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Old Pretexts for Mass-Murderous Aggression: A New War Against Russia in Ukraine Unfolding Before Our Eyes?


We are now entering yet another US-UK led war build-up against the cornerstone of Western  ideology, the designated Enemy Russia.

As usual there is amnesia of the ever-recurring big-lie pretext, the need for another crisis to keep the two-billion-dollar a day NATO war machine going, the baleful puppet moves of Canada in the process, the crisis of legitimacy of the lead attacker’s government, and the silent diversion from the whole nightmare scenario unfolding by all NATO-member governments, mass media and even ‘peace activist’ organisations.

This time the big-lie pretext is about the alleged poisoning by the Kremlin/Putin of a double-agent traitor, usually a stock move in the espionage entertainments. Yet here there is no confirmed evidence whatever of the claimed origin of the lethal nerve-agent, but rather expert denial within British defence and weapons research itself that is silence in the press, with devious political word games crafted to get around the absence of any corroborated facts in the familiar denunciations of Russia full of team aggression and hate.

Not even a death is recorded while US-led and UK-armed ally forces are still mass-murdering poor civilian Yeminis, drone-murdering endless targets and civilians abroad, continuing on unblamed for the ongoing NATO-executed eco-genocides of Iraq and Libya societies, and on the 19-years anniversary of the mass bombing of Yugoslavia – once again a socialist society with the most evolved social infrastructures of health, education, housing and life security in the region.

What this latest war pretext for US and NATO-backed aggression is really about is justifying more war in the Ukraine now that the massive war preparations along all of Russia’s Western borders following the self-declared Nazi-led and proven US- orchestrated and commanded mass-murder coup d’etat in February 2014 . As always, this US-directed mass murder was reverse-blamed on the ever shifting Enemy face – Russia’s allied but duly elected government of the Ukraine. It was only after this violent-coup Nazi-led and US directed overthrow of the elected government of the very resource-rich Ukraine – “the breadbasket of Europe” and sitting on newly discovered rich fossil fuel deposits – that Russia annexed its traditional territory of the Crimea next to Eastern Ukraine, the latter after the violent coup put under the rule of a US-Nazi-led government until its people fought back with Russia assistance for the now NATO-targeted zones of the new Donetsk and Lugansk republics.

What is new now is that we are about to enter yet another NATO-member war build-up against the cornerstone of Western  ideology, the designated Enemy Russia. As usual there is amnesia of the ever-recurring big-lie pretext, the need for another crisis to keep the two-billion-dollar a day US-led NATO war machine going, the baleful puppet moves of Canada in the process, the crisis of legitimacy of the lead attacker’s UK government, and silent diversion from the whole nightmare scenario unfolding in NATO-member states, mass media and even ‘peace activist’ organisations.

Cui Bono?  

The UK and the US followed by Canada and some of the EU have by expulsion of Russia diplomats prepared the diplomatic way for war in the Ukraine to seize back these lost coup-territories, and it will be in the name of “freedom”, “human rights” and “the rules of civilised nations”. But there is much officially suppressed colour to the warring parties political conflict which reveals who the truly heinous suppressor of human rights is.  Under mass media and corporate-state cover, the US-UK-NATO axis about to make war in Ukraine is doing so under the factually absurd but non-stop pretext of “Russia aggression” constructed out of the double-agent poisoning affair, with the guilty agents and poison having no proof but the ever louder UK-led and NATO-state assertion of it in unison. Yet there is a clear answer to the cui bono question – which party does all this benefit? Clearly once the question is posed, as opposed to completely gagged in the corporate press, Theresa May’s slow-motion collapsing Tory government – now even challenged for its fraudulent Brexit referendum protecting the big London banks from EU regulation – has to have such a war-drum distraction to survive. The old war of aggression pattern reverse-blamed on the official enemy unwinds yet again.

Screengrab from The Washington Post. Click here for the full list of countries.

It is revealing in this context how Canada’s government has no such ruler need of war – unless it be its Ukraine-descendant Foreign Minister up front and the very powerful and widely Nazi-sympathizing Ukraine Liberal vote bank and leadership brought to Canada after 1945  to overwhelm the preceding active socialist Ukrainian community in Canada. Canada’s government – not its people – is in any case used to being a puppet regime in foreign affairs as a twice-colonized rule by big business (why the NDP is not allowed to govern unless so subjugated).

The Human Rights Question

In light of all of this suppressed factual background and motive for more war in Ukraine which is unspeakable in the official news, interaction with the United Nations is of revealing interest. While it has been the cover for US-led NATO executed genocidal wars of aggression in the past as in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yugoslavia and Korea, the pretexts of ‘human rights’, ‘responsibility to protect’ and ‘stopping communist aggression’, which are in fact always been the spectacular opposite on the ground in terms of diseased, mass-murdered and destitute bodies, these pretexts may not sell well when the background facts are no longer suppressed from public view.

It is worthwhile  recalling how Science for Peace leadership used to be against but has since Afghanistan collaborated with these false-pretext wars in sustaining their illusions and thus the war crimes and crimes against proceeding underneath them.

The NATO-executed Ukraine war now being orchestrated is especially revealing in its actual record of ‘protecting human rights’ through ‘international law’ and ‘norms of civilised nations’. Completely buried in official records is a United Nations resolution on Ukraine that the US and Canada repudiated on November 20 2015 after the US-led bloody coup d’etat in Ukraine was in full motion of claiming all the vast tracts of land and resources that were Russia-speaking territory in the past.

The resolution was straightforwardly against “Nazi symbols and regalia” as well as “holocaust denial”. The Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Affairs Committee of the UN General Assembly overwhelmingly voted for a resolution to enable measures against “the glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other practices that facilitate the escalation of modern forms of racism, xenophobia and intolerance”. A total of 126 member-states of the UN voted for it for the second time. Over 100 countries voted for a similar resolution in 2014 including “denial of the holocaust and glorification of the Nazi movement, former members of the Waffen SS organization, including the installation of memorials to them, and post-coup attempts to desecrate or destroy the monuments to those who fought against Nazism in Ukraine during World War II”.

How could any civilised state vote against these United Nations Resolutions for human rights as Canada and the US have done and stood by ever since? Well instituted group hatred of the officially designated enemy can justify anything whatsoever, and does so right into next NATO-executed orgy of war crime and crimes against humanity, again inside Europe itself flaunting reverse-blame lies and slogans as red meat for psychotically trained masses. It is not by accident that Canada’s Foreign Minister is in this near century-old Nazi loyalist vs Russia-speaking conflict was before her appointment the “proud “granddaughter of a leading Nazi war propagandist during its occupation of Poland and Ukraine described as a “fighter for freedom”.

Yet on the other hand, we must not lose ourselves in ad hominem responsibility. Chrystia Freeland,her Canada name, is interestingly propagandist in itself from her birth – Christian Free Land – but not observed in the corporate press. Minister Freeland is only a symptom of something far deeper and more systemically murderous and evil in state-executed unlimited greed and immiserization of innocent millions of people masked as ‘human rights’ , ‘freedom’ and ‘rule of law’ .  Her more sinister double in the US is also a renamed person of the region, Victoria Nuland (read New Land) who orchestrated the whole 2014 mass-murder coup in Ukraine and now tub-thumps on public television for the ‘need to teach Putin and Russia a hard lesson’, aka another war attack by US-led NATO on Russia’s borders.

The difference now is that the absurd pretext and geostrategic mechanisms now in motion beforehand can be seen in front of our eyes – that is, if we can still see through the engineered prism of the US-UK led NATO war machine.  This alone will stop it.

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Diplomatic Madness: The Expulsion of Russian Diplomats


How gloriously brave it seemed, some 23 nations coming together like a zombie collective to initiate a fairly ineffectual action in of itself: the expulsion of Russian diplomats or, as they preferred to term it, intelligence operatives. 

It all began in celebratory fashion in Britain, when Prime Minister Theresa May decided to push the issue with the expulsion of 23 in the wake of the poisonings of Sergei Skripal, his daughter Yulia, and Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey.  Russia, in a reciprocal effort, retorted in kind.

Since then, the number of states similarly inclined to reduce Russia’s diplomatic set has grown.

This is a time for mania, and the Trump administration will not be far behind in participating in anything that reeks of it.  From the United States, 60 have been ordered to leave, including 12 at the United Nations.  16 EU countries and six non-EU members have also joined in the fun.

Issues of politicised intelligence are always matters of convenience for a particular state.  The vision of a balanced intelligence officer conveying material to an obligingly balanced politician is one best done with.

The invasion of Iraq in 2003 by a triumvirate of states from the Anglosphere who all, in parts, ignored, distorted, and manufactured suitable “intelligence” in the name of eradicating weapons of mass destruction, attests to that need.  Be wary of the misuse or use of material concerned with chemical weapons or other such WMDs.

The latest expulsions have an air of rhythmic repetition.  Even Seumas Milne, a spokesman for Jeremy Corbyn of Britain’s Labor opposition, saw a troubling parallel.

There is, he noted, “a history in relation to weapons of mass destruction and intelligence which is problematic, to put it mildly.”

Never you mind that.  UK foreign secretary Boris Johnson deems “the smug, sarcastic response that we’ve heard from the Russians” as evidence of guilt, a distinctly low threshold of evidentiary vigour.  States are taking sides and extolling the virtues of “international rules” and “shared security”.

For all that, China and India have stood back; certain European states refuse to follow suit, preferring caution.  A club with certain credentials for membership has formed, with sides being taken.  All of this has taken place on faith.

Political advantage is already being claimed by May, suggesting that there is something far bigger than those poisonings that took place in sleepy Salisbury.  This is a government on life support barely holding the Brexit process together.  A good show was required, and May is delivering it.  With implausible confidence, she has told parliamentarians that Russia’s western spy network had been “dismantled”.

What Britain can do, the United States can do boisterously better, and Washington made a good fist of it by sending sixty Russian diplomats packing.  The Seattle consulate office would close.  One administration official suggested that the move was occasioned by “its proximity to one of our submarine bases and Boeing.”

This adds to the emerging story of some grand ploy supposedly to impair Russian espionage capabilities, ostensibly to punish it for using a nerve agent on British soil.  The expulsions “make the United States safer by reducing Russia’s ability to spy on Americans and to conduct covert operations that threaten America’s national security.”

Veteran cynics of this are bound to point out that Russian surveillance of US citizens is less developed than Washington’s own vast capacities, aided on by the not-so-humble types in Silicon Valley.  As President George W. Bush erred with unintended accuracy, the enemies of the United States “never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people – and neither do we.”

Impairing Russia’s intelligence gathering capacities is only going to be a temporary measure at best, a pruning of the tree rather than a savaging to its roots.

“It is likely,” suggests Alexey D. Muraviev, “they will restore their intelligence-gathering capacity very quickly.”

The spectacle of certain smaller powers, subservient to the Anglo-American line, has also become tediously predictable.  Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop took their spots on the pro-expulsion train.  The number leaving Canberra, two “undeclared intelligence officers,” is unimpressive and tokenistic.

The joint statement by Turnbull and Bishop is a point-by-point regurgitation of Johnson’s presumptuous gruel.  The decision “reflects the shocking nature of the attack – the first offensive use of chemical weapons in Europe since World War II, involving a highly lethal substance in a populated area, endangering countless other members of the community.”

The latest staging of moral outrage is dangerous in one fundamental aspect.  It is a show that diplomacy is being abandoned, adding more succour to the image of Russia as unrepentant villain and the West, more broadly described, as appropriately righteous. Such a stance ignores the more constructive role played by Moscow in security issues and debates, be it North Korea, Iran or anti-terrorist initiatives. The Kremlin, far from being discouraged in standing down, will undoubtedly do the reverse. Dogma and politics, for the moment, are in the ascendancy.

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The Struggle to Defeat Austerity in Detroit and the World


Origins of the global economic crises are to be found within the capitalist and imperialist system


Featured image: Abayomi Azikiwe addresses the National Conference to Defeat Austerity, March 24, 2018

Note: This is the text of an address delivered during the opening plenary of the National Conference to Defeat Austerity held on Sat. March 24, 2018 at the Historic St. Matthews-St. Joseph Episcopal Church located in the North End section of Detroit on Woodward Ave.

The conference was attended by several hundred delegates from various regions of the United States


On behalf of the Moratorium NOW! Coalition we wish to again welcome all of you to the National Conference to Defeat Austerity (NCDA). This event is a direct outgrowth of the movement that has evolved in Detroit over the last decade or more.

In 2006-2007, the world economic downturn was sharply felt right here in this municipality and throughout the state of Michigan. For years prior to this time period, we witnessed the precipitous decline in real wages, capital flight, joblessness and home foreclosures which climbed to record levels.

Many of us who were co-founders and organizers for the Michigan Emergency Committee Against War &Injustice (MECAWI) advanced the slogan: “Money for Our Cities, Not for War.” There were indeed imperialist wars raging in Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti, Colombia, Palestine, the Western Sahara, etc. However, at the same time, there is a domestic war being waged continuously against the working people and nationally oppressed right here in the United States.

One aspect of the austerity which is being imposed on people in 2018 is in part a direct result of the runaway Pentagon and national security budget. If we consider the spending of the Department of Defense and the intelligence agencies, these combined costs us at least $1 trillion annually.

Nonetheless, can we safely say that we are safe and secure? Obviously not. The so-called “war on terrorism” has not brought peace to the U.S. let alone other targeted geo-political regions of the world.

The students who are marching in Washington, D.C. and throughout the country, including in downtown Detroit, say they are imperiled on a daily basis just for attending schools. If one cannot find safety and security in schools, then the society has a serious problem that should be addressed immediately.

When there is a social system which cannot guarantee everyone housing, food, water, environmental safety, quality education, healthcare and freedom from national oppression and economic exploitation, then change is needed. Although the U.S. ruling class promotes itself as the most prosperous and democratic country on earth, there are more people falling below the poverty line every year while the gap between rich and poor is ever widening.

A purported “full-employment economy” cannot be worthwhile when people are working every day, perhaps one, two, three or more jobs, yet they cannot provide the necessities for themselves and their families. When uncertainty is the norm for the majority of people within U.S. society, then the notion of “safety and security” is a misnomer.

The stability and growth that we require must be based on the needs and interests of the majority within U.S. society and the world. Our principal enemies are those who are depriving us of our inherent right to a decent life. These are the forces of oppression and exploitation
that must be decisively defeated.

State Repression and the Economic Crises

If the propaganda of the corporate-controlled and government media is not enough to lull us into complacency and acquiescence, the state apparatus is all too willing to confine millions into economic marginalization through underemployment, wage theft and super-exploitation. Here in Detroit we are told regularly that the displacement of African Americans and working people in general is good for the city. That the billionaire ruling class must be given “incentives” to invest in Detroit so some of these resources will in essence “trickle down” to the masses.

It becomes even worse when we realize that the “prestige projects” which are promoted as “development” are largely financed through the tax revenue of the majority African American residents by capturing public assets so desperately needed for job creation, municipal services, housing, education, public transit, ecological safeguarding and infrastructural repair. Politicians who are said to be downtown to service the people instead are pawns of the corporate interests which take our money for their own coffers. There is no real debate over the imposition of these white elephants passed off as “milestones for progress.” What happened to referendums on trillion-dollar structures which rely on tax funding absent of any public consent? We are feed up with others telling us what is good for us. Our objective is total freedom from oppression, exploitation and degradation.

Beyond the undemocratic economic plans forced upon the masses, the prison-industrial-complex must be viewed as another means aimed at our oppression and exploitation. Slavery is still in existence within the criminal justice system. Not only are the rulers incarcerating millions across the country both documented and undocumented, with many others under judicial and law-enforcement supervision, their armed agents are also gunning us down in the streets of Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, New York City, Newark, Los Angeles, etc. and most recently in Sacramento, California, where young Stephon Clark was brutally killed by cops in his grandmother’s backyard.

What Are Our Tasks Today?

We are here today for three fundamental reasons. It is necessary for this gathering to clearly define the character of the multiple crises we face as oppressed, impoverished and working people. Our problem is economic at it base nonetheless the solutions are political and social. The first step in any struggle is to know who your enemies are. Our oppression and exploitation are rooted in a system of injustice. In order for us to achieve liberation we must challenge and overcome the structural barriers to our genuine progress.

Moreover, we have come together to network among ourselves. To discuss both our strengths and weaknesses within the context of building a sustainable movement aimed at taking on the forces which are exercising hegemony over our very lives. At present no one organization has the capacity to advance the struggle without the cooperation of others. So therefore, we are here to find avenues of unity and coalition building towards our much-coveted objectives of creating a society devoid of the evils Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. cited more than fifty years ago: racism, poverty and militarism.

Finally, we look forward to the outcome of our deliberations today. The workshops should be encouraged to hammer out action items which are both specific as well as broad enough in scope so that they can be adopted by the entire conference.

Special thanks to our guests from around the state, country and indeed internationally. The same interests which are oppressing us on the east coast, the west coast, the South, in Puerto Rico, are here in Detroit. All around the world people are rising up against racism, national oppression, state repression and transnational corporations and banks.

These same financial institutions which stole our homes and wrecked our neighborhoods in Detroit are also the enemies of the people in the Caribbean, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, the Asia-Pacific and Europe as well. We are compelled to expand our focus to understand that we have natural allies among the peoples of the globe.

Let us take up this calling and utilize our time together today to advance our movement. We are no longer just victims. We are the architects of a future where the interests of the people take precedence over those who would perpetuate our exploitation and oppression. The wealth of the planet belongs to us. Let us reclaim it in the interests of us all.


Note: This is the text of an address delivered during the opening plenary of the National Conference to Defeat Austerity held on Sat. March 24, 2018 at the Historic St. Matthews-St. Joseph Episcopal Church located in the North End section of Detroit on Woodward Ave.

The conference was attended by several hundred delegates from various regions of the United States including various cities throughout Michigan along with Chicago and Rockford, Illinois, Indianapolis, Durham, Boston, Baltimore, New York City, Philadelphia, Salt Lake City, etc. Special guest Ricardo Santos Ramos, the former President of the Electrical Industry and Irrigation Workers Union of Puerto Rico, gave a major address in the afternoon plenary focusing on international affairs.

The opening plenary where this talk was given also featured presentations by Yvonne Jones, City of Detroit retiree and founding member of the Detroit Active and Retired Employees Association (DAREA), Erica Anna, Xicana organizer from Chicago, Dante Strobino, organizer with Southern Workers Assembly of Durham, and another special guest Rev. Edward Pinkney, former political prisoner in Michigan and longtime activist from Berrien County. The day-long conference was endorsed by over 45 different organizations and individuals from throughout the U.S. and internationally.

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What is behind the latest Zionist onslaught against UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn?

Zionist onslaught against Corbyn

By Gilad Atzmon

Jewish power, as I define it, is the power to suppress criticism of Jewish power.

For the last few days people in Britain have been shown a spectacular display of that power and the manner in which it is mobilised. Without any attempt to hide their behaviour, a bunch of Jewish leaders have chosen to slander Europe’s biggest political party and its popular leader in the name of “Jewish sensitivities”.

This blitz attack was sparked by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s reaction to a mural back in 2012. The mural was painted by US street artist Kalen Ockerman. Apparently, at the time Corbyn defended the public display of the painting on the grounds of freedom of speech.

The Labour leader was heavily criticised by Jewish institutions for supporting a mural “depicting Jewish bankers playing Monopoly on the backs of the poor”. The inept British media didn’t do their homework and failed to actually examine the mural, but instead immediately delved into the hookedness of the noses of those alleged Jewish bankers.

Kalen Ockerman mural depicting, from left to right, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, Aleister Crowley, Carnegie and Warburg

Kalen Ockerman mural depicting, from left to right, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, Aleister Crowley, Carnegie and Warburg

Embarrassingly for them, Ockerman has come forward and identified the men he depicted in the mural. They are from left to right, “Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, Aleister Crowley, Carnegie and Warburg”. Of the six men, only Rothschild and Warburg were Jewish. In fact, Aleister Crowley was noted for his anti-Semitic views. The take home message for the BBC and its like is that maybe capitalists of all races share similarly shaped noses.

I am left wondering if the British Zionist league was offended by the mural because it is they, the Zionists, who see the capitalist as the Jew and vice-versa. After all, Labour Zionism began as an avowed attempt to liberate diaspora Jews of parasitic capitalist traits. Zionism promised to cleanse the Jew of gluttony by means of a “homecoming”.

Zionists do not like Ken Livingstone. This is understandable. The man is a legendary icon of ethical thinking.

On 26 March 1,500 British Jews took to the streets outside Parliament. They protested against Corbyn’s alleged “systematic failure to deal with anti-Semitism”.

If you wonder what “systematic anti-Semitsm” means, the Jewish Chronicleprovides the answer. In his speech at the protest, Jonathan Arkush, the leader of the ardent Zionist Board of Deputies of British Jews, cited Labour’s alleged failure to take proper action on the claims of anti-Semitism against former London mayor Ken Livingstone and other Labour Party members.

Zionists do not like Ken Livingstone. This is understandable. The man is a legendary icon of ethical thinking. Despite their protests, it is still not easy for the Labour Party to expel one of its legends simply for telling the truth about Hitler’s collaboration with Zionism. Maybe Arkush should just give it more time.

Arkush told the crowd that the “the Labour Party must go back to being the enemy of racists – not the refuge”. Of course, Corbyn doesn’t have a drop of racism in his entire body, but maybe Jonathan Arkush can meet his own standards and tell us how many Blacks or Muslims are members of his own Jews-only Board of Deputies of British Jews.

The Jewish Leadership Council’s chair, Jonathan Goldstein, said that Corbyn had become the “figurehead for an anti-Semitic political culture based upon obsessive hatred of Israel, conspiracy theories and fake news”.

It is clear why some Jews are upset by Corbyn. The Labour leader treats the Jews as ordinary people. He fails to respect their choseness and ignores their sense of exceptionalism.

Maybe the Jewish community leader could try to remember that obsession with justice is not a bad thing and also that interfering with freedom of speech can easily backfire.

It is clear why some Jews are upset by Corbyn. The Labour leader treats the Jews as ordinary people. He fails to respect their choseness and ignores their sense of exceptionalism. Perhaps he believes that Jewish politics, like all other politics, ought to be subject to criticism. And now it is clear that Corbyn’s approach to Jewish politics is not acceptable to Britain’s Zionist Jewish establishment.

MP John Mann who has operated as a Zionist mouthpiece within the Labour Party for more than a while, bemoaned to the Jewish gathering about his Labour comrades, saying “Some of them glory in being called anti-Zionists – racists that is the word for them.”

Does Mann think that opposing a political movement is “racism”? Is opposition to Britain or the USA, or even North Korea, also to be castigated as racism? And then, in an uber-Orwellian manner, Mann added: “We have to drive these people [the anti Zionists] out of the Labour Party.”

Maidenhead Synagogue Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain told the Jewish Chroniclethat this “anti-Semitism crisis” was Corbyn’s “Watergate moment”. I suggest the rabbi learn some Jewish history. This tsunami of Jewish self-love and empowerment could turn into a total disaster as it has time after time in the past.

The British Jewish leadership is panicking. It has declared open war against a mainstream British political party. This is far from a reasonable move and, if it is intended to oppose anti-Semitsm, its effect will inevitably be the opposite. Maybe gestalt psychology offers us the tools to understand such silly behaviour. Jewish history teaches us that attitudes toward Jews resemble a gestalt switch. Thus, for instance, once you see Israel for what it is you just can’t un-see it. Once you grasp that the Jewish State is a racist, oppressive force no one will be able to uproot that perception in you. Jewish Zionists do face a growing wall of resentment. Instead of dealing with it by means of self reflection, they repeat Israel’s mistake and adopt the most oppressive, authoritarian agenda. They are desperately trying to turn Britain into an Orwellian dystopia.

Left open is the question of how it is possible that the Jewish elite, despite its sophistication and education, never learn from the Jewish past. How is it possible that Jews keep repeating the same mistake time after time? I guess one possible answer is that Jewishness (יהודיות) is a form of severe blindness – and that this may be the dark side of choseness.

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Yemen: Zio-Wahhabi Aggression


Senate Rejects Ending US Support for Saudi Aggression in Yemen


Bush/Cheney began terror-bombing Yemen post-9/11, waging drone warfare – on the phony pretext of combating al-Qaeda Washington created and supports.

In cahoots with Riyadh, Obama escalated what they began, further escalated by Trump allied with Saudi aggression.

Already the region’s poorest country, years of war caused the world’s severest humanitarian crisis, over 80% of Yemenis dependent on way inadequate amounts of aid to survive.

US-backed Saudi air, sea and land blockades prevent enough essentials to life from entering the country.

Countless numbers of Yemenis perished from war, related violence, untreated diseases, malnutrition and starvation.

Official UN figures way understate the toll from years of war, blockade and deprivation – perhaps hundreds of thousands of Yemenis perishing needlessly post-9/11, notably since March 2015.

According to separate UNICEF figures, at least one Yemeni child under age five dies every 10 minutes from starvation alone.

Famine stalks the country, along with endless aggression – genocide against its people neither the Trump administration or Congress is willing to address.

On Tuesday, Senate members rejected a resolution to end US military support for Saudi Arabia in Yemen – voting 55 – 44 against it.

The vote came while Saudi crown prince Mohammad bin Salman (MBS) was in Washington meeting with Trump.

During a White House photo-op, Trump boasted about billions of dollars in US weapons sales to the kingdom – ignoring their use for aggression, supporting terrorism and domestic repression.

Crown prince/defense minister MBS orchestrated Saudi aggression on Yemen, supported by Washington, Britain and other nations.

Ahead of Tuesday’s Senate vote, Defense Secretary Mattis wrote GOP Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, turning truth on its head saying:

“(R)estrictions (on) US military support (to Riyadh) could increase civilian casualties, jeopardize cooperation with our partners on counterterrorism and reduce our influence with the Saudis – all of which would further exacerbate the situation and humanitarian crisis.”

MBS is a despotic future Saudi king, a rogue actor, a war criminal – disgracefully invited to Washington, other Western capitals, Wall Street, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Big Oil in Houston, other US corporate headquarters, along with events at Harvard and MIT.

It’s part of his three-week US charm offensive, aiming to improve the image of the Arab world’s most ruthless regime, along with seeking US investments to diversify Riyadh’s economy.

It’s MBS’ so-called Vision 2030, seeking economic modernization, including industrial development and tourism.

The kingdom enlisted Western PR firms and other image-makers to present him as a new breed of future Saudi leader – a similar strategy used during a three-day visit to Britain, meetings arranged with political, military and business officials.

MBS’ March 18 appearance on CBS News’ 60 Minutes preceded the start of his US tour, beginning in Washington with Trump and other administration officials.

He’s no reformer. He’s like his father King Salman and others earlier throughout the kingdom’s sordid history.

Trump strongly supports its regime, ignoring its despotic agenda, Riyadh his first foreign trip destination after taking office, lucrative trade agreements signed during his visit, especially US weapons sales.

Arms and security project director at the Center for International Policy William Hartung said MBS’ policy agenda is polar opposite the “public relations version of who he is and what he’s trying to do,” adding:

During his US visit, “the question is how critical will the media be? Will Yemen be an afterthought, or will it be front and center in the conversation?”

So far, it’s very much the former, not the latter.

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Yemen’s Humanitarian Catastrophe: The Lesson the Trump Administration Has Failed to Learn About Yemen

Both the Trump and Obama administrations have advanced two fictions over the last three years to obscure U.S. complicity in Yemen’s humanitarian catastrophe. From former Secretary of State John Kerryto his successor, Rex Tillerson, U.S. officials have insisted “this is not our war” and emphasize that a political settlement is the only way to end it. However, U.S. actions – consisting of continuous, unchecked U.S. political and military support for Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which are leading bombing missions that indiscriminately target Yemeni civilians already struggling under Houthi rebel rule – hardly support this position.

Three years of stalemate on the battlefield, mounting civilian casualties, and a blockade on humanitarian assistance for starving Yemeni civilians has finally brought this contradictory policy out into the open. Perhaps most importantly, this unquestioned executive overreach finally seems to be losing its potency in Congress – which never authorized this contradictory and counterproductive policy in Yemen, but has also yet to stand up against it.

With the introduction of a bipartisan War Powers Resolution (S.J.Res.54) to force the withdrawal of U.S. military personnel supporting the Saudi-led coalition’s bombing campaign in Yemen, Senators Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Mike Lee (R-UT), and Chris Murphy (D-CT) have  moved to re-assert Congress’ role in war-making decisions – a bold action in today’s world where congressional silence on executive war-making has become the norm. By forcing a debate and vote to stop U.S. armed forces from participating in Yemen’s civil war, Congress is not only upholding its constitutional role as the sole body that can declare war, but also forcing the Trump administration to change its calculus by putting its words into tangible action to end the conflict. The Sanders-Lee war powers resolution on Yemen is not only about Congress’ Article I powers, but should also be seen as leverage for the administration to push for peace and reinvigorate the stalled peace negotiations.

Rather than promote the kind of de-escalation that could eventually yield peace talks, the United States continues to literally fuel the coalition’s war effort. The U.S. Air Force refuels coalition planes in mid-air in between bombing runs over Yemen, while U.S. Central Command furnishes missions with targeting intelligence and assistance. All of this support enables the high tempo of airstrikes that target civilian sites at least a third of the time. These attacks on civilians and civilian objects are a key driver of Yemen’s horrific humanitarian crisis, and remain the leading cause of civilian casualties in the country. U.S. support doesn’t stop there however. The efforts of U.S. diplomats at the UN Security Council to shield Saudi Arabia and its allies from accountability for its myriad violations of the laws of war, coupled with U.S. military support, allow the Saudi-led coalition to continue its intervention in Yemen indefinitely.

With such unconditional U.S. backing, the coalition has no incentive to reduce civilian casualties, end the bombing campaign, ease the humanitarian crisis, or push the increasingly isolated President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi to engage in serious negotiations to end the war. Absent essential U.S. military support, Saudi Arabia and the UAE would have to consider all three, or risk further sinking themselves in an endless quagmire that risks spilling more blood and treasure for a conflict that has no military solution.

By ending U.S. refueling and targeting assistance, S.J.Res. 54 should serve as a wake-up call to the Saudi-led coalition that it can no longer expect unchecked U.S. support for a military stalemate and it must diplomatically engage its adversaries. Ending U.S. military support, which is essential for the continuation of the coalition’s air campaign, should remove the incentives for the coalition to pursue a military-only strategy in Yemen. With the campaign costing Saudi Arabia an estimated $66 million a day – money that’s supposed to undergird domestic reforms, not trap the country in a Vietnam of its own-making – the end of U.S. material support could significantly change the coalition’s cost-benefit analysis.

In its unconditional backing of the Saudi-led coalition, the Trump administration has promoted an “escalate to de-escalate strategy” in Yemen and resisted having a frank conversation with its allies on steps to end the intervention. Thus far, the United States has only been willing to exert temporary pressure on Saudi Arabia to loosen its blockade, which is less a step toward peace than one to alleviate international outrage and create political space for the coalition to continue its military campaign.

Yet the lesson of the administration’s rhetorical pressure on the coalition about the blockade is an important one: It has changed the Saudi-led coalition’s behavior, albeit temporarily, pushing it to announce temporary openings of Yemen’s most vital port and to hastily publish a Booz Allen Hamilton-drafted humanitarian plan. While woefully inadequate for addressing the crisis, this movement demonstrates the coalition members’ sensitivity to international criticism, particularly from the U.S. If provisional rhetorical criticism gets provisional tangible improvement, imagine what a congressional threat to end all U.S. military support, which would place the war’s full burden on the coalition’s shoulders, could achieve.

Through this legislation, Congress is applying the lesson the Trump administration has failed to learn so far: U.S. military support is an important lever for pushing for peace. Yet such leverage won’t mean anything if the administration fails to utilize it to end an unwinnable military intervention. Thankfully, the Senate bill’s bipartisan sponsors are willing to force the issue with the administration by threatening to end unconditional, unauthorized U.S. military assistance to the coalition. The administration should use this threat to stop U.S. support to communicate to Riyadh that its international isolation will only increase absent genuine de-escalation and renewed peace talks. Instead of lobbying against the resolution, the White House should embrace S.J.Res.54 as a tool to influence an ally, which this administration is reluctant to publicly rebuke.

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Syria: 40 Tons of Chemical Weapons Found in Areas Liberated from Militants


Chemical weapon production facilities and 40 tons of poisonous substances have been found in areas liberated from militants in Syria.

“The Syrian Foreign Ministry pointed out that more than 40 tons of poisonous substances were found on the territories, liberated from terrorists,” Igor Kirillov, the commander of Russia’s Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection Forces, said on March 21.

Kirillov made his comment during a press conference in Moscow concerning the poisoning of former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal. The U.K. and some Western states accuse Russia of being behind the incident.

Kirillov recalled the case of Khan Shaykhun (Syria) and said that the UK and Western states are prepared to use any means necessary to discredit Russia.

The alleged chemical attack in Khan Shaykhun took place on April 4, 2017 in an area controlled by militant groups, mostly Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda). Up to 100 civilians were allegedly killed by sarin gas.

The US-led block accused Damascus of the attack (according to this version, the gas was released in an airstrike by government forces) and fired 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at the Shayrat Airbase. Washington claimed that the Shayrat Airbase had been the very compound from which jets allegedly armed with the chemical took off.

Meanwhile, no real investigation of the Khan Shaykhun incident took place. Some experts believe that the chemical attack was staged by militants in order to blame the Syrian government.

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Caught on Camera: Nazi Targets Civilians with a Chemical Weapon Drone

Caught on Camera: Israel Targets Civilians with a Chemical Weapon Drone

For the first time, Lebanon-based Al-Mayadeen TV released new dramatic footage showing Israeli forces using a weaponized unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) against a Hamas rally in the Gaza Strip, according to the Times of Israel.

The short video clip published by Al-Mayadeen shows a weaponized unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) targeting demonstrations in the southern Gaza Strip, controlled by the Palestinian militant group Hamas.

The UAV is seen flying through the skies above hundreds of protestors, while operators of the aircraft drop chemical weapons into the crowd. The Times of Israel states that the UAV released tear gas, formally known as a lachrymator agent, which causes severe eye and respiratory pain, skin inflammation, bleeding, and even blindness.

The intense footage could provide us with the early knowledge that governments are willing to use high-tech military technology against civilians in a non-combat environment…

Israeli Border Police Deputy Commissioner Yaakov Shabtai, the government official behind the deployment of the weaponized unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), told Hadashot TV news that the tear gas drone provides security forces with an extended range to hurl chemical weapons at protestors.

“Beyond the fact that this equipment neutralizes any danger to the troops, it enables reaching places that until now we could not get to,” Shabtai told Hadashot TV news.

The weaponized unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) “can carry up to six canisters at a time, and drop them individually, as clusters, or all at the same time,” said the Times of Israel.

The Israeli-based online newspaper did not provide the manufacture’s name of the UAV, but it is rumored that ISPRA Ltd in Herzelya, Israel, is the developer of the drone, dubbed Cyclone Riot Control Drone System.

ISPRA’s Anti Riot Drone provides law enforcement units with an extremely large range mode of work, enabling them to react against rioters and demonstrators at an early stage of the event, at a distance while avoiding direct confrontation with rioters. This unique and innovative solution, developed by Ispra, allows law enforcement units to react when a barrier or obstacle is separating between the parties. With several drones, a continuous presence over the rioters can be maintained, dispersing non-lethal ammunition and providing commanders with real-time video image of the situation on the ground.

Developers of ISPRA present a short informational video of how the chemical weapon drone works.

The Times of Israel adds that Israeli officials are preparing for months of border protests, which will lead to a large demonstration on May 15. According to an Israeli TV report, Hamas, a Palestinian Sunni-Islamic fundamentalist organization, has budgeted $10 million to fund the upcoming protests.

“We want to frighten the Israelis with the images of massive crowds of people who peaceably gather and sit close to the border,” Hamas spokesman Ahmed Abu Retaimarecently told Bloomberg.

Retaima added,

“We are working to bring out more than 100,000 people for the march.”

Meanwhile, Sputnik news agency states that Israel did not sign the Chemical Weapons Convention of 1993, which enables the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to legally deploy chemical weapons such as tear gas against civilians.

“The use of tear gas in quelling civil disturbances is legal; however, the use of tear gas in warfare was banned by the Chemical Weapons Convention of 1993, to which Israel was not a signatory, but has acceded.”

Israel’s decision blend high-tech drone technology coupled with chemical weapons against civilians paints a turbulent outlook for spring uprisings in the region. Nevertheless, please do not mention this technology to the countless militarized police forces across the United States; otherwise, this dystopian technology is coming to a town near you.

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What Does Pompeo’s Rise Mean for the Middle East?


Replacement of Rex Tillerson with Mike Pompeo in the US government doesn’t simply mean a simple replacement of one secretary of state with another; it illustrates, in significant ways, a subtle yet certain change in the US policy with regard to the geopolitics of the Middle East, where the US is not just having to face a crisis of ‘terrorism’, but the emergence of a new coalition of states (Russia, Syria, Turkey and Iran) which has the capacity to drive the US out of the region. 

Bringing the US back in the Syrian game isn’t the only objective Pompeo might be working on as the new secretary; there is a lot that will happen, including in Syria, Iran and the larger geopolitics of the region.

If the past is any guide to the future, Pompeo is one who had voted against the Iran nuke deal back in 2015, calling it

“an unconscionable arrangement that increases the risk to Kansans and all Americans. The Iranian regime is intent on the destruction of our country. Why the President does not understand is unfathomable.”

Now, the US president Trump has promised to walk out of the Iran deal by May if European allies fail to “fix” it. Therefore, while Tillerson believed that the US must not scrap the deal, Pompeo would not hesitate to support the president in withdrawing from the deal and leaving it for the rest to manage it and allowing the United States a major lee-way to keep poking. In fact, just after Trump had won election, Pompeo tweeted that he looked forward to “rolling back” the nuclear deal, which he called “disastrous”, thus forecasting that the very first casualty of his appointment might possibly be the hard-earned Iran deal

Therefore, were the US to withdraw from the deal, it might allow the hardliners in Iran to stage a comeback to power and push for nuclearization—something that might also give the Saudis an excuse to advance their own nuclear programme. It might also excite the Israelis into launching a direct air strike on Iranian nuclear facilities and thus open the gates for a much bigger and a lot more devastating war in the Middle East than we have so far seen.

There is hardly any doubt that one of the cardinal objectives now of the US policy in Syria is to drive the Iranians out of the country as a means to roll back the influence Iran has gained through its success in not only battling out the Islamic State but also in defeating the US war of ‘regime change’ on Syria. Pompeo appears to be the right choice for the US president to deliver yet another of his election campaign promises and thus make America ‘great again.’

But rolling Iran back out of Syria requires, first and foremost, a change of regime in Syria. Pompeo, as can be expected, does want this to happen—and his firmest statement on Syria came in an interview at the Aspen Institute back in January 2017, when he said,

“It is difficult to imagine a stable Syria that still has Assad in power.”

He added that it is “unlikely” that American interests will be “well served” if the Syrian president remains in power.

That explains why we shall see a surge in the US’ direct and indirect military activity in Syria, where not only is Assad strong and regaining control on the lost territory, but where Turkey, too, has started to cause the US a lot of damage by hitting the US backed militias, demanding, what Pompeo would call, a stronger response than has been the case.

Therefore, what comes after Tillerson’s departure is not only a heightened crisis and danger of direct confrontation, but also new wars as well. And, it isn’t just Pompeo who would help the Trump administration do that. There are others coming as well.

The US president is surrounding himself with people, who are known hawks, and who, the President of the US seems to think, would help him ‘make American great again.’ The next on the list of replacements is possibly the current National Security Adviser, H.R. McMaster. According to the Western media’s own reports, the former UN Ambassador John Bolton, who is an established hawk on foreign policy and still thinks that Iraq war was a good idea, has been visiting the White House as of lately, giving his “job interview.” And, according to the Republicans,

“he is an increasingly likely candidate to replace McMaster, whose long-winded lectures Trump has grumbled about.”

Bolton’s known anti-Russia, anti-Iran and anti-Syrian views make him the worst option for this position in the Trump administration. To him, meeting with Russian leadership is nothing short of watching a person lie in your face.

Therefore, possible induction of John Bolton, following the (yet to be ratified) induction of Mike Pompeo in the White House does mean that the US policy is shifting to a confrontation mode vis-à-vis its chief rivals in the Middle East. What the Russians, the Iranians, the Syrians and even the Turks should, therefore, expect is not a simple negotiated way out of the war in Syria; it is just the exact opposite of it that is most likely to happen.

With the US making these changes, it seems that they are not averse to turning the already highly precarious situation to the worst possible scenario.

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Mass Expulsion of Russian Diplomats, Prelude for “Worse to Come”?



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Out-of-control Western hostility toward Russia ominously resembles earlier events preceding world wars I and II.

History doesn’t repeat. It rhymes, Mark Twain once explained, today heading recklessly toward potential nuclear confrontation, a doomsday scenario if not stopped.

Weapons used in earlier global wars were toys compared to today’s super-ones – able to turn nations into irradiated rubble overnight.

Is that where things are heading? Will humanity be extinguished in global mushroom-shaped clouds?

Will the human species be the first one ever to destroy itself, and most everything else with it?

Has an unthinkable rubicon of no return been crossed, too late to turn back? Does Russophobic rage doom us all – no antidote to what’s ongoing, no way to change things?

The unprecedented mass expulsion of Russian diplomats from at least 23 countries continued new millennium hostility toward the country, likely much worse to come based on disturbing events so far.

An irreparable East/West divide exists, Russian relations with America and Britain especially fractured beyond repair.

Far more serious is how things are heading toward possible nuclear war – the Skripal false flag incident ending any chance for normalizing Russian/Western relations.

It’s futile for Moscow to try repairing things. Its overtures fall on deaf ears in Washington, Britain and other key Western capitals.

Cold War 2.0 rages out-of-control, heading for unthinkable war between the two dominant nuclear powers if the present course isn’t challenged and stopped.

A fuse was lit before the Skripal affair, greatly exacerbated by events over the past few weeks – Trump going along with dark forces running America, his only option if wanting to remain president, risking potential humanity destroying nuclear war to save his job.

It’s unlikely he could change things if he tried. Presidents can be eliminated like mere mortals.

The lesson of Jack Kennedy still resonates with anyone old enough to remember his state-sponsored assassination.

Regime change in Russia is longstanding US policy, Britain a willing co-conspirator.

Other European nations, Canada and Australia were pressured to go along – evident from Monday’s mass expulsions.

They’re continuing on Tuesday – 23 countries in all so far continuing what Theresa May-led Tories began, over 135 Russian diplomats ordered out, over 145 including NATO expulsions, discussed in a separate article.

In alphabetical order, countries hostile to Russia include Albania, America, Australia, Britain, Canada, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden, and Ukraine.

Sergey Lavrov correctly said few

“truly independent countries (remain) in the modern world and in modern Europe…”

Nations expelling one or two Russian diplomats succumbed to “colossal pressure and colossal blackmail,” he stressed, adding:

This type of dirty business “is Washington’s chief instrument (on) the international” stage – either go along with its agenda or be severely punished for disobedience.

“(W)e will not tolerate such impudence,” said Lavrov, Russia’s response to mass expulsions coming against all countries involved.

If not tough enough, it’ll show weakness, encouraging Washington and Britain to escalate things more than already – why it’s essential for Moscow to show resolve and strength at this crucial time in East/West relations.

Chances for Russia detente with Washington and Britain are dead.

Outreach to the West can’t work.

Given how badly relations deteriorated, things are virtually certain to worsen ahead, not improve.

Nuclear war remains an ominous possibility, too grave a threat to ignore, humanity’s fate up for grabs because of US-led NATO rage for control of world nations, their resources and populations.

A previous article said Russia has lots of options. Perhaps it’s best one is quietly warning Washington, Britain and other Western countries, clearly explaining it won’t tolerate further unacceptable hostility – saying it’s ready, willing and able to respond harshly to further provocations.

Diplomacy is a dead letter, a waste of time. The only language Washington and its key allies understand is force, toughness – the only sensible option for Moscow to pursue in response to US-led NATO wanting pro-Western puppet rule replacing its sovereign independence.

Preserving isn’t possible by being Mr. nice guy. Russia surely understands.

Its future depends on policies pursued ahead at this crucial time in its history – the most dangerous one since Hitler’s Operation Barbarossa.

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