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Replacing the Bahraini Foreign Minister .. Is there a difference ?!

Posted by: Sammi Ibeahem,Sr


B: Zulfiqar Dahir

Without prior notice, the Bahraini authorities announced the dismissal of Foreign Minister Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa and the inauguration of Abdul Latif Al Zayani, Secretary-General of the Gulf Cooperation Council, in his place. This announcement, which raised many questions about its timing and content, especially that the dismissed minister was known for the tough public stances towards Iran and Syria and the axis of resistance and normalization with the enemy and identified with his policies towards Palestine and Jerusalem, and identifies with the sharp and provocative policies in the issues of the region practiced by the Bahraini regime, as it reached it Things are rushing to lead the normalization of stations with the Israeli enemy, and the dismissed minister has always been at the top of the list of applicants for these breathless positions behind the nation’s first and last enemy.

It is true that this policy of normalization is not decided by an individual as the foreign minister of a small country in the Gulf like Bahrain, but rather it starts from the top of the pyramid of power in Bahrain to reach the regional and international sponsors of this island, whether it is Saudi Arabia or even the American administration that provides political and moral cover to all the systems operating in the region. Today, however, the overthrow of a minister from the Al Khalifa family in the government of the ruling regime opens the door to many questions about some changes that require changing some faces.

Is the appointment of the Secretary-General of the Gulf Cooperation Council related to the internal Gulf relations and the possibility of resolving differences with Qatar? Or is the matter greater than that and reflects some regional countries ’efforts to open up to other countries, such as Syria and Iran? Or is the matter not more than an internal matter in Bahrain that needs someone who does not provoke popular provocation, especially through social media? Was it changed by a purely internal decision by the caliph regime, or did it happen at the external instruction?

On the change of the Bahraini foreign minister, the representative of the Bahraini opposition Movement for Liberties and Democracy (Haqq), Abdel-Ghani Al-Khanjar, said: “Khaled bin Ahmed left his position as foreign minister after he struck the ugliest example in normalization with the usurping Israeli enemy and after he danced repeatedly and in many turns on the blood of Arabs And Muslims in Palestine, Iraq and Yemen that are being spoiled by the Zionists and the Americans.

Al-Khanjar pointed out in an interview with “Al-Manar TV” that “the removal of Khalid bin Ahmed from this position will not change the policy of the normalizing Caliph authorities because normalization with the Israeli enemy is the strategy of the royal court and it is a project in the region in which several Arab dictatorial regimes are involved” and stressed that “ Khaled bin Ahmed’s change took place by an external decision related to the troubled region’s conditions in some regional countries. The trumpets were checking A loss and the atmosphere between the GCC countries and some Arab countries.

Turning to the new alternative, i.e. Abd al-Latif al-Zayani, the man is one of the most prominent things that is taken before him assuming his position that he was already unable to solve the issue of the Gulf Gulf dispute without having any actual role for him in the various issues of the region, nor did he commit to neutrality in his dealings with the “Gulf crisis” It was biased to the parties that surrounded Qatar.

Whatever the case, it is likely that the change of the Bahraini foreign minister will not make a fundamental difference and does not reflect fundamental changes in the public policies previously set by the head of the authority and his sponsors, but rather it is limited formal changes.

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