabor (the Croatian Parliament) after each European Council meeting, and his debut at a EU summit ended in the highest of Brussels standards – with a long briefing for journalists. All he had left to do was to consolidate his party and get rid of the far-right current in it, which at the very beginning showed that it would lower its head until a more opportune moment came to rise again. This current was personified by the controversial former minister of culture Zlatko Hasanbegović.

Through the minefields of Croatia

Optimism and hope did not last too long. Inherited problems in the party, which considers itself to be state-building, and around the country began forcing the prime minister into taking hasty actions in the name of consolidation of the party. This was the case with the state-owned oil company Ina. The Ina case is deeply linked to the HDZ after the party itself and its former leader and prime minister Ivo Sanader were convicted of corruption. Ivo Sanader was doing prison time on charges of taking a bribe to sell a larger share of the company to the Hungarian oil company Mol. Because of these allegations, Croatia filed an arbitration case, which it lost in December.

This led to Prime Minister Plenković’s first premature decision, which surprised many. Right on Christmas Eve he announced the government’s intention to buy back the Hungarian stake and return ownership of Ina to Croatia, an idea that had no good market and even less fiscal argumentation. In the process of sever fiscal adjustment, money for such a purchase cannot be found without this leading to an even greater increase in public debt, which is expected to fall to 81.9% this year, or else a raise of taxes. It was quickly evident that this decision was not feasible and five months later it is not even discussed. Ina, however, remains an unresolved problem that will play the role of a mine for every government to follow. Around it, there is a thin thread of geopolitical element, for Russian company Rosneft had appetites for the company at the beginning and over the years the Hungarian company has been threatening to sell its stake in Ina to the Russians.

Right into Andrej Plenković’s face blew up another mine – the one with Slovenia about the Gulf of Piran, which had also been planted a long time ago – back in 2001, when the prime ministers of Croatia and Slovenia at the time – Ivica Račan and Janez Drnovšek – signed an agreement to settle the border dispute around the Gulf of Piran, providing Slovenia with access to international waters. The agreement has never been ratified by Croatia and was one of the most serious obstacles for the country on its way to EU membership. After Slovenia blocked the negotiation process with Croatia, an agreement was reached with European Commission mediation to settle the dispute by arbitration.

In 2015, however, Croatian media revealed that the Slovenian member of the arbitration tribunal had exchanged information on the course of the case with the Slovenian foreign ministry. The government of Zoran Milanović, with the full support of all political forces in the Sabor and the media, decided to withdraw Croatia from the arbitration tribunal. Changes voted in December, agreed on with the participation of Prime Minister Plenković, in European and Schengen legislation about strengthening control at the EU’s external borders in response to the increased risks of terrorism, have led to a new cause for tension between the two countries. Slovenia stepped up border controls, which led to the formation of mile-long queues at Croatian-Slovenian border crossings. At peak times, travellers waited for hours to cross the border. The problem again was resolved with EC intervention, with the mediation of which an agreement was negotiated at the extraordinary European Council on 29 April.

Too big to survive

The cherry on the cake, however, was the near-collapse of the largest Croatian conglomerate, Agrokor, which has subsidiaries throughout the region of the former Yugoslavia, and employs more than 60,000 people. Dark clouds on the horizon emerged in January when credit rating agencies downgraded Agrokor’s credit rating due to doubts expressed by some of its biggest lenders about the ability of the group to service its debts. It is not easy to navigate the complex story of the conglomerate downfall, but there are a few things that are undoubtedly clear: Agrokor is a legacy of the ever-difficult transition from a Communist economy to a market one; the state, consciously, unconsciously, or both, has closed its eyes to the unnatural expansion of Agrokor to a conglomerate of systemic importance for the economy; throughout the whole story runs a solid geopolitical element; and an unpleasant dose of politicisation.

The mine in Agrokor was planted with the model of privatisation. The company began to absorb key monopolistic companies over the years, thus turning the state monopoly into a private one under the tacit consent of the state. The conglomerate owns Dijamant a.d., the largest producer of edible oils in Serbia, one of the largest meat processing companies in Croatia PIK, the largest salt producer Solana Pag d.d., the largest agricultural company and winemaker Belje, Serbia’s largest ice cream and frozen food company Frikom, Croatia’s largest producer of mineral, spring water and beverages Jamnica, Croatia’s largest ice-cream and frozen food producer Ledo d.d., the best selling water in Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevski kiseljak d.d., the greatest edible oils producer in Croatia Zvijezda d.d.

The conglomerate is also the owner of the largest chain of supermarkets in Croatia and the region Konzum d.d. The last big expansion of the company was the purchase of the Slovenian state-owned trade mastodon Mercator in 2014. Analysts believe that with this acquisition Agrokor was virtually overeating. The purchase happened a year after Croatia’s accession, when its market joined the single European market and competitive pressure grew considerably. This is always a challenge for companies with monopoly power and, in general, for countries that have failed to complete the transition to a full-fledged market economy. According to a survey from last year of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs, Croatia has a large and diverse portfolio of state-owned or partially state-owned companies.

The government is a majority shareholder in 85 companies and holds minority stakes of over 25% in another 50 companies. The remaining 600 companies are identified as being under state control as they are under the control of regional or municipal authorities. According to this study, the public corporate sector has a significant share in the Croatian economy. Agrokor is a private company, but it is determined to be systemically important, that is, it employs many workers, has a dominant position on the market, many companies are connected to it, and has enjoyed privileges over the years. Its total share in the gross domestic product of the country is about 4%, with decreasing trends. This means that an uncontrolled bankruptcy of the company could lead to turbulence in Croatian economy and the region in general.

According to the latest report [in Croatian language] by the Croatian National Bank (HNB) on financial stability, the situation in Agrokor has increased the risks to the economy, despite growth in the economy and good macroeconomic indicators. In its spring forecast, the European Commission also referred to Agrokor as a source of risks to the economy. “Industrial production, however, deteriorated somewhat – particularly in the consumer goods segment. This was possibly related to the distressed food processing and retail group Agrokor – Croatia’s largest employer – which faced severe difficulties in (re)financing its liabilities earlier this year”, says in the forecast on Croatia.

Government actions in the Agrokor crisis were quick, cool and resolute. For a record time, a law on the restructuring of systemic companies was adopted, which faced criticism about being unconstitutional, but it helped avoid a disorderly bankruptcy with unpredictable effects for the entire economy, which had just emerged from a 6-year recession two years ago. That would have been a huge blow to the economy and especially to the level of unemployment, which is already high in Croatia – expected to be 11.6% this year.

The rapid mastering of the situation was also dictated by the need to avoid a geopolitical moment – again the role of Russia. The Kremlin-sponsored Sberbank is Agrokor’s largest creditor. Croatian media reported that the crisis in the conglomerate was actually provoked by Russia because of Prime Minister Andrei Plenković’s position on the conflict in Ukraine. Several publications in Croatian media have indicated that the fall of Agrokor started  the moment Russian ambassador to Zagreb Anvar Azimov declared the company unable to pay its debts. This also led to a downgrading of its credit rating.

In the very beginning, when the company began having liquidity troubles, Sberbank demonstrated its will creditors to take over the management. A possible acquisition through debt would have provided Russia with a significant presence on the Croatian and regional markets. However, the newly adopted special law requires the company to be run by a government-appointed commissioner whose role is to supervise the process of restructuring. The law also defines the order in which the debt is to be paid.

The Plenković gambit

It would have all ended beautifully, had it not been for the finance minister. The young and capable Zdravko Marić, who was finance minister all the way back in the first government of HDZ and MOST NL, led by Tihomir Orešković, was until recently one of the most positive figures. With his expertise, he managed to bring Croatian finances to stabilisation and to the exit from the excessive deficit procedure, which was announced on Monday (22 May). His problems began with being a former senior employee of Agrokor and the opposition, including coalition partners from MOST NL, saw this as a conflict of interest. They accused him of being aware of the state of the company, but not taking the necessary measures.

Thus the situation was a great opportunity for the opposition to gain points against the background of the Social Democrats’ declining rating under the leadership of Davor Bernardić. The Social Democrats and the Liberals demanded that the minister resigned. They were also joined the junior partner MOST NL.

Day X for the government was April 26, when the prime minister and almost the entire government attended an official lunch organised by the Croatian Employers’ Association (HUP) where the government’s measures to tackle the Agrokor crisis were commended. Unlike previous meetings with government officials, this time employers refrained from criticism. One of the reasons was that many of the members are suppliers to the conglomerate and hope to cash in their claims. The prime minister began by saying that the most important thing was to ensure political stability. He explained that the emergency situation required emergency measures and promised that the government would take on other vital reforms for Croatia, especially in the field of education.

On the next day, government was expected to announce its decision on Zdravko Marić’s future. Contrary to any expectations, instead of sacrificing him for the sake of political stability, Andrei Plenković decided to protect him at the cost of serious political instability. In addition, the prime minister, without blinking an eye, fired the coalition partner’s ministers, which provoked sharp reactions and accusations of authoritarian practises. The debates on the motion for Mr Marić’s resignation went on for almost 24 hours and brought considerable losses to the government. MOST NL lost its speaker position of the Sabor, and the government is in a stalemate, as it is still unclear whether they have a sufficient majority in Parliament to continue governing.

Prime Minister Andrei Plenković announced that the seats of the coalition partner in government will be filled after the local elections, the first round of which took place on Sunday. The results, however, do not give much clarity. Virtually everyone is losing. Moreover, the crisis has led to the re-opening of the HDZ division lines. The far-right stream saw a great opportunity for itself in the local elections. Zlatko Hasanbegović was supporting the nomination of the Croatian Marine Le Pen – Bruna Esih – for mayor of Zagreb. Andrei Plenković refused to take serious steps against the rebellious Hasanbegović, counting on him filing his own resignation, as he did. Bruna Esih’s results in the first round were twice higher than the HDZ candidate Drago Prgomet. She won 10.98% of the votes, and Prgomet – 5.60%.

Bruna Esih entered the Sabor in the parliamentary elections on September 11 through the HDZ list, gaining 16.77% of the votes thanks to the preference option. After her result at the local elections, Zlatko Hasanbegović announced the creation of a new party. This could lead to others with rather nationalistic views leaving the HDZ. Despite the debacle in Zagreb, the HDZ performed better than at previous local elections elsewhere in the country. The big losers in the first round are SDP, who are going to a second round in Zagreb thanks to the Liberals’ candidate Anka Mrak Taritaš. SDP claims that, thanks to their support, Mrs Taritaš has won 24.48%, but SDP results across the country tell a different story.

MOST NL has also suffered considerable losses, in its fortress in Metković at that, where their candidate goes into a second round. There she will compete with the HDZ candidate. MOST-ers lost their full majority in the municipal council, where they have 40.65% of the votes, followed closely by HDZ with 38.13%. These elections may be the beginning of the end of the party. The Eurosceptic and populist party “Living Wall” is completely obscure in these elections.

This picture shows that all parties have to seriously analyse their state and the reasons for the results at the local elections. They also show a 50/50 probability for snap elections. One needs to wait for the second round so one can better judge the prospects for new elections, which no one has any interest in so far. The HDZ remains the strongest party, but its stability is shaken, and certainly will not be able to win sufficient majority to be able to govern alone. The SDP, with its leadership, has no strength to confront the leadership of the right. Its weakness gives HNS, their permanent coalition partner, a chance to play alone and raise their price after they experienced a significant drop in support in the years of governance with the SDP (in some cases as much as 2%).

Zagreb will be decisive, as mayor Milan Bandić’s party has representatives in parliament, and if he wins in the second round he could help Plenković stay in power. Invincible Milan Bandić, who was suspected of corruption on numerous occasions, but never has enough evidence yet been gathered to accuse him, won the most votes on Sunday – 30.87%. If elected in two weeks, it would be his sixth consecutive term. A possible victory for Anka Mrak Taritaš will feed new energy into the HNS and raise the price of the party on the parliamentary stock exchange. The eventual fall of the government and new elections would mean a new cycle of uncertainty over Croatia, another postponement of vital reforms, and a boost for growth in nationalist sentiments that have become more and more noticeable over the past two years with the HDZ coming to power.

All this is followed by an increase in the outflow of Croats to richer and more settled countries in the EU. The latest hit on the music scene these days in Croatia is the Detour band song “I Choose” that best sums up the situation. “I choose you are gone, I choose not to be angry anymore. Guess where we go, when we are ruled by goons and in-laws, keeping cities hostage, building temples. So I finally cracked like a popcorn and f*ck them all money-chasers, plagiarists, wrapped in the flag”.

Translated by Stanimir Stoev

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Hassan Nasrallah on the hunger strike of Palestinian prisoners and international hypocrisy


Image result for Hezbollah CARTOON

Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah on May 2, 2017, on the occasion of the Day of the Wounded


[…] Two words on the general situation (in the Middle East).

The first thing to be said about the general situation in the region concerns the struggle for freedom and dignity that 1500 Palestinian prisoners are leading and… we are today on the 16th day of their hunger strike, with a supportive response from the Palestinian street, inside (occupied Palestine) and outside, towards this movement.

As usual, we naturally support and unite with them, and we announce our firm and total solidarity with this action of jihad and strong resistance by Palestinian prisoners for their legitimate and natural demands. But we want to learn from what is happening there.

In this first point concerning the situation of the region, I have two points.

First, I want to learn the lessons on which we can build a permanent political path. Well, on the opposite side, Israel turns a deaf ear… They are not ready to negotiate or to respond to the demands. The demands of the prisoners are not the liberation of Palestine nor the liberation of Al-Quds (Jerusalem). The prisoners’ demands concern the natural rights of all prisoners, humanitarian rights. Israel is turning a deaf ear and, as usual, relies on the passing of time, the weariness, and the withdrawal of Palestinian prisoners, hoping that this movement will be nothing but a vain eruption.

Nothing else can be expected of Israel, the usurping, terrorist, occupying enemy. But look at the rest of the world. Look at the rest of the world. Where are the Arab regimes? Where are the Arab peoples? Where is the Union of Arab Countries? Where is the Organization of Islamic States, the Organization for Islamic Cooperation? Where is the world? Where is Europe? Where is the West? Where is the UN? Where’s the Security Council? All those who often get angry at the most trivial stories that happen in this or that place of the world, where are they? We are on the 16th day, and nothing happens in the world, nothing at all.

For the commemoration of the martyr leaders, I stirred up the roses’ pot, when I said that they brought us, the Arab world and the region, to the point where Palestine became the forgotten cause. This is proof.

Today, tell me where the kings and the Arab presidents are. Soon, it will be said that the Sayed (Nasrallah) attacks the kings and Arab presidents. Where are the Arab regimes? Where is the Union of Arab Countries? Where is the serious reaction, where are the real pressures? The pressure on your American friends, the pressure on your European friends?… Where are the organizations for the defense of human rights? Where is the Arab voice? Where are the Arab media? Where are the Arabic TV channels? Where are the Arabian pens?

If this happens, oh my brothers and sisters, if this was happening in a country that was not allied or aligned with the United States, allied or aligned with the West, you would have seen the whole world rise (of indignation) without sitting back. I do not even say whether it was in Iran, Syria or I do not know where. In any country that is not aligned with the United States and the West, which is not subject to their will and diktat, which is not part of their project, you would have seen the Council of Security, the UN, the White House, foreign ministers, human rights organizations and the whole world stand up. Not on the 16th day, from the first hour. And the state or government that refuses to negotiate with these prisoners and respond to their demands would have been accused of aggression, cruelty, inhuman treatment, oppression, torture, tyranny, and so on.

But it is Israel, the spoiled child of the United States, the advanced military base of the West in our region… (So) no!… Let Netanyahu do what he wants. Let him take his ease, he has all his time. No problem. Just as he had absolutely all the time in the world for the wars against Gaza. He has all his time once again, whether it be for the question of prisoners or any other; for the question of colonies or any other.

Well, if we’re trying to collect comparable evidence, whether it’s less than a year ago, or since 2003, in Iraq, since 2003, Takafi terrorist organizations have carried out thousands of suicide operations, not to mention the others operations, and they killed Shiites, Sunnis, Arabs, Kurds, Turkmens, they did not spare anyone in the Iraqi people. And daily massacres, to the point that car bombs have become a normal and natural daily occurrence in Iraq. And the world (whole) remains silent. And the world knows who supports them, who finances them, who protects them, and who helps them in the media so far: there are Arab channels which, in this battle of Mosul, are with ISIS. They are not with the Iraqi government or the Iraqi forces. And the whole world says nothing of all these helpers, supporters, assistants, media protectors, funders and facilitators (of ISIS). Why? Because the Iraqi people must be subjugated, humiliated, silenced and integrated into this (American) project.

Well, let’s consider Yemen. A few days ago, the UN Secretary-General read a speech of mourning, saying that while we are talking, 50 Yemeni children are dying. Well, the whole world speaks of millions of people threatened by famine in Yemen. While the whole world knows who is besieging Yemen, who bombards Yemen, who starves Yemen. Does anyone dare open his mouth (about it)? Does anyone dare to talk?

And if I begin to describe things as they are, I am told that I jeopardize tourism in Lebanon. If I say what the whole world knows, that Saudi Arabia and its allies are besieging, starving and killing the Yemeni people every day and every night, I am accused of jeopardizing tourism in Lebanon. A simple word of truth (is worth this accusation). But a world that remains silent in the face of millions of people dying of hunger, what does the death of thousands of people killed and bombed mean to him, and hundreds of thousands injured? How could they matter to them? Although the whole world and the UN recognize this situation. Simply because it is Saudi Arabia, the ally of the United States, the West, who pays fortunes, the hundreds of billions of dollars that it pays to the United States. And Trump is coming now to take from them the money they have left.

But as for the poor Yemeni people, they have no money to pay to the United States, they have no money to pay to Trump, they have no money to pay to the British prime minister or to the French President so that they move and say “Enough, we will end the siege, the war and the aggression against Yemen.”

Well, let’s look at Syria. A few days ago, a massacre was perpetrated against the inhabitants of Fou’a and Kafraya who left their besieged towns in the Al-Rachidin district at the entrance to the city of Aleppo. A bloodthirsty suicide bomber came with a van, and attacked the bus convoy. What was in the convoy? 5,000 civilians, an overwhelming majority of civilians, most of whom were women and children. In short, the attack caused hundreds of martyrs, wounded and disappeared. What did the world do? What did it do?roo

In the agreement, the Syrian State and ourselves have guaranteed the safety of the evacuees (of the terrorist enclaves of) Madaya, Zabadani, Biqqin, Sarghaya, Blodan and Borj Blodan, so that they be conveyed to a safe point beyond the city of Aleppo. Imagine that a person (there are no suicide bombers in our camp), by mistake, took a machine gun and fired (on their convoy), or fired a RPG rocket on a bus and killed a certain number of persons. Who would have spared us (his condemnations)? Who would have spared the Syrian army, Hezbollah and the parties that guaranteed this agreement? The Security Council, the US, Trump and the whole world would have entered in a great anger, and may even have launched an air attack (against Syria).

So look at the existing situation, the actual situation. Of course, I do not bring anything new. I only want to confirm a long-established idea, which is confirmed every day, every day, every day, in the face of the people opposing our point of view, whom we would like to see bring us the least evidence, the least element (which confirms their vision).

But when the Khan Sheikhoun event happened and the regime was accused of using chemical weapons, well, guys, do an investigation, but they do not want to do anything, no investigation. My dear friends, who proved that the regime really used chemical weapons? Yes, he did (so they say). Well, what is the proof? No one has any evidence. Well, are these images that have circulated, are they made up or is it the truth? Nobody knows. Well, send a commission of inquiry, for example, Russia, Iran, other countries of the world… Oh, we’re just asking for a commission of inquiry, but the US does not want a commission of inquiry. They do not accept inquiry! We just want to know the truth, in order to condemn the criminal who used chemical weapons, whoever he may be. But they refuse any commission of inquiry.

On the contrary, from the very first moment, Trump and the American administration, as usual, established themselves as Attorney General, Investigator, Judge and Executioner, and they came to strike at Shu’eirat airport, and considered to have achieved a great feat. And congratulations began to be fired from all sides, from Saudi Arabia, Turkey, some Gulf countries, political forces (who said) “Congratulations, God bless you and reward you, give you a fine end And increase your resources.” Is it not what they told them?

Well, on what basis? For the one who is targeted here (Bashar al-Assad) is not a collaborator, a follower or a submissive, they want to subjugate, humiliate and break him. This is the equation.

Today, if we came to any corner of a country not aligned with the USA, and imagine there was a city completely besieged, with hundreds of men and women standing under the sun, day and night, to protect a pure man, a great scholar in Bahrain, His Eminence Ayatollah Sheikh Issa Qassem, and this for 7 or 8 months, soon a year, in a very severely besieged region. It is a forgotten thing, which does not interest anyone in the world. Because these people are in a subdued, aligned, part of the (American) project, and therefore no pressure will be exerted on the issue. Why would they ask them anything? They will be congratulated instead for the beautiful kohl of their eyes, and will be told “Very well, continue.”

That’s it. It is not necessary that I multiply the examples, I was rather long already, but the conclusion that must be drawn is this: O our brothers, O our sisters, O our people (and we express ourselves with experience, and these examples only confirm the idea, which is ours from the beginning), today if our territory is liberated, if our prisoners in the Israeli jails have returned (there are still files awaitng), if our country is free in the face of Israeli threats, no one has played any role in this, neither the UN Council, the US, the West, the Union of Arab International resolutions or anyone at all.

It is thanks to you alone, the noble people, the Army, the People and the Resistance, the martyrs, the wounded. Today, if Lebanon enjoys freedom, dignity and security, it is thanks to your lofty souls, your wounded bodies, the pure blood of your martyrs, and the blood of your bodies, which was poured on the land of that country and in that region. Only, only, only (thanks to you and no one else).

Do not expect anything from this world, this international community, America and the West, do not expect justice, impartiality, or the recognition of truth. That does not mean we do not ask for it, but we do not expect anything. And in any case, we do not regret that they ignore us, that they do not take the required position and that they exert no pressure (on the oppressors). For basically they are the enemy, so beware of them! The basis of our ills is them. The very people we are asking for positions, declarations and measures are the problem at the first level. As for the others, they are merely instruments, they merely follow, they are merely the pawns of a game of chess which serve the projects of domination of our countries. What do they want, friends? They want to plunder our choices, our resources, our oil, our gas, and now they want to plunder us more. We do not have time to talk about the new American policy: more obvious looting, explicit looting.

It is therefore necessary that we rely on our presence in the squares and fields (of battle), on our strength. What I have always said to you today, all the events and developments that are happening, I repeat to you again: we live in a world of wolves. There is no international law, there is only the law of the jungle. The strong eats the weak. If we are weak, we shall be eaten. If we are stronger, the world will respect us.

When we have a weight on equations and interests… This world seeks interests, it does not seek principles or values. Therefore, our strength is there, our interests are there, and our destiny and our future stop at our strength, our unity, our presence, the endurance of our people, the conscience of our (Islamic) Community.

These are the lessons we must learn from what is happening now. […

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The Terrible TRUTH About the Manchester Attack, the British Government & ‘Salman Abedi’



There is something very, very important to understand about the terrorist attack in Manchester on Monday night.
And it is something that virtually all mainstream media outlets have failed to – or will continue to deliberately avoid – talking about. Because they don’t want their average audiences – and the general public – to have any sense of context, perspective or history.

At this time when people are very emotional, when there are armed soldiers being deployed into public places, and when mainstream radio super-bitches (someone called Katie Hopkins) literally called for “a final solution” to the ‘Muslim problem’, it is hugely important to have a true perspective about what happened in Manchester.

The game right now is to have us all in fixed paradigms and tensions that are binary and emotional. Part of that controlled perspective is to divorce current events from their real context and to divorce cause and effect from each other.

They don’t want you thinking critically or logically – but to instead be stuck in the vicious cycle of anxiety, insecurity, and anger.

There is a mainstream context to all of this: which, basically, centers on the problem of radicalisation and an extreme version of Islam.

And then there’s a different context to all of this – which I will try to comprehensively lay out in this article in a way that makes things very clear.

Concerning that first context – radicalisation and Islam – I am not denying there is a serious problem. For one thing, the government should ban all ‘madrasas’ operating in the UK – there is no justification for their existence. For another, they should ban foreign-funding (particularly from Saudi Arabia) for British mosques or educational facilities.

But that’s only half of the story. I want to present here the other half of the story – the version that’s not going to be appear in any of the newspapers: and it is replete with ironies and with basic truths that mainstream broadcasters and journalists appear unwilling to touch, even after such a horrible thing as what happened at the Manchester arena.

This is the true story of the British government’s role in the attack in Manchester; its role in the current ‘clash of civilisations’ paradigm, and its role in ‘Salman Abedi’ – the 22 year-old fuckwit thought to have carried out the heinous attack.

Because the attack at the Ariana Grande concert wasn’t just related to radical Islam: but also to MI5 and MI6, the British Deep State, and in particular to Britain’s leading role in the overthrowing of the government in Libya (a subject I am particularly well-versed in). It involves the origins of the radical group that ‘Salman Abedi’ is connected with, includes the testimony of a former MI5 agent, and entirely explains why we appear to now live in this age of mass terrorism.

For a much broader explanation of that conspiracy, my book The Libya Conspiracy goes into much more detail. But I’ll focus more squarely here on how it pertains to what happened in Manchester. At the macro level, I wrote in the book that one of the primary reasons for Britain and NATO to ‘intervene’ in Libya was to create a ‘failed state’ that would immediately become an extremist ‘caliphate’ from which the manufactured ‘clash of civilisations’ programme could be expanded and played out across the world.

I wrote that in the book about two years ago. Much earlier, in January that year, I wrote the following paragraphs in an article after the Charlie Hebdo attack – which I want to reproduce here, so that ‘Salman Abedi’ and this entire horror story can be properly understood.

The argument put forward in the excerpts below can then be demonstrably backed up by the rest of this article in regard to Manchester.

I wrote; ‘Extremist/terrorist networks and sleeper cells in the West are almost certainly being kept in place (with or without their own knowledge) by various Western intelligence agencies in order to be utilized whenever they’re needed for these kinds of attacks. These attacks are inevitable; they’re going to be happening periodically for their psychological and social effect on Western populations, as well as for various other reasons beneficial to governments, intelligence agencies and (corporate and military-industrial) foreign policies. This state of affairs has its basis the type of operations NATO intelligence engaged in during the Cold War with similar networks of radicalised militants at their disposal to be used both as foreign mercenaries and domestic agent-provocateurs, which are now commonly known as ‘Operation Gladio’.’

I continued, ‘Iraq, Libya and Syria – three stable, mostly secular Arab nations – have been methodically destabilised and callously turned into terrorist playgrounds and training arenas by NATO, the US and other international conspirators, providing vast arenas and battlegrounds for disaffected young men, wannabe jihadists and ‘holy warriors’ to be trained, further radicalised, desensitized and most importantly to get real-world experience of terrorist activity, guerrilla warfare, mass killing and blood-lust on the streets of Libyan, Iraqi and Syrian cities and towns… and then they come back to their countries, bringing that psychological damage and blood-lust with them.’

I concluded, ‘The frankly apocalyptic situations engineered in Iraq, Libya and Syria are serving to produce enough extremists and would-be terrorists to last for a generation.’

That’s the macro level – and we’ve seen it being played out everywhere from Raqqa, Aleppo, Mosul and Tripoli to Paris, Berlin and now Manchester.

But actually the micro level of smaller details is even more interesting.

It has quickly emerged that the named perpetrator of the Manchester attack – Salman Abedi – was a product of the British/Western-backed programme to overthrow Gaddafi and the Libyan state.

There are ‘unconfirmed reports’ that Abedi’s father, Abu Ismail, was linked to the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group – a Salafist/Wahhabist extremist group that was working for years to overthrow the secular government of Muammar Gaddafi and establish an Islamist ‘caliphate’ in North Africa.

It also being reported that he had in fact gone back to Libya in 2011 to take part in the NATO-backed uprising to overthrow the republic.

It is in fact being reported that Salman Abedi himself ‘had flown in from Libya’ just shortly before carrying out the Manchester attack; this suggests he may have been in ISIS, Al-Qaeda or LIFG training camps that were established in the formerly prosperous country (read more) after Britain and its NATO allies helped overthrow the state.

According to a report by The Telegraph, the area of Manchester in which Abedi lived was also home to a number of dissidents linked to the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG). These were people essentially who fled Libya during the Gaddafi era because the Gaddafi-era government was cracking down on Islamist extremists and jihadist movements.

Some were given refuge in England, where the British intelligence community could work with them for years to plan and eventually execute a foreign-backed coup in Libya.

Salman Abedi’s own father is reported to have escaped Tripoli in 1993 and been given asylum in Britain after Gaddafi’s security authorities had issued an arrest warrant.

Among these ‘exiles’ living in England was someone called Abd al-Baset Azzouz, who reportedly left Manchester to go to Libya and run a 200-300-strong militant network for Osama Bin Laden’s successor, Ayman al-Zawahiri. Azzouz – described as an ‘expert bomb maker’ – ran the Al-Qaeda network in eastern Libya; the same network that was absolutely central to the unrest that destroyed Libya in 2011.

We’ll come back to Salman Abedi shortly; but some background on the LIFG is important.

There had been Salafist extremists in parts of Libya for many years; they had festered for decades in eastern Libya, but were mostly rendered impotent by the Gaddafi government which had zero tolerance for religious fundamentalists or Salafists and their dreams of toppling the secular state. Most of this came from the CIA’s Mujahideen operation in Afghanistan – which had involved some of the key players in the LIFG – who, after successfully ejecting the Soviets from Afghanistan, wanted to use the same tactics to overthrow Gaddafi.

The first thing that should be understood is that the CIA and the British state (and MI6), along with others (including the Saudis) absolutely wanted them to do this too.

Gaddafi’s own complaints in 2011 (“They are going to turn Libya into another Afghanistan, another Iraq” he had warned) weren’t just the ramblings of someone on the defensive – he knew who these people were and had been fighting them for decades. In the opening weeks of the 2011 turmoil, Gaddafi himself repeatedly told Western journalists that Al-Qaeda and other extremist/Salafist groups were behind the uprising.

The key thing to understand is that these Salafist/extremist groups were working in collusion with the British government.

And their existence and operations go back to the early 1990s, at a time when Libya was under international sanctions and the British state – along with the CIA and other agencies – was working with exiled Libyans to establish the means by which to remove Gaddafi and create the ‘caliphate’.

As was highlighted in the book, the entire plan to force a regime change in Libya was concocted in Britain, France and the United States in the first place.

For example, the call for a “Day of Rage” in Libya on the 17th February 2011 (the day the ‘Arab Spring’ came to Libya), which had flooded highly suspect social media and on-line platforms virtually overnight, hadn’t originated anywhere in Libya at all, but from the London-based Libyan opposition leaders of the ‘NCLO’.

But this operation was simply a culmination of many years worth of preparation.

The goal was always – as highlighted in the book – to topple the Gaddafi regime and create an extremist Salafist caliphate, turning Libya into a terrorist haven from which terrorist/jihadist attacks could be launched around the world – including on Europe and the West. To begin with, the fall of Libya allowed for the vast transfer of weapons and jihadists into Syria (overseen by the CIA, Hillary Clinton and the US State Department and involving Turkey) to escalate that conflict.

This was always part of an engineered ‘clash of civilisations’ programme; a programme that was seeded by the CIA in Afghanistan in the 80s and fully brought into play via the 9/11 false-flag and subsequent ‘War on Terror’. After 9/11, the ‘interventions’ in Iraq and Libya were the next key stages of the agenda – to literally *create entire countries* in which terrorists could operate, train and flourish.

As I’ve said before, it is no coincidence that the intervention in Libya came precisely 10 years after 9/11 and occurred in the same year that Osama bin Laden was supposedly killed in Abbotabad. Bin Laden wasn’t needed anymore and wasn’t scary enough anymore – a new phase was about to begin, beginning with the creation of a caliphate in Libya and one in Syria/Iraq and leading quickly to the rise of ‘ISIS’ and this new, scarier ‘clash of civilisations’.

The LIFG’s role in advancing that plan was crucial: and the LIFG was working with the British government.

What is the LIFG?

According to some sources, the group was founded in Afghanistan by Al-Qaeda operative Abu Laith Al Libi, during the CIA-sponsored ‘Mujahideen’ war against the Soviet Union (the same project that birthed ‘Al Qaeda’ and Bin Laden – or the CIA’s ‘database’ as the late British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook referred to it – read ‘Will There Ever Be An Investigation into the Death of Robin Cook?‘).

There’s no doubt that many of the key figures in the ‘opposition’ that went into Libya in 2011 were Western assets (as I demonstrate more comprehensively in the book), including extremist or Al-Qaeda/LIFG figures. Another example of how this worked was Khalifa Haftarnot an extremist or terrorist, but nevertheless a Libyan exile who spent years living right next to CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia, before being air-lifted into Benghazi by the Americans in 2011 and announced as a ‘leader of the rebels’.

The LIFG’s leader is Abdelhakim Belhadj. Belhadj (or ‘Abel Hakim al-Hasidi’) was an Al-Qaeda leader, and moreover a CIA/MI5 collaborator.

Also known as the ‘butcher of Afghanistan’, Belhadj was long known to be a British/CIA intelligence asset and an asset for the Vitol Oil company. In 2011, during the bloody violence, he was sent to take control of Tripoli. Not long after the NATO/Al-Qaeda operation to overthrow the Libyan state, Belhadj (pictured below with Senator McCain and others) became a senior part of ‘ISIS’ in Libya.

In October 2011, just prior to Gaddafi’s murder in Sirte, Belhadj was also part of the NATO-backed Libyan ‘transitional government’ delegation that went to Syria to meet with the Salafist/jihadist groups trying to overthrow the Assad government and to offer training, weapons and support.

Huge parts of Syria – like in Libya – were soon turned into vast, lawless terrorist playgrounds (or ‘caliphates’) too.

The LIFG is in fact a proscribed terrorist group and is listed as such by the British government (and has been since 2005 – six years before the British government and its international allies militarily supported the LIFG in the plot to overthrow Gaddafi).

It is still listed as such now on the government’s website. The PDF, which clearly hasn’t been updated for a long time, states the LIFG’s agenda plainly; ‘The LIFG seeks to replace the current Libyan regime with a hard-line Islamic state. The group is also part of the wider global Islamist extremist movement, as inspired by Al Qa’ida. The group has mounted several operations inside Libya, including a 1996 attempt to assassinate Mu’ammar Qadhafi.’

Nevertheless, the British government – along with its NATO allies – chose to support Belhadj, the LIFG and the rest of the Libyan ‘revolution’ in 2011, not just in propaganda terms, but with full NATO military firepower and air support.

The long-term plan that the LIFG, British intelligence and Al-Qaeda had been preparing was now being put into full operation.

And whenever anyone raises the phony counter-argument that ‘maybe we didn’t know who we were helping’, I remind people that British operatives were also there on the ground in Libya (as I illustrated in the book) and would’ve therefore been clear about who they were working with. Even The Daily Mailconfirmed at the time: ‘MI6 operatives backed by the SAS are to land in the east around the key rebel stronghold of Benghazi ‘within days’,’ the newspaper reported. ‘In addition, 600 soldiers of the Black Watch are on 24-hour standby…’

But, in case you have any doubts about this, let’s go back further.

In fact, the British government’s collusion with the LIFG, Al-Qaeda and extreme Islamists in Libya goes back much further than the 2011 conspiracy.

As far back as the mid 90s, a former MI5 agent, David Shayler, testified that British intelligence were employing the services of an Al-Qaeda cell inside Libya, paying them a large fee to assassinate Gaddafi (at least one assassination attempt was carried out at that time). Shayler revealed that while he was working on the Libya desk in the mid 90s, British Secret Service personnel were collaborating with the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), which was connected to one of Osama bin Laden’s trusted lieutenants.

As far back as 2002, The Guardian was reporting that British intelligence paid large sums of money to an Al-Qaeda sleeper-cell in Libya in an ongoing programme to assassinate Gadaffi in 1996 (the article also portrays how MI6 thwarted early Libyan attempts to bring Osama bin Laden to justice).

This revelation centered on the disclosures of Shayler. Shayler was famously sent to prison for his disclosures.

During his closing speech in court, he affirmed that he had been gagged from talking about “a crime so heinous” that he felt he’d had no choice but to go to the press. During Shayler’s trial, the then Home Secretary David Blunkett and the Foriegn Secretary Jack Straw had signed Public Interest Immunity documents that banned journalists from being able to report on the plot against Gaddafi or on MI6’s involvement with the LIFG and Al-Qaeda.

According to Shayler, MI6 passed £100,000 to the plotters. In 1998 Libya released TV footage of the grenade attack on Gaddafi, which they insisted had been carried out by a British agent.

What all of this also confirmed was that Gaddafi had been *the* first international leader to issue an arrest warrant for Osama bin Laden – Britain, the US and others refused to do until many years later.

At any rate, with Gaddafi dead and Libya in total collapse, the British government (with France and the US) and its allies had accomplished their goal. The Salafist/Islamist ‘caliphate’ could now spread across multiple Libyan towns and cities – and a global ‘War on Terror’ that had been running out of steam ten years after 9/11 could now be revitalised and escalated to levels beyond Osama bin Laden’s wildest dreams.

The point I’m trying to put across here, at any rate, is that the ‘LIFG’ and the other extremist/Salafist factions in Libya were always allied to the British government.

*As soon as you acknowledge that fact*, the entire context of ‘Salman Abedi’ and the attack in Manchester becomes very different to the simple idea of the ‘lone wolf’ terrorist or the oft-repeated question of ‘what do we do about radicalisation?’

Given Salman Abedi’s family background and connections to the LIFG, the question inevitably emerges of whether he was *working* for British intelligence elements or whether someone in British intelligence was fully aware of what he was going to do (what I have referred to elsewhere as ‘state-enabled terrorism’).

Media outlets seemed to know very quickly that he had just returned from Libya. Authorities therefore must’ve known he had been to Libya too. It is already being reported in the press that this guy was ‘on the radar’ of the intelligence services (aren’t they always?).

Several of Abedi’s (Muslim) friends are reported to have contacted the National Anti-Terrorism Hotline on multiple occasions and warned about the 22 year- old’s behaviour.

The Mirrorreports that ‘A member of Manchester’s Libyan community, who did not want to be named, said the Abedi family, who are Salafists, returned to Tripoli in 2011, after the fall of Gaddafi. Asked if Abedi could have had terror training, he said: “I wouldn’t be surprised. A lot of people who went there after the revolution got trained for the militia by the people now controlling Libya”…’

The Guardian also reports that Libyans in the UK had ‘warned about Manchester radicalisation for years’.

According to NBC News, members of Salman Abedi’s family had warned British security officials about him in the past, saying that he was “dangerous”.

It has come out also that Abedi had been expelled from his local mosque for extremist views that he had expressed.

Salman Abedi is reported to have also had a friendship with Raphael Hostey, a known ‘ISIS’ recruiter (also known as Abu Qaqa al-Britani) who reportedly went to Syria to engage in the Western-backed Salafist/Wahhabist war against the secular Syrian state (the same Salafist war that was waged in Libya – Syria and Libya were the same war, involving the same groups and players and the same international sponsors). This Hostey or ‘al-Britani’ was killed in a UK drone strike in Syria last year; but one wonders how many of these figures were or are actually British intelligence assets.

It doesn’t take much fact-checking to make the possibility viable. A number of previous extremist figures have been revealed to have been attached to the intelligence community.

According to Sky News (in 2005), the mastermind behind the 7/7 London Bombings in 2005 was Haroon Rashid Aswat. Which is significant.

Because according to former Justice Department prosecutor and terror expert, John Loftus, at the time of the 7/7 London bombings Haroon Rashid Aswat was “working for British Intelligence”. Suggestions persist too that the alleged leader of the 7/7 bombers, Mohammad Sidique Khan, was an MI5 contact. According to a government report published in May 2009, in fact, at least two of the bombers had a prior relationship with MI5. French Interior Minister at the time of the bombings (and future Libyan War Criminal Nicolas Sarkozy), told the press that at least two of the bombers had been arrested and released by the UK authorities in 2002. An embarrassed Charles Clarke, then British Home Secretary, simply responded that he was not “personally aware” of the arrests.

Haroon Rashid Aswat, an Indian-born man living in Dewsbury, was known about as far back as 1999, when Seattle prosecutors wanted to prosecute him for terrorist activity, but were ordered by the US Justice Department to leave him alone because he “was working for British Intelligence”.

We might also note that the alleged Westminster attack in March took place right next to MI6 Headquarters and involved a perpetrator who was known to MI5 (and bore all the hallmarks of an intelligence asset – for one thing, his multiple aliases).

All of that being taken into account, ‘Salman Abedi’ could’ve easily been either (a) a direct British intelligence operative, (b) a former British intelligence asset who ‘went rogue’ or went ‘full ISIS’.

Whichever answer is most likely, it doesn’t really even matter. Because, either way, he was likely just as much a product of British intelligence and foreign policy as he was a product of radical Islam: which immediately raises the possibility that Manchester was another ‘state-enabled’ act of terrorism.

And radical Islam itself (Salafist/Wahhabist groups) have been nurtured and utilised by the British intelligence community. They’ve been used both for foreign nation-destroying and for domestic terrorism. It’s precisely the same way that the FBI has been exposed on multiple occasions for building up ‘terrorists’ to carry out attacks in America.

If the British government hosted a known community of ‘Salafist’/extremist members of the LIFG in Manchester for the purposes of waging terrorism against the Libyan state, it’s not much of a stretch beyond that to think they might’ve also allowed elements of the same group to conduct terrorism in Britain.

It could even be that Salman Abedi himself was just a straight-up extremist/terrorist – but it looks like his father and possibly other family members might’ve been working with the British intelligence community anyway. Either way, their extremism/Salafism was certainly encouraged by elements of the British state – at the very least, for the purposes of the Libyan operation, if nothing else.

The British state’s hosting of Libyan operatives also goes beyond the 2011 conspiracy, even after it was abundantly clear (even to stupid people) that the NATO/Salafist regime-change operation in Libya had resulted in utter catastrophe and failure and had led to the creation of a vast terrorist/jihadist playground.

In March 2013, for example, Sadiq Ghariani, a ‘Grand Mufti’, had issued a ‘fatwa’ against the UN Report on Violence Against Women and Girls, condemning it. This was no longer the secular Gaddafi era of women’s rights and equality. Later in 2013, Libyan lawyer Hamida Al-Hadi Al-Asfar, advocate for women’s rights, was abducted, tortured and killed – targeted for criticising the Grand Mufti’s declaration. No arrests were made. It turned out that Ghariani had in fact been using the UK as his base.

Based in Britain, the cleric had been encouraging and propagandising for violent extremism, including the Islamic State, to consolidate their control of post-Gaddafi Libya.

‘ISIS’ – which joined Al-Qaeda, the LIFG and other extremist factions in Libya (read more) after the collapse of the post-Gaddafi state – has been known for some time to train young jihadists to carry out attacks overseas. For example, the Tunisian, Seifeddine Rezgui, who murdered 38 tourists (30 of them British) at a Tunisian beach resort, was trained by ‘ISIS’ in Libya.

But of course there BE NO ‘ISIS’ in Libya to train such brainwashed fuckwits had the British government (along with the others) not unleashed the full military might of NATO against that country’s secular government in 2011 for the sake of the jihadist ‘caliphate’.

And of course there would’ve BEEN NO ‘uprising’ in Libya in the first place had the British government not been working with, funding and nurturing the ‘Libyan Islamic Fighting Group’ and Al- Qaeda for years – the very same Salafist/extremists that Manchester attacker ‘Salman Abedi’ came from.

That’s where we are. It wasn’t just avoidable – it was actively sought after.

And why are journalists and broadcasters unwilling to talk about any of that? Even the ones who’ve reported Salman Abedi’s LIFG connections and the role of the LIFG in Libya have only mentioned it in passing; as if it is a minor, trivial detail that warrants no great exploration. None of them mentioned the long history of the British government harboring LIFG members for the sake of controlled terrorism.

This isn’t just journalistic negligence: some of it probably is just journalists and broadcasters who are genuinely clueless, but mostly it is a measured policy.

I suggested why, in a recent post on the ongoing ‘psy-opera’ of state-enabled terrorism; ‘It is, in part, designed to divorce the attacks from any association with, for example, the Iraq War or the collapse of Libya. It is meant to create the impression that all of this occurs in a vacuum, where these great sentinels of liberty and civilisation – like London, Berlin or Paris – are being attacked for their inherent goodness or their modern sensibilities… ‘They’ attack ‘us’ because we’re so good and noble and they’re so barbaric: and that is all. Again – forget all the complex webs of cause and effect or the history, don’t think or analyse, just stick to the symbols, catchphrases and emotions, and submit to the divide-and-conquer game…’

Nothing in this article is intended to excuse the 22 year-old extremist fuckwit Salman Abedi or anyone connected with his activities or to somehow lessen the gravity of the crime (anyone who would do what he did is evil).

It is simply intended to provide a larger perspective and context than the one being played out in mainstream commentary. This situation is much larger, much more sinister, than a radicalised 22 year-old.  

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