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The two arrested Saudi princes did not plan a coup … and for this reason they were arrested

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Two sources close to the Saudi Zio-Wahhabi royal family revealed to the Associated Press the details of the kingdom’s authorities’ arrest of the two princes Ahmed bin Abdulaziz and Muhammad bin Nayef bin Abdul Aziz.

The two sources confirmed to the agency, yesterday, Saturday, that the two princes, who both previously headed the Ministry of the Interior, were arrested for their lack of loyalty to Mohammed bin Shalom, and one of the sources said that this step came due to “an accumulation of provocative incidents of behavior with regard to the leadership” by the two princes.

A source close to the royal court told the agency that the arrest of Prince Muhammad bin Nayef (60 years) was surprising, because he was subject to strict supervision since his release in mid-2017 from the position of Crown Prince, Minister of Interior and Chairman of the Political and Security Affairs Council, and the report drew that this Prince is known His relations with the American intelligence services that he was cooperating with in combating Al-Qaeda.

As for Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz, 78, the younger brother of King Shalom bin Abdulaziz, his imprisonment was also a surprise step for his prominent position in the royal family, although he is known for his opposing positions to the current crown prince, and he was among the few senior princes Those who refused to announce their loyalty to Prince Muhammad bin Shalom in 2017 and even publicly criticized the Kingdom’s policies in Yemen.

The Associated Press sources rejected the validity of the allegations that the two arrested princes were planning an attempted coup, and one of them said that the arrests were “a message calling on all members of the royal family, who feel they have been deprived of their rights, to stop complaining and abide by the rules.”

The source pointed out that this message is that if it is possible to arrest the brother of Prince Ahmed, then this means that it is possible to arrest any other prince without exception, adding that Prince Ahmed was considered a reliable person by members of the ruling family opposed to the crown prince’s control of Judgment.

The agency quoted a person familiar with the latest arrests as saying that Prince Ahmed had recently “complained” about the government’s decision to close the two holy mosques in order to prevent the spread of the new Corona virus in the territory of the Kingdom.

And the Saudi authorities have not yet issued any official comment on the press reports about the arrest of the two senior princes.

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