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The US Military Has Its Knee on the Throat of the World


The 2021 Defense Budget is making its way through Congress. The annual drama of this event has always been of particular interest to residents of the north Pacific Coast, as the US Navy’s nursery lies only twelve miles off our coast. This is where many of the weapons purchased by Congress take their first baby steps of testing and training before deployment. As a requirement for approval of the Navy’s Environmental Impact Statement regarding these exercises, the Navy must consult us every few years. This opportunity to confront Navy personnel has provided an opportunity to become acquainted with the environmental effects of these weapons, and, just as importantly, the menace their ever-increasing lethality constitutes for life on earth.

I watched some of the Armed Services Committee hearings on the budget. Generals and other military representatives were visibly pleased with their new product. As Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, observed, “The character of war is changing frequency”.

The messy, scrappy, unsatisfying, asymmetrical wars in the devastated Middle East have lost the interest of our warriors, as two worthier adversaries, China and Russia, have been conjured up, and now grip their attention. Although our budget comprises over 40% of the world’s military spending, and China and Russia spend respectively one-sixth and one-tenth of ours, the Pentagon refers to them generously as “near-peers”.

China and Russia are not eager for these roles. We have had to torment them, like reluctant bulls in a bullfight. We sail our warships within twelve miles of their shores, conducting vast military exercises in the South China Sea, the Black Sea, the Persian Gulf and the Japan Sea.

Thousands of US troops marched across Europe this spring to perform military exercises along Russia’s borders. Arleigh-Burke class guided missile destroyers, with aerial escort, performed maneuvers this May, close to the Russian coast in the Barents Sea, to enforce “freedom of navigation”.

We slander these two nations in our media, and impose sanctions, challenging them to respond. Trump’s assertion that “we live in a hostile world of evolving threats” neglects to mention that we ourselves provoke those threats.

But the National Defense Strategy demands “full-spectrum dominance”. This requires absolute control, e.g. military superiority on land, at sea, in the air and in outer space. Therefore, in anticipation of a “high-end” war with these “near-peers”, an exciting upgrade of our arsenals will be required.

In preparation for seizing this dominance, in spite of entreaties from the UN, allies, and Russia and China themselves, we have withdrawn from multiple treaties: the Iran Nuclear Deal(2018), the UN Human Rights Council (2018) the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty(INF 2019), and the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (2020).

We will break the Open Skies Treaty in six months and are planning to allow the START treaty to expire in 2021.

The Outer Space Treaty of 1967 has been broken, in spirit at least, by the creation of the Space Force. VP Pence refused to say whether or not we will deploy nukes in space, which would be an explicit violation.

According to the President, “if you don’t dominate, you’re wasting your time.. it is not enough to have American presence in space, we must have dominance in space, …the ultimate high ground.”

Treaties stand in the way of freedom of action.

We are bent on an ambitious and aggressive upgrade of existing weapons systems, and will purchase tantalizing new technology: hypersonic weapons capable of speeds of 15,000 mph , awe-inspiring artificial intelligence, autonomous systems and platforms, 5G, nuclear upgrades including “low yield” nuclear weapons, dramatic advances in cyberspace, and microelectronics which operate more swiftly by many orders of magnitude. For outer space, we have developed, in President Trump’s words at the unveiling of the Space Flag ceremony, “some of the most incredible weapons anyone has ever seen”.

Defense Secretary Mike Esper is especially enthusiastic about unmanned surface and subsurface vessels, some mounted with guns, some with cross-domain capacity for air, land, sea and undersea activities. Exercises employing unmanned killer robot surface combatants, swarms of which the Navy is eager to deploy, will likely take place off our coasts.

Both the House and the Senate Armed Services Committees were largely passive, even obsequious, during the hearings. There was small if any mention of the climate catastrophe ravaging the planet, and to which the US military contributes more greenhouse gas than all but 35 other entire nations. I heard no mention of the nation’s other desperate needs, or cuts required to fund the Pentagon requests: the Pentagon representatives declined to discuss policy, as it is the prerogative of the Defense Secretary.

The principal objection made by Adam Smith, Chair of the House Committee, regarding the budget, was that Pres. Trump was taking $7.2 billion out of it to build his wall. However, consensus was cheerfully reached, and congratulations were exchanged between the parties on their comfortable bipartisanship.

The 2020 military budget passed with only four senators and forty-eight representatives voting against.It would not even take the AUMF, which allows the executive complete freedom to launch an attack without Congressional approval, away from our unpredictable President.

Come Ye Masters of War.

The manner in which we treat other nations contains many of the same elements as the racism and violence which the demonstrations on our streets are denouncing. The US military has its knee on the throat of the world. We must vanquish this shape-shifting, Orwellian spectre with which our overlords ensnare us, with their lies of “they hate our freedoms”. Defund the Pentagon!

It would save millions of lives.

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White Nationalists on the Attack


On Monday, June 22nd, Pvt. Ethan P. Melzer, 22, was charged with planning an ambush of members of his unit during an upcoming deployment with the help of an “occult-based neo-Nazi” group known as the “Order of the Nine Angles” and a related group known as the “RapeWaffen Division.”

Melzer was stationed in Vicenza, Italy, and was slotted to deploy to Turkey. He provided the neo-Nazi groups with information about his unit’s upcoming deployment, including locations, movements and security. His iCloud account contained a satellite image showing a military installation with coordinates and notes, including one for a chow hall.

The Justice Department describes the Order of the Nine Angles as a white nationalist group. Members have “espoused violent, neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic, and Satanic beliefs, and have expressed admiration for both Nazis, such as Adolf Hitler, and Islamic jihadists, such as Usama Bin Laden, the now-deceased former leader of Al Qaeda.”

Melzer allegedly passed information regarding the deployment to a purported member of al Qaida. He acknowledged that he might die in the attack on his own unit, stating “who gives a f— … it would be another war … I would’ve died successfully … [causing] another 10-year war in the Middle East would definitely leave a mark.”

Acting U.S. Attorney Audrey Strauss said, “Melzer allegedly attempted to orchestrate a murderous ambush on his own unit by unlawfully revealing its location, strength, and armaments to a neo-Nazi, anarchist, white supremacist group.” She added, “Melzer allegedly provided this potentially deadly information intending that it be conveyed to jihadist terrorists.”


In May, Michael McGarrity, Assistant Director for Counterterrorism, reported to the House Homeland Security Committee that the FBI is investigating 850 open domestic terrorism cases. He estimated that about half involve anti-government and anti-authority extremists – 40 percent of which involve cases of racially motivated violent extremism.

“The FBI assesses domestic terrorists collectively pose a persistent and evolving threat of violence and economic harm to the United States,” McGarrity said. He added, “In fact, there have been more arrests and deaths in the United States caused by domestic terrorists than international terrorists in recent years.”

A quarter-century ago, in 1995, Timothy McVeigh bombed an Oklahoma City federal building that killed 168 people and injured more than 680 others. Over the last couple of years, there have been a growing number of incidents in which rightwing race nationalists have targeted innocent people. Among them are the following:

October 27, 2018 – mass shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA, at which 11 worshippers were killed.

November 2, 2018 – Tallahassee, FL, yoga studio shooting in which six women were shot, two fatally, and a man was pistol whipped.

April 27, 2019 – shooting at the Chabad of Poway synagogue in Poway, CA, that killed one person and wounded three others.

August 3, 2019 — a mass shooting occurred at a Walmart store in El Paso, TX, killing 23 people and injuring 23 others.

August 4, 2019 – a mass shooting at a Dayton, OH, bar, with nine people killed and 17 wounded.

The University of Maryland’s Global Terrorism Database showed that, from 2010 to 2016, right-wing inspired terrorist acts in the United States have grown from 6 percent of total domestic terror attacks to 35 percent.


Ethan Melzer’s reported action was a singular deed involving a U.S. soldier located at a foreign base providing critical information to an enemy. More troubling, it represents an increase in rightwing actions involving current and former military personnel, some leading to killings. In February, Lt. Christopher Hasson, Coast Guard office, was arrested for planning attacks on a target list of prominent Democratic politicians and cable news journalists.  For at least two years, Hasson, a self-described white nationalist, visited white supremacist, neo-Nazi websites and studied far-right extremist manifestos. He also researched biological weapons and improvised explosives.

In June, Air Force Sergeant Steven Carrillo was charged with the killing of a Santa Cruz, CA, police deputy. That same month, federal prosecutors report that three white men with military experience conspired to incite mass violence at a Black Lives Matter rally and to use firebombs to create chaos.

Carrillo and the others are reported to have been members of what is known as the Boogaloo movement. It is a far-right, anti-government movement with roots in the online culture and message boards. Its core ideology is grounded in a belief of a coming civil war or violent uprising against the government. However, the movement includes groups ranging from armed militias, white supremacists, Second Amendment advocates and online trolls.

According to the Anti-Defemination League (ADL), the movement grew out of the 1984 breakdancing film Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo. In June 2018, someone started a Reddit thread titled “Civil War 2: Electric Boogaloo.” Citing the Feurrkrieg Division, a white supremacist – “accelerationist” – group, it cites the following lyrics:

Do the Boogaloo!
Kill the kikes, and save the whites
Come on, it’s time to go!
Do the Boogaloo!
Plug a pig, and then a Yid
Let’s do the Boogaloo, all together now!

The ADL cautions its analysis of the Boogaloo movement as follows: “Care must be taken when evaluating boogaloo-as-civil-war references, as some people—even those in extremist movements—still use the phrase jokingly, or to mock some of the more fanatical or gung-ho adherents of their own movement.”

And then there is Q anonymous or “QAnon.” This is a rightwing conspiracy movement that supposedly follows the theories of a mysterious figure known as “Q.” They use the hashtag #WWG1WGA, signifying the motto “Where We Go One, We Go All.” Q propagates a host of never-proven conspiracies that have included Pizza Gate, about Hillary Clinton and the D.C. sex trafficking ring. Q and his followers promote the notion of a “deep state” out to destroy Trump. Once a group of Internet-only supporters, a QAnon proponent, Marjorie Taylor Greene, ran for 14th Congress as a Republican in northwest Georgia. (The Pizza Gate hoax continues to perpetuated by the website TikTok, among others.)

Adding to the growing fears of politically motivated terrorism is the repeated assertion that “antifa” – or anti-fascism movement — is a threat. Pres. Trump declared that “the United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization.” The White House posted a tweet claiming “antifa and professional anarchists are invading our communities, staging bricks and weapons to instigate violence. These are acts of domestic terror.” Robert O’Brien, a national security adviser, claims that antifa is a loosely organized group of anti-fascist activists that was behind the killing of Dave Patrick Underwood, an Oakland, CA, security officer.

The New York Times reported that Dept. of Homeland Security and the FBI have made numerous, unsubstantiated or false reports of antifa threats. Among these claims was that the 75-year-old Buffalo, NY, protester, Martin Gugino, who the police knocked down was “an antifa provocateur.” (Trump claimed that Gugino was an “ANTIFA provocateur” who may have been trying to “set up” law enforcement.) Other incidents involving false police reports of antifa threats occurred in Sioux Falls, SD (involving busloads of antifa protesters coming to cause violence); in Yucaipa, CA, a city about 70 miles from Los Angeles; and “two bus loads of antifa” were heading to Locust, NC, about 25 miles east of Charlotte.


The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) identifies 940 “hate groups” operated in the U.S. in 2019, up 55 percent from 2017. It notes, “White nationalism poses a serious threat to national security and pluralistic democracy. It’s a virulent and profoundly authoritarian ideology that infects our political system with hate, fear and resentment.” It points out a more disturbing fact:

The Trump administration has installed members of hate groups into government—particularly those with anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim or anti-LGBTQ animus—and put in place highly punitive policies that seemed unthinkable just a few short years ago. These political moves will far outlast this administration.

There appears to be a direct connection between Pres. Trump’s declining approval rating and the public presence of the militant rightwing groups. As of June 26th, the website 536 pegged his “approval” rate at 40.6 percent and his “disapproval” rate at 56.1 percent. Gallup pegs his approval rate at 43 percent, a further slippage from a month earlier when it was 49 percent.

As Trump approval rate will likely continue to decline in the face of a variety of factors further undercut his legitimacy. The Covid 19 pandemic will likely the spread to more traditionally conservative states if the nation doesn’t face a second wave in the Fall. The economy may well stumble along unable to fully rebound. Popular resentment over racial and other forms of inequality may well continue. And Trump may well overplay his bombastic hand only making this worse. Sadly, these factors may contribute to a more embolden white rightwing and an increase in nationalist violence.

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Palestine: Life under Nazi regime

Zionist journalist talks about the features of a prisoner exchange deal between the resistance and the occupation

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


“Jackie Hoji”, a journalist for the Nazi occupation army radio and the Hebrew newspaper “Maariv”, said that the statement of the Prime Minister’s office, “Netanyahu” about the readiness of “Israel” to enter into a prisoner exchange deal, was a vague statement.

 The Zionist journalist added, today, Tuesday, that the occupying state is ready to enter into a prisoner exchange deal, and that there is currently only talk about Nazi prisoners in the Gaza Strip, namely Nazi Hisham al-Sayyid and Nazi Abraham “Mengistu”, and there is no talk about the other Nazi soldiers held by the resistance.

According to the journalist, negotiations over this deal started two weeks ago through mediators, and the deal that is currently being talked about includes the release of a number of elderly and sick prisoners in the occupation prisons, as well as the release of female prisoners, in exchange for the resistance will provide information about the soldiers Hisham Al-Sayed and Mengistu , Or release one or both of them.

Jackie Hoji said that this deal, which he called the “corona deal”, is limited to a specific time, as the desire of “Israel” to make the deal decrease as the days pass, because the occupation currently wants to release the prisoners from the most threatening categories of corona, but with the passage of time The Prison Service in the occupation will learn how to deal with the prisoners under the Koruna, so there will not be much need for their release.

Occupation arrests a young man from Nablus


Nazi occupied Palestine:  The Nazi occupation forces arrested, at dawn today, a young man from the village of Burqa, north of Nablus.

Local sources reported that the occupation forces stormed the village and raided several houses, before they arrested the young man, Ali Muhammad Hamdan Saif.

In the context of the attacks by the occupation and its Nazi Jewish settlers, a Palestinian youth was injured last night after being attacked by Nazi Jewish settlers near the town of Duma, south of Nablus.

Ghassan Douglas, an official of the settlement file in the north of the West Bank, said that settlers attacked the young man, Mohammed Abdel Hafeez Al-Rabu (28 years old), near the town of Douma, which resulted in bruises.

Nazi occupied Palestine:  The Nazi occupation forces arrested, at dawn today, a young man from the village of Burqa, north of Nablus.

Local sources reported that the Nazi occupation forces stormed the village and raided several houses, before they arrested the young man, Ali Muhammad Hamdan Saif.

In the context of the attacks by the occupation and its Nazi Jewish settlers, a Palestinian youth was injured last night after being attacked by Nazi Jewish settlers near the town of Duma, south of Nablus.

Ghassan Douglas, an official of the settlement file in the north of the West Bank, said that settlers attacked the young man, Mohammed Abdel Hafeez Al-Rabu (28 years old), near the town of Douma, which resulted in bruises.

The Nazi occupation forces arrest a young man at the Qalandiya checkpoint, for allegedly trying to carry out a stabbing operation


Nazi occupied Jerusalem: This morning, the Nazi occupation forces arrested a young man at the Qalandiya military checkpoint, north of occupied Jerusalem, for allegedly trying to carry out a stabbing operation.

The Hebrew Channel 12 claimed that two Nazi Gastapo guards were slightly injured during a young man’s resistance to arrest him at the Qalandiya checkpoint, where they claimed that he had tried to carry out a stabbing.  

The Nazi occupation soldiers closed the Qalandiya checkpoint in both directions and prevented the Palestinians from passing through it temporarily.

The Nazi occupation Police said in a statement that a twenty-year-old resident of Qalandia refugee camp, north of Jerusalem, headed towards the checkpoint on foot, claiming that he was carrying a knife.

She added that the Israeli security guards at the checkpoint chased the young man who tried to withdraw from the place, and managed to arrest him.

The Palestinian youth also tried to resist his arrest, removing the occupying forces from him, as the police claimed that two Gastapo security guards were wounded during this.

The young man was taken for treatment because of his beating by the occupation forces, where he would then be transferred to Nazi occupation investigation center in Jerusalem. The security guards were also transferred to an Israeli hospital for treatment.

Local sources indicated that the arrested young man was Ahmed Wahdan, a resident of the Qalandia Palestinian refugee camp, north of Jerusalem.


Nazi occupation arrests two young men and assaults a woman in Jerusalem


Nazi occupied Jerusalem: The Nazi occupation forces arrested two young men from Abu Dis, east of occupied Jerusalem.

According to local sources, the Israeli forces arrested the two youths, “Bilal Abu Al-Zaki and Qassam Halabiya”, after they raided and searched the homes of their families.

A video clip also documented the arrest of Mrs. Aida Al-Sidawi, the Nazi occupation forces, in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem.


Lawyer Zbarqa: The occupation seeks to impose public prayer for the Jews in Al-Aqsa


Lawyer Khaled Zabarqa confirmed that the Nazi occupation seeks to impose public prayers for Jews in the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Zubarqa said in an interview with “ Quds News ” that the occupation police summoned him this Sunday morning to investigate the “Al-Qashleh” center west of Jerusalem, and handed him an order to deport him from the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque for a week, to return again to the investigation next week to hand him a deportation order for several months.

He explained that the investigator claimed that he was carrying out activities in the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which constituted a prejudice to the security of the occupation, rejecting those measures that he considered formal, and had purely political goals.

He stressed that the occupation creates conditions on the ground to change the reality in Al-Aqsa Mosque, and seeks to impose public prayers for Jews in it.

It is noteworthy that the Nazi occupation police and intelligence deported more than thirty Palestinians since the re-opening of Al-Aqsa Mosque after it was closed for 69 days as a preventive measure to limit the spread of the Corona virus, including political and religious figures.

Removing the head of the Almoravid Authority from the Al-Aqsa Mosque for a week


The Nazi occupation police decided on Saturday evening to remove the head of the Almoravid Authority from Al-Aqsa Mosque for a week.

The head of the Almoravid Authority Yusef Mukhaimer said in an interview with “ Quds News ” that members of the Israeli police arrested him yesterday after he left Al-Aqsa Mosque and took him to its police station in “Bab Al-Asbat”.

He added that he was then taken to the “Al-Qishleh” center, west of Jerusalem, to be interrogated for a period of seven hours, where he was released on the condition of deportation from Al-Aqsa Mosque for a week, and to return again to the investigation next Sunday to receive another decision to deport for several months.

He pointed out that the investigation centered on the Almoravid authority that he heads, and commented on his deportation by saying: “These decisions come as part of a series of Israeli actions against the people of the city and the denial of their rights.”

He stressed that “there is no right for the occupation to manage our lives in the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and it has no right to drive us away from it, and that this is racist, which is manifested in its entirety in the occupied territories.”

Prisoner Saad El-Din Gabr .. A tale of freedom that is 20 years late

“From 19 years my dream is to embrace Saad.” The captive sister of Saad Al-Din Jabr summarizes the story of continuous suffering since the occupation arrested him and imposed a 35-year prison sentence.

Saad al-Din’s sister, Quds Al-Akhbariya, says: “We do not want life, no money, no buildings, and nothing. All we live for is to see Saad among us and live with him.”

The Nazi occupation forces arrested Saad, in June of the year 2001, from Bab al-Amud in occupied Jerusalem, while he was going to pay his respects to his friend.

His sister recounts: “48 hours after Saad’s arrest, when we were unaware of him, an occupation intelligence officer at the Al-Maskubiyya Center contacted us and informed us of his arrest.”

She added, “Saad was subjected to a harsh investigation and torture, over the course of 90 days, that he spent in the Al-Maskubiyya Center. This torture left a trail on his health for months after he was transferred to prison.”

“For two consecutive years, Saad remained unable to wear underwear, as a result of the torture he had met in Maskobiya, and I remember he was telling us: If you had seen my body from torture, you would have cried for me,” says Saad Eddin’s sister.

As a result of the poor environmental and living conditions of the prison, Saad was wounded by a bacterium in the back, and he was unable to walk from it, before he recovered.

She continued: “During his illness, Saad Eddin asked us, that we do not attend the visit, so that we do not see him moving on a walking chair, and we are saddened by that.”

She recounts that the most severe event, perhaps during the years of Saad Eddin’s arrest, was the death of his father in 2007, without being able to take a final goodbye look at him.

And she adds: “Thirty days before the death of the father, he was able to visit him, and we were severely oppressed because he was not with us when my father fell ill and when he died.”

Saad Eddin’s sister recalls many attitudes before his arrest: “Among my four brothers, I considered Saad the closest. He was a kind affectionate to us, and a close friend, generous with all the people, and what is in his hand is not his.”

She says with tears over her: “In all situations of joy and sadness, Saad Eddin is not absent from my eyes, I wish he was there every moment.

Despite all these difficult circumstances, Saad Eddin maintains high spirits, as his sister confirms, he has enrolled in the Open University to study political science, and keeps playing sports on a daily basis.

She added: “Saadeddin’s personality is very beautiful and wonderful, and even inside the prison, his morale has not been broken and he has defied all circumstances to preserve and develop himself.”

All the family of Saad Eddine hopes to return to her freely, and his sister says: “Our only message is that everyone turn to the captives. It is enough that they gave their ages in prisons. And in the manholes, in order to see them for only 45 minutes from behind the glass, and all this trivializes their eyes.

A young man was arrested and night confrontations with the occupation took place in Issawiya


The Nazi occupation forces arrested at dawn Monday a young man from the village of Issawiya, northeast of occupied Jerusalem.

A village activist told “ Quds News ” that the Nazi occupation police and intelligence forces raided and searched several houses in Issawiya at dawn.

He added that the Nazi occupation forces arrested the young Adam Shafiq Obaid after they raided his house, and also the house of the young man, Jihad Issa Badr, in an attempt to arrest him, but he was present.

He pointed out that the occupation forces took Ubaid to one of the investigation centers in Jerusalem, while Badr will surrender within the coming hours.

Violent confrontations broke out between the occupation forces and Palestinian youths in Al-Issawiya during the evening hours yesterday, during which the youths fired fireworks and threw stones towards the occupation forces, who responded with gunfire and sound and gas bombs.

The confrontations in Al-Issawiya have become daily, especially during the past days, on the first anniversary of the martyrdom of the young Muhammad Samir Obaid, who was raised by the occupation bullets during the dispersal of a protest pause against the oppressive Nazi occupation policies of the villagers. 


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The departure of “Israeli” aircraft hunter Saifullah al-Azam


Dhaka – Quds News : The pilot, Saifullah Al-Azam, died at the age of 80, in the military hospital in the Bangladeshi capital, “Dhaka”, leaving behind him a unique military bus, as he was the only pilot in the world to shoot down four Israeli planes during the 1967 Six-Day War.

The pilot, Saifullah, is the only one in the world who served in a war environment for four air forces of different countries: Pakistan, Bangladesh, Jordan, and Iraq.

who is he?

Saifullah Jameel al-Azim was born, greater or greater, or Azam – whose nickname was written in various forms – in 1941 in Babna, the Far East of India, in a region located in present-day Bangladesh, and his family lived in Calcutta until the decision to partition India in 1947, at which time the family migrated to Pakistan, where he completed his basic education.

Saifullah then joined the Air Force Academy in Pakistan in 1958 and became a war pilot, and his combat competence was strengthened in 1963 by receiving a training course at an air base in the US state of Arizona, during which he practiced flying with an “F-86 saber”, then returned to fly with the same plane with the Pakistan Air Force In 1963.

Saifullah was appointed as an aviation trainer at the Pakistani base of Moribor in 1963, then participated in the Pakistani-Indian war in 1965 as part of the 17th Squadron that succeeded in carrying out attacks against Indian targets, and was surrounded by two Indian planes in the air and succeeded in shooting down one of them and returning safely to Sargodha Air Force Base, and after the war he was promoted Commander of the 2nd Squadron of the Pakistan Air Force in 1966.

In Jordan and Iraq

At the end of 1966, Saifullah was appointed as a seconded adviser to the Royal Jordanian Air Force, to find himself on June 5, 1967 face to face with the Israeli Air Force when four Israeli warplanes bombed the Jordanian air base of Mafraq, shortly after the Egyptian Air Force planes were destroyed in Its air bases.

After the sudden wave of the first attack, the Jordanian pilots, along with Saif Allah, prepared for the next battle, and his comrades responded to the second raid and shot down one of the invading Israeli planes, and others were unable to return to their base and fell inside Israel.

After the Israeli aircraft destroyed a number of Jordanian planes with an attack on the Mafraq air base, Saifullah moved to the Iraqi Air Force, where his name shone in Iraqi airspace, and he was able to shoot down two Israeli air fighters, to register his name in the military history of the region as the first fighter pilot to shoot down four planes Israeli warship within 72 hours only.

Saifullah has received numerous Rewards of Courage from Jordan, Iraq, and Pakistan for his extraordinary skill and bravery in the war.

After the independence of East Pakistan (Bangladesh) in 1971, Saifullah was appointed Director of Aviation Security in the Bangladesh Air Force, then he was promoted as Operations Director and Commander of the Dhaka Air Force base in 1977, and retired in 1980, then appointed Director of the Bangladesh Civil Aviation Authority for two terms, then he was elected a member of Parliament The Bengali between 1991 and 1996, and the American army honored him in 2000 by including his name in the list of the 22 best surviving pilots, “List of Living Eagles”.

Great history

Pakistani media and military reports confirm that Saifullah was not the only Pakistani pilot who participated in air battles in the 1967 war, so he remembered that other pilots who worked on various Arab fronts shot down with Saifullah in the 1967 war at least ten Israeli warplanes in those confrontations. Hardship.

Those reports also indicate that Pakistan had a contingent of at least 16 pilots who served as volunteers in Jordan, Egypt, Syria and Iraq in the wars of 1967 and 1973.

It is also remembered that a Pakistani pilot was flying a “MiG-21” in Syria, and during an air battle in the October 1973 war, he shot down an Israeli Mirage, and on the Egyptian front he shot down another Pakistani pilot who was flying an Egyptian “MiG” an Israeli plane ” F-4 “.

In the obituary of Saif Allah al-Azam, the Palestinian embassy in Pakistan said, “He was absent and will not be absent from us except with a body. It was a unique and unique model among the pilots in Islamic countries.”

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Who is the new Tunisian President Qais Said?


Quds News Agency: The dust of the election campaign has eased towards the Carthage Palace, with the victory of the Tunisian candidate, Qais Saeed, presided over by the Tunisian Republic. Who is the owner of the saying, “We are at war with the Zionist entity and normalization is a wrong description, but is a great betrayal of the homeland?”

Birth and upbringing

Qais Saeed was born on February 22, 1958 in Tunis, and holds a certificate of in-depth studies in public international law from the Faculty of Law and Political Science, and also holds a diploma of the International Academy of Constitutional Law, and another diploma from the International Institute of Humanitarian Law in San Remo, Italy.

Said started his career in 1986 as a lecturer at the Faculty of Law and Economic and Political Sciences in Sousse, then he taught in 1999 at the Faculty of Legal, Political and Social Sciences in Tunis.

Said between 1989 and 1990 became the decision of two committees to amend the draft Arab League Charter and the draft statute for the Arab Court of Justice.

Qais Said father of three children, also worked as an expert with the Arab Institute for Human Rights from 1993 to 1995, and after two years he was a member of the Scientific Council and a member of the Board of Directors of the International Academy of Constitutional Law, and he is also president of the Tunis Center for Constitutional Law for Democracy (independent).

Normalization is a great betrayal

The new Tunisian president says during a televised debate a few days before the elections: “We are at war with the Zionist entity … The natural state is that we are at war with a usurper entity that has displaced people and still occupies Arab land”, stressing that the word normalization is wrong, and the precise term is “The greatest betrayal of the homeland.”

Flashes of thought

Qais Saeed introduces himself as an independent, and tends to some conservative ideas, as some believe that he is attached to the religious authority, and they cited this by standing against the law presented by the late Tunisian President Essebsi, as Saeed rejects equality between men and women in the inheritance, and stressed that he will not work to interpret a Quranic text And the issue is settled, frank and clear in it, and there is no need for interpretation, “We are neither a waste nor a garden, but a state,” according to Saeed.

Others cited his Islamic reference with his previous tweet via “Twitter”, as he reviewed the name of Omar Bin Al-Khattab as an example of justice and freedom, and Saeed said in his tweet: “Tunisians prepared justice, freedom and the rule of law along the lines of Al-Faruq Omar bin Al-Khattab, who is considered a statesman with distinction and a role model. In firmness and justice. “

It is calculated that the new Tunisian President, Qais Said, refused to start his election campaign, after the Tunisian authorities detained his opponent and rival in the elections, Nabil Karoui.

نقلت تقارير إعلامية عن قيس سعيد بأنه “لا يحب البروتوكولات، ولن يسكن في قصر قرطاج”، ولن تكون زوجته القاضية “سيدة تونس الأولى”، وأنه سيعيش بسيطًا كأي تونسي.

من الانتقادات التي واجهها قيس سعيد قبل فوزه، اتهاماتٌ لاحقته بركوب موجة الثورة التونسية لتحقيق مطامع ذاتية، وعدم تصديه بشكل فعال للنظام السابق.

ورد سعيّد بأنه لم يكن ثوريًا ومعارضًا للنظام السابق بالمعنى المتعارف عليه، لكنه رفض مناصب عديدة في العهد السابق، مضيفًا: “قلت (لا) يوم كان البعض ممن يظهرون اليوم في وسائل الإعلام يتمنون الاقتراب من دائرة القرار”.

قال سعيد خلال حملته الانتخابية: “أنا لا أبيع الوهم للشعب التونسي، وبرنامجي واضح، وهو أن الشعب مصدر السلطات، والدستور ينبغي أن يكون قاعديًا، ولا توجد ما تسمى دولة مدنية ولا دينية”، ويرى سعيّد كذلك أن السلطة بيد الشعب وهو من يقرر مصيره وخياراته، وحمل شعاره الانتخابي عنوان “الشعب يريد”.

The new Tunisian president, Qais Sa’id, adhered to his personality as an independent and refused to alliance with any political bloc, and he did not want the state to finance his election campaign “in order not to be constrained and mortgaged on any financial and political front,” according to Sa’id.

The first word after winning

After the semi-final results emerged and Qais Saeed announced his victory, he stressed that Palestine will be at the forefront of the issues that he will work to support externally.

Saeed said: “Relations within the Tunisian interior will be built on the basis of trust and responsibility. We need to renew trust between rulers and ruled and we will work with the rules of the constitution and we will work for transit issues, the first of which is the Palestinian issue, and I wish that the Palestinian flag would be next to the Tunisian flag here.”

Addressing the Tunisian people, he added: “You have dazzled the world by giving you your blood with your blood, to reassure everyone and I will carry the message, and the honesty, in all sincerity and sincerity, with its burdens and burdens towards a new Tunisia that was formulated by the people in 2011.”

Sources: Anatolia + BBC + agencies

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‘Israel’s’ Jewish National Fund is uprooting Palestinians – not planting trees


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Jewish National Fund Crimes

Jonathan Cook highlights the Jewish National Fund’s crimes, including ethnic cleansing and land theft, committed against Israeli Bedouins and in the occupied territories under the guise of environmental work. Read more […]

Woodrow Wilson’s racism: The basis for his support of Zionism

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Woodrow Wilson

Lawrence Davidson examines the shared racism of Zionism and Woodrow Wilson, the 28th president of the United States, who was a champion of the Balfour Declaration and the creation of the state of Israel on usurped Palestinian lands, and who remains a hero to present-day Zionists. Read more […]

UK government evasive about sanctions if Israel annexes West Bank

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UK government's support for Israeli annexation of Palestinian land

Stuart Littlewood highlights the UK government’s deceptive policy towards Israel’s impending formal annexation of occupied Palestinian territories, noting that while ministers reject the prospect of annexation, they insist on being “friends and allies” of Israel regardless of its horrendous crimes. Read more […]

Keir Starmer’s love affair with Zionism could prove fatal for UK’s Labour Party

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Kier Starmer the unqualified Zionist

Stuart Littlewood says rather than getting Britain out of its mess, Keir Starmer has decided to make Israeli interests, and banning criticism of Israel, his top priority, as shown by his sacking of senior Shadow Cabinet member Rebecca Long-Bailey. Read more […]

EU’s aviation deal with Israel “the pinnacle of hypocrisy”

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EU-Israel symbiosis

Stuart Littlewood highlights the hypocrisy of EU parliamentarians who have agreed in effect to reward Israel for its decision to annex Palestinian territories while discussing measures to deter Israel from declaring the annexation of those territories. Read more […]

Do Palestinian lives matter?

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Israeli police use knee-on-the-neck on Palestinian protester

Amid the anti-racism protests sparked by the murder of George Floyd by a US policeman, Stuart Littlewood argues that the UK government and the EU continually reward racist Israel “for its knee-on-the-neck brutality” and “for a crime of such enormity as can’t-breathe annexation”. Read more […]

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Turmoil at Home, Turmoil Abroad: ‘Israel’ and the U.S. Escalate Their War Against Iran


People march as they take part in an anti-war protest amid increased tensions between the United States and Iran at Times Square in New York, U.S., January 4, 2020. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz – RC279E98P2J3

As the combined impact of the corona virus and the wholesale destruction of America’s history and culture, or at least the part of it that is white, continues, it is nice to see that other nations are getting into the game that will lead to the de facto elimination of western civilization. No one is yet quite up the U.S. level of senseless destruction and looting by the heroes of Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa, but in Britain mobs are beating policemen, statues including that of Winston Churchill are being attacked and the Cenotaph commemorating the country’s war dead has been vandalized. In a bizarre incident demonstrating the fundamental ignorance of the wreckers, a memorial to those who died at the 1651 Battle of Worcester in the English Civil War has suffered “significant damage”, with the letters BLM painted on the marker.

Perhaps the most ridiculous SJW demand arising out of the ethno-racism nonsense that has induced the politicians and journalists to go down on their knees and beg for forgiveness is the argument that the Arch of Titus in Rome, which has been standing for two thousand years, should be destroyed because one of its panels depicts the triumphal parade that displayed the loot obtained from the Roman capture of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. Yeshiva University senior Michael Weiner writing in the Jewish magazine “The Forward” argues that “…like Columbus, Robert E. Lee, and King Leopold II, it too must come down. There is no excuse for Italy to maintain, fund, and proudly display a structure that celebrates the destruction of Jerusalem, the forced displacement of the Jews of Judea, and the burning of the Temple… As an ancient propaganda tool to glorify Rome’s bloody conquests and a modern emblem of Christian persecution and Jewish subjugation, the Arch of Titus is a cruel symbol.”

Weiner seems unaware, or more likely does not care, that there is considerable irony in his denunciation of the Roman subjugation of Judea while ignoring the very real contemporary genocide of the Palestinian people by his co-religionists in Israel. It just goes to show you that once the destruction game starts, anyone who has a grievance can join in and the damage will increase exponentially as every foolish demand becomes self-justifying.

If the current political turmoil ever reverts to anything like normalcy, what is likely to emerge out the other end is a coalition of grievance groups that have figured out that destroying things indiscriminately to make some people feel consumed with guilt so you can steal their money and property is a whole lot easier than actually having to come up with something reasonable. Whatever it winds up calling itself the “NewPolitics” will look a lot like Nancy Pelosi’s groveling Democratic Party or possibly Britain’s Labour Party under its new dystopian leader Keir Starmer, whose overriding mission appears to be ridding the world of anti-Semitism.

Be that as it may, and assuming that the world will not end in the next year or so, the distraction arising from the virus and demonstrations has provided plenty of opportunity for the Trump Administration’s consigliere Mike Pompeo and his foreign allies to make mischief all around the world. Indeed, there have been opportunities for several “twofers” with condemnation of China’s and Venezuela’s relations with Iran permitting attacks on multiple “enemies” simultaneously.

China is completing a “New Silk Road” trade agreement with Iran that will reduce the impact of U.S. sanctions while Iran has been supplying refined petroleum products to Venezuela. Washington has been working hard to disrupt both developments, even threatening to use counter-terrorism legislation to intercept the Greek-owned but carrying-Iranian-fuel tankers in international waters.

The real question all along has been whether the United States and Israel will attack Iran now or later, but the usual anonymous sources in Washington that provide the New York Times with fodder for its fabricated foreign policy pieces are now suggesting that we are looking at something that might be called “incremental conflict management”, which would consist of a series of “short-of-war clandestine strikes, aimed at taking out the most prominent generals of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps and setting back Iran’s nuclear facilities.”

Brian H. Hook, the State Department’s special envoy for Iran described the U.S. government’s vapid Iran policy by observing “We have seen historically that timidity and weakness invites more Iranian aggression.” Also, in an election year, “incremental” sounds better than real war and it also obscures the reality that Israel is already attacking Iran and its allies, almost daily, aided by the Trump Administration and also encouraged by a belligerent U.S. Congress.

The U.S. approach to Iran is only marginally more subtle than that of the Jewish state, consisting of seeking to destroy the country’s economy by blocking its oil exports and its banking sector. Last week a U.S. court in Washington cited “anti-terror legislation” to rule against Iran, awarding $879 million in damages to the survivors and families of the U.S. airmen killed in the Khobar Towers bombing attack in 1996. Iran has denied involvement in the bombing and there is certainly no hard evidence that it was behind it, but the victims will in any event have a hard time collecting their money as the Iranian government has had many of its bank accounts frozen by the U.S. Treasury.

The “incremental war” crowd sees a situation in which the United States and Israel have de facto been pursuing a plan to bring down the Iranian government while also devastating its nuclear program. The United States is applying the economic pressure through an increasing use of sanctions, while Israel regularly bombs Iranians and Iranian proxies in Syria and Lebanon. The two governments believe that the combination of military force and economic sanctions will eventually force the Iranian regime to basically surrender and effectively disarm without having to escalate into an open, shooting war.

The only problem with the staged approach is that Israel has already, in the past two weeks, directly attacked major research and development facilities inside Iran, and has apparently done so in part with missiles fired either from Israeli fighter-bombers or from ships offshore in the Persian Gulf. The two attacks took place on July 2, 2020, one directed against the Iranian nuclear research facility at Natanz and the second was targeting a claimed missile development center at Parchin. Neither attack was much reported in the western media even though they together appeared to be a major escalation of the Iran-Israel conflict, with potentially significant consequences.

Even the Times, again relying on an anonymous “Middle Eastern intelligence official with knowledge of the episode,” eventually reported that Natanz was not hit by a cyber-attack, as had been previously suggested, but by a “powerful bomb” which might well have been placed in the site’s main building by an Israeli agent. One assumes that the “Middle Eastern official” was Israeli and Israeli media sources also confirmed that Parchin was hit by missiles fired from an F-35 Israeli Air Force plane, which suggests that the Benjamin Netanyahu is not exactly being shy about what his government did.

The point is that the U.S. and the Israelis are intent on going to war against enemy number one Iran and are packaging their actions in such away as to suggest that they are really behaving in a moderate fashion. They are assuming that Iran will retaliate, but in such a way as to avoid intensifying the conflict. In reality, taking action to destroy a nation’s economy is an act of war just as much as is staging attacks using bombs carried by spies or using missiles fired from planes. There is already a war going on, but the smokescreen provided by the coronavirus spread and BLM means that no one seems to want more on their plate and there is great reluctance to call it for what it is.

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A Few Historical FraudsEinstein, Bell & Edison, Coca-Cola and the Wright Brothers


There are only two nations in the world whose existence seems to be founded primarily on historical myths. In the US, false historical mythology permeates every nook and cranny of the American psyche, the result of more than 100 years of astonishing and unconscionable programming and propaganda, a massive crime against an entire population. This condition pertains not only to past events we think of as history, but to the extent that most items permitting Americans to “feel good by being an American” are fabricated Disney fairytales. This essay is a brief introduction to only a minor aspect of this subject.

In the introduction to my series of books (soon to be published) I wrote that “Perhaps 90%, or even 95%, of everything we know, or think that we know, or that we believe to be true about history, is wrong. To express this another way, if we were to take the history of the entire world for the past 500 years and compress it into a book of 100 pages, a full 50 of those pages would be blank. That is the extent to which our true history has been suppressed, entirely deleted from the record and from our consciousness. Of the remaining 50 pages, 45 are false in whole or in part, photoshopped, sanitised, twisted, and with critical details omitted to deliberately lead the public to the wrong conclusions.”[1]

Einstein, the Mythical Genius

One of the greatest mythical frauds in history is that of Albert Einstein, the famous physicist who invented the Theory of Relativity, E=mc² and so many other esoteric things. But this is all fabrication. The claims about Einstein inventing any theory of relativity, or light and photons, or time, are false. Almost every claim – almost everything – attributed to Einstein is simply a lie. Einstein was an inept who contributed nothing original to the field of quantum mechanics, nor any other science. Far from being a competent physicist, he once even flatly denied that the atom could be split and, much later, admitted that the idea of a chain reaction in fissile material “had never occurred to me”.[2][3]

Einstein was a third-class clerk at the government patent office in Bern, and never progressed beyond this level even with years of experience. By all contemporary reports, Einstein wasn’t even an accomplished mathematician. It has been well documented that much of the mathematical content of Einstein’s so-called theories were well beyond his ability. Walter Isaacson, president of the Aspen Institute, stated that Einstein’s first wife Mileva Marić was a “Serbian physicist who had helped him with (his) math . . .”[4] Other prominent scientists have made the claim that his wife did most of his math for him.

Henri Poincaré was the foremost expert on relativity in the late 19th century and the first person to formally present the theories, having published more than 30 books and over 500 papers on the topics. Extensive documentation exists that Einstein and his associates had studied Poincaré’s theories and mathematics for years, yet when Einstein published his almost wholly-plagiarised versions he made no reference whatever to these other works.

In the accepted historical account, Einstein is credited with having written the correct field equations for general relativity, an enormous falsehood. It is an undisputed fact that David Hilbert sent Einstein a draft of his work (which had already been submitted for publication), containing precisely these equations, evidenced by the existence of a letter from Einstein to Hilbert thanking him for doing so. Yet a few weeks later, Einstein delivered a public speech of Hilbert’s work, claiming full credit for the derivation of Hilbert’s equations. Similarly, E=mc², the famous equation relating mass, energy, and the speed of light, had been published several times by Italian physicist Olinto De Pretto, long before Einstein was suddenly given credit for it. In multiple thorough reviews of scientific literature, prominent scientists have unanimously stated that there is “absolutely nothing to connect Einstein to the derivation of this formula.”[5]

Einstein’s papers, theories, mathematics, documentation, were almost 100% plagiarised from others. He combined the prior published works of several people into one paper and claimed ownership of all of it. His so-called theories were nothing more than a composition encompassing the prior work of men like James Maxwell, Hendrik Lorentz, Joseph Larmor, Olinto De Pretto, Robert Brown, Ludwig Boltzmann, Friedrich Hasenöhrl, and many more.

In a paper he wrote in 1907, in part responding to (already-virulent) accusations of plagiarism, Einstein declared that plagiarism was perfectly acceptable as a form of ethical research, stating “… the nature [of physics is] that what follows has already been partly solved by other authors. I am [therefore] entitled to leave out a thoroughly pedantic survey of the literature…”[6][7][8] In other words, scientists all build on each others’ work, so Einstein could freely compile the work of everyone before him and re-present it as his own, with no obligation to even mention them or their work. His view of ethical science was like building a tower where each person adds one stone and, if I add the last stone, I not only take credit for the entire design and construction of the tower, but I own the building.

Perhaps the most damning evidence was when in 1953 Sir Edmund Whittaker published a very detailed account of the origin and development of all these theories and equations of physics, with extensive reference to the primary sources, documenting beyond doubt that Einstein had no priority in any of it, and clearly stating so. Einstein was alive and well when Whittaker published his book, yet he offered no dispute to the conclusions, no refutation of Whittaker’s claim that he (Einstein) had been irrelevant to the entire process. Einstein made no attempts in his own defense but simply hid in the bushes and refused to make any public comment whatever.[9]

Einstein was almost certainly the greatest fraud and plagiarist in modern science, an unashamed intellectual thief but, according to sources like Wikipedia, this is all just a minor “priority dispute” about who said what first in the realm of relativity physics. These sources misleadingly imply that several people made a discovery independently and more or less simultaneously, and we are simply debating who went public first. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Wikipedia is renowned as being virtually useless as an information source due to widespread ideological bias and censorship.

Einstein was Jewish and had the support of the Jewish-controlled media who conspired to create yet another historical myth. His fame and popularity today, his status as a hero of the scientific world, are due only to decades of a well-planned force-feeding of the Einstein myth to the masses by the media. The propaganda machine simply airbrushed out of the history books all the physicists who formulated these theories, and credited everything to Einstein. Without the extravagant generations-long PR and propaganda campaign, Einstein would have remained in the dustbin of obscurity where he belongs.

There are many Einstein apologists who produce reams of heavily-documented irrelevancies masquerading as proof, items such as a schoolmate who claimed “the flight of his mathematical genius was so high that I could no longer follow.” Many scientists and scientific historians know the truth of all this, and the accurate historical record is readily available, but many appear afraid to speak out for fear of damaging their careers. I have put the question to several prominent physicists in different countries, eliciting similar responses, namely that “it will not further one’s career to open a debate which will inevitably produce a tsunami of invective and slander, to say nothing of accusations of anti-Semitism.”

Time Magazine published more than a dozen issues on Einstein, including a special Collector’s Edition, and even ran an issue naming Einstein the “Person of the Century”. As with all other American heroes, the PR machine has worked for decades to embellish the myth with a collection of possibly hundreds of wise sayings attributed to this man where there is absolutely no historical evidence he ever said any of those things. The NYT published an article on a small cleverly-selected scientific dispute, in which it claimed “Findings Back Einstein in a Plagiarism Dispute”.[10] And thus is history spun by those who control the microphone. This is why so many pages in our history book consist of misrepresentations and omitted facts, painting a picture so considerably at odds with the truth. As with Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, the Wright Brothers and so many others, the false historical myths have been so deeply entwined in American and world history that they cannot be unraveled.

Einstein, the “Man of Peace”

Similarly, there has been a great campaign by Einstein’s revisionist apologists to disavow his strong support for the development of the atomic bomb, claiming him to be “a man of peace”. I have copies of correspondence from Einstein where he stated his conviction that the United States should “demonstrate” the atomic bomb to disfavored foreign countries. In one letter to then-US President Roosevelt, he wrote, “… extremely powerful bombs of a new type may thus be constructed. A single bomb of this type, carried by boat and exploded in a port, might very well destroy the whole port together with some of the surrounding territory. I am convinced as to the wisdom and the urgency of creating the conditions under which that and related work can be carried out with greater speed and on a larger scale than hitherto”.[11]

That statement is part of one of Einstein’s letter to Roosevelt, suggesting he (Einstein) be “entrusted with the task” of managing the project. Roosevelt refused Einstein’s fervent requests to manage, or even to participate in, the project, because it was an open secret that nobody trusted him and the FBI had conducted extensive investigations against him. One FBI file labeled “Secret”, stated that Einstein was affiliated with 33 organisations which had been cited by the Attorney-General and/or Congress, as being politically suspect.

It is interesting that the respected National Geographic is one of the world’s worst publications for spinning historical fact and truth. In 2017, this magazine ran an article on Einstein claiming that Hoover and the FBI despised Einstein and built a 1,400-page file on him because “the world-famous physicist was outspoken against nuclear bombs”.[12][13]

The second portion of the same letter is rather more disturbing, and has to my knowledge never been publicly referenced anywhere. It clearly reveals that Einstein had had detailed discussions with some wealthy acquaintances in Europe who were eager to personally finance the US development of atomic bombs from their own pockets. Einstein was informing the President he had access to these individuals with whom he had already confirmed available funding, baiting Roosevelt with an offer that, should he be ‘entrusted’ with management of the bomb project, he could bring the necessary financing with him. He states that, as project manager, one of his tasks would be: “providing funds … through his contacts with private persons who are willing to make contributions for this cause.”[14]

It would be appropriate for us to ask who were these “private persons” who had the money to finance the development of the world’s first atomic bombs, and why they would want to personally fund such a project. Einstein does not mention these individuals by name, but they would surely have been Jewish and who in Europe (in the 1930s) had the kind of money to offer open-ended funding for a scientific project the cost of which was unknown and unknowable, but clearly massive.[15] This offer was not spurred by patriotism but by the prospect of financial gain and control of both the technology and the application of this ‘science’. We can therefore further question who would have taken ownership of the technology, and who would have been the intended victims of this large personal investment. One plausible theory

I would add here that many of Einstein’s propagandists and apologists have made repeated efforts to pass the blame for the development of the atomic bomb onto Enrico Fermi, another monstrous falsehood. The US government offered Fermi a cash payment of US$100,000[16] to lead the research and development of the atom bomb, but Fermi refused. I have seen a copy of a letter from Fermi to the US President claiming that something so evil had “no right to exist”. In fact, it was Oppenheimer and Szilard who led the development of what was almost in totality a Jewish project, so much so that for many years in scientific circles the atomic bomb was widely known as “The Jewish hell-bomb”.[17] I believe it was Eustace Mullins who first coined the phrase, and I believe it was he who first suggested there was “circumstantial but compelling evidence” that the Jewish motivation for offering to finance the A-bomb’s development was to take control of the technology and use it for Germany’s total destruction.”[18] The theory is more than plausible if you are familiar with the heavily-evidenced proposition that the underlying purpose of both world wars was the total destruction of Germany). You can understand why items like this are restricted to the blank pages in our history book.

Alexander Graham Bell – The Man Who Didn’t Invent the Telephone

History books tell us the famous American, Alexander Graham Bell, invented the telephone. This claim has only two flaws; Bell was Canadian, not American, and he did not invent the telephone.

An Italian named Antonio Meucci patented a working telephone many years before Bell did anything.[19] Bell had obtained copies of Meuci’s drawings and patents and had attempted to obtain US patents on Meuci’s phone. Meucci discovered Bell’s attempted patent of his invention and filed a lawsuit against Bell, in support of which he brought from Italy all his documents, working models, original sketches and his patent, to present to the court as evidence of his prior invention. The delivery company – Western Union – was charged with the responsibility as trustee to hold this evidence for delivery to the court, but all of it “amazingly disappeared without a trace immediately prior to the court hearing, leaving Meucci with no proof of anything and thus losing his lawsuit against Bell.” It is worth noting that at the time Bell was employed at the Western Union lab where Meucci’s evidence was being stored.

The Italians are still angry about this. The Italian Historical Association informed us that their investigation produced evidence of illegal relationships between employees of the patent office and Bell’s company. And later, during a lawsuit between Bell and Western Union, it was revealed Bell had agreed to pay Western Union 20% of all profits from ‘his’ telephone, for 17 years, representing millions of dollars, sufficient temptation for Western Union to justify “losing” Meucci’s invention. US media have fabricated at least dozens of tales excusing Bell, a common one that “due to hardships, Meucci could not renew his patent” and therefore Bell could take it, but in fact the US government filed charges against Bell for fraud because of his telephone patent, but powerful friends had the lawsuit delayed year after year until Meucci died.[20]American history books and sources like Wikipedia omit these critical facts and twist the remaining information, and thus Americans grow up believing yet one more false myth about their country and their innovative ability.

I would make a note here that when doing historical research we sometimes discover that the landscape has been so badly polluted by countless individuals amending details to conform to opinion or ideology (or patriotism) that it becomes nearly impossible to ferret out the actual facts without an extraordinary amount of work. In this case, some have claimed (without evidence) that Meucci lost his patent because he hadn’t the funds to renew it. Others ignore Meucci’s lawsuit against Bell and claim Bell delivered his phone patent and samples to Western Union for evaluation and who later claimed to have lost all of it. And so on. Here are several articles purporting to tell “the real truth”[21][22][23][24]

Thomas Edison – The Man Who Didn’t Invent Anything

Every American child is taught in school that the famous American Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, Wikipedia claiming that Edison was “the fourth most prolific inventor in history, holding 1,093 US patents in his name, as well as many patents in the UK, France, and Germany”. Edison is given full credit for inventing the light bulb, electricity transmission, electric power utilities, sound recording and motion pictures. All these claims are completely false.[25] Not only was Edison not one of the most prolific inventors in history, he never invented anything. Edison himself made the statement: “patents 1047 – inventions 0”, in recognition of his situation.

The inventions for which Edison is credited by the Americans were all achieved by others, and his “1,093 US patents” were all either stolen, bullied, extorted or purchased from those same inventors. As another author pointed out, “a man who kidnaps or adopts 1,000 children can hardly be deemed the world’s most prolific father, and a man who steals 1,000 inventions and patents can hardly be deemed the world’s most prolific inventor”. Thomas Edison was unquestionably one of the world’s most prolific thieves, and widely known as a con-man and common thug who often resorted to threats and extortion, but he was no inventor. Edison was mostly just a thieving opportunist who extorted or stole everything that is listed to his credit, but in US history books Edison is revered in totally fabricated myths as the father of the light bulb and America’s most prolific inventor.

The light bulb had been invented by several people in Europe, one of whom, Heinrich Goebel, unsuccessfully tried selling it to Edison who claimed to see no value in it though he was more than happy to purchase the patent from Goebel’s estate when the man died, cheating his widow out of a substantial sum of money. In any case, another man, Joseph Wilson Swan developed and patented a working incandescent light bulb using a carbon filament 20 years before Edison made any such claim.[26][27] Edison first tried to steal Swan’s invention and, when that proved legally dangerous, he made Swan a minor partner in the Ediswan United Company, buying both Swan and his patented light bulb and claiming the invention for himself. Swan also invented sound recording and other items which are today credited to Edison.[28]

Every American is taught from birth that Edison labored for years, trying at least 1,000 different substances (some say 2,000) before he discovered that twisted carbon would function acceptably as the filament in a light bulb. The story is entirely false, a myth fabricated after the fact, a little religious morality play to support faith in the American Dream – that persistence and hard work will lead to unlimited fame and riches in the end. Edison did indeed try – and repeatedly failed – to create a light bulb, and he may well have attempted some of those filament trials. But all that is irrelevant because Swan had already proven the effectiveness of a carbon filament when Edison took ownership of his invention and patent.

Edison is given credit for the device which made x-rays possible, but the actual inventor was German scientist Wilhelm Roentgen who publicly displayed x-rays of his wife’s hand years prior to Edison’s fluoroscope. Similarly, Edison is given credit for inventing electrical transmission in various forms, but Nicola Tesla brought this invention to the US and offered it to Edison who took ownership of the process and patents under a promise of $50,000, then refused to pay Tesla and spent years in attempts to destroy his name and reputation.

The US-based Science website dismisses the entire truth about Edison in one cute sentence: “Even though many of his “inventions” were not unique – and he engaged in some well-publicized court battles with other inventors whose ideas he “borrowed” – Edison’s skill at marketing and using his [political] influence often got him the credit.”[29] And that means Edison patented items that already existed, created by others, and that had sometimes already been patented. Plus, he had a habit of stealing and patenting any ideas brought to him by other inventors. Hence, the lawsuits. But his marketing ability and some powerful political and judicial contacts kept him out of jail. Nevertheless, the myth has been so thoroughly weaved into American history, it could never be recalled.

The US government even issued a special silver dollar coin to commemorate Edison’s non-achievements. And we have an Edison museum complete with the requisite US flag, providing Americans with the unique opportunity to experience delusion and patriotism simultaneously. But the man did invent one thing the history books seem to have quietly deleted. Edison was a believer in spirits and regularly attended séances where mediums would receive and transmit messages from the dead. To more easily conduct these affairs, Edison invented a telephone that he claimed could talk to people in the spirit world, though he didn’t specify what numbers to dial. In a conversation with B.C. Forbes, the founder of Forbes magazine, Edison claimed, “I have been at work for some time building an apparatus … for personalities which have left this earth to communicate with us”. No idea what the spirits said to him, and no idea why his promoters deleted this important item from the history of the world’s greatest inventor.[30]


Coca-Cola, originally called Kola Coca, was invented more than 140 years ago in a small town in Spain, the creators of the formula for the world’s best-selling soft drink having been cheated of its ownership and billions of dollars. The process was a well-kept secret at the time and quickly became a world-famous product, winning dozens of international gold medals and other awards. Unfortunately, Bautista Aparici, one of the company’s founders, attended a trade fair in Philadelphia and made the mistake of giving a sample and a brief description of the process to an American he happened to meet, and a short time later US pharmacist John Pemberton changed the name to Coca-Cola and patented the product and process, the US government refusing to recognise the original Spanish patent.[31][32][33]

The official story is that this drink was “invented by Dr. John Smith Pemberton on May 8, 1886, at Atlanta, Georgia”, in the USA, and was named Coca-Cola because at that time it contained extracts of Coca leaves and Kola nuts, and that the company’s book-keeper renamed the drink because he thought the two ‘C’s’ would look better in advertising. None of that is true. The drink was indeed made from kola nuts and coca leaves, but the new name was a cheap attempt to differentiate itself after Pemberton stole and patented the original formula. All the stories about Pemberton inventing Coke’s secret formula in his laboratory are fabricated nonsense, with the company’s website cleverly designed to airbrush out the drink’s early history and avoid the truth becoming known. Beverage World magazine produced a special issue to commemorate the one-hundredth (American) anniversary of Coca-Cola, claiming Coke was:

“A totally American product born of a solid idea, nurtured throughout the past century with creative thinking and bold decision-making, and always plenty of good old-fashioned hard work. That is as it should be; it is the American way”.

Not by a long shot. Coca-Cola is just one of hundreds of products the Americans have stolen and patented with the full protection of their courts operating under the peculiarly American definition of ‘rule of law’. It isn’t widely-known, though well-documented, that for decades surrounding the turn of the last century, the US government offered between $20,000 and $50,000 to anyone who could steal a foreign patent or product, that amount representing a lifetime’s earnings for an average person.

To add insult to injury, Coca-Cola moved into Spain in 1953, sued the original Spanish owners, then bullied, extorted and bought the rights for a pittance, permitting the firm to continue producing only a single alcoholic beverage under their name. USA Today reported on this without even a hint of regret or shame about the rule of law or fair play or the evils of IP theft. Their only comment: “The Spanish factory has just four employees left and probably won’t last another generation.” Even more insultingly, ABC News dismisses this story as “The Spanish firm that inspired Coke”, although they do state correctly the claim: “Locals believe that the Spanish town of Aielo de Malferit is where Coca-Cola originated — and that the factory which developed the formula that inspired the world’s best-selling soda has been cheated of its rightful place in history. Not to mention profits.”[34]

The Wright Brothers

For more than 100 years, the Smithsonian Institution in Washington has had on display an aircraft that was piloted by Orville and Wilbur Wright in 1903 in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina in man’s first powered, manned aircraft flight, Americans therefore having created “The Age of Flight”.

But that was never true, and the Smithsonian was in on the fraud from the very beginning. In an agreement with the Wright family to donate the aircraft to the Institution, its officials signed a pledge to perpetuate the story that the Wrights had made the first flight, when all present were fully aware the claim was false. And for more than 100 years the Smithsonian Institution of Historical Mythology, with the full support of the US government and the media, has done everything in its power to dismiss, contradict, and just ignore, extensive documentation of other prior flights in an effort to prevent the dethroning of America in the public mind.[35][36]

Several people have thoroughly researched the matter and have written authoritative books on other prior flights but these have been “denounced by leading aeronautic agencies” (like the Smithsonian Institution), with the authors dismissed as “unqualified” and their books “unreliable”. In fact, there were many prior flights, some in Europe, Canada, South America, and others in the US itself, and the Smithsonian was fully aware of this. Recently, the editors of the authoritative Jane’s Aircraft firmly declared that Gustave Whitehead had flown years before the Wright Brothers. Alberto Santos-Dumont had done the same in Paris, as had another group in Alberta, Canada.

Moreover, there exists sufficient evidence the Wrights had access to all that prior knowledge in building their own aircraft, then claimed it as their own. In addition to other design features, the Wright brothers claimed ownership of the curved airfoil – without which no aircraft would ever have gotten off the ground anywhere, but, as one historian noted, “the Wrights stole both the concept and the actual design from an Australian who had recorded it years before, and who had himself deduced the concept from the boomerang of the Australian aboriginals.” The Wright Brothers stole the idea to build their aircraft, then patented it and sued others for using it.

Rumors had been circulating for decades that the Smithsonian had signed what was essentially a contract of fraud with the Wright family, agreeing to perpetuate the myth of the first manned flight, in exchange for having the aircraft on permanent display. But the Directors of the Smithsonian repeatedly denied the existence of such an agreement, stating that would be “tampering with history” and that they “would never agree to such a thing.” But then one day a US Senator collected a few lawyers and descended on the Smithsonian in a kind of political raid. And they did indeed locate the document, which reads in part: “Neither the Smithsonian Institution nor its successors nor any museum or other agency, bureau or facilities administered by the United States of America, shall publish or permit to be displayed a statement … in respect of any aircraft model … of earlier date than the Wright Aeroplane of 1903, claiming … that such aircraft was capable of carrying a man under its own power in controlled flight …”[37]

And now you know how the Wright Brothers became famous as the first men to fly. One historian wrote that the Smithsonian had no authority “to engage in political engineering of this sort”, noting that this “compromises history”. But compromising history is an American specialty. And this childrens’ tale will never end. Scientific American wrote a long, biased, and foolish article, claiming the other stories as myths and their myth as the truth.[38] Other eminent publications have done the same. This is how history is spun.

To give you an idea of the enormous influence of the US media and book publishers in maintaining these myths, in 2015 David McCullough ignored the judgment by Janes (and the world outside the US), and wrote a new book for Americans that not only perpetuates the myth but enhances it, with the major US media immediately writing glowing book reviews to help push sales and get the propaganda back into the public mind. The Washington Post modestly tells us how “two [American] boys taught the world to fly.” The publishers, Simon and Schuster, tell us the Wright brothers had “exceptional courage and determination”, and “ceaseless curiosity”.[39]

Daniel Okrent, in a review of McCullough’s book in the NYT,[40] adds that their progress was achieved through “excruciating patience and obsessive attention to detail” and with “an elegant demonstration of the creativity of their thinking”. They were “possessed by genius”. Their discovery of the necessity of a curved airfoil was not copied from Australia, but was the result of “endless calculation, application and recalculation”, every concoction being “a dazzling piece of reasoning” pursued with a “grandness of vision”, with the end result being “the most astonishing feat mankind has ever accomplished”. Yes. Except that it wasn’t.


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[40]← CIA Project MK-ULTRA

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The Last Zionist


In his book Memories, the first Israeli PM and pragmatic early Zionist, David Ben Gurion writes about his early years in Płońsk, Poland.

“For many of us, anti-Semitic feeling had little to do with our (Zionist) dedication. I personally never suffered anti-Semitic persecution. Płońsk was remarkably free of it… There were three main communities: Russians, Jews and Poles. … The number of Jews and Poles in the city were roughly equal, about five thousand each. The Jews, however, formed a compact, centralized group occupying the innermost districts whilst the Poles were more scattered, living in outlying areas and shading off into the peasantry. Consequently, when a gang of Jewish boys met a Polish gang the latter would almost inevitably represent a single suburb and thus be poorer in fighting potential than the Jews who even if their numbers were initially fewer could quickly call on reinforcements from the entire quarter. Far from being afraid of them (the goyim), they were rather afraid of us (the Jews). In general, however, relations were amicable, though distant.” (Memoirs: David Ben-Gurion (1970), p. 36)

Ben Gurion is very explicit when describing the balance of power between Jews and Poles in his town in the early days of the 20th century. “Far from being afraid of them, they were rather afraid of us (the Jews).”

Jews were indeed very powerful in Poland in the first years of the 20th century. The Jewish socialist party, the Bund, was a leading political force in the 1905 Revolution particularly in the Polish areas of the Russian empire. In the early stages of that Revolution, the Bund’s military wing was the strongest revolutionary force in Western Russia.

The Vow, the Bund’s anthem didn’t leave much room for imagination, it declared war and practically sentenced to death those who didn’t fit with their political agenda:

“We swear our stalwart hate persists,
Of those who rob and kill the poor:
The Tsar, the masters, capitalists.
Our vengeance will be swift and sure.
So swear together to live or die!”

“To wage the holy war we vow,
Until right triumphs over wrong.
No Midas, master, noble now –
The humble equal to the strong.
So swear together to live or die!”

The Bund was extremely confident of its power. In the autumn of 1933 it issued a call to the Polish public to boycott goods from Germany in protest of Hitler and the NSDAP. In December 1938 and January 1939, in the last Polish municipal elections before the start of WWII, the Bund received the largest segment of the Jewish vote. In 89 towns, one-third elected Bund majorities. In Warsaw, the Bund won 61.7% of the votes cast for Jewish parties, taking 17 of the 20 municipal council seats won by Jewish parties. In Łódź the Bund won 57.4% (11 of 17 seats won by Jewish parties).

We now know that this sense of victorious Jewish empowerment ended shortly after these elections. The East European and Polish Jewish communities suffered greatly during WWII. The Bund was completely wiped out during the war. For one reason or another and, as problematic as it may be for some, at least in the early stages of the war, some Poles, Ukrainians and other East European nationalists saw the Nazis as their ‘liberators.’ They apparently weren’t blind to the reality that was depicted by Ben Gurion.

This sense of Jewish political and social empowerment that is portrayed in Ben Gurion’s Memories and in the story of the Bund created a problematic pattern, as it clearly led to some tragic consequences.

In his conclusive work on the Holocaust, Jewish historian David Cesarani delved briefly into the work of the CV, (Centralverein deutscher Staatsbürger jüdischen Glaubens – the central association of German citizens of the Jewish faith).

It would be a crude act of denial to fail to see the overwhelming similarity between the CV that was formed in 1893 and the likes of the ADL, SPLCCRIFthe BOD and the CAA. Cesarani writes about the CV that it was formed “to combat the lies propagated by anti-Semites and oppose them when they stood for election.” Clearly, Jeremy CorbynBernie Sanders and Cynthia McKinney weren’t the first politicians to be targeted by dedicated Jewish pressure groups. The CV was using the same tactics over a century ago.

Cesarani continues: “over the next two decades, the CV proved quite effective: suing rabble rousers for defamation, funding candidates pledged to contest anti-Semitism, producing voluminous amounts of educational material about Judaism and Jewish life, and coordinating the activity of sympathetic non-Jews ashamed of prejudice within their communities.” (Final Solution: The Fate of the Jews 1933-1949, David Cesarani pg.10)

Like the ADL and AIPAC in the USA, and the CAA in Britain, the CV saw its popularity amongst Jews grow rapidly. By 1926 more than 60.000 German Jews were amongst its members, however, there is a good reason to believe that the more popular the CV was amongst Jews, the less popular Jews and their politics were to Germans. We can observe that the ADL and CAA are not marching in virgin territory, there is historical documentation that points out that abrasive Jewish pressure politics have, in the past, helped lead to catastrophic consequences.

The Jewish Virtual Library produces a fascinating glimpse into the CV’s activity. In 1934 when the Nazi Party was already in power, the Party made no attempt to conceal its anti Jewish sentiments, yet, the CV, apparently in a state of complete denial, ignored the political shift in Germany and continued to pursue its pressure politics.

Following is a report by the CV from 26 April 1934:

“To the Regional branches:
Central Germany
Northern Germany
Eastern Westfalia
Friends from small and middle sized towns have recently complain that songs with coarse anti-Jewish texts are being sung brazenly and provocatively. We intend to officially approach the Reich Ministry and report all these incidents and to address a letter of the board to the SA Chief and Reich Minister Roehm and to the Prussian Secret State Police. A representative of the CV will also raise this matter with the Propaganda Ministry. We therefore ask to report as soon as possible: In what localities such songs are being sung. What songs are being sung. Who is doing the singing.
(signed) Rubenstein.”

This type of a letter is familiar in its format and content from both ADL and CAApress releases targeting popular artists, musicians and politicians.

The point I am trying to make should be obvious. Harassing, terrorising and abusing one’s host nation into submission may produce some results in the short term, however, in the long run, it may not be the best way to fight anti Jewish sentiments. As Jewish history in general and the holocaust in particular prove, it may be the most dangerous path Jews can take.

‘History,’ we are told, ‘never repeats itself.’ Yet, for one reason or another, we are all expected to draw the right lessons from Jewish history. We are to vow ‘never again.’ We are to pledge to fight racism and discrimination.

Most surprising then, that the Jews, at large, never learn from their own past. One wonders, what is it about the ADL, AIPAC, BOD, Crif, CAA and other Jewish organisations that set them on a political path that has proven to be catastrophic?

One possible answer is collective ignorance. It is reasonable to assume that many Jews do not know or understand their own history and instead concentrate, if at all, on Jewish suffering (the holocaust, the inquisition, rise in Antisemitism, pogroms, etc.) rather than attempting to grasp the chain of events that led to such unfortunate consequences. In other words, they fail to see the connection between bad behaviour and antisemitism. This may imply that if things, God forbid, turn sour for American Jewry tomorrow, Jews in the future will not examine the multiple disastrous headlines associated with some prominent American Jews and leading Jewish institutions. Accordingly, they will not see the negative impact of the bad behaviour of such characters as Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell , Ehud Barak, Les Wexner, Harvey Weinstein or George Soros. They will not see the need to examine, let alone explain, the vast over-representation of Jews on NYC’s slumlord list or in America’s worst Ponzi schemes. Jews won’t look into the negative impact of the ADL or the SPLC. Nor will they dare dig into the disastrous impact of Israel and AIPAC on American Foreign Policy. Jews won’t look into these for the same reasons that Jews work hard to prevent everyone, Jews included, from understanding the role of Jews and Jewish institutions in contributing to antisemitism in the Weimar republic or in 19th century Eastern Europe.

Another possible answer is that Jewish political institutions are very sophisticated and far more strategic than we are willing to admit. Perhaps The ADL, the CAA, AIPAC and other Jewish pressure groups actually fully understand Jewish history. They do understand the possible dangerous implications of their actions. However they genuinely believe that constant tension between Jews and their host nations is actually ‘good for the Jews.’ How could it be good for the Jews? It prevents assimilation and unnecessary intermingling. It enforces Jewish identification, it evidently reinforces the importance of Israel and promotes Jewish immigration to and support for the Jewish State.

Another possible answer is more fatalistic. In this Jews do not follow a ‘strategic plan’, nor they are ‘blind to their past.’ They simply can’t do much about their destiny as they are shaped individually and collectively by a unique and persistent tribal cultural-spiritual paradigm. It is this tribal precept that sustains their clannish and exclusionist behavioural mode and also their affinity to biological determinist views.

I guess that it is this last answer that led to the birth of Zionist thought in the late 19th century. Zionism accepted that Jewish diaspora culture and attitude was deeply unhealthy. Early Zionists agreed amongst themselves that it is Jews and their cultural code, rather than the so-called ‘antisemites’ who bring disasters on the Jews. Zionism vowed to ‘civilise’ the Jews by means of a ‘homecoming’. It promised to make them “people like all other people.”

Theodor Herzl (1860 –1904) the author of political Zionism who is regarded by Jews and Israelis as Zionism’s forefather, didn’t pull his punches in his attitude to Diaspora Jewry. “The wealthy Jews” Herzl wrote, “control the world, in their hands lies the fate of governments and nations. They set governments one against the other. When the wealthy Jews play, the nations and the rulers dance. One way or the other, they get rich.” (Theodor Herzl, Deutsche Zeitung 4 min’ 47 sec’ in the following Hebrew video:

Herzl didn’t refer to AIPACADLSoros or the CAA. He didn’t know about Corbyn, Dershowitz, Sanders or Epstein and his Lolita Express’ long list of passengers. Yet Herzl managed to identify a very problematic Jewish identitarian pattern which he pledged to alter by means of a ‘Zionist metamorphosis.’

A prime Labour Zionist ideologist, A.D. Gordon (1856 –1922) referred to his brethren as ‘a parasitic people’ who have “no roots in the soil.” Like Herzl, Gordon also believed that Jews could be re-invented and become proletarians.

Dov Ber Borochov (1881-1917), the leading theoretical Jewish Marxist ideologist who inspired Labour Zionism, was also disgusted by Jewish Diaspora parasitic tendencies. “The enterprising spirit of the Jew is irrepressible. He refuses to remain a proletarian. He will grab at the first opportunity to advance to a higher rung in the social ladder.” (The Economic Development of the Jewish People, Ber Borochov, 1916).

Maybe it is time to admit that early Zionism was a unique and profound instant in Jewish history. It was the only moment in time when Jews were brave enough to look in the mirror and to admit that they were repulsed by what they saw. A similar sense of self-loathing can be detected in sermons of the Biblical prophets, but early Zionism evolved into a powerful Jewish movement. By means of self-loathing it managed to achieve its objectives. It fulfilled its promise to establish a Jewish National homeland in Palestine, even if It did so at the expense of the Palestinian people whose land it plundered. On the face of it, Zionism made the Jews people like all other people, failing to see that all other people weren’t trying to be like all other people but were like themselves.

The first Israelis bought into the ideas of Herzl, Gordon and Borochov. They believed in the possibility of Jewish metamorphosis. But it didn’t take long before the Zionists realised that for Jewishness to survive, Goyim are needed. Why? Because Jewishness is basically different manifestations of choseness, and choseness cannot operate in a vacuum for the same reason that progressives need ‘reactionaries,’ and supremacists need people to look down upon. It didn’t take long for the early Zionists to make the Palestinians and Arabs their new Goyim. It didn’t take more than a few decades for Israeli Jews to give up completely on the dream of a new Hebraic civilisation. By the 1990s Benjamin Netanyahu realised that it was Jewishness that united the Israelis. Israel under his leadership drifted rapidly from the Zionist dream. It morphed safely into a ‘Jewish State.

On a personal note I admit that, like many of my peers, in my early years I bought into the Zionist ethos. I fell in love with the idea of a Jewish nationalist rebirth. It was pretty convenient to see the Biblical kings and prophets as my ‘ancestors.’ My understanding of the Zionist revolutionary impetus was reinforced when I toured around the world as a young musician playing Jewish music in diaspora communities. I realised that I shared very little or nothing at all with those Diaspora Jews and their cultural/political ethos. I guess that I took the Zionist dream very seriously, I vowed to become a nice, ethical human being. By the time my project was more or less accomplished, I gathered that I, as a nice adult, was basically an ordinary goy like all other goyim, I was a Jew no more.

The absurdity here is that together with just a few others including: Uri Avnery, Gideon Levy, Israel Shamir, Israel Shachak, Shlomo Sand, I am probably amongst the last of the Zionists. I guess that we are the few who managed to unshackle themselves, to break out of the ghetto walls and to cross the rough sea between Jerusalem and Athens.

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The Coming Decline of Globalismor, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Multipolarity



As a nationalist in the west, it’s often difficult to find any reasons for optimism. A typical month may involve any combination of social media bans, deplatforming and physical threats from society’s dregs, and there is seemingly little to show for the sacrifice by way of tangible victories. I might be forgiven then, for finding cause for optimism in the most unlikely of places. Looking to the East, the ascendant Chinese state is removing the last vestiges of western colonial rule and expanding its own rule over Hong Kong. In many ways, Hong Kong is symbolic of the western international order, it has little identity or culture to speak of beyond being a city state ruled by financial interests for financial interests. In fact, its lack of a real identity is precisely its identity, the kind of anti-identity that characterizes the spaces where neoliberalism finds its truest expression. The reintegration of Hong Kong is a demonstration that the processes that could create a space like Hong Kong – the seemingly unstoppable wave of liberal globalization and its inevitable effect of the destruction of traditional identities – can be reversed by a people united enough to commit to a rejection of the oligarch’s utopia.

All over the world, there are signals that the world is waking up to this possibility. The move toward the open society is suddenly seeming less like the inevitable progress of history, and more like a colonial project in service of the financial interests of a few, enforced by an increasingly toothless empire. Recently, Turkey announced the reversion of the gorgeous Hagia Sophia to a Mosque. Originally built as a Christian cathedral, it was turned into a Mosque after the Ottoman conquest of 1453 but became a museum in 1934 under Turkish Republic founding father Ataturk. Some western nationalists instinctively saw the decision to reconvert it to a Mosque as a huge symbolic defeat for their cause, but as a museum the Hagia Sophia had become another neutral halfway house of conflicting visions, open to international tourists to serve as a remnant of a time when things like religion and racial identity were things our ancestors spilled blood over. Its place as a museum was a symbol of Ataturk’s vision of a secular, westernizing Turkey. Its reversion to a Mosque is a rejection of this vision, another bold assertion of a primordial national and religious identity against the infestation of the identity-less, consumer friendly spaces of neoliberalism.

There are now real signs that globalization is coming to an end, and with it the means of its conquest – liberalism, feminism, secularism and materialism – will end too. Without the force of American unipolar hegemony and the expansive dominance of rootless international finance capital, tradition and identity can again assert itself. Here are five reasons why this writer is staying cautiously optimistic about the future.


In 1957, Karl Polanyi wrote of “The Great Transformation”. Polanyi analysed the ‘dis-embedding’ force of the free market as being in conflict with the traditional social orders from which it had sprung. Polanyi warned that this decoupling could lead to a backlash – in the form of a rise of populist politics – if it’s effects were left unchecked.

The 2016 dual victories of Donald Trump and Brexit reflected growing disenchantment among the working class in the west with the effects of globalisation and a desire to return to the “embedded liberalism” of nation states that had preceded the growth of globalism in the 1980’s. Since then, populist ideas – chief among them opposition to mass migration and free trade – have become increasingly popular. Indeed, Richard Haass, who runs the Council on Foreign Relations has made the admission that “The new bipartisanship is opposition to free trade … It will be extraordinarily hard to resurrect a consensus that could pass a trade bill.[1] Backlash to the migrant crisis in Europe, itself caused by the foreign policy adventures of the liberal elite, led to the growth in popularity of anti-immigration parties like UKIP and Marine Le Pen’s National Rally party, and the election of Matteo Salvini as Deputy Prime Minister of Italy. As the spoils of globalism increasingly moves eastward, and the working class in the west face increasingly bleak prospects of debt, precarious job prospects, and the transition to a rentier economy, there is little reason to imagine the populist backlash against globalization will not continue to gather pace.


Post world war 2 political order has been characterized by the dominance of unipolar American Empire. The distinct nature of American Empire compared to empires historically lay in its unique foundations as a liberal financial empire. As long as the US – the harbinger of the values of Zionism, liberalism and its offshoots of universalism, multiculturalism, and finance capitalism – has international hegemony, the ceiling on movements of national sovereignty and tradition is hopelessly limited. The values that have created a spiritual rot across the west are in a symbiotic relationship with American hegemony, each relies on the other for its propagation.

Nationalists and traditionalists should take solace in the realization that we are witnessing the disintegration of the Empire. Let us consider the signs pointing to this hastening decline. Before Stalingrad, the Wehrmacht seemed invincible. After the brutal conflict, they achieved few significant victories to speak of. If Stalingrad is taken as our symbol of a shift in the confidence of a formerly powerful entity, what is the Stalingrad Event for America? Whatever the Stalingrad of the United States will be remembered as, and indeed what is remembered may not be the true cause, it is likely that it has already happened. Perhaps it was as recent as the surrender to the Taliban in Afghanistan after almost two decades of conflict, the embarrassing realization against imperial hubris that the most powerful military ever assembled could not achieve an ultimate victory over Afghan peasants and backwards Islamic fundamentalists. Perhaps it will be remembered as Iraq, the conflict that first seemed like a sweeping victory for the US but descended into vicious sectarian conflict far worse than anything seen before US involvement, a conflict for which the main result seems to be a victory for Iran. Iran emerged as an arch-enemy of the American empire which, with the removal of the secular despot Saddam Hussein, won a key ally for its web of Shia influence across the Middle East. While it had seemed American foreign policy machinations were drawn inexorably to the eventual destruction of the Islamic Republic of Iran, it seems doubtful the US, a country currently plagued by racial conflict and political polarization, would be able to muster the will to make war with a unified nation raised on a hatred of “The Great Satan”. Or perhaps The Empire’s last stand was Syria, where all the forces against the American project seemed to coalesce and deal a crushing blow to American imperialist ambitions in the Middle East. Not long ago, it seemed inevitable that whatever the future of Syria would be, it would exclude the Assad family. Now, the US has silently accepted defeat in this area as the new power brokers of Russia, Turkey and Iran negotiate the fate of this patch of the world without the direction of the US.

While these three defeats have thrown into question the ability of the US to impose its will on the Middle East, what of the Truman Doctrine of containment against Socialism arising south of the American Border? Just as worrying is that the Empire can no longer even exercise its will over a state like Venezuela and other Latin American countries, which have chosen their own brands of socialism over the demands made by American capital. The lesson of modern conflicts, whether Iraq or Afghanistan or Syria or Latin America, is that an occupying empire cannot maintain control over a subject population dedicated to its independence.

Though the US still (for now) far out does every other country by the size of its military, it is easy to overestimate how much that reflects the capability of the US to do what the military is there for in the first place. Across the world, the forces of anti-Americanism have become increasingly emboldened by the realization that it is possible to give The Great Satan a bloody nose – and live to tell the tale.


When it comes to the end of globalization, China is important for two reasons: the challenge it poses to American hegemony internationally, and the example its internal course of development sets. In a generation, China has risen from a poorly developed, agrarian nation to an economic behemoth that is now placed to pose a serious threat to the neoliberal order.

China has demonstrated that economic development and innovation can be achieved without democracy and liberalism. The one party state transitioned China from communism to a form of national capitalism in the late 1970’s, and has since charted a unique course of development, a course that flies in the face of the assertions of neoliberalism’s true believers. Despite the best hopes of liberal universalists, there is no sign that the Chinese people in great numbers have any desire to adopt liberalism. We have been assured that democracy and individual freedom is necessary for economic innovation, yet Chinese state-backed companies like Huawei and Alibaba not only lead the way in innovation,[2] but are also proving capable of outperforming their competitors on the world stage.

China’s mercantilist economic system and protectionist development policies now pose a serious challenge to the WTO based world trading system, yet there is little they can do to stop it. The CCP governs in China’s interest, and adopting free trade policies simply isn’t in China’s interest. President Trump has also sidestepped WTO rules to wage a unilateral trade war with China, as well as imposing tariffs on allies like Japan.

The World Trade Organisation was founded in 1995 with the intent of opening global markets, expanding free trade and regulating commerce. International organisations like the WTO and IMF have become synonymous with globalization, yet their legitimacy and relevance is increasingly under question. As evidenced by the admission of European Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan that “The W.T.O. is facing its deepest crisis since its creation.”[3]

China also has the potential to offer an alternative to American led development for smaller countries, which has often come with unwanted political interference and cultural dominance. China, by contrast, seems to have little interest in the internal affairs of its trade partners. The Belt and Road initiative, which promises major infrastructural development for participating countries, is a prime example of Chinese led international development leaving US policy makers in the cold, and is the kind of bilateral regional development which could come to characterize this century.

Russia’s place as a hegemon is less secure. Their economy remains smaller than Italy’s, and they have struggled to diversify away from their reliance on natural resources as the basis for their economic growth. Culturally and militarily, however, Russia has charted an independent course of action, and their realist approach to dealing with western encroachment in Eastern Europe and the Middle East has yielded highly significant victories. Russia responded with the maximum of force and decisiveness in seizing Crimea following a US backed coup in Ukraine in 2014. Its entry on the side of Bashar al-Assad in Syria decisively turned the course of the Syrian civil war dealt a blow to the Zionist-American ambition to oust the strongman and carve up Syria to their liking. Russia’s transformation from a failed state of demoralized people subjected to the worst effects of liberal governance and privatization in the early 1990’s to the independent, religious and nationalist state it is today looks like a potential best case scenario for other western countries looking to what comes after globalization.


Not long ago liberal journalists and foreign policy hawks could hardly contain their excitement at the prospect of the growth of social media, the hopeful expectation that its spread would lead to a democratization of every corner of the world. The “Arab Spring” was celebrated as the first of its kind, an organic rejection of authoritarianism, in favor of democracy and liberalism, coordinated through social media platforms like Twitter. With the increasing accessibility of smartphones, people across the world could see the wonders of western values and co-ordinate to bring their own nations out of the barbaric remnants of the old world order. In their arrogance, few of the elites predicted that the same technology could lead to an emboldening of exactly the opposite tendency, a complete rejection of Americanism and its promises of material wealth, women’s rights, democracy. If anything, the pendulum swayed in favor of barbarism. The sight of an organisation like ISIS disseminating Hollywood style propaganda videos across the internet demonstrated the capacity for the internet to be used towards anti-liberal ends. Fewer still, imagined that the expansion of the internet might eventually be used to lead a revolt against the elites in the west. But this is exactly what happened in the run up to the 2016 election cycle, with the growth of the Alt-Right and similar populist movements on the internet. Allowed anonymity, people were free to break the taboos of the politically correct west and express their real sentiment on multiculturalism, equality and the makeup of the elites that despised them. The explosion of white nationalism on the internet has shown that the liberal consensus is not as robust as our increasingly out-of-touch elite had imagined.

While the Trump victory led to a backlash of censorship, culminating recently in the removal of thousands of pro-Trump and white nationalist subreddit forums and YouTube channels (including the rather milquetoast libertarian Stefan Molyneux), it seems the cat is already out of the bag. The growth of censorship free alternative platforms like Bitchute and Telegram, and the potential for a truly decentralized internet, means that despite the best efforts of the ADL, they will never be able to fully silence voices of dissent.

What’s more, traditionally trusted sources of media are hemorrhaging profits (and staff)[4] as they lose their prestige and become just another voice in the public square, increasingly drowned out by more trustworthy sources.

Nationalists can continue to be optimistic about the internet, with the firm resolve that we have the truth on our side and, as has been proven again and again, in a truly open space of ideas we usually win.


It is difficult to forecast the future of crypto-currency with any certainty, but it certainly at least has the potential to do to centralized banking what the internet has done to traditional media sources. The guardians of this system are increasingly fearful of the potential of crypto privacy coins like Monero to disrupt their power.[5]

Alongside internet censorship, financial deplatforming dealt a crushing blow to the last iteration of resurgent nationalism. It is difficult to organize any movement against the system when you are reduced to cash donations and postal orders as a means of fundraising, while the bravery and enthusiasm of would-be dissidents inevitably wanes when they realize speaking out will likely cost them financially. Crypto has the potential to change all that. Those supportive of the cause will be able to support full time activism and content creation by dissidents in complete anonymity, and the oligarchy will lose its main means of control over people’s lives. Not only that, but the pariahs of the international order now have a means to bypass the crushing sanctions that face those who challenge neoliberal hegemony. China is currently trialing[6] the first state backed crypto currency, the digital yuan, which has the potential not only to relieve countries like Iran from the financial tyranny of the US, but also potentially unseat the US dollar as the global reserve currency.

These developments are of special interest to dissidents in the west. In the future, not only will their countrymen be able to easily and anonymously support their struggle against tyranny, but more powerful enemies of Western hegemony will have a means to easily support anti-war nationalist movements in the west. With the rise of China there is the potential for a “Thucydides trap”, the idea that the rise of a new great power makes inevitable an eventual conflict with the existing power. If the seemingly inevitable cold war between the US and China (or Russia) heats up, they will have the potential to seriously disrupt the plans of the oligarchs by supporting isolationist national populists in western countries with the click of a mouse. This is a prospect that should give nationalists as much cause for optimism as it terrifies the stewards of the system.


In the short-term, it is easy to see why any optimism toward the future is dim. We went from a marginal voice on the sidelines to an energized movement with our message reaching unprecedented new audiences across mainstream platforms like YouTube during 2015-17. With our acts of truth-telling evading the ability of the elites to control its dissemination, they moved to increasingly marginalize us by swift acts of deplatforming, lockouts of payment processors to financially starve us, and draconian repression in the legal arena. This grave situation we now find ourselves in has, understandably, demoralized even our most sincere and committed of activists. Given the trends we see developing among the areas we outlined above, there is a potential ground for seeding an effective political resistance. The latent decentralization of technology becoming increasingly realized, the global pushback against American unipolar hegemony, and the desire for financial freedom from the plutocrats fueling the commitment to crypto against the dollar provides us with the tools and new political conditions for charting our own course. The prospect of a new world of decentralization and anonymity has understandably excited the imaginations of libertarian and anarchist political factions. It may then seem counter-intuitive for nationalists, who have so tied their fate to that of the nation state, to be optimistic about the move to techno-anarchy. But the potential becomes clear when we realize that our political project is to restore an organic social order, and in the vacuum left by decentralization, it is ripe for localism, traditionalism and identity to flourish.

But we cannot take optimism for victory with these new developments as a given but rather as an opportunity to reorient the way in which we engage in resistance and assertion of our own interests. The idea of trying to appeal to and reorient American hegemony is not only a backward strategy that leaves us playing in an arena set by our enemies but also a poor strategy on the grounds that the world is becoming increasingly less favorable to the stability of American-Zionist Empire. We must exercise creativity by forward-thinking and flexible use of the advantages that arise within rapidly changing political conditions across all networks of social, cultural and institutional transformation both domestically and globally. To this end, we have reasons to be optimistic but with optimism for our future, comes the responsibility and steadfastness to act on and awaken the dormant potentials for our advantage. To arise and meet this challenge is a moralizing endeavor in itself.


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