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What are the indications of Al-Qassam’s latest statement regarding the captured Nazi soldiers in Gaza?

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Gaza: The statement issued by Abu Ubaida, a spokesman for the Al-Qassam Brigades, the military arm of Hamas, regarding the fate of the captured Nazi soldiers in the Gaza Strip, broke the silence that the resistance committed for years on their fate.

Abu Ubaida said in a tweet published today, Wednesday, that the captured Nazi army soldiers in the Gaza Strip “were wounded directly during the occupation’s aggression in the year 2019”.

He added: “We announce the fact that we concealed it since the May 2019 aggression on the Gaza Strip, when the occupation forces bombed the civil and security buildings and other places, a number of the enemy prisoners were directly injured, and we reserve to reveal their fate at this stage.”

The statement, which came after many months of silence, was a clear confession that the captured Nazi soldiers were alive before the May 2019 Nazi targeting operation, while keeping their fate now unknown after talking about their injuries directly.

Two analysts agreed to “Quds Network” that the latest statement from Al-Qassam aims to break the wall of silence, move the prisoners ’file in Gaza, pressure Naziyahu and embarrass him in front of Zionist public opinion and the families of the captured Nazi soldiers, after pointing out that the soldiers are alive.

In the context, the writer and political analyst Hamza Abu Shanab told “Quds Network” that the statement is a veiled message that the resistance has live prisoners, which means that the enemy’s scenario that the soldiers are dead is not a requirement to be true according to the enemy’s description.

Abu Shanab added: “The statement also serves as a message to the families of the soldiers that your children with the resistance are in danger, and that the time factor is not in your favor, besides it is a message to the public and the Israeli media who are not actively interested in the file of the soldiers of the resistance, by reactivating their case, which may constitute Pressure on the government. “

He indicated that he is a message to the Israeli government that the resistance will not bear the fate of the soldiers in the future if the enemy continues to procrastinate in achieving an exchange deal with the resistance, adding: “Emphasizing that all settlement plans will not be able to ignore the file of the prisoners and that the resistance is the only and real hope for the release of the prisoners No settlement process. “

Abu Shanab believed that the permit may contribute to moving the file of the captured soldiers in Gaza, but after the upcoming Israeli elections in March, it is enslaved that this file will be present in the electoral increases between the Israeli parties during the coming period.

Directed pressure

In turn, writer and political analyst Wissam Afifa considered that what happened was a message of pressure from the Palestinian resistance against the Israeli occupation and his government to move the file of the captured soldiers as well as being an implicit recognition that these soldiers were alive before the targeting process.

Afifa explained to “Quds Network” that Al-Qassam delivered a message to families warning them that Netanyahu and security officials might go to activate the Hanbala option by killing the soldiers if they got any information about them to get out of this predicament in which they put themselves more than 5 years ago.

And that what happened reflects two aspects, the first of which is the Israeli intelligence failure to access information about the presence of soldiers in any of these buildings as a result of the heavy shelling, and the second is the possibility of a mistake by the resistance to keep them in an open place without adequate insurance for them.

Afifa saw that the resistance succeeded in its message in restoring the fate of the soldiers to the unknown by refusing to disclose their fate after the Israeli bombing that led to their injury and using that for the families to put pressure on the Israeli security system.

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