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New Revelations in Syrian War


by James O’Neill,… with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

Editor’s Note: We are now arriving at the later stages of the exposure of so-called free and democratic nations for their involvement in supporting state-sponsored terror as part of their foreign policy tool kit, and keeping parts of their military and defense contractors well-oiled.

They have literally tattooed themselves with their crimes, meaning their open violation of a number of international laws and conventions that are simply ignored and not enforced, while they seek to punish “rogue groups” for doing such.

But there has been a second and third layer to this ongoing crime, the culpability of mass media in not reporting it, but even worse…attacking those who do report it. And then there is the mass institutional failure, where everyone from all the various veterans, legal and security trade and professional groups, who have obviously been aware of the ongoing process has “stood down” throughout it all.

These groups are routinely honored for their service to their respective countries. When they have their respective elections for leadership, I am not aware of a single case where new aspiring leadership runs for office on the issue that their organizations are becoming “fake” ones, in which they routinely violate the oaths they have taken to defend their country by looking the other way on their own state-sponsored terrorism.

On the contrary, their failure is so abysmal, and on such a huge scale, that one could easily make the case they are aiding and abetting the active perpetrators by remaining silent, not wanting to “rock the boat”, or “discredit their organizations”, when that is exactly what they are doing.

The ICC’s chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda, has only now begun to pursue Western nations for crimes against humanity

At VT we had always assumed that continued revelations would build up pressure to the point where something would have to be done to turn the tide. We no longer think it, because articles exposing the scale of “Fake government” are routinely published, but the routine response from any authority is to shoot the messenger.

I would not even hesitate to pose the question is this hollowing out of nation after nation’s institutions turning them into fake Potemkin villages; can these countries honestly continue to describe themselves as civilizations any more, and does anyone care? Frankly, we are getting pessimistic… Jim W. Dean

We know exactly who the countries were that supported the terrorist groups who conducted the mass executions of Syrian soldiers, yet nothing has been done to them

First published  …  November 11, 2017

The recent revelations by Edward Snowden the former national security agency whistle-blower about the role of Saudi Arabia in the ongoing war in Syria has raised fresh questions about role of Saudi Arabia and others in arming the various terrorist factions in Syria.

How long do our institutions pretend they do not know what is going on?

According to the documents released by Snowden the Saudis were arming their terrorist proxies in Syria is early as March 2013. The documents also disclose that the National Security Agency of United States was fully aware of the actions of the Saudis and the terrorist proxies, and raised no objections because the United States and Saudi Arabia had a common goal of regime change in Syria.

Saudi Arabia and other supporters of the terrorist proxies have continued to provide vast financial and military aid to the terrorist groups. This information needs to be put alongside other recent revelations about the supply of armaments to the terrorist groups.

A series of investigative reports by the Bulgarian Investigating Reporting Network (BIRN) has disclosed a whole network of illicit arms shipments to the Syrian terrorists by United States and its allies. This has continued notwithstanding that President Trump ordered the cessation of the arms supplies in July 2017. For example the Croatian island of Krk has been used as recently as September 2017 for United States arms shipments to the Middle East.

The upsurge in the supply of arms by alternative routes such as from Croatia and Azerbaijan follows the concern of the German government that the Americans had been using their German military bases for the purposes of supplying arms to the terrorists.

The German concern appears to have been founded on two fundamental bases. The first of these is that Germany is bound by the 2008 Common Position on arms exports that form part of European Union law. Member States of European Union are required to take into account eight separate criteria before approving shipments of arms from their territory to 3rd parties. Those criteria include whether or not the recipient country respect human rights and also the preservation of regional peace, security and stability.

It could not be said that the shipment of arms to Syria and in particular the supply of those arms to sundry terrorist groups that are supportive of US geopolitical goals meets the requirement of respecting human rights, much less contributing to regional peace, security and stability.

The hypocrisy, which is inherent in the European Union’s stance, may be seen from the fact that the European Union’s arms embargo on Syria was lifted in May 2013. The embargo was lifted because of pressure from France and the United Kingdom to allow arms supplies from their countries to reach the Syrian opposition groups.

The second factor, which is of relevance in this context, is the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty of 2014, which came into force on 24 December 2014. Article 6 of the Arms Trade Treaty prohibits the supply of arms by a country where they were aware or should normally have been aware that those arms would be used in attacks against civilians or in the commission of war crimes.

Despite surrendered Syrian soldiers from Tabqua Air Force Base being marched into desert and executed, US still helped SDF Kurds take base away from the Syrian government

Article 11 of the treaty covers the situation where arms are sent to one location and diverted to a third party. Member countries to the treaty are required to take steps to prevent this from happening. This is clearly not being done.

Among the countries that have ratified the Arms Trade Treaty are Australia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, and the United Kingdom. All these countries have been complicit in the supply of arms and ammunition to, among others, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

This is especially problematic because the United States, Saudi Arabia and Israel are not parties to the treaty. All three countries have been significant suppliers of arguments to terrorist groups operating in Syria and elsewhere. The latest revelations from Mr. Snowden confirm what had been widely known or suspected for a considerable period of time.

The Saudi backed terrorist group Jaysh Al-Islam has carried out summary executions of civilians, deployed chemical weapons for attacks upon civilians and has also used civilians as human shields. Again this is well documented but has not stopped the United States and Saudi Arabia from supplying arms to this and similar groups.

The fact is that these arms shipments are continuing notwithstanding President Trump‘s order of July 2017 The supply of such armaments under the code name of Operation Sycamore raises serious questions about the extent to which Trump is actually in control of his military and the CIA.

The principal organisers of this arm trade appear to be both the CIA and the Special Operations Command. Both groups are known to operate independently of effective control. Prior to the latest revelations by the BIRN there had been earlier reports by the same organisations of the use of Silk Airways, a company based in Azerbaijan, for distributing arms to terrorist groups using this civilian airline. This is also contrary to international aviation agreements, which prohibit the use of civilian airlines for the shipment of military equipment.

Australia, which is a signatory to the Arms Trade Treaty, appears to be untroubled by the destination of its arms exports, or the uses to which those arms might be put. In July of this year the defence industry Minister Christopher Pyne expressed his desire that Australia should become a much greater exporter of armaments.

He was quoted as saying that the exports would be used to cement relationships with countries in volatile regions such as the Middle East. He also said that such exports could be used to bolster military ties with key States such as the United Arab Emirates with whom Australia shared an interest in both the fight against Islamic State and “balancing Iran’s growing power in the region.“

Mr Pyne’s statement would seem to fall foul of both article 6 and article 11 of the Arms Trade Treaty in that he knows or ought to know that the end user of those arms exports are terrorist groups. Far from fighting Islamic State the United Arab Emirates has long been named as one of its principal supporters.

It is also difficult to understand why Mr Pyne should wish to “balance Iran’s growing power in the region” when it is obvious that Iran’s intervention in both Iraq and Syria, at the invitation of the legitimate sovereign governments of both of those countries, has been a major factor in the increasingly successful battle against IS and similar terrorist groups. The groups whose Mr Pyne’s allies are arming not only sought to undermine the governments of those two countries, but have also been the source of untold death, destruction, and human misery.

The revelations of the documents released by Mr Snowden and the various reports relating to the illegal shipment of arms to terrorist groups have been given little or no coverage in the Australian mainstream media. This reflects a general reluctance by the mainstream media to accurately describe what is happening in Iraq and Syria, and in particular the role played by the various terrorist groups and the support they receive by countries allied to Australia, in particular Saudi Arabia and the United States.

The unequal media treatment accorded to the various parties in Syria can be illustrated by the differential analysis applied to the liberation of Aleppo and Raqqa. In the former case the terrorists were removed from Aleppo by the combined operations of the Syrian Army and their Russian, Iranian, and Hezbollah allies. Civilian casualties were invariably described in terms of a wanton disregard as to human life by the Syrian and Russian forces.

The battle against Isis forces in Raqqa was largely conducted by the US and it’s so-called “coalition“ allies including Australia, as was the earlier and very similar destructive operation in Mosul. Raqqa has been almost totally destroyed. Accurate comparisons have been drawn with the fate of both Dresden and Berlin at the conclusion of World War II. The death toll for civilians has been in the thousands. Accurate numbers cannot be ascertained until the rubble has been cleared. The scale of the destruction and the death toll has barely been reported in the mainstream media.

The most likely explanation for this is that to tell the truth about the pattern of arms supplies to terrorists, and the illegal intervention by the US and it’s “coalition“ allies in Syria, such as Australia, falls outside the preferred narrative which is to constantly demonise Syria, Russia and Iran irrespective of the actual evidence.

In Australia’s case, because unlike the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia, it is a signatory to the United Nations Arms Treaty it therefore has an additional responsibility in respect of the uses to which arms supplied to the terrorists are put. That would require into alia, criticism of United States. The history of the last 70 years shows that adopting an independent and principled stand on such matters is more than can reasonably be expected of successive Australian government.

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ISIS’ Self-Proclaimed “Caliphate” Is Witnessing Its Last Days In Syria And Iraq


…from SouthFront

The self-proclaimed caliphate of ISIS has suffered a double blow in Syria and Iraq. While US-backed forces were democratically negotiating with ISIS-linked Arab tribes in the Omar oil fields and nearby areas, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) Tiger Forces and the Republican Guard supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces undemocratically crushed the ISIS defense inside Deir Ezzor city. On November 3, Syrian forces liberated Deir Ezzor after they had retaken all neighborhoods which were controlled by ISIS terrorists in the northern part of the city. On November 4, the SAA secured Kati’ Island north of Deir Ezzor and secured the recent gains.

The SAA lifted the three-years long ISIS siege from Deir Ezzor city on September 5 and from Deir Ezzor Airport on September 10. Government troops needed less than a month to liberate the entire area.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi Army and the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) often referred by the mainstream media as “Iranian proxies” broke the ISIS defense in the al-Qaim countryside. Iraqi forces liberated the town on November 3.

Thus, al-Bukamal remained the only major town controlled by ISIS on the highway between Deir Ezzor and Baghdad. As soon as the Syrian part of highway is liberated by the SAA and its allies, Iraq and Syria will establish a constant major supply line between two countries. Thus, the last gap in a land route linking Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon will be filled.

Furthermore, a Russian-made T-90 battle tank and a Shilka vehicle equipped with the Syrian-made Sarab-1 active protection were spotted near al-Qaim inside Iraq. The both equipment pieces were operated under the flag of Kata’ib Hezbollah. Kata’ib Hezbollah is an Iranian-backed Iraqi Shia militia. It’s a part of the PMU and operates in both Syria and Iraq. In Syria, the group actively supports military operations of the Damascus government.

This is a clear evidence that Damascus, Baghdad, Tehran and Moscow coordinate their efforts against ISIS in the Syrian-Iraqi border area.

On November 1, November 2, November 3 and November 4, Russian Tu-22M3 strategic bombers conducted massive strikes on ISIS weapons depots, fortified positions and command posts near al-Bukamal. Russia’s attack submarine Kolpino also launched six Kalibr cruise missiles on ISIS positions in the area on November 3.

These strikes took place amid the ongoing Syrian advance on al-Bukamal. The SAA and Hezbollah are advancing on the town from the T2 pumping station direction and the Tiger Forces are advancing from the direction of al-Mayadin. According to local sources, ISIS members are in disarray in the town. So, it will not take many time from Syrian forces to liberate it.

As soon as al-Bukamal and Rawah, the ISIS-held Iraqi town on the eastern bank of Euphrates, are liberated, ISIS’ Caliphate will be officially defeated in Syria and Iraq. ISIS will become a common terrorist group without a unified control over territory and governing bodies.

According to local sources, right now a large number of ISIS members, especially foreigners, are fleeing Syria and Iraq. The former ISIS members will soon appear in their countries of origin across Europe, North Africa, Asia and Middle East. The ISIS leadership may also make attempt to use some African or Asian countries, like Libya, Egypt, Somalia, Malaysia, Philippines, Afghanistan and others, to establish new rear bases and training camps. However, without an independent source of revenue, like illegal oil trading, this effort will be unsuccessful without an additional support of some powers interested in spreading instability in the particular regions.

ISIS, in form of a terrorist state, is witnessing its last days. However, this does not mean that Syria and Iraq will face calm soon. There are still lots of ISIS sleeper cells and former ISIS supporters in these countries, a Syrian al-Qaeda branch (now known as Hayat Tahrir al-Sham) controls Idlib, and the Kurdish-Arab tensions are smoldering in northern Syria and Iraq. These issues cannot be ignored and will become an important part of the post-ISIS standoff in the region.

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Remember Osama bin Laden? ‘VIDEO’


Image result for bin Laden CARTOON


Remember Osama bin Laden?

The reason we went to war

He’s long gone from Afghanistan – and the planet for that matter – and 15+ years later we’re still there.

“But he confessed! He said he did it”


A German news media outlet hired an Arabic translator to translate the magic confession video.

It turns out he said no such thing.

So that means not only did he not confess on that tape, but the CIA lied about what was on it and the US news media which surely has enough money to hire their own Arabic translator – or 100 of them – let it slide.

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Croatia Is Starting Preparations To Join Eurozone


The EU’s newest member state is starting for a new objective – membership, first in Schengen, and then in the euro area. The Croatian government expects preparations for Schengen to be completed in 2019 and for the euro area it will take more time. To Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic this is an expression of pro-Europeanism, thus, he says, euro area membership is pro-Croatian. Joining the cores of European integration has been a major priority for Mr Plenkovic’s government ever since his party, Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), won the elections last year on a pro-European programme. Despite the political jolts and change of the coalition partner in motion, the first step in the preparation to introduce the euro has been made last week when a strategy for euro area accession was presented.

Judging by the overall organisation, it was evident that a lot of work was invested in the event. The strategy was presented in both Croatian and English language, several informative animation video clips have been presented explaining the pros of the single currency, a special webpage [in Croatian] has been created on the Croatian National Bank’s website (HNB), dedicated on the common currency. The presentation of the strategy, during a several-hour long conference, marked the launch of a public debate of the pros and cons of introducing the euro. For now, leaders are refraining from committing to a specific accession date, but in Prime Minster Plenkovic’s and central bank President Boris Vujcic’s words, it is realistic to expect that Croatia can join the exchange-rate mechanism (ERMII) by the time of Croatia’s EU Council Presidency (2020). This suggests that it is possible Croatia to become part of the currency club in 2022 or 2023.

The next national objective

Since its EU accession on 1 July 2013, Croatia has been in a condition of post-accession stress – without clear horizon and entirely consumed by domestic political issues. According to local analysts and politicians, the introduction of the common European currency is that so necessary third national target (after independence and EU and NATO accession) which can unite society in making the next step of its transformation. PM Andrej Plenkovic believes that the most important benefit from introducing the euro is that it will bring global political and economic credibility. “The common European currency is a key element of the project for European integration, especially when it comes to strengthening the single market, most of all because of the easier economic exchange with 19 member states and 340 million Europeans who use the euro“, he said.

Beyond the very geopolitical statement, which undoubtedly is very important both for the EU and Croatia, the country has very objective reasons to want to join the euro as soon as possible. Croatia is currently the only one of the smallest and open economies of the EU which has not yet introduced the euro. Moreover, the country is very highly integrated in the European economy – 60% of Croatia’s trade is with the euro area countries and 70% of the revenues from tourism come from the eurozone. A large part of the banking system is owned by banks in the euro area. Croatia is also the most euroised economy of all non-euro area members – more than 90% of foreign currency debt is in euro. The share of deposits in foreign currency is 83%.

This is the reason why HNB’s manoeuvre space is very small, governor Boris Vujcic explained. For the past years, the bank’s main task has been to maintain the kuna’s exchange rate stable in order to keep indebtedness under control and to not harm exports. Joining the euro area will completely eliminate the currency risk, said Mr Vujcic. He also gave the following example in support of his arguments. If an investor wants to invest 100 million euro in Croatia and the kuna exchange rate lost 10% to the euro he will lose 10% or 10 million euros. When this risk disappears investments will increase, as they have not yet reached their pre-recession levels. Boris Vujcic said Croatia has nothing to lose by transferring its monetary sovereignty over to the ECB because even now its monetary policy is significantly constrained.


At the moment, Croatia fulfils almost all accession criteria, except the one that covers the level of public debt – it should not exceed 60% of GDP. In the second quarter of this year, the debt-to-GDP-ratio was 81.9%, according to the latest Eurostat data. The ambition of the government is to reduce it to 72% of GDP by 2020. In the national reforms programme is set the target of 65% of GDP by 2022. Finance Minister Zdravko Maric is not worried about this because, he said, what is important is the trend. “Most countries in the EU and the euro area have debt levels over 60%“, he said and recalled that there is another rule which states that a clear trend for debt reduction is sufficient.

According to this rule, the difference between the current public debt level and the 60% ceiling should not exceed 1/20. What he means is the public debt rule of the Stability and Growth Pact, according to which when the 60% level is exceeded an excessive public debt procedure is launched. However, this has never happened for any member state so far and many were those who exceeded the barrier after the euro area debt crisis broke. The 1/20 step tor educe debt is applied precisely in such a procedure.

This means that Croatia has to reduce its public debt by 1.3 percentage points annually, which is plausible because last year it made a two times faster reduction, the finance minister said. Favourable economic conditions create a very good environment for debt reduction. The country exited last year a very painful recession which lasted more than 6 years, and this year it exited the excessive budget deficit procedure. Economic growth is expected to be 3.1% this year and 2.8% next year, according to the International Monetary Fund’s projections. Minister Maric acknowledged that, at the moment, the moods in the eurozone are for deepening of integration rather than enlargement.

IMF welcomed Croatia’s plan to introduce the euro but warned that, in order to achieve maximum success, it needs to accelerate implementation of structural reforms – something which has proved to be a mission impossible for years. IMF also recommends quick reduction of public debt in order to create fiscal space in support of growth in case of a new downturn. Among the recommended reforms is to improve competitiveness, reduce administrative burden for businesses, increase flexibility of the labour market, improve efficiency of the public sector, enhance property rights and judicial procedures.

At the presentation of the strategy it became clear that the government knows what to do but it has been a year at the helm and is not yet capable of undertaking some serious reforms. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy Martina Dalic underscored several times the need to implement reforms, especially aimed at increasing productivity. She pointed out that public consensus was necessary for those reforms.

Pros from introducing the euro

HNB and the government agree that benefits from joining the eurozone significantly outwiegh costs. To change banknotes and coins Croatia is expected to spend 0.5% of its gross domestic product, which the minister of finance admitted is a lot but said this is a one-off. Apart from that, Croatia has to pay the remainder of its capital in the ECB – 62.8 million euros, a contribution to the ECB protection layers – around 300 million, transfer part of its reserves – cca 350 million euro. Croatia will also participate in the capital of the permanent rescue fund (ESM) – 425 million in the first 5 years or 85 million annually. At the same time, Croatia will have full access to the financial instruments of the euro area should it be in need.

When there is no such need, the benefits are much lower costs of banks to access financial resources, reduction of interest rates to levels close to euro area core which will increase the competitiveness of the Croatian economy. It is also expected the costs for interbanking transfers to be significantly reduced. Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic pointed to another big pro from introducing the euro – wage increase. In the past 12 years, the average gross wages in the Central European countries which introduced the euro increased much faster than in Croatia – by 37% in Slovenia, 60% in Slovakia, 88% in Lithuania and Estonia, 136% in Latvia and in Croatia wage growth was just 29%.

Citizens’ biggest concern from introducing the euro is price growth. According to analyses, even now can be observed the phenomenon of European prices but Croatian wages. Boris Vujcic quoted statistical data from previous euro area enlargements, which say that inflation rose between 0.2% and 0.3% as a result of euro introduction. Economic analysts warned, however, that such data should be approached with care because in past cases inflation was due to other factors, such as oil prices and not to euro introduction.

The government and the central bank promised that they will make sure speculations and rounding-offs of prices be avoided by introducing a requirement 6 months before euro area accession all prices to be shown in kunas and euros simultaneously. The premier recalled that in the period 2004-2016 euro area prices increased by 23% and in Croatia by 31%.

The government and HNB will launch a massive information campaign in the coming weeks. The premier rejected the possibility of a referendum on euro area accession. In his introductory statement at the beginning of the conference last week, he said that Croatia had already said “yes” to euro area accession by signing its EU membership treaty, validated at a referendum. Asked specifically by euinside, he said there was no need of a separate referendum. Plenkovic, however, refused to speculate on the possibilities a certain group to decide collecting signatures for a referendum, which has become a practise in recent years in Croatia when it comes to sensitive issues.

I think the euro is an opportunity which Croatia has to grasp and which we have to prepare well for, and which is to confirm the responsible economic policy of the government and to give Croatia a chance for further development and stability of the economy“, Mr Plenkovic added. The reactions that ensued after the presentation of the strategy were weak. The prevailing comments are that the government is trying with this strategy to create smoke and mirrors to distract public attention from the biggest scandal in the country at the moment – the crisis in the Agrokor concern. It is a fact, however,that Croatia’s euro area accession was a major priority of the government long before it emerged that Agrokor is in trouble.

The prime minster mentioned the concern in the context of the decision to start eurozone preparations by saying that the situation is under control and will not have an impact on the country’s economic perspectives. IMF shares that opinion, saying that the adopted law on systemically important companies was a good solution of the Agrokor crisis but recommended the government to identify and resolve the rest of the problems which could impact corporate governance, like accounting and auditing standards, insolvency resolution and lenders’ rights. The Fund also calls for progress in resolving the Agrokor crisis in a transparent way.

As if to prove its determination to introduce the euro, Croatia will join the fiscal compact too – an intergovernment agreement which imposes stricter fiscal discipline on the member states. Boris Vujcic explained that it was decided Croatia not to join the banking union before introducing the euro because this would cost more than the benefits. In the coming weeks, HNB will organise a series of round tables inviting experts from the new euro area members in order to learn from their experience.

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Dubious Osama bin Laden Documents: A Pretext for a War on Iran


The CIA has given the Long War Journal exclusive access to the supposed Osama bin Laden files taken from his “compound” in Pakistan.

The Long War Journal is a project of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) where its editors are senior fellows. The foundation is a refuge for neocons and a staunch supporters of Israel and its policies. It is also a vocal advocate of confronting Iran.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise the CIA “shared” a carefully selected portion of the documents — some 500,000 files — with the Long War Journal.

The released documents focus on Iran and its supposed relationship with al-Qaeda.

On November 1, NBC News reported:

The trove also provides new insight into the often adversarial relationship between al Qaeda and Iran — the Sunni Muslim terror group and the Shiite republic — in the form of a 19-page report described by the Long War Journal as “a senior jihadist’s assessment of the group’s relationship with Iran.”

Intelligence officials describe the report as “evidence of Iran’s support of al Qaeda’s war with the United States.”

It cites the escape of al-Qaeda members from Afghanistan to Iran after the US invaded Afghanistan. I have written about this previously. There is no evidence al-Qaeda worked with Iran. Iranian officials said they have held al-Qaeda members in detainment, although they will not release further information, including names.

Once again, the neocons are attempting to spread lies and fabrication as a pretext to step up hostilities against Iran, same as they did with Iraq.

The CIA and the neocons at FDD are counting on the ignorance of the American people to sell these lies. It’s safe to say most Americans are unaware of the fact Shiite (Iran) and Sunni Muslims (primarily the Saudi Wahhabi variety) are sworn enemies and it is extremely unlikely they would cooperate on anything.

Naturally, the establishment media grabbed this fairy tale and ran with it.

“Iran and al-Qaeda: Best of Frenemies,” headlines Bloomberg.

The alt-right aka New Right website Breitbart, once again home to former Trump strategist Stephen Bannon, writes that

“[a]mong the most interesting revelations are details of Iran’s collusion with al-Qaeda and bin Laden’s citation of the Muslim Brotherhood as a formative influence on his political thought.”

Is this the same Muslim Brotherhood that collaborated with the CIA?

“According to CIA agent Miles Copeland, the Americans began looking for a Muslim Billy Graham around 1955… When finding or creating a Muslim Billy Graham proved elusive, the CIA began to cooperate with the Muslim Brotherhood, the Muslim mass organization founded in Egypt but with followers throughout the Arab Middle East,” writes Arab historian Said Aburish.

For more, see this interview with F. William Engdahl.

After Trump said he wants to designate both the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran’s Revolutionary Guard as terrorist organizations, the CIA stepped in and said that wouldn’t be a good idea. The agency is currently headed up by Mike Pompeo, a rabid anti-Iran zealot.

“MB groups enjoy widespread support across the Near East-North Africa region and many Arabs and Muslims worldwide would view an MB designation as an affront to their core religious and societal values,” according to the CIA.

I’m curious what Arabs and Muslims think about the CIA’s killer drone program and Trump’s merciless bombing of Syria. Is this considered an affront to their core religious and societal values?

It seems the non-stop deluge of negative news — including this latest batch of fairy tales — has resulted in an unfavorable view of Iran by Americans. If Pew Research can be believed, only 14% of Americans hold a favorable view of Iran and nearly 70% disapprove of the Iran nuclear deal.

Meanwhile, thanks to endless propaganda, many Americans look favorably on Saudi Arabia, a country where 92% of citizens approve of the Islamic State.

“One might reasonably wonder, then: why do Americans hate and fear Iran, over and above even the nation — the royal family and their clerics — that were actually behind 9/11? Might it be, perhaps, because the Shia clerics of Iran are as fundamentalist as the Sunni ones in Saudi Arabia? Not at all; but, yet, Americans seem to assume that that’s the case,” writes Eric Zuesse.

I disagree with Zuesse on his belief that Saudi Arabia was the prime motivator behind the 9/11 attacks. It certainly participated, but the blame falls squarely on the United States and its intelligence agencies. If not for the CIA and Saudi partnership, there would be no al-Qaeda, no al-Nusra, no Islamic State, and other Wahhabi terrorist organizations.

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The Greek Occupation of Jerusalem and the Holy Land


The Pope of Jerusalem (one of the five original popes, His Beatitude the Patriarch of the Holy Greek Orthodox Church of Jerusalem and Holy Land, by his usual title) Theophilos III hardly dares to visit churches nowadays. Whenever he is coming, his flock stands outside and prevents his entry. Last week, Jewish police helped him to enter a village church, while hundreds of believers stood by and cursed him loudly. There is a plan to stop him on Christmas from entering the Nativity Church.

Bear in mind that his predecessor Irineos I had been deposed by the bishops twelve years ago, and since then he lives in a lonely cell in the monastery, refusing to leave its walls. He knows that if he leaves he will not be allowed to return. Looking at his travail, the present Patriarch is far from complacent.

The laity and lower clergy, the Christian Palestinians in the Holy Land are very unhappy with the Patriarch and the whole setup of the Church management. The Patriarch sells church lands at fire-sale prices; the church-owned lands of Caesarea worth billions were sold by him for less than the price of one house on this immense tract of land. Soon the church will be destitute, and the Palestinian Christianity established by Christ Himself will wither, the clerics say.

But money is not the only issue. The Patriarch does not allow Palestinians to rise in the church:just one Palestinian, His Beatitude Theodosius Atallah Hanna the Archbishop of Sebaste had been ordained years ago, but even he has not been allowed to participate in church decisions, he is kept out of the Synod, the ruling church body, out of the Holy Sepulchre Brotherhood, he has no church of his own and no salary, the only Archbishop kept out in the cold. That is because he is not a Greek by blood.

In the Orthodox Church only monks can rise to the episcopate, while ordinary parish priests may (and usually do) marry. The Patriarch does not allow Palestinian monks who studied theology in Greece to come home to Holy Land, so they could not claim the bishop mantle in his church. There are 24 Palestinian monks now in monasteries of Greece; all of them applied to move back to their native land, all of them have been refused.

“If you want to move to Palestine, give up your monastic rites and marry. Otherwise, stay away!” – the Patriarch replied to them. All bishops in the Jerusalem Church are ethnic Greeks; and they are determined to keep this occupation forever.

While the Jews keep Palestinians out of political decisions (even left-wing Israelis would never allow Palestinian parties to join the government), the Greeks keep Palestinians, descendants of the Apostles, out of church control. Everybody knows of the Jewish occupation of Palestine, it is frequently discussed in the UN, presidents deal with it and activists fight it, but the Greek occupation of the Church of Jerusalem is not being mentioned in polite company.

Many good Greeks support the struggle against the Jewish occupation, and sail to break the Gaza blockade. While this is surely good, it would be better if they were to deal with the Greek occupation.

The Greek Church, that is the Orthodox Church of Greece, knows of this shameful story. Their bishops visit the Holy Land and meet with the Palestinian Christians. But they do not dare confront the hierarchy of the Jerusalem Church, and they – led by the present Patriarch – consider Palestine their own milch cow to be milked at will.

The results are dreadful. Palestine and Israel have no services for all their citizens, but each community takes care of its own. The Muslims take care of Muslims, Jews care of Jews, Catholics and Protestants care for their own flocks, build and staff schools, organize activities from olive oil sales to beer production. Only the Orthodox Christians of Palestine, the oldest and the greatest community, have nothing. Their numbers dwindle with every year. Oh yes, we can justifiably blame Jews for not doing enough, but it would be fair to attach a portion of guilt to the leaders of the Orthodox Church. They just do not care about the local flock at all. They are not shepherds of the flock.

They do not build churches. There are many new new Israeli cities, Beer Sheba, Afula, Eilat, even Tel Aviv with thousands of Orthodox Christians (baptized Jews or immigrants of Orthodox faith), but not a single church has ever been established in them. The Russians proposed to build the churches for the Jerusalem Church, but the Patriarch is just not interested. He cares only about the profitable old pilgrim churches visited by Greek and Russian tourists.

The leaders of the Church of Jerusalem, the Greek bishops who refuse to accept the Palestinians as their equals, practice ecclesiastical racism, or “ethno-phyletism”, as it is called. The Orthodox Church condemned this practice as heresy in its Synod of 1872 in Constantinople. However, the condemnation didn’t change the reality in Palestine.

The Holy Land is the only place on earth where the hierarchs of the church are invariably of Greek, and never of local stock. Everywhere else, the Orthodox churches are grounded in local tradition, use the vernacular tongue, and are ruled by local bishops. The Russian Orthodox Church has Russian laity and Russian bishops, the Church of Greece has Greek laity and Greek bishops, the Church of Antioch has Syrian Arab laity and bishops, and only the Church of Jerusalem has Palestinian laity and parish priests and Greek bishops.

The roots of this problem go back for hundreds of years, to 1534, when after the Ottoman conquest a Greek monk Germanos had been installed as the Patriarch of Jerusalem by the decision of the Sublime Porte, that is the Ottoman Empire. He appointed only Greek bishops, and since then the Greeks have kept the monopoly of power in the Church. They collaborated with the Turks, with the British and now with the Jews, as they had no independent power base of their own, but they could exist only by obliging the supreme foreign power in the land.

The Greeks, the Jews and the Armenians formed three elite groups in the Empire; they provided the bulk of educated classes, kept the trade (Jews), administration (Greeks) and crafts (Armenians) in their hands, while Turks were satisfied with being soldiers and peasants. The three nations have a similar modus operandi: tightly knit, tribal in their outlook, mutually competitive and exclusionary. If you want to understand the roots of Jewish domination in the US and elsewhere, you may look into the way these three groups managed things in Imperial Turkey. And there was not much to choose between the Jew and the Greek.

Ethnic Greeks had seized full control over the churches within the Empire, that is the churches of Constantinople, Antioch, Jerusalem and Alexandria. No ethnic Arab, Turk or Copt could become a bishop. The result was good for the Greeks but tragic for the Church: laity voted with their feet and left the church to convert to Islam or (to lesser extent) to non-Greek-controlled churches, among them, the Roman Catholic Church, Syriac Church and more exotic denominations. This Greek ecclesiastical racism killed, or at least undermined the native Middle East Christianity of Christ and His Apostles.

Eventually the Copts of Egypt broke with the Greek-dominated church of Alexandria and established their own Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria, leaving communion with other Orthodox churches, while the Greek Orthodox church of Alexandria withered and remained a shadow of itself.

An opposite development took place in Syria, where (at the end of the 19th century) the local Arabs frogmarched their Greek bishops to the harbour and had shipped them away to Greece. They elected Arab bishops and an Arab Patriarch, while remaining in communion with other Orthodox Churches. Their Church of Antioch flourished until the rise of ISIS, but hopefully it will regain its lost ground as their Orthodox brothers from Russia helped them defeat the jihadists.

The Constantinople and Jerusalem Sees remained in ethnic Greek hands, in both cases with very unhappy consequences. In Constantinople, the Greeks spurned Ataturk’s proposal to become the Turkish Orthodox Church, though it would have returned to them many churches including the great Hagia Sophia, and probably would have prevented the tragic Greek dispossession and expulsion in 1920s. The Church of Constantinople became a withered ghost dominated by the CIA, and so it remains until nowadays.

Jerusalem and the Holy Land were too important to the Christendom to let it go native. The Russians supported nativisation of the Church, but quite cautiously, as they cherished their unity in communion with other Orthodox churches. There was much Jewish meddling, too. Thus the Church of Jerusalem remained in ethnic Greek hands, and more and more Orthodox Palestinians converted away, to the Catholic or Protestant denominations. From being majority in 19th century and from being a full third of the entire Palestinian population in the days of the British Mandate, the Orthodox have nowadays shrunk to some 30,000 members of the church.

And now, the Greeks at the helm of the church have decided to turn their milch cow into a meat-producing one and slaughter it, by selling its assets to Jews.

The recent and much-in-news development is the story of two hotels at Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem, once the best New Imperial Hotel and Petra. Both are run-down and sorry shadows of themselves, but still occupy the best positions in Jerusalem. They were sold by the previous Patriarch Irineos for peanuts; Haaretz revealed the buyers had paid twenty times less than the assessed sum. And who are the buyers? An extremist Jewish settler organisation Ateret Cohanim, whose purpose is to rebuild the Third Jewish Temple on the ruins of Al Aqsa Mosque and meanwhile try to cleanse Jerusalem of non-Jews and settle Jews in their homes.

The current Patriarch Theophilos III solemnly promised to revert the sale. Indeed he went to Jerusalem District (Jewish) court demanding to void the deal for it was done fraudulently for too low a price and by bribing officials. The Court ruled: the deal stays. I, for one, was outraged by this obvious Jewish injustice, but it turned out the villains weren’t Jews.

I have met with a Palestinian Christian, a leading member of the Central Orthodox Council in Israel, Mr Alif Sabbagh of Al Buqaia (or Pekiin) village in Galilee, the man who dedicated his life to documentation about the church lands and about the Patriarchate dealings. He owns a veritable full archive of all the deals of recent years. He told me the court had no choice: the Patriarch Theophilos refused to provide proof for his claims, and he secretly entered into an agreement with the Jewish settlers.

In Israeli law, there are two stages of appeal. In the first stage, the claimant makes a claim, in the second stage, he brings proof of his claim. The Patriarch made a claim, but refused to furnish the proof. The Jewish judge said she can’t accept the claim without the proof.

And it is not that the Patriarch could not do it. The man in the heart of the problem, Nikolas Papadimas, the former church treasurer, who allegedly signed the sale contracts without Irineos’ knowledge, had fled the country and been wanted by Interpol on an international warrant amid allegations that he stole millions of dollars from the Patriarchate, came back to Athens and demanded to give his evidence at the court. His evidence would trash the Jewish claim, and it is clear why the Jewish settlers objected to his evidence being introduced at court. But the Greek Patriarch Theophilos also objected to placing Papadimas on the witness stand, and the Jewish judge really could not do anything, even if she were willing.

At the same time, the Patriarch sold the church lands in Western Jerusalem, huge and valuable tracts of land including the plot on which the Knesset is built to mysterious offshore companies for pennies. (The real money came into his account in his own real name in an offshore bank, says Alif Sabbagh.) In response, the Jewish parliament, the Knesset, began to discuss the Rachel Azaria bill of expropriation of church lands sold to third parties since 2010.

The Patriarch Theophilos called upon Christian solidarity, and the churches of the West responded by speaking against the bill. However their stand was based on mis-representation by the Patriarch, who claimed the bill expropriates church lands. I have read the bill, and it just is not true: the bill makes sales of church lands to third parties practically impossible. After the bill becomes law, the Patriarch will have a choice: to sell the lands to the Jewish state, or not sell at all. This obviously undermines his bargaining position and his ability to pocket more bribes, but does not really damage the position of the Church.

The Palestinian Christians are a well developed and prosperous community. They are better educated than the Jews, they are well-to-do, rooted in the soil of Palestine. They were and are active in the struggle for Palestine, often leading it despite their small numbers. (The name of George Habash, the Christian leader of Popular Front, comes to mind, as well as the name of Emile Habibi, the great Palestinian writer). They have good relations with the Palestinian Muslims, and they would like to get along with Jews, too. You can read a short and rather good entry in Wikipedia about them, balancing its usual bias by reading the discussion. Though you will notice the ubiquitous presence of known Zionist operators (Jayjig etc), still it conveys the message and allows one to understand the subject, which is a rare thing in Palestine-related Wikipedia articles.

Their spiritual leader is the hard-working and relatively young Archbishop Theodosius Atallah Hanna, who by uncanny coincidence bears the name (Atallah) of the last Palestinian Patriarch before the Greek takeover. He is very active, meeting delegations daily and usually posting the report on his Facebook page or on his other page, where his message is “Palestinian Christians are not a minority in Palestine; in Palestine, there are no minorities , but there are people struggling for freedom”.

He is popular with Muslims, too. During the recent confrontation over the Al Aqsa Mosque he went there in solidarity with the Jerusalem Mufti, his personal friend. He is a good friend of the Orthodox Jews of Naturei Karta, who I witnessed personally accompanying him on a visit of condolence. He is willing to be a good friend to Jews, too, for he recognises they are here to stay in his beloved Palestine. And he naturally bears no animosity to Greeks, as he studied in Greece, speaks Greek fluently, visits Greece frequently and recognises the importance of Greek culture for Palestinian Christians.

He would be a perfect new Patriarch, ending the discord and bringing unity and peace to the oldest Christian Church created by Christ himself. The quarrels over lands would go away, Greeks would peacefully mesh with the Palestinians, losing their monopoly but preserving their important position. In short, he would be the ideal de-colonising figure, allowing not only native Palestinians, but other Orthodox Christians of the Holy Land, notably baptised Russian ex-Jews and ethnic Russians to fully integrate in the church, a prospect that horrifies the present Patriarch Theophilos.

He is also well known in the Middle East. Recently he visited Syria, went to its Orthodox Monasteries and churches, and met with President Bashar al Assad whom he admires for his defence of the Christians in face of the Jihadi onslaught. (Israeli police and Israeli media attacked him for this visit to “the enemy”, though he merely fulfilled his ecclesiastical duty). He is liked by the Russians and by baptised Russian Jews in Israel, and he often baptises them and their children. He baptised me and my wife and son, for which I am eternally grateful to His Beatitude.

However, the Palestinian Christian activists who now lead their Intifada against the present Patriarch, think that the best solution for the much-suffered church is to have a few years without a Patriarch at all. They told me they would prefer the church to be run by a committee of three bishops (including Archbishop Theodosius Atallah Hanna) for a while, and at that time the church should establish new rules of Patriarch succession, forever forfeiting the Ottoman-inherited rule of asking consent of the sovereign (presently of the Israeli government, of the PNA and of the King of Jordan). This consent-seeking opened the church to blackmail – the Israeli government refuses to give its consent until the candidate promises to give some Church lands to the Jews. The rebels have an even farther-reaching idea of taking economic decisions (be it lands or salaries) out of the Patriarch’s hands for good. Let the Patriarch deal with spiritual questions, while the laity manage the material problems, they say.

The Patriarch is not waiting quietly for these developments. He is using all the resources of the church to bribe those who bear influence: the PNA, the Jordanian princes and Israeli officials. The Palestinians speak of a big land lease the Patriarch granted to Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad of Jordan, thus turning Jordanian royalty to his side. The Israelis had received even more generous gifts, and the PNA officials weren’t forgotten either.

The Russians could influence the outcome, but they are quite unwilling to interfere in the affairs of the sister church. In private conversations, they express their sympathy for the Palestinian cause, but they do not want to endanger their relations with the Patriarchates of Jerusalem and Constantinople. These can painfully retaliate by accepting the demands of the Ukrainian bishops for recognition, and in general cause more trouble than it is worth, for the Russians.

For this reason it is hard to predict how the struggle will end, whether the wily Patriarch will keep his position and the Greek dominance in the church by granting more and more lands to the people in power, or whether this Palestinian Intifada succeed after all and the church will become independent of the Greek colonisers. Probably the best force able to interfere and solve the dispute peacefully is Greece, namely the Greek people, who are able to understand the problem and do what they preach to other colonial powers, namely to end the colonisation and occupation. Otherwise the fate of the oldest Christian Church is in doubt.

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Big Picture of Global Politics, Change We Must to Live Again


The Freedom Series by Steve Robertson

The Freedom Series of articles are intended to bring light to the manipulative control of the secret Cabal (Khazarian Mafia, New World Order or Deep State) who mean to enslave humanity for the purposes of greed, profit and egotistical/evil power.

In the first article “PUPPET MASTERS OF MEDIA PROPAGANDA” I exposed one of the greatest known masterminds of media propaganda and tactical deceptions, Dr. Edward L. Bernays. He was considered the founding Father of Public Relations and was also the nephew of famed psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. I spend an afternoon with him one day picking his brain about how to create campaigns for world peace…that was before I was aware of who he had worked for.

Edward Bernays clearly worked for what we now call “The Deep State”, the Cabal, Khazarian Mafia, and/or the “New World Order (NWO)”. His philosophy for propaganda, the agenda for which he herded society in specific directions on behalf of those for whom he worked, is revealed in his quote:

“We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of… If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without them knowing it…

…The conscious and intellectual manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.”

Similarly, towards bringing another spotlight to the elite few who sought to orchestrate the monstrous intent of mind-controlling society, we examined the speech John F. Kennedygave before the American Newspaper Publishers Association on April 27, 1961. This was some two years before his assassination:

“We are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence —-on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of election, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system that has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations…

…Its’ preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, nor rumor printed, no secret revealed. It conducts the Cold War, in short, with a war-time discipline no democracy would ever hope or wish to match…”

In the next article “BANKING AND WAR PROFITEERING” I examined the historical tyranny that enslaves us all, a monetary system that is controlled by an elite few and brings wealth to those who profit from war. These groups of shadowy people, known by many names by the learned and wise, have the intention of shackling all common people (the ‘unchosen ones’) and/or those who consciously or unconsciously remain uninformed, to a life of indentured debt and servitude. Our children, our soldiers, are merely cannon fodder in a chest board game towards a new world order.

Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote “The refusal of King George III to allow colonies to operate an honest money system which freed the ordinary man from the clutches of the money manipulators was probably the prime cause of the revolution” served to bring light to the financial enslavement that the Rothschild’s Central Bank brought to the US government and its people. We suffer still today under the Central Banks new name called the Federal Reserve.”

When the uncompromised politicians of this time awoke to this fatal financial trap and sought to dissolve the Central Bank, Nathan Mayer Rothschild threated the US government and anyone refusing to renew the Central Banking charter with: “Either the application for renewal of the charter is granted or the United States will find itself involved in the most disastrous war…Teach those impudent Americans a lesson! Bring them back to colonial status!”

Towards a further clarifying of the dangers the US Government and its people faced under the Central Bank model President James Garfield, 1881, stated “Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce. And when you realize that the entire system is very easily controlled, one way or another by a few powerful men at the top, you will not have to be told how periods of inflation and depression originate.” President Garfield was assassinated just weeks after making this statement.

In 1922, John Hylan, the Mayor of New York City, was quoted in the New York Times: “The little coterie of powerful international bankers virtually run the United States government for their own selfish purposes. They practically control both parties, write political platforms, make cat’s- paws of party leaders, use the leading men of private organizations, and resort to every device to place in nomination for high public office only such candidates as will be amenable to the dictates of corrupt big business. These international bankers and Rockefeller- Standard Oil interests control the majority of newspapers and magazines in this country.”

Then in Senator William Jenner’s 1954 speech he proclaimed: “Today the path to total dictatorship in the U.S. can be laid by strictly legal means… We have a well-organized political- action group in this country, determined to destroy our Constitution and establish a one-party state… It operates secretly, silently, continuously to transform our Government… This ruthless power- seeking elite is a disease of our century… This group…is answerable neither to the President, the Congress, nor the courts. It is practically irremovable.”

Finally, Daniel K. Inouye a US Senator from Hawaii and in his testimony during the 1986 Iran Contra Hearings he revealed: “There exists a shadowy government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself.”

In Part III of the articles entitled “TACTICAL DIVERSIONS AND FALSE FLAG DECEPTIONS” I exposed that these methodologies of social manipulation represent the magician’s sleight of hand. In other words, the Deep State or NWO uses these strategies to focus the attention of the public towards a certain engineered occurrence whilst with the other perceptional hand, the mass media manipulates the facts in order to generate a particular bias in societal perception.

A False Flag Distraction works like and harnesses the elements of a tactical diversion however its primary purpose is to divert attention away from what a true perpetrator has done (or is about to do) so as to blame a negative occurrence onto another group of people or entity. The real intent of the False Flag Distraction (or operation) is to psychologically and/or politically disempower the reality of perception so as to establish a negative belief or narrative about a person, occurrence, organization, government or country as having done something wrong, bad or evil. Ultimately, the intent of this scheme is to justify, within the group-mind of a targeted loyal and patriotic group, a rationalized thought process that leads to specific retaliatory action toward this newly defined enemy.

“In order to bring a nation to support the burdens of maintaining great military establishments, it is necessary to create an emotional state akin to war psychology. There must be the portrayal of external menace.” – John Foster Dulles, Secretary of State during the Eisenhower administration. (Super Patriotism, Michael Parenti, p93) (1888 – 1959)

In 2008 Captain Eric H. May, a former Army military intelligence and public affairs officer was quoted: “The easiest way to carry out a false flag attack is by setting up a military exercise that simulates the very attack you want to carry out … this is exactly how government perpetrators in the US and UK handled the 9/11 and 7/7 “terror” attacks, which were in reality government attacks blamed on ‘terrorists’… The “next 9/11′′ — constantly promised by officials and the media — is likely to be carried out under the guise of future military exercises.”

“Throughout the 1990s both the U.S. oil industry and the Pentagon had contributed to the consensus that America would need full-spectrum dominance to guarantee access to oil and other resources in the rest of the world. This program would require massive expenditures, perhaps as much as a trillion dollars, and this could not be expected from Congress – except in response to an attack as massive and frightening as Pearl Harbor. With respect to the events of 9/11 it is clear that the Bush Administration’s settled goal of invading Iraq depended on the attack. What we have been witnessing, to quote the Oslo researcher Ola Tunander is “the use of terrorism to construct world order.” – Peter Dale Scott, considered the Father of ‘Deep Politics’, Berkley Professor, Poet and former Diplomat.

In 2015, David Steele, the second-highest ranking civilian in the U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence and a former CIA clandestine services officer disclosed; “Most terrorists are false flag terrorists, or are created by our own security services. In the United States, every single terrorist incident we have had has been a false flag, or has been an informant pushed on by the FBI. In fact, we now have citizens taking out restraining orders against FBI informants that are trying to incite terrorism. We’ve become a lunatic asylum.”

In part IV of the series entitled “BOOGIE MAN TERRORISTS” I examined the many names by which Boogie Man Terrorists have been labeled; “The Others”, “Savages,” ”Enemies”(Latin meaning “not friend”), “Evil” (identifying people as believing in and/or worshiping a “False God”), “Terrorists,” or any bigoted or derogatory name used to paint another person or entity in a negative light in order to enroll the public in justifiably murdering these people in war. This psychological tactic of negatively labeling another person or group of people as dangerously different has long been the weapon of choice by the wealthy, religious leaders and oligarch’s who control government, mass media and/or major industries.

The authoritative power of naming and controlling the story narrative is the lever of influence that manipulates “Group Thought” so as to herd the masses (the pawns of given society who naively support and/or bend to the rule of the elite who define themselves as ordained and righteous leaders), to take up violent or military actions against any named “Boogie Man.”

The Elite’s ability to label “Others or entities” as being defined by evil and then their ability to orchestrate the mass media to continually drumbeat this narrative into the collectively consciousness hides, in plain sight, the primary strategy of deception that is used to enroll and subjugate society into sacrificing their lives, and those of their children, into going to war on behalf of the ruling class and for their personal gain. Ultimately, the end goal of the elite, New World Order (NWO), Khazarian Mafia, Cabal and/or Deep State is to usurp from any sovereign entity (person, government or country) a desired and valued geopolitical chessboard piece as defined by; strategic land territories, water, agriculture territories or produce, precious minerals and/or human labor (slaves). Such actions always result in oppression, military occupation/colonialism, apartheid and genocide.

The reality of these horrors can ultimately be traced back to the “Doctrine of Discovery”issued by Pope Alexander VI in 1493. This doctrine, in essence, described the protocols by which Christian explorers were to conduct themselves when landing on foreign land/soil. The rules were as follows: 1) if occupied by fellow Christians they were to leave the land in their procession or equitably divide the land. 2) If not occupied by anyone. Dibs it’s yours to claim. 3) If occupied by non- Christians two choices: murder or enslave the people. The Doctrine of Discovery, Manifest Destiny, Colonialism, We’re THE CHOSEN ONES, We found THE WAY… is the implied foundation from which all manner of horrors are justifiably inflicted on “the Others”.

Today we see how some people, who act like annihilating Alien Invaders and who have the audacity to believe and call themselves ‘The Chosen Ones,’ and refer to “Others” and/or “Gentiles” as “Goyim,” (a term meaning “Cattle”), continue to rationalize the colonization (settlement building) within Palestinian territorial land. With an indifferent distain they treat Palestinian men, women and children with a monstrous cruelty that is likened to how the US once treated the Native Americans and African American Slaves.

In truth, the 9/11 events ultimately served as a massive PSYOPs and False Flag Operation to camouflage the beginning of the US’s and NWO’s plans to rebrand non-cooperating Middle East countries like Libya, Iraq, Syria and Iran as being defining the new “Axis of Evil.” Coincidently, the leaders of these same countries proclaimed that they were finished and done with being financial slaves to the US Petro dollar system. They also proclaimed to be finished and done with being forced to use and comply with the Rothschild’s Central Banking System. In turn these countries declared that they would create their own sovereign currency and that it would be backed by their country’s own gold supplies. This old “Axis of Evil” branding narrative routine was ultimately used to enroll the US public to support a US lead military operation that would instigate and force regime changes.

In Part V of the series called “US POLICE BRUTALITY AGAINST ITS OWN CITIZENS, YOU CAN THANK ISRAEL” I noted that during the peace revolution of the 60’s there was a hidden and very turbulent battle playing out for human rights and a world free of war. I remained unaware, like most Baby-Boomers of my age, of the African American Civil Rights movement, the Assassinations of the great US leaders Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy and the Kent State University students who died protesting the Vietnam War.

At my age (born in 1957) and for those of my generation, the naïve unawareness each of these historical events and their larger corollary implications, left most of us blind to how our US Police force was transformed into a Jekyll and Hyde personality, and the consequences thereafter. Good men who once embodied the heart of ‘Serving and Protecting’ now complied to the marching orders that accompanied their paychecks, orders which now required them to battle peaceful protestors who lived within their own community. The Government propaganda agenda and its complicit accomplice, the US Media machine, had successfully demonized peaceful protestors. In the mind of the police force, these people were positioned to represent a threat to law and order and our national security. The broken integrity of this newly brainwashed Police force now branded them, in the public’s eye, from a once trusted Friend to someone who was now a Foe and an individual called a “Pig.”

This transformational process of Police officers during this time, and especially those within large metropolitan areas and or near major university campuses, now found officer uniforms adorned with riot gear. Police now wore helmets, face shields, carried side arms pistols, shotguns and wielded batons. They used fire-hydrant hoses to spray high-pressured water at people to control crowds. They unleashed attack dogs to subdue the public. Some police rode horseback and used these animals as battering rams against concentrated group gatherings.

There is no question that the US public faces an entirely new and very aggressive police force. Where did this new Paramilitary Police consciousness of normalized brutality and tactically combative crowd control originate? According to an August 25, 2016 in Amnesty International article entitled “With Whom are Many U.S. Police Departments Training? Written by Edith Garwood it reads:

When the U.S. Department of Justice published a report Aug. 10 that documented “widespread constitutional violations, discriminatory enforcement, and culture of retaliation” within the Baltimore Police Department (BPD), there was rightly a general reaction of outrage…

…But what hasn’t received as much attention is where Baltimore police received training on crowd control, use of force and surveillance: Israel’s national police, military and intelligence services.

…Baltimore law enforcement officials, along with hundreds of others from Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, Arizona, Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Georgia, Washington state as well as the DC Capitol police have all traveled to Israel for training. Thousands of others have received training from Israeli officials here in the U.S.

…Many of these trips are taxpayer funded while others are privately funded. Since 2002, the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee’s Project Interchange and the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs have paid for police chiefs, assistant chiefs and captains to train in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT).

…These trainings put Baltimore police and other U.S. law enforcement employees in the hands of military, security and police systems that have racked up documented human rights violations for years. Amnesty International, other human rights organizations and even the U.S. Department of State have cited Israeli police for carrying out extrajudicial executions and other unlawful killings, using ill treatment and torture (even against children), suppression of freedom of expression/association including through government surveillance, and excessive use of force against peaceful protesters.

…The Department of Justice report cited Baltimore police for using aggressive tactics that “escalate encounters and stifle public cooperation.” This leads, the report said, to use of unreasonable force during interactions for minor infractions, such as quality of life matters. Furthermore, the report details how an overall lack of training leads to excessive force being used against those with mental health issues, juveniles and people who present “little or no threat against others,” such as those already restrained.”

In my summary article: “The Big Picture of Global Politics, Change We Must to Live Again” I will reference Richard Nixon’s book The Real War who reveled that world leaders see the earth like a chessboard. On this global game-board, leaders and the powers behind them, vie for control and ownership over certain strategic resources such as oil, natural gas, water and important metals like titanium, platinum, chromium, etc. and people who make up a given workforce.

Countries who posses these strategic natural resources with the territories of their continental soil have assets, power and leverage from which to bargain and exert power within the chessboard game. Countries who do not have these assets or direct access to them may be able to trade or bargain certain technological knowhow and/or manufacturing capabilities to gain these resources. Access to these strategic resources is especially vital to countries whose economies are driven from the manufacturing and production of military weaponry. Most people keep forgetting that not every country on the planet has the ability to produce guns, bullets, bombs, tanks, planes, war ships…etc.

On America’s game board of strategic resources, on its own ad sovereign soil, the US military complex finds little to zero strategic metals. As such and without them, US military manufacturers can not manufacture jet aircraft engines, intercontinental ballistic missiles, nuclear weapons and so on.

Respectively, and from the US Defense perspective, it is critical to keep these same strategic resources out of the hands of “Other” political powers or groups who are perceived to have anti-western sentiments. In order to fortify this stance the US utilizes diplomatic channels and economic-hit-man make sure that the leadership of other countries, who have such resources, are placed in financially vulnerable and compromised positions so as to leverage or extort access. This may make clear why the US has and maintains some 1000 military bases around the world. On the other hand, Russia who self-sufficient with these strategic resources maintains only five military bases worldwide, four of which reside within the former USSR.

Within the geo-spiritual context of why leaders and people act in certain ways I’ve concluded that every horrific thing on the planet to date has occurred because we’re literally doing what Jesus said in the quote “Love thy neighbor, as thy self” and this is because we are literally loving our neighbors exactly how we love ourselves…and that is ‘we love ourselves horribly’.

The reality is that when we choose to live in a state of self-hatred and/or self- loathing the mind can only project a disconnected craziness onto other people, other creatures and the very nature that defines and supports all life, our earth and its environment. In such a state of self-disconnectedness the fearful mind only sees and defines everything outside of its illusionary self as the “Others”…an entity that is defined a potential threat to the survival of this wounded self perception. In this fear based and survival mentality level of consciousness everything is seen in a state of limited supply and all others are to be distrusted, defended against and/or defeated in regards to safeguarding the potential depletion of these life-sustaining supplies. As a result, this thinking rationalizes and at all costs, the exploitation, defeat and domination of others. Hence, we have chosen to create Hell on Earth.

The opposite of an unaware and fearful Hell on Earth is one of a world at Peace and people who are consciously self-aware, loving and responsible. People of this more awakened state of Being tend to be present, compassionate, kind and generously sharing of various resources. This state of conscious awareness is one that reflects the discovery and realization of the true kingdom of heaven that is within. This conscious state is defined by being and living from a deeper knowing that all people, creatures and the earth are inner connected. In this true sense of Self we are able to transition consciousness from a perception based perspective into a truer Vision of knowing that all are one. From this true reality we only know everyone to be our brothers and sisters, and all creatures and aspects of mother earth to be a reverently honored whole of the kingdom of the Divine.

In this ultimate state of self-realized awakening we can truly know the wisdom of the Buddhist poet Thich Nhat Hanh who states, “The healing of ourselves is the healing of the whole nation.” In this awareness each of us can be empowered to bring our greatest gift of love and talents to our planet as expressed in the Course in Miracles teachings, “The Salvation of the world depends on you.”

I’ve concluded that there is only one God, called by many names, who is defined only by love. In the Bible, as one religious reference, it states one can not enter the Kingdom of Heaven “until we become as a child.” I pray that humanity will strive to realize this metaphorical state of innocence so that each person can discover, live and create from the kingdom of heaven that is within. In this inner kingdom of loving innocence, we will find the expressed freedom, power and salvation of the soul as expressed by the Jesus figure who stated, “Greater things I have done and even the least among you can do greater than I.” In- other-words, I did it (enlightenment) and you can do it and go even further than I.

Love and peace on earth is a truly possible when each of us achieve clarity, remember to authentically honor and love our true selves and then love our neighbors, all living creatures and mother earth in the same way that we authentically love the self. When this occurs we will have the awareness to know that the salvation of the world depends on each of us. When we choose to act from this awareness we will have the vision to know that ALL ARE ONE. Then and only then, we will be able to create a true and lasting Peace on Earth. Only then, as we are reminded by John Lennon’s song “Imagine,” will we LIVE AS ONE. Amen. We pray it Be so.

The Vision of Project Peace On Earth
Sacred Music Concerts Inspire Love and Peace

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ICC prosecutor seeks investigation into Afghanistan war crimes


… from Press TV, Tehran

Was this a failure of the command structure…or just some bad apples?

[ Editor’s Note: This may be a flash in a pan story in that the ICC judges can decide not to heed their prosecutor’s call for for a formal investigation. The US would ignore it as it has never joined the ICC, and for the good reason, like the rest of us would not step in front of a speeding train.

The soft under-belly of this case is the US co-torturing partners who are members of the ICC and under its jurisdiction, Poland, Romania and Lithuania.

Even though no legal glove can be laid on the US, the whole sordid mess can again be publicly reviewed, where new information usually is uncovered about what really happened, including governments lying to their people from whom they are supposed to derive consent for governing over them.

This latter concern has growing recognition as a major national security threat in itself, one our Founding Fathers warned us about. That is why they codified in in the national oath, “…to defend the country from all enemies, foreign and domestic.” The later was not a typo mistake. These were pragmatic men and they has seen what had happened in European countries via internal subversion, particularly in the banking sector.

This new case would also break a long credibility PR disaster for the ICC in that it has previously only been able to find crimes of humanity committed in Africa, where such is considered a national right in many countries there. The average black woman there can be expected to be raped three times, a statistic that is conveniently airbrushed out of the mass media coverage on the continent.

But the former colonial countries with huge records of crimes against humanity have gotten a 100% free pass, making a joke out of the ICC, especially in the Mideast where both the former colonialists and some of the current brutal governments have tortured at will.

The US, which reserves the right to itself to execute drone strikes on targets that its “internal ICC” has charged, tried and convicted, and goes even further in claiming sovereign immunity when such strikes wipe out a wedding party of innocent civilians. This is hardly the conduct of a great country … Jim W. Dean ]

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Chief ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda

– First published … November 03, 2017 –

The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) has called for a formal investigation into war crimes in Afghanistan following the US-led invasion of the country in 2001.

“Following a meticulous preliminary examination of the situation, I have come to the conclusion that all legal criteria required to commence an investigation have been met”, said Fatou Bensouda in a statement on Friday.

“There is a reasonable basis to believe that war crimes and crimes against humanity have been committed,” Bensouda added.

She said US forces and CIA agents may have committed war crimes by torturing detainees in Afghanistan under a system of approved torture techniques, which included simulated drowning.

Human Rights Watch has welcomed the possibility of holding perpetrators to account for what it called horrendous human rights abuses against Afghans.

“Having documented egregious crimes in Afghanistan that have gone unpunished over many years, we hope this step will open a path to justice for countless victims there,” said a spokesman for the group.

The investigation, which follows a related report Bensouda (pictured below) filed in 2016, could potentially involve US troops.

Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon has described the investigation “wholly unwarranted and unjustified,” telling NPR that “our overall assessment is that commencement of an ICC investigation will not serve the interests of either peace or justice in Afghanistan.”

The United States invaded Afghanistan in October 2001 after the September 11 attacks on New York and Washington, and overthrew the Taliban regime. But US forces have remained bogged down there through the presidencies of George W. Bush, Barack Obama and now Donald Trump.

Recently, the US military officially acknowledged that there are some 2,600 more troops in the war-torn country than the 8,400 previously reported. The additional forces would join the 11,000 troops already in the country.

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Zionism 1990: On this Day in History, Terrorist Jewish Defense League


Zionism 1990: On this Day in History, Terrorist Jewish Defense League Founder Kahane Assassinated in NYC

Terrorist Kahane Shot dead in New York City sparking a wave of more violence in USA as psychopaths “promised land in Palestine by GOD” continue their march towards infecting US Congress to fleece the American Taxpayers out of billions to colonize the indigenous peoples of the Levant

Terrorist Meir Kahane, an American-born rabbi and founder of the far-right Kach movement, is shot dead in New York City on this November 5th day in 1990. Egyptian El Sayyid Nosair was later charged with the murder but acquitted in a state trial.

The federal government later decided that the killing was part of a larger terrorist conspiracy and thus claimed the right to retry Nosair.

In 1995, he was convicted of killing Kahane during the conspiracy trial of Brooklyn-based Arab militants led by Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman. Nosair was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Kahane, a charismatic Jewish leader who advocated expelling all Arabs from Israel, found followers in Israel and the United States. He formed the Terrorist Jewish Defense League in the United States in the 1960s and in 1971 moved to Israel, where he founded the Kach Party.

Because of its racist platform, Kach was forbidden from participating in Israeli elections after 1988, but it continued to be supported by extremist Jewish settlers in Israel’s occupied territories.

In 1994, after a Jewish settler once affiliated with the Kach movement gunned down more than 30 Arabs worshipping in a mosque in the West Bank town of Hebron, Israel completely outlawed the Terrorist organization.

JDL Logo

What and Who is the Jewish Defense League

The Jewish Defense League (JDL) is a Jewish far-right religious-political TERRORISTorganization in the United States, whose stated goal is to “protect Jews from antisemitism by whatever means necessary“.

While the group asserts that it “unequivocally condemns terrorism” and states that it has a “strict no-tolerance policy against terrorism and other felonious acts”, it was classified as “a right wing extremist group” by the FBI in 2001 and is considered a radical organization by the Southern Poverty Law Center. According to the FBI, the JDL has been involved in plotting and executing acts of terrorism within the United States.

Nov. 2002, Terrorist JDL Leader Irv Rubin was eliminated under mysterious circumstances in jail when awaiting trial on charges of conspiracy to bomb private and government property.

Founded by Rabbi Meir Kahane in New York City in 1968, the JDL’s self-described purpose was to protect Jews from local manifestations of antisemitism. Its criticism of the Soviet Union increased support for the group, transforming it from a “vigilante club” into an organization with a stated membership numbering over 15,000 at one point. The group took to bombing Arab and Soviet properties in the United States, and targeting various alleged “enemies of the Jewish people”, ranging from Arab-American political activists to neo-Nazis, for assassination.

A number of JDL members have been linked to violent, and sometimes deadly, attacks in the United States and in other countries, including the murder of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee regional director and California State University Professor of Arab Studies Alex Odeh in 1985, the Cave of the Patriarchs massacre in 1994, and a plot to assassinate Congressman Darrell Issa in 2001 The National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism’s database of identified terrorist organizations, which is compiled by official contractors and consultants to the United States government and is supported by the Department of Homeland Security, identifies the JDL as a “former terrorist organization”.

The JDL’s website states that it rejects terrorism. Several JDL members and leaders died violent deaths, including Kahane himself, who was assassinated by an Arab-American gunman.

According to the Anti-Defamation League, the JDL consists only of “thugs and hooligans”. The group’s founder, Meir Kahane, “preached a radical form of Jewish nationalism which reflected racism, violence and political extremism,” attitudes that were replicated by Irv Rubin, the successor to Kahane.

Other Notable Events on this Day in History

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Naziyahu is a pathological liar and political psychopath


Netanyahu is a pathological liar and political psychopath

In 2015, former Mossad chief Meir Dagan called Netanyahu’s speech before Congress “bullshit.” In the same year, Israeli news commentator and former politician Yossi Sarid declared that Benjamin Netanyahu “is a psychopath.”Sarid was certainly on the right path, for Netanyahu obviously knows that he is perpetuating lies.


If you don’t think that Benjamin Netanyahu is a pathological liar, then think again. This man has been lying to the West since he became a politician. In chapter 6 of his 1995 book Fighting Terrorism: How Democracies Can Defeat Domestic and International Terrorists, Netanyahu wrote unapologetically:

“The best estimates at this time place Iran between three and five years away from possessing the prerequisites required for the independent production of nuclear weapons.

“After this time, the Iranian Islamic republic will have the ability to construct atomic weapons without the importation of materials or technology from abroad…The first phase of construction and electrical work will be completed within three to four years.”[1]

Did you catch that? According to Netanyahu’s calculation, Iran should have acquired nuclear weapons by 2000. It’s been more than fifteen years and Iran still doesn’t have nuclear weapons. What’s so interesting is that the intelligence community has universally declared that Iran dropped its nuclear programs a long time ago.[2]

But Israel, of course, was not prepared to deal with that fact because the regime wanted to perpetuate the hoax that Iran was working towards the development of nuclear bombs. When the Israeli regime realized that virtually every serious politician knew that Iran dropped its nuclear program, the same regime rejected the report which was produced by the intelligence community. Defense Minister Ehud Barack said then,

“It is apparently true that in 2003 Iran stopped pursuing its military nuclear program for a certain period of time. But in our estimation, since then it is apparently continuing with its program to produce a nuclear weapon.”[3]

Well, that estimate has been completely false, and the Israeli regime knew pretty well that they were cooking things up. In 2013, the Israeli regime cooked up some evidence saying that Iran already had a nuclear bomb![4] When the United States and much of the world ignored that categorical lie, the regime quietly stopped the propaganda and moved on to other lies.

Netanyahu’s Fighting Terrorism was hailed as a political breakthrough by the Washington Post, the Washington Times, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the Detroit News, etc. To this very day, none of these Zionist outlets has ever apologized for their abject blunder.

Netanyahu has recently concocted a number of lies over the past few days. Iran, he has said, is “indefinitely more dangerous” than North Korea! Why? Well, Iran wants to “dominate the world.”[5] He added:

“The one potent force in militant Islam that has emerged is Iran. And it is devouring one nation after the other. It is doing so either by direct conflict, or more usually by using proxies.”[6]

This man obviously thinks that the entire world is blind and that no one has been able to keep a record of what’s happening in the Middle East. When was the last time Iran invaded another country? Do a little history. The answer may surprise you.

In 2015, former Mossad chief Meir Dagan called Netanyahu’s speech before Congress “bullshit.”[7] In the same year, Israeli news commentator and former politician Yossi Sarid declared that Benjamin Netanyahu “is a psychopath.”[8]

Sarid was certainly on the right path here, for Netanyahu obviously knows that he is perpetuating lies. Much of the world hasn’t been paying him much attention with respect to Iran, and that certainly is a major defeat for the Israeli regime.

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