Nazi occupation Arrests the wife of a prisoner and a student in Birzeit

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


The Nazi occupation forces arrested, at dawn today, a number of Palestinians, in a number of West Bank governorates, and the arrests included the wife of Asir in Ramallah, and a student at Birzeit University.

In the details, an occupation military force stormed Al-Tirah neighborhood, west of Ramallah, and arrested Hanin Nassar (37 years), the wife of the prisoner Rami Fadayel (41 years), after his house was raided and taken to an unknown destination.

It is noteworthy that “Hanin and Rami” did not witness stability in their lives due to the large number of arrests and years of captivity. Age today (14 years).

Clashes erupted between dozens of youths and the occupation forces in the neighborhood, interspersed with the firing of rubber-coated metal bullets and grenades by the soldiers, which led to bottlenecks among the youth and journalists.

The Nazi occupation forces, student at Birzeit University, also arrested Elia Abu Hijleh after storming Al-Tirah neighborhood in the early morning hours.

The Nazi occupation forces stormed the Jalazoun camp, north of Ramallah, and arrested a young man, Mahdi Nasser Samada’a (19 years), after raiding his family’s house and tampering with his belongings, and he was transferred to the settlement of Beit El.

The Nazi occupation also arrested the young Amjad Samhan during his storming his house in the town of Bir Zeit in the north.

Prisoner Weshahi has been fighting Nazi solitary confinement for a year and more


The Nazi occupation Prisons Administration has continued for a year and three months, isolating the prisoner Islam Wishahi (38 years) from Jenin. 

The Prisoner Club said in a statement today, Tuesday, that the prisoner Weshahi has been detained in the isolation of the “Ohlickidar-Beersheba” prison, and for three months his family was unable to check on him, with the visits of lawyers being suspended as part of a series of measures related to the Corona epidemic announced by the Prison Administration The occupation last March, which actually contributed to doubling the level of isolation of prisoners. 

In this context, the Prisoners Club indicated that the isolated prisoner is automatically denied a family visit, and the visit of his lawyer is the only way to communicate with the outside world, knowing that the prison administration recently allowed the lawyers to conduct visits to the prisoners, after they stopped for about three months. 

He pointed out that during the month of June, the Prison Administration issued a new order to extend the removal of the prisoner, Weshahi, which is the fifth order issued against him since the date of his dismissal, and for a period of six months. 

It is reported that the prisoner, Weshahi, who was sentenced to 19 years imprisonment, was brutally assaulted in the desert Negev Nazi Camp following a crackdown carried out by the prison administration in the month of March 2019, which caused him fractures, bruises, and wounds. The repression was the most violent in years. Dozens of prisoners. 

And the Nazi regime are calling for adding a new ruling on the prisoner, Wishahhi, provided that the ruling is more than ten years.

It is noteworthy that the occupation forces arrested Weshahi on December 1, 2002, by the special units after a chase for eight months as a result of the battle of the siege of the Jenin camp, in which the captive participated and was not then 18 years old, and was subjected to a harsh investigation for two months before the courts were issued The occupation has sentenced him to 19 years imprisonment.

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