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Sources of “Al-Anbaa”: Techno-political government headed by Hariri .. Without Basil

The sources hinted at some political cheerleaders, echoing:

The crisis of forming a government has come close to the vulva. One of the signs of this relief was quoted by political activists as saying that Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil was convinced that he should leave the government in exchange for being the head of the Free Patriotic Movement. The government, which was agreed to be a “techno-political” in view of the fact that its incumbent president, Saad Hariri, is a political figure, it was also agreed that Hezbollah would represent a non-political Shiite figure like the current Minister of Health, Dr. Jamil Jabak, and the same applies to President Nabih. Berri and Walid Jumblatt and Dr. Samir Geagea, who was The first to launch the idea of ​​government specialists.

But the ongoing node, according to the “news”, is the size of the government, there are those who see it from 16 ministers, including those who see it from 18 to 24 so that the participation of small parliamentary blocs such as the Marada and the Tashnaq party, and remain a subsequent node of the formation is represented by the ministerial statement, which specifically mentioned tripartite. The people, the army and the resistance, ”he insists, amid the rejection of others.

Hezbollah’s position in support of Hariri’s mandate is no longer confused as to whether it is better for this precise stage. According to the sources concerned, the party was behind the conviction of Minister Bassil to relinquish the ministerial seat in order to facilitate the formation of the government.

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