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Tripoli: Problems in the sit-in square and preparations for «Tomato Day»

Three problems in Abdulhamid Karami Square in the past few hours between the protesters reinforced fears that the popular movement would depart from its peaceful and civilized image in the capital of the north; Again, confusion among the crowd has led to disorientation, while the other two have been caused by individual provocations and disagreements.

However, the most prominent development witnessed in the arena was the rise of a person to the podium, yesterday evening, wearing a Lebanese army uniform, announcing that he joined the protesters, which some tried to portray as a “split”, before it turned out that the element retired from the area Akkar, who suffers from mental illnesses, was stopped by the army intelligence for interrogation.

In the meantime, students returned to schools and universities vital to the sit-in and popular movement, 23 days after the start of the spark, after they refused to enter their classes and halls, and held sit-ins in front of the entrances of schools and universities, before they joined the protesters and roamed the streets of the city.

Similarly, Beddawi, Minieh and Denniyeh areas witnessed student marches, the largest of which was in Minieh, where the international highway witnessed a large march in which the students of the region’s schools participated.

It is expected to witness a greater presence of students in the yards and streets, which make up for the decline in the attendance of other popular groups and supporters of currents and political parties in recent days, after they expressed their intention to hold sit-ins in front of the entrances of universities and schools, and start from there to the sit-in square, and then, at, Tenth before noon, to be present in front of the homes of ministers, deputies and officials in the city to throw it with tomatoes, in what is called «Tomato Day».

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