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India man hospitalised after Nazi criminal mistake him for Chinese

India man hospitalised after Israelis mistake him for Chinese in coronavirus-related assault

Am-Shalem Singson was attacked by two Israelis As the they attacked, they shout “Chinese!” “Corona, corona”. Singson did not carry the coronavirus. He wasn’t even a Chinese. He was a Jew who immigrated from India to Israel [Mustafa Fatih Yavuz/Twitter]March 17, 2020 at 2:23 pm


An Indian migrant who was mistaken for a Chinese man was brutally assaulted by two Israelis in an apparent racist attack related to the coronavirus outbreak.

The attack, reportedly by Israeli media on Saturday, saw Am-Shalem Singson, who came to Israel from Manipur, India, in 2017, being taunted by two Israeli men who thought he was Chinese, before they violently assaulted the 28-year-old.

The Israeli men, who have not been identified, called him “Chinese” and yelled “Corona! Corona”, a reference to the coronavirus pandemic that began in China’s Hubei province, the Times of Israel reported.

“I told both of the attackers that I was not even Chinese, but rather a Jew from the Bnei Menashe community, not that there is any justification for attacking a Chinese guy or anybody else,” he was reported saying. “But they were totally crazed and kicked me hard while yelling, ‘Corona! Corona!’.”

Singson is now hospitalised at the Poriya hospital in Tiberas. He is said to be suffering from “severe injuries to his chest and lungs.” His condition, however, is stable.

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Following the attack, the Racism Crisis Centre of the Israel Religious Action Centre, raised concerns over the rise of racism in Israel. “More than 10,000 people from China and East Asia work in Israel today,” the group said.

“The [coronavirus] panic must not turn them into targets. In some previous epidemics, it was the Jews who were falsely accused of spreading the disease. Let’s learn that humane lesson.”

Shavei Israel, an Israeli-based Jewish organisation that encourages people of Jewish descent to strengthen their connection with Israel and the Jewish people, also expressed concern. The group is “stunned by the vicious and racist attack,” said founder, Michael Freund.

“The Bnei Menashe are our brothers and sisters and anyone who raises a hand against them must be brought to justice. I demand that action be taken, and I call on the police to investigate this incident immediately,” Freund added.

According to the Times of Israel over 4,000 members of the Bnei Menashe community live in Israel, and some 6,500 remain in India awaiting aliya.

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COVID-19: Masks or no masks?

By Satya Vatti

COVID-19: Masks or no masks?

Photo: Staff Sgt. Sergio A. Gamboa.

The United States now has the highest number of COVID-19 cases among all the countries in the world. If the state response to the pandemic in the richest country in the world remains much the same, inadequate and ineffective, millions of people in the U.S. are projected to become infected with the novel coronavirus in the coming weeks to months. 

Science Magazine recently interviewed George Gao, the director-general of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, who played a central role in the isolation and sequencing of the 2019 coronavirus in China. Gao and other Chinese experts say that the big mistake that the U.S. and European countries are making is not wearing masks.

In many countries around the world, governments have encouraged the widespread use of facemasks for the population when in public spaces to curb the transmission of the virus. In contrast, since the first case of the coronavirus infection appeared in the U.S., both the Center for Disease Control and the Surgeon General discouraged people in the U.S. from acquiring and using masks, unless they were symptomatic.

Now months later, the CDC’s disinformation is coming undone as it considers having the public wear non-medical masks, including do-it-yourself masks, to lower the rate of transmission.

The fact is that a very small percentage of the population in the U.S. has been tested for COVID-19, while the majority have no access to testing. This means that many people are already infected, or are carriers, unknown to them. Epidemiologists say people can have asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic infections that can still spread. COVID-19 spreads via droplets and contact, and droplets come out of people’s mouths every time they speak. While the six-foot physical distancing rule does help reduce transmission, a combination of protective measures, including wearing masks, is more effective.

One would hope that U.S. health officials base their recommendations to the public in the midst of a pandemic on the basis of scientific findings quantifying the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the use of masks. Outrageously however,  what these U.S. officials have based their public health advice on is the fear of creating a severe shortage of masks and other personal protective equipment supplies for healthcare workers — an artificial shortage that is in reality a direct result of the U.S. government’s trade policy and aggression towards China that restricts Chinese imports using tariffs. Frontline healthcare workers in the U.S. are already reusing contaminated masks, wearing makeshift bandanas and scarves, and trash bags for gowns, and are themselves getting infected due to the shortages.

Before the pandemic, China was already producing half of the world’s supply of masks. In helping lead the fight against COVID-19 internationally, China has been producing more than 110 million masks, medical and non-medical, per day to meet global demand. There is no shortage of masks, the masks are in China, and the U.S. government is choosing to not lift tariffs on Chinese goods, which would allow critical medical supplies and other necessary goods to freely enter the U.S. These tariffs also increase the price of Chinese imports by 25 percent, making essential goods less accessible to the people living in the United States.

Tens of millions of lives in the U.S. are criminally being put at risk because of the bipartisan Cold War-style attitude and hostility of U.S. politicians towards China, when what is needed is cooperation and collaboration with China to defeat the virus.

By taking extraordinary and unprecedented measures, China has flattened the curve; on March 18, in a country of 1.4 billion people, zero new cases of COVID-19 were reported. The United States should be willing to share information and learn from China’s experience and expertise in battling the virus, rather than spending its energy on propagating a racist misinformation campaign against China as it is continuing to do.

In the absence of a nationally coordinated emergency public health response to the pandemic, along with criminally inadequate testing due to the for-profit healthcare industry, massive shortage of medical supplies as a result of trade tariffs on China and the unwillingness of the two-party political establishment in the country to mandate that private corporations reorganize their production and distribution capabilities to produce critical goods in a period of crisis, we must hold the U.S. government accountable for the unnecessary suffering being inflicted on tens of millions of working-class people.

A few U.S. government officials and private individuals are building public-private partnerships with producers and distributors in other countries to bring medical supplies and protective gear into the U.S. using commercial aircraft. But this type of decentralized response is completely inadequate given the scale of the need. The Department of Health estimates that the U.S. would need over 3.5 billion masks, if the pandemic lasts a year. 

The people need full access to medical supplies and healthcare, free of cost! Demand that the U.S. government lift the criminal tariffs on Chinese goods and end the trade war with China! 

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Humanitarian crisis brewing for undocumented people

By Frank Lara

Humanitarian crisis brewing for undocumented people

Amnesty and Full Immigrant Rights NOW! | Photo: Frank Lara

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

Beneath the rubble of the collapsing economy, there are lives that may be lost in the silence. COVID-19 has brought the U.S. economy to its knees, but for undocumented people the crisis means absolute destitution. If drastic measures and supports are not offered immediately to our gente, this country will be responsible for the lives of the estimated 11 million undocumented people and their children, many of whom are U.S.-born citizens.

The coming humanitarian crisis stems from another major crisis — the utter failure to offer any semblance of human rights to the workers that hold up key sectors of U.S. capitalism. On May 1, 2006, immigrant, Latino and Mexican people led the largest general strike in U.S. history, known as A Day Without Immigrants. This monumental day clearly chanted in unison the slogan, “Amnesty NOW! Full Rights for All Immigrants!” The demand reverberated among millions. Since that day, politicians, community leaders, and everything in between have been unable and unwilling to approach anything close to the strike’s slogan.

Over a decade later, as beautiful children are locked in infected cages and fascistic ICE raids terrorize our communities, the leadership of this country continues to either demonize hardworking people and pretend they don’t exist or are waiting for others to resolve the issue. In supposedly progressive cities and states, lives of undocumented people are acknowledged and thanked but nothing more. It is asked, “What about people who are undocumented?” YES! What about them?!

There are not enough “Go Fund Me” pages, mutual-aid listservs, and non-profits for the over 11 million undocumented people, of whom 9 percent are in California’s workforce. All the support being offered by well-meaning people should be appreciated, but it doesn’t replace the crucial need for swift acknowledgement of worker and human rights. With legal status, undocumented people — our people, fearless and courageous people — can advocate for themselves and their families without needing to ask for help first.

Undocumented people don’t depend on charity, they depend on their work. It is their labor resulting in calloused hands, bent backs, and sore bodies that has lifted their families and this nation. So much so, that every year, undocumented immigrants pay $11 billion in local and state taxes, and yet are denied the benefits of those taxes, such as unemployment or social security, when in need. They contribute $13 billion to retirement accounts, the same accounts sustaining the most vulnerable population during this pandemic. It is their sweat that is putting food on the table for every single household because at least 50 percent of the agricultural workforce is undocumented.

Now, as the virus shreds the already weak U.S. capitalist economy, our people have nothing left to make money and it’s inhumane to expect them to extend out these same hands to receive scraps. As the government is handing over trillions to the banks and corporations, there absolutely must be money for unemployment and services for all workers who reside in this country.

The tree has fallen and the monumental tragedy is that people heard it, see it, and acknowledge it but are simply stepping over it.

Start of a conversation

The humanitarian crisis for undocumented people is about to explode. This is a start of a conversation so that we are prepared to give our voice, resources and privilege to the coming fight. As a starting point, here are some action steps to be taken immediately:

  • Declare an immediate humanitarian crisis for undocumented immigrants!
  • Grant full rights and benefits to the undocumented that other workers are entitled to or should be receiving in this COVID19 crisis, including free health care, unemployment, the federal relief checks being sent to all adults and their children, housing that is being demanded for all homeless and under-housed people. [See the PSL’s full demands here.]
  • Seek support from all humanitarian agencies, national and international, to create the infrastructure to provide emergency temporary shelter and social welfare programs.
  • As housing and shelter is being set up, temporary access should be granted for vehicles of undocumented immigrants to park overnight in country, state and national parks.
  • Cease all ICE proceedings and procedures related to deportation and incarceration of undocumented immigrants.
  • Immediate legalization process! The last meaningful legalization passed by Congress was in 1986, 34 years ago! There must be full recognition of the critical importance of labor done by immigrants, especially in the midst of this crisis. Just one example is the massive food production that the whole population depends on.
  • Release all people, especially children, from ICE detention centers. Stop the terrorizing police treatment of our brothers and sisters.
  • Grant union rights and membership to all undocumented immigrants considered “essential workers.”
  • Immediately raise the salaries and improve working conditions to match COVID19 health recommendations for the hundreds of thousands of undocumented farm workers.
  • Bail out the people, Not Wall Street!

More importantly, all the listed demands should make it clear that these do not substitute for the need for “Amnesty and Full Immigrant Rights for All!” Much more will be needed. Be ready.

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وباء كورونا …وشبح الشيوعية

Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

الدعاية والتثقيف
د. عادل سمارة
هذا ما خطر لي حين تابعت كيف تصرفت الصين لمحاصرة هذا الوباء.فبناء على عدد السكان كان التخوُّف أنها ستعاني أكبر كارثة في التاريخ.عولجت الأزمة بهدوء ودون استعراضات مريضة:
• استعراض هولييود المبدع في الكذب
• واستعراض التخلص من البشر كما تقطيع وتذويب خاشقجي
• واستعراض الكيان بأن كل البشر كائنات دنيئة وهم من معدن ذهبي، لذا يُمسكون أموال العالم.
هنا يبرز الفارق بين الدعاية والتثقيف. ورغم انهما تناقضهما إلا أن هوامشهما تتداخل أحيانا، ولكن دون تحول إحدهما للآخر. ولذا يتصارعان على إعادة التثقيف، فالدعاية تحاول تحويل البشر إلى بضائع وغيلان استهلاك، والثقافة تقاتل لإبقائهم بشرا واعين. فإعادة التثقيف هو ميدان صراع.
ليس هذا التقوُّل من جانبي لتمييز دماغ بشري عن آخر، ولا طينة الجسم، بل للتمييز بين نظام فكري نظري وآخر، اي التمييز بين الجريمة المموهة وبين الإنسانية المتواضعة.
دعونا نقارن:
الرأسمالية خلقت الاستعمار والشعوب الفقيرة خلقت المقاومة وحرب الغُوار
الرأسمالية خلقت الاستيطان الرأسمالي الأبيض الذي اباد شعوبا باكملها والشعوب الفقيرة دافعت ما استطاعت كما تفعل فلسطين.

الراسمالية الأمريكية صنعت القنبلة النووية لإبادة من لا يمنحها سوقه وثروته وضربت بها اليايان، والاتحاد السوفييتي أرسل أول رائد فضاء يوري جاجارين
ثم صنع النووي ليحمي نفسه والعالم من الغرب بالردع.
الراسمالية وضعت اتفاقية بريتون وودز لهيمنة الدولار والبنك والصندوق الدوليين، وستالين وحده الذي رفض الانضمام.
حاول الكوريون الاستقلال وتطبيق الاشتراكية، فردت أمريكا بعدوان أفنى الملايين
حاول الفيتناميون التحرر فردت امريكا بحرب أخرى أفنت الملايين.
الاستقلال كلف الجزائر مليون شهيد قتلتهم فرنسا الجميلة.
قال كاسترو:الناس في كوبا تموت من الهرم وليس من المرض، بينما ترامب/و يحاول احتكار علاج الكورونا ليبيعه باعلى سعر فيموت من لا يملك ثمن العلاج وبوريس جونسون يقول لشعبه:توقعوا موت احبائكم.
ارسلت كوبا الصغيرة أطباء إلى إفريقيا باكثر من كل العالم لمواجهة وباء إيبولا.
ركزت الصين منذ ماو تسي تونغ على الإنتاج لكفاية نفسها والعالم بينما غادرت امريكا الإنتاج باتجاه المضاربات .
واليوم تتهاوى البورصات لأن اسهمها منتفخة ويلتهم الناس البضائع من الرفوف والشركات تتوقف عن الإنتاج بسبب كورونا، بينما الصين هادئة تاكل وتشرب وتتعافى.
أمريكا تستخدم نظرية مالثوس المجرم بقتل الشعب الإيراني بالعقوبات حيث تسرق ارصدة إيران، بينما الصين تساعد إيران المسلمة وحتى إيطاليا التي يحكمها يمين فاشي.
الصين 1500 مليون لديهم فوائض هائلة ولبنان بحجم مدينة صغيرة مشتبك مع لصوص المال الطائفي.
تريليونات الصين من اجل شفاء البشر وتريليونات مجرمي النفط لإبادة الوطن العربي.
الصين لم تبع اسلحة لأبناء سلمان وزايد وآل ثاني وثالث ورابع وعاشر، أما الغرب فيصنع الأسلحة خصيصا ضد اليمن وسوريا وليبيا وفلسطين وكل المحيط.
اخيراً، الدعاية هي غالباً لترويج بضائع تم اغتصابها من جهد العمال بينما الثقافة هي لتوعية العمال بأن يحرروا جهدهم كي يتمتعوا بما أنتجوا.
عزيزي القارىء: إذا فكرت جيداً في هذا، فاعلم بأن هذا التحدي للبشرية هو استعادة لشبح الشيوعية كي تحرر البشر من راس المال. وبهذا يتجدد أمل ماركس عام 1848 حينما كتب “إن شبح الشيوعية يحوم في سماء أوروبا” تفاؤلاً بثورات تم قمعها وقمع غيرها، لكن البشرية لا تخنع. وبات عليها سحق أكاذيب أن الشيوعية ضد الأديان والقوميات.
أعتقد أن ذهن ونفسية الناس اليوم متفتحة كي تسمع الثقافة وليس الدعاية ومن هنا أهمية الحوار والكتابة.
أخيراً: إذا كان الأثرياء ضد الاشتراكية لأنهم بالمال يشترون الكثير، “قيمتهم” مُستمدة مما لديهم من مال منهوب من جهد المنتجين، وليس من كفائتهم الثقافية والأخلاقية والإنتاجية، وإذا كان السياسيون يمتطون المال والأديان لتبرير وتثيبت مواقعهم مدعومين بقوى الدين السياسي والطابور السادس الثقافي، فما على الطبقات الشعبية سوى الثورة من أجل الاشتراكية.
ملاحظة: كل هذا التفوق في الصين وهي شبه اشتراكية، فادفعوها واندفعوا معها لاشتراكية أعمق وأفضل.7

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Arrest the virus, free the prisoners!

By Steven Powers

Arrest the virus, free the prisoners!

We cannot allow the capitalist ruling class to turn a blind eye to the plight of the incarcerated population — not in general, nor in the particular circumstance of the global pandemic of Covid-19. In the U.S., there are 2.3 million human beings in state, federal, and county jails and more than 52,000 in immigrant detainment camps. Around the country, organizations and coalitions are calling for the immediate release of incarcerated people who are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19. The Party for Socialism and Liberation and La Riva/Peltier election campaign raise these demands as well.

Corona virus and prisons, jails, and ICE detention

It is impossible to quarantine in the context of incarceration. Every prison, jail, juvenile facility, and immigrant detention center will become an incubator of the deadly corona virus. Social distancing is physically impossible in lower security facilities. Inmates are in gate group cells usually made up of four to five 50-person cells. Even as big as 100-person dormitories exist in other facilities. In higher-security prisons, a facility-wide lock-down entails a 24-hour confinement in one’s cell. This of course would mitigate recreation time in the yard as well as congregating in the prison cafeteria. Yet serving meals to locked-up inmates could still spread the virus. All regular cell searches put inmates in contact with correctional officers who are already bringing the virus into work from outside contacts.

Jails are already compromised in dozens of counties. Jails hold all people who are either awaiting trial or for transfer to a prison. Since jails are filled and overcrowded with people abducted from their communities, there are almost certainly more people carrying the virus than the few cases documented. Few COVID-19 test kits are available to gauge the real numbers.

Similarly, immigrant detention centers are group encampments already suffering from heap-like conditions, and detainees cannot be given adequate physical distance. Because of overcrowding and a lack of physical institutions, immigrant detainees are regularly rerouted to jails where many infections have already been documented. Immigrants are denied due-process rights and are jailed for coming to the U.S. seeking work or refuge.

Size and scope of the problem

In some cases, such as the infamous Rikers Island Jail in New York City, as many as 21 inmates and 17 correctional officers have already tested positive for the corona virus as of March 20, with already one death of an investigator. Urgent action is necessary. Presumably, every incarcerated person will be transferred to upstate New York prison facilities pending trial, compromising state prisons more pervasively. This is true everywhere people are bused en mass from the jails to the prisons.

In all cases, prisons, jails, and immigrant detention camps suffer the same inhumane and unsanitary conditions. Incarcerated people often lack access to regular running water, hot water, regular shower privileges, hand sanitizer (because they contain alcohol), and hand soap. An observation from formerly incarcerated people on the depictions of prisons in movies and TV shows is that they are shown to be clean. The reality is that mold is a common occurrence, and rodents, roaches and grime accompany the crumbling infrastructure of the country’s repressive apparatus.

Already across New Jersey, hunger strikes have cropped up in three facilities holding immigrant detainees, for lack of cleaning measures and a shortage of soap.

Similarly, the food served in these facilities is criminally insufficient. Prisons tip-toe on the minimum threshold for legally required calories provided for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Incarcerated people often depend on family support for funds to buy candy, ramen noodles, and chips from commissary at massive markups. This plays no small part in the prevalence of chronic health conditions in prisons.

Most studies conclude that the incarcerated population is many more times likely to be victim to chronic health conditions such as asthma, arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, sexually transmitted diseases, cancer or myocardial infarction.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, 73 percent of prison inmates and 77 percent of jail inmates report chronic conditions at admission, and only 44 percent claim to be satisfied with the medical care compared to the care they received prior to incarceration: “Nearly half (48 percent) of prisoners and 43 percent of jail inmates reported that the health care received while incarcerated was better than or about the same as the care they received in the 12 months prior to admission.”

One can conclude that the latter response is because the inmates were not previously receiving health care outside.

Wardens and correctional officers in a pigpen scramble

Around the country, health care workers, lawyers, prisoner rights activists, abolition groups, and even some corrections boards have called for the urgent release of inmates considered high risk.

Earlier this week Los Angeles County began releasing hundreds of low-level inmates to reduce the possibility of infection, and New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio said his city was considering similar measures. A decisive factor in this decision is not so much the moral uprightness of the authorities in control. Rather, corrections officers are calling in sick at much higher rates, and medical wings of the facilities are understaffed, under-resourced and over-burdened. Ohio corrections initiated a similar pressure-valve type of release. The United States repressive apparatus is cracking at the seams with this contradiction. Corrections associations and inmates alike are citing the inevitability of rebellion as the times get tougher.

The real possibility of losing control of the prisons looms over the heads of prison administrations everywhere. Robert Hood, a former warden of Colorado’s “Supermax” federal penitentiary, told ABC news: “All of the sudden the guys that are the best inmates, the 50% to 60% who are in for drug-related, non-violent offenses, the guys in the dormitories — not the lockdown guys — all of a sudden they’re at the most risk. What would I do if I was an inmate in a dormitory? I’d go smack someone in the head — and I mean that. I’d want to go on lockdown, because then I’d be a little better off.”

The call for release of at-risk prisoners is not consistent across the country. In fact, there may be a monetary incentive to keep them incarcerated. New York Governor Cuomo boasted that prisoner-made hand sanitizer was a superior product to anything else on the market. At a press conference, Cuomo gleefully announced, “Open the curtain please!” to show a line of New York State hand sanitizers created by CorCraft, which uses prison labor at 16 cents to $1.14 an hour. He then applied the CorCraft company hand sanitizer to describe it having the scent of a floral bouquet. In short, Cuomo sees the crisis as an opportunity to extract super profits from prison labor.

What is more, the “Pandemic Influenza Surge Plan for Managing In- and out-of-Hospital Deaths,” published by the New York City Chief Medical Examiner’s Office in 2008, explains that the city’s Department of Corrections manages a mass grave site on Hart Island for people unable to afford burials. This grave site is currently worked by prisoners, and has been for the last 150 years. Thus, instead of a compassionate release on a massive scale of incarcerated human beings, the city plans to force prisoners to bury potentially massive numbers of people, including their own imprisoned brothers and sisters, in the event of mass deaths due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Crisis always comes to the prison; prisons are the crisis

A major contradiction has become clear one week into the corona virus pandemic: Capitalism is not capable of handling a global crisis. In the United States, this is particularly acute. The lack of access to health care, the 40 percent of the U.S. population that has only an average of $400 in personal savings, the millions who face layoffs and shutdowns, the massive homeless population amid the glut of empty houses and luxury condos, the vast food deserts, and the lack of a sufficient social safety net are now everywhere on display in their most brutal forms. Seldom remembered are the lives of 2.3 million people brutally incarcerated in America’s prisons and their families who also suffer from the imprisonment.

Every experienced prisoner-rights and abolition organizer knows that each time a hurricane approaches the United States the race is on to urge wardens and corrections boards to evacuate the prisons. In one particularly terrifying case, the inmates of Orleans Parish Prison were left to drown as Katrina swept in and guards abandoned the prison without opening the cells. Inmates were stranded neck deep in sewage water without food or drinking water for nearly a week. Some 517 of these incarcerated people are still unaccounted for.

How many hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, influenza, and pandemics will have to devastate the incarcerated population before decisive action towards a better future is taken? Some theories refer to the U.S. government as a “carceral state,” a state that funnels its problems into incarceration measures. Crime rates in this country don’t match incarceration rates nearly as much as with unemployment, homelessness, and poverty rates. In short, the carceral state is the capitalist state, which exists to manage the affairs of a shrinking but wealthier ownership class amid a colossal working class (employed, unemployed, homeless, or incarcerated) scrounging to get by. One of the capitalist state’s greatest weapons in its racist class war has been the prisons.

The urgent action of early and compassionate release of prisoners with the COVID-19 crisis has already taken place in other parts of the world: Iran released one-third of its total prison population in response to the exigencies produced by the virus, some 85,000 temporarily freed people.

In the name of humanity

The 10-point program of the Gloria La Riva and Leonard Peltier presidential campaign addresses economic and social crises with radical solutions. Three points of the 10-point program are here especially relevant:

★ 3 |  End racism, police brutality, mass incarceration — Pay reparations to the African American and Native communities.

Mass incarceration and racist policing are symptomatic of the 400 years of brutal repression meted out to African-descended peoples in the U.S. and the genocide committed against the Native nations. Reparations must be paid to the African American and Native communities! More than 2.2 million people are behind bars in the largest prison complex in the world. End mass incarceration of oppressed and working-class people. Fully prosecute all acts of police brutality and violence. Free Leonard Peltier, Mumia Abu-Jamal and all political prisoners!

Adding to this demand in light of COVID-19, we call for the compassionate release of all elderly prisoners and those with chronic health conditions. The population of prisoners age 55 over has increased 400 percent in the last 20 years. For those who remain in the prison system, we demand radical reforms focused on humanizing the conditions, including paying prisoners at least minimum wage for their labor, stopping punitive punishment like isolation cells and extraction teams, and expanding educational and rehabilitation programs.

The immediate release of all pre-trial detainees, who can return to court after they’re reopened after the crises, and immediate freeing of those with release dates in 2020 and 2021. There are as many as 612,000 people in local jails who are not convicted — that is, they are legally innocent. Only 32,000 of this population are considered violent, yet many deemed violent by the capitalist state only have enhanced statuses because of poor representation in the courts and, for many African American inmates, wrongful convictions. There are of course exceptions to the issue of general release, but they can be reviewed by peer boards not traditionally in the hands of the repressive state apparatus.

The immediate release of all youth prisoners (46,000) to return to their families or safe homes with guidance counselors to help in true rehabilitation.

At a federal level the majority of incarcerated people are in for public order (the preferred term to victimless crime) and property crimes. In almost all cases, these people could now be released from their 40- to 50-year sentences.

State Prisons make up the majority of incarcerated people, and similar to the other categories: public order, DUI, (racist) drug crimes, property crimes make up the vast majority. Almost 100 percent of these inmates should be freed.

Freedom for all people incarcerated on parole or probation violation (often failures to check in), for petty marijuana or alcohol consumption, “police contact,” or failure to pay for ankle monitors or restitution. In addition, freed prisoners need sufficient funds to be able to find housing and income until they are employed. Free education should also be offered as well as job training.

★ 4 |  Full rights for all immigrants

Abolish all anti-immigrant laws. Stop the raids and deportations and demonization of immigrants. Shut down ICE and the concentration camps and reunite families. The government’s war on immigrants must end. The border wall must be dismantled. Amnesty and citizenship for those without documents. Full rights for all!

All 61,000 immigrant detainees should be free. As the immigrant detainees have said in the New Jersey hunger strike, “If we have to die, we would rather die out there than in here!” This would entail not only closing all ICE camps and disbanding ICE but also releasing immigrant detainees who have been placed in local jails as overflow.

★ 10 |  Take over the stolen wealth of the giant banks and corporations — Jail Wall Street criminals

The vast wealth of the giant banks and corporations is created by workers’ labor and the exploitation of the world’s diminishing natural resources. The billionaires looted and destroyed the economy. It is time to seize their assets and use those resources in the interests of the vast majority. Power must be taken out of the hands of the super rich, and Wall Street criminals must be jailed.

Point 10 in the La Riva Program stands out in the context of $1.5 trillion stock market bailouts in response to the crisis. The billionaires have certainly shown solidarity with their own class. So much pain and death could be avoided if they were not the ruling class. If anyone belongs in jail, it is the bankers and the gangsters in the Pentagon and the White House.

Prisoner self-determination

We cannot hope to divine a new society on the basis of our imaginations alone. We can, however, say that the rest of the world operates with a fraction of our prison population. While the freedom of say 80 percent of the U.S. prison population would seem magical in its scope, it would still leave 500,000. That would place the U.S. fourth in total people incarcerated. The U.S. would still be in the running for the highest incarceration rate per capita.

Because the media pounds away at the population with such negative coverage of prisoners — diverting attention from the real capitalist criminals — the idea of many people being freed from the prisons, jails, and immigrant detainment centers could cause a negative reaction. But liberation is nothing to fear. What is truly scary is the idea that this racist mass incarceration system could be one large mass grave in the context of a global pandemic.

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10 prisoners at Raymond Nazi detention Camp are going on strike

By:Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Nazi Occupied Palestine: Ten prisoners in “Raymond” Nazi Camp, today, Sunday, launched an open-ended hunger strike, in protest at the conditions in the Camp sections and the prisoners live in these days.

The Radio of the Prisoners Radio quoted the director of the Prisoners Club, Abdel-Al Al-Anani, as saying that 10 of the Raymond Nazi Camp prisoners had started a hunger strike, refusing to continue isolating the two prisoners “Omar Kharwat and Hatem Al-Qawasmeh.”

The strike step comes as a rejection of the prison administration procedures that it imposed on the prisoners recently, and its continuation. The Occupation Prison Administration refused to release the prisoners whose sentences had expired or were about to end.

The Ofer Nazi Camp administration also transferred the nine prisoners who had been quarantined, who had been in contact with the editor, who was infected with the Corona virus, Noureddine Sarsour, without taking samples from them. 

Prisoners in the occupation prisons face dramatic circumstances that multiply in light of fears of the spread of Corona virus infection.

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USA: Analysis! $ trillion package

Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Congress just passed a $2 trillion bailout package (which is really $6 trillion when you include the Federal Reserve’s intervention!), most of which will go to the biggest banks and corporations. While it has some relief measures for the working class, it constitutes the greatest redistribution of wealth in modern history from the people to the already rich and powerful. The working class must and will find the means to fight back. The capitalist system and its government have demonstrated their absolute and utter bankruptcy in their handling of the Coronavirus pandemic. 


Be sure to check out this informative interview on the radio show Loud & Clear featuring Marxist scholar and journalist Vijay Prashad on the model set by the Indian state of Kerala as an example of a humane, people-first approach to the crisis.

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An American diplomat: “Corona” is a time bomb that will strike countries including Lebanon

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Former US Ambassador to Bahrain Adam Erel, who previously served as deputy spokesperson for the US State Department, said that if the world thinks that New York City has a real problem in tackling the new Corona virus, or what is known as “Covid-19,” let them wait until they see. Other regions.

This came in a tweet of the former ambassador, on his Twitter account: “If you think New York has a problem, just wait until Covid (the new Corona virus) hits millions of displaced people and refugees in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, Kenya and Gaza.”

The former ambassador continued in the same tweet, describing those countries and regions as the most populated area, “population density on the ground and social separation is impossible and suffers from failure of sterilization and health care efforts at the lowest levels … a time bomb.”

Earl’s tweet came in a comment on a tweet from the New York Red Cross Committee, in which it said: “Victory over the pandemic lies only when countries, means and resources come together to contain and combat the spread of the virus … This is the only way forward.”

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Putting Profits Before Workers’ Safety: Inside Amazon During the COVID-19 Crisis


Photograph Source: Fibonacci Blue – CC BY 2.0

As coronavirus continues to spread and much of the country is locking down, Amazon has been ramping up. With more people staying home, delivery is becoming more important than ever, and more lucrative. Demand is soaring for deliveries on everyday necessities, everything from toilet paper to powdered milk.

All these deliveries require an army of workers—drivers, handlers, sorters, and more—at the company’s vast network of fulfillment and delivery centers. I am part of that army, a contracted cargo handler at an Amazon delivery station outside of Seattle, near the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak.

While so many in the working class suffer an untold cost from coronavirus-related wage losses and layoffs, those of us still working bear the brunt in other ways. My coworkers and I are working harder than ever, putting our health on the line to provide an important service to our quarantined neighbors. But the executives and the billionaires at Amazon and its contractors are unfortunately not taking basic steps to protect our health and the health of the public, despite what their PR departments might say.

Unhealthy Conditions at Amazon

The Amazon delivery network is a potential hotbed for coronavirus spread. While health officials advise against meetings of 10 or more people, Amazon warehouses have 100, 500, or even 1500 employees working in a single location. From these warehouses, drivers and cargo handlers like me are dispatched all over the region, entering thousands of apartment buildings, businesses, and residences to deliver packages.

Despite this clear potential for danger, Amazon has not taken many simple precautions to prevent an outbreak. For example, neither Amazon nor our contractor has provided basic supplies like hand sanitizer for our trucks, to disinfect between deliveries, in spite of repeated requests from workers.

At our delivery station, we have also not seen any increase in our paid sick leave to account for the virus threat. Many of our coworkers would face a difficult choice if they experienced symptoms of coronavirus: go to work and risk infecting your coworkers, or miss as many as 5 days of pay (the time it can take to get tested for COVID-19 and receive the results). In the context of high rents, low wages, and no support for paid leave, many of them will be forced to take the risk and come to work.

On top of this, there has been remarkably little communication from Amazon management about precautions and procedures, including the question of what happens if one of our coworkers were to test positive for COVID-19. This question has become even more urgent, after an Amazon associate recently tested positive at a delivery station in New York City and five tested positive at a warehouse in Spain. In New York, employees say that it was co-workers—not Amazon management—that informed them of the positive test result, and that workers were asked to come in for their shift after the case was discovered. Amazon should communicate clearly with its employees and contractors about this threat, and they should immediately shut down any facility where a positive coronavirus case is found, with full pay for all affected workers.

These problems are not isolated to Seattle and New York. My Amazon coworkers have been increasingly trying to sound the alarm at warehouses around the country—but often anonymously, for fear of retaliation.

Workers and Community Members Need to Fight Back

Urgent action is needed, for workers like me who are being put into increasing danger, and for workers who are losing incomes because they are forced to stay home without paid leave or have been laid off.

The bosses of huge corporations like Amazon appear to have no intention of fixing these problems on their own, despite having the money necessary to do so, out of concern for their profits. Neither do the Democratic and Republican political establishments, which have failed to address the needs of working people even in normal times. To solve this crisis, workers will need to organize and demand change, whether for immediate cash assistance, guaranteed paid sick leave, safe working conditions, or Medicare for All.

In Seattle, socialist Councilmember Kshama Sawant is fighting for a $500 million tax on big corporations like Amazon to fund immediate relief for working people. Workers, socialists, labor unions, and activists will need to join in this fight if we want to win.

In another important step, over 1,500 Amazon employees from around the world have signed a public petition calling for action from the company. In addition to urgent safety precautions, the petition correctly calls for Amazon to institute 1.5x hazard pay for all of us who are risking our health to do this work.

Deeper Problems Exposed

The COVID-19 pandemic is exposing the bankruptcy of capitalism. Corporations like Amazon put profits over the health of their workers and the community. When workplace problems arise, employees have little to no recourse through regular corporate structures, where unresponsive bosses have a monopoly on decision-making.

This system, which was already failing the vast majority of working people even before the coronavirus outbreak, has shown its complete inability to deal with the global pandemic as well as the rapidly emerging climate crisis. The model of siphoning off unimaginable wealth to the top, while even the most essential social needs like healthcare are starved, is not working. We urgently need a single-payer Medicare for All system, where the profits of insurance and big pharma are de-prioritized, so that the health needs of ordinary people can be met. Workers will need to get organized and build mass movements to win this kind of change.

But that will not be enough. Ultimately, unless entire sectors like healthcare and energy and housing, and large corporations like Amazon, are taken into democratic public ownership, crises such as coronavirus and climate change will not be addressed. Instead of allowing massive layoffs and bailing out big corporations like Boeing, we need to take the major corporations into our own hands as workers and democratically run them ourselves.

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The Nazi occupation forces arrest two Palestinian youths, east of Jerusalem

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Nazi Occupied Jerusalem: This morning, the Nazi Occupation Forces arrested two Palestinian youth, after they raided their homes east of occupied Jerusalem.

The Quds News correspondent reported that forces from the Nazi occupation army stormed several neighborhoods in the towns of Al-Eizariya, Abu Dis, and Al-Sawahrah, east of the city.

He added that the occupation forces arrested the two young men, Ahmad Al-Khatib and Hassan Abu Al-Rish, after they raided and searched their homes in Al-Eizariya.

During the storming and withdrawal, confrontations broke out between the youths and the occupation forces, who fired sound and gas bombs at the place.

In Issawiya, the occupation forces launched a campaign of arrests in the village north-east of Nazi occupied Jerusalem yesterday, and arrested each of: Fadi Abu Al-Homs, Noor Muhaisen, Hussam Alyan, Muhammad Musa Mustafa, Majd Derbas, and David Derbas from the neighborhood of the martyr Muhammad Obaid.

The Nazi occupation forces stormed the village of Al-Issawiya throughout the day and spread among its neighborhoods claiming that the residents did not adhere to the house quarantine.

However, Palestinians in the village say that the forces storming the neighborhoods in large numbers during the day cause them to fear the transmission of the Corona virus infection to them due to the high injuries in the ranks of the occupation forces.

3 new infections with the Corona virus in the towns of Bedou and Seir

Turkey distributes medical masks for free to the people

“Warning” for an academic in “Success” because of a personal article criticizing e-learning

Prisoners Authority: Injury of the released prisoner Noureddine Sarsour, “Corona”

Emoji picture

Nazi occupied Ramallah: According to the Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority, the results of the tests conducted by the freed prisoner, Noureddine Sarsour, showed that he was infected with the Corona virus.

And the commission stated that Nour Al-Din is from Petunia, west of Ramallah, and he was released from the Ofer Nazi Camp on Tuesday, and spent all his detention, in the “14” section, and the Benjamin Gestapo Investigation Center.

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