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Zionist puppet’s White Helmets “Rescued” By Nazi regime Via Golan Heights In Overnight Operation

White Helmets “Rescued” By Israel Via Golan Heights In Overnight Operation

The Israeli Defense Forces confirmed Israel’s spearheading the move at the request of the United States and European governments.

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While US Seeks to Up the Ante on Pressure on the DPRK, Russia Proposes Easing Sanctions


These proposals show the dichotomy between the philosophy of US and Russian foreign policy.

north korea sanctions

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un watches parade participants from a balcony at the Kim Il Sung Square on Tuesday, May 10, 2016, in Pyongyang, North Korea. Hundreds of thousands of North Koreans celebrated the country’s newly completed ruling-party congress with a massive parade featuring floats bearing patriotic slogans and marchers with flags and pompoms. Wong Maye-E | AP

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Ecuador Rumored to Hand Julian Assange to UK Authorities in “Days” or “Weeks”


Though Ecuador’s President Moreno campaigned as a progressive leftist in the style of Rafael Correa, his predecessor who had granted Assange asylum, he has shown himself to be eager to return Ecuador to the fold of U.S. and U.K. influence and neoliberal economic policies.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange leaves after greeting supporters outside the Ecuadorian embassy in London, May 19, 2017 (AP/Frank Augstein)

Top photo | WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange leaves after greeting supporters outside the Ecuadorian embassy in London, May 19, 2017 Frank Augstein | AP

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A Prisoner’s Story of Capture, Detention and Torture in a Secret UAE Prison in Yemen


“They were hanging me for a long time and electrocuted me. I was screaming from beatings so intense that I could feel our cell shake then I went unconscious.”

The entrance of Aden Central Prison, known as Mansoura, where one wing is run by Yemeni allies of the United Arab Emirates to detain al-Qaida suspects, is shown in this May 9, 2017 photo in Aden, Yemen. Hundreds detained in the hunt for militants have disappeared into a network of secret prisons run by the UAE and Yemeni militias it created across southern Yemen, where former detainees say torture is widespread. Some prisoners have been interrogated by Americans, witnesses say. (AP Photo/Maad El Zikry)

Top Photo | The entrance of Aden Central Prison, known as Mansoura, where one wing is run by Yemeni allies of the United Arab Emirates is shown in this May 9, 2017 photo in Aden, Yemen. Hundreds of Yemenis in the hunt for militant have disappeared into a network of secret prisons run by the UAE and Yemeni militias it created across southern Yemen, where former detainees say torture is widespread. Maad El Zikry | AP

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The Independent Joins Saudi Arabia to Launch Middle East News Sites


Saudi King Salman, right, receives British Prime Minister Theresa May, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Wednesday, April 5, 2017. (AP Photo)

“Four new websites will offer the highest-quality, free-thinking, independent news, insight and analysis on global affairs and local events,” the Independent said in a statement.

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No, Putin Didn’t Agree to Play Lackey Against Iran to Appease Trump & Netanyahu


Russian Vladimir Putin arrives to attend a meeting with Russian ambassadors to foreign countries in Moscow, Russia, July 19, 2018. Putin says his first summit with U.S. President Donald Trump was "successful" and is accusing Trump's opponents in the U.S. of hampering any progress on the issues they discussed. Sergei Karpukhin | AP

While Moscow hopes to balance its relationship with Tehran with its ties to Tel Aviv and Washington, premature gloating about the Kremlin abandoning Iran outright — in some “deal” beggared by Netanyahu and Trump, no less — remain mere wishful thinking.

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Latvians recall better Soviet times


by Ruslan Ostashko

The myth of the” Soviet occupation” began to show cracks at the moment when Euro-integration has depopulated Latvia by half. And it’s not even ethnic Russians who are eager to destroy the myth, but Latvians.

Recent debates among Latvians on the Facebook were set off by Inara Ballade’s post in which she blames the Latvian “patriots” for brainwashing the population.

“It’s disgusting to read this fictional and strained nonsense of the nationalistic maniacs. I was born in the LSSR in 1960. I have never felt any occupation. My parents weren’t members of any party (Communist). I got free education in Latvian, was fluent in Russian and English. I graduated from the Conservatory of Musical Arts for free.

We had a happy childhood, free education, ecologically clean food. We shouldn’t say that our life in the USSR was in vain and unfit for the motherland.”

In addition, this Latvian woman rejecting beliefs in the “Soviet occupation,” reminded his compatriots that they, in fact, are stupid to live in debt.

“You all are poor as a church mouse. While blaming the “occupation,” you have destroyed all the manufacturing and production, you created unemployment, driving out the third of population into voluntary exile. Russian ruble, among other things, was more stable, and ten kopeks could buy you a lot of things. You cannot say the same about centimes”.

I would like to say that IT finally got them. And it is not only about  some ordinary woman, but also about more or less sane Latvian politicians.

In February of this year, the former head of the Communist party of the LSSR Alfred Rubiks, who not only successfully fit into the market, but even served as a member of the European Parliament, recalled how much was done under “occupation.”

“In those days, we built thousands apartments a year, which people received for free. Yes, people would have to wait for those apartments, and they were not as chic as modern, but very few can afford these luxury apartments today, anyway. Those who stole from us were engaged in speculation, which is now proudly called business. In Soviet times, people were coming to Latvia to live here and work, and now hundreds of thousands have left the country. At the end of the 80’s Latvia had almost 2.7 million inhabitants, now less than half remains. With this we are approaching centenary of Latvia.”

With what Riga is approaching the centenary of Latvia the European Commission knows perfectly well. Here is the forecast made three years ago, it is still relevant now. Adjustments can be safely made in the direction of deterioration.

“LTV.LV: Troubling statistics published by the Euro Commission shows that by 2060 in Latvia 1/3 of population will be people of 65 and older. Our country in at the top as an actively dying EU member. According to the Euro Commission the population will be reduced by 500.000 people by 2050.”

If Brussels aware of poor Latvian affairs, why don’t they take action? The answer is obvious: Latvia was originally intended to be “eaten.” As other “young democracies” like Bulgaria that is dying out even more rapidly.

Therefore, the EU closes its eyes on all these marches of SS Legionnaires in Riga and other tricks of local nationalistic howling about the “Soviet occupation.” Let them amuse themselves, because 50 years from now Latvia will cease to exist.

Scott Humor,

the Director of Research and Development

My research of the war on Donbass is available at the book store

The War on Donbass, which is called by the Western politicians and media the “Russian aggression in Ukraine” was a staged psyop.

My illustrated investigation titled Pokémon in Ukraine reveals how this psyop was staged, by whom and why.

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Trump’s Treasonous Traitor Summit or: How Liberals Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the New McCarthyism

CJ Hopkins

This is completely rational and not at all hysterical or strange.

So it appears America and democracy have miraculously survived the dreaded Trump-Putin summit … or Trump’s meeting with his Russian handler, as the neoliberal ruling classes and their mouthpieces in the corporate media would dearly like us all to believe. NATO has not been summarily dissolved. Poland has not been invaded by Russia. The offices of The New York TimesThe Washington Post, CNN, and MSNBC have not been stormed by squads of jackbooted Trumpian Gestapo. The Destabilization of the Middle East, the Privatization of Virtually Everything, the Conversion of the Planet into One Big Shopping Mall, and other global capitalist projects are all going forward uninterrupted. Apart from Trump making a narcissistic, word-salad-babbling jackass of himself, which he does on a more or less daily basis, nothing particularly apocalyptic happened.

And so, once again, Western liberals, and others obsessed with Donald Trump, having been teased into a painfully tumescent paroxysm of anticipation of some unimaginably horrible event that would finally lead to Trump’s impeachment (or his removal from office by other means) were left standing around with their hysteria in their hands. It has become a sadistic ritual at this point … like a twisted, pseudo-Tantric exercise where the media get liberals all lathered up over whatever fresh horror Trump has just perpetrated (or some non-story story they have invented out of whole cloth), build the tension for several days, until liberals are moaning and begging for impeachment, or a full-blown CIA-sponsored coup, then pull out abruptly and leave the poor bastards writhing in agony until the next time … which is pretty much exactly what just happened.

In the days and weeks leading up to the summit, the global capitalist ruling class Resistance deployed every weapon in its mighty arsenal to whip the Western masses up into a frenzy of anti-Putin-Nazi fervor. While continuing to flog the wildly popular baby concentration camp story (because the Hitler stimulus never fails to elicit a Pavlovian response from Americans, regardless of how often or how blatantly you use it), the corporate media began hammering hard on the “Trump is a Russian Agent” hysteria. (Normally, the corporate media alternates between the Hitler hysteria and the Russia hysteria so as not to completely short-circuit the already scrambled brains of Western liberals, but given the imminent threat of a peace deal, they needed to go the whole hog this time and paint this summit as a secret, internationally televised assignation between Hitler and … well, Hitler).

In order to render them even more repugnant in the eyes of Western liberals (as if being two Hitlers wasn’t repugnant enough), The New York Timesproduced this short porno graphically depicting Trump and Putin as insatiably horny homosexual lovers. A fusillade of apocalyptic op-eds followed, the most shamelessly paranoid and hysterical of which was Roger Cohen’s experimental dystopia, in which “The Alliance of Authoritarian and Reactionary States” trick the inherently fascist Europeans into launching a Second Holocaust with a “fake news” story about Moroccan migrants abducting poor little “Tatiana” from a beach resort in Fuengirola.

While faithful New York Times-reading liberals were still struggling to regain control of their sphincters and doubling up on their alprazolam prescriptions in a desperate attempt to banish these visions of the coming butch-gay Putin-Nazi Reich, go-to propagandist, Jonathan Chait, who has obviously been watching way too much Homeland, published this paranoid spec-fic novella (complete with a “Carrie is off her meds” flow chart) about how Trump has probably been “a Russian intelligence asset” since 1987. At the same time, MSNBC’s Malcolm Nance took to Twitter to denounce Glenn Greenwald as a treasonous “agent of Trump and Moscow” for physically traveling to a conference in Russia and speaking with several Russian people. Nance, who usually just makes things up, was actually telling the truth this time. Greenwald really did visit Russia, and was selfied in the company of Edward Snowden, on top of which he’s totally gay, and God knows what kind of Commie orgies go on in the Kremlin dungeon!

And the neoliberal “Resistance” was just getting started. As Trump was arriving at Stansted Airport to begin his “destruction of British diplomacy” (and possibly poison the Queen with more of that Novichok oatmeal that has been plaguing the UK), The Guardian‘s Owen Jones was personally preparing cells of the “London Resistance” for “the biggest demonstration in British history,” or “the biggest weekday protest in British history,” or a very large protest in any event. The London Resistance’s secret weapon was the baby Russian Agent Hitler blimp, which forced Trump and his Nazi goons to retreat to one of his Scottish golf resorts, but not before humiliating America, and horrifying The Washington Post, by failing to grovel before the British monarch. Still, the point is, London was saved. The forces of hatred, bigotry, and Russianness were roundly defeated by the forces of love, and goodness, and democracy, and tolerance, and whatever. If only the French had been willing to deploy a baby Hitler blimp in 1940 … or had been able to unite the corporate media, the intelligence agencies, the capitalist ruling classes, and thousands of virtue-signaling liberals to disapprove of the original Hitler!

But that wasn’t all … oh no, far from it. No, the weeks of white-eyed editorials warning us of the dangers of peace, the neo-McCarthyite smear campaigns, the virtue-signaling Stop Trump protests, all that was just an extended edition of Orwell’s famous Two Minutes Hate, designed to generate mass hysteria and paranoia in the run-up to the summit. By Friday, the Intelligence Community was issuing warnings of imminent Russian “attempts to undermine America” with September 11 scale “cyber attacks!” National Intelligence Director Dan Coats personally told the AssociatedPress that the little “Imminent Russia Attack” lights he has on his desk were all “blinking red.” Apparently, Trump and the Putin-Nazis are preparing “a crippling cyber attack” against “critical US infrastructure,” like “a power outage in New England in January,” or even “a cyber attack on banks” that will erase Americans’ entire life savings but somehow spare all the Russian accounts, or at least another devastating round of division-sowing Facebook ads!

Then, just in time for the corporate media to milk it throughout the weekend, special counsel Robert Mueller, III released a 29-page indictment accusing a bunch of Russian spies of, well, basically, being Russian spies. The indictment alleges that these Russian spies destroyed the campaign of Hillary Clinton, who everyone knows is supposed to be President, by “hacking” the Democratic Party’s servers and stealing and disseminating emails revealing both Clinton and the Democratic Party to be the soulless neoliberal hypocrites most people already knew they were. The indictment of these Russian intelligence officers (and no Americans, nor any other parties who can ever actually be brought to trial, requiring special counsel Mueller to offer evidence to support his allegations) was followed up by a chorus of voices demanding that the summit be cancelled and that Trump slink home in complete disgrace to confess his crimes to a vindicated nation, and then presumably fire his entire administration, resign, and appoint Hillary Clinton President.

Sometime early Sunday morning, after hours of careful deliberation over cheeseburgers and sodas on Air Force One with the Gorilla Channel streaming on his smartphone for ambiance, Trump decided to go ahead with the summit. This left the Resistance no other choice than to turn up the dial on the manufactured hysteria by repeating the words “treason,” “treasonous,” and “traitor” as many times as humanly possible on every news site, television channel, and social media platform in existence, and just generally running around like lunatics shrieking about an “IMMINENT RUSSIAN ATTACK!”

On the morning of the summit, Charles M. Blow, maestro of alliteration and subtlety, in The New York Times (which, we must remember, holds itself to the highest journalistic standards and in no way resembles a rabble-rousing tabloid), published this impassioned piece entitled “Trump, Treasonous Traitor,” accusing the President of “betraying the nation,” and basically demanding that he be tried for treason. “America is under attack,” Blow announces, “and its president absolutely refuses to defend it.”

If Mother Jones‘ David Corn has his way, Senator Rand Paul, who Corn denounces as “a traitor,” would also be taken outside and shot for the crime of noting that the Attack on America® Russia allegedly perpetrated is fairly standard clandestine behavior, engaged in by most developed nations, including the United States of America, whose history of election interference, coup-fomenting, assassinations, and other, more hamfisted forms of regime change is common knowledge, or at least it was, until the ruling classes and the corporate media turned the majority of Western liberals into paranoid McCarthyite fanatics denouncing anyone who questions the honesty of the US Intelligence Community as a “traitor,” and seeing Russians and Nazis coming out of the woodwork.

In the wake of Trump’s Treasonous Traitor Summit, which Garry Kasparov has called “the darkest hour in the history of the American presidency” (darker than Truman dropping the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki!), the neoliberal establishment and the corporate media appear to have gone full Joe McCarthy. Virtually every establishment mouthpiece, former spook, official state clown, from Thomas Friedman to Stephen Colbert, have been braying about “treason” and “traitorousness,” and suggesting that Donald Trump be removed from office by, you know, whatever means necessary. At least David Frum, senior editor at The Atlantichad the balls to openly call for a CIA-orchestrated military coup, because we can’t afford to wait for the legal process to take its course this time, as we are “facing a national security emergency!”

God knows where we go from here. It’s hard to believe the ruling classes can keep teasing liberals, and other Trump-obsessives, over and over and over like this, without eventually impeaching or shooting the guy … but then again, maybe they can. Perhaps they intend to continue conducting this experiment all the way up to 2020, just to see how paranoid and mindlessly conformist they make the majority of the Western public. In any event, if they decide not to impeach him, and then try him for treason, or just kill him, or whatever, the Democrats at least have a new campaign slogan that they can use in 2018 and beyond … “NEXT TIME VOTE FOR WHO WE TELL YOU TO, YOU RUSSIA-LOVING NAZI SCUM!” It kind of has a ring to it, doesn’t it?

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An apartheid state: Nazi regime makes it official


Image result for Nazi regime CARTOON

An apartheid state: Israel makes it official

[The following article was previously published on the ANSWER Coalitionwebsite.]

On July 19, 2018, the Israeli parliament ratified into law an apartheid system that has long been a reality. “Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish People,” is the newly approved Basic Law in a country where such laws take the place of the constitution Israel has never had.

The “Nation-State” law had been under consideration for many years, but even many ardent Zionists had been opposed, not because they disagreed with its provisions but because it would remove all doubt worldwide about the apartheid character of the regime. For the same reason, many pro-Israel organizations and leaders in the United States spoke out against the law.

Apartheid is a crime against humanity under the International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid.

Total support from the Trump administration, including moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, was the green light for many members of the parliament (Knesset) to vote for the bill now. At the same time, the massive military and economic support, and diplomatic protection extended by Washington have made Israeli leaders increasingly dismissive of criticism from other governments.

The vote for the law was 62-55, with most of the opposition – excepting 13 Palestinian Arab members – still motivated by fears of international reaction to openly proclaiming Israel to be a racist state.

Ahmed Tibi, one of the dissenting Palestinians legislators, called it, “the official beginning of fascism and apartheid.”

An openly racist law

Point 1, “Basic Principles” states: “A. The land of Israel is the historical homeland of the Jewish people, in which the State of Israel was established. B. The State of Israel is the national home of the Jewish people, in which it fulfills its natural, cultural, religious and historical right to self-determination. C. The right to exercise national self-determination in the State of Israel is unique to the Jewish people.”

It should be pointed out that the borders of the “land of Israel” are not defined, as they never have been since the formation of the state in 1948. This is not accidental. From the very beginning, the Israeli colonizers considered their original territory to be insufficient and temporary, and have waged several expansionist wars. Today, crossing into the West Bank one encounters no sign of a border.

Not mentioned here, nor anywhere in the law, are the Palestinian people, who comprised 92 percent of the population a century ago, and who were evicted en masse by means of terror in 1948-49.

The “right to exercise national self-determination . . . is unique to the Jewish people,” explicitly denies any national rights to the Palestinians who make up 21 percent of the population inside the 1948 borders, and at least 50 percent of those living today in what was the British colony of Palestine.

One of the aims of making the right of self-determination “unique” to Jewish people is to foreclose such a right for the Palestinians in the case of Israeli annexation of the West Bank.

Not only are national rights denied to Palestinians in the law, but nowhere in the text are to be found the words “equality” or “equal rights.”

As Liberation News reported in early June: “On June 5, the leadership of the Knesset (parliament) voted not to allow even the discussion of a bill calling for equal rights and status for the ‘Arab and Jewish nationalities’ inside the 1948 borders of the Israeli state.

The bill, titled, “State of All Its Citizens,” was introduced by three members of the Balad party, Jamal Zahalka, Haneen Zoabi and Jouma Azbarga.  Balad is one of the parties representing the approximately 1.5 million Palestinians living inside Israel.

Speaker of the parliament, Yuli-Yoel Edelstein, an immigrant to Israel from Ukraine, called the bill “absurd” and explained why the indigenous Palestinian population must not, from his point of view, be accorded equal rights: “We cannot allow a proposal whose goal is to gnaw away at the foundations the State of Israel is built upon to be on the Knesset’s agenda.”

Most of Edelstein’s colleagues were in full agreement. Knesset Legal Adviser Eyad Yinon stated: “As a matter of principle and in its details, it’s hard not to see this proposal as seeking to negate the State of Israel’s existence as a state of the Jewish people.”

The admission that a law calling for equal rights for all would “negate” or “gnaw away at the foundations” of Israel undercut the oft-repeated mantra that Israel is the “only democracy in the Middle East.” In fact, racism and exclusivism have always characterized Zionism, the ideological foundation upon which the state of Israel was constructed.

While the Balad bill would have been overwhelmingly defeated had it come to the Knesset floor, that was an eventuality that Israeli political leaders sought to head-off at all costs, given the embarrassing public relations consequences.

Time for renewed solidarity

In another attack on Palestinian rights, Point 3 of the “nation-state” law asserts that “The capital of the state Jerusalem, complete and united, is the capital of Israel.”

Point 4 states that Hebrew is the only state language and downgrades Arabic from an official state language to one with “special status,” meaning that it will not have to be available in state institutions.

Point 5 calls for the “In-gathering of the exiles (sic). The state will be open for Jewish immigration.” This is another blatant apartheid provision. The Israeli state continues to illegally deny the right of return to all Palestinian refugees.

Point 7 stipulates: “The state views the development of Jewish settlement as a national value and will act to encourage and promote its establishment and consolidation.” Again, it is important to point out that there are no geographical restrictions placed of such settlements. The settlements will be Jewish-only. They constitute an obvious violation of international law in addition to the fundamental right of Palestinians to their land.

In their towering arrogance, the rulers of Israel have exposed the profoundly racist character of their state and society. There can be no more credible denials. Now is the time for all people who believe in justice to join in solidarity with the heroic and long-suffering Palestinian people in their struggle for self-determination and liberation.

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Who is behind the protests in Nicaragua?

Who is behind the protests in Nicaragua?

Public domain image.

Liberation News translation  from original article in Granma, Cuba’s daily newspaper.

What seemed like a simple citizen protest over the increase in social security contributions in Nicaragua, culminated last week in a wave of violence that leaves at least a dozen dead and hundreds of establishments destroyed.

Given the level of organization shown, the extent of the damage and the participation of criminal groups, key questions arise: What is the origin of the demonstrations? Who are behind the most violent groups?

The demonstrations took off in the middle of last week as a reaction to a reform of the Nicaraguan Institute of Social Security (INSS). The measure of the Sandinista Executive planned to increase the contribution of workers from 6.25% to 7%, while employers would go from paying 19% to 22.5%.

The objective of the decision was to correct the INSS deficit and make it sustainable in the medium and long terms.

Groups of students and retirees, who receive their pensions from the same fund, staged the first public displays of discontent, but in a few hours the events led to massive looting and attacks against ambulances, hospitals, clinics, businesses, cars, government institutions and even family homes.

The scenes of the last days contrast with the statistics that show Nicaragua as one of the safest and most peaceful countries in Central America. The Sandinista authorities consider that, beyond a “civic protest”, what Nicaragua is experiencing is a right-wing plan to incite criminals and obtain political revenue through instability and the artificial creation of a scenario of shortages and scarcity of basic products.

Comandante Daniel Ortega said last Sunday that those who broke into the shopping centers were not “poor people” but “those interested in unleashing chaos.”

The Government reversed the reform of social security and was willing to establish a dialogue to find a solution to the INSS deficit.

However, the leaders of the protests assured that they will not stop their actions.”Social security is no longer the issue, but freedom of expression, corruption, and many others,” said the president of the Broad Front for Democracy (FAD), Violeta Granera.

When a “minority wants to impose its will by force,” said Comandante Ortega, “the opposition is no longer healthy and becomes a factor of destabilization.” The president also criticized the local rightwing seeking the support of U.S. politicians with the objective of “financing destabilization plans.” It is striking that the mobilization for the protests of recent days has been carried out through social networks with methods very similar to those of the Non- Conventional War (GNC).

One of the basic principles of the GNC, perfected by Washington to overthrow governments that are not to its liking, is to get society to confront the government with any excuse, strengthen the conflict from abroad and tighten the siege at the diplomatic level.

As part of the destabilizing actions, Washington ordered the departure of the relatives of its diplomats in Managua on Monday and reduced services in its embassy. Likewise, the State Department renewed today the petition to its citizens to “reconsider trips” to Nicaragua.

Meanwhile, the villagers began to organize themselves to defend neighborhoods, businesses, welfare centers and public spaces against the vandalism of violent groups. Likewise, the army was deployed to guarantee the protection of government buildings and facilities vital for citizenship. The climate of peace and coexistence in Nicaragua attracts a growing number of tourists and foreign investors. The Central American country boasts one of the highest economic growth rates in the region, around 5% of the annual Gross Domestic Product.

“The objective of those who are directing these criminal plans is to destroy the image of Nicaragua,” criticized Comandante Ortega. However, he was confident that Nicaraguans will not repeat the mistakes of the past and will choose the path of dialogue instead of that of war.

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