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We are all “Jews” in the eyes of today’s Nazis

All Jews in eyes of Nazis
Gilad Atzmon writes: 

Palestinians are “Jews” in the eyes of those who plunder their landtheir homesfields and olive groves. They are “Jews” to those who abuse their human rights and quash their hopes for peace and justice.

Blacks are “Jews” in the eyes of those who compare them to “monkeys”. They are “Jews” in the eyes of those who work hard to vet  (look herehereherehere etc. ) their calls for equality and for a future of hope.

The Muslims are “Jews” in the eyes of those who call them “Islamo-fascists” and mobilise their influence to destroy Arab and Muslim countries one after the other.

So-called “Whites” are “Jews” in the eyes of those who mock their culture, call for their eliminationburn their books and persecute their intellectuals, mock their heritage and desecrate their bronze heroes.

Maybe everybody is a “Jew”, except the Jews, as no one, thankfully,  calls for punishment of Jews, no one plunders their homes, no one burns their books or silences their most famous Harvard lawyer; no one calls for the destruction of their institutions. 

Maybe in the eyes of the Nazis of our time everyone is a “Jew” except the Jews.

This is the universal lesson we learned from the holocaust: Nazis (racist, supremacist and authoritarian) must be exposed and fought against.

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