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Turkish ship loaded with weapons in the port of Tripoli

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Pictures .. “Libyan army” announces the destruction of a Turkish ship loaded with weapons in the port of Tripoli

According to Libyan and Arab media, the Libyan National Army announced today, Tuesday, the destruction of a Turkish ship in the Tripoli sea port carrying weapons and ammunition.

“The Turkish ship loaded with weapons and ammunition, which was docked this morning in the port of Tripoli, was destroyed,” the media center of the army’s Al-Karamah Operations Room said, according to Libyan media.

Witnesses said the Libyan “Al-Wasat” gate that shells had landed on the main port of Tripoli a little while ago, while the shelling is still going on.

A shop owner near the port in Tripoli, in a telephone statement to “Al-Wasat Gate”, indicated that smoke billowed from several bombed sites.

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EU vote to label Jewish illegal settlement products

PM: EU vote to label ‘Israel’ settlement products echoes Nazi era

Netanyahu calls decision a ‘distortion of justice,’ says Israel has ‘historical memory’ of European marking of Jewish goods


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on September 7, 2015 (Kobi Gideon/GPO)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on September 7, 2015 (Kobi Gideon/GPO)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday slammed a resolution passed by the European Parliament that advocated a distinction between Israel and its West Bank settlements, and the labeling of settlement produce.

The PM called the move “unjust,” and intimated that it echoed decisions taken during the Nazi era.

“It is simply a distortion of justice and of logic and I think that it also hurts peace; it does not advance peace,” he said in a statement. “The root of the conflict is not the territories, and the root of the conflict is not the settlements. We have historical memory of what happened when Europe labelled Jewish products.”

Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely said Israel would not accept “discrimination” between goods produced in different parts of its territory.

“Labeling of products amounts to a boycott,” she said, hours after the European vote.

European lawmakers called earlier Thursday for the “differentiation between Israel and its activities in the Occupied Palestinian Territory,” and encouraged EU Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini “to take the lead within the commission with a view to completing the work on EU-wide guidelines on the labeling of Israeli settlement produce.”

The resolution was passed by 525 votes to 70, with 31 abstentions.

The Foreign Ministry lashed out against the EU in a scathing response to the motion, saying, “The State of Israel takes the parliament’s decision seriously, in particular the call for labeling products. The process of labeling is discriminatory, and reeks of boycott.

“Under the guise of a technical procedure, it’s an attempt to force a diplomatic solution, instead of encouraging the Palestinians to return to negotiations,” a Foreign Ministry spokesperson said. “Europe treats Israel with sanctimonious hypocrisy, while it doesn’t raise the issue of similar solutions in Northern Cyprus and Western Sahara.”

European parliamentarians also called on Mogherini and EU Special Representative Fernando Gentilini to promote a two-state solution within the framework of the Arab Peace Initiative, and said individual member nations needed to play a greater political role in the peace process.

Peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians broke down in April 2014, and few efforts have been made publicly to restart negotiations.

The resolution stressed that the rights of Israeli and Palestinian civilians were the immediate priority, and noted the dire humanitarian crisis resulting from the slow pace of the Gaza Strip’s reconstruction in the wake of last summer’s devastating war there.

“Preserving the viability of the two-state solution through concrete action and ensuring full respect for the rights of civilians on both sides must be an immediate priority for the EU and the international community,” the resolution said.

It further called the reconstruction of Gaza a humanitarian aid priority for the EU and the international community, and urged donor nations to honor their pledges to the cash-strapped United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East.

The text also expressed support for reactivating the now-defunct EU Border Assistance Mission — EUBAM — at Gaza’s Rafah Crossing with Egypt “with a more ambitious mandate and adequate means” in order to take a “concrete role” in the control of the border.

The resolution was passed by 525 votes to 70, with 31 abstentions.

Last week, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon invited Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia to a meeting later this month of the Middle East Quartet seeking a diplomatic solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The invitation follows a decision by the Quartet in February to include Arab countries in the diplomatic effort to restart the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians. Mogherini said the EU had “revitalized the work of the Quartet” and voiced hope that this could help “reopen prospective and political horizons to the talks.”

The 2002 Arab Peace Initiative calls for an Israeli withdrawal from the Palestinian territories in exchange for full normalization of ties between Israel and the Arab world.

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‘It’s Time to Embrace Palestinian Resistance’

Romana Rubeo, an editor at The Palestine Chronicle, discusses the US Middle East Peace Plan with Gaza-based Shehab News. (Photo: Video Grab)

In this interview with Gaza-based Shehab News Agency, Romana Rubeo, Italian writer and editor at The Palestine Chronicle, discusses the ‘Deal of the Century’, its timing and impact on ‘Israeli’, US, and Palestinian politics.

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Tales of student torment: Zionist disinformation on US campuses

Zionist propaganda on US campuses
By Lawrence Davidson

Being “Jewish” on US campuses

For those readers who have been with me for a while, you might remember the mysterious fact that I am on the -mail list of the American Jewish Committee (AJC). The AJC is one of the principal Zionist advocacy organisations in the United States. There is some advantage to this odd situation because it serves to alert me to the often misleading positions the organisation takes.

Recently, I got an email (I was unable to establish a link to this message) from Seffi Kogen, the “AJC Global Director of Young Leadership”. He asked the question: “What is it like being Jewish on [a US] campus?” Based on what appears to be a small sample (“a group of Jewish students at a prestigious American university”), Kogen comes to the conclusion that all is not well. The students’ answers to this question were “disturbing”.

From this apparently small sample, Kogen feels ready to generalise the following “reality”:

— Jewish “students who are pro-Israel… have been treated with open contempt and even harassment”. Please note that “being Jewish on campus” has now morphed into Jewish “students who are pro-Israel”.

— “They have been tormented and intimidated.”

— “They have been bullied during anti-Israel boycott and divestment campaigns on campuses across the country.”

Well, that is a big leap on several accounts. Is this a random sample of Jewish students or a select group chosen because they are Zionists? How many are in the sample? Is there any reason to assume that this group is representative of “Jewish students on campus” nationwide? Also, you don’t have to be Jewish to be pro-Israel, and conversely it is the case that not all Jewish students are pro-Israel. Yet Kogen seems to be mixing up the different groups: Jewish students in general and Jewish student supporters of Israel. What he certainly seems to be doing is committing a logical fallacy known as “hasty generalisation” or “arguing from small numbers”.

Having asserted a logical fallacy as the basis of campus “reality”, Kogen tells us that all members of the AJC should financially support the organisation’s continuing effort to, among other things, “bring university presidents and student affairs officers to Israel to learn the truth about this country that means so much to all of us”. This in turn will supposedly motivate them to be hostile to students who support Palestinian rights and the boycott of Israel.

Just who is intimidating whom?

Later, we will take up some student-related truths that guests of the AJC in Israel are unlikely to learn, but right now let’s stay with Kogen’s stateside assertions.

What Kogen conveniently omits is that pro-Israel students, often aided by foreign students who are Israeli army veterans, are themselves acting in an intimidating, harassing and bullying ways. For instance, members of the Students for Justice in Palestinechapter at the University of California Irvine assert that they “were subjected to days of racial and sexual slurs in what they believe was an attempt to provoke a reaction”. 

Then there is the fact that pro-Israel college administrators, with or without all-expenses-paid trips to Israel, and often backed by officials of US state and federal governments, also harass and intimidate student and faculty supporters of Palestine. Palestine Legalan organisation of American lawyers who defend the First Amendment rights of those who support the Palestinian cause, reports the following:

In blatant disregard of the First Amendment, government actors have increasingly had a direct hand in censoring Palestine advocacy. This censorship originates at all levels of government… [and includes] administrators at public universities, and both Democratic and Republican state governors. These actions have also empowered anti-Palestinian groups.

The truth is that pro-Israel lobbies like the AJC are attempting to shut down the free speech rights of groups supporting Palestinian rights and the boycott of Israel. Their supporters on campus are active, aggressive, and in fact more un-American (their efforts are blatantly unconstitutional) than those who support the oppressed and discriminated against Palestinians. It is the latter, and not the former, who stand up for human and civil rights and international law.

As pro-Palestinian advocacy has increased both on and off American college campuses, there have, as noted above, been occasional confrontations. Some have turned “disrespectful”. However, apart from the anti-constitutional effort to outlaw the historically legitimate tactic of boycott, and the propaganda effort to cast those critical of Israel as “anti-Semites” – all of which the AJC supports – most of these confrontations seemed spontaneous. But that is not what Kogen would have us believe. He is suggesting that there is some sort of premeditated effort to “torment” and “harass” Jewish students who support Israel. Yet, you have to understand, he is, in part, paid to generate a picture of renewed hostility to Jews while suggesting that most Jews are Zionists like himself. That certainly seems to be a consequence of his job. 

Campus scene in Israel and the occupied territories

While we are on the topic of “what it is like to be a Jew on campus” in the US, I thought it would be appropriate to examine what it is like to be a Palestinian on campus in Israel and its occupied territories. Here are some examples which in fact typify the treatment of Palestinians:

— Birzeit University is the premier Palestinian institution of higher learning on the occupied West Bank. Students attending Birzeit are subject to arrest by Israel’s occupying army at any time, and “in the last months of 2019, the Israeli occupation has launched one of its most aggressive arrest campaigns against Palestinian students in recent years”. Statistics kept by the Palestinian prisoners’ rights organisation Addameer indicate that “some 250 Palestinian university students are currently imprisoned by Israel”. And what are these university students guilty of? The Israelis claim that they are members of “armed Hamas cells” on campus, but evidence that is not manufactured by the Israelis themselves is sparse. The real “crime” is that these students are standing up and protesting against their own oppression.

— The aim of these arrests is to break the morale of Palestinian students and make politics a subject to be avoided. “Speaking from his campus office, Sameeh Hammoudeh, [a Birzeit] university professor, said the present context has had a stifling impact on politics: there is fear, he said, ‘in the heart of the students’, inspired by a real threat of torture and abuse”.

— Moving from the occupied territories to Israel proper we find that “Palestinians in Israel are discriminated against systematically – and this is especially true in Israeli academia”. Israeli Arab high school students “attend [ethnically segregated] schools with poor budgets, and are taught content that does not prepare them for the PET, the Psychometric Entrance Test, an exam for securing places in universities”.

— Those Israeli Palestinians who do make it to an Israeli institution of higher learning face an environment of estrangement and tension. As a Palestinian student at Haifa University observed,

you can’t escape the feeling of alienation when you are an Arab student in the Israeli universities. On the one hand, you are in an academic environment, but on the other hand you are surrounded with guns. It has reached a point where it’s difficult to see the contradiction. It has become the norm – uniformed soldiers carrying automatic weapons are part of the academic landscape.

This is a part of Seffi Kogen’s “truth about this country that means so much to all of us”. Yet we can be sure that it is a truth not mentioned to the “university presidents and student affairs officers” he invites on the AJC junkets. 


It would seem that Seffi Kogen and the AJC are guilty of both hypocrisy and misdirection: hypocrisy because the Zionists, both here and in Israel, are much more active at harassing their opponents than are Palestinians and their supporters (who in the US, by the way, are often Jewish); and misdirection (i.e. Jewish pro-Israel students on US campuses are being “tormented”) because they now attribute to their opponents the unethical tactics they themselves practice.

Kogen and the AJC are also guilty of purposeful confusion of two different groups: Jews in general and Zionists. While these categories can overlap, they are not inclusive. An increasing number of Jews are opposed to Zionist ideology and the racism and oppression it has engendered. And, an increasing number of Zionists are not Jewish, but rather, among others, US Christian fundamentalists as well as non-Jewish immigrants coming to Israel (which in 2018 reached 54 per cent of the total).  

So, as is usual with hotly debated topics, one has to be careful to analyse the arguments and watch out for disinformation. Of course, the side that has lots of money, lots of well-organised cadres, and help from agents of the government has a significant advantage in pressing their message – be it accurate or not. But, when it comes to the Zionist state, this propaganda machine has not been able to keep up with Israeli villainy. According to the United Nations, the “nation that means so much to all” is so consistently in violation of human and civil rights that of all the resolutions citing such criminal behaviour issued by the UN, over 40 per cent name Israel as the offender. Such a wretched record speaks louder than Kogen’s words.

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An American Senator vowing to Lebanon: Release Al-Fakhouri or else!

Fox News reported that Lebanon could soon find itself under sanctions due to the detention of the Zionist puppet spy of the tent camp in Antoine Lahd, Amer Elias Al-Fakhouri.

The network noted that the Fakhoury case caught the attention of the Democratic Senator, Jane Shaheen, who had threatened to punish the individuals involved in his prison.

“Fox News” pointed out that Shaheen is pressing the Lebanese government to release him, especially as he has cancer. And this coincides with the constant pressure that the Al-Fakhouri family puts on US President Donald Trump to intervene.

And Shaheen said in a statement to the newspaper “Fox News” that “there is no evidence to support the charges against Amer Fakhoury, and his health is terrible.”

He added, “Time is of the essence, and the Lebanese government needs to understand that there will be consequences for his continued detention.”

Shaheen, who is said to be working on a draft penal code against the Lebanese state, stressed that “the sanctions are on the table to secure Al-Fakhoury’s freedom, in order to reunite him with his family and provide the care he urgently needs.”

“Fox News” reported that the Fakhoury family thanked the American senator for his help and called for his immediate release, noting that he was suffering from stage IV lymphoma.

Zionist spy Al-Fakhouri’s family also stressed in a statement that “he is severely ill and lacks the hospital and the basic medication to properly treat it.”

The Al-Fakhouri family, President Trump, called for “help in bringing this innocent American citizen back home”, saying that he is “in critical condition and every day his health is deteriorating.” We fear that our father will die in Lebanon. ”

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Because of his publications, the Nazi occupation forces arrest the journalist Mujahid Bani Muflih

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Nazi Occupied Palestine: The Nazi occupation forces arrested, on Wednesday, the journalist Mujahid Bani Mufleh, as he was traveling from Ramallah to Nablus.

His brother told Quds News  that the Nazi occupation forces detained him in the Nazi Jewish settlement “Ariel” Nazi police station and he is being investigated about allegations of “incitement” on social media.

It is noteworthy that the Nazi occupation forces continue their violations of Palestinian journalists, through repeated arrests and direct targeting, and their injuries and impediments are often hampered.

Yesterday, journalists Loay Samhan, Hazem Nasser, Khaled Badir and Mu’tasim roof of Al-Heit were injured during their work covering events in the Palestinian Ghour, and the occupation forces detained more than an hour and a half of the Palestine TV crew at the entrance to the village of Deir Nizam west of Ramallah.

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Lebanon: Selling members and prostitution in exchange for a cheese sandwich

Selling members and prostitution in exchange for a cheese sandwich … This is what will happen in Lebanon !?

At the height of the crisis that Lebanon has been going through for months, while the ordinary citizen is afraid for his basic daily strength, and for his simple savings that he mistook and “lost” in banks, he is informed of some circulars or decisions that are still issued from time to time, whether by the Bank of Lebanon or On behalf of the Association of Banks, or even those that are not directly related to financial and monetary affairs, but rather to other life matters, and this ordinary citizen needs someone who decodes the “code” of the technical meanings contained therein.

And the matter gets worse when there is no one to explain anything to him about, at a time when (if he gets) he gets the 100 or 200 dollars, the way he is accustomed to practicing the “Shahada” from now, which is the case that we may already reach, in the future!


What does the average citizen care now, except to check on the future of his deposits, which are no longer available in theory or notebooks? And who is making him bear the reality that everything that he tired before, is gone, and that he must establish again, now? And who can help those who have reached the autumn of life, more than the emerging generations and those that will grow after years, especially after the first-class followers are looking behind them, to find nothing? And they feel that thirty, forty, or maybe fifty years of their life, “flew” with their fees, probably never?

And who tried the groups that were really aware of what is happening in the country, financially and economically for years, and arranged their positions on this basis, while obscuring the knowledge of the rest of the Lebanese, and depriving them of protecting their lives?

And who will judge the Lebanese groups that are still until now, to dispose of their deposits in the Lebanese banks themselves, according to their whims, and in isolation from all procedures, circulars and decisions issued? Who will prosecute the groups responsible for that? And who can stop the chaos and murderous daily discretion of the poor groups that have become the majority of the Lebanese, and the peoples of the earth alike?

“The Resurrection Made?” …

Pro-government and opposition parties… All parties and parties to the authority share the practice of hypocrisy on people, otherwise “the resurrection would have occurred” in the country a long time ago, and the armed revolution would have erupted from the first moments of the October 17 uprising?

Where are the funds of the different political parties and currents? Pro and Opposition? Are they held in Lebanese banks? of course not!

And when did the custodians of those parties smuggle them from Lebanese banks, if they were already there? If the Lebanese parties have not trusted the banks of Lebanon for years, we ask why?

And if most parties, and with different political and partisan affiliations, become aware of the movement to escape and smuggle funds from Lebanon, between 2015 and 2016, then why did everyone conceal the truth about the ordinary Lebanese citizen? And if the argument is that there is no justification for panic, or to intimidate people, or to shake confidence in the banking sector and cause the bankruptcy and bankruptcy of Lebanon, why did those parties, currents, political figures, financial and businessmen and … and … and … in all fields, not leave their own and their funds in Lebanese banks? Like the ordinary citizen,

And why should the “miserable”, non-partisan, or citizen classified by the earth’s great people and its elite, be one of the earth’s fugitives ((why should he) alone) bear the responsibility not to bankrupt his country? And why is he not allowed in the current moment also to dispose of his money as he wants, as well as the category of “elite” if it still keeps what it keeps from, in Lebanese banks?

Do not appear to them !?

The danger is that things are not only related to a specific political class, but that a large group of Lebanese are already participating in savoring iniquity. As for the “jawal”, what is “looking” at the end, except for those who do not appear !!!

Some Lebanese parties are afraid of pursuing a program with the “International Monetary Fund”, with “sovereign” arguments, as if the sovereignty of the Lebanese state can be restored, in light of the weariness that these parties have brought to it, through practices and practices, which they undertook during years and years.

As for others, he is eager to follow a program with the “box” itself, as if he had “the heart of the lion”, after a painstaking battle that showed his manhood!

But this and that, they ignore the fact that the programs of the entire world, and not only the “cash fund” or other international financial institutions, will not solve the Lebanese problem, if the essential element required is not available, which is the availability of the appropriate team in the authority, which can build a real state through The Lebanese are openly honest with everything, which was expressed by the United Nations Special Coordinator in Lebanon, Jan Kopeche, a few days ago, by saying: “I hope that the technical advice requested by the Lebanese government from the“ International Monetary Fund ”will not remain confidential for the Lebanese people, as it has the right to be informed On it, because it is his own. ”

“Any solution to the economic, financial and banking crisis must start with full transparency regarding the solvency of Lebanon and the” central bank, “provided that it is communicated with complete clarity, honesty and accountability to the public,” he added.

“Burnt out”

The truth is that no one tells the public anything. This team “flushes” a group of its economists and financial experts, through this or that medium, to talk about the financial and economic conditions in a completely different way from the experts of other parties whose groups “scatter” groups of its experts, through other media. The result is that the “cooking is blatant”, as if we were in front of the magicians of the court of Pharaoh or the kings of ancient times !!!

What if we said that the “IMF” programs would never be a magic solution, based on the experiences and experiences that were lived in countries that followed programs with it, years ago.

In this context, for example, we recall that in Greece, due to the austerity policies imposed by the state to get out of the severe financial crisis, within the path of Athens’s engagement with the “International Monetary Fund” and some partners in the euro area, the situation reached many girls to work in Prostitution domain, in exchange for a “sandwich” of cheese !!!

A study conducted years ago showed that the price of the sex trade in Greece, when the economic crisis began there, was 50 euros, but fell to 2 euros, in the strongest of austerity!


The road to advancement remains arduous and long, even if programs are pursued with international financial institutions, which means that many segments of people will not endure this for long years, and the result will be either armed revolutions, or flooding people with activities such as prostitution, drugs, and even some other prohibitions, in exchange To have the least to survive every day, particularly among the poorest groups !?

Despite the recovery in the Greek economy, after obtaining the assistance of the International Monetary Fund and some Europeans, until 2018, more than 35 percent of the Greeks remained below the poverty threshold, while some were forced to work with monthly salaries less than 300 or even from 200 euros!

Whereas, in 2018, members of 40 percent of Greek families continued to postpone their visits to doctors, for financial reasons, which means lack of access to necessary and necessary health care.

As for the youth category, the figures showed that 7 out of 10 youths, between the ages of 18 and 35, were still looking to leave Greece in 2018, despite indications of improvement shown by the Greek economy, at that time.

40? …

Economists stress that the absence of a broad investment policy, and the lack of relaxation of budgets for years after the end of the rescue plan, will make the Greek economy in continuous attempts to ensure its continuity rather than seeking growth, amid the impact of austerity plans even in the post-completion phase, on future generations. .

Over the next 40 years, the Greek government will have to achieve greater growth rates annually than spending rates, while ensuring that the economy expands. In addition to continuing with the operations of withholding retirees and expanding the tax base, while the percentage of the unemployed remains relatively high.

In conclusion, it can be said that there are no complete solutions to the current Lebanese crisis, even if a program is followed with the “International Monetary Fund”. And what we experience today, its effects will continue to haunt future generations, for years and years. Are future Lebanese kidneys, organs, and dignities sold for half a meal ??

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The captive Khandaqji was exposed to ghosts, screams and insults from 13 Nazi Gestapo’s

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Nazi Occupied Palestine: The captive Halima Khandakji (45 years old) from the town of Deir Sudan, Ramallah District, was subjected to extremely difficult conditions during her arrest and investigation by the occupation investigators in Nazi Camp.

The Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority, through its lawyer, conveyed the testimony of the prisoner Khandakji, indicating that the captive was arrested while she was on the road, and was subsequently transferred to the “Al-Maskubia” detention center for interrogation, and there she was searched naked in the beginning and then transferred to the cells for interrogation .

Khandakji explained that the interrogation rounds with her were for long hours spent in a small chair, and during her interrogation, the investigators did not stop screaming at her, insulting her, and insulting her with the dirtiest sleep.

It also pointed out that the investigators threatened her to keep the cells and arrest her child to pressure her and force her to confess to the charges against her.

She added that during her interrogation, she was ghosted on the wall twice, handcuffed her hands and feet, with restrictions attached to the wall. She was also denied entry to the bathroom, in addition to mocking and mocking her.

The Prisoners ’Committee indicated that Khandakji remained for 9 days in Mesopotamia, during which 13 interrogators interrogated her, and then she was transferred to Damoon Prison.

The prisoner pointed out that the conditions of the cells that were being held during the investigation were extremely cruel and not suitable for human life, as the cell is very narrow and cold, rough concrete walls that are difficult to lean on, the mattress is thin without a cover and without a pillow, the light is lit 24 hours and is disturbing to look, and the bathroom ( The toilet) smells bad.

It is noteworthy that the prisoner Khandakji is the mother of three children and is still arrested until now, and she is currently suffering from severe pain in the back, hands and legs due to the torture and ghost she suffered during her interrogation. Occupation# Prisoner# Prisons

Because of his publications, the Nazi occupation forces arrest the journalist Mujahid Bani Muflih

Arrests in the West Bank and Jerusalem included a journalist and editor

New signs to end the suffering of child prisoners in Damoon Nazi Camp

Once again .. the Nazi occupation transports the prisoner veins to the “Barzalai” hospital and prevents his visit


Nazi Occupied Palestine : The Occupation Prison Administration again transferred the patient prisoner to cancer Mowaffaq Orouk from the “Ramle Clinic” prison to the “Barzilai” hospital.

The Palestinian Prisoner Club said that since his morning his family had gone to visit him in Ramle, but it was later revealed that he was taken to hospital.

When the family went to visit him in “Barzalai” hospital, the Nazi occupation authorities prevented them from visiting him or checking on him.

It is reported that the prisoner had suffered from a health condition that was difficult to aggravate recently, after he underwent an operation to remove the stomach and swell the intestine.

The Nazi occupation forces arrested Uruk, who is 77 years old, in 2003, and the Nazi occupation courts sentenced him to 30 years in prison.Prisoner of occupation

The Nazi Occupation Court decides to demolish the homes of the prisoners “Ain Boubin” cell


The High Court of Occupation decided to demolish the homes of the perpetrators of the improvised explosive device operation near “Ein Popin” in Ramallah, in the middle of the occupied West Bank.

The occupation had arrested a cell of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, accusing it of responsibility for carrying out the “Ein Poppin” operation that led to the killing of Nazi Jewish settler in late August.

And the “Shin Bet” device previously claimed that “a cell composed of four members of the Popular Front in the Ramallah area, carried out the operation and planned to carry out another bombing operation, and another explosive device was seized in their possession.”

According to the occupation, the cell official is Samer Mina Salim Arbeed (44 years old) from Ramallah, a senior leader of the Popular Front, and a former prisoner, who prepared the bomb and detonated it at the moment when he noticed the settlers arrived at the place.

The cell also includes the prisoner, Qassam Abdel Karim Al-Barghouthi (25 years old), from the town of Copper, Ramallah, who prepared the explosives used in the manufacture of the package, in addition to Yazan Hussein Mughamas (25 years), an activist in the Popular Front, and he was “a full partner in planning and implementation The operation, “with the participation of the prisoner Nizam Yusef Muhammad, 21, who is an activist in the Popular Front at Bir Zeit University. According to the allegations of the occupation.

The Nazi occupation authorities had notified the prisoners of the aforementioned cell, of demolishing their homes and carrying out demolition measures against their homes.

In names … a wide campaign of arrests targeted 26 Palestinians


The Nazi occupation forces launched a massive campaign of arrests on Monday morning in the cities of the occupied West Bank and the villages of occupied Jerusalem, and took them for investigations.

The Nazi occupation forces stormed dozens of Palestinian homes, and searched them thoroughly before arresting dozens of young men.

In Jerusalem, the Nazi occupation police and intelligence launched a campaign of arrests in the village of Issawiya, northeast of Jerusalem, targeting: Ali Muhammad Obaid, Muhannad Nasser Mahmoud, Bashar Nasser Mahmoud, Mansour Nasser, Fayez Muhammad Muhaisen, Muhammad Mari Derbas, Muhammad Adnan Obaid, Ali Abu Riala , Wissam Nayef Obaid, Rashad Abu Riyala, Jihad Issa Badr, Youssef Al-Kiswani, the boy Muhammad Al-Jabbar, Basil Odeh, and Basil Muhammad Derbas.

It also delivered a summons to investigate the two children, Muhammad Hamza Obaid and Saadi al-Rajabi.

In Ramallah, the Nazi occupation army arrested: Muhannad Yousef Jaber, Muhammad Ubaidah al-Khatib, and Abd al-Rahman Muhammad Jaber from the village of Beitin, east of the city.

The Nazi occupation forces stormed the house of the freed prisoners, Khalil Khader Shouka and Abdullah Atta Al-Harimi, in Bethlehem, and then arrested them.

From Jenin, Mustafa Al-Asad Abu Al-Rub was arrested from his home in Qabatiya and Muhammad Al-Atrash from Kafr Raei, and Nael Abu Al-Asal was arrested from Aqabat Jaber Camp in Jericho and he was the secretary of the “Fatah” movement in the city.

Fadi and Uday Al-Tayeh were arrested from Al-Fara’a camp in Tubas.

The Nazi occupation army stormed the house of Muhammad Abu Zahra in Yatta, south of Hebron, and arrested his daughter.

During the storming of the town of Qabatiya in Jenin, Quds news sources confirmed that armed resistance fighters had overrun the Nazi occupation forces by shooting.

They explained that the shooting targeted the Nazi occupation in several areas and was not from one side, and continued despite the occupation’s pushing with military reinforcements.

No injuries were reported to the army during this event.

Shtayeh: The blood of the martyr of Qabatiya will not go to waste, and nobody is above the law

Abu Hamza: Al-Qassam was in contact with us and the resistance turned Gaza’s cover to hell

Corona suspects a woman who arrived at the Palestine Medical 

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New signs to end the suffering of child prisoners in Damoon Nazi Camp

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

thumb (6)

Nazi occupied Ramallah: Al-Asir Club confirmed this evening, Wednesday, that new signs are nearing an end to the suffering of the captured children in Damoon Nazi Camp, indicating that the solution will depend on allowing representatives to be present inside the department to supervise them, organize their lives and care for them, as well He is present in all sections of the child prisoners in the occupation prisons.

The Prisoner Club said, in a press release, this evening, Wednesday, that the Prison Administration of the Occupation transferred again one of the representatives of the children prisoners in Ofer Nazi Camp to Damoon Nazi Camp, noting that the Prison Administration agreed to transfer another prisoner from the “Negev desert” Camp As their representative.

In January, the Nazi Occupation Prisons Administration transferred representatives of the child prisoners in Ofer Prison to the Damoon Camp, and after their arrival in the prison, they prevented them from entering the Prisoners of Children section.

It is noteworthy that the Department of the Nazi Occupation Prisons transferred, on the 13th of last January, 33 children from Ofer Camp to Damoon Camp, 17 of them remain inside the department, 17 children after the release of a number of them and the transfer of another part, held in a section that is not available It contains the minimum conditions for human life, except for the repression forces carrying out repeated incursions against them, isolating a number of them, threatening them, and imposing penalties on them.

Palestine’s imports from the Nazi occupation rise in December on a monthly basis

Because of his publications, the occupation forces arrest the journalist Mujahid Bani Muflih

Arrests in the West Bank and Jerusalem included a journalist and editor

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Nazi regime threat to bomb Beirut and southern villages

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Nazi regime threat to bomb Beirut and southern villages … “They will pay a heavy price”!

“Al-Sharq Al-Awsat” newspaper stated that “following the accusation of Hezbollah that it“ violates the rudeness of the cease-fire agreements with ‘Israel’ and violates UN Security Council Resolution 1701 in 2006 ”, the commander of the Northern Command in the Nazi army, General Amir Baram, He retaliated in a way that he called “tax collection”, which transcends the party and includes “striking Iran and bombing the capital Beirut and the southern villages that the party uses.”

According to the newspaper, Baram’s comments were made at a conference to graduate a class of officers with the rank of major, held at the Tel Hai Academic Institute, located on the northern border. He said that “Hezbollah, under the auspices of the Lebanese state, violates Resolution 1701 in a grave breach and its military activities in border villages such as Khiyam, Bint Jbeil and Aita al-Shaab, are a vivid example of that.”

He continued: “The Lebanese government and its leaders must work to prevent Hezbollah from violating Resolution 1701,” adding that “the party” does not protect Lebanon and does not think about Lebanon, but rather what it does is to implement the following orders from Iran.

“Despite the economic hardships in Lebanon, Hezbollah continues its efforts to acquire more and more accurate weapons to prejudice the Israeli Home Front, as it continues to deploy south of the Litani River to attack the towns And knocked on our lands. ”

Baram also attacked President Michel Aoun and the new government, which he considered a government “subject to the wishes of Hezbollah and protecting its interests.” He said that it was doing this “through a false display of reforms for the population of Lebanon internally, and in order to satisfy the sources of funding in the West externally.”

He added that “Aoun claimed two weeks ago before a number of French media correspondents that Hezbollah does not interfere in the decisions of the new Lebanese government, and that he personally commits that Hezbollah will respect Resolution 1701, but what was said in French is not what is happening on the ground.”

Then the Nazi general threatened, saying: “They know in Beirut and in Jabal Amel, in southern Lebanon, that they will pay a heavy price! The Israeli army will not be silent for long and will continue to work to thwart efforts that threaten our security as long as it requires us. ”Baram said:“ We are not concerned with war. ”

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