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America’s Drive for World Domination



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“Appeasement” as Global Policy. Trump’s “Will to Power”. America’s Drive for World Domination

By Prof. James Petras, June 08 2018

EU kowtowing to President Trump’s grab for global power, has only aroused his desire to dominate their markets, dictate their trade relations and defense spending. Trump tells the EU that his enemies are theirs. Trump believes in the doctrine of unilateral trade and ‘deals’ based on the principle that the US decides.

The US Government Survey on ‘Precarious’ Jobs

By Dr. Jack Rasmus, June 08 2018

The US Government’s Labor Department today, June 7, 2018, released a report on the condition of what’s called ‘precarious’ jobs in the US. The meaning of precarious is generally assumed to be contingent labor, alternative work arrangements, and, most recently, ‘gig’ work. The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ survey concluded, however, that contingent-alternative

Image may contain: 4 people, text work is not a serious problem in the US today




Dems Put Finishing Touches on America’s One-Party ‘Surveillance Superstate’

By Mike Whitney, June 08 2018

The shift away from liberal politicians to center-right government agents and military personnel is part of a broader plan to rebuild the party so it better serves the interests of its core constituents, Wall Street, big business, and the foreign policy establishment.

The Malfeasance of the US Military. Fallible and Negligent Men Armed to the Teeth with Missiles and Nuclear Bombs

By Helen Caldicott, June 08 2018

In 2015, ninety-two American missile officers were suspended because they had been cheating, taking drugs, or sleeping in the missile silos. These men are employed to guard and to operate 150 nuclear missiles at F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming which constitutes one-third of the 400 Minuteman 3 missiles that stand “on hair trigger alert” 24 hours a day in silos which are scattered across the northern Great Plains.

Video: Italy, Behind the Parade. Italy’s Active Involvement in US-NATO led Wars

By Manlio Dinucci, June 08 2018

As the military units paraded, the announcers listed the military missions in which Italian armed forces are engaged in over 20 countries: from Kosovo to Iraq and Afghanistan, from Lebanon to Libya and Latvia, from Somalia to Djibouti and Niger. In other words, they listed the wars and other military operations in which Italy has participated and is still participating, in violation of its own Constitution, in the framework of the USA/NATO’s aggressive expansionist strategy.

TODAY: The Globalization of War. Anti-war Panel in Regina, Sask. Michel Chossudovsky, David Orchard, David Gehl

By Global Research News, June 08 2018

Jun 8, 2018, Regina, Saskatchewan organized by the Regina Peace Council

This important event will focus on the history of America’s wars of aggression, the role of Canada in supporting US led wars and the need to rebuild Canada’s anti-war movement.

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Palestinian Courage Should Spur International Action


After 70 years, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is still unresolved. The conflict simmers for a few years, then erupts again with new massacres and violence. This article describes recent events, the failure of the “two state solution” and need for a different approach.   

In the past couple months, Israeli Defence Force (IDF) soldiers have killed 118 Palestinian protesters and seriously wounded many thousands more. The protesters were unarmed and no threat to the soldiers. Gaza hospitals overflow with victims. 

In the wake of this violence, human rights groups filed a legal petition to make it unlawful for Israeli soldiers to fire on unarmed protesters. Last week the Israeli Supreme Court rejected the petition. 

Israeli violence is usually portrayed as a “response” to Palestinian violence, but the reality is the opposite. The sequence of recent events is as follows: 

  • From the end of March til May 25, Palestinians in Gaza protested against their oppression as close as they could get to the border fences. About 118 were killed and many thousands seriously injured by Israeli snipers. They were all shot inside Gaza. 
  • On May 27 – 28, the Israeli military launched tank mortars at Palestinian military outposts inside Gaza, killing four.
  • Next day, on May 29, Palestinian militants launched unguided mortars into nearby Israel. Most of them fell harmlessly and there were no Israeli casualties.    
  • Next day, on May 30, Israeli jets and helicopters launched guided missiles and bombs on 65 different locations within Gaza. 

Clearly, the violence started with Israelis killing protesters and then militants inside Gaza, but it’s not portrayed that way. Time magazine began its article with, “Palestinian militants bombarded southern Israel….” 

Pro Israel advocates wish to prevent people from seeing what is really happening. They know the potential damage if people see video such as Israeli snipers celebrating the shooting of unarmed protesters. To prevent this, a proposed law will make it illegal to photograph or video record Israeli soldiers. Palestinian journalists have condemned this attempt to criminalize journalism.   

The Reality of the Israeli Occupation

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Israel calls itself the “Startup Nation” because of the economic and technological achievements. But in Gaza and the West Bank, Israeli policies and actions strangle the economies and worsen living conditions.

Palestinians in Gaza are kept separate from Palestinians in the West Bank. There is no trade, travel or inter-family visitation. This is in violation of international agreements including the Oslo Accords. 

The claim that Israel “departed” Gaza is false. Israel controls the borders, sky and waters around Gaza, a coastal strip just 5 miles wide by 25 miles in length. Unemployment in Gaza is approaching 50%, the highest unemployment in the world. Fisherman are prevented from going out into deeper waters and shot at when they go beyond Israel’s imposed zone. Gazan farmers cannot export independently. Israel frequently blocks the import and export of crops and products. It is almost impossible to leave Gaza. Even outstanding students winning international scholarships may have their exit denied. The electrical and water treatment facilities have been bombed and destroyed by Israel. Nearly all the drinking water is contaminated. Israel restricts the amount of food permitted to enter Gaza so there is continual shortage leading to nutritional deprivation, stunted growth and anemia. 

This situation is not new. Eighteen years ago, Israeli journalist Amira Hass described the history, the facts and statistics as well as her personal experience living in Gaza in the profound book “Drinking the Seat at Gaza: Days and Nights in a Land Under Siege”. The situation was extremely grim then but keeps getting worse.  

At the northern Gaza border, Israel is now building a “sea barrier” extending far out into the Mediterranean. It will be above and below the water line. A major reason for this expensive project is to block sewage and pollution from the waters in front of Gaza. Because of Israeli attacks on sewage treatment and electrical infrastructure, sewage flows into the sea. Last summer, Zikim Beach in southern Israel had to be closed due to the inflow of sewage from Gaza. The ‘sea barrier’ now in construction will block the sea currents. This will keep the Israeli beach clean and greatly compound the problem in Gaza. 

The strangulation, impoverishment and oppression is not confined to Gaza. In the West Bank, Israeli settlements continue to expand. This increases the number of check points, restrictions and repression. Travel from Bethlehem to Jerusalem is impossible for most Palestinians. The majority of West Bank water from the aquifers is transferred to Israel or provided cheaply to settlers while Palestinians must buy water and store it in tanks on their rooftops. In the last few years, Israel has made it increasingly difficult or impossible for humanitarian groups to provide medical support including breast cancer screening. A compelling new book titled “The Other Side of the Wall” describes the daily struggle in the West Bank where Palestinians and international allies protest against the theft of land, abuses, random killings and imprisonments.  

Defiant Courage 

There seems to be a trend toward greater Palestinian unity and strategic agreement. The tens of thousands of Palestinians protesting in Gaza were unarmed and united behind the Palestinian flag rather than separate party or movement flags of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, PFLP, DFLP, etc..    

The Palestinian protesters in Gaza show remarkable courage. Beginning on Friday March 30, they have returned week after week despite seeing thousands of their fellows shot and wounded or killed. 

In an article titled “The Gaza Fence that Separates the Brave from the Cowardly”, Amira Hass wrote,

“The desperate courage demonstrated by tens of thousands of citizens of Gaza over the past few weeks in general and on Monday in particular hints at the energies, the talents, the dreams, the creativity and the vitality of the inhabitants of this strip of land – who have been subjected to a 27 year policy of closure and siege aimed at suffocating and crushing them.”  

Steadfast and Persistent 

Palestinian resistance continues despite Israeli violence and bloodshed. Seven years ago Palestinian refugees in Syria and Lebanon held “March of Return” protests at the northern borders. Israeli soldiers killed 13 and wounded many more.  

In recent days, Gazans have again challenged the Israeli port blockade which prevents ships from departing or arriving. International solidarity with the Palestinian cause is also persistent. Three ships (two Swedish and one Norwegian) recently departed Scandinavia heading for the Mediterranean Sea and Gaza. Named the 2018 Freedom Flotilla, the ships are carrying dozens of international citizens to again demand that Israel stop its blockade of Gaza. 

Despite the huge imbalance today, time may be on the side of the Palestinian cause. Systemic apartheid in South Africa existed for a long time and seemed strong. But ultimately it collapsed quickly. The same may unfold in Israel / Palestine. 

Today, South Africa is an important supporter of the Palestinian cause. South Africa was the first nation to recall its ambassador to protest the “indiscriminate and grave Israeli attack” in Gaza. 

Israel has the military might but Palestinian resistance and courage persists. The Palestinian population is steadfast, persistent and growing. They have increasing number of allies who support their cause. Young American Jews are unlike their parents and increasingly critical of Israeli policies. Some courageous Israelis, such as Miko Peled, speak out unequivocally that Israeli apartheid must end and be replaced by one state with democracy and equality for all. A million registered Palestinian refugees live in Lebanon and Syria, patiently waiting. They have not forgotten their legal claim and right to return. 

The recent bloodshed and massacres underscore the fact that there is no solution on the current path. It only leads to increasingly unlivable conditions in Gaza plus more illegal settlements and oppression in the West Bank. The so-called “two state solution” has been dead for many years and should be forgotten. As happened in South Africa, the international community can and should help. It is time to increase international pressure and expand BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) against Israel to help bring a peaceful end to this conflict with its constant oppression and recurring massacres.   

The alternative is very grim. As described by Israeli journalist Gideon Levy,

The truth is that Israel is well prepared to massacre hundreds and thousands, and to expel tens of thousands. Nothing will stop it. This is the end of conscience, the show of morality is over. The last few days’ events have proved it decisively. The tracks have been laid, the infrastructure for the horror has been cast. Dozens of years of brainwashing, demonization and dehumanization have borne fruit. The alliance between the politicians and the media to suppress reality and deny it has succeeded. Israel is set to commit horrors. Nobody will stand in its way any longer. Not from within or from without.” 

Palestinian courage should spur international action.    

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America’s Economy Has been Hijacked: Righting the Wrongs


This article was first published in 2016

You don’t have to be a financial genius or have a doctorate in philosophy to know when things are not right. As working stiffs nationwide tightrope on the strings of economic solvency, it is time for a change in mindset. We live in a country that has been hijacked by super rich greedy fiends that have profited from what can be called the Big Con. Bought and paid for politicians and mainstream pundits have done the ‘ water carrying ‘ for their corporate masters, to the detriment of too many of us. Perhaps it is time to send the message to them: ” Enough is enough!” Let’s get to it….

Rebecca Burns has written a well researched and cogent piece on another Wall Street greed fest entitled ‘Too Big Has Failed- and Wall Street is Teetering Once More Toward Collapse’. The newest game in town by the Wall Street wizards of greed is called Rent-backed securities (the film The Big Short captures the original scam)Since the housing bubble crash in 2008, the corporate pigs have bought up tons of single family homes at bargain prices, due to either foreclosures or ‘underwater’ homeowners forced to give them up on the cheap. They then get local management companies to rent out the homes (sometimes to former owners who went bust) in a market that is more ‘demand’ than it is ‘supply’. The rents then go higher and higher and what do these corporate sharks do: They bundle them up and sell them as securities to investors. This is just what was done with sub-prime mortgages helping to create the housing bubble fifteen years ago.

Image may contain: text

Ms. Burns, much more knowledgeable than this writer, lays it all out for you (the story can be found on the Nation of Change website) in great detail. Bottom line: In far too many instances tens of thousands of these rental units do not get the proper repairs and upkeep necessary for tenants. Plus, they may have contracts that contain room for exorbitant rent increases of 37 to 53 % for lease renewals! Sometimes this includes delivery of eviction notices the same day rent was due! Another fear that has been established is the fact that renters could face mass evictions (even if they never missed a payment) in the event that a rent-secured bond blows up or Wall Street corporate landlords decide to sell the homes to meet obligations to bondholders. Want to solve this mess?

What is needed in this country is a new mindset on housing. There should be a law passed by local governments that make it illegal for rental of housing by absentee landlords. Does anyone remember where the phrase land lord came from? It came from feudalism where the ‘lord of the manor’ rented out housing and use of his land to the serf, who then grew the crops for the lord of the manor, keeping some for himself and giving the majority back as ‘RENT’. NO, the only type of landlord we should have is the old fashioned ‘two family home’ landlord. The home owner lived in one apartment and rented out the other to help with the mortgage and upkeep. Anything else should be outlawed. Through the use of eminent domain, after such a new law would be passed, let local communities own and rent out the apartments and homes in as close to nonprofit  as possible.

The renter is then given the option of being able to buy the place in the future, with a % of the rent held in escrow towards a down payment for the future purchase. In concert with this new idea, let’s institute Community owned and operated NON PROFIT mortgage banks, charging only overhead. Imagine how many renters would be able to afford their own apartment or home if the rates were that low? An example of this would be mortgage rates  becoming less than 50% of the current private mortgage rates. Plus, the mortgage paper would stay right there in the community, like it used to be way back when, as reflected  in the great film It’s a Wonderful Life with the Bailey Savings and Loan. Just these two ideas together would give the greatest shot of economic stimulus one could imagine. With rates that low, and tenants saving so much of their hard earned incomes, we could see consumer spending rising, new housing construction affecting so many ancillary businesses (cabinet makers, kitchens, baths, doors etc), car sales expanding, restaurants busier… on and on. Get it?

One of the great blights to Mom and Pop businesses is the commercial landlord. As a former partner in a cafe business, I can attest to the predatory nature of commercial landlords. They can suck the air out of your lungs and make you pay as much as possible. Then, when things break or systems fail, they expect you to foot the bill in many cases! This is the paramount reason why so many Mom and Pop small businesses fail throughout America. The corporate chains and even the franchises have powerful advertising budgets that their Mom and Pop competitor cannot stand a chance against. Been there, know that folks! So, how to alleviate this situation:

Local communities should do with commercial property what they would do, under the aforementioned idea, to the residential housing market: Use eminent domain and take over private commercial property and run the leasing of space in a non profit manner. One must surmise, without even the need of financial accounting, that the rents would have to be at least 50% less. Imagine how many Mom and Pop businesses could prosper under those terms? And, what really should be done is to have the localities develop the land and create their own commercial space… again using eminent domain to obtain the land, if not already owned by them. Plus, if local communities did this, don’t you think that the private commercial landlords would have no choice but to lower their rental charges?

Now, for these two bold ideas, many out there would shout ” Socialism”. Oh, heaven forbid if I am labeled what I am. So what? We have socialism doing very well in our nation. Our local first providers are run in a socialist manner. Our military ditto. Our great Social Security and Medicare are socialist, to name but a few. The real question is how do we pay for the aforementioned bold ideas? Well, we can start by cutting our obscene military spending, from 50+% of our taxes to maybe 25%, pull back  our overseas Military Empire and send the savings to our states and cities for programs like the ones mentioned. How about a real Fair Tax system? Does anyone out there recall what the top federal tax bracket was in 1960? How about 90%? In 1980 it was 70%. Today it is at 39%. Now we know no one pays at that rate, rather it is the ‘starting point’.

Mitt Romney, a multi millionaire, admitted that he paid less than 20% on his taxes. So, what could and should be done to raise the revenues for many bold ideas like my two ones above is for a 50% FLAT SURTAX on all income over one million dollars annually. The first million would remain taxed as is, but anything over would have half go to WETHE PEOPLE  and half to the rich person. One must ask this philosophical question: How many of you out there could live really well on a couple of $ million annually  AFTER TAXES?

Well, food for thought indeed. When the day comes that many working stiffs realize socialism has nothing to do with small business, especially Mom and Pops, or with individuals being creative to better their lives… Change will finally come, as WE have the numbers, not the greedy super rich!

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Britain’s “Three Stooges” of Nazi regime must go

Britain’s “Three Stooges” of Israel must go


Toleration of Israel’s inhumanity condemns UK’s leaders

By Stuart Littlewood

What’s the latest score in this shoot-fish-in-a-barrel spectacle enjoyed by beer-swilling Israelis in deckchairs from the hills overlooking Gaza?

Four hundred and sixty Palestinian children and 250 women murdered – 1,938 souls exterminated altogether so far. Not only that, but nearly 2,900 little ones are injured or maimed. Half a million people have been cruelly displaced, their homes reduced to rubble. All are starving and thirsty and lack the most basic necessities.

The video below shows Israeli Wehrmacht soldiers laughing and having fun while bombing houses in Gaza.

The hideous thing is the response – or lack of it – from Britain’s leaders. They are unmoved in spite of Britain’s primary responsibility for creating this tragedy. Where is the anger, the passion, the determination to act?

David Cameron

We know about David Cameron, our inglorious prime minister. In some quarters he’s called Agent Cameron owing to his declared Zionist affiliation and unswerving adoration of the Jewish state. “I am a passionate friend of Israel – and that’s the way it’s going to stay,” he told a Conservative Friends of Israel lunch.

And addressing Israel’s Knesset he pledged to defeat any boycotting of Israel. “Britain opposes boycotts,” he stupidly said without having consulted the British people on the matter and ignoring the rapid growth of the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement. Cameron’s other suck-up remarks to Israel’s rulers include:

  • “Proud to be pursuing the strongest and deepest possible relationship between our two countries…”
  • “Delegitimizing the state of Israel is wrong, it’s abhorrent… “
  • “With me, you have a British prime minister whose belief in Israel is unbreakable and whose commitment to Israel’s security will always be rock solid… “
  • “When I became prime minister I legislated to change it [the law on universal jurisdiction]. My country is open to you [war criminals]. And you are welcome to visit anytime [yes, including those responsible for abusing and torturing children].”

According to the Jewish Chronicle, Cameron assured Jewish leaders: “I am with you and with the Israeli people, genuinely. As far as I’m concerned, an enemy of Israel is an enemy of mine. A threat to Israel is a threat to us all.”

This readiness to be influenced by a foreign country – and a rogue one at that –  is unbelievable from a man whose first loyalty is supposed to be to the British people and their interest. He has to go.

Ed Miliband

The Labour leader, Ed Miliband, criticized him for his “silence on the killing of innocent Palestinian civilians caused by Israel’s military action”. The reply from the Cameron camp was shock that Miliband would “play politics with such a serious issue”.

Miliband tried to score points by saying that Cameron was right to call Hamas an appalling terrorist organization .But, he said, Cameron’s silence on the killing would be “inexplicable to people across Britain and internationally”.

Miliband, however, seems far more concerned about israel’s welfare than the slaughter of Gaza’s innocents. He said Israel’s military action will increase future threats to its security, while the “wholly unjustified” rocket attacks and tunnels showed Hamas’s “murderous intent”.

“I am a supporter of Israel and I believe in Israel’s right to self-defence… The escalation of violence engulfing Gaza… is losing Israel friends in the international community day by day.”

Anyone who thinks the right of self-defence extends to the brutal occupier whose helpless victim puts up as show of defiance is not welcome here and will have to go.

Nick Clegg

The biggest disappointment is Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrat leader and deputy prime minister in the coalition government.

“It is time for the Israeli government to talk to the Hamas political leadership in Gaza,” he wrote in the Guardian. “I know I will receive letters and emails arguing that Israel should not reward terrorists with talks.”

Clegg suggested Israel could surprise the world with “an unexpected act of political magnanimity” which would help drive a wedge between the political and military wings of Hamas and garner Israel international support.

Magnanimity is a strange word in a war crimes situation in which Israel’s military jackboot has been on the Palestinians’ throat for decades and any resistance is reviled, demonized and met with collective punishment of the foulest kind.

He once seemed to be his own man and in 2009 wrote about Gaza:

What has the British government and the international community done to lift the blockade? Next to nothing. Tough-sounding declarations are issued at regular intervals but little real pressure is applied. It is a scandal that the international community has sat on its hands in the face of this unfolding crisis.

That was provocative stuff in pro-Israel Westminster. But after electoral good fortune catapulted him to the top, Clegg changed his tune. For example, in the wake of Israel’s murderous assault on the Mavi Marmara, he welcomed the appointment of David Trimble to Israel’s farcical inquiry into its own entrails, well aware that Trimble was a founding member of a new international movement “Friends of Israel Initiative”.

He attended a fringe meeting of his party’s Friends of Israel group with the new deputy Israeli ambassador, then came out with this statement:

Israel’s right to thrive in peace and security is non-negotiable for Liberal Democrats. No other country so continually has its right to exist called into question as does Israel, and that is intolerable. There can be no solution to the problems of the Middle East that does not include a full and proper recognition of Israel by all parties to the conflict.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, suit


This is a far cry from the guiding principles set down in the preamble to his own party’s constitution, a very fine document indeed, especially where it says:

We champion the freedom, dignity and well-being of individuals… Our responsibility for justice and liberty cannot be confined by national boundaries; we are committed to fight poverty, oppression, hunger, ignorance, disease and aggression wherever they occur and to promote the free movement of ideas, people, goods and services.

So what has the coalition government, of which you are deputy leader, Mr Clegg, done to lift the Gaza blockade?

Sayeeda Warsi: UK’s approach “morally indefensible”

This morning brought news of Baroness Warsi’s resignation from the government. In her farewell letter Sayeeda Warsi, Senior Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, said:

Our policy in relation to the Middle East peace process generally but more recently our approach and language during the current crisis in Gaza is morally indefensible, is not in Britain’s national interest and will have a long term detrimental impact on our reputation internationally and domestically.

She added that the government’s approach to the current conflict was inconsistent with our values, specifically our commitment to the rule of law and long history of support for international justice.

She also suggested the Israeli government should face international trial for alleged war crimes, but feared the British government would not support that position.

This lady has done the honourable thing – a rare event in British politics – and deserves all respect! Her departure, with grace and style, will likely be followed by serious ructions in the Conservative Party, which may then spread. TheTelegraphreported that, according to Clegg, it was an “open secret” that there were “different opinions” among ministers “in reaction to bloodshed in Gaza”.

But I have just watched on TV two pompous-twit Conservative cabinet ministers commenting on Warsi. They are either mentally challenged or just don’t get it.

Clegg said that despite being a self-proclaimed Zionist, he regards the Israeli action in Gaza as “ugly disproportionate and tragic” and will harm Israel in the long-term. This is the first I’ve seen in print that Clegg is wedded to the Zionist cause, although his words and inaction have suggested it for some time it.

The Guardian reported his reaction to the Warsi resignation and whether he thought Cameron had been critical enough of Israel’s actions:

Clearly the prime minister and I take different views on this and we always have done… I tend to take a very forthright view and I have long argued [that] the European Union, which is an economic giant in the region, acts like a bit of a pygmy. If the EU were to act with some courage it could have exercised greater influence on this terrible blood-raged conflict, instead of constantly sub-contracting international policy issues to the United States.

So he gets some things right.

But at the end of the day the three leaders are three of a kind – three stooges of a very nasty foreign power and a severe embarrassment to the British people. They all must go. The growing BDS movement, hopefully, will help them on their way.

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Youngsters disabled for life by Nazi’s shoot-to-cripple policy in Gaza


Youngsters “disabled for life” by Israel’s shoot-to-cripple policy in Gaza…

Israel shoots Gaza peaceful protesters

And the response by Western leaders to the wanton slaughter and Israeli snipers’ use of high velocity dum-dum rounds on civilians? Some are happy to leave the rogue state to investigate itself.

By Stuart Littlewood

Writing in the BMJ (British Medical Journal) the head of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Gaza, Dr Nafiz Abu-Shaban, reports that the death and injury toll by sniper fire, as at 18 May, was 117 dead, including 13 children, and 12,271 injured, of whom 6,760 had been admitted to hospital, including 3,598 with bullet wounds. The numbers will be considerably higher by now.

Worse still, according to Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) who operate in Gaza, the Israelis have been using ammunition that causes fist-sized wounds of “unusual severity”.

Image may contain: one or more people and people sitting

In a press release dated 19 April MSF surgeons in Gaza report “devastating gunshot wounds among hundreds of people injured during the protests over recent weeks. The huge majority of patients – mainly young men, but also some women and children – have unusually severe wounds to the lower extremities. MSF medical teams note the injuries include an extreme level of destruction to bones and soft tissue, and large exit wounds that can be the size of a fist.

“Half of the more than 500 patients we have admitted in our clinics have injuries where the bullet has literally destroyed tissue after having pulverized the bone,” said Marie-Elisabeth Ingres, head of mission of MSF in Palestine. “These patients will need to have very complex surgical operations and most of them will have disabilities for life.”

She is reported saying that she hadn’t seen these kind of injuries before. The wounds appeared to be caused by ammunition with an expanding “butterfly” effect.

“Mass lifelong disability now the prospect for young Gazans who merely gathered in unarmed protest”

Abu-Shaban says the hundreds of high energy compound tibial fractures from Israeli live fire are the most difficult of all open fractures to treat. They may require between five and seven surgical procedures, each operation taking three to six hours. He added:

Even with state-of-the-art reconstruction, healing takes one to two years. Most of these patients will develop osteomyelitis. A steadily increasing toll of secondary amputations is inevitable. They will also need intensive rehabilitation, but the only rehabilitation hospital in Gaza was destroyed by Israeli bombing in 2014 and has not been rebuilt. Mass lifelong disability is now the prospect facing Gazan citizens, largely young, who were merely gathering in unarmed protest about Israeli occupation and siege that has rendered their political and social futures impossible.

Reconstructing such injuries is far beyond the capabilities of Gazan medical services, now severely run down after 12 years of Israeli siege. The Shifa hospital is swamped and has no beds, let alone the dedicated limb salvage teams necessary for this work. Even London hospitals, which are fully resourced, would be stretched if confronted with mass casualties of this kind, says Abu-Shaban. He asks:

How are we here in Gaza to manage this situation? Why has no European government spoken out about events which if they had happened elsewhere would surely have been called an international outrage and probable war crime?

Good question. The sniveling international community does nothing to stop the vile crimes perpetrated by the self-styled “most moral army in the world”.

“I understand there is now the question of an investigation by the International Criminal Court,” says the good doctor hopefully.

Well, not quite. The UN Human Rights Council in Geneva has adopted a resolution to set up an independent, international Commission of Inquiry to investigate all violations of humanitarian and international human rights law in the occupied Palestinian territory, with a particular focus on recent events in Gaza.

The resolution passed with only two states opposing (the USA and another of Israel’s poodles, Australia), 29 in favour, and 14 abstentions. The UK was one of those abstaining, alongside the European Union states of Croatia, Germany, Hungary and Slovakia.

“Gazans did all the dying and the Israeli soldiers did all the killing”

Trying to explain its abstention, the UK mission in Geneva called the resolution “partial and unhelpfully unbalanced” for not “explicitly call[ing] for an investigation into the action of non-state actors such as Hamas”. The UK government then issued this feeble statement:

In addition to abstaining on today’s resolution, we call directly on Israel to make clear its intentions and carry out what must be a transparent inquiry into the IDF’s conduct at the border fence and to demonstrate how this will achieve a sufficient level of independence. This investigation should include international members. The death toll alone warrants such a comprehensive inquiry. We urge that the findings of such an investigation be made public, and if wrongdoing is found, that those responsible be held to account.

The Israeli human rights organisation B’Tselem had called the already-announced internal Israeli military probe “part of the whitewashing toolkit”. And the British government was sharply criticised in parliament for its limp-wristed attitude and reminded of Israel’s self-exoneration over the killing of four boys playing on a beach during the 2014 military offensive on Gaza.

Conservative MP Crispin Blunt, former Chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, asked: “Given that Gazans did all the dying and the Israeli soldiers did all the killing, how does the minister expect an internal Israeli inquiry… to be less partial and less unhelpfully unbalanced than the inquiry mandated by the UN Human Rights Council?”

“Systematic failure by Israel to carry out genuine investigations”

The preamble to the UNHRC resolution states the reasons for action brilliantly and is worth highlighting here:

Convinced that the lack of accountability for violations of international law reinforces a culture of impunity, leading to a recurrence of violations and seriously endangering international peace,

Noting the systematic failure by Israel to carry out genuine investigations in an impartial, independent, prompt and effective way, as required by international law, into the violence and offences against Palestinians by the occupying forces, and to establish judicial accountability for its actions in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem,

Emphasizing the obligations of Israel as the occupying power to ensure the safety, well-being and protection of the Palestinian civilian population under its occupation in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem,

Emphasizing also that the intentional targeting of civilians and other protected persons in situations of armed conflict, including foreign occupation, constitutes a grave breach of international humanitarian law and international human rights law, and poses a threat to international peace and security,

Recognizing the importance of the right to life and the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association to the full enjoyment of all human rights…

Despite all that, avid Israel admirer Theresa May, barmy Boris Johnson and the insufferably gutless spivs now populating the Foreign Office still couldn’t bring themselves to support the resolution.

“To live is to resist”

Another voice from Gaza, which I shall not name, reports:

As you know we don’t have enough supply of electricity which means lots of hurdles and difficulties on all aspects of life. The conditions in Gaza are the most difficult ones in terms of the Zionist killings and aggression against the Great Marches of Return. I myself went there to the borders with my family three times and saw how their evil soldiers shooting innocent children and women. I heard some of the guys shouting that they have got nothing to lose. To live is to resist. That’s what we also teach to our students and young generations. The oppressed and occupied have got the right to resist by all means available.

It is a pity and tragic as well that the injured could not find enough medical care and nursing due to the shortage of medical staff and equipment. Can you imagine? So many causalities were sent home after receiving only first aid and some sort of dressings to their wounds as there were no enough beds and treatment for them. That’s why many have lost their legs (amputations) where the enemies are using high velocity bullets.

Boys’ legs the target

The shoot-to-cripple policy by Israel is nothing new. Retired trauma surgeon David Halpin, who has often worked on a voluntary basis in Gaza hospitals, drew attention to it in January 2011: “The deliberate injury of the limbs of 23 boys by high velocity weapons has been logged and described by Defence for Children International Palestine Branch (DCI-P) since March 2010.”

He pointed to the extreme poverty of large extended families which had forced boys and men to scavenge for broken concrete (gravel) in the evacuated Eli Sinai settlement and in the industrial zone by the Erez border control post at the northern end of the Gaza Strip.

The factories of the industrial zone have been progressively demolished by Israeli shelling etc… A donkey and cart, shovel, pick, sieve, muscles and courage are the tools. The rubble is used to make blocks and poured concrete with the cement that is imported largely through the tunnels. Many dozens of men and boys do this work for precious shekels in the shadow of manned watch towers and under drones above.

A leg was the target in most cases, says Halpin. And where the leg was not the target it is likely the sniper was “aiming up” so the flank, elbow etc was hit instead. “No weapons were being borne by the gravel workers, so they posed no threat to the Israeli occupation force personnel. Instead, they were bending their backs to their menial work within their internment camp.” In many cases those hit were likely to have lifelong disability. That, it seems, continues to be the Israeli regime’s sickening aim.

And to think that its chief degenerate, Binyamin Netanyahu, was allowed to set foot in London earlier this week in his never-ending quest to demonise those who stand in the way of Israel’s warmongering and expansionist ambition – namely Iran, Syria, Hamas and Hezbollah!

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5G Health Hazards: Factual Microwave Radiation Research People Need to Know Before Embracing 5G

Microwave technology seems to have been around ‘forever’, so that’s probably why very few tech consumers question its safety. However, consumers should know the latest and most ‘coveted’ update to technology is the Internet of Things, which will become “Big Brother Personified.”

Not only will the IoT report back (i.e., spy?) to high-speed computer data centers consumers EVERY activity, IoT will super-saturate your physical body and brain with extremely rapid oscillation Gigahertz (GHz) frequencies needed to implement IoT, which probably will become physically uncomfortable, as being reported by current research studies.

The U.S. military has pressed hard for each generation of microwave updates to the point where 5G is their “war weapon” that will be pressed in to civilian use for higher speed Wi-Fi.

Personally, I’ve been a health issues researcher/writer/author since the late 1970s and the plans for expanded microwave technologies, e.g., 5G and higher, cause me grave concern, especially because of the resolute lack of transparency concerning the harms from its thermal and non-thermal waves, which deliberately have been secreted from consumers—similar to what the tobacco industry and other vested interests have done in order to mainstream technologies harming human health, wildlife, the environment and ruined the Planet’s hydrologic system by implementing Solar Radiation Management, which some refer to as “chemtrails.”

With the last paragraph’s concerns in mind, I’ve gotten together an anthology of probable lesser-known Microwave, ELF, EMF, RFR research I think consumers should know—and save—to understand how the proverbial wool has been pulled over your eyes about a technology you have fallen in love with; become addicted to; and are clamoring for more and higher generation speeds, while really not knowing nor understanding the harm it is doing to you and especially the children, who are the most vulnerable to cellular damage.

A Retrospective Microwave Research Anthology

Biological Effects and Health Hazards of Microwave Radiation, Proceedings on an International Symposium, October, 1973 [October 15-18, 1973, Warsaw, Poland]

Reviewed by Emanuel Landau

Biological Effects and Health Hazards of Microwave Radiation, Proceedings on an International Symposium, October, 1973. Poland Government, WHO and USHEW. Polish Medical Publishers.

347 pp. 1974. $10 U.S.A., $12.50 Foreign. NTIS PB 239-554.

“This volume represents the proceedings of the only truly international symposium on the effects of microwave radiation which was held in Warsaw in October, 1973. In addition to the presented papers of the participants, the work contains succinct summaries of the discussions and a list of sound conclusions and recommendations. Differences in research findings are not glossed over. Particularly impressive to this reviewer is the absence of ideological statements and judgments. It is a “must” book for any serious student of the health effects of exposure to microwave radiation.

“While this publication does not and cannot present definitive findings, it does represent a valuable state of the art review with all the inconsistencies and disagreements noted and discussed.

A special merit is that it makes possible more details of the studies done by the leading research investigators for both high and low level exposure situations than has been previously available. Even more detail is needed for proper assessment, but this symposium clearly will contribute to the necessary reconciliation of the wide divergence of research results reported for cataractogenesis and “microwave neurosis” as well as for other stated adverse effects.”

Am J Public Health. 1975 July; 65(7): 751. PMCID: PMC1775882

[CJF emphasis]

Session A. General Effects of Microwave Radiation (80 pages)

Session A continued (27 pages)

Session B. Influence of Microwave Radiation on the Nervous System and Behavior (23 pages)

Session B continued (20 pages)

Session C. Effects of Microwave Radiation at the Cellular and Molecular Level (40 pages)

Session C continued (10 pages)

Session D. Measurements of Microwave Radiation (58 pages)

Session EOccupational Exposure and Public Health Aspects of Microwave Radiation (48 pages)

Session FPresentation and Discussion of Session Reports, Conclusions (Including Future Research Needs) and Recommendations (27 pages)

Session I. List of Participants (15 pages)


A Mother’s Tragic Story about In-school Wi-Fi Damage to her 15-year-old daughter, who suffered with EHS from Wi-Fi in school, which finally led to the daughter’s eventual suicide: Why Die for Wi-Fi? My Child Did – Will Yours? / Debra Fry, May 3, 2016


A pioneer researcher, the late Dr. Ross Adey, in his last publication in Bioelectromagnetic Medicine (P. Roche and M. Markov, eds. 2004) concluded:

“There are major unanswered questions about possible health risks that may arise from exposures to various man-made electromagnetic fields where these human exposures are intermittent, recurrent, and may extend over a significant portion of the lifetime of the individual.”

“Epidemiological studies have evaluated ELF and radiofrequency fields as possible risk factors for human health, with historical evidence relating rising risks of such factors as progressive rural electrification, and more recently, to methods of electrical power distribution and utilization in commercial buildings. Appropriate models describing these bioeffects are based in non-equilibrium thermodynamics, with nonlinear electrodynamics as an integral feature. Heating models, based in equilibrium thermodynamics, fail to explain an impressive new frontier of much greater significance.

….. Though incompletely understood, tissue free radical interactions with magnetic fields may extend to zero field levels.” (2)

Source: BioInitiative 2012*, Section 1 (Summary for the Public), Pg. 7/22 of 1479


Children are at increased risks from Radiofrequencies (RFs) emitted by microwaves according to the Presidential Cancel Panel 2010 and the American Academy of Pediatricians.

There is little doubt that exposure to ELF causes childhood leukemia.”

Source: BioInitiative 2012*, Pg. 8/23 of 1479


What is remarkable about studies on DNA, genes and proteins and EMFs is that there should be no effect at all if it were true that EMFs is too weak to cause damage. Scientists who believe that the energy of EMFs is insignificant and unlikely to cause harm have a hard time explaining these changes, so are inclined to just ignore them. The trouble with this view is that the effects are occurring. Not being able to explain these effects is not a good reason to consider them imaginary or unimportant.

Source: BioInitiative 2012*, Section 1, Pg. 16/31 of 1479


Sixteen nations: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Finland, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Namibia, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom have ruled the thermal RF radiation levels set by the National Council of Radiation Protection (NCP), the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), and the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) are obsolete and do not adequately protect the public, so they are taking action to mitigate public risks.

Source: BioInitiative 2012


“The IARC Monographs classification of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields (RF-EMF) covers the entire radiofrequency segment of the electromagnetic spectrum (30 kHz-300 GHz). Within this spectrum, the electromagnetic fields around (or the radiation emitted by) mobile telephones represent the most intense and most wide-spread exposure situation, for which a small increase in risk for glioma and acoustic neuroma has been found in the group of ‘heavy users’. Other devices that emit the same type of RF radiation – base-station antennas, radio/tv antennas, WiFi stations, smart meters – fall under the same evaluation. However, because the exposure levels for many of these other devices and exposure situations are so much lower than the exposure to someone who has a functioning cell phone against her/his ear, the risk will be considerably less (although the hazard still exists).” [CJF emphasis]

Source: BioInitiative 2012*, Section 22 (Precaution in Action – Global Public Health Advice Following BioInitiative), Pg. 28/1325 of 1479


The US Government Accountability Office published a report in 2012 urging the US Federal Communications Commission to revisit the outdated safety standards for the exposures from wireless devices. (19)

Source: BioInitiative 2012*, Section 22, Pg. 18/1315 of 1479


The Report noted that the FCC’s RF energy exposure limit may not reflect the latest research.

Source: BioInitiative 2012*, Section 22 Pg. 19/1316 of 1479


Adverse health effects occur at levels much lower than what the FCC claims to be safe.

Non-thermal adverse health effects from microwave RFs have been documented at extremely low power densities in these ranges: microwatt, nanowatt, picowatt and femtowatt.

  • A microwatt (µW) equals one millionth of a watt
  • A nanowatt (nW) equals one billionth of a watt
  • A picowatt (pW) equals one trillionth of a watt
  • A femtowatt (fW) equals on quadrillionth of a watt


“EMF exposure can change gene and/or protein expression in certain types of cells, even at intensities lower than ICNIRP recommended values.” [CJF emphasis]

Source: BioInitiative 2012*, Table 1-1 BioInitiative Report Overall Conclusions, Section 5 Genotoxicity Pg. 2 of 16


Dr. Henry Lai, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Bioengineering, University of Washington, discovered in 1995 damage to rat brains at Radiofrequency radiation levels deemed as ‘safe’ by the FCC.

Research scientist George Carlo’s independent research established wireless radiation RAISED the risk of brain cancer, which led the cellular communications industry to discredit Carlo’s work.

The National Toxicology Program (NTP) cell phone radiation study data released in March of 2018 provided evidence that cell phone microwave radiation caused cancers in rats, e.g., rare schwannoma heart tumors and brain tumors.

“The study looked at only 2G and 3G frequencies, which are still commonly used for phone calls. It does not apply to 4G or 5G, which use different frequencies and modulation, he [John Bucher, a senior scientist with NTP] said.” [CJF emphasis]

Source: Reuters


Based upon current research findings, the FCC’s 1996 recommended RF limits/safety standard of 0.6mW/cm2 for 30 minutes of exposure time is seriously flawed and must be corrected to reflect dangers inherent from non-ionizing RF radiation.

Proof of the above statement are 27 citations of scientific studies reporting adverse health effects at levels less than 0.00063 m/W/cm2. These studies can be found enumerated at There are too many to list here, but it is important to list:


On a precautionary public health basis, a reduction from the BioInitiative 2007 recommendation of 0.1 uW/cm2 (or one-tenth of a microwatt per square centimeter) for cumulative outdoor RFR down to something three orders of magnitude lower (in the low nanowatt per square centimeter range) is justified.

A scientific benchmark of 0.003 uW/cm2 or three nanowatts per centimeter squared for ‘lowest observed effect level’ for RFR is based on mobile phone base station-level studies. Applying a ten-fold reduction to compensate for the lack of long-term exposure (to provide a safety buffer for chronic exposure, if needed) or for children as a sensitive subpopulation yields a 300 to 600 picowatts per square centimeter precautionary action level. This equates to a 0.3 nanowatts to 0.6 nanowatts per square centimeter as a reasonable, precautionary action level for chronic exposure to pulsed RFR.

These levels may need to change in the future, as new and better studies are completed. We leave room for future studies that may lower or raise today’s observed ‘effects levels’ and should be prepared to accept new information as a guide for new precautionary actions.

Source: BioInitiative 2012 “A Rationale for Biologically-based Exposure Standards for Low-Intensity Electromagnetic Radiation” Conclusions


However, there are several specific studies performed using various low level µW/cm2 I’d like to bring to your attention:

1 – 0.13 µW/cm2
Radiofrequency radiation from 3G cell towers decreased cognition, well-being. Zwamborn, 2003.

2 – 0.168-1.053 µW/cm2
Irreversible infertility in mice after 5 generations of exposure to Radiofrequency radiation from an ‘antenna park’. Magras & Zenos, 1997.

3 – 0.16 µW/cm2
Motor function, memory and attention span of school children affected in Latvia. Kolodynski, 1996.

Resource: Power Density: Radio frequency Non-Ionizing Radiation [14 pages with hundreds of citations]

4 – 60 to 100 μW/m2
Whole human body chronic exposure to base station Radiofrequencies showed increased stress hormones; dopamine levels were substantially decreased; there were higher levels of adrenaline and nor-adrenaline; and chronic physiological stress was produced in cells after 1.5 years. Buchner, 2012.

Source: Reported Biological Effects of RF & Microwave Radiation Power Density μW/m2

5 – Interestingly, between 2007 and mid-2012, sixty-nine (69) new ELF-EMF study papers were published regarding neurological effects from ELFs-EMFs. Of those 69 papers, 93% (64) show adverse effects, whereas only 5 (7%) show no adverse effects. Lai, 2012.

Source: [Pg. 10 of 17 pages]

6 – Numerous sperm studies have been replicated showing the adverse effects on sperm quality, motility and pathology in men who use and wear live cell phones on their bodies, PDA or pagers on their belts or in a pants pocket. Here’s one example:



[a] Long–term semen exposure in the area of mobile phone RF–EMR leads to a significant decrease in the number of sperm with progressive movement and an increase in those with non–progressive movement.
[b] Prolonged direct mobile phone exposure may bring about sperm DNA fragmentation
[c] For men readying themselves for fatherhood, especially when registered fertility problems exist, it would be better to avoid holding a mobile phone in a trouser pocket for long periods of time.

Other papers reporting sperm being affected by RFs-EMRs include: Agarwal et al, 2008; Agarwal et al, 2009; Wdowiak et al, 2007; De Iuliis et al, 2009; Feyes et al, 2005; Aitken et al, 2005; Kumar, 2012.


There are in excess of 4,000 scientific studies reporting biological and adverse health effects from non-thermal radiation exposure and yet the FCC and microwave trade associations deny them, plus do not factor those findings into establishing correct ELF-EMF-RFR safety guidelines.

Could be it there are no safe parameters that can be met relative to man-made microwaves non-thermal non-ionizing radiation?

The charts below give various interpretations of the Electromagnetic spectrum.




Hat tips and many thanks go to Richard Myers and Casper Gripenberg for their generous sharing of research and information in the preparation of this “anthology” of older and currently-suppressed research regarding microwave radiation effects.


*BioInitiative 2012 / A Rationale for Biologically-based Exposure Standards for Low-Intensity

Electromagnetic Radiation BioInitiative Working Group 2012

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Geopolitics of the Mediterranean Sea Area During and After the Cold War (1949-1989)

The current war conflict in Syria and constant warfare between the Israeli state and the Palestinians which recently erupted once again in Gaza strip brought the region of the Middle East to the world attention once again. However, the Middle East is a natural-geographic continuation of the Mediterranean Sea basin and, therefore, it is a part of the broader Mediterranean geopolitical game. Nevertheless, the geopolitical and geostrategic importance of the Mediterranean Sea basin is probably of the highest level from the global perspective.

An importance of the Mediterranean Sea area in geopolitical and geostrategic standpoint one can understand from the very fact that this area is situated at the crossroads between three continents and making de facto a bridge between Europe, Asia, and Africa.[1] The Mediterranean Sea area as well as connects two oceans – the Atlantic and Indian. It is a true fact that the lands around the Mediterranean Sea were the core of the Ancient World culture, civilization, and history which gave a basis for the present-day modernity and especially the background of the Western civilization.[2] An economic importance of the area is in the fact that the Mediterranean was and is on the way of vital world trade routes.

Demarcation Lines

The Mediterranean Sea area is actually the demarcation line between several “worlds”: Judeo-Christian and Islamic; developed and underdeveloped; democracy and authoritarianism, etc. It is important to notice that this area was faced with the highest number of the wars in the whole history. In modern time, the Mediterranean was one of the most significant places of the Cold War (1949-1989), between the NATO and the Warsaw Pact. In addition, the first two post-Cold War crisis all over the world, the First Gulf War (1991)[3] and the dissolution of ex-Yugoslavia (1991-1995) followed by the Kosovo War (1998-1999)[4] involved the Mediterranean Sea area and had direct implications on the political life on the area.

Today, in the area can be distinguished from five military-political-economic influential groups:

1) The European Union, the Council of Europe and the NATO.

2) The Russian Federation.

3) The League of Arab States.

4) Non-allied countries (Israel, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia – FYROM).

5) China.

During the Cold War period, the world security system was grounded on the concept of the “Balance of Fear”.[5] According to the NATO strategy, the main danger was expected in both Central Europe and the “Western Wing” of the NATO.[6]Subsequently, the Mediterranean Sea area, as the “Southern Wing” of the NATO was considered as of a lesser importance in general NATO war strategy during the Cold War time. Further, parts of the area outside the NATO was called as “Out of Area”.[7] The whole region was considered in fact as a part of the key Central-European frontline toward the Warsaw Pact at least till 1960’s when the USSR fleet was present in the Mediterranean Sea. The US “Sixth Fleet” in the Mediterranean Sea was also supposed to symbolize the support to the allies within the global confrontation.[8]


Source: Oriental Review

The fact of importance is that within the NATO Mediterranean segment there were and still are political fragmentations and even the conflicts (ex., the Cyprus crisis in 1974). On the one hand, Turkey, Italy, and Portugal were completely integrated into the NATO while Greece’s involvement into the organization was and is strictly determined by the conflict with Turkey over Cyprus, the Aegean islands and Trace at the Balkan Peninsula. France and Spain do not participate fully in the NATO military structure. In general, the conflict between Greece and Turkey was and is the most significant one within the NATO serving:

1) As the crucial source of fragmentation within the NATO “Southern Wing”.

2) As a source for destabilizing the security of the Mediterranean Sea area.[9]

However, with the dissolution of the USSR, the unification of Germany and the abolishment of the Warsaw Pact (1989-1991) a period of the Cold War became over with a clear Western military-political victory primarily by the USA. The post-Cold War era is firstly characterized by the disappearance of the balance of superpowers, the “clash of civilizations” and with the international relations within the framework of the “West against the rest”.[10] The most significant outcome of those events is the fact that the bloc division of Europe so far disappeared. Moreover, instead of being the main rival to the USA and the NATO, the post-Soviet Russia turned into its main partner (until the Ukrainian crisis started in 2014) in attempts to establish a new global security system known as “The New Order” and led by the US administration.[11] This term was used by the US President George Bush (Senior) in November 1990 in his address to the US Congress. The US is using this maxim in order to inform all the world actors that it has reserved for itself the leading role in the new international relations. The fact is that after the period of bipolar world division, the dominant East-West confrontations now are replaced by crossing and mixing in the Mediterranean Sea area with tensions and conflicts of the North-South relations.

“Grey Zone”

The disappearance of one out of two Cold War superpowers eliminated the “global threat” in the area of the Mediterranean until 9/11 2001. Instead of the bipolar struggles, the Mediterranean Sea area became in a strategic point of view the so-called “Grey Zone”[12] at least until the current war in Syria. Concerning the security of the Mediterranean area, after the removing of the Iron Curtain in 1989/1990 the new challenge reflected through focus shifted from the East-West toward the political, economic even and cultural confrontations and friction between the North and the South, between the developed and underdeveloped areas of the world, with regard to the demographic explosion of the South (i.e., the North and Central Africa in the case of the Mediterranean Sea area) and the problems of an unemployment followed by the illegal migration waves from the South to the North.[13]

NATO's premier anti-submarine warfare exercise in the Mediterranean Sea

NATO’s premier anti-submarine warfare exercise in the Mediterranean Sea, March 2018. (Source: Oriental Review)

A security issue of the last decade of the Cold War period followed by the post-Cold War time in the area of the Mediterranean Sea was and is characterized and challenged by increased regional nationalism in many cases, but not exclusively connected with the Islamic fundamentalism, like during the time of the “Arab Spring” started on December 17th, 2010.[14] It is important to notice that many Mediterranean countries have almost 100% Islamic population, what means that political life is mainly based on the Islamic (theocratic) values.[15] An influence of Islam on the political life in those countries is day by day in the process of increasing what is very visible, for instance, in Egypt and Libya after the successful street-style revolutions in which Hosni Mubarak and Muammar el Gaddafi lost power or even more visible in the case of the current war in Syria.[16] The objective of Islamic fundamentalists is to establish pure Islamic states based on Koran like it was a case with the Taliban Afghanistan before the US military intervention after 9/11.[17] The model of such kind of a theocratic state offered the Islamic revolution in Persia in 1979 when the pro-Western regime of Shah Reza Pahlavi (directly supported by the US) was abolished and removed with the model of the Islamic fundamentalist regime in the Republic of Iran.[18] This example was and is followed by several ultra- Islamic parties, movements and organizations all over the Islamic world as it is the case, for instance, with the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) in Algeria or with the Bosnian Party of Democratic Action (SDA) in the 1990s.[19]Speaking about the regional nationalism of the Arabic and Islamic countries it is necessary to mention, alongside with Khomeini’s Islamic fundamentalism in Iran, and the pan-Arabism of Gamal Abdel Nasser supported by the society-organization of “Muslim Brothers”[20] or Saddam Hussein’s neo-pan-Arabism, etc.

Conflict Sources

There is no doubt that the Mediterranean region was and is, and probably will be, one of the most conflict-prone areas all over the world. There is virtually no one country in the region whose state boundaries were not or are not questioned by their neighbors or cannot be questioned from a historical point of view. After the end of the bipolar confrontation between the NATO and the Warsaw Pact, there were two military struggles in direct relations with the Mediterranean region. There were the First Gulf War, in which one of the Mediterranean country (Turkey) was strongly involved, and the civil war in the former Yugoslavia as one of the Mediterranean countries. In addition, there are several constant conflict sources in the region. The most important of them are:

1) Israeli-Palestinian friction.

2) The question of the Kurds, who are living in four countries – Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran.

3) Friction between Libya and Egypt and Libya and Algeria.

4) The local conflicts in Sudan, Chad, and South Sahara.

Pyotr Veliky missile cruiser makes port call in Tartus Syria

Russian heavy missile cruiser Pyotr Veliky makes port call in Tartus, Syria (Source: Oriental Review)

Concluding Remarks

Finally, its eastern part is of the enormous conflict potential out of the whole area of the Mediterranean Sea region. The area of the Mediterranean Sea was and is one of the key strategic points of interest for the NATO from the very time of creation of this military organization in 1949 during the Cold War in order to challenge the real or potential threats for its own security. Within a global concept of the NATO security system, Turkey, Greece and Italy compose a sub-system of countries which belong to its “Southern Wing”. The main areas of activities by these countries are the Middle East and the Balkans. However, regardless a fact that Turkey, Greece, and Italy belong to the same security umbrella system offering by the NATO, there are serious differences in regard to the NATO regional policy, especially between Turkey and Greece, which brought these two countries almost to the open war conflict in 1974 over the Cyprus question. They also had different policies toward the question of succession of the former Yugoslavia in 1991-1995 followed by the Kosovo War of 1998-1999. The future of their mutual cooperation within security model offered by the NATO primarily depends on the question how Turkey and Greece can settle their bilateral problems in particular connected with the question of the future of Cyprus.


Dr. Vladislav B. Sotirović is Founder & Editor of POLICRATICUS-Electronic Magazine On Global Politics ( Contact:


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[19] During the time of the civil war in Bosnia-Herzegovina (1992−1995), SDA and Muslim Bosnian-Herzegovinian government were getting full diplomatic, financial and material support by Iran.

[20] See: Hesham Al-Awadi, The Muslim Brothers in Pursuit of Legitimacy: Power and Political Islam in Egypt under Mubarak, I.B.Tauris, 2014.

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Fifty Years Ago: The Nazi Attack on the USS Liberty


Fifty Years Ago: The Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty

Fifty-one years ago today Israeli fighter aircraft and torpedo boats tried to sink the USS Liberty, a surveillance ship stationed off the coast of Egypt during Israel’s attack on Egypt and Syria. Israel was unable to sink the USS Liberty, but did manage to kill or wound almost the entire crew. Thirty-four Americans were killed and 174 were wounded.

There are two explanations for the attack. As Washington has blocked every attempt at an investigation, we do not know which one is correct. Perhaps both are the reasons for the attack.

One is that Israel, which was committing a war crime by mass execution of Egyptian prisoners of war, was fearful that the USS Liberty’s surveillance had discovered the crime. The other is that Israel fearing an unfavorable outcome of the war that Israel had initiated intended to blame the attack on the USS Liberty on Egypt, thus bringing the US into the war on Israel’s side.

I have written about this attack a number of times, having interiewed sailors and officers on board during the attack, an officer, Captain Ward Boston, who was ordered to produce a cover-up, and Admiral Tom Moorer, former Chief of Naval Operations and Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff. Frustrated at Washington’s coverup, indeed, Washington’s complicity in the crime, upon retirement Admiral Moorer convened the Moorer Commission to set the record straight.

The Moorer Commission concluded:

“That there is compelling evidence that Israel’s attack was a deliberate attempt to destroy an American ship and kill her entire crew.

“That fearing conflict with Israel, the White House deliberately prevented the US Navy from coming to the defense of USS Liberty by recalling Sixth Fleet military rescue support while the ship was under attack.

“That surviving crew members were threatened with ‘court-martial, imprisonment or worse’ if they exposed the truth; and [the survivors] were abandoned by their own government.

“That there has been an official cover-up without precedent in American naval history.

“That a danger to our national security exists whenever our elected officials are willing to subordinate American interests to those of any foreign nation.”

You can find my articles on my website or online as well as the proceedings of the Moorer Commission.

The most disturbing thing about the Israeli attack is that when the Liberty’s distress signal reached the fleet commander and US Navy fighters were launched to drive off the Israeli attackers, the White House ordered the fleet commander to recall the American jets. Frustrated by his inability to defend the US Navy from murderous assault, the fleet commander used open radio to scare off the Israelis by announcing that US fighters were on their way to the Liberty’s rescue. This caused the Israelis to immediately call off the attack and to issue an apology that it had mistaken the USS Liberty, which was flying a massive American flag and had USS Liberty in tall letters, as an Egyptian ship.

On orders from the White House, Admiral McCain, Senator McCain’s father, ordered a cover up. The Liberty’s crew were ordered not to mention the event. It was two decades before one of the Liberty’s officers, then retired, wrote the story. American taxpayers, who were shelling out billions of dollars from their desperate needs every year to enable Israel to purchase the US government with the billions of dollars hapless Americans are forced to hand over to Israel, knew nothing about the attack for 20 years.

If 51 years ago Israel had such power over the US government that the White House itself refused to protect an American ship from Israeli attack and then covered up the attack in order to give Israel a free pass, just imagine how much more control Israel has achieved over the US government in the past half century. If you have any doubt that Israel rules America, just look at Nikki Haley’s subservience to Israel in the UN as US ambassador, or at President Trump himself defying the entire world and moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. Just look at Trump, on Israel’s orders, unilaterally disregarding the Iranian nuclear agreement signed by President Obama and upheld by all other signatories, in the hopes of creating a pretext for an American attack on Iran that serves only Israel’s interest. Just look at the extraordinary groveling at Israel’s feet of the entire US Senate and House of Representatives who unanimously pass Israel Lobby sponsored laws and resolutions. Just look at the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, National Public Radio, MSNBC, and so on who serve as megaphones for the voice of Israel.

Every American, especially those superpatriots who wrap themselves in the flag, should be totally ashamed that their government is nothing but an adjunct of Israel.

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A Better Idea than Russia Returning to the G7


It’s now more a G6+1, Trump’s America first rage increasingly isolating America.

Before heading to La Malbaie, Quebec, Canada for this year’s G7 summit, he called for Russia’s inclusion again, restoring the G8.

“(W)e should have Russia at the negotiating table,” he said.

Italy’s new Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte tweeted the same message, separately calling for ending sanctions on Russia – illegally imposed, he failed to explain.

The G7, G20, IMF, World Bank, the European, Asian and Latin American Development Banks, the “boss of bosses” Bank of International settlements, the Fed and other major central banks, the UN, OECD, World Trade Organization, and other major international institutions are instruments of privilege over governance serving everyone equitably – an anathema notion to powerful money masters.

A (nonexistent) world of dominant just societies wouldn’t tolerate serving privileged interests exclusively at the expense of most others.

Globalization is a racket, the flip-side of governance the way it should be, a coup d’etat against popular interests, a giveaway to banksters, a neoliberal ripoff, a freedom and ecosystem destroying nightmare.

It’s anti-labor, anti-environment, anti-consumer, anti-sovereign independence of all countries worldwide, one-size-fits-all rules benefitting monied interests exclusively.

They run things, serving corporate predators and high net-worth households, transferring wealth from most people to them, profiting from wars and unfair free trade, carving up continents for control, resource looting, neoliberal harshness, and worldwide exploitation causing appalling human misery.

Michael Parenti earlier called globalization a means of “turning the clock back on many twentieth-century reforms: no freedom to boycott products, no prohibitions against child labor, no guaranteed living wage or benefits, no public services that might conceivably compete with private services, no health and safety protections that might cut into corporate profits.”

Their interests matter most at the expense of consumer rights, democratic values, ecosanity, human health and welfare.

A globalization rule of thumb is whatever government does, business does better so let it – privatization for maximum profits over serving the public welfare.

NAFTA and similar trade deals are hugely destructive, eliminating millions of jobs, offshoring countless numbers of them to low-wage countries, notably once-high-wage manufacturing ones, replaced by largely temp employment paying poverty wages.

Social justice is being sacrificed for profits, New Deal and Great Society programs eroding, heading for elimination altogether, Republicans and hardline undemocratic Dems, supporting the transformation of America into Guatemala, enforced by police state crackdowns on nonbelievers.

The scheme includes cutting, then ending welfare for impoverished households, restricting then eliminating food stamps and housing assistance, destroying the remnants of collective bargaining, turning workplaces into sweatshops, paying workers poverty wages, abolishing benefits, allowing child labor, agricultural and other slave labor more than already, privatizing the remnants of Social Security and Medicare, turning them into a Wall Street profit center, along with other dystopian schemes.

Societies would be far better off without the G7, G20, and other exploitive international institutions, serving privilege over governance for everyone equitably.

Replacing them with social justice institutions is needed, progressivism over governance for the privileged few at the expense of most others, economic development lifting all boats over carving up whole continents for profit, world peace instead of endless wars.

Societies safe and fit to live in are needed, not the way things are in the West and most elsewhere.

A global race to the bottom continues, heading for dystopia worldwide if not challenged and changed

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US Challenges Russia to Nuclear War

Now that the United States (with the cooperation of its NATO partners) has turned the former Soviet Union’s states other than Russia into NATO allies, and has likewise turned the Soviet Union’s Warsaw Pact allies into America’s own military allies in NATO, the United States is finally turning the screws directly against Russia itself, by, in effect, challenging Russia to defend its ally Syria. The US is warning Syria’s Government that Syrian land, which is occupied by the US and by the anti-Government forces that the US protects in Syria, is no longer really Syria’s land. The US is saying that there will be direct war between Syria’s armed forces and America’s armed forces if Syria tries to restore its control over that land. Tacitly, America’s message in this to Moscow is: now is the time for you to quit defending Syria’s Government, because, if you don’t — if you come to Syria’s defense as Syria tries to kill those occupying forces (including the US troops and advisors who are occupying Syria) — then you (Russia) will be at war against the United States, even though the US is clearly the invader, and Russia (as Syria’s ally) is clearly the defender.

Peter Korzun, my colleague at the Strategic Culture Foundation, headlined on May 29th“US State Department Tells Syria What It Can and Can’t Do on Its Own Soil” and he opened:

“The US State Department has warned Syria against launching an offensive against terrorist positions in southern Syria. The statement claims that the American military will respond if Syrian forces launch an operation aimed at restoring the legitimate government’s control over the rebel-held areas, including the territory in southwestern Syria between Daraa and the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. Washington is issuing orders to a nation whose leadership never invited America in the first place! The very idea that another country would tell the internationally recognized Syrian government that it cannot take steps to establish control over parts of its own national territory is odd and preposterous by any measure.”

The pro-Government side calls those “terrorist positions,” but the US-and-allied side, the invaders, call them “freedom fighters” (even though the US side has long been led by Al Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate and has increasingly been relying upon anti-Arabic Kurds). But whatever they are, the United States has no legal authority to tell Syria’s Government what to do or not do on Syrian land.

Russia’s basic position, at least ever since Vladimir Putin came into power in 2000, is that every nation’s sovereignty over its own land is the essential foundation-stone upon which democracy has even a possibility to exist — without that, a land cannot even possibly be a democracy. The US Government is now directly challenging that basic principle, and moreover is doing so over parts of the sovereign territory of Syria, an ally of Russia, which largely depends upon Russia to help it defeat the tens of thousands of invading and occupying forces.

If Russia allows the US to take over — either directly or via the US Government’s Al Qaeda-linked or its anti-Arab Kurdish proxy forces — portions of Syrian territory, then Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin, will be seen as being today’s version of Britain’s leader Neville Chamberlain, famous, as Wikipedia puts it, for “his signing of the Munich Agreement in 1938, conceding the German-speaking Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia to Germany.”

So: Putin will now be faced with either knuckling under now, or else standing on basic international democratic principles, especially the principle that each nation’s sovereignty is sacrosanct and is the sole foundation upon which democracy is even possible to exist or to evolve into being.

However, this matter is far from being the only way in which the US Government now is challenging Russia to World War III. On May 30th, the Turkish newspaper Yeni Safak bannered “US trains armed groups at Tanf base for new terror corridor” and reported that:

New terror organizations are being established by the US at the Tanf military base in southern Syria that is run by Washington, where a number of armed groups are being trained in order to be used as a pretext to justify US presence in the war-torn country. …

Military training is being conducted for “moderate” opposition groups in al-Tanf, where both the US and UK have bases.

These groups are made up of structures that have been established through US financing and have not been accepted under the umbrella of opposition groups approved by Turkey and the FSA.

From Deir Ezzor to Haifa

Claiming to be “training the opposition” in Tanf, the US is training operation militants under perception of being “at an equal distance to all groups.”

Apart from the so-called opposition that is linked to al-Qaeda, Daesh [ISIS] terrorists brought from Raqqa, western Deir Ezzor and the Golan Heights are being trained in the Tanf camp. …

The plan is to transport Iraqi oil to the Haifa [Israel] Port on the Mediterranean through Deir Ezzor and Tanf.

Actually, Deir Ezzor is also the capital of Syria’s own oil-producing region, and so this action by the United States is more than about merely a transit-route for Iraq’s oil to reach Israel; it is also (and very much) about America attempting theft of oil from Syrian land.

Furthermore, on May 23rd, Joe Gould at Defense News headlined “House rejects limit on new nuclear warhead” and he reported that the US House, in fulfillment of the Trump Administration’s Nuclear Posture Review, which seeks to lower the threshold for nuclear war so as to expand the types of circumstances in which the US will “go nuclear,” rejected, by a vote of 226 to 188, a Democratic Party supported measure opposing lowering of the nuclear threshold. President Trump wants to be allowed to lower the threshold for using nuclear weapons in a conflict. The new, smaller, nuclear warheads, a “W76-2 variant,” have 43% the yield of the bomb that the US dropped on Hiroshima, but it’s called a ‘tactical nuclear weapon’ meaning that it is supposedly intended for use in ‘conventional’ wars, so that it is actually designed to eliminate altogether the previous meta-strategic principle, of “Mutually Assured Destruction” pertaining to nuclear war (that nuclear weapons are justifiable only in order to prevent another World War, never in order to win such a war) that successfully prevented nuclear war till now — that once a side has introduced nuclear weapons into a military conflict, it has started a nuclear war and is challenging any opponent to either go nuclear itself or else surrender — America’s new meta-strategic doctrine (since 2006) is “Nuclear Primacy”: winning a nuclear war. (See this and this.)

US President Trump is now pushing to the limit, presumably in the confident expectation that as the US President, he can safely grab any territory he wishes, and steal any oil or other natural resource that he wishes, anywhere he wants — regardless of what the Russian Government, or anyone else, thinks or wants.

Though his words often contradict that, this is now clearly what he is, in fact, doing (or trying to do), and the current US House of Representatives, at least, is saying yes to this, as constituting American values and policies, now.

Trump — not in words but in facts — is “betting the house” on this.

Moreover, as I headlined on May 26th at Strategic Culture, “Credible Report Alleges US Relocates ISIS from Syria and Iraq into Russia via Afghanistan.” Trump is apparently trying to use these terrorists as — again like the US used them in Afghanistan in order to weaken the Soviet Union — so as to weaken Russia, but this time is even trying to infiltrate them into Russia itself.

Even Adolf Hitler, prior to WWII, didn’t lunge for Britain’s jugular. It’s difficult to think of a nation’s leader who has been this bold. I confess that I can’t.

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