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Murderous Criminal State of Turkey Still Seeks to Hide Armenian Genocide

By: Ian Greenhalgh 

[Editor’s note: Turkey’s Army was decimated and humiliated by the Russians during the Caucasian campaign and especially at the Battle of Sarikamish. War Minister Enver Pasha then publicly blamed the Armenians for his own failings and humiliation.

Thus began the Armenian Genocide of 1915 which killed at least 1.5 million Armenians. The men were simply shot or bayoneted on the spot, then the women and children were driven south on a brutal and murderous forced march into the wastes of the Syrian desert. Many died along the way, denied water and brutally driven on by the boots of the Turkish soldiers. Those who made it to Syria soon succumbed to thirst and exposure.

Even today, over a century later, Turkey denies this genocide ever happened and modern day Turks, like the moron who emailed me the other day and described the Kurds as ‘low IQ apes’ remain a disgustingly racist, utterly inhumane pack of bastards who refuse to accept their forebears committed an appalling crime against humanity.

As Turkey continues to carry out ethnic cleansing and genocide against the Kurds and is poised to carry out another genocide in Libya, recognition of their past crimes becomes more important than ever. Until that happens and the brutal police state of mafia boss Erdogan is removed from power, Turkey will remain a cesspool of brainwashed morons all too ready to emulate past generations by committing appalling crimes against humanity for no other reason than Turkey is great, or some other bullshit. Ian]

Daily Sabah
Turkey to set up independent body for 1915 events

Turkey is planning to set up an independent civilian body solely responsible for addressing allegations regarding the 1915 incidents upon the instructions of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, a report said Tuesday.

The decision to establish such a body was made at the High Advisory Board meeting at the Presidential Complex last week, according to Hürriyet daily.

The new approach to address the 1915 events had actually been on the government’s agenda since the U.S. Senate passed a resolution referring to the events as the “Armenian Genocide,” but discussion on the matter was delayed due to the COVID-19 outbreak in Turkey.

Presidential High Advisory Board member Cemil Çiçek and presidential adviser Seyit Sertçelik, who introduced the proposal, briefed attendees about their proposal, saying that Turkey did not have an institution directly involved in dealing with genocide allegations.

They noted that relevant ministries stepped in when necessary, but there was a lack of a holistic policy and strategy to effectively address the allegations.

Meanwhile, the advisors also said lobbyists have been attempting to pursue a policy of changing genocide allegations to crimes against humanity, as they brought up a report prepared in collaboration with five Turkish universities.

The new body will take into consideration the cultural, historical and legal dimensions of the so-called “Armenian Genocide” allegations and will solely focus on the matter but will not have direct connections with the government or the state, the meeting concluded.

Turkey’s National Security Council (MGK) had been responsible for dealing with the issue of the “Armenian Genocide” until 2015, but the Prime Ministry Historical Research Center took care of the matter after an amendment. However, the institution has been dysfunctional after Turkey abolished the post of prime minister after a constitutional change referendum in 2017.

Turkey objects to presenting the 1915 incidents as “genocide,” rather calling them a tragedy in which both Turks and Armenians suffered casualties in the heat of World War I.

The U.S. Senate unanimously passed a resolution in December that recognizes the so-called “Armenian Genocide.”

The resolution had been blocked several times in the Senate, even though the Democratic-led House of Representatives passed the resolution by an overwhelming 405-11 late October.

The resolution asserts that it is U.S. policy to commemorate the 1915 events as “genocide.”

In 1915, the Ottoman Empire relocated Armenians in eastern Anatolia following revolts when some sided with invading Russians, which resulted in some Armenian casualties.

Armenia has demanded an apology and compensation, while Turkey has officially refuted the Armenian allegations over the incidents saying that although Armenians died during the relocation, many Turks also lost their lives in attacks carried out by Armenian gangs in Anatolia.

The Turkish government has repeatedly called on historians to study Ottoman archives pertaining to the era in order to uncover what actually happened between the Ottoman government and its Armenian citizens.

Rebuffing the “genocide” allegations, Turkey has officially acknowledged past experiences as a great tragedy in which both parties suffered heavy casualties, including hundreds of Muslim Turks.

After 105 Years, the Turkish President Still Planning to Cover up the Genocide

By Harut Sassounian

The High Advisory Board of the Turkish Presidency met last Tuesday for five hours to discuss how to respond “to groundless and anti-Turkey allegations” regarding the Armenian Genocide of 1915. The Advisory Board includes President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Ismail Kahraman (former Chairman of Parliament), Bulent Arinch (former Deputy Prime Minister), Cemil Chichek (former Chairman of Parliament), Koksal Toptan (former Chairman of Parliament), Mehmet Ali Shahin (former Chairman of Parliament), Yildirim Akbulut (former Prime Minister), President’s Chief of Staff Metin Kiratli and Presidential Communications Director Fahrettin Altun.

It is very satisfactory to Armenians worldwide that the Turkish government, after lying about the occurrence of the Armenian Genocide for a century, going to extraordinary lengths to blackmail other countries economically and politically, spending hundreds of millions of dollars on hiring lobbying firms and publishing denialist propaganda, is spending long hours wondering how to counter “the Armenian lobby.”

This means that all of the Turkish efforts for 105 years to deny the Armenian Genocide have been in vain. Turkey has wasted a huge amount of resources and time to deny the undeniable! The Turkish government is welcome to try again to convince the world that no such genocide has taken place. Eventually, the Turkish leaders will give up seeing that they cannot persuade anyone to believe their lies. The day will come when the Turkish government will admit that it is much easier to tell the truth than to continue its useless strategy of distorting a well-established historical fact. It is in Turkey’s best interest to come to terms with the Armenian government and its Diaspora and negotiate a proper compensation and restitution for the damages caused to the Armenian people during the Genocide. Once Turkey acknowledges the historical facts and makes amends, it will no longer have to worry about the world’s reaction to the Armenian Genocide. On the contrary, the Turkish leader will receive accolades from the international community for facing the facts and dealing honestly with its past crimes.

In the meantime, the Turkish government is foolishly continuing its hopeless campaign of denial of the Armenian Genocide. After last week’s five-hour High Advisory Board meeting behind closed doors, President Erdogan’s Communications Director Fahrettin Altun relayed the President’s following statement: “hostility seeds that were tried to be sown through distorted historical events would not be able to find the opportunity to flourish in the land of truth.” He accused the “Armenian lobby” of exploiting the “challenging and painful era endured by all Ottoman citizens for the sake of political calculations through lies and slanders that were invented by various power groups.” Furthermore, he said that during the meeting, “comprehensive steps” were discussed to prevent the Armenian lobby from using the 1915 events to “defame Turkey and our nation and also the propaganda made by countries through unrealistic allegations that manipulate the issue with political calculations.” The Turkish Presidential meeting also deliberated on projects and activities set to “shed light” on the issues with historical and legal aspects, along with “facts for the national and international public,” he added.

This new Turkish Genocide denial plan may have been triggered by the resolutions acknowledging the Armenian Genocide by the U.S. House of Representatives (405-11 votes) and the unanimous vote of the U.S. Senate last fall.

The question is why would Turkey’s leaders spent five hours deliberating on genocide denial at a time when the coronavirus pandemic is raging in the country, its economy is in shambles, the Turkish Lira has collapsed and Erdogan is losing the public’s support. According to some analysts, this is Erdogan’s tactic to deviate the Turkish public’s attention from his misrule and misadventures both within and outside the country.

Last month in a TV speech, Pres. Erdogan, showing his exasperation at the multiple problems of his government, once again lashed out at the “Armenian lobby,” among others. He vowed: “We will not give up before the forces of evil, either FETO, the PKK, the Armenian and Greek lobbies, or centers of hostility in the Persian Gulf.”

The Armenian government quickly reacted to Pres. Erdogan’s lies about the Armenian Genocide. This is a welcome development, as previous Armenian governments ignored all such Turkish outbursts. The Armenian Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman Anna Naghdalyan responded: “The statements made by the Turkish President on justifying the Armenian Genocide and insulting its victims are not a novelty and are manifestations of hate speech, which have an impact on maintaining and strengthening the atmosphere of xenophobia against Armenians in that country…. Denialism has no future, no matter who and how frames it. Despite the efforts of the authorities of Turkey to suppress the truth, the truth has been prevailing.”

The European Armenian Federation for Justice and Democracy also issued a statement calling Erdogan’s latest plans to deny the Armenian Genocide a “dangerous xenophobic policy of the Turkish authorities, directed against the activists of the Armenian cause…. Unfortunately, the denial of the Armenian Genocide and the incitement of hatred against Armenians are a state policy in Turkey.”

In addition, the Armenian National Committee of America Western Region along with Assyrian, Greek and Jewish organizations issued a joint statement slamming the Turkish government’s latest announcement on countering the Armenian Genocide: “Understanding that denial is the final stage of genocide, enforcing the erasure of a people’s history and suffering, we call on people of good conscience to bring awareness to the plight of the victims of genocide both past and present, to hold accountable those who seek to distort historical truth, and ensure that never again will the world watch in silence while genocide is perpetrated.”

My advice to President Erdogan and his cronies is to abandon Turkey’s century-long failed efforts at denial of the facts of the Armenian Genocide, acknowledge the truth and embark on a mutually agreed plan to compensate for the losses suffered by the Armenian nation as a result of the Genocide.

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