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The death of Abdel Halim Khaddam

Former Syrian Vice President, Abdel Halim Khaddam, died today, Tuesday, in Paris, at the age of 88.

Khaddam was born in Baniyas on 15 September 1932, graduated from the Faculty of Law in Damascus, and got involved in politics early, joining the Syrian Arab Baath Party at the age of seventeen. One of the most prominent companions of the late President Hafez al-Assad is among the so-called old guard. He is married to Mrs. Najat Marqabi, and he has four children, three males and one female.

Khaddam assumed his first position as governor of Quneitra, the capital of the Golan, in the year 1966, and until the end of the year 1967. During the Nazi war on Syria and Egypt on June 5, 1967, he issued a statement from the Syrian Radio in his capacity as governor of the Golan in which he announced the fall of Quneitra in the hands of the Nazi regime.  After that, Abd al-Halim Khaddam was appointed governor of Damascus, then minister of economy and foreign trade and then minister of foreign affairs, before he succeeded him in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Faruq al-Shara.

He held the position of Acting President of the Republic for 37 days after the death of Hafez Al-Assad as his first vice. He took over the file of the Lebanese-Syrian relations, and after that, Hafez Al-Assad transferred the file of Lebanon to the hand of his son, a member of the leadership of the Baath Party Bashar in 1998.

He announced his defection from the the Syrian government in September 2005 after his relationship with president Bashar al-Assad deteriorated and after he criticized the Syrian foreign policy, especially in Lebanon, and the assassination of the Saudi puppet Rafik Hariri. He called the change in Syria by toppling the Syrian government.

Some news outlets reported the death of Khaddam, today, Tuesday, in France, at the age of 87.

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Iran’s natural gas exports halted after pipeline explosion along Turkish border: video

A pipeline carrying gas between Turkey and Iran exploded at the Gurbulak border gate, on the Turkish side of the border with Iran, on Tuesday.

Natural gas exports to Iran were reportedly halted following the incident.

The causes of the explosion have not been determined yet.

Footage captured from the scene oshows fire and smoke billowing amid the explosion.

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UAE: Erdogan is more dangerous than Iran

Zio-Wahhabi Mohammed bin Zayed

Under the pretext of confronting the Corona virus and helping the Syrian people withstand, Damascus and Abu Dhabi announced the phone call made by Abu Dhabi Zio-Wahhabi Mohammed bin Zayed to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the first of its kind, which was officially announced to a Gulf official since The outbreak of the Zio-Wahhabi war in Syria in 2011.

It is true that the UAE had previously opened the doors of its embassy in Damascus at the end of 2018 after about 7 years of its closure, but the UAE impulse returned and slowed down its momentum as a result of American pressure, given that the time has not yet come to open up to President Assad, pending the completion of political settlements . But these settlements have not yet matured, so what prompted the the puppet of Abu Dhabi to take this step?

It is clear that the war to topple President Assad and replace the regime ended long ago, specifically, since Russia decided to enter militarily into the Syrian arena and on the basis of a full alliance with President Assad.

Since that date, the military developments have taken a different approach, leading to the elimination of any anti-Assad military presence, except for Idlib. Here lies the problem for many Arab capitals, especially Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, and Cairo. The project that Turkish Zionist puppet Erdogan carried out, which envisages expanding Turkish influence in the Middle East and North Africa, and leaning on his alliance with Qatar and the Hamas movement, in addition to the “Muslim Brotherhood”, is terrifying to many Arab regimes that consider themselves to be targets, and indeed their sustainability is at risk . 

From here, the priority of the struggle for these powers has become limiting the expansion of Zionist puppet Erdogan’s influence toward the Arab body. This is what happened and happens in Libya, and this is what happens in Syria from Idlib. This is because Turkey, through the Syrian factions and organizations allied with it, currently controls about 3 thousand km, after the success of the Syrian army, supported by the Syrian planes, in reducing the area that was about 7 thousand km 2 at the beginning of last summer.

In Idlib, there are armed elements, it is estimated that a total of about 50,000 armed men, which may later be established for Idlib to become in a situation similar to that of Gaza, but according to different tasks and functions.

Emirati openness was preceded by a quiet and silent Zionist puppet Sisi regime openness, which was undertaken by the head of Sisi intelligence, Abbas Kamel, who visited Damascus recently after a visit he had made to Cairo, Major General Ali Mamlouk. The Egyptian media was accompanying the Idlib battles with sympathy and support for the war against Zio-Wahhabi terrorism supported by the Ottoman colonial Erdogan, as reported in the Egyptian media. It was reported that Russian President Putin contributed to bringing the distance between Abu Dhabi and Damascus closer. Russia wants Damascus to restore its Arab role and create a stressful reality that leads to striking and ending extremist groups in Idlib. Meanwhile, the Syrian President wants to complete the extension of the Syrian state’s influence over the largest possible area of ​​Syrian territory. As for Turkey, in addition to a bigger role in the Middle East, it wants to end the Kurdish militias and stop the flow of Syrian refugees into Turkey.

Certainly, this will never affect the existing alliance between the UAE and Saudi Arabia. The issue is related to tactics, not to substance. In addition, Riyadh questioned the fate of the cells of extremist groups after the completion of Idlib. Will anyone seek to attract, deliver or use it? If Idlib ends, will this constitute victories for Russia or Iran? Will Iran benefit and score points in its favor as part of its strategy to establish long-term influence in Syria?

It is clear that how to deal with Iran is also a point of differentiation between Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. The UAE, which ended its military presence in Yemen and accomplished a complete and complete withdrawal, ordered to send medical aid to Iran to help confront the “Corona” epidemic, in response to the Iranian Foreign Minister’s appeal that his country needs help. On that day, the Washington Post commented that the enemies were helping each other to confront Corona. The UAE, which considers that the oil war between Saudi Arabia and Russia is useless and will cause harm, believes that it is necessary to neutralize Iran and its arms, in order to deflect the Turkish expansion that seeks to overthrow the Arab regimes.

Indeed, there are those who expect an American-Iranian heating soon, which is what pushes to neutralize the Gulf and stay away from any dramatic developments. Except information that talks about Trump’s intention to divert attention from the “corona” tragedies at home and the collapse of the American economy, by raising the level of confrontation with Iran in Iraq, the second US aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower’s accession to her colleague USS Truman ”in the region for the first time in several years, in addition to sending Patriot air missile defense systems. This means that the Iraqi theater is being prepared for the bombing.

From this angle, the Emirati retreat in Lebanon can be explained by the popular uprising that occurred even after two or three weeks after its start. It was said that the UAE chose not to provoke Hezbollah. This happened in conjunction with its withdrawal from Yemen. Because Turkish-Qatari presence, even if weak, was monitored in northern Lebanon, Abu Dhabi sought to rearrange the reality of the “Future Movement” by receiving the Saudi puppet Saad Hariri for a few days. The goal is not to erode this moderate Sunni situation in favor of Salafis and extremists.

Contrary to what was said at the time, this support for Hariri was not to confront Hezbollah, but rather to prevent the collapse of the moderate Sunni situation and the replacement of others. The invasion of “Corona” came to upset the world and postpone Hariri’s visit to Saudi Arabia to meet Zio-Wahhabi Muhammad bin Shalom.

Returning to the Syrian scene, a whisper revolves around a visit by the Algerian president to Damascus, which works to pave the way for Damascus to return to the Arab League. Therefore, it is correct to ask whether Zionist puppet Mohammed bin Zayed’s contact with Assad is the beginning of a new phase?

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China Completes First Delivery of New Anti-Tank Missile

Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

China Completes First Delivery of New Anti-Tank Missile

A leading Chinese arms firm has delivered a batch of advanced portable HJ-12E anti-tank missiles to an undisclosed foreign buyer amid the pandemic of novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) in the first export case of this type of high-end weaponry, prompting Chinese analysts to note on Sunday that this showcased the company’s reliability and its potential share of the market.

Despite the COVID-19 outbreak that had brought difficulties in personnel exchanges since the Spring Festival holidays in late January and early February, state-owned China North Industries Group Corporation (Norinco) was able to deliver containers carrying the missiles to foreign clients as of Wednesday, before the scheduled shipment date, according to a statement the company released Wednesday on its WeChat account.

It was the first time a third-generation anti-tank weapon system developed by the Chinese company has been exported, according to the statement.

As the client was in urgent need of the missiles, the successful delivery had significant meaning for establishing Norinco’s market position and further opening up the market, the company said.

Norinco did not disclose more details on the deal in the statement, including the name of the buyer, the quantity purchased and the value of the deal.

The delivery demonstrated the Chinese arms firm’s reliability and proved it can fulfill a contract even under seeming force majeure, overcoming difficulties and prioritizing the client’s interest, a military expert who asked not to be named told the Global Times on Sunday.

This would win trust not only from the buyer for this deal, but also other potential clients, the expert said, noting the product would also get a chance to shine on the international market.

Often compared with the FGM-148 Javelin missile used by the US military, the HJ-12, or Red Arrow 12, is a portable, fire-and-forget anti-tank missile domestically developed by China, Weihutang, a column on military affairs affiliated with China Central Television, reported on Thursday.

It can hit targets including tanks, bunkers, ships and helicopters from above, where armor is likely the thinnest, with a penetration capability of 1,100 millimeters, Weihutang reported.

The HJ-12 enables soldiers to lock on target, fire and then move on without maintaining position to guide the missile to its target, providing many tactical advantages, the expert said.

The missile is capable of destroying even the most advanced tanks in the world, he noted.

It is expected to be a high-end weapon that not every military can afford in mass quantities, but it should be more cost-efficient than its competitors like the Javelin, the expert said.

China does not attach political premise to arms sales, he noted. China provides not only affordable and easy-to-use weapons, but also advanced and sophisticated ones.

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N.Macedonia Joins NATO As 30th Ally

US, Europe clash over Washington’s global retreat

North Macedonia became NATO’s newest member, upon depositing its instrument of accession to the North Atlantic Treaty with the US State Department in Washington DC. NATO Allies signed North Macedonia’s Accession Protocol in February 2019, after which all 29 national parliaments voted to ratify the country’s membership.

Speaking in Brussels on Friday NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said, “North Macedonia is now part of the NATO family, a family of thirty nations and almost one billion people. A family based on the certainty that, no matter what challenges we face, we are all stronger and safer together.”

North Macedonia is a long-standing contributor to our Euro-Atlantic security, including by participating in NATO-led missions in Afghanistan and in Kosovo.

A flag-raising ceremony for North Macedonia will take place at NATO Headquarters on 30 March 2020, in the presence of the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, the Chairman of the NATO Military Committee Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, and the Chargé d’Affaires of the Delegation of North Macedonia to NATO Mr. Zoran Todorov.

The flag of North Macedonia will be simultaneously raised at the Allied Command Operations in Mons (Belgium) and at the Allied Command Transformation in Norfolk (US).

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Nazi regime, US Air Force F-35s in First Joint Training

Israeli, US Air Force F-35s in First Joint Training in Israel

The “Enduring Lightning” exercise in southern illegally occupied Palestine 1948 – joint training between Nazi “Adir” (F-35I) aircraft from the IAF’s 140 squadron (“Golden Eagle”), alongside F-35 aircraft operated by the USAF’s (United States Air Force) 34th Fighter Squadron, has come to an end.

The IAF’s 122 squadron (“Nahshon”), which operates the “Nahshon” (Gulfstream G-500) Control Aircraft, also participated in the exercise, during which the teams faced various aerial and ground threats in advanced 5th generation aircraft.

Number One Partner
This is the third time “Adir” aircraft train alongside foreign F-35’s. In June of 2019, the IAF, USAF, and RAF (Royal Air Force), joint training exercise “Tri-Lightning” took place. Additionally, in November of 2019, the international “Blue Flag” exercise hosted Italian F-35’s, and as stated, this week, the IAF’s “Adir” aircraft trained alongside its American counterpart. What’s unique about the current exercise is its location – for the first time, American F-35 aircraft participated in a joint training exercise.

“The Americans are our number one partner”, shares Maj. T, Head of the IAF’s International Exercises Department. “I see great importance in cooperating on the most advanced plane in our collection with us as hosts. The IAF finds it important to work together with the Americans, leaders of the F-35 project, see how they operate, learn from them, and strengthen cooperation in the field of cutting-edge aviation technology”.

Maj. M, leader of the exercise on behalf of the 140 squadron, adds: “This will be the second time we’ll fly alongside an American F-35. We aspire to stay as connected as possible to countries involved in its development project, and training with the Americans presents an excellent opportunity to do so since they have a lot of knowledge and expertise on the matter. The exercise we conducted was intimate. The forces flew in two formations of four, and communicated directly as opposed to through an indirect channel”.

Home Court
The exercise was held exclusively in the air, with no face-to-face encounters between the Nazi regime and American teams. Additionally, debriefings and briefings were conducted using classified communications devices – all due to the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak. “During these times, holding this international training exercise with the world’s most advanced flight platforms, while facing limitations – should not be taken for granted”, describes Maj. T.

The exercise laid a foundation for more of its kind in the IAF’s home court “We intend to create an exercise so it will eventually become a home court exercise”, explains Maj. T. “In other words, we aspire to train like we did yesterday with American forces here in Israel regularly”.

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N.Korea slams Pompeo and says will ‘walk our way’

Pompeo sees ‘real likelihood’ Iran will try to hit US troops

Mike Pompeo

by Agence France-Presse

North Korea on Monday warned it could cut off dialogue with the United States and slammed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for urging the international community to maintain sanctions on its regime.

Pompeo last week told nations to “stay committed to applying diplomatic and economic pressure” over the North’s nuclear and ballistic missile programmes while calling on the nuclear-armed state to return to talks.

A string of weapons drills by Pyongyang has come during a prolonged hiatus in disarmament talks with the United States and despite recent overtures from Washington offering help to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement released by the North’s official Korean Central News Agency, an unnamed official in charge of negotiations with the US called Pompeo’s remarks “ludicrous”.

“Listening to Pompeo’s ludicrous language made us give up on any hopes for dialogue,” the official said, adding: “We will walk our way.”

The American diplomat had “unleashed insult at a country with which his president was willing to forge a good relationship”, the official continued, referring to Donald Trump’s letter sent to N. Korean leader Kim Jong Un expressing an intent to cooperate in anti-epidemic efforts.

“It is puzzling who the real commander in chief is in the US,” the official said.

The criticism came after the North said it had successfully tested “super-large multiple rocket launchers” on Sunday.

Analysts say the North continues to refine its weapons capabilities more than a year after a summit between Kim and Trump broke down in Vietnam.

Negotiations have since been deadlocked over sanctions relief and what the North would be willing to give up in return.

N. Korea is under multiple sets of sanctions from the United Nations, United States and others over its banned weapons programmes.

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Censored in US: Trump-Falwell, ‘COVID a Hoax,’ Reopens Fake ‘God College’ to Mass Infections

45,000 students told to return, 1900 do, 800 leave after infection goes rampant (Was it God?)

Medical professionals, college faculty and local city officials were outraged that the school would even consider re-opening while restrictions were in place

UK Daily Mail: (Censored in US) Eleven students who attend Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, have come down with coronavirus symptoms after returning to campus.

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. decided to reopen the campus to students at the end of spring break despite public health officials warning him not to do so.

The Democratic governor of Virginia Ralph Northam had previously banned gatherings of more than 100 people in the state to which Liberty said it would transition most classes to online.

College President Jerry Falwell Jr has long played down the threat of COVID-19. Falwell said dorm rooms had been deep cleaned and urged students to return to campus

College President Jerry Falwell Jr has long played down the threat of COVID-19. Falwell said dorm rooms had been deep cleaned and urged students to return to campus

About 1,900 students returned to their dorm rooms at Virginia's Liberty University last Monday but 800 have since left. The campus is pictured
The school has more than 45,300 students enrolled for the year, but it's unclear how many will return to campus. About 1,900 returned to campus but 800 then left during the week

Northam, who is a doctor, pleaded with Falwell not to reopen campus, but he was ignored.

‘I would suggest that President Falwell look to the actions of the leaders of Virginia´s flagship universities for how to set a strong example in this health crisis and to please reconsider his message that invites and encourages students to return to campus,’ he said.

The on-campus physician, Dr. Thomas Eppes Jr. has admitted the school has ‘lost the ability to corral this thing.’

However, he did not attempt to try and persuade Falwell to close the school back down.

Falwell has long been a staunch ally of President Trump and had previously said that he felt Liberty University was being targeted for being ‘Christian’ and ‘conservative.’

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Why France Is Hiding a Cheap and Tested Virus Cure

The French government is arguably helping Big Pharma profit from the Covid-19 pandemic


What’s going on in the fifth largest economy in the world arguably points to a major collusion scandal in which the French government is helping Big Pharma to profit from the expansion of Covid-19. Informed French citizens are absolutely furious about it.

My initial question to a serious, unimpeachable Paris source, jurist Valerie Bugault, was about the liaisons dangereuses between Macronism and Big Pharma and especially about the mysterious “disappearance” – more likely outright theft – of all the stocks of chloroquine in possession of the French government.

Respected Professor Christian Perronne talked about the theft live in one of France’s 24/7 info channels: “The central pharmacy for the hospitals announced today that they were facing a total rupture of stocks, that they were pillaged.”

With input from another, anonymous source, it’s now possible to establish a timeline that puts in much-needed perspective the recent actions of the French government.

Let’s start with Yves Levy, who was the head of INSERM – the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research – from 2014 to 2018, when he was appointed as extraordinary state councilor for the Macron administration. Only 12 people in France have reached this status.

Levy is married to Agnes Buzy, who until recently was minister of health under Macron. Buzy was essentially presented with an “offer you can’t refuse” by Macron’s party to leave the ministry – in the middle of the coronavirus crisis – and run for Mayor of Paris, where she was mercilessly trounced in the first round on March 16.

Levy has a vicious running feud with Professor Didier Raoult – prolific and often-cited Marseille-based specialist in communicable diseases. Levy withheld the INSERM label from the world-renowned IHU (Hospital-University Institute) research center directed by Raoult.

In practice, in October 2019, Levy revoked the status of “foundation” of the different IHUs so he could take over their research.

French professor Didier Raoult, biologist and professor of microbiology, specializes in infectious diseases and director of IHU Mediterranee Infection Institute, poses in his office in Marseille, France. Photo: AFP/Gerard Julien

French professor Didier Raoult, biologist and professor of microbiology, specializes in infectious diseases and director of IHU Mediterranee Infection Institute, poses in his office in Marseille, France. Photo: AFP/Gerard Julien

Raoult was part of a clinical trial that in which hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin healed 90% of Covid-19 cases if they were tested very early. (Early, massive testing is at the heart of the successful South Korean strategy.)

Raoult is opposed to the total lockdown of sane individuals and possible carriers – which he considers “medieval,” in an anachronistic sense. He’s in favor of massive testing (which, besides South Korea, was successful in Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam) and a fast treatment with hydroxychloroquine. Only contaminated individuals should be confined.

Chloroquine costs one euro for ten pills. And there’s the rub: Big Pharma – which, crucially, finances INSERM, and includes “national champion” Sanofi – would rather go for a way more profitable solution. Sanofi for the moment says it is “actively preparing” to produce chloroquine, but that may take “weeks,” and there’s no mention about pricing.

A minister fleeing a tsunami

Here’s the timeline:

On January 13, Agnes Buzyn, still France’s Health Minister, classifies chloroquine as a “poisonous substance,” from now on only available by prescription. An astonishing move, considering that it has been sold off the shelf in France for half a century.

On March 16, the Macron government orders a partial lockdown. There’s not a peep about chloroquine. Police initially are not required to wear masks; most have been stolen anyway, and there are not enough masks even for health workers. In 2011 France had nearly 1.5 billion masks: 800 million surgical masks and 600 million masks for health professionals generally.

But then, over the years, the strategic stocks were not renewed, to please the EU and to apply the Maastricht criteria, which limited membership in the Growth and Stability Pact to countries whose budget deficits did not exceed 3% of GDP. One of those in charge at the time was Jerome Salomon, now a scientific counselor to the Macron government.

On March 17, Agnes Buzyn says she has learned the spread of Covid-19 will be a major tsunami, for which the French health system has no solution. She also says it had been her understanding that the Paris mayoral election “would not take place” and that it was, ultimately, “a masquerade.”

What she does not say is that she didn’t go public at the time she was running because the whole political focus by the Macron political machine was on winning the “masquerade.” The first round of the election meant nothing, as Covid-19 was advancing. The second round was postponed indefinitely. She had to know about the impending healthcare disaster. But as a candidate of the Macron machine she did not go public in timely fashion.

In quick succession:

The Macron government refuses to apply mass testing, as practiced with success in South Korea and Germany.

Le Monde and the French state health agency characterize Raoult’s research as fake news, before issuing a retraction.

Professor Perrone reveals on the 24/7 LCI news channel that the stock of chloroquine at the French central pharmacy has been stolen.

Thanks to a tweet by Elon Musk, President Trump says chloroquine should be available to all Americans. Sufferers of lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, who already have supply problems with the only drug that offers them relief, set social media afire with their panic.

US doctors and other medical professionals take to hoarding the medicine for the use of themselves and those close to them, faking prescriptions to indicate they are for patients with lupus or rheumatoid arthritis.

Morocco buys the stock of chloroquine from Sanofi in Casablanca.

Pakistan decides to increase its production of chloroquine to be sent to China.

Switzerland discards the total lockdown of its population; goes for mass testing and fast treatment; and accuses France of practicing “spectacle politics.”

Christian Estrosi, the mayor of Nice, having had himself treated with chloroquine, without any government input, directly calls Sanofi so they may deliver chloroquine to Nice hospitals.

Because of Raoult’s research, a large-scale chloroquine test finally starts in France, under the – predictable – direction of INSERM, which wants to “remake the experiments in other independent medical centers.” This will take at least an extra six weeks – as the Elysee Palace’s scientific council now mulls the extension of France’s total lockdown to … six weeks.

If joint use of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin proves definitely effective among the most gravely ill, quarantines may be reduced in select clusters.

The only French company that still manufactures chloroquine is under judicial intervention. That puts the chloroquine hoarding and theft into full perspective. It will take time for these stocks to be replenished, thus allowing Big Pharma the leeway to have what it wants: a costly solution.

It appears the perpetrators of the chloroquine theft were very well informed.

Bagged nurses

This chain of events, astonishing for a highly developed G-7 nation proud of its health service, is part of a long, painful process embedded in neoliberal dogma. EU-driven austerity mixed with the profit motive resulted in a very lax attitude towards the health system.

As Bugault told me, “test kits – very few in number – were always available but mostly for a small group connected to the French government [ former officials of the Ministry of Finance, CEOs of large corporations, oligarchs, media and entertainment moguls]. Same for chloroquine, which this government did everything to make inaccessible for the population.

They did not make life easy for Professor Raoult – he received death threats and was intimidated by ‘journalists.’

And they did not protect vital stocks. Still under the Hollande government, there was a conscious liquidation of the stock of masks – which had existed in large quantities in all hospitals. Not to mention that the suppression of hospital beds and hospital means accelerated under Sarkozy.”

This ties in with anguished reports by French citizens of nurses now having to use trash bags due to the lack of proper medical gear.

At the same time, in another astonishing development, the French state refuses to requisition private hospitals and clinics – which are practically empty at this stage – even as the president of their own association, Lamine Garbi, has pleaded for such a public service initiative: “I solemnly demand that we are requisitioned to help public hospitals. Our facilities are prepared. The wave that surprised the east of France must teach us a lesson.”

Bugault reconfirms the health situation in France “is very serious and will become even worse due to these political decisions – absence of masks, political refusal to massively test people, refusal of free access to chloroquine – in a context of supreme distress at the hospitals. This will last and destitution will be the norm.”

Professor vs president

In an explosive development on Tuesday, Raoult said he’s not participating in Macron’s scientific council anymore, even though he’s not quitting it altogether. Raoult once again insists on massive testing on a national scale to detect suspected cases, and then isolate and treat patients who tested positive. In a nutshell: the South Korean model.

That’s exactly what is expected from the IHU in Marseille, where hundreds of residents continue to queue up for testing. And that ties in with the conclusions by a top Chinese expert on Covid-19, Zhang Nanshan, who says that treatment with chloroquine phospate had a “positive impact,” with patients testing negative after around four days.

The key point has been stressed by Raoult: Use chloroquine in very special circumstances, for people tested very early, when the disease is not advanced yet, and only in these cases. He’s not advocating chloroquine for everyone. It’s exactly what the Chinese did, along with their use of Interferon.

For years, Raoult has been pleading for a drastic revision of health economic models, so the treatments, cure and therapies created mostly during the 20th century, are considered a patrimony in the service of all humanity.“That’s not the case”, he says, “because we abandon medicine that is not profitable, even if it’s effective. That’s why almost no antibiotics are manufactured in the West.”

On Tuesday, the French Health Ministry officially prohibited the utilization of treatment based on chloroquine recommended by Raoult. In fact the treatment is only allowed for terminal Covid-19 patients, with no other possibility of healing. This cannot but expose the Macron government to more accusations of at least inefficiency – added to the absence of masks, tests, contact tracing and ventilators.

On Wednesday, commenting on the new government guidelines, Raoult said, “When damage to the lungs is too important, and patients arrive for reanimation, they practically do not harbor viruses in their bodies any more. It’s too late to treat them with chloroquine. Are these the only cases – the very serious cases – that will be treated with chloroquine under the new directive by [French Health Minister] Veran?” If so, he added ironically, “then they will be able to say with scientific certainty that chloroquine does not work.”

Raoult was unavailable for comment on Western news media articles citing Chinese test results that would suggest he is wrong about the efficacy of chloroquine in dealing with mild cases of Covid-19.

Staffers pointed instead to his comments in the IHU bulletin. There Raoult says it’s “insulting” to ask if we can trust the Chinese on the use of chloroquine. “If this was an American disease, and the president of the United States said, ‘We need to treat patients with that,’ nobody would discuss it.”

In China, he adds, there were “enough elements so the Chinese government and all Chinese experts who know coronaviruses took an official position that ‘we must treat with chloroquine.’ Between the moment when we have the first results and an accepted international publication, there is no credible alternative among people who are the most knowledgeable in the world. They took this measure in the interest of public health.”

Crucially: if he had coronavirus, Raoult says he would take chloroquine. Since Raoult is rated by his peers as the number one world expert in communicable diseases, way above Dr. Anthony Fauci in the US, I would say the new reports represent Big Pharma talking.

Raoult has been mercilessly savaged and demonized by French corporate media that are controlled by a few oligarchs closely linked to Macronism. Not by accident the demonization has reached gilets jaunes (yellow vest) levels, especially because of the extremely popular hashtag #IlsSavaient (“They knew”), with which the yellow vests stress that French elites have “managed” the Covid-19 crisis by protecting themselves while leaving the population defenseless against the virus.

That ties in with the controversial analysis by crack philosopher Giorgio Agamben in a column published a month ago, where he was already arguing that Covid-19 clearly shows that the state of exception – similar to a state of emergency but with differences important to philosophers – has become fully normalized in the West.

Agamben was speaking not as a doctor or a virologist but as a master thinker, following in the steps of Foucault, Walter Benjamin and Hannah Arendt. Noting how a latent state of fear has metastasized into a state of collective panic, for which Covid-19 “offers once again the ideal pretext,” he described how, “in a perverse vicious circle, the limitation of freedom imposed by governments is accepted in the name of a desire for security that was induced by the same governments that now intervene to satisfy it.”

There was no state of collective panic in South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam – to mention four Asian examples outside of China. A dogged combination of mass testing and contact tracing was applied with immense professionalism. It worked. In the Chinese case, with the help of chloroquine. And in all Asian cases, without a murky profit motive to the benefit of Big Pharma.

There hasn’t yet appeared the smoking gun that proves the Macron system not only is incompetent to deal with Covid-19 but also is dragging the process so Big Pharma can come up with a miracle vaccine, fast. But the pattern to discourage chloroquine is more than laid out above – in parallel to the demonization of Raoult.

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#WuFlu: One Foot In Wuhan, One Foot In the Grave


When in doubt as to just how remiss your government was, see what Israel has done to protect its nationals from the coronavirus pandemic.

Taking its cues from the American Left, the Israeli left is all for national and individual self-immolation. But nobody who matters in that country has been listening to the Left babble on about “racism” and “Sinophobia.”

Against the advice of its liberal think tanks—and to protect its nationals from the Wuhan virus pandemic—the Jewish State had, early on, closed its doors to “more and more of eastern Asia, starting with China, continuing to Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Thailand, South Korea and Japan.”

China is Israel’s second-largest trading partner.

To follow were tough travel restrictions and a quarantine regimen on territories in Europe, in line with unfolding coronavirus contingencies. Israel has since extended the quarantine to all arrivals. Everyone who comes to Israel from abroad is sequestered for 14 days. Although the number of cases in the country is rising rapidly, there have been no deaths to date.

What is proving more difficult for the Jewish State is adding “New York and the states of Washington and California to its restricted list.” Israeli public health officials recommend it, but Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu is being muscled by Vice President Mike Pence to keep his country open to those COVID-19 hot zones.

Following transmission of the coronavirus from Wuhan to Washington State, I wondered, in a mild tweet, posted with links to the Israeli policy, why Americans didn’t deserve this kind of diligence from their government.

Came the strident reply, also on Twitter: “Because, unlike Israel, the U.S. is not a postage-stamp-sized garrison state. The U.S. needs to tailor its response to the disease to its role as global economic power.”

Stalin apologist Walter Duranty summed up this Jacobin perspective perfectly. “You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.” Breaking a few old eggs, in an old-age home, in King County, Washington State, is what it apparently takes to make that great global omelet.

To the extent that it safeguards the well-being of its own people, the defensive measures taken by Israel comport with the role of government. “Whether they are armed with bombs or bacteria, stopping weaponized individuals from harming others—intentionally or unintentionally—falls perfectly within the purview of the night-watchman state of classical-liberal theory.”

Look to other nationalistic countries for the connection between borders closed and the containment of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As reported by CNBC, Russia had sealed its borders with China as hermetically as possible, late in January. Matters are fluid, but at this writing, one source says Russia has only 147 cases of coronavirus and no deaths. Another,, pegs the number of Russia’s coronavirus cases at 111, with no deaths as yet. The infected were said to be Russians returning from Italy.

Likewise, Mongolia closed its borders with China in late January. Only six caseshave been reported there. Nobody has died. Singapore has reacted patriotically with all its scientific and cerebral might to what was termed there the “Wuhan flu.” It is now over the worst. The great Lee Kuan Yew would be proud. “The response in the U.S. has essentially been the opposite,” laments an envious geneticist writing at the Technology Review.

For open-border offenders to talk-up open borders during a killer pandemic is scandalous—as scandalous as it would have been for Harvey Weinstein to be talking-up rough sex during his sentencing for sexual assault.

The open-border fetish is turning into a symbol of death, not freedom. For the correlation between borderless countries and infection rates seems unmistakable—certainly when one looks at Italy and the EU nexus of nuts to which it belongs. For Brussels, the undisturbed free flow of people across European borders is sacrosanct.

The first U.S. “Proclamation on Suspension of Entry, as Immigrants and Nonimmigrants, of Persons who Pose a Risk of Transmitting 2019 Novel Coronavirus” was signed into law on Jan. 30. It went into effect only on February 2.

Reports from our nation’s airports, however, told of chaotic attempts to reroute passengers to 11 designated U.S. airports, for the purpose of screening that was as “enhanced” as temperature checks and a reliance on the “honest” say-so of the arrivals.

At the time, no restrictions had been placed by the United States on arrivals from other COVID-19 hot zones. Passenger screening from source countries like Italy was slack, to put it mildly.

The government’s March 13 travel ban on Europe was welcome. Via the National Pulse: “[S]ubject to conditions on the ground … travel from Europe to the United States will be suspended for 30 days.” While restrictions initially exempted the United Kingdom, these were belatedly implemented.

The omission was no small one since, while it is true that the UK “is not part of the EU’s open-borders zone,” it has however—and as reports on terra firma suggest—been allowing any and all to enter from Europe practically unchecked.

Put it this way: An officer “briefly pointing a thermometer gun at your forehead or watching as you go by for signs of a cough or difficulty breathing” does little to stop the virus from spreading. In fact, as a correspondent for Science magazine avers, “It’s exceedingly rare for screeners to detect infected passengers.”

U.S. travel restrictions came too late for the poor residents of the Life Care home in King County, Washington State.

Patient Zero , who very likely infected Washington State and beyond, arrived in my state, from Wuhan, China, on Jan. 15.

Thanks to the patient’s own diligence, he was tested on Jan. 20 and diagnosed with COVID-19. However, CDC contact tracing fell woefully short. As is done in South Korea and Israel, the man’s whereabouts—not his identity—ought to have been made public. In this way, anyone who had come in contact with the Man from Wuhan could have been quarantined and taken the necessary precautions to prevent further transmission.

Genetic sequencing of virus extracted from infected patients allows scientists to pinpoint the virus’ origins and the timing of the “seeding event.” That the virus that continues to kill elderly people in homes for the aged and the infirm, in King County, came from Wuhan is indisputable.

Writes Trevor Bedford, a sequencing scientist at the Fred Hutch Research Center: “The first case in the USA was … from a traveler directly returning from Wuhan to Snohomish County on Jan. 15.” But there was another traveler whose virus was related to that of Patient Zero, and who had,

“exposed someone else to the virus in the period between Jan. 15 and Jan. 19, before they were isolated. If this second case was mild or asymptomatic, contact tracing efforts by public health would have had difficulty detecting it. After this point, community spread occurred and was undetected due to the CDC’s narrow case definition that required direct travel to China or direct contact with a known case to even be considered for testing. This lack of testing was a critical error and allowed an outbreak in Snohomish County and the surroundings to grow to a sizable problem before it was even detected.” [Emphasis added.]

Colleagues confirm that the “genetic diversity of the Washington State outbreak … suggests a scenario in which an individual infected [from] Washington State travelled to California, and, in particular, to the Grand Princess cruiser, instigating a chain of transmission there. The viral strain from a patient infected on the cruise ship off the coast of California is similar to the cluster circulating in Washington state.”

If only travel from China had been stopped earlier, the poor old people from the Life Care home might be alive, and the coronavirus would not be multiplying exponentially among us.

As for the country’s professional racism spotters, they wish only to uncouple coronavirus from Wuhan, a city in the Hubei Province of China, where it originated.

Naturally, the ossified CDC has been scathing about the intellectually nimble sleuth work done by scientists not its own, in the course of the viral RNA sequencing mentioned. But epidemiology obligates this creaky bureaucracy to trace the origins of the virus.

And so it has. Writes the CDC:

“Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that are common in people and many different species of animals, including camels, cattle, cats, and bats. Rarely, animal coronaviruses can infect people and then spread between people such as with … with this new virus (named SARS-CoV-2).

The SARS-CoV-2 virus [has its] origins in bats. The sequences from U.S. patients are similar to the one that China initially posted, suggesting a likely single, recent emergence of this virus from an animal reservoir.

Early on, many of the patients at the epicenter of the outbreak in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, had some link to a large seafood and live animal market, suggesting animal-to-person spread. Later, a growing number of patients reportedly did not have exposure to animal markets, indicating person-to-person spread. Person-to-person spread was subsequently reported outside Hubei and in countries outside China, including in the United States.”

In other words, coronavirus jumped first from animal to person and thereafter from person-to-person.

The deadly disease originated in one of China’s disease-breeding, barbaric, “wet markets,” as they are called. These “wet markets” are hell on earth for wild animals, which are tied up, stacked in cages and slaughtered on the spot, because the fiendish customers demand “freshness.”

As the Associated Press reports, “You’ve got live animals, so there’s feces everywhere. There’s blood because of people chopping them up, … The messy mix raises the … odds that a new virus will jump to people handling the animals and start to spread.”

To its report, the AP has appended an image of a “wet market,” adjacent to an up-market Chinese mall.

Suffer the innocent, helpless critters. Suffer the old and the infirm. God help us all.



On March 14, a longtime Unz Review reader, “Quebecer,” requested here that “the only female commenter on this website, … [who] has guts to raise her voice in this rough neighborhood,” be given a “break.”

That “female” (moi) replies:

Dear Quebecer: Please! Rough neighborhood? The tiny cohort of cowards that dog the Mercer Column (on this site only) is nothing but an echo chamber of “Little Men,” whose combined intelligence is even more diminished than their flaccid manhood.

These “Little Men” hide behind their email handle, nipping at my heels in fractured, mangled sentences, using nothing but ad hominen and Jewy conspiracy. What would make you imagine this kind of thread is a threat to me?

If you think the “Little Men”—the minnows, the reptilian brains who spew ugly invective on this thread, all to prop-up their inadequacies—are a match for me, you don’t know who’s The Man around here.

You seem a polite, mild-mannered person (certainly a gentleman or woman worthy of respect—and a response). But you, too, are living in a tiny echo chamber if you imagine any writer worth her salt even notices a pack of rabid, mangy, fulminating zombies, who hound their intellectual betters because they are so threatened.

Don’t you see? These concerted, mindless, anti-intellectual, reflexive attacks on this thread alone can be likened to the defensive actions of a single-celled organism, an ameba, trying to expel something that irritates it. An amoeba can’t reason, it reacts primitively.

To repeat: You have here on the thread that dogs me a collective; something akin to a big amorphous amoeba. The entities here, aside from you, are all the same. Nothing between their ears, but the drive for survival: The bitches on this thread act like a simple, single-celled organism who will, instinctively, act in unison in order to preserve its base integrity.

Mercer loves real men, but she threatens unmanly Small Men. They want me gone. I love it. Bring it, bitches!

In any event, Quebecer: I suggest that you, a decent, manly individual, separate yourself from this pack of dogs (with apologies to dogs for the unflattering figure-of-speech). Remember: By virtue of their cruelty, cowardice and intellectual impotence—the hounds on this thread are no match for me, you, or any decent person.

Being an Old Testament traditionalist, I instinctively despise weak bullies who, relying on anonymity, cower behind their cyber parapets, to gang up on one woman, because she’s stronger than they are in every sense. So, time permitting, I might one day embarrass a few publicly.

Real men are strong. They like a joust. And they delight in a few good women, even if they disagree with them. And strong men have a sense of humor. Two come to mind in my 20 years of writing the “Paleolibertarian Column.”

Writing for the Times Literary Supplement, a liberal gentleman named Anthony St. John wrote, “I would run for my life if I saw Ilana Mercer coming my way! Does she eat nails for breakfast?”

And billionaire investor Victor Niederhoffer—such a fun, eccentric man—said this: “You can’t win an argument with this woman. I’ve tried and failed.”

One day, time allowing—after all, there is so much life to live—I might just take some extremely unkind cuts to each “Little Man” who hounds me on this thread, never making sense, and so often emitting scary threats.

Little Men have a big decision. Is it worth hounding Mercer? Can the “Little Man” collective afford it? Do these “Little Men” want to lose face, when they are already lacking in the proverbial male bits? I don’t think so.

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