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Lithuania Drafts Law That Would Make It Impossible For Jews To Sue For ‘Holocaust’ Reparations

Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

A committee of the Lithuanian parliament is drafting legislation declaring that neither the Baltic nation nor its leaders participated in the Holocaust, a lawmaker working on the bill said:

Arūnas Gumuliauskas, chairman of the Freedom Fights and State Historical Memory Commission at the Seimas, said this at a conference last month, the news site reported on Dec. 28.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Eastern Europe director, Efraim Zuroff, protested the planned legislation, calling it an “outrage” and the “final stage of a long attempt to whitewash massive complicity by Lithuanians” in the murder of more than 95 percent of about 250,000 Jews who had lived in Lithuania when the Nazis invaded in 1941.

The bill will be titled “The Lithuanian state, which was occupied in 1940-1990, did not participate in the Holocaust,” according to Gumuliauskas. He is a member of Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis’ Lithuanian Farmers and Greens Union party.

The Lithuanian state did not participate in the Holocaust because it was occupied, just as the Lithuanian nation could not participate in the Holocaust because it was enslaved,” Gumuliauskas was quoted as saying at the conference. “But individual representatives are obviously involved and it is up to the court to decide.”

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum has a different view of the Holocaust in Lithuania.

“The Lithuanians carried out violent riots against the Jews,” it writes. “In June and July 1941, detachments of German Einsatzgruppen, together with Lithuanian auxiliaries, began murdering the Jews of Lithuania.”

Zuroff said he hoped “common sense will prevail and the legislation is dropped.”

‘Common sense’ from a jewish perspective is the jewish perspective.  If common sense prevails, this legislation will fly through parliament and be approved unanimously.

Lithuania is passing this law to protect itself from jewish plans to sue it for ‘reparations’ for its alleged ‘complicity’ with the so-called ‘Nazis’ to ‘murder’ Jews for no reason whatsoever.

Poland has considered similar legislation to make it illegal to claim that Poland was complicit with Germany in murdering Jews during WWII for no reason whatsoever.

In reality, Jews were active participants in the underground resistance against the German occupation, and they were part of the Soviet troops who brutalized the Lithuanian people.  And yes, many of those Jews were killed in action by the Germans, but that’s because they were enemy combatants, not “genocidal maniacs”.

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Litigious Jews Attempt to Shakedown Lithuania for Collaborating with Nazis

Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Local Jews say Lithuania’s State-run body tasked with memorializing Holocaust is attempting to absolve Lithuanians of ‘substantial complicity’ with the occupying Nazis in the mass murder of Jews during WWII:

Lithuania’s state body for preserving the memory of the Holocaust broke the country’s laws against denying that genocide, local Jews said.

The controversy surrounding the Center for the Study of the Genocide and Resistance of Residents of Lithuania is the latest in a series of actions that the country’s critics say is a government-sponsored campaign to exculpate its people from its substantial complicity in the murder of 85 percent of the country’s 170,000 Jews.

The Center published last month a text claiming that “the Lithuanians operated against the will of the Germans” during World War II and that “the residents of occupied Lithuania in 1941 didn’t understand ghettos as part of the Holocaust.”

On March 28, the Jewish Community of Lithuania published on its website a harsh condemnation of the Center’s claims, threatening to take legal action unless it is retracted.

The text, the community said, “contains features which are crimes under the Lithuanian criminal code, namely, denial or gross belittlement of the Holocaust.”

The Center’s text was a defense of Jonas Noreika, the wartime governor of the Lithuanian Šiauliai district under the Nazis. Many historians believe he oversaw and profited personally from the dispossession and murder of that district’s Jews.

Last month, a Lithuanian judge dismissed as “ill-based” an American Jew’s lawsuit against the center, demanding it take down a plaque commemorating Noreika.

“Noreika belonged to the anti-Nazi underground of Šiauliai which rescued Jews, Noreika helped those who rescued Jews,” the Center’s text also said.

So basically, if a country denies that it was complicit with the Nazis to “genocide” Jews during WWII, then they are guilty of Holocaust denial.  This isn’t just about questioning the sacred kabbalistic 6 million number; it’s about rejecting the idea that every country occupied by the Nazis during WWII was complicit in “exterminating” Jews, an accusation that jewish groups have leveled at virtually every European country at this point.

Despite receiving billions in reparations from Germany, these jewish groups are hoping to implicate all European people, regardless of what side they were on in the war, in the so-called Holocaust.  Ultimately, the Jews will probably pass a Holocaust Reparations Tax for all members of the EU.  A condition of EU membership will depend on collection of this tax, regardless of messy details about who killed whom.  The EU needs to accept responsibility for the Holocaust because individual countries like Lithuania are too ‘antisemitic’ to admit complicity and pay up without being sued.

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Jews Hope Colorizing Auschwitz Film Footage Will Make ‘Holocaust’ More Believable To Young People

Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem

As part of a concerted effort to combat an astonishing lack of interest in the Holocaust among young people, jewish producers have colorized the original black and white footage of Nazi concentration camps for the first time for a new documentary akin to Sir Peter Jackson’s acclaimed First World War retrospective They Shall Not Grow Old:

Auschwitz Untold in Colour, a two-part series, will feature testimony from 16 survivors of the camps to bring “contemporary resonance” to the horrors of the Holocaust, producers Fulwell73 said.

The Ben Kingsley-narrated documentaries air on More 4 this month, to mark the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz on January 27.

The colourisation technique used on the archive footage is similar to that used in Sir Peter’s They Shall Not Grow Old, which was released in 2018.

It is thought to be the first time that monochrome footage from inside the Nazi camps has been colourised for a television documentary.

Fulwell73’s Sheldon Lazarus, development producer of Auschwitz Untold In Colour, said: “The 16 survivors who feature in this series tell their extraordinary accounts of survival and resistance against all odds in their own voices, and accompanied by remarkable colourised footage from the archives, we hope this series will help remove a barrier that separates contemporary audiences from the reality of the Holocaust so that we never ever forget the atrocities of the past.

“With the 75th anniversary to commemorate the liberation of Auschwitz in 2020 we felt it was really timely and important to bring to life the untold stories of the Holocaust in a new way.”

David Shulman, the series’ producer and director, said: “My ambition in making Auschwitz Untold in Colour was to have as much contemporary resonance as possible.

“The colourisation of black and white archive is one aspect of making this history more accessible to a younger audience and giving greater humanity to the people seen in the footage.”

This colorization ploy is a tacit admission on the part of the producers that their tired old Holocaust propaganda is on life support.  Recent surveys show that their non-stop Holocaust propaganda in the media is failing to have much effect on younger people.

And, no, simply colorizing dreary old film footage from the work camps is not going to make the fantastic jewish version of events any more believable or persuasive to media-savvy young people.

Thanks to the internet, Jews no longer have an absolute stranglehold on all materials produced about the so-called Holocaust, and in the last 20 years hundreds of well-researched and documented films and scholarly books have been produced that responsibly question many aspects of the self-serving Jewish-sanctioned version of World War II.

And because of that, skepticism about what really happened in the concentration camps is at an all-time high and growing daily, despite their ongoing efforts to make any questioning of the Holocaust a jailable offense worldwide.

Even many credible, high-profile Jews have begun to openly question the veracity of the ‘official’ Holocaust narrative.

Jews themselves are enslaved and terrorized by the lies surrounding what allegedly happened to them in WWII, and that enslavement to a massive lie causes them to want to go to extreme lengths, like gutting our constitutional rights, to make sure another fake Holocaust doesn’t happen again.

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Jews Panic as Survey Shows Holocaust Propaganda Failing Miserably With Young People

Posted by: Sami Ibrahim,Sr

Despite billions of dollars and almost 70 years of non-stop propaganda to promote the so-called Holocaust in WWII, a new survey shows that these efforts are failing to persuade young people of its credibility and importance:

One in 20 British adults does not believe the Holocaust took place while eight per cent believe the number of Jews murdered is exagerated, a shocking poll has found.

The research, published to coincide with Holocaust Memorial Day on Sunday, also shows that nearly two thirds of people – 64 per cent – either do not know how many Jews died or “grossly underestimate” the figure, with 19 per cent of people believing fewer than two million died.

This is less than a third of the actual figure of six million.

Olivia Marks-Woldman, chief executive of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust which surveyed 2,000 people for the research, said: “Such widespread ignorance and even denial is shocking.”

She added: “The Holocaust threatened the fabric of civilisation and has implications for us all… Without a basic understanding of this recent history, we are in danger of failing to learn where a lack of respect for difference and hostility to others can ultimately lead.

“With a rise in reported hate crime in the UK and ongoing international conflicts with a risk of genocide, our world can feel fragile and vulnerable. We cannot be complacent.”

Shoah survivor Steven Frank, who was among just 93 children who survived the Theresienstadt camp, said the scale of ignorance was “terribly worrying”.

“People don’t have a solid understanding of what happened during the Holocaust and that’s one of the reasons I am so committed to sharing what happened to me.

“At one of my talks, I met someone who said the Holocaust didn’t happen. The only way to fight this kind of denial and antisemitism is with the truth – I tell people what happened, what I saw and what I experienced. Education is so important. If we ignore the past, I fear history will repeat itself.”

A total of 83 per cent of respondents said it was important to know about the Holocaust while 76 percent said more had to be done to educate people.

Ms Marks-Woldman noted that 25 per cent of people believed the Holocaust could never happen again but added: “Genocides have been carried out across the world in the last 70 years.

“Each of us has a responsibility to know what happened, and the need for Holocaust Memorial Day has never been so pressing.”

Dr Joe Mulhall, a reearcher and HMDT trustee, said: “As time passes we have fewer and fewer people who witnessed the horrors of the Holocaust first-hand…

“The best way to fight back against Holocaust denial wherever it rears its head is awareness and education.”

So all of the prior education efforts to brainwash the public have failed, so the Jews believe the solution is even more education.  That makes a lot of sense.  They act as if people who question their propaganda do so merely because they are “evil” or “hate Jews”.  It never occurs to Jews that White people are naturally curious, and when they look into certain historical events and find them lacking in credibility, they begin to turn a deaf ear to the propaganda.  When you tell people that they are “bad” because they don’t believe what you want them to believe, they aren’t going to be persuaded by anything you have to say.

And on top of that, Jews have made questioning the details of the so-called Holocaust a criminal offense, with fines and imprisonment, and doing this has only hurt their credibility and soured many against their official narrative.  The truth does not need laws to enforce it, only lies do, and the stupidest thing the Jews could ever have done — and want to do in America — is criminalize not believing their improbable narrative.  It is their “education” that has created doubters, which is why it continues to fail, as this new poll shows.

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New Study Reveals Amazing Health Benefits of the Holocaust for Jews

Posted by: Sami Ibrahim,Sr

A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that Jews who allegedly survived the so-called Holocaust in World War II, on average, live up to seven years longer than Jews who did not live through that so-called event:

Mountains of research has documented the health problems suffered by Holocaust survivors but a new study has found that, despite this, people who survived the Nazi death camps live longer than those who were spared the atrocities.

Starvation, torture and the concentration camps’ dreadful living conditions left survivors suffering from a range of chronic illnesses long after they were liberated. However, the new research found that they live on average seven years longer than people who were not caught up in the Nazi regime’s efforts to exterminate Europe’s Jews.

The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, compared 38,597 Holocaust survivors born in Europe and 34,931 Israelis all of whom were born between 1911 and 1945.

Both of the groups were insured by Maccabi Healthcare Services in Israel. The researchers used data collected from 1998 through 2017 and looked at heart disease, chronic kidney disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, and death.

They found that the survivors had a life expectancy of 84.8 years while the normal Israelis had a life expectancy of 77.7. This longevity is made even more remarkable by the fact that the survivors are more likely to suffer from hypertension, obesity, chronic kidney disease, cancer, and dementia.

The paper says it is conceivable that the “Darwinist ability to survive” among those who lived through the Holocaust was associated with favorable resilience despite the enduring health consequences they suffer.

It offers a range of reasons for this resilience including optimism, a personal moral compass, active coping skills, maintaining a supportive social network and looking after their physical well-being.

“It is very possible that because of their experience, they take a very different approach to life, they take better care of themselves,” Dr Gideon Koren, lead researcher, said to the Washington Times. “We call it health literacy — they know more, they ask more, probably some of it or much of it is their experience.”

Clearly, this study shows, if anything, how double-minded Jews are.  “Mountains” of evidence shows us how terrible the so-called Holocaust was, but not so bad that so-called survivors live longer than Jews who didn’t experience it.  This study conveniently leaves out the definition of a so-called “Holocaust survivor” which is any Jew living anywhere that the Germans occupied in World War II, and that includes countries that had no concentration camps or even allegedly rounded up Jews.  So many of these “survivors” experienced nothing more in WWII than most people in Europe.

The study also conveniently leaves out the fact that so-called “survivors” had received literally billions of dollars in “reparations” over the last 75 years, making their lives much less “stressful” than the average Jew.  Many “survivors” have received lucrative book and film deals for their “memoirs”, with the more salacious and improbable going straight to a Hollywood producer’s desk.  Jews have made “survivors” into virtual celebrities, and we all know how old most celebrities out-live the rest of us who work for a living.

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Jews Pushing New Law to Make Holocaust Indoctrination Mandatory in Public Schools

Posted by: Sami Ibrahim,Sr

Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) and various Jewish advocacy groups on Monday announced the reintroduction of legislation entitled the Never Again Education Act, a bipartisan effort to improve education about the Holocaust in American schools:

The bipartisan bill seeks to introduce Holocaust studies into the curriculum of the US education system, and establish a federal fund that would provide teachers with the resources and to teach the horrific details of the Holocaust and its consequences, as well as develop textbooks and seminars on the subject. The bill comes in the wake of a recent wave of anti-Semitic attacks in the US.

Speaking to the media at the Center for Jewish History, Maloney—accompanied by Israel’s Consulate General in New York Danny Dayan—said the legislation is an important step in combating the rise of anti-Semitism in America.

“The rise of anti-Semitism in our country is extremely disturbing and I am terrified of the fact that people have walked through the district I am privileged to represent and have been beaten up and hurt because they are Jewish,” Maloney said. “We need to take proactive steps to combat this hatred. We must begin educating people, especially our young people, about the horrors of the Holocaust and how hate, evil, intolerance and ignorance can lead to mass murder..”

A recent survey conducted by the Claims Conference—a nonprofit organization that secures monetary and material compensation for Holocaust survivors—found that 31% of Americans and 41% of millenials believe that only two million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust, while 41% of Americans and 66% of millenials do not know what Auschwitz is. In addition, 52% of Americans believe that Hitler took the power in Germany by force.

According to the Anti-Defamation League—a Jewish non-profit that fights racial hatred in the US—there has been a 60% increase in anti-Semitic incidents in the country between 2016 and 2017.

“Charlottesville, Pittsburgh and the recent physical assaults on Jews in Brooklyn require profound educational reform,” said Danny Dayan. “This legislation will lead to a revolution in Holocaust studies in the United States, and prevent a new generation from forgetting the past, which is essential for a secure future.”

“The reality in which the majority of the young people in the US are not aware of Auschwitz, is distorted and must be rectified. This will allow the American students to understand what anti-Semitism can ultimately lead to,” added Dayan.

For the last 40 years the jewish-controlled media and educational system has flooded us with pro-Holocaust propaganda.  Literally every day we are reminded of the “unique” suffering of the Jews during World War II.  We are constantly reminded that a potential genocide is set in motion every time a Jew is called an unkind name somewhere in the world.  And in many White countries, you can now be sent to prison for questioning the jewish version of WWII.

Contrary to what the Jews believe, more mandatory education about the Holocaust will not reduce antisemitism.  After all, 40 years of it hasn’t worked yet, so why keep doing it?  If anything, making belief in the so-called Holocaust mandatory in America’s schools will do nothing except create more skeptics and ultimately more antisemites.  The last thing the Jews want is for people to look too closely into the historical details and start asking uncomfortable questions.

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Because of ‘Antisemitism’ U.K. Jews Allowed to Have Jews-Only Public Housing

Posted by: Sami Ibrahim,Sr

[Ita Symons], the chief executive of an Orthodox Jewish housing association, has said she “never gave a moment’s thought” to the possibility of losing a discrimination case launched against it:

Agudas Israel Housing Association, who are based in Stamford Hill, were accused of breaking equality laws after listing a property which was specifically for members of their religious community.

A family who wanted to bid on new flats, which were purpose-built for the Orthodox population, were told they were unable to because consideration was only given to Orthodox Jews.

They took the housing association to court on the grounds that housing should be provided on the basis of need, not religion. The family’s lawyer said they plan to appeal the decision.

They argued that it was “direct discrimination of a very scarce resource, public housing” and that the case “concerned the question of whether or not it is lawful for housing to be allocated on the basis of religion, not need.”

The Orthodox community has a particular need for larger properties, as they have more children than average, and need to live close to Kosher shops, synagogues and Jewish school…

Mrs Symons, who founded the charity in 1986, said: “Our lawyers said we had a clear case, because of two things – we are a charity, and the community has such particular needs that it is proportionate that we use the development for our needs.

“Luckily we were successful, because it means that we can continue our work and continue to fulfill our mission statement…

“I don’t understand why they would want to live in this project – there are Hasidic men, with their sidelocks and beards, speaking in a language which they wouldn’t understand. Why would you want to enter such a different culture?

…“The court found that what AIHA does and how it allocates properties is a proper response to the needs of the Orthodox Jewish Community.

“This is not about self-ghettoisation and AIHA does not look to exclude others. That suggestion is frankly offensive.

The court recognised that AIHA was set up for a purpose and accepted that that purpose was to alleviate the special housing needs of the Orthodox Jewish Community which are compounded by overt and increasing anti-Semitism.”

One might be tempted to ask if there is any Christian-only housing projects in England, but that would be antisemitic.  This jewish woman never worried that the court would rule against her because she has jewish privilege, and the fix was in with the judge the second he saw the yarmulkes testifying for the defense.  But she’s right about one thing: who would even want to live among a bunch of alien Orthodox Jews?

But the same could be said about these Orthodox Jews themselves: why would they want to live in a traditionally White and Christian society in England?

If they want to live around only other Jews like themselves, why don’t they just move to Israel instead of demanding special rules, special housing, and special police protection?  Well, why not live in England if they can get all those benefits just for raising a stink every now and then when the goyim object to their privilege?

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NYC ‘Crime’ Statistics Show that Jews Are More Hated than All Other Minorities Combined

Posted by: Sami Ibrahim,Sr

According to New York City Police Department crime statistics, as interpreted through the jewish lens of the self-serving Anti-Defamation League, more “hate crimes” were committed against Jews in 2018 than against all other minorities combined:

Anti-Semitic incidents rose by 22 percent from last year, NYPD figures show, according to a report Wednesday on Patch. Of the 352 hate crimes this year recorded as of Sunday, 183 were anti-Semitic incidents. Brooklyn has seen a spate of hate crimes against Jews in recent months, but the Patch report did not break down the figures by boroughs.

Overall, the tally of hate crimes in New York is up about 6 percent from 331 in the same time last year.

Evan Bernstein, the Anti-Defamation League’s New York Regional director, told Patch that those holding anti-Semitic beliefs are feeling emboldened. ADL believes that 12 to 14 percent of Americans hold such beliefs.

The Oct. 27 slaying of 11 worshippers at a Pittsburgh synagogue by a lone gunman unleashed a spate of incidents in New York and “opened up people even more to act out on these feelings,” Bernstein said. “I think for certain people it gave them (a) green light and that’s what is so concerning.”

The ADL has recorded a 60 percent increase in anti-Semitic assaults this year, according to Bernstein.

Crimes targeting black, white and Asian people also have increased this year, as have those based on sexual orientation, the NYPD figures show. Those categories combined still include fewer crimes than the number of anti-Semitic incidents.

Anti-Muslim incidents dropped by nearly half, according to the same figures. There have been 18 this year, down from 34 last year and 31 in 2016.

When Whites are slaughtered en mass, such as at the infamous Columbine High School in Colorado, when two jewish students, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, murdered 13 people, it’s not a “hate crime,” but when any Jew is killed or even called a naughty name, it’s reported to the police as a “hate crime”.  That’s how Jews falsely create the impression that the “goyim” are out to get them, and also how they use these cooked “hate crime” statistics to leverage millions of dollars from our government to protect them from “violent” antisemites, but we never get a cent to protect ourselves from violent minorities.

If we are to take the ADL’s word for it, a whopping 14% of the American public holds “antisemtic” feelings, whatever that means.  Doing the math, the ADL is claiming that there are over 45 million antisemites in America.  If that is true, why aren’t all Jews getting on planes and moving to the safety of Israel?  With 45 million, potentially “violent” antisemites walking the streets, how do Jews even have the courage to leave their own gated communities every day?

The fact is that Jews are cooking these fake statistics to justify the “hate crime” legislation that they’ve already written and want our representatives to sign, which will make criticizing any Jew anywhere for any reason a jailable offense.

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Jews in Winnipeg Arrested After Faking ‘Antisemitic’ Hate Crime Attacks

Posted by: Sami Ibrahim,Sr

The “most brazen act of antisemitism” that Winnipeg had ever seen, a series of alleged attacks on a kosher-style café, has turned out to be completely fake and was staged by the jewish owners of the restaurant, police now say:

Police charged the owners of the BerMax Caffe and Bistro in Winnipeg, Manitoba with public mischief. The investigation of the April 18 incident involved 25 police officers and 1,000 hours of investigative work, police told local media.

The restaurant in the central Canadian city was vandalized and spray-painted with anti-Semitic graffiti, and a woman who works at the restaurant was assaulted in the alleged attack.

It was the fourth attack on the café in the last five months.

Alexander Berent, 56, Oxana Berent, 48, and Maxim Berent, 29 were charged by police and released on a promise to appear in court next month. They have not entered pleas.

Bnai Brith Canada in a statement said it was “shocked and disturbed” to learn that police believe that the anti-Semitic attack was staged.

“If the allegations of Winnipeg police are true, we condemn this fabrication of a hate crime in the strongest possible terms. Making false allegations of anti-Semitism does nothing to quell the rise of racism and discrimination in Winnipeg and across Canada and will embolden the conspiracy theorists and purveyors of anti-Jewish hatred who blame the entirety of society’s ills on the Jewish community,” the statement said.

The police did not say anything about the previous anti-Semitic attacks on the café, which it is also investigating.

A crowd-funding campaign launched to support the family was shut down after news about the charges against the family were made public, with a promise to return the money already raised. A vigil planned for Thursday night in response to the incident was cancelled.

If it weren’t for all these fake “hate crimes”, there would be no rise in so-called “antisemitism” that we are hearing non-stop 24/7 on the jewish-controlled media.

Faking “hate crimes” has become commonplace today because there is a clear incentive to fake them, and because those who are caught faking them are rarely punished, and those who are punished are more often than not given a precursory slap on the wrist.

And notice in the news report below how one of the Jews proclaims his innocence, “It’s against our jewish law.  It’s against our beliefs.”  He’s actually telling a little truth here as he lies: it is prohibited in The Talmud to do anything illegal that might bring unwanted negative attention to the jewish community, and that’s where he failed.

The jewish law of The Talmud does not prohibit Jews from committing fake hate crimes to make the goyim look bad and create sympathy for Jews, but it does advise that if a Jew is going to do something illegal like fake a hate crime, just don’t get caught.

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Brooklyn Blacks Mistake Jews for White in Violent “Antisemitic” Attacks

Posted by: Sammmi Ibrahem,Sr

Police in New York are investigating two separate attacks targeting Jewish men in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights neighborhood, the latest in a string of apparently anti-Semitic assaults:

According to reports in local media, a 51-year-old Orthodox Jewish man was violently attacked by three men around 1 a.m. Wednesday morning. Police say the men approached the victim on President Street, and punched him in the face and body.

Less than an hour earlier, police say, a 22-year-old Orthodox man was attacked half a block away by three men.

“They didn’t say anything at all,” the victim of the first attack, who identified himself as Mendel, told the New York Post. “Next thing I know, I was on the floor — my yarmulke and glasses in the gutter somewhere.”

He said the assailants did not say anything to him or attempt to steal his wallet.

“It was just an attack of hate and anti-Semitism,” he said. “I guess ’cause I look identifiably Jewish.”

The New York Police Department believes the cases are linked, and so far has made two arrests. Reports said 18-year-old Navar Walters and 20-year-old Teshon Bannister have been charged with assault as a hate crime.

A third suspect remains on the lose.

The Anti-Defamation League has offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case.

“We are sickened by this horrific violence, and increasingly alarmed by rising tensions in the community in the wake of similar incidents,” said ADL regional director Evan R. Bernstein. “These crimes are unacceptable, and they must stop.”

Chabad’s Rabbi Motti Seligson said that in the wake of the latest attacks, it was “time for a serious, and possibly, uncomfortable conversation about the face of antisemitism in America.”

“This happened last night in Crown Heights, not in Charlottesville nor at the hands of White Supremacists,” Seligson said in an Instagram post. “I’m told they stole nothing just brutally beat the guy in what is clearly a premeditated attack.”

There have been several assaults on identifiably Jewish victims in Crown Heights recently.

Last week, two residents were violently attacked on Kingston avenue by a group of teenage males.

The NYPD has reportedly assigned extra patrol cars and police foot patrols in the neighborhood in response to the attacks.

Here we have a new wrinkle in the “hate crime” propaganda — if a victim of an assault is “identifiably jewish,” then police must investigate the incident as a “hate crime” until proven that it is not.  So if you mug or attack someone who is wearing anything that outwardly identifies them as a Jew, say a yarmulke or a star of David, then regardless of why you committed the assault, you will also be charged with a hate crime.

There has been a long history of racial tensions in Crown Heights between Blacks and Jews, including a number of violent attacks.  It’s a turf war, plain and simple, just like with Israel and Palestine, but when the locals fight back against the Jews, it’s called “antisemitism”.  The majority of Blacks see Jews, yarmulkes or not, as White people, and Jews have trained Blacks to hate White people on sight, so when Jews become victims of this type of targeting, they always cry “antisemitism” because claiming that they were targeted merely for being White will get no sympathy from their media sympathizers.

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