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Never the Aggressor: ‘Israel’ Is Convinced of Its Own Benevolence

Israeli soldiers Feature photo

An Israeli soldier fires tear gas at unarmed Palestinians in the West Bank City of Bethlehem. Majdi Mohammed | AP

The violence perpetrated by Israel is always glorious and the soldiers who are killed in the process are always symbols of patriotism and sacrifice.

by Miko Peled

Israel glorifies its military and portrays those who are sent by the state to commit acts of violence as heroes.

Remembering a Terrorist

“We are persecuted and murdered by the majority of ‘civilized’ peoples, or by savage and cruel peoples like the Arabs. Their intention toward us is not only to humiliate but also to destroy us physically.” These comments were written in the personal diary of Yosef Hecht, the founding commander of the Zionist terrorist organization, the Hagannah.

Israel’s Haaretz newspaper recently featured a story about Hecht, a man who had a foundational role in the establishment of the Hagganah, the main Zionist terrorist militia in pre-1948 Palestine. The Haganah legacy is still very much alive in Israel and those who served in it, like my own father, are remembered with great admiration. This month marks the Haganah centenary, an event that will further glorify the Zionist militia which was responsible for unspeakable crimes against the people of Palestine. April 2020 marked the 50 year anniversary of the death of the organization’s first commander, Yosef Hecht, who led the Haganah from 1922 to 1931.

Haganah Israel

Haganah militia members walk in front of an Arab hotel bombed by Haganah in Jerusalem, Palestine May 6, 1948. Pringle | AP

The story in Haaretz begins with a quote from a letter received by Hecht’s daughter, now 98 years old, which reads, “On the centennial of the founding of the Haganah, its members and those who follow in their path bow their heads in remembrance of him, and cherish the memory of his security activity in creating the Jewish defense force and of his contribution to the rebirth of the independent State of Israel.” The word “rebirth” is strange in this context, and suggests that there was at some point an earlier “State of Israel.”

Two years after taking up his post as the Haganah’s national commander, Hecht was behind the first political assassination committed by the Zionists. It was the killing in 1924 of a Jewish man who opposed Zionism to a point where he was seen a serious threat to the Zionist project, Dr. Yaakov Yisrael De Haan.

A great deal has been written about Dr. De Haan. He was a Dutch Jew who came to Palestine in the early twentieth century and joined the Ultra Orthodox community in their struggle to stop the Zionist takeover of Palestine. He was a journalist and a lawyer and was in the midst of a campaign to get the British government to rescind the Balfour Declaration. He was also instrumental in bringing the anti-Zionist Jewish community in Jerusalem to collaborate with the anti-Zionist Palestinian struggle. It is very likely that the combination of these two efforts cost him his life.

On July 1, 1924, on the eve of his departure to London to pursue the anti-Zionist agenda, he was shot in the street by Zionist terrorists. The late Rabbi Amram Blau, who lived in Jerusalem and was a staunch anti-Zionist said, “Anything the Ultra Orthodox Jews had accomplished at the time was thanks to him.” Rabbi Amram also said that killing De-Haan was like killing the Ultra Orthodox community. De Haan’s ability to push the anti-Zionist agenda forward was unprecedented and when they killed him they killed the struggle.

The Zionist community in Palestine, then and now saw no wrong in the Hagganah assassinating him.

Special operations officers

“The other day,” recalls 22-year-old Lieutenant Aya Sade, “a deputy battalion commander called me to discuss an operation.” He wanted to conduct an operation with his men mounted on vehicles and she suggested doing it on foot. “Roger, that,” he said and followed her advice. “When you prove yourself people respect you.”

Aya is 22 years old and she is one of six female officers that were featured in a story in the Hebrew newspaper, “Maariv.” The female officers were celebrated for being the “real” women Special Operations Officers, a role that is also portrayed in the Israeli Netflix series, Fauda.

“It’s a kind of feminine dedication,” Lieutenant Raziel says. She too is 22 years old. “You could be home on leave, and still thinking about how to capture a fugitive.” Sometimes it comes to you in the shower, she added. The “fugitives” she is discussing are Palestinians who are wanted by Israeli authorities.

“My favorite moment is when I hear the commander say ‘We have Johnny,’ which means we have the person we were looking for,” Says Lieutenant Berkman, who also added, this happens several times a week, sometimes even several times a day.

Israel children

Israeli school children sit on a tank as they listen to an Israeli soldier speak in Latrun near Jerusalem, May 11, 2016. Ariel Schalit | AP

Listening to these young women describe their work you might forget that Israel is engaged in a war against a nation that has never had an army. The young officers describe an intensity and dedication that sounds remarkable, even admirable. Raids and rescue missions, fleeing fugitives, and foiled terror plots. They also talk about the need to “do the job but maintain a high standard of morals. “If there is a need for the military to enter a house and conduct a search we remind the field officers to act with respect, not to throw and break things but to do it gently and politely.”

Anyone who is not familiar with the sheer violence of the Israeli army really might be fooled by these comments. If one is not aware of the total disregard for the lives and rights of Palestinians, one might be convinced that the IDF really is a “moral” army. Furthermore, reading this report one might believe that there is such a thing as Palestinian terrorism and Israeli self-defense.

A casualty

“He came from a Zionist household. He loved the people of Israel, the land of Israel,” said the father of 21-year-oldAmit Ben-Ygal, as he was laid to rest.He was killed during a pre-dawn raid in the town of Yabad in the northern West Bank. It was widely reported that Israeli forces raided the town in an attempt to make arrests and as they were leaving, a rock was hurled at the soldiers from the roof of a third-story house and killed Amit Ben-Ygal.

Quds News Network@Qudsn_en

Even children are not excluded…#Israeli soldiers detain dozens of Palestinian civilians after raiding their homes in the occupied West Bank town of Ya’bad, earlier today.

Photos by: Alaa Badarneh

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172:22 PM – May 12, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy26 people are talking about this

In a video that was released shortly after he died, the soldier is shown with his comrades in the unit dancing and screaming “who is crazy? I am crazy!” The Israeli authorities are calling his death a murder and the Palestinian who killed him a terrorist. Ali Abunimah, co-founder of the Electronic Intifada tweeted, describing what had happened more accurately as, “An occupation soldier who died while violently attacking a Palestinian village.”

Changing the story

The violence perpetrated by Israel is always glorious, soldiers who are killed in the process are symbols of patriotism and sacrifice. The state of Israel, like the Zionist movement before the state was established, is selling a false narrative. They had changed the story claiming that Zionist and Israeli terrorists were, in fact, “self-defense forces,” and that the Palestinian victims of terrorism were violent aggressors. This is how the story was told when the Zionist terror squads were established in the early twentieth century, and this is how it is told today.

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How Big Wireless Lobbied Governments to Build 5G For Citizen Data Collection and Surveillance

5G Feature photo

Graphic by Antonio Cabrera

While selling 5G technology to the public as a means for faster downloads, Big Wireless — comprising a web of telecom companies, lobbyists and law firms– is spending millions to lobby governments the world over to implement the next generation of cellular technology because of its potential for data collection and surveillance of citizens.

By Derrick Broze 

While the debate continues around 5G’s potential impact on human health, the environment and wildlife, often overlooked in the discussion about 5G  is how the technology will be used for data collection and surveillance. Big Wireless has spent over three decades lobbying  state powers to build this technology while selling it to the public as a means for faster downloads.

In that time the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association – an organization whose leadership has maintained a revolving door relationship with the U.S. Federal Communication Commission – has collaborated on or guided regulatory policy related to not only 5G, but the roll out of cell phones and other digital technology. The CTIA annually lobbies for the industry to the tune of millions of dollars, making them one of the most powerful telecom lobby groups.

The COVID19 pandemic has caused governments around the world to lockdown their nations, cancel public school sessions, and cost millions of people their jobs. Fears of spreading the virus and overloading the healthcare system are triggering an authoritarian response from many of these governments — including the United States. For many Americans, these aggressive measures have halted typical daily activities. Taking a trip to the gym, work, school, or out with friends – are no longer an option.

However, while most non-essential activities have stopped, the controversial expansion of the 5th generation of cellular infrastructure has continued. With the support and lobbying of the CTIA, Big Wireless’ 5G agenda is quickly expanding. Records from ProPublica show the CTIA lobbied for 2 recents bills related to 5G infrastructure.

On March 23, the 5G rollout took one step forward in the U.S. when President Donald Trump signed a bill aimed at “securing America’s 5G infrastructure.” The Secure 5G and Beyond Act calls for Congress to present a comprehensive plan for accelerating the nation’s 5G network “not later than 180 days.” The building of the next generation network has rapidly advanced due to the passing of the Secure 5G and Beyond Act and the Broadband Deployment Accuracy and Technological Availability (DATA) Act, which passed the House in December  2019.

In April 2019, President Donald Trump held a press conference where he stated his intention to expand the U.S. wireless infrastructure as part of the effort to defeat China in the so-called “Race to 5G”. During the press conference Trump stood next to the head of the Federal Communications Commission and telecommunication employees as he declared, “The race to 5G is on and we must win.” While Trump is certain that America must win this apparent race – even during the middle of a pandemic – determining exactly who is the driving force behind the push towards the 5th generation of cellular technology requires digging through decades of lawsuits, industry corruption, and captured agencies.

In part I of this investigation, this report will take a deep dive into the web of Big Wireless, who those companies are, it’s lobbyists, law firms and industry as a whole that are spending millions of dollars pushing for 5G around the world. This report will expose the murky history of Big Wireless working within telecom companies that work with the US government to collect data on citizens, while also looking at how Big Wireless has worked to bully and silence critics who have expressed concern over its health impacts and civil liberties.

Part II of this series will look at how 5G will be used as a surveillance tool by governments to collect data on citizens and will work to fulfil the overall goal of creating a techno-tyranny state that should concern any American citizen that upholds their civil liberties.

What is 5g?

Over the last couple years telecom companies and governments have spent billions of dollars promoting, marketing, and building the next generation of telecom technology, known as 5G, or 5th Generation. The telecom companies involved in various aspects of the 5G rollout include Crowd Castle, American Tower, and Towerstream on the infrastructure side, and Comcast, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T on the internet/mobile service provider side.

Beginning with the introduction of 1G in 1979, a new generation of cellular standards has appeared approximately every ten years. Each generation is characterized by new frequency bands, higher data rates and non–backward compatible transmission technology. As we move into the 2020’s, the shift to the 5th generation has begun. Beginning in late 2018, cities like Houston, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver, San Diego, New York City, and Washington D.C. started deploying 5g for residential and commercial use.

While 5g is often touted as the solution to 4k movie downloads and virtual reality games, the new generation is also expected to herald the beginning of Smart Cities, where driverless cars, traffic lights, pollution sensors, smart phones and countless other smart devices interact in what is known as “The Internet of Things.” The IoT has raised alarm bells for some privacy advocates because it will involve surrounding the public with hundreds of thousands of interconnected devices and sensors which are gathering mass amounts of data that will be used for public advertising and monitoring of habits. 5G infrastructure will be the backbone to the IoT.

The switch from 4g to 5g is a change unlike those of previous generations. One notable difference is that 5G technology uses much higher frequencies, ranging from 10-300 GHZ. Currently, 4G wireless systems operate on 700 to 2700 MHz. 5g is using millimeter waves which do not travel far and are easily blocked by trees, buildings, and walls. Due to the nature of mm waves the FCC has stated that for 5G to operate successfully it will require the installation of hundreds of thousands of new cell sites, towers, and additions to existing infrastructure.

Due largely to the concerns about this exponential increase in towers (and the subsequent exposure to radiofrequency radiation) the 5G roll out has been opposed by thousands of doctors, scientists, health professionals, and even the U.S. military and branches of the U.S. government. The movement against the 5G roll out also sparked a global day of protest in January and April 2020. Meanwhile, nations like SwedenSlovenia, and cities like Brussels, Belgium have decided to ban or temporarily halt the roll out of the new infrastructure until further health studies are conducted.

Who’s Behind the Race to 5G?

For the last year, Americans have been peppered with messages from telecommunications companies and the tech industry at large, stressing the importance of being first in the Race to 5G. We are told if we want driverless vehicles, robot assistants, cleaner and safer cities, and more convenient lives we must support and pay for the upgrades to 5G. Apparently, the public should also ignore the fact that this upgrade has sparked lawsuits over health, privacy, and local power concerns. But beyond being a lackluster marketing campaign to convince the public to adopt the next generation of cell phones and devices, what exactly is this race about?

Geopolitically speaking, the Race to 5g describes the ongoing rift between the U.S. and China, the new digital Cold War where these two superpowers race to implement the next generation of cellular technology because of its potential for massive profit and massive data collection.

The American mainstream media and President Trump have stated that Chinese company Huawei could use their 5g infrastructure to spy on Americans. Additionally, Trump has called on federal officials and American companies to abandon Huawei equipment. In January Foreign Policy wrote, “Because the (Chinese) companies that make the equipment are subservient to the Chinese government, they could be forced to include backdoors in the hardware or software to give Beijing remote access. Eavesdropping is also a risk, although efforts to listen in would almost certainly be detectable.”

This fear of Chinese spying using 5g equipment completely ignores the reality that the U.S. government has the same exact opportunity to pressure American companies to spy on the private data of Americans. Foreign Policy noted, “These insecurities are a result of market forces that prioritize costs over security and of governments, including the United States, that want to preserve the option of surveillance in 5G networks. If the United States is serious about tackling the national security threats related to an insecure 5G network, it needs to rethink the extent to which it values corporate profits and government espionage over security.”

Whether the public is actually demanding faster downloads is up for debate, but what is not debatable is that the telecoms, global governments, and the tech industry are pushing the shift towards 5g. While it is true that 5g has the potential to spur on innovation in the fields of medicine, manufacturing, entertainment, and other industries – it seems much of the hype around the 5G rollout is coming from the telecommunication industry itself, specifically the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association, or CTIA.

Established in 1984, the CTIA claims to represent the U.S. wireless communications industry, from carriers and equipment manufacturers. The CTIA “advocates for legislative and regulatory policies at federal, state, and local levels that foster the continued innovation, investment and increasing economic impact of America’s wireless industry. CTIA is active on a wide range of issues including spectrum policy, wireless infrastructure, and the Internet of Things, among others.” They also host events on topics ranging from cybersecurity to 5G.

The CTIA’s Board of Directors includes the presidents, CEOs and other senior officials of Verizon, Sprint, T Mobile, Nokia, Erricson, Intel, General Motors, Tracfone, EZ Texting and others. Brad Gillen, the current Executive Vice President of the CTIA, was formerly a Legal Advisor to a former FCC Commissioner and served in other senior policy roles at the FCC and with DISH Network. Mr. Gillen was also a partner at Wilkinson Barker Knauer, LLP, a law firm stacked with former employees of the FCC, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and other state government positions.

The CTIA’s current President and CEO is Meredith Attwell Baker. Baker has spent the last two decades bouncing between lobbying for the telecoms and working for the government. From 1998 to 2000, Baker worked as Director of Congressional Affairs at the CTIA. From 2004 to 2007 she served under the Bush administration as Acting Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information and Acting Administrator of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). The NTIA is the President’s principal advisor on telecommunications and information policy. Afterwards, she worked for the U.S. government as an FCC Commissioner between July 2009 to June 2011. During her tenure at the FCC she was vocal about her opposition to net-neutrality regulations. In January 2011, she voted in favor of Comcast purchasing NBCUniversal. Only four months later she would leave the FCC to take her position as senior vice president of government affairs at Comcast-NBCUniversal. Finally, in 2014 – after spending a decade bouncing between lobbying for industry and working for the government – Baker went back to the CTIA, where she is now President and CEO, responsible for promoting the Race to 5G.

One of the ways the CTIA has spread enthusiasm for the Race to 5g is by working with city officials. The CTIA has honored City Mayors who have worked to erode local authority regarding the 5g roll out. The 5G Wireless Champion Awards “honor the state and local officials” who “bring next-generation 5G networks” into communities and “remove barriers to the deployment of next-generation wireless infrastructure”. In 2018, the CTIA gave out 3 “5g Wireless Champion Awards” to mayors across the United States, including Houston’s Mayor Sylvester Turner.

The 5G Wireless Champion Awards are but one example of how the CTIA lobbies on behalf of the telecommunications industry, sometimes derisively known as Big Wireless. The industry has achieved the nickname due a revolving door between the government agencies designed to regulate the cellular industry  – namely, the Federal Communications Commission – and the industry itself. This arrangement has allowed the telecoms to grow while facing little legal challenges or roadblocks. In the process, this incestuous relationship has overtaken the voices and concerns of the American people.

A 2015 expose published by investigative journalist Norm Alster for the Harvard Edmund J. Safra Center for Ethics details the financial ties between the FCC and telecom companies and how the industry has direct access and power over the agency meant to regulate it. The report, “Captured Agency: How the Federal Communications Commission is Dominated by the Industries it Presumably Regulates”, details how the FCC, an independent government agency created in 1934 to regulate interstate communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable, has become a captured agency with Big Wireless leaders filling the government seats in a revolving door fashion similar to other federal agencies.

Regarding the passing of the 1996 Telecom Act – the act meant to regulate the developing mobile phone and internet infrastructure – Alster writes,

Late lobbying won the wireless industry enormous concessions from lawmakers, many of them major recipients of industry hard and soft dollar contributions. Congressional staffers who helped lobbyists write the new law did not go unrewarded. Thirteen of fifteen staffers later became lobbyists themselves.”

Alster states that direct lobbying by industry is “just one of many worms in a rotting apple”. His report says the FCC is involved in a network of powerful moneyed interests with limitless access and a variety of ways to shape policy. Alster believes the worst part is that the wireless industry has been allowed to grow unchecked and virtually unregulated, with fundamental questions on public health routinely ignored. The Captured Agency report makes it clear that this type of corruption takes place because of “the free flow of executive leadership between the FCC and the industries it presumably oversees”.

For example, at the time of the report’s release, the Chairman of the FCC was Tom Wheeler, a man with deep ties to the wireless industry. In 2013, Wheeler was nominated as FCC chairman by former President Barack Obama after raising more than $700,000 for his presidential campaigns. Wheeler led the two most powerful industry lobbying groups: The National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA) and the CTIA. In 20, Wheeler was also the head of the FCC during the debate around Net Neutrality.

Ajit Pai, current chairman of the FCC, is another example of this revolving door relationship. Pai is an attorney who served as Associate General Counsel at Verizon Communications Inc. between 2001 and 2003, where he handled competition and regulatory matters. Pai was appointed to the FCC by Barack Obama in 2012 and then made FCC Chairman by Donald Trump in January 2017. In an odd skit

In February, Pai admitted that the FCC failed to protect Americans’ privacy after it was revealed that at least two companies were gaining access to Americans’ private data and selling it to law enforcement. Pai called for a fine of over $200 million on AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. “This FCC will not tolerate phone companies putting Americans’ privacy at risk,” Pai stated when announcing the fine.

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr is yet another example of a government official working closely with industry and maintaining relationships which clearly present conflicts of interest. Carr is credited with accelerating the 5G build out. Prior to joining the FCC, Carr worked as an attorney at Wiley Rein where his clients were Verizon, AT&T, Centurylink, and CTIA.

The Wiley Rein law firm is a hotbed of activity for former government officials and industry regulars. One of the founders of the law firm is Richard Wiley, himself a Former FCC Chairman. According to Open Secrets, in the first four months of 2020 the Wiley Rein law firm has been retained by several telecoms, including AT&T for $80,000, the CTIA for $50,000, and Verizon for $30,000. For the last 15 years the law firm has spent at least $2 million dollars lobbying for their clients. Open Secrets also shows the CTIA has spent $3 million on their own lobbying efforts.

On September 30, 2019, Commissioner Carr and other FCC officials were in Houston to discuss the future of 5G. I interviewed Commissioner Carr about the concerns regarding his connections with the wireless industry, as well as the implications of the Captured Agency report released by Harvard’s School of Ethics. Unfortunately, Mr Carr had no interest in addressing these questions and refused to answer my questions and only stated, “We’re excited about the 5G build out and working with local leaders.”

The silence from FCC officials on the charges of corrupted regulators and ignored studies is simply another facet of the relationship between industry and government. Again, the strongest influence over the U.S. regulatory agencies can be traced to the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association.

A History of Big Wireless Bullying and Corruption

In 2018, Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut exposed that Big Wireless and the FCC have failed to adequately fund independent studies into the health effects of emerging 5G technology. At a Senate Commerce committee hearing, Blumenthal questioned Brad Gillen, Executive Director of the CTIA, about the absence of this research.

How much money has the industry committed to supporting additional independent research—I stress independent—research? And we’re talking about research on the biological effects of this new technology,” Blumenthal asked. To which Gillen responded,  “There are no industry backed studies to my knowledge right now.”

At the end of the exchange, Blumenthal concluded, “So there really is no research ongoing. We’re kind of flying blind here, as far as health and safety is concerned.”

One of the reasons Americans are “flying blind”, as Blumenthal stated, is because of a history of pressure and defunding of researchers who reached conclusions which were at odds with the official line of the wireless industry: cell phones and wireless devices do not cause harm to humans or animal life.

During the 1990’s, biochemist Jerry Phillips was hired by cell phone giant Motorola to study the effects of the radiofrequency radiation emitted by cell phones. Phillips previously worked with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ Pettis VA Medical Center in Loma Linda, California and is currently the director of the Excel Science Center at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. His team looked at the effects of different RF signals on rats and on cells in a dish. In the documentary Public Exposure, Phillips says the relationship between him and his employer was initially cordial but soured once he submitted research data to Motorola which found that exposure to radio-frequency radiation produced by cell phones caused damage to the DNA structure. The negative results were not to Motorola’s liking and they began putting pressure on him.

These folks were very, very upset, and began to talk about how they are going to handle this, what sort of spin can we put on this, what can we expect from this. From that point on the relationship changed,” Phillips states in the documentary.  “What we saw was that Motorola began to exert more and more control over the work. Telling us what to do, telling us how to write abstracts, what to say in the abstracts, what to say in the papers, how to do the work. No, don’t do this. Yes, do it this way. This was unacceptable.”

Phillips describes how Motorola was unwilling to accept his study and urged him not to publish it.  Despite the pleas, Phillips published his study in the Journal of Bioelectrochemistry and Bioenergetics in 1998 and ceased his work with Motorola. Phillips cautioned that independent research on cell phones is sparse because “there is no money available for research other than what’s coming from industry.”

In another example of industry attempting to influence research, Dr. Henry Lai, the University of Washington, and fellow researcher Narendra Singh were looking at the effects of nonionizing radiation – the same type of radiation emitted by cell phones and 5G – on the DNA of rats. The researchers found that the DNA in the brain cells of the rats was broken by exposure to radiation. Dr. Lai’s experiments showed negative health consequences at levels considered safe by the FCC.

After publishing the research in 1995, Dr. Lai would later learn of a “full-scale effort” to discredit the experiments. At some point Motorola became aware of Lai’s unpublished results showing harm from cell phone radiation. In a leaked internal Motorola memo executives claimed to have succeeded in “War-Gaming ” and undermining the Lai-Singh experiments. Lai and Singh caused further controversy when they publicly complained that their funders, the Wireless Technology Research (WTR) program, had placed restrictions on their work.. In response to the complaints, George Carlo, the head of the WTR, sent a memo asking Richard McCormick, president of University of Washington at the time, to fire Lai and Singh. McCormick refused, but a clear message had been sent to the researchers.

This shocked me. The letter trying to discredit me, the ‘war games’ memo,” Lai told Seattle Mag. “As a scientist doing research, I was not expecting to be involved in a political situation. It opened my eyes on how games are played in the world of business. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you. The pressure is very impressive.”

Once again, the fingerprints of the CTIA are found in this attempt at suppressing unfavorable studies. Carlo had recently been appointed head of the WTR after the FCC and the CTIA promised to fund research into the dangers of cell phones. The move came in 1993 after David Reynard sued the NEC America company because he blamed his wife’s lethal tumor on their phone. Reynard’s story became a national sensation, leading to a congressional investigation. Wheeler claimed the new studies would “re-validate the findings of the existing studies.” Soon after, Carlo would ask the University of Washington to defund Lai for alleged violations of research protocols and Lai would accuse the WTR of interfering with his experiments. Eventually, Carlo himself would have a falling out with the FCC and rebrand himself as a whistleblower. He also accused the FCC and the CTIA of covering up evidence of cell phone harms.

5G Conspiracy Theorists?

Despite the diverse credentials of the mass movement against 5G, the opposition has largely been derided as conspiracy theorists or quacks who don’t understand the electromagnetic spectrum. In March 2019, William Broad of the New York Times wrote a piece promoting the idea that those who are concerned about the health effects of 5G are simply falling prey to Russian propaganda designed to make America lose the Race to 5G. His article, “Your 5G Phone Won’t Hurt You. But Russia Wants You to Think Otherwise.”, sought to place the blame for concern around 5G on the shoulders of America’s favorite boogeyman – The Russians.

This practice seems to be a new trend for corporate media as the Washington Post announced a similar deal with ATT in November 2019. Questions regarding potential conflicts of interest have not been addressed between news outlets attacking those critical of 5G’s safety and telecom companies who fund them.

Interestingly, only a month after Broad’s article, in April 2019 the Times announced a partnership with Verizon to showcase a “5g journalism lab”. Broad wrote a second piece titled “The 5G Health Hazard That Isn’t”,  attacking the critics of the rush to 5G and attempting to paint the opposition as being based on one single study which he says was found to be false.

Dr. Devra Davis, PhD, President of the Environmental Health Trust, responded to Broad’s claim by noting that “by relegating concerns about 5G to a Russian ploy, he misses altogether the fact that the purportedly independent international authorities on which he relies that declare 5G to be safe are an exclusive club of industry-loyal scientists. China, RussiaPolandItaly and several other European countries allow up to hundreds of times less wireless radiation into the environment from microwave antennas than does the U.S..”

Davis went even further, comparing the treatment of those who raise awareness about the public impact of radio frequency microwave radiation to that of those scientists in the 1950’s and 60’s who attempted to ring alarm bells about the dangers of tobacco. Davis wrote,

Scientists who showed the harmful impacts of tobacco found themselves struggling for serious attention and financial support. For health impacts from wireless radiation, a similar pattern is emerging. Each time a U.S. government agency produced positive findings, research on health impacts was defunded. The Office of Naval Research, the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, and the Environmental Protection Agency all once had vibrant research programs documenting dangers of wireless radiation. All found their programs scrapped, reflecting pressure from those who sought to suppress this work.”

These forces which “sought to suppress this work” have indeed been operating and influencing public policy on cellular technology for decades.

This cursory look at the history of the FCC, the CTIA, and the cell phone industry show clear conflicts of interests and suppression of research. Now, these same forces are calling on the public to embrace the Race to 5G. While most of the public is unaware of this history, understanding the corporate and lobbyist influence on the scientific research and light regulatory touch, is absolutely imperative as the world prepares to be surrounded by the devices and infrastructure of the emerging 5G industry.

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No Stimulus for the Weary: The US is Now Sitting on an Inflation Time Bomb

Coronavirus Inflation Feature Photo

Feature photo | Phu Dang, left, the owner of i5 Pho restaurant, gets help from a contractor as he boards up his business in Seattle’s downtown Pioneer Square neighborhood, March 30, 2020. Ted S. Warren | AP

The White House budget office doesn’t know if the $2.2 Trillion-dollar stimulus package and Trump’s $1,200 stimulus checks might cause an inflationary spiral. But many economists have no doubt it will.

by Raul Diego

The consequences of the $2.2 trillion stimulus package are being ignored, even by the White House budget office that put it together, admitting that the package had “come together so quickly,” that they had no time “to do the customary modeling of its fiscal impact.” What does appear to have consensus in financial circles is that after this is over central banks will effectively own the governments of the world, including the United States.

When it is all said and done, President Trump’s stimulus checks will carry an inflationary cost many multiples more than their original $1,200 value in the pre-coronavirus economic reality, a reality that probably won’t become apparent until after the election in November. By then the checks will have served their purpose as a political move, not an economic one. When understood from the vantage point of what is in store for the American working classes as we emerge from this red light on main street, Trump’s checks will only add fuel to the inflationary fire just ahead, according to Neal Kimberley, a macroeconomics analyst for the South China Morning Post.

Quoth the Raven@QTRResearch

There is an inflationary cost to the Fed printing ~$50,000 per citizen in stimulus.

If you have only received $1,200 you should be asking why you are bearing the inflationary cost for another $48,800 you never got.

Instead of a bailout you’re paying a hidden tax. Speak up.4,2705:43 PM – May 10, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy1,383 people are talking about this

An economic realignment is unfolding in the wake of the shutdowns prescribed by pandemic response protocols. The coordinated effort to restrict individual participation in the economy spans the globe but is an inherently local matter. While corporations around the world “ride it out” by hoarding their government bailout money in the bond market, regular working people are bearing the brunt of the risk and facing a brave new world on the other side of the COVID Spring, where the distance between them and the richest 0.01 percent will have grown light years further than the recommended six feet.

Shocks to demand elicit certain reactions from the market, whereas shocks to the supply-side call on others. It is exceedingly rare for an economy to suffer shocks on both ends simultaneously, as is occurring at this very moment when both consumers and suppliers are in stasis. 

While governments slash interest rates to keep their borrowing costs low, the unprecedented flood of new money is accumulating in the hands of the wealthiest and most powerful people and corporations, who have parked all of it in bond instruments like a horse at the gate of the Kentucky Derby. As soon as the trumpet is blown and the economy restarts itself, those same trillions of dollars will come rushing out and cause massive inflation, which will only be exacerbated by low-interest rates. In other words, we’re sitting on a time bomb, and it is counting down the last seconds.

Expanding the debt pool

The same will hold true for recipients the SBA CARE Act loans, which has expanded the availability of government debt beyond traditional for-profit businesses and brought faith-based organizations into the public money sweepstakes. 

Beginning in 2001, when Geroge W. Bush first proposed a Faith-based and Community Initiative as part of his Presidential Management Agenda, the gradual inclusion of non-profits like churches and synagogues, but also a myriad other religious organization, into direct government assistance programs has continued unabated and the increasingly blurred line between church and state all but vanished once Trump’s Treasury department issued an “Interim Final Rule” for the CARES Act, making payroll protection loans accessible to faith-based organizations.

To put the $2.2 trillion CARES Act in perspective, the bill allocated a paltry 10 percent of the total ($250 billion) for direct individual assistance in a pie that was divided into hundreds of millions of recipients. $500 billion was allotted to SBA-related loans and the rest, or $1.7 trillion, went directly into the pockets of a comparatively minuscule portion of the population. 

From a macroeconomic perspective, the CARES Act only spread the government’s insurmountable debt further out into the economy, which is already more than “twice what it was before the Great Recession” and is set to increase exponentially in the relatively near future.

Sooner or Later

The dynamics put in play by the COVID Spring mirrors the conditions that led to the 2008 financial crash and its aftermath, in that a giant ball of financial poison had been festering behind the scenes and then metastasized around the world, ruining anyone in close proximity to a toxic derivative and no access to the FED window.

The toxic asset right now is the piles and piles of U.S. dollars and dollar-denominated assets and instruments saturating the global economy, which is tied to a nation – the U.S. – on a completely unsustainable economic path.

The degree to which inflation hits us is still a matter of debate among economists but many are expecting it will happen sooner or later. They concede that it is not out of the realm of possibility that “persistent” inflation is on the horizon. “We think the trade war has set this very real possibility in motion,” advised RBC economists to their clients. “Covid-19,” they continued, “is likely just pushing it further upfield.”

Ultimately, the pressures of a hopelessly indebted nation populated by a hopelessly indebted citizenry who are being told interacting directly with each other is dangerous sets us up for an Orwellian nightmare that no amount of Trump checks can justify.

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The US Keeps Trying, and Failing, to Deport a Former CIA Operative Back to Haiti

Emmanuel Constant Feature Photo
Feature photo | Emmanuel Constant, right, sits with his attorney Marie Pereira during a hearing at State Supreme Court in Brooklyn, N.Y. Jesse Ward | AP

Emmanuel “Toto” Constant was supposed to board an ICE deportation flight along with 100 other Haitian nationals in what is the third such flight the Trump administration has carried out to Haiti in the last several weeks.

by Raul Diego

Emmanuel “Toto” Constant exercised his insurance clause as soon as he was apprehended in the Spring of 1995 in New York by the extant Immigration and Naturalisation Service (INS), now a part of the Department of Homeland Security. The infamous leader of Haiti’s Front for the Advancement and Progress of Haiti (FRAPH) had to flee his home country after his CIA-backed militia massacred supporters of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide in the Raboteau massacre.

Today, Constant was supposed to board an ICE deportation flight along with 100 other Haitian nationals in what is the third such flight the Trump administration has carried out to Haiti in the last several weeks. The Haitian government has called for a moratorium on deportations in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic after three passengers on an earlier flight tested positive for the virus.

The fact that Emmanuel Constant, who is currently serving time in a New York State prison for a 2008 conviction of mortgage fraud and grand larceny, was scheduled to be on Monday’s flight caused unfavorable reactions in some quarters. The Miami Herald carried a quote from Michigan Democrat, Andy Levin, denouncing the deportation: “The idea that the U.S. would deport Toto Constant back to Haiti under these circumstances is terrifying”, asserted Levin adding that Constant’s status as a war criminal in Haiti coupled with that nation’s corrupt court system represented “a huge problem in itself.”

Toto cashes his insurance policy

What’s clear from the notorious death squad leader’s history with the U.S. and its own court system is that many influential people in several of our alphabet agencies do not want Constant on trial in any courtroom.

The first time Constant’s ties to U.S. intelligence became a problem was the result of a lawsuit brought by New York-based Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) in the mid-nineties on behalf of a gang rape victim by Constant’s FRAPH forces. When CCR’s counsel subpoenaed documents relating to the FRAPH in possession of the CIA and DIA – both of which Constant had implicated after his first arrest –  the intel agencies admitted to being in possession of a single document, but reserved their right to withhold it from the proceedings on the grounds that it was “privileged.”

Emmanuel Constant

People protest outside of the New York home of Emmanuel ‘Toto” Constant, Aug. 9, 1997. Emile Wamsteker | AP

Eventually, the Department of Defense would cop to having possession of 60,000 pages regarding the creation of FRAPH, which nevertheless remain hidden in their vaults. Constant’s early revelations, such as his direct contact with Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) handlers and claims of U.S. encouragement to form the anti-Aristide mercenary brigade, bought him an early reprieve from his first close call with deportation.

ICE melts in Fire

Constant is being held at the ICE federal detention facility in Buffalo, NY, where he has been awaiting deportation after being released early from a 37-year sentence related to his fraud convictions in 2008. Some, including the National Network for Human Rights (RNDDH) and 15 Democratic Senators have raised concerns over the ongoing deportation flights. Rosy Auguste, from RNDDH, underlined the danger faced by the “large number” ICE deportees “who have never faced a judge and have been held indefinitely while facing only minor charges” going back to a country undergoing a “crisis of impunity”.

Beyond the controversy surrounding ICE’s very existence and its methods, the situation on the ground in Haiti at present is deteriorating quickly as the country’s fragile economic reality meets the global coronavirus shutdowns and the sinister free-market incentives that keep scarce healthcare supplies from reaching Haiti. While COVID-19 has pushed their hospitals to capacity and thousands try their luck across the border in the Dominican Republic, Haitian Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe revealed during a radio interview last Tuesday that supplies are being held up by air cargo companies serving the highest bidders.

Emmanuel Constant

Jouthe also exposed U.S. duplicity when he disclosed that American officials had assured him detainees on the ICE deportation flights had all been tested prior to boarding. Had the Haitian government accepted the information at face value, Haiti would have a much more serious outbreak on its hands.

As Haiti demands that ICE deportation flights be halted, the attempted deportation of Constant at this particular moment raises many questions. DHS tried to deport him once before in 2008 when it tried to keep Constant out of the courtroom and requested the federal judge on his case sentence the Haitian fugitive to time served. But, the judge balked and ordered the son of a Duvalier commander to stand trial for mortgage fraud.

Opaque intentions

Toto Constant modeled the FRAPH on the “Tonton Macoutes” paramilitary units that terrorized Haiti during the Francois Duvalier dictatorship. He asserts that the idea came directly from a DIA attache, and Constant’s first handler, Col. Patrick Collins, to do “intelligence” work in Haiti against pro-Aristide groups.

Constant’s relationship to the U.S. intelligence community was known in Haiti from the very beginning and was convicted by Haitian courts in absentia after the U.S. refused to extradite him when Haiti issued a warrant for his arrest.

Given that elements within Haiti’s present-day government still have ties to the same interests that backed Constant’s FRAPH and have managed to release other FRAPH mercenaries convicted for their roles in the massacre, as well as the persistent and deleterious presence of U.S. deep state entities in the country, the real motive behind Constant’s deportation remains elusive.

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Are We on the Verge of a Global Financial Collapse

As jobs disappear and our everyday lives are disrupted in the name of flattening the coronavirus curve, a picture of what tomorrow will look like is still too uncertain to make out, but all indications show that we are close to a breaking point.

Coronavirus financial collapse Feature photo

A homeless man carrying his bedding walks past a shuttered Miami Jewelry & Pawn Shop during the coronavirus pandemic, May 7, 2020, in Miami. Lynne Sladky | AP

By Raul Diego

Money has been moving like lava through the economy for almost two months now amid the coronavirus shutdowns resulting in millions of layoffs, which some bank officials like J.P. Morgan’s Bob Michele, say will keep unemployment high for at least a decade. The bleak prediction comes as the April jobs report, published today, reported that 20.5 million people joined the ranks of the unemployed. If we consider a study done by the Economic Policy Institute, the real figure could be twice larger.As US Economy Tanks, Study Finds Unemployment Numbers Likely Double Official FigureAs coronavirus wreaks havoc on the US, unemployment figures are actually a significant underestimate of the problem according to a new study.

MintPress News Alan Macleod | 29 Apr

Meanwhile, mortgage lending has slowed to a standstill as credit availability tanked 26 percent since February and laid-off workers around the country are finding they make more money collecting unemployment than cashing their payroll check. Michele speculated about what might happen “when Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) runs out of money”, venturing that curbed consumer spending will cause even more layoffs in the near future.

But the dangers of an exceptionally slowed-down U.S. economy can and is already starting to have an acute effect on the rest of the world. Brazilian Economy Minister Paulo Guedes, warned yesterday of an “economic collapse” as a result of the measures put in place to stem the coronavirus outbreak. The sudden downturn has left Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s plan to “re-start” Brazil’s economy in the dust, as the IMF predicts a 5.3 percent contraction to the Brazilian economy this year.

A brief emitted and updated on May 4 by the UN’s Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), projects that developing countries, especially in Latin America and Eurasia, will be the “hardest hit” by the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic response. Tellingly, the brief includes a study showing “unprecedented outflows of capital from emerging economies” into the coffers of the first world.

As jobs disappear and our everyday lives are disrupted in the name of flattening the curve of the coronavirus WHO-declared pandemic, a picture of what tomorrow will look like is still too uncertain to make out, but all indications show that we are close to a breaking point.

No Jobs and no credit

In a “series of economic briefings” leading up to President Donald Trump’s decision to scrap the CDC’s reopening guidelines yesterday, the President was warned that up to “50 percent of the country’s small businesses” could disappear.

Mortgage lending has also come to a standstill, as banks get stricter on lending terms and reserve the toughest rules for Fannie & Freddie Mac loans. J.P. Morgan and Wells Fargo, two of the usual suspects in this century’s financial scandals, are requiring prime credit scores of 700 or above and, in the case of JPM, a 20 percent down payment on the home price. Indeed, our too-big-to-fail financial institutions who benefited so egregiously in the 2008 bailouts are once again mitigating their risk on our dime, but this time before the crash actually happens.Gov’t Failure to Address Coronavirus is Sparking a Mutual Aid RevolutionCoronavirus: A volunteer-driven mutual aid revolution is taking hold in disenfranchised communities across America writes Eleanor Goldfield.

MintPress News Eleanor Goldfield | 20 Apr

As reported by Bloomberg, lenders are imposing “restrictions” on the way they disburse the $2.2 trillion just handed to them by Congress in the March stimulus bill. Bloomberg also hints that these limits are being applied to “regular refinances” as well. The pause in the movement of money extends all the way to the open sea, where both empty cruise-line vessels and offshore bank accounts are in a holding pattern.

Sitting Pretty on the Titanic

An astonishing $4.77 trillion in cash is sitting in tax havens around the world, most of it tied to U.S. Treasury bonds and other low-risk investments with no intention of going anywhere else. Fund managers are closing off funds to new investors in order to maximize returns of those already in a particular fund as margins get razor-thin. Insiders acknowledge that “there’s going to be some pain that’s felt both by clients and fund managers.”America’s Super-Rich See Their Wealth Rise by $282 Billion in Three Weeks of PandemicA new report found that during the coronavirus pandemic, America’s ultra-wealthy elite have seen their net worth surge by $282 billion.

MintPress News Alan Macleod | 27 Apr

For the rest of us, the uncertainty is many times greater than the worries of money managers and their extremely wealthy clientele. The nation’s largest mall operator, SIMON, announced that they would be reopening 49 shopping centers with new post-coronavirus mall guidelines for visitors, encouraging people to wear masks and imposing social distancing rules.

Such a day-to-day reality is unlikely to spur much consumer spending or even socializing in bars and restaurants, ramping up the pressure on the most economically vulnerable among us who work in the service sector. Trump’s briefings on the reopening of the country calculated that the pain on main street would still be felt through the fall and aides acknowledged that it would be “brutal” for millions of Americans.

As trillions of dollars are allocated to financial institutions unwilling to part with any of it and asset-holders try to ride it out, regular people’s jobs are quickly vanishing and with no return-date on them. And if Brazil is any indication, the problem is about to spread faster and wider than the coronavirus ever could.

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Soon will be NO Nazi entity off the map

Germany apologises after deleting the Nazi entity off the map

Germany has been forced to apologise after erasing ‘Israel’ off a map published as a part of a military report.

The head of the Military Counterintelligence Service, known by its German acronym MAD, has apologised claiming that the initial draft of its 2019 annual report displayed ‘Israel’ and the Nazi occupied Palestinian territories in the same colour as neighbouring Jordan.

MAD spokesperson Peter Weier explained: “In the first version of the ‘MAD Report,’ a mistake was made on the map ‘Bundeswehr operational areas with MAD participation.’ When graphically editing the Jordan area of operation, Israel was also accidentally coloured and subsequently covered.”

The omission of ‘Israel’ from the map that included the Middle East was brought to the service’s attention yesterday after a Twitter user named Klemens Köhler wrote: “In MAD’s first public report Israel is missing on the map.”

Klemens Köhler@WarumDresden

Im ersten öffentlichen Bericht des #MAD fehlt Israel auf einer Karte. @bundeswehrInfo @AugenGeradeaus @AuswaertigesAmt

View image on Twitter

18307:26 – 6 May 2020Twitter Ads information and privacy115 people are talking about this

Germany’s Defence Ministry responded claiming that the error was a product of a “software” problem, writing: “Hello Mr. Köhler, that is indeed a mistake. We will investigate and thank you for the tip.”

Today, the probe concluded that the mistake had been caused by “lack of diligence and insufficient quality control” rather than deliberate action or political intent, MAD said.

“I intensively exchanged views on this mistake in a personal conversation with the responsible employees,” Dr Christof Gramm, the president of the Military Counterintelligence Service, wrote in an email to the Jerusalem Post.

“I deeply regret this incident and expressly apologise. That should not have happened to the military counterintelligence service that fights antisemitism and extremism. We will improve our quality management for publications.”

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Naziyahu’s son is the face of a German far-right campaign poster

Yair Netanyhahu in Jerusalem on 2 May 2017 [Yair Netanyhahu/Facebook]

Yair Netanyhahu in Jerusalem on 2 May 2017 [Yair Netanyhahu/Facebook]May 7, 2020 at 2:06 pm

Nazi Prime Minister Benjamin Naziyahu’s son Yair is the face of a far-right campaign poster in Germany following his online rant about a joint ‘Israeli’-Palestinian ceremony held for Memorial Day in the occupation state.

Joachim Kuhs, a senior Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, yesterday tweeted a poster of the young Naziyahu, echoing his calls for “a free, democratic and Christian” Europe.

The poster text says, “Schengen is dead. Hopefully, the globalist EU will be too. Then, Europe will again be free, democratic and Christian.” Kuhs has tweeted the poster, with Yair Netanyahu’s photograph and quote on it, with his own comment that, “#Christianity is the #cure for the evils of the globalist #EU, wrote Yair Netanyahu.”

Joel S.@jh_swanson

Remember when Yair Netanyahu started ranting about ‘globalists’ and ‘Christian Europe’ online last week? Now an actual German far-right party that calls on Germany to stop commemorating the Shoah is running ads with his words.

View image on Twitter

The Schengen zone comprises 26 European states that have officially abolished all passport and other border controls within the zone. Members include Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Norway, Poland, Portugal and Switzerland.

Yair Naziyahu replied to Kuhs’ tweet, saying, “Please act with your colleagues to stop this insanity!” He included a link to a page on the NGO Monitor website that describes how, “The German federal government provides millions of euros to political advocacy NGOs in Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza through a variety of frameworks.”

This comes after the 28-year-old Naziyahu criticised the European Union’s delegation to ‘Israel’ which commemorated Memorial Day by acknowledging its participation in the virtual ceremony on Zoom, hosted by the Palestinian Authority and ‘Israel’.

Naziyahu has sparked controversy on social media on a number of occasions in the past. In 2018, he was banned by Facebook after making genocidal anti-Muslim statements, and in September last year he accused the former US envoy to ‘Israel’ of wanting to destroy the “Jewish state”. Three months later he called for all British diplomats to be kicked out of ‘Israel’ for referring to Palestinians as “occupied”, and only two weeks ago he expressed hopes for all elderly left-wing voters in ‘Israel’ to be killed by the coronavirus pandemic.

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Whoever Thinks West Bank Annexation Will Pass Quietly, Better Think Again

Zehava Galon  

Palestinian farmers show their papers to Israeli soldiers as they try to cross over to the other side of the separation fence to work their lands, Bil'in, the West Bank.
Palestinian farmers show their papers to Israeli soldiers as they try to cross over to the other side of the separation fence to work their lands, Bil’in, the West Bank. Moti Milrod

“We were afraid of the Shin Bet security service,” MK Ahmad Tibi once said, “until we met its former heads as MKs.” It would be interesting to know how much fear is being generated now by our former chiefs of general staff, two of whom demonstrated this week how to abandon their soldiers and surrender without a fight.

They agreed to castrate the Knesset, circumvent the High Court of Justice, allow a man accused of bribery to appoint judges, and to annex the territories. They are this summer’s official whitewashers, using the ballots of left-leaning voters.skip – Corona keeps Bibi in power and unmasks the Mossad

Kahol Lavan’s agreement to go to new elections if the High Court disqualifies Benjamin Netanyahu from forming a government is an agreement to destroy the power of the Supreme Court. That’s what it means. It serves Netanyahu’s personal interests and will prevent in advance any judicial oversight over acts of annexation. Netanyahu has been in power for a decade and has never tried to annex the territories. Two things have changed recently: U.S. President Donald Trump, who has given him legitimacy from the outside, and Kahol Lavan, which agreed to launder the move for him domestically. Nice work.

The European Union has warned of the dire consequences of annexation. There’s no point in getting excited. There will be no consequences. What will the EU do, drink tea angrily? The history of the occupation has known no end of weak European condemnations, embarrassing slaps on the wrist. Netanyahu is betting, and with good reason, that that’s what will happen this time as well.

To begin to understand how reality here is going to look, it’s worth talking about how it looks now. Not for nothing have 56 former ministers and MKs and dozens of senior security officers announced their opposition to annexation. The Israeli regime in the territories is discriminatory. The Palestinians don’t get to vote for those lying to them in election campaigns. It’s permitted to torture them, jail their children, arrest them without trial and extend their detention for years. It’s permitted to steal their land and raid their homes in the middle of the night, without a warrant or even a suspicion, as a routine activity in the field. Most of these things also take place in Area A, which is under the security control of the Palestinian Authority.

We’ve told ourselves that there’s no choice, that the occupation is a temporary solution until the Palestinians become a partner (and there seems to be no doubt that life under tyranny will promote this evolution). But this story is a lie. No one builds settlements on areas he plans to give up. Israel has invested money and blood in the settlements and their defense because it wants to hold the territory. The occupation is not a temporary solution. It’s a dictatorship we’ve created to steal Palestinian land.

After 53 years of this, even Netanyahu has decided to stop lying, perhaps for the first time in his life. Because that’s the declaration that’s at the foundation of annexation: This whole complex military regime, the system of permits that control Palestinian lives, the cover-up and the looking away and the blood that’s been spilled – we’ve done all this to seize the land. We were just waiting for the right moment.

This is also the future that we’re planning for the Palestinians: life in small Bantustans, without rights, with segregation anchored in Israeli law. Eternal shame. The covert and embarrassed apartheid is a thing of the past. We are in the era of official, arrogant apartheid.

This what Israeli democracy’s death throes look like: A corrupt leader who dragged Israel into three election campaigns and lost them, announces that Israel is turning into an apartheid state, with the support of a quartet of con men who stole the votes of their supporters. Smile, this is a historic moment, and it belongs to all of us. And if anyone thinks it will pass quietly, they’d better think again.

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Killer of fleeing teen leads Nazi in memorial prayer

Killer of fleeing teen leads Israel in memorial prayer

Ben Miloud بن @Tenerok5·Apr 29Palestiniens en danger ! الفلسطنيون في خطر ! #فلسطين_قضيتي#فلسطين#فلسطين_قضيتنا#فلسطين_قضية_كل_مسلم#فلسطين_قضيتنا_الأولى#Gaza#Palestine#palestinianprisonersday#PalestineNews#Palestinians71 views0:17 / 0:44Copy Video Address

Ali Abunimah Rights and Accountability 

On Monday, Israel marked its Memorial Day, honoring those it describes as “Israelis killed in combat and in terrorist attacks.”

The Israeli leaders marking the occasion – this year with physical distancing measures – included high-ranking perpetrators of occupation, settler-colonization, home demolitions, wanton killing and other routine war crimes and terror against Palestinians.

One of them, Colonel Yisrael Shomer, read the memorial prayer:

‏‎أوري جبعاتي Ori Givati@origivati

1. תכירו, מפקד חטיבת הנח”ל ישראל שומר. האדם שפתח אתמול את טקס יום הזיכרון הממלכתי בקריאת יזכור. האדם הזה, שהקריא: “כל מי שנרצחו בארץ ומחוצה לה”, יצא מרכבו הצבאי ביולי 2015 וחיסל את מוחמד עלי כוסבה, פלסטיני בן 17. הוא ירה בו לאחר שכוסבה זרק על רכבו אבן שניפצה את שמשתו.

View image on Twitter

Early on the morning of 3 July 2015, Shomer shot dead Muhammad Sami Ali al-Kasbeh, a 17-year-old resident of Qalandiya refugee camp, near Qalandiya checkpoint in the occupied West Bank.

According to Defence for Children International Palestine, the boy had earlier been among a group of Palestinians prevented by Israeli forces from entering occupied Jerusalem to join Ramadan prayers at al-Aqsa mosque.

Then, when an Israeli military vehicle passed through the area, Muhammad threw a stone at it and ran away, the human rights group Al-Haq reported in its investigation.

Muhammad al-Kasbeh Defense for Children International Palestine

Two Israeli soldiers then stepped out of the vehicle. One, Colonel Shomer, opened fire on Muhammad. The teenager was hit by at least three bullets in the back, face and torso.

The fact that he was shot in the head is “an indication of a wilful killing,” Al-Haq added.

Israel claimed that the shooting was justified because the soldiers’ lives were in danger.

But security camera video obtained by the human rights group B’Tselem confirmed that Shomer chased al-Kasbeh down and shot him as he ran away, effectively executing him on the spot.

The gunman “approached Muhammad’s body after he had fallen on the ground, looked at it, and then returned to the military vehicle without providing any assistance,” Al-Haq stated.

“The multiple gunshots that struck the teen in the face and upper part of his body at close distance suggest the military commander had fired to kill rather than subdue him,” Ayed Abu Eqtaish, a program director with Defense for Children International Palestine, stated.

He added that the slaying showed “a complete disregard for human life.”

The Israeli military went through the motions of a self-investigation and closed the case without taking any action against Shomer.

The army called his slaying of the teenager a “professional mistake.”

B’Tselem called the dismissal of the case “an integral part of the whitewash mechanism which is Israel’s military investigative system.”

In 2018, Shomer was given a major promotion to command the Israeli army’s Nahal Brigade – confirmation of the systematic impunity and incentives Israelis are given for killing Palestinians.

Al-Haq pointed out that two of Muhammad’s brothers, Yasser, 11 and Samer, 15, were also killed as children by Israeli occupation forces in 2001 and 2002, respectively.

Muhammad was just 3 years old when his brothers were killed fewer than 40 days apart during the second intifada.

“The loss of his brothers would profoundly shape Muhammad’s life and permanently haunt his parents,” The Electronic Intifada reported in 2015.

They are the victims of terrorism, slain by the likes of Shomer, who must be remembered.

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Palestinian appeals Dutch war crimes immunity for Nazi Benny Gantz

Palestinian appeals Dutch war crimes immunity for Benny Gantz

Ali Abunimah 

Three men in military uniforms converse
General Benny Gantz, right, briefs commanders on 20 July 2014, the same day Israeli forces bombed the family home of Ismail Ziada in the Gaza Strip. Ziada is pursuing a Dutch war crimes lawsuit against Gantz, who is about to assume office as Israel’s deputy prime minister. (via Flickr)

Benny Gantz will soon be sworn in as Israel’s deputy prime minister in a coalition deal with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

If the deal proceeds as planned, Gantz will take over as prime minister in 18 months.

In the meantime, Gantz will continue to face efforts to hold him accountable for crimes committed during Israel’s summer 2014 assault on Gaza, when he was the Israeli army chief of staff.

On Wednesday, Ismail Ziada filed an appeal against a ruling by a Dutch court granting Gantz and Israel’s former air force chief Amir Eshel immunity against a war crimes lawsuit.

Ziada, a Palestinian-Dutch citizen, has been suing Gantz and Eshel for a lethal bombing attack on his family’s home in Gaza.

Ismail Ziada sued two Israeli generals for the deaths of six relatives during Israel’s 2014 attack on Gaza. (via Facebook)

The 20 July 2014 attack reduced the three-floor building in al-Bureij refugee camp to rubble.

It killed Ziada’s 70-year-old mother Muftia, his brothers Jamil, Yousif and Omar, sister-in-law Bayan, and 12-year-old nephew Shaban, as well as a seventh person visiting the family.

Ziada sued the Israeli generals for more than $600,000 in damages plus costs.

Israel’s assault on Gaza that summer killed more than 2,200 Palestinians, including 550 children. An independent inquiry commissioned by the UN Human Rights Council found extensive evidence of Israeli war crimes.

But in January, the district court in The Hague threw out Ziada’s case, granting Gantz and Eshel immunity on the grounds that they committed their alleged crimes while acting in an official capacity.

This ruling flew in the face of even the Dutch government’s position that immunity does not extend to international crimes such as war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.

More significantly, the Dutch court repudiated the Nuremberg Principles, established with the trials of Nazi leaders after World War II. Those principles state that individuals cannot evade responsibility because they were acting as a head of state or government official, or because they were following orders from a superior.

The appeal will contend that “the court erred in its decision to offer functional immunity to the defendants, as such immunity is not enjoyed for war crimes,” a press release from the Palestine Justice Campaign, which supports Ziada’s legal effort, states.

Ziada is represented by prominent human rights lawyer Liesbeth Zegveld, who recently won a case forcing the Dutch government to pay compensation to victims and survivors of its colonial crimes in Indonesia in the 1940s.

Israel’s government has mounted an all-out legal effort, sparing no expense to protect its former generals from accountability before a Dutch court.

Ziada’s campaign for justice, by contrast, is a grassroots effort supported by hundreds of individuals donating money to assist with legal expenses by crowdfunding.

Roger Waters has also previously backed the lawsuit. The rock legend tweeted out news of Ziada’s appeal:

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