In a letter from his Nazi cell .. Sick prisoner Abu Diak: I want to die in the bosom of my mother


 By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Illegally Nazi occupied Ramallah – The sick prisoner Sami Abu Diak said that he wants to be “in my last days and hours beside my mother, and next to my loved ones, and I want to die life in the arms, and I do not want to die in the hands and feet.”

This came in a letter conveyed by the lawyer of the Center for Liberties Ibtisam Anati, who visited the “Ramla prison clinic”, and met with a number of sick prisoners, including the prisoner sick with cancer Sami Abu Diak.

The lawyer explained that the prisoner Abu Diak “will return within two weeks for chemotherapy, where he weighed from 80 kg to 48 kg, and suffers from a severe lack of blood, and he felt severe pain and taking painkillers, and was unable to complete the talk.”

In an interview with Samer’s brother Samer Abu Diak, the lawyer told her that six prisoners are permanently in Ramla clinic and are suffering from difficult health conditions.

He explained that his brother is suffering from severe pain, and is given medicine only painkillers, where the disease has reached its peak.

He called on governmental and non-governmental institutions to work hard for his release to spend his last hours between his family and his fans.

On the other hand, Anati explained that the prisoner Mansour Moukdah also suffers from aches and pains, and a biopsy was taken because of fat in the neck and will undergo an operation to remove them, but did not specify the date.

She noted that the tumor has been around for 5 years, and that he takes 12 pills a day.

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