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The UN Is Silent Amid Nazi Aggression in Gaza; Is It a Defunct Agency?

The UN Is Silent Amid Israeli Aggression in Gaza; Is It a Defunct Agency?

Israel Bombs Gaza Hours After Funeral of Murdered 21-year-old Paramedic

By Morning Star, June 04, 2018

Israeli warplanes blitzed the Gaza Strip today as the country continued to punish Palestinians for daring to hold peaceful demonstrations near the fence that seals off the territory.

Israeli Oncologists’ Letter: Let Gaza Cancer Patients Out!

By Physicians For Human Rights In Israel, June 04, 2018

The physicians have decided to act given the growing difficulties they have been experiencing over the past year in providing continuous treatment to cancer patients arriving at their clinics from the Gaza Strip. This is due to the tightening of the Israeli exit permit policy with regard to Gazan cancer patients. According to data provided by Physicians for Human Rights, over the past year medical treatment has been significantly delayed for at least 45 women cancer patients from Gaza.

Which Is the Greater Threat? Non-Nuclear Iran or Israeli F-35s and Their Nuclear Weapons of Mass Destruction?

By Hans Stehling, June 04, 2018

Whilst non-nuclear Iran is subject to inspection by UN Inspectors from the IAEA, nuclear-armed Israel is completely free to increase its weapons of mass destruction, ad infinitum. That includes nuclear, chemical and biological WMD.

Israel’s Intensive Cover-up of Crimes against Palestinians, Complicity of Western Media

By Rima Najjar, June 04, 2018

The world has never witnessed a braver, more steadfast and resolute people than the en-caged Palestinians of Gaza — and that goes for every man, woman and child, from Hamas down, enduring unspeakable conditions and saying, in a voice that should be familiar to most Americans, give me liberty or give me death.

While Palestinian Paramedic Razan Lost Her Life, US Ambassador to UN Nikki Haley “Lost Her Humanity”

By Prof. Kamel Hawwash, June 04, 2018

Contrast the humane and selfless acts of 21-year-old Razan, with limited opportunities to bring peace and justice to her people, with the shameful and brazen attempts in the Security Council by US Ambassador Nikki Haley to deny another people, Razan’s people, protection from Israeli terror.

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“Abraham, Martin and John”… And Bobby. Political Assassinations in America


(and Bobby and Malcolm and John Lennon and Paul Wellstone and Mohandas and Jesus, and the Multitude of Other Progressive Leaders That Have Been Assassinated over the Decades [by Deep State Conspirators])


Every spring, as the calendar ticks off the two month span between April 4th (the assassination anniversary date of anti-war, anti-racist, anti-poverty activist Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr) and June 5th (the assassination anniversary date of anti-war  and pro-racial equality presidential candidate Senator Robert F. Kennedy), many progressive, anti-war, anti-racism, non-violent activists around the world such as myself have spent a lot of time thinking about how different America and the world might have been if the political, military and economic powers that were behind the Vietnam War and in charge of those two assassinations had decided instead to allow the will of the people – rather than the use of cowardly firearms – to decide America’s future.

1968, the Year When Everything Happened

1968 is sometimes referred to as the “year when everything happened”. 

  1. The Vietnam War intensified in the Battle of Khe Sanh (starting on January 21), the Tet Offensive (January 31), the Battle for Hue City (January 31) and the My Lai Massacre (March 16); 
  2. The anti-Vietnam War protests intensified in the US, resulting in Reactionary Police Brutality; 
  3. The Abdication of Lyndon Johnson (March 30); 
  4. The assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr (April 4) with over 100 American cities burning in response; 
  5. The Columbia University student occupations of campus buildings (April 23); 
  6. The Broadway Play Hair (April 29) started the Age of Aquarius; 
  7. The Catonsville 9  draft card burnings (May 17); 
  8. Bobby Kennedy’s Assassination (June 5);
  9. The Chicago Democratic Convention (August 28) with rampant police brutality;
  10. Richard Nixon’s divisive Southern Strategy campaign; 
  11. The segregationist Alabama Governor George Wallace’s presidential run for president, winning 13% of the national vote; 
  12. The Mexico Olympics and the famous Black Power Salute (October 16); 
  13. Black athletes kneeling during the national anthem at 1968 NFL games to protest police brutality and racial discrimination; 
  14. “National Burn Your Draft Card Day” (November 14); and 
  15. etc, etc.

1968 is also the year that hastened the destruction of true representative democracy in America and the beginning of a quasi-police state/Deep State establishment in its place. The unwelcome truths about Bobby Kennedy’s shooting on June 5, 1968 (by an assassin or assassins other than Sirhan Sirhan (see the irrefutable evidence further below) and his death on June 6, 1968 has been annually over-shadowed by the commemoration of the World War II anniversary of D-day, June 6, 1944. And every year teachable moments are lost.

Bobby Kennedy’s political assassination had occurred just 3 months before the infamous police state repression and beatings of non-violent protestors at the Democratic Party Convention in Chicago that brutalized so many young student anti-Vietnam war protestors. The police brutality ordered by Chicago mayor Richard Daley revealed that police power politics was alive and well in both political parties. It doomed the chances of Democrat Hubert Humphrey to keep the war-mongers Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger out of the White House. 

Related image

Shortly after the assassination of Bobby Kennedy, singer-song-writer Richard Holler was inspired to write the classic song, “Abraham, Martin and John”. See the lyrics further below.

Holler was inspired to write the song after the assassination of newly anti-war, Presidential candidate Bobby Kennedy. Holler saw the similarities between the assassinations of liberal/progressive political figures such as President Abraham Lincoln (1865), President John F. Kennedy(1963), Martin Luther King, Jr and Bobby Kennedy (both in 1968). 

Holler could just as well have written verses for other American justice-seeking activists such as Malcolm X, John Lennon and Democratic Senator from Minnesota Paul Wellstone, each of whom were progressive agitators, thinkers and doers who saw injustice and violence and then felt compelled to act upon their deeply-felt need to end the violence of racism, sexism, economic oppression/exploitation, police state repression, male supremacy and militarism. 

Each one was assassinated before they could achieve what they had so courageously tried to accomplish. Each died before their time at the hands of a well-disguised group of conspirators who would meet the definition of enemies of the state that the targeted individuals were trying to preserve. 

Here is a more complete list of dates of the assassinations and the relatively youthful ages of the victims:

  • Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on 4/15/1865 at age 56;
  • John F. Kennedy was assassinated on 11/22/1963 at age 46 by conspiratorial deep state assailants and NOT by the patsy Lee Harvey Oswald; The latest and best book on the subject is titled “JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters” by James Douglass. James Fetzer’s book on the assassination of JFK is “Murder in Dealey Plaza  which totally debunks the single shooter theory (and therefore proves that there was indeed a conspiracy to kill JFK) – click here for a review.
  • Martin Luther King was assassinated on 4/4/1968 at age 39 by deep state assailants and NOT by the patsy James Earl Ray; (for unassailable proof that Ray was a patsy, see this and also read “An Act of State” by attorney William Pepper, who is currently researching the Sirhan Sirhan case)
  • Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated on 6/5/1968 at age 43 by deep state assailants and NOT by the patsy Sirhan Sirhan; (For a review of the most recent book on the subject, The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy: Crime, Conspiracy and Cover-Up – A New Investigation”, see this.
  • Malcolm X was assassinated on 2/21/1965 at age 39;
  • John Lennon was assassinated on 12/8/1980 at age 40;
  • Paul Wellstone was assassinated on 10/25/2002 at age 58. (for details google “Wellstone: They Killed Him” or see this)
  • It should also be noted that the ancient progressive, non-violent, anti-sexist, anti-militarist, anti-poverty, peace and justice advocate Jesus of Nazareth was assassinated by his reactionary/conservative political and religious enemies at age 33.

Here are the lyrics to “Abraham, Martin and John”:

By Richard Holler

Has anybody here seen my old friend Abraham?
Can you tell me where he’s gone?
He freed a lot of people
But it seems the good die young
But I just looked around and he’s gone

Has anybody here seen my old friend John?
Can you tell me where he’s gone?
He freed a lot of people
But it seems the good die young
But I just looked around and he’s gone

Has anybody here seen my old friend Martin?
Can you tell me where he’s gone?
He freed a lot of people
But it seems the good die young
But I just looked around and he’s gone

Didn’t you love the things that they stood for?
Didn’t they try to find some good for you and me?
And we’ll be free
Someday soon, it’s gonna be
One day

Has anybody here seen my old friend Bobby?
Can you tell me where he’s gone?
I thought I saw him walkin’
Up over the hill
With Abraham, Martin and John.

Here is a recent article about Bobby Kennedy’s assassination by Edward Curtin. It was published on Global Research last week.

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The Boston Globe’s Hit Piece on the Assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy

Robert F. Kennedy and Paul Schrade Photo credit: MALDEF / YouTube

The counterattack on those, including Senator Robert Kennedy’s children, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, claiming that Senator Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated as a result of a conspiracy involving at least a second gunman, has commenced.  The Boston Globe, the traditional hometown newspaper of the Kennedy family, published a clearly misleading piece on May 31, 2018 by Nik DeCosta-Klipa, with the curiously long and loaded title “Bobby Kennedy’s son thinks he was killed by a second shooter. Is there anything to it?  Or has RFK, Jr. “launched a whole new generation of conspiracy nuts 50 years later.”

Whether DeCosta-Klipa was acting on orders from above to produce such a specious piece or is ignorant of the fundamental research in a case that shouts out conspiracy is a question I cannot answer, although based on his go-to “expert” in his article – Daniel Moldea, whose contradictory disinformation on the case is well known to serious researchers – I would guess the former to be correct.   

Let me begin with the title, which is marvelously propagandistic and sets the naïve reader’s mind on the intended trajectory.    RFK Jr.’s recent claim in The Washington Post of a second shooter and his call therefore for a re-investigation (a redundancy since no genuine official investigation was done; it was a cover-up from the start) is followed by a question: “Is there anything to it?  This is followed by a quote from Moldea, repeating the CIA created meme about conspiracy nuts: Or has RFK Jr “launched a whole new generation of conspiracy nuts 50 years later.”  Note how Moldea is allowed an assertion in the title that is not followed by a question mark.  Language is the key to effective propaganda, including punctuation.  It is a subtle art, at which our mainstream corporate media are adept.

Screenshot from The Boston Globe, an article by Nik DeCosta-Klipa

DeCosta begins by asserting that “conspiracy theories concerning President John F. Kennedy’s death may be most widely circulated.” Thus the reader is led into this article with the insinuation that of course Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK and anyone who questions that is a conspiracy nut.  So what about RFK’s murder?  

As the night follows day, we meet conspiracy nuts here too, courtesy of DeCosta-Klipa who allows Moldea a free hand to spout nonsense.  A person not familiar with the research done on this case by the great researcher Lisa Pease and others would assume that Moldea was the expert par excellence on RFK’s assassination, when nothing could be further from the truth.  James DiEugenio, Pease’s colleague and an equally brilliant researcher, has surgically dismembered Moldea’s work on the case.

So why has DeCosta-Klipa shined the spotlight on Moldea and given him so much space?

Image result for The killing of Robert F. Kennedy

It is unlikely that he has read Moldea’s 1995 book, The Killing of Robert F. Kennedy, a book about which DiEugenio rightly says: its “every major tenet is highly suspect, whose sourcing is not explicit, whose fairness is, to say the least, one-sided, whose completeness is just not there, whose use of witnesses-like Kaiser and McCowan-is rather lenient….it is a ‘bookshelf’ book that has no intellectual content or substance.”  He suggests it was commissioned by the government forces responsible for RFK’s death and the ongoing cover-up.

Moldea is allowed full leeway to rant:

To claim absurdly that the LAPD messed up and was not involved in the sinister plot and cover-up. 

To rip Robert Kennedy Jr. with the words “What Bobby Kennedy Jr. has done, he’s launched a whole new generation of conspiracy nuts who are going to believe that Sirhan didn’t do it and somebody else did.”

To utter the word conspiracy and conspiracy nuts constantly and to have that word repeated throughout by DeCosta-Klipa, as if he were Moldea’s echo.  The word conspiracy is used nine times in a highly pejorative sense.

(The conspiracy label was created by the CIA in 1967 to besmirch the name and reputation of anyone questioning the assassination of President Kennedy.  CIA agents and assets throughout the mass media were encouraged to use it constantly.  Of course they have.)

To preposterously claim that all the eyewitnesses were wrong and that since the autopsy definitively showed Kennedy was shot from the rear at point blank range that he must have turned around so Sirhan, who was standing feet away to the front could shoot him in his back and head.  To which, of course, DeCosta-Klipa has no reply, as if it weren’t ridiculous.

To falsely claim – lie – that Paul Schrade, an aide to the senator, who was walking behind him and was the first person shot, fell into RFK, pushing him toward Sirhan, when in fact Schrade fell backwards feet behind RFK.

To absurdly claim that the many bullet holes found in the door frames and wall weren’t bullet holes at all, but in DeCosta-Kipa’s words, paraphrasing Moldea, “were most likely the result of any number of kitchen carts banging into the wall.”  

Don’t laugh; there’s more.

To claim that the man highly suspected of having shot Kennedy from the rear, the security guard Thane Eugene Cesar, is innocent since he told him so.  But he doesn’t say that Cesar fled the country and is living somewhere in Asia under Moldea’s protection.

To claim the highly suspect police investigator of the shooting, DeWayne Wolfer, who also falsely asserts that no extra bullets were ever found, is a reliable source, despite extensive evidence to the contrary.

And to top it off, DeCosta-Klipa grants Moldea the final words: 

“I think [RFK Jr.] has been misled, conned, and corrupted by the conspiracy crowd to believe this garbage that the man that murdered his father is innocent.”

The truth is the readers of The Boston Globe have been misled, conned and corrupted by a classic piece of propaganda.  

It is a disgrace.

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Virginia Institute for Curriculum Services (ICI) and Israel Advocacy Groups Pressure University Textbook Publishers


VCHR and Virginia Professors Push Back Against Questionable Textbook Changes by Israel-advocacy Organizations

The Virginia Coalition for Human Rights (VCHR) and prominent Virginia college and university professors on May 30 demanded publishers protect the quality and accuracy of history and social studies textbooks used in K-12 classrooms across the commonwealth. The VCHR letter urged publishers not to adopt “factually-challenged, biased and exclusionary ICS [Institute for Curriculum Services] recommendations.” Publishers contacted include Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt, McGraw-Hill, Prentice Hall and National Geographic.

The Institute for Curriculum Services, with backing by state and local Israel advocacy organizations, submitted a large number of questionable proposed changes to the Virginia Department of Education and publishers during a recent textbook review process. Examples of ICS-submitted changes include:

1. Emphasizing Arab culpability for crisis initiation leading to military action and failure of peace efforts—and never Israeli culpability, even when it is undisputed historic fact.

2. Replacing the commonly used words of “settlers” with “communities,” “occupation” with “control of,” “wall” with “security fence,” and “militant” with “terrorist.”

3. Referencing Israeli claims such as “Israel annexed East Jerusalem” and the Golan Heights as accepted facts without referencing lack of official recognition by the United Nations and most member nation states.

Signatories of the VCHR letter to textbook publishers argued against “any rushed adoption” of such changes until “a diverse panel of qualified and nonpartisan academic experts is consulted for feedback.”

This initiative to maintain quality and accuracy in textbooks was led by the Virginia Coalition for Human Rights, a coalition of 16 organizations representing over 8,000 Virginians.

Among the 14 Virginia academic signatories of the letter are:

  • Professor Noura Erakat, Assistant Professor of Legal Studies, Social Justice, and International Area Studies, School of Interactive Studies, George Mason University
  • Professor Michael Fischbach, Professor of History, Randolph Macon College
  • Professor Peter Mandaville, Professor of International Affairs, Schar School of Policy and Government, George Mason University;
  • Professor William B. Quandt, Professor Emeritus, Department of Politics, University of Virginia;
  • Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, Distinguished Adjunct Professor of Government and Public Policy at the College of William and Mary.

Letters presenting all academic and VCHR coalition member organization signatories and other documentation sent to textbook publishers may be viewed online at the Virginia Coalition for Human Rights website at

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Syria’s Upcoming Constitutional Commission Will be About “Decentralization”


Syria recently announced that it has handed over to its Russian and Iranian Astana partners a list of experts to participate in the upcoming UN-supervised “constitutional commission”.

This is an important milestone in the peace process because it proves that President Assad was sincere when he told his Russian counterpart in Sochi last month about his intention to participate in this still-unscheduled gathering as soon as possible. Damascus had hitherto been dragging its heels in this respect as part of what can only be presumed was a strategic gamble to lessen the amount of “compromises” that it would inevitably have to make, though that policy backfired after it inadvertently led to Israel perceiving it as a pro-Iranian ploy to indefinitely preserve Tehran’s military presence in the Arab Republic. Consequently, Tel Aviv bombed Syria several timesover the past month in ever-larger and more dramatic attacks that seem in hindsight to have been partially responsible for bringing Damascus to the negotiating table so suddenly.

The upcoming “constitutional commission” doesn’t yet have a date attached to it, but the overall agenda is obvious and allows one to get an idea of some of the most contentious points of this gathering. Clearly, everyone is going to discuss the future role of President Assad, though it’s highly unlikely that he’ll be forced out of office after the Syrian Arab Army succeeded in liberating most of the country’s population. What’s more probable in this regard is that he will become a figurehead leader that remains in his position throughout the country’s post-war transition as it devolves from a centralized to a “decentralized” state. It’s precisely this transformation that will lead a lessening of his power as all sides try to figure out how it’ll play out in practice.

“Decentralization” is never an easy process, let alone in a state as identity-diverse as Syria whose previously unified identity was irreparably damaged as a result of the foreign-instigated conflict. Ethno-regional and sectarian fault lines have been violently forced to the surface in some parts of the country, mostly those in the “de-escalation zones” where so-called “armed opposition” members are still in control but also in the American-occupied northeastern one-third of the country east of the Euphrates. In the latter agriculturally and energy-rich region, the US’ Kurdish allies are already running their own de-facto independent “federation” and are unlikely to voluntarily give it up, nor is the national military capable of liberating it given that the Pentagon has already proven that it will respond with disproportionate force to even the mildest violation of the so-called “deconfliction line” across the Euphrates.

The “armed opposition” and the militant Kurds also need to come to terms with Damascus about the future of their militias and whether they’ll integrate into a reconstituted Syrian Army or remain as the main military force in their unofficial “spheres of influence”. This is a very sensitive issue that could make or break the negotiations just as much as the discussions over President Assad’s political future could too, so all sides will need to proceed very carefully when talking about this topic. Taking stock of these disagreements, they can be summarized as working out the nitty-gritty territorial, administrative, and military details of Syria’s probable “decentralization” as well as the higher-level ones related to President Assad and the likely bicameral parliament that he’ll preside over during a transitional period once this “constitutional reform” process is completed.

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What the ‘Doomsday Brexit Plan’ Document Says Should Frighten Us All


This is the first paragraph of The Times article (paywall) regarding Britain’s now famous Doomsday Brexit plan:

“Britain would be hit with shortages of medicine, fuel and food within a fortnight if the UK tries to leave the European Union without a deal, according to a Doomsday Brexit scenario drawn up by senior civil servants for David Davis.”

The Times confirms that the port of Dover will collapse “on day one” if Britain crashes out of the EU, leading to critical shortages of supplies. This was the middle of three scenarios put forward by senior advisors. A type of best guestimate if you like. You simply do not want to know the outcome of the worst of those three scenarios. Indeed, we have been spared from such details.

The article states that the RAF would have to be deployed to ferry supplies around Britain. And yes, we’re still on the middle scenario here.

You would have to medevac medicine into Britain, and at the end of week two we would be running out of petrol as well,” a contributing source said.

The report continues to describe matters such as cross-channel disruption for heavy goods vehicles, which would also be catastrophic. Massive carparks will be required.

A senior official said in the ‘Doomsday’ Brexit plan:

We are entirely dependent on Europe reciprocating our posture that we will do nothing to impede the flow of goods into the UK. If for whatever reason, Europe decides to slow that supply down, then we’re screwed.

Let’s not worry about the fact that French borders are often left in chaos due to the all too familiar strikes that appear almost monthly during holiday season for one reason or another.

Home secretary Sajid Javid makes an unconvincing comment stating he’s ‘confident’ a deal will be done. That’s hardly the type of assurance we need is it?

UK officials emphasised that the June EU summit due on the 28th was heading for a “car crash” because “no progress has been made since March” to devise plans for a long-term deal. If your confidence in Brexit is starting to wane, don’t worry, half the nation are not just anxious but downright fearful – mainly because, neither in or out has given any concreate evidence of likely outcomes. This is probably because Brexit hasn’t been done before – and was designed that way. Deliberately.

One official said

“the scenarios are so explosive they have only been shared with a handful of ministers and are “locked in a safe.”

At what stage of their hapless fiddling, constant arguing and pitiful attempts to administer the kiss of life to the corpse that Brexit has turned out to be, does a politician officially earn the title of – stupid idiot?

“Just bloody get on with it” shout the Brexiteers, except both they and the UK government still can’t decide what ‘it’ is.

Still, not to worry, we have a ‘special relationship’ with the United States of America. Britain sends about 19 percent of total exports to the USA (forget the 44 percent sent to the EU). Except, we’ve just found out we’re not special anymore. Frankly, we never were and never have been, but now, we have proof. There’s a trade war about to kick off. And we’re going to be in it – but on the side of the EU.

Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States are part of the G7. Except now that little club is already being referred to the G6 + 1, the plus one being the USA. The other six are furious that the USA would accuse them of being a national security threat over such simple matters as metal sales.

Let’s not worry about the fact that China, Russia, India and quarter of Africa are now executing oil trades outside of the USD. Let’s not worry that the rest of the world are now ganging up on isolationist America for attempting to tear down the world order. Just think about that for a moment. We’re on the wrong side – we’re on the losing side, because we’re with America – except now we’re not. And anyway, who would back the entire nation on a man like Trump and a country like America??

Liam Fox, a detestable man who rightly should be banned from managing a corner shop let alone negotiate the future prospects of Britain promised 40 trade deals signed up by next March. How many have signed? Nil, neant, null, and nulo. Not one.

Fox has previously claimed that securing a trade deal with the EU after Brexit would be, and I quote: “the easiest in human history.” He was wrong.

Then we have the Five-Eyes Alliance – the global spying and communications network of the USA, UK, N-Z, Canada and Australia. If anything, this would be something to do with that special relationship, especially as Britain excels in breaking international laws in areas such as illegal surveillance. Except that is falling apart too as N-Z is being threatened with expulsion by none other than America – because it works closely with China on a number of projects that America thinks makes it vulnerable to Chinese influence. What happens when Trump is reminded that one of the worlds largest nuclear power stations is in Britain – currently being built and funded in part by ….ahem …China.

In the meantime, Britain is being forced into making up fantastical stories about Russians running around the Shires with deadly nerve agents whilst we watch £1billion projects being shelved by banning football club owners who have resided and heavily invested in the country for decades. Britain has gone from farce to tragedy. Just as Thatcher walked away from the free market ideology of extreme neoliberal capitalism and all that it has brought, Cameron walked away from his little ‘miscalculation’ by offering a disaffected electorate a protest vote. The rest of us can’t walk away from a country in crisis – we have little option but to follow our so-called leaders.

The only credible plan they do have and let’s be fair, it was they who put the country in this position in the first place, is called the Doomsday Brexit Plan.

Excellent. At first, you were anxious, then a bit unnerved, but by now, you really should be alarmed. What if the Brexiteers are wrong and the officials and civil servants who created this document are right? What then?

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IDF on Murder of Razan al-Najjar: She Was Killed “in Accordance with Standard Operating Procedures.” (True Enough)


A Palestinian medic was shot dead in Gaza. Now Israel says it will investigate.

Thousands attend the funeral for Razan al-Najjar, the 21-year-old medic shot and killed near the Gaza border with Israel June 1. (Reuters)

Thousands of people gathered in Gaza on Saturday for the funeral of Razan al-Najjar, a 21-year-old Palestinian medic who witnesses say Israeli soldiers shot dead near the border fence on Friday.

Medical workers, dressed in white uniforms, marched in her funeral procession, holding Palestinian flags and photos of her face. Her father walked holding his daughter’s own medical vest, once white, now stained red with her blood.

More than 115 people have been killed since protests began on the border at the end of March, but Najjar is only the second woman to die. The first was a teenage protester.

Photos from the scene immediately after Najjar was shot show a group of men carrying the volunteer in her white uniform, her head tilted back and her gloved hand limp around their shoulders. Witnesses said she was shot in the chest.

The Israeli military said on Saturday that it would investigate her death but that its troops worked “in accordance with standard operating procedures.”

“The IDF (Israel Defence Forces) constantly works to draw operational lessons and reduce the number of casualties in the area of the Gaza Strip security fence,” the military said in a statement. “Unfortunately, the Hamas terror organization deliberately and methodically places civilians in danger.”

Last month, the New York Times interviewed Najjar in Gaza. She was one of the only female medics responding to medical emergencies during the protests organized by Hamas, the militant group that controls Gaza.

“We have one goal — to save lives and evacuate people,” she said in the video. “And to send a message to the world: Without weapons, we can do anything.”

After her death, a volunteer ambulance worker, Izzat Shatat, told the Associated Press that he and Najjar were planning to announce their engagement at the end of Ramadan.

Hamas called the protests this spring the Great March of Return. The demonstrations intended to shed light on the Israeli-Egyptian blockade on Gaza, and also call for “right of return” for Palestinian refugees displaced during the 1948 war. On May 14, the same day the United States opened its controversial new embassy in Jerusalem, tens of thousands of Palestinians demonstrated in the Gaza Strip.

Organizers encouraged the protesters to try to burst through the fence into Israel, and Israeli soldiers responded with firepower. They killed dozens of people, including teenagers, and wounded at least 2,700 demonstrators, the Palestinian Health Ministry said. The United Nations said that “those responsible for outrageous human rights violations must be held to account.”

But on Friday, the United States vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution that would have condemned Israel’s “excessive, disproportionate and indiscriminate force” against Palestinians. U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley called the resolution one-sided. The White House has blamed Hamas for the violence in Gaza.

After Najjar died in the operating room on Friday, Nickolay Mladenov, the U.N. Middle East envoy, tweeted that

“#Israel needs to calibrate its use of force and Hamas need to prevent incidents at the fence. Escalation only costs more lives.”

“Medical workers are #NotATarget!” he wrote.

In her interview with the New York Times, Najjar said that Gaza needed more female medics like herself.

“The strength that I showed as a first responder on the first day of protests, I dare you to find it anyone else,” she said.

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Hating Russia Is a Full-Time Job.“Who is Driving the Hostility towards Russia?”


Neocons resurrect tribal memories to fan the flames

Having just returned from a trip to Russia, I am pleased to report that the Russian people and the officialdom that I encountered displayed none of the vitriol towards Americans that I half expected as a response to the vilifying of Moscow and all its works that pervades the U.S. media and Establishment.

To be sure, many Russians I spoke with were quick to criticize the Trump Administration for its hot and cold performance vis-à-vis the bilateral ties to Moscow while also expressing mystification over why the relationship had gone south so quickly, but this anger over foreign policy did not necessarily translate into contempt for the American people and way of life that characterized the Soviet period. At least not yet.

Somewhat to my surprise, ordinary Russians were also quick to openly criticize President Vladimir Putin for his autocratic tendencies and his willingness to continue to tolerate corruption, but everyone I spoke to also conceded that he had generally acted constructively and had greatly improved life for ordinary people. Putin remains wildly popular.

One question that came up frequently was “Who is driving the hostility towards Russia?” I responded that the answer is not so simple and there are a number of constituencies that, for one reason or another, need a powerful enemy to justify policies that would otherwise be unsustainable. Defense contractors need a foe to justify their existence while congressmen need the contractors to fund their campaigns. The media needs a good fearmongering story to help sell itself and the public also is accustomed to having a world in which terrible threats lurk just below the horizon, thereby increasing support for government control of everyday life to keep everyone “safe.”

And then there are the neocons. As always, they are a distinct force for creative destruction, as they put it, certainly first in line with their hands out to get the funding of their no-expenses-spared foundations and think tanks, but also driven ideologically, which has made them the intellectual vanguard of the war party. They provide the palatable intellectual framework for America to take on the world, metaphorically speaking, and constitute the strike force that is always ready to appear on television talk shows or to be quoted in the media with an appropriate intelligent sounding one liner that can be used to justify the unthinkable. In return they are richly rewarded both with money and status.

The neocons believe in only two things. First, that the United States is the sole world superpower, given license by something like a Divine Entity to exercise global leadership by force if necessary. That has been translated to the public as “American exceptionalism.” Indeed, U.S. interventionism in practice has been by force majeure preferably as it leaves little room for debate or discussion. And the second neocon guiding principle is that everything possible must be done to protect and promote Israel. Absent these two beliefs, you do not have a neocon.

The founding fathers of neoconism were New York Jewish “intellectuals” who evolved (or devolved) from being bomb throwing Trotskyites to “conservatives,” a process they self-define as “idealism getting mugged by reality.” The only reality is that they have always been faux conservatives, embracing a number of aggressive foreign policy and national security positions while also privately endorsing the standard Jewish liberal line on social issues. Neocon fanaticism on the issues that they do promote also suggests that more that a little of the Trotskyism remains in their character, hence their tenacity and ability to slither between the Democratic and Republican parties while also appearing comfortably on disparate media outlets considered to be either liberal or conservative, i.e. on both Fox news and MSNBC programs featuring the likes of Rachel Maddow.

I have long believed that the core hatred of Russia comes from the neocons and is to a large extent tribal or, if you prefer, ethno-religious based. Why? Because if the neoconservatives were actually foreign policy realists there is no good reason to express any visceral dislike of Russia or its government. The allegations that Moscow interfered in the 2016 presidential election in the U.S. are clearly a sham, just as are the tales of the alleged Russian poisoning of the Skripals in Winchester England and, most recently, the claimed assassination of journalist Arkady Babchenko in Kiev which turned out to be a false flag. Even the most cursory examination of the past decade’s developments in Georgia and Ukraine reveal that Russia was reacting to legitimate major security threats engineered by the United States with a little help from Israel and others. Russia has not since the Cold War ended threatened the United States and its ability to re-acquire its former Eastern European satellites is a fantasy. So why the hatred?

In fact, the neocons got along quite well with Russia when they and their overwhelmingly Jewish oligarchs and international commodity thieves cum financier friends were looting the resources of the old Soviet Union under the hapless Boris Yeltsin during the 1990s. Alarms about the alleged Russian threat only re-emerged in the neocon dominated media and think tanks when old fashioned nationalist Vladimir Putin took office and made it a principal goal of his government to turn off the money tap.

With the looting stopped by Putin, the neocons and friends no longer had any reason to play nice, so they used their considerable resources in the media and within the halls of power in places like Washington, London and Paris to turn on Moscow. And they also might have perceived that there was a worse threat looming. The Putin government appeared to be resurrecting what the neocons might perceive as pogrom plagued Holy Russia! Old churches razed by the Bolsheviks were being rebuilt and people were again going to mass and claiming belief in Jesus Christ. The former Red Square now hosts a Christmas market while the nearby tomb of Lenin is only open one morning in the week and attracts few visitors.

I would like to suggest that it is quite possible that the historically well-informed neocons are merely longing for the good old Bolshevik days in Russia. The fact is that much of Bolshevik state atheism was driven by the large overrepresentation of Jews in the party in its formative days. British journalist Robert Wilton’s meticulously researched 1920 study “The Last Days of the Romanovs” describes how David R. Francis, United States ambassador in Russia, warned in a January 1918 message to Washington that

“The Bolshevik leaders here, most of whom are Jews and 90 percent of whom are returned exiles, care little for Russia or any other country but are internationalists and they are trying to start a worldwide social revolution.”

Dutch Ambassador William Oudendyke echoed that sentiment, writing that

“Unless Bolshevism is nipped in the bud immediately, it is bound to spread in one form or another over Europe and the whole world as it is organized and worked by Jews who have no nationality, and whose one object is to destroy for their own ends the existing order of things.”

Russia’s greatest twentieth century writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn, feted in the west for his staunch resistance to Soviet authoritarianism, suddenly found himself friendless by the media and publishing world when he wrote “Two Centuries Together: A Russo-Jewish History to 1972”, recounting some of the dark side of the Russian-Jewish experience. In particular, Solzhenitsyn cited the significant overrepresentation of Russian Jews both as Bolsheviks and, prior to that time, as serf-owners.

Jews notably played a particularly disproportionate role in the Soviet secret police, which began as the Cheka and eventually became the KGB. Jewish historian Leonard Schapiro noted how “Anyone who had the misfortune to fall into the hands of the Cheka “stood a very good chance of finding himself confronted with, and possibly shot by, a Jewish investigator.” In Ukraine, “Jews made up nearly eighty percent of the rank-and-file Cheka agents.”

In light of all this it should surprise no one that the new Russian government pf 1918 issued a decree a few months after taking power making anti-Semitism a crime in Russia. The Communist regime became the world’s first to criminally punish any anti-Jewish sentiment.

Wilton used official Russian government documents to identify the make-up of the Bolshevik regime in 1917-9. The 62 members of the Central Committee included 41 Jews while the Extraordinary Cheka Commission Cheka of Moscow’s 36 members included 23 Jews. The 22 strong Council of the People’s Commissars numbered had 17 Jews. According to data furnished by the Soviet authorities, out of the 556 most important functionaries of the Bolshevik state in 1918-1919 there were: 17 Russians, two Ukrainians, eleven Armenians, 35 Latvians, 15 Germans, one Hungarian, ten Georgians, three Poles, three Finns, one Czech and 458 Jews.

In 1918-9, effective Russian governmental power rested in the Central Committee of the Bolshevik party. In 1918 this body had twelve members, of whom nine were of Jewish origin, and three were Russians. The nine Jews were: Trotsky, Zinoviev, Larine, Uritsky, Volodarski, Kamenev, Smidovich, Yankel, and Steklov. The three Russians were: Lenin, Krylenko, and Lunacharsky.

The Communist diaspora in Europe and America was also largely Jewish, including the cabal of founders of neoconservativism in New York City. The United States Communist Party was from the start predominantly Jewish. It was in the 1930s headed by Jew Earl Browder, grandfather of the current snake oil salesman Bill Browder, who has been sanctimoniously proclaiming his desire to punish Vladimir Putin for various alleged high crimes. Browder is a complete hypocrite who has fabricated and sold to Congress a largely phony and self-serving narrative relating to Russian corruption. He is also not surprisingly a neocon media darling in the U.S. It has been more than plausibly claimed that Browder was a principal looter of Russia’s resources in the 1990s and Russian courts have convicted him of tax evasion among other crimes.

The undeniable historical affinity of Jews for the Bolshevik brand of communism coupled with the Jewishness of the so-called oligarchs rather suggests that the hatred of a Russia that has turned its back on those particular aspects of Jewish heritage might be at least part of what drives some neocons. Just as in the case of Syria which the neocons, bowing to Israel’s interests, prefer to see in chaos, some might long for a return to the good old days of looting by mostly Jewish foreign interests, as under Yeltsin, or even better for the heady days of 1918-9 Bolshevism when Jews ruled all of Russia.

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Trump: Zionist animals


Why Was Claudia Patricia Gómez González Murdered?

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Claudia Patricia Gómez González, a young Indigenous woman from Guatemala, was shot and killed by a Border Patrol agent on May 23 while crossing from Mexico into Rio Bravo, Texas.

Marta Martinez, who lives just a mile from the border and regularly witnesses migrants being chased down by Border Patrol, heard a gunshot that morning and witnessed the deadly aftermath. In a recording that immediately went viral, Martinez can be heard shouting: “Why do you mistreat them? Why did you shoot the girl? You killed her! He killed the girl. She’s there! She’s dead!”

The US Customs and Border Protection agency released a statement the same day that attempted to justify the agent’s actions. It claimed he “came under attack” and described the migrants as “assailants” armed with “blunt objects.”

But by Friday, the agency released a different statement with no mention of “blunt objects” or “assailants.” Martinez stated she didn’t see any weapons and didn’t hear the agent make any commands to “stop” or “don’t run,” further contradicting the official story.

It seems clear that Claudia was murdered — shot in the head while attempting, along with three others, to make the dangerous trip across the border.

Claudia was hoping to cross the border safely to reconnect with her boyfriend — and according to one of her cousins, “because of a great need that her family has” economically.

She planned to earn money to send back to Guatemala while continuing her education in the US Her father, Gilberto Gómez, said Claudia “left with the desire to better her life.” She was robbed of that opportunity by the Border Patrol.


More than 7,000 migrants have been killed by the Border Patrol or died attempting to cross the border since 1998, not counting hundreds if not thousands more who have “disappeared” on the dangerous journey.

Migrants from Guatemala leave for the US for many reasons, but according to the Center for Immigration Studies, over 90 percent are motivated by economic reasons. Some 60 percent of Guatemalans live in poverty, and the country has some of the lowest life expectancies and highest infant mortality rates in Central America. Remittances from Guatemalans working in the US make up about 10 percent of Guatemala’s GDP.

Claudia’s murder comes a week after Donald Trump referred to immigrants as “animals” for at least the fifth time on national television. This language reflects the very real way that immigrants are dehumanized — starting at the very top of the US government.

Trump’s remarks are dangerous, and migrants and their families know why. “It’s not fair that they treat them like animals just because they come from countries less developed,” Gómez’s aunt said during a press conference in Guatemala.

Meanwhile, Martinez said she heard a Border Patrol agent telling two migrants apprehended on the scene of Gómez’s murder: “See what happens? This is what happens with you people.”

As is the case with state and local police, Border Patrol agents are rarely held accountable for their actions.

In 2016, despite the fact that the Department of Homeland Security itself referred to corrupt border agents as “a national security threat” and found that the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) had a “broken disciplinary process,” Border Patrol regularly get by with physical and sexual abuse, as well as murder.

The US government has paid some $60 million in settlements where border agents were involved with wrongful detentions, assault and deaths. The American Civil Liberties Union just released documents revealing widespread physical and sexual abuse of migrant kids and teens by Border Patrol.

Earlier this year, agents were caught destroying jugs of water left in the Arizona desert near border-crossing areas by a humanitarian group, No More Deaths. Instead of reprimanding the agents, the volunteers for No More Deaths were charged with federal misdemeanors.


Trump’s response to this culture of violence is…a promise to increase their presence by adding 5,000 additional agents.

There are more than 40,000 Border Patrol in the CBP, making it the largest law enforcement agency in the country and one of the largest in the world, with a budget of $14 billion.

But Trump and the Republicans don’t bear all the responsibility. Both the Democratic and Republican Parties have contributed to the mass militarization of the border, particularly between Mexico and the US.

In his book No One is Illegal, Justin Akers Chacón writes about the massive bipartisan effort to militarize the border.

During the Republican administration of Ronald Reagan, funding for the Border Patrol increased by 130 percent. The administration of Democrat Bill Clinton created Operation Gatekeeper, which not only increased funding for enforcement, but further militarized the border, through “deploying underground sensors, infrared night scopes and encrypted radios; building miles of new fences; and installing massive amounts of new lightning.”

In 2002, George W. Bush created the Department of Homeland Security, and his administration was also responsible for large budget increases for Border Patrol.

Despite his campaign promises and rhetoric, Barack Obama’s administration is guilty of strengthening the deportation machine, including by expanding programs promoting police collaboration with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in apprehending, detaining and deporting undocumented immigrants.

Obama oversaw a significant increase in the number of immigrant detention centers, the deportation of some 2 million people and a massive budget increase for the CBP. In other words, the foundation for Trump’s efforts to ramp up the militarization of the border was built during the Obama era.


Karina Alvarez of the Laredo Immigrant Alliance knows that the militarized border isn’t about security or safety.

The Trump administration’s deployment of National Guard troops to the border is an unwelcome form of “protection,” Alvarez told NPR. “Our community really is in fear, we really think there should be accountability over Border Patrol agents.”

On May 26, Alvarez and the Laredo Immigrant Alliance held a Vigil Honoring Lives Lost in the Border and expressed their outrage at the murder of Claudia González, as well as extending condolences to her family.

The group invited people from Rio Bravo and El Cenizo to “come together as we honor the lives lost at the border.” Alvarez explained on Facebook that rhetoric portraying immigrants as “murderers, rapists and animals” is “how ICE and BP perceives us” and “their actions are becoming normalized.”

She said what is most important right now is for people to act, fight back and reject all calls for more immigration enforcement, especially “the mass hiring of untrained Border Patrol agents who will cause more damage.”

The fight in Texas against the murderous Border Patrol and ICE demands solidarity. Movimiento Cosecha posted on Facebook that we must “#SayHerName”: Claudia Patricia Gómez González.

Like Sandra Bland, an African American woman who died in police custody after being detained during a traffic stop in Texas, her death must be remembered as activists organize and continue to fight for justice.

Claudia Patricia Gómez González’s life mattered, and what activists do now matters. We must demand that Border Patrol agents be held accountable and not simply be given administrative leave. And we must understand that until the border is demilitarized and people are able to cross borders freely, migrants will continue to die.






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Trump Reportedly Told Sessions to Reverse Recusal From Russia Probe


Adding to the “mountain of evidence” that President Donald Trump has obstructed justice and indicating that special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe is continuing to expand, the New York Times reported late Tuesday that Mueller is examining a meeting last March during which Trump ordered Attorney General Jeff Sessions to reverse his recusal from the FBI’s Russia investigation.

After ranting to aides that “he needed a loyalist overseeing” the Russia probe, Trump told Sessions during dinner at Mar-a-Lago to walk back his decision to recuse himself from the investigation — a move that was required by Justice Department guidelines that “are in place to prevent the sort of political meddling the president tried to engage in,” the Times notes.

Sessions ultimately refused Trump’s demand.

The special counsel’s reported interest Trump’s meeting with the attorney general “demonstrates Mr. Sessions’ overlooked role as a key witness in the investigation into whether Mr. Trump tried to obstruct” the Russia investigation, the Times observed. “It also suggests that the obstruction investigation is broader than it is widely understood to be — encompassing not only the president’s interactions with and firing of the former F.B.I. director, James B. Comey.”

Responding to the Times report on Tuesday, legal expert and former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti argued in a series of tweets that Trump’s “repeated attempts to push Sessions to reassert control over the Russia investigation” constitute “very strong evidence” that the president has obstructed justice.

“Given this bizarre timeline of behavior by Trump, it’s hard to conclude that Trump doesn’t want Sessions to improperly impede the Mueller investigation, which is strong evidence that Trump wanted to impede the investigation when he fired Comey,” Mariotti concluded.

Renato Mariotti@renato_mariotti

THREAD: Are the revelations in today’s @nytimes article, including Trump’s repeated attempts to push Sessions to reassert control over the Russia investigation, evidence of obstruction of justice? (Short answer: Very strong evidence.)


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