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Assad’s Victory in Syria War?

By Global Research News

Global Research,

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Capture of M5 Hama-Aleppo Highway: One of the Most Celebrated Prizes in Damascus’ Campaign to Regain Territory

By Michael Jansen,

As soon as the Syrian government announced that the north-south highway was open last weekend, my courageous friend Jamil drove from Damascus to Aleppo and back. “The road was fine and very quick,” he told me on the phone on his return to the capital. The Hama-Idlib-Aleppo sector of the highway, the M5, is known as the “international road” because it begins on the Jordanian border and runs to the Turkish border. The highway was closed by conflict for eight years, forcing travellers to take a detour in the desert over rough roads. This route was 90 kilometres longer than the M5 and consumed six hours rather than four and a half, as well as more petrol.

Video: “Fake News”: “The Shining Forces of Idlib Democracy” = Al Qaeda Terrorists backed by Turkish Army

By South Front,

The shining forces of Idlib democracy are crushing the Assad regime’s brutal aggression in eastern Idlib dealing blow after blow to the pro-government sectarian militias so cynically backed by Teheran and Moscow… at least according to mainstream media.

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, the Turkistan Islamic Party and other peaceful al-Qaeda groups backed by the Turkish Army entered Nayrab on the evening of February 24th and consolidated control over the village on February 25th. Since then, they’ve made hundreds of selfies and proclamations of victory. Pro-Turkish sources even claimed that the rebels advanced towards Saraqib.

Syria: “Moderate Rebels” or “Intelligence Assets”?

By Mark Taliano,

The fabricated narratives were and are a smokescreen to conceal the fact that the West supports all of the terrorists, covertly and overtly, and always did.

Forget Bana Alabed, an icon of both child abuse and war propaganda, in which innocent children are weaponized to advance imperial projects.

Evidence on Continuing US-NATO Media Lies About the War in Syria

By James ONeill,

One of the clearest indicators of the legitimacy or otherwise of Western military actions is the coverage that is given to it by the western media. When evidence emerges that the given military action was at best ill-founded and more often blatantly illegal under international law, then the western media is silent as to any criticism. Alternatively, it gives undue prominence to self-serving and frequently blatant falsehoods about the actions in question.

Turkey’s War on Syria: Erdogan Sponsored Terrorists Cut Drinking Water off Al-Hasakah, Two Million People Affected, an Explicit War Crime

By Arabi Souri,

Terrorists loyal to Erdogan along with Turkish Army forces cut the drinking water off more than 2 million people in the city of Hasakah and its suburbs yesterday.

The terrorists infested the Alouk Water Station, the main source for drinking water for the people of Hasakah city and the towns around it and immediately cut off the water pumps, a war crime by all definitions.

Turkey’s Request for U.S. Patriot Missiles to Pressure Russia in Syria Will Not Work

By Paul Antonopoulos,

With Turkey supporting and backing jihadists against the Syrian Army in Idlib, the situation in Syria is becoming increasingly hostile as Erdoğan has threatened to directly go to war at the end of the month if Syria does not reverse the gains it made in previous weeks. There is a certain danger for war that could drag Russia as it is the main backer of the Syrian Army. Turkey has not shied away that it is increasingly getting frustrated with Moscow as it has unrelentingly backed its Syrian allies against Turkish-backed forces. This becomes complicated as not only Turkey and Russia have interests in Idlib, but so do the U.S. and Iran, however, Russia and Turkey are not going to war as many have speculated.

The Syrian Arab Army’s Victorious Liberation of Aleppo. Historical Comparisons

By Andrew Korybko,

While there are certainly some structural similarities between the Syrian Arab Army’s ongoing liberation offensive in Northwestern Syria and Saakashvili’s previous desire to restore Georgia’s full sovereignty over Abkhazia and South Ossetia in 2008, the international legal and situational differences between the two are much too important to ignore and thus make these two cases morally incomparable, though some significant strategic insight can nevertheless be gained by studying both of them together.

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