The health of the two prisoners Abu Kharabeesh and Al-Tous decreased

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Illegally Nazi occupied Ramallah: The Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority stated in a report issued today, Tuesday, that the health of each of the two captives, Mahmoud Abu Kharabeesh, Muhammad Al-Tous, and those who were held in Raymond detention camp, had deteriorated seriously, in light of the continued neglect of their health conditions and the neglect of their lives.

In its statement, the commission stated that the prisoner Abu Kharabeesh (54 years), from “Ain al-Sultan” camp in Jericho governorate, has complained for several years about heart problems and irregularity of his heart, and blood pressure disease that was afflicted while he was in prison, and from a rise in cholesterol Fat in the blood, as he suffers from severe infections of the intestine, duodenum and colon, and despite his poor medical condition and suffering from pain, however, the prisoner Abu Kharabeesh does not receive any treatment appropriate to his condition, and the administration of the prison is satisfied with giving him only analgesic drugs.

As for the prisoner Muhammad Al-Tous (64 years), from the Hebron Governorate, he recently complains of infections in the tonsils, and he suffers from the presence of several bags of kidneys filled with fluids that affect his health condition, while he is awaiting transfer to conduct urgent medical examinations to diagnose his condition, but The administration of the prison procrastinated by converting it.

In its report, the commission noted that most of the old prisoners suffer from difficult health conditions, noting that the long years of imprisonment that they spent inside the occupation camps with harsh living conditions and denying them treatment, affected them, exacerbated their pain and made them prey to diseases.

It is worth noting that both prisoners are serving life sentences, both of whom have been in prison for more than 30 years, and that they are among the prisoners of the fourth group who were supposed to be released by the occupation authorities after the understandings that took place between the Palestinian and Zionist sides through American mediation in 2014, but the authorities The Nazi regime avoided this and did not release them.

Prisoners of “Ashkelon” begin a strike to protest their abuse 


33 prisoners from the “Ashkelon” prison are going on a hunger strike today, in rejection of the abuses carried out by the Nazi Occupation Prison Administration against them for more than a month, and in protest against the destruction and ruin caused to them by their repressive forces. 

The Prisoners Club said in a statement that the prison administration carried out a repression against prisoners of Nazi camp “Ashkelon” during the month of October, and transferred the Nazi camp to the “Nafha” detention center, except for a group of prisoners who suffer from chronic diseases, where they kept them in “Al-Maabar” In harsh and tragic circumstances. 

At the end of last week, the prisoners transferred back to Nazi camp Ashkelon detention center, to find all their belongings destroyed, and found on the Koran footprints, which led them to refuse to receive any of their destroyed property, and sent a letter of protest to the prison director.

The Occupation Prison Administration threatened the prisoners that, if they carried out the strike, they would transfer them to “Al-Maabar” section (12), which is a cell that is not suitable for human life and is full of insects.  

It is noteworthy that, since the beginning of this year, the occupation prisons administration pursued a high level of violence through organized repression of prisoners, and as a result dozens of prisoners were injured, particularly in the “Negev” and “Ofer” detainees.

The detainee Muhammad Shalash recounts the details of his arrest and the death of his friend


The minor detainee, Muhammad Osama Shalash (17 years old), narrated the details of his arrest and torture during the arrest operation at the hands of the Nazi occupation forces, and his friend Uday Ismail Shalash (17 years), after the shooting of their friend Badawi Khaled Shalash (18 years old). ).

The lawyer for the Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority stated after his visit to “Etzion” detention center, that Muhammad Shalash was quick to ask about the fate of his friend Badawi, whom the occupation forces had shot in the evening of the first of December this year in front of his eyes in the town of Beit Awa, south of Hebron Governorate , While the minors arrested Muhammad Wa`di, the lawyer informed him that his friend had been martyred.

In the details of the incident, the minor detainee, Muhammad Shalash, said that the Nazi occupation forces hit their friend, “Badawi”, and “Muhammad and my promise” beat them badly and took them to an occupation camp.

Shalash added that the Nazi occupation forces subjected them “he is my promise”, for interrogation for 8 hours in the bitter cold, and without food or drink, before transferring them to the Etzion detention center, and holding him in a solitary cell, and Uday being transferred to the “Ofer” detention center the next day. .

The Prisoners’ Authority pointed out that all minors detained by the Nazi occupation authorities are subjected to one or several forms of psychological and physical torture

Night breakthroughs affect 15 Palestinians from the occupied West Bank


The occupation army arrested 15 Palestinians at dawn today, Wednesday, after carrying out a series of incursions into the cities of the West Bank.

An army spokesman said that his forces had arrested 15 Palestinians suspected by the army of acts he called “violent and terrorist”, and had been transferred to investigations.

It was known among the detainees tonight; Haitham Muhammad al-Aqra and Salem Najeh Muslim from Nablus Governorate, while Ibrahim Hammad, Rami Nabil Hamdan, Esmat Samih, Muhammad Samih, and Abd al-Hafiz Awni Deeb from Ramallah Governorate were arrested, and the army also arrested Wissam Asafra from Hebron.

The detained army arrested the editor, Saif Fadl Badr, from the village of Beit Duqqu, northwest of Jerusalem, and Hamza Iyad Al-Boo from Halhul in the Hebron Governorate.

The Nazi occupation forces stormed the town of Hazma, northeast of Jerusalem, and distributed “warning” leaflets to the Palestinians, according to local sources, in which it stated:

“Recently, terrorist operations and breaches of order have been carried out in your village that affect the security of the region, and since your region has been characterized by violence and terrorism over the recent period, it has been decided to take several measures to improve the collection of intelligence information to disrupt illegal activities and thwart terrorism.” 

It is noteworthy that the occupation army storms several areas in the occupied West Bank on a daily basis, and it searches Palestinian homes and works to sabotage them and detonate their doors before arresting Palestinians, claiming that they are investigated against the background of resistance actions.

The Euro-Mediterranean: 400 Israeli violations in Jerusalem in November


The Euro-Mediterranean Observatory for Human Rights said that the Nazi occupation committed 400 violations in occupied Jerusalem during the past month, amid an acceleration in attempts to end the Palestinian presence and change the character and identity of the city by closing institutions, confiscating lands and displacing residents.

A report of the observatory documented (25) incidents of shooting and direct assault by the occupation in the neighborhoods of the occupied city of Jerusalem, which resulted in the martyrdom of the young Faris Abu Nab (23 years) in the excessive use of force by the Nazi occupation police without any danger or threat to the lives of the individual police. (17) Palestinians, including two women, with rubber bullets and gas canisters, in addition to dozens of people suffocated by tear gas, and (14) Palestinians were beaten and assaulted by the occupation forces.

And the Euro-Mediterranean monitored the closure of the Nazi occupation (4) Palestinian institutions, including a media organization that takes official Palestine TV as its headquarters, in an indication of the Nazi occupation’s continued policy to end the existence and work of official Palestinian institutions, restrict the work of official Palestinian figures in the city, and prevent any manifestations of Palestinian sovereignty even At a minimum, devoting the endeavor of the Nazi regime to impose its sovereignty over the city.

The report also documented the implementation of the Nazi occupation (103) storming of the towns and neighborhoods of Nazi occupied Jerusalem, which included the arrest of (78) Palestinians, including (12) children, a woman, the Minister of Jerusalem, its governor, and the director of the Education Directorate, documenting the summons of (11) people, and imposing house arrest on (8) At least, including children, and financial penalties.

Regarding the crimes of demolition, the report monitored (20) cases of demolition and the distribution of notices for Palestinian homes and properties in Nazi occupied Jerusalem, which resulted in the demolition of (9) homes and houses, one of which forced its owner to self-demolish, to avoid paying expensive fines, which led to the displacement of dozens of citizens, and (6) Hangars and barracks, in addition to notifying (10) demolishing facilities.

The Observatory said that the demolitions carried out by the army forces are part of a systematic policy to forcibly displace the Palestinians, with the aim of changing the demographic character of the city; and such actions amount to a war crime.

The report documented (4) confiscation orders issued by the occupation forces, which seized (790) dunums of Nazi occupied Jerusalem land, for purposes related to the separation wall and settlement roads, and came as part of a large-scale expropriation campaign in the West Bank that affected 6,850 dunums.

The report monitored two Nazi decisions related to the approval of the air train plan in Jerusalem, and the construction of 11,000 housing units within a new Nazi Jewish settlement neighborhood on the lands of the abandoned Qalandia airport to expand the settlement of “Atarot” north of Jerusalem, as well as Nazi regime draft law to ban the work of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) in Jerusalem.

The Observatory also recorded (8) direct attacks by Nazi Jewish settlers throughout Jerusalem during the month of November, including damage to tires, writing racist slogans as part of a strategic activity permitted by Nazi regime, and it is based on discriminatory racist principles, and aims in the long term to displace Palestinians and rob their homes and lands for the benefit of settlement projects.

During this month, settlers carried out incursions into Al-Aqsa Mosque over 20 days, and the number of intruders (2009) reached Nazi Jewish settlers, except for the participation of thousands of other settlers in the incursions under the heading of foreign tourists, in full coordination with the Nazi regime.

Anas Jerjawi, director of the Middle East and North Africa division in the Euromed, said that the administration’s stance towards the Palestinian issue encouraged the “Israeli authorities” to commit more violations in the Palestinian territories, especially after the recent US decision to consider settlement in the West Bank as legitimate and not in violation of international law.

The occupation prisons administration expanded the scope of the restrictions on prisoners


The Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority reported today, Sunday, that the Occupation Prisons Administration has expanded its policies to systematically restrict prisoners.

The authority explained that the latest of these policies prevented the administration of the Ofer prison from using prisoners for colored blankets and allowing only single-colored covers, in addition to informing the prisoners that they would withdraw 30 basic items from the basic foodstuffs from the cantina.

The prisoners indicated that they had informed the prison administration of their position rejecting these unjustified policies, and that they would confront these measures to prevent their implementation.

The commission pointed out that the Occupation Prisons Administration uses the conditions under which Palestinians are held in captivity as a method of collective punishment, and it also systematically and continuously seeks to emphasize the conditions of detention of prisoners and reduce them to the lowest possible level, especially after the formation of the Israeli Minister of Internal Security Gilad Ardan “Committee Withdrawing the prisoners’ achievements in 2018.

This committee aims to withdraw the achievements of the prisoners they seized through struggle and strikes over the years of detention to improve their living conditions.

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