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Mossad agent who infiltrated Daesh arrested in Libya


Image of Ephraim Benjamin, a Mossad agent [masralarabia]

Libyan security forces have arrested a Mossad agent who held a leading position in Daesh in the north-eastern Libyan city of Benghazi, the Israeli website Inian Merkazi reported.

The Hebrew website whose name translates to “Central Issues”, added that Ephraim Benjamin is a Jewish spy and that he mingled with Libyans following the 2011 revolution that resulted in the ouster of Leader Moammer Ghaddafi.

Masr Alarabia website described him as one of Mossad’s “Arabists” who are characterised by Arab features and who speak Arabic fluently in local dialects.

Nazi Mossad Arabists are known for infiltrating Palestinian protests and arresting demonstrators, as well as assassinating anti-occupation Palestinian activists, according to Masr Alarabia.

Nazi spy Benjamin had reportedly become a prominent imam of a large mosque in Benghazi, Libya’s second largest city, then he became a Daesh leader who commanded 200 fighters from the militant group.

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The spy, who was known in Libya as Abu Hafs, was arrested two months ago and accused by the Libyan authorities of gathering intelligence information on Daesh for Mossad.

The Zionist website cited the incident as evidence used by Arab media to justify the common conspiratorial argument propagated in some Arab circles about the Jewish Nazi regime being behind the rise of Daesh in the region.

Libyan media outlets describe Benjamin as the “Mossad sheikh” who was arrested by local authorities.

Daesh began to operate in Libya in 2015. Many believe that the video posted by the group on 12 February of the same year from the city of Sirte, featuring the beheading of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians, as the official announcement of the militant group’s emergence in the north African country even if militant operations were believed to have been committed by Daesh prior to that date.

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US ambassador not taking Nazi occupation of Palestinian lands for fact


Image result for David Friedman CARTOON

United States Ambassador to the Nazi Jewish regime Zioniost David Friedman has used the word “alleged” to refer to the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories.

Friedman referred to the situation in the Palestinian lands as “alleged occupation” in an interview with Zionist daily The Jerusalem Post, which was published on Friday. It was his first major interview with Zionist media.

Nazi Jewish occupied the West Bank and East Jerusalem al-Quds during the Six Day War in 1967. It later annexed East Jerusalem al-Quds in a move not recognized by the international community. In November 1967, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) adopted Resolution 242, under which Nazi is required to withdraw from all territories seized in the war.

US politicians, as high in ranking as President Donald Trump himself, have in the past exhibited a loose relationship with facts. But it is unlikely that Friedman used the phrase in the Friday interview unwittingly. He is a hawkish politician known for his hard-line stance against Palestinians. His remark did contradict both US foreign policy and international opinion on the issue, however.

According to The Guardian, a Palestinian official, whom the British paper did not name, demanded clarification from the US regarding Friedman’s comment.

“Our understanding is that when someone has an official position, like being an ambassador, this person does no longer speak in a personal capacity. Mr. Friedman should realize that denying facts doesn’t mean that they don’t exist,” the Palestinian official said.

The official said the US envoy “has an extensive record of attacks against the national rights of the Palestinian people, including funding illegal colonial-settlements and participating in celebrations of the Israeli occupation.”

Palestinian officials say they want the decades-long conflict with the Nazi regime resolved based on the so-called two-state solution along the pre-1967 boundaries. However, Nazi regime seeks to maintain its grip on the Palestinian lands and has been building settlements deep within territory.

Before taking up his post as the US ambassador to the Nazi Jewish regime, Friedman had voiced opposition to the two-state solution, which envisages the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.

He is also a vociferous advocate of Jewish Nazi illegal settlements built on occupied Palestinian lands, another issue opposed by the international community and the UNSC.

Zionist Friedman is the president of American Friends of Beit El Institutions, which raises millions of dollars each year for the Jewish Nazi Beit El settlement in the West Bank.

The administration of US President Donald Trump has been by and large vague about its stance on the potential establishment of a Palestinian state.

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