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Damascus: Sanctions, Crop burning, Oil theft, Syria will miss Trump, Not so much

By VT Editors

Exclusive Tom Duggan, VT

I am going to try and put the suffering of the Syrian people into a simple prospective.

Today the price of an egg in 2020 equals the price of 60 eggs prior to the war in 2011.
Wages remain the same, as 2011 average middle management earns around 50,000 to 60.000 Syrian pounds per month equal to around 50 USD.

Average rent in the suburbs of Damascus now costs 150.000 Syrian pounds for a livable apartment in Jaramana. I spoke to a doctor who works in a government hospital as a cardiac specialist with a government salary of 35.000 Syrian pounds per month.

After he finishes his work at the hospital, he drives a taxi. He makes 3 times his government salary per month. He spent 6 years at medical school and a further 5 years as an intern before gaining his qualification in cardiac medicine, that’s 11 years of his life to become a recognized doctor.

Pharmaceutical Production:

At the beginning of the war the Majority of Pharmaceutical factory’s were based in Aleppo all stolen and then destroyed all of the production equipment shipped to Turkey.

What remained were only a handful of factorys based around government cities in 2016.

It took me three days to find a pharmacist who had antibiotic medicine. Most medicines come from third world countries of a low standard, imported via the back door, often with strange side effects, not tested to EU or international standards, due to sanctions.

We can’t get quality medication to EU standard. During the Covid 19 outbreak, people still went to work. They had to. The Syrian Government is unable to offer any financial benefit,  such as financial support. They tried a lock down for a few weeks, strictly enforced, but it was damaging the already damaged economy.

The Syrian people are being slowly strangled by sanctions. Every day the grip from the USA and other western democracies tighten around the throat of the average man, woman, and child; a slow malingering death said one woman. In war we faced shelling and bullets and death, but that was quick. This is slow and painful and without mercy.

I have watched children at school lunch time ask a fast food takeaway how much for a sandwich, and the look they give as they find they don’t have enough money, and then turn around and leave the takeaway [vehicle].

Prices rise daily. Petrol is expensive, so taxi drivers are increasing the price of journeys. To purchase petrol is an 8 hour wait in queues, and that’s a day’s work lost.

Syrian people cook on bottled gas, they have no piped network. Bottled gas is in short supply, most heating for stoves and central heating is diesel, that’s become very expensive.

It’s difficult to understand a country like Syria, an oil producing country with its own gas fields and great natural resources that can’t produce its own fuel.

You have to look back to the war. Syria’s processing factorys were deliberately targeted and destroyed. ISIS and other terrorist groups captured Syrian oil fields and sold oil to Turkey. The Kurds did the same and sold to the USA.

Trump said no more boots on the ground and said the USA would withdraw from Syria. But, instead he sent the US army to the oil fields in Dier Ezzor and liberated the oil fields for the USA.

If Syria was a woman you would consider her a victim of gang rape. This is the history of Syrian petroleum and gas systematically stolen by various outside powers in occupied Golan Israeli state oil, Genie Oil, is illegally selling off drilling rights to foreign business including the USA, against UN charter and international law.

Genie Oil is one of the companies that stands to profit from Syria’s downfall and freedom of movement in the Golan Heights. Genie Energy Advisory Board: Former chair of the US Senate Homeland Security Appropriations Subcommittee Mary Landrieu, Former CIA Director James Woolsey, Former V-P Dick Cheney, Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch, Lord [of Darkness] Jacob Rothschild, Former New Mexico Gov. and former Energy Secr. Bill Richardson, Former engineer of the Glass-Steagall Act Larry Summers, Hedge fund speculator Michael Steinhart

Summing up on petroleum, the money that should be going into the coffers of the Syrian state are now going to foreign oil companies; entailing a massive loss of revenue for the Syrian people.

On a daily basis, staple goods like fruit and vegetables have increased in price some 10 fold, meat is out of people’s reach. The cost of lamb and chicken is greater than most citizens’ budget.

One woman I spoke with told me for breakfast her four children have a one egg omelet and bread, split between 4 children, and that’s a luxury for them, a treat.

Bread Queues at government bakery can be as long as 8 to 9 hours, which is another working day lost.

Due to the scorched earth campaign in the last few months carried out by both terrorists and foreign powers, wheat citrus and olive trees have been all destroyed. Millions of trees burnt to the ground. Food that is normally abundant is in short supply.

Also Turkey stole and transported hundreds of olive trees and transported them to Turkey. Drones were used to start fires, as well as by clandestine operators on the ground.

I estimate that over half the cereal production of Syria was lost. The result is no food for chickens or livestock, so meat becomes expensive. Veterinarians are not able to obtain vaccines for livestock, and there are over 90 cattle diseases that can pass from cattle to humans; but we can’t get the medication needed for animals, as well as for humans.

Restaurants and cafes are having to buy gas on the black market at inflated prices.

In order to do so, price rises or smaller portions of fast food take place to allow for inflation. I bought a large French Fries sandwich yesterday; it was 1000 Syrian pounds, the small size was 800 Syrian pounds.

It was basically salad with a few French fries, the old price in the last two years was 250 to 500 Syrian pounds packed with French fries and a little salad to garnish.

Electricity rationing has always been in place since my arrival in Syria in 2012. In my area this was due to theft of power stations. I have witnessed power stations being dismantled by Turkish engineers disguised as terrorists in Douma. An average group of terrorists could not dismantle a power station and transport it to Turkey. You need technicians to do that; and factory production lines and power stations in Aleppo suffered the same fate.

I produced a documentary on this in 2016, which was placed on Youtube, and which was deleted by Youtube,, but friends have saved it on other youtube type Sites.

Summing up on sanctions imposed by the West,

  • shortage of food,
  • shortage of energy,
  • shortage of medicines,
  • high inflation will result in high mortality rate in both the old and infants, not to mention those who have underlying illnesses.

On an average day when I travel locally, I am asked by people begging in the street, usually old or with serious injuries or limbs missing, for money, not to feed themselves but for medication, they hold in their hands empty boxes of medical drugs. In one hour, 10 such people approached me in Bagdad Street, a main road in Damascus.

It is soul destroying, I am not a soft man. I have seen action in every engagement inside Syria. I have seen children die, and I have held them in my arms. Had people killed or torn apart next to me.

But this Hate crime of SANCTIONS really affects me, worse than war. I can see people slowly dying in front of me, little by little, but still the Syrian people carry on, still they try to survive each day and place food on the table and keep a roof over their heads; send their children to school sometimes without food.

Increase in child mortality and an increase in crime.

Sanctions have the same results as medieval siege tactics, which starve people into submission, and that is what the West is doing. For the rich and elite in Syria, sanctions don’t affect them. They still buy the latest Mercedes or the latest iPhone; still eat in the best restaurants and hotels.

It’s the poor that sanctions hurt. Sanctions will not destroy the Syrian government but will destroy the poor and vulnerable.

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Coup Attempt in Motion Now!! Trump Stacking Pentagon in Last Ditch Attempt at Iran War

By VT Editors 

VT Exclusive

A nuclear attack on an American target, here at home or a major military facility in the Middle East has been authorized by Donald Trump.

An undisclosed number, more than 10, nuclear weapons have been sequestered inside the US by a non-Islamic Middle Eastern nation for some time. In 2010 a nuclear weapon was seized by a NES Team from a dorm furniture warehouse in Hancock County, Indiana.  Others are still out there. The cover story is here.

Trump’s new personnel in the Pentagon are there to prevent him from being physically removed, prior to January 20 for his quite obvious false flag attack on the US, which Israel is more than happy to assist with (as is Russia) and, if all fails, to defend the White House from Secret Service and Washington police on January 20.

Trump is doing the full ‘Tony Montana’ from Scarface by Brian De Palma (1983).

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will announce that Iran bought nuclear weapons from North Korea and will be offering proof he received from Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu has agreed to address the UN General Assembly after the US hits Iran with a “retaliatory” attack. Have we seen this one before as well?

Trump has sworn he will take down Iran before the shooting starts.

We have solid intelligence out of the UAE and Bahrain, both nations basking in a massive influx of Israeli “security personnel” under the Trump representation “deal of the dead.”

Sources in Syria and deep cover sources in Russia confirm that signals intercepts fabricated by Israeli and American drones are setting the stage for a fake Iranian attack.

The US 5th Fleet has been put high alert while Naval Intelligence, working with Israel, is planning an attack on one or more US ships in the Persian Gulf.

This is an exactly “play by play” of the attempt made under Bush when an attempt was made to kidnap and murder VT editor Gwyneth Todd, former member of the National Security Council under both Clinton and Bush.

QAnon and Opus Dei Revolt

The Pentagon has a number of commanders closely aligned with QAnon, a psyop video game invented by the CIA and with the Vatican’s extremist arm, Opus Dei, run in Washington by Attorney General William Barr.

Addendum I

CAIR Calls Reported Elevation of Anti-Muslim Bigot to Number Three Pentagon Role ‘Dangerous Threat’ to National Security    

(WASHINGTON, DC, 11/10/20) – The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, today condemned the reported advancement of anti-Muslim bigot andconspiracy theorist Anthony J. Tata to the Pentagon’s top policy position for the remainder of the Trump administration.

Tata’s elevation as acting undersecretary follows the resignation of James Anderson, acting undersecretary of defense for policy – and one day after Defense Secretary Mark Esper was fired by President Trump.

“Anthony Tata is an anti-Muslim bigot and a fringe conspiracy theorist who has no business serving in the number three spot in the Pentagon for a single day, much less seventy days,” said CAIR Director of Government Affairs Robert S. McCaw. “Tata’s bigotry poses an unacceptable and dangerous threat to our nation and people around the world. Congress should vocally oppose his elevation to this position.”


In August, Trump went around the congressional vetting process by appointing Tata to the position of the “official performing the duties of the deputy undersecretary of defense for policy” after his nomination hearing to the undersecretary position was canceled in the U.S. Senate.

Tata’s confirmation hearing was canceled following Democratic and Republican members of the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee objecting to his anti-Muslim social media posts and attacks against the Obama administration. CAIR welcomed the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee canceling Tata’s confirmation hearing.

SEE: Trump skirts Senate to install nominee under fire for Islamaphobic tweets in Pentagon post 

SEE: Trump Pick for Pentagon Post Sidesteps Senate Ire for Different Defense Job 

SEE: CAIR Welcomes Cancellation of Senate Confirmation Hearing for Pentagon Nominee Anthony Tata, a Longtime Anti-Muslim Conspiracy Theorist 

Prior to the confirmation hearing’s cancelation, CAIRsubmitted a statement for record urging members of the committee to vote “no” during the confirmation hearing on Tata’s nomination.

CAIR’s opposition to Tata’s nomination is based on his long history of espousing Islamophobic and anti-Muslim views, in addition to his promotion on social media of bizarre and unhinged political conspiracy theories targeting members of the Obama administration.

Prior to the hearing’s cancelation, ten Democratic committee members — led by Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren — vowed to oppose the nomination and urged Tata to withdraw based on his record of “offensive and inflammatory comments.”

In April, CAIR called on members of the Senate Committee on Armed Services to reject President Trump’s then reported Tata’s nomination to the position of undersecretary of defense for policy.

On social media, in a series of since deleted tweets, Tata has called former President Barack Obama a “terrorist leader,” sharing an article that claimed Obama was “seditious” and a “Manchurian candidate” working on behalf of foreign powers, and referred to Islam as “the most oppressive violent religion I know of.”

In May 2018, Tata also promoted on Twitter a conspiracy theory of his own claiming that former CIA Director John Brennan used a coded tweet to order the assassination of Trump.

In his 2019 novel “Double Crossfire,” Tata promotes the right-wing, white supremacist, and anti-Muslim conspiracy theory that Muslims in Europe engage in sex crimes that are covered up by the media and politicians. In his book “Double Crossfire,” Tata wrote:

“Islamic ‘grooming’” is “a rite of passage for young Muslim men in Great Britain” in which “young men were gang-raping British women as part of their transition to manhood.”

The rising tide of Islam in Europe had seeped into the historically secular governments, and their collective media now forbade any speech against Islamic crimes.

CAIR notes, these far-right conspiracy theories are used as a recruiting tool by white supremacist groups in the UK and Europe.

In 2018, following a terrorist attack in Strasbourg, France, Tata told FOX News there is intent to harm Western society by Islam” and “it’s a truism that has to be built into policy so we can strengthen our borders.”      

During that same interview, Tata claimed Muslim immigration has disrupted European society: “this immigration policy of France and all of Europe with all the [Muslim] refugees that they have allowed in, millions that they allowed in have disrupted societies all throughout Europe and it’s not a good thing and they got to get control of it.”

In mid-September, CAIR renewed its call on members of the committee to oppose Tata’s nomination following reports in the media that Trump ordered the Department of Defense to hire disgraced anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist and fired National Security Council aide Richard Higgins as chief of staff to the undersecretary of defense for policy – in anticipation of serving under Tata.

The Washington-based civil rights organization has repeatedly expressed concern about the Trump administration’s Islamophobic, white supremacist and racist policies and appointments.

SEECAIR Condemns Trump’s Appointment of Anti-Muslim Bigot Sebastian Gorka to National Security Education Board

SEE: CAIR Condemns Selection of Trump’s New Islamophobic Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany

CAIR is America’s largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization. Its mission is to enhance understanding of Islam, protect civil rights, promote justice, and empower American Muslims.

La misión de CAIR es proteger las libertades civiles, mejorar la comprensión del Islam, promover la justicia, y empoderar a los musulmanes en los Estados Unidos.    


CONTACT: CAIR Government Affairs Director Robert McCaw, 202-742-6448,; CAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper, 202-744-7726,

Addendum II

Plot to Provoke war with Iran thwarted by Navy analyst

JUAN COLE 08/26/2012

Sends uber hawk Vice Admiral Kevin J. Cosgriff to Oil Gulf with instructions to provoke a war with Iran. He allegedly toys with challenging Iran’s claim to half of the Shatt al-Arab. He certainly decided abruptly to bring two aircraft carriers to the Gulf, in hopes of provoking Iran into doing something stupid, and without telling the State Department or the White House.

He also pushes analysis alleging that Bahrain Shiites intend anti-American terrorism on behalf of Iran.

Adviser to the Navy Gwenyth Todd (former National Security Council staffer) rightly challenges this stupid conspiracy theory (Bahrain Shiites are mostly Arab Akhbaris who reject ayatollahs, and would not slavishly obey Persian, Usuli Iran!).

I.e. Cosgriff was allegedly nearly making a coup in order to get up a war. Failing something so drastic, he may have (or his Neocon superiors may have) hoped to forestall direct talks with Iran that month.

Todd blows the whistle on Cosgriff, letting State know about his intended insubordination. Word gets back to Neocons or whoever was behind the provocation and Cosgriff that Todd was the leak. She is abruptly deprived of her base pass and security clearance, a trumped up case is made against her with the FBI that she received money from a former boyfriend who did illegal consulting with Sudan (she says she returned the small sum he sent her). Todd’s career is ruined, her inquiries and grievances are ignored, she marries an Austrlian naval officer and goes into exile in Perth. FBI harasses her even there.

Todd’s account is corroborated by Navy sources speaking off the record, according to the Washington Post.

But there are lots of reasons to believe there is something to her charges.

What happened to her was typical of Neoconservative ways of operating. Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, Richard Perle, Scooter Libby, and other Israel partisans inside the Pentagon or in Cheney’s office repeatedly played dirty tricks, held meetings and did not invite principals, contolled meeting agendas, and spied on and tried to discredit foeign service officers at the State Department, according to FSOs who have privately talked to me. The Neocons did these things in order to get up the Iraq War, which they thought would protect Israel.

According to Wesley Clark, they hoped for a series of wars. In 2007 Cheney was clearly pushing for a war on Iran. Many of the Neoconservatives had left government by 2007, but the network remained powerful, especially in Cheney’s office.

Among the victims/ witnesses was Karen Kwiatkowsky, who served in Feith’s Office of Special Plans, which cherry-picked raw intelligence, stove-piped it to the White House, illegally and inaccurately pbriefed Congress on intelligence, and generally behaved like a seedy third world secret police cell. She was appalled at what she saw.

A similar dirty trick was played on Joe Wilson and his wife, Valerie Plame, when Wilson blew the whistle on the Bush administration’s falsehoods about alleged Iraqi ‘weapons of masss destruction.’ Plame was investigated by Karl Rove and Scooter Libby, who discovered she was CIA undercover, and they tried to spead the information around to the press in hopes of weakening Wilson’s credibility.

And, since I consulted in DC with government analysts about how to uproot al-Qaeda, and elements in the Bush White House minded my having influence with the analysts, someone in the WH in late 2005 ordered the CIA to spy on me and attempt to destroy my reputation (very illegal).

If Gwenyth Todd’s story is true, she is owed thanks by her country for thwarting a plot to get up a war on Iran. Given the things we know about how the Neocons operated, it is entirely plausible.

A dark thought: the Neocons have glommed onto Mitt Romney and will come to power if he does, and they still desperately want a war on Iran.

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Iron Dome ‘Israeli’ Air-Defence System received by US Army. Protests against Elbit in Balfour anniversary

By Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio 

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT Mediterranean

Two very intereting articles by Middle East Monitor about relationship between US and Israel. As highlighted by previous report the Israeli Weapons Lobby business is supported by Zionistic Freemasonry, as confirmed when B’nai B’rith lodge in Washington awarded the Elbit’s tycoon Michael Federmann for his philantropy like the Queen Elizabeth who conferred HIM the prestigious MBE, Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.


A few days ago a massive protests erupted in front of Elbit factories in the Balfour anniversary, the day in which in Novembre, 2, 1917, Arthur James Balfour, I count of Balfour and United Kingdom’s Prime Minister, signed the deal for birth of Israel’s nation in Palestine with the baron Walter Rothschild, eldest son of Baron Nathan (1840-1915), 1st British Baron Rothschild and great-grandson of the Askenazi Jewish banker Mayer Amschel Bauer (1744-1812), founder of the financial dynasty of the Red Shield, inspirer of the Illuminati of Bavaria and one of the promoters of the attempt at reconciliation between the English and Franco-German Scottish Rite Freemasonry in the Wilhelmsbad Congress of 1782 (see reportage The Holocaust of Communist Freemasons).

The arms market in Israel is booming after the privatization of the national industries IMI (Israel Military Industries) purchased by Elbit and IWI (Israel Weapons Industries) which managed to build international alliances so strong as to sell the semi-automatic rifle Tavor even to the Ukrainian neo-Nazis of the Azov Battalion.


by Middle East Monitor

The first of two Multi-Mission Radars (MMR), the tracking system behind Israel’s Iron Dome air defence system, has been delivered to the United States (US) Army. Produced by ELTA, a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), the second radar is to be delivered by February 2021, according to the Jerusalem Post.

The MMR has been widely deployed and operationally integrated by partners around the world, ELTA said in a press release. “The MMR radar is operational in Israel and other countries,” said Yoav Tourgeman, IAI vice president and CEO of ELTA.

“We are proud to supply our most advanced systems to our allies, the US Army. The MMR radar addresses a broad range of needs by locating and tracking incoming rockets and artillery shells and by providing a comprehensive aerial situation assessment. The MMR radar will maintain our allies’ military edge. The demand for mobile, combat-proven MMR systems is on the rise.”

Iron Dome Air-defence system developed by Elta-Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)

In September, the first of two Israeli Iron Dome missile defence batteries were delivered to the US military, a year after a deal for their purchase was signed. Developed by Rafael Advanced Defence Systems and IAI, the system will be used “in the defence of US troops against a variety of ballistic and aerial threats,” according to a Defence Ministry statement.

The second battery will be delivered “in the near future within the framework of the agreement,” the statement added. The fully mobile system carries ten kilogrammes of explosives and can intercept an incoming projectile from four to 70 kilometres away. The US and Israel already cooperate extensively on security matters. Israel’s big three defence companies, Elbit Systems, IAI and Rafael, have numerous cooperative projects with America.


by Middle East Monitor

Factories belonging to Israel’s largest arms manufacturer, Elbit system, woke up this morning to groups of protesters demanding their closure. Protests led by the direct action campaign group Palestine Action, were organised to coincide with the anniversary of the infamous Balfour Declaration of 1917, which the campaign group say had “paved the way for the ethnic cleansing of Palestine and the violent dispossession of 750,000 Palestinian.”

Protests against Elbit Systems in UK

Activists simultaneously blocked Elbit’s many subsidiaries in the UK forcing three of their weapons factories to shut down. They sprayed red paint on the premises in what looks to be a symbol of Palestinian blood spilled by weapons manufactured by the firm. The activists claim that Elbit weapons are marketed as “field tested” on Palestinian civilians, notably Gazans who are mostly children and refugees.

Palestine Action claims that Israel’s largest private arms manufacturer is producing ever-more lethal weaponry on British soil, supplying the world’s most notorious repressive regimes, including India’s current occupation of Kashmir.


They also claim that both the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency, as well as the UK police, have been trialling Elbit’s drones to mass-surveil large stretches of our coastline, in line with the Home Secretary, Priti Patel’s, militarisation of the English Channel. The EU’s border agency Frontex is also said to have contracted Elbit to surveil the Mediterranean, leaving the lives of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, fleeing war torn countries, in mortal danger.

Elbit Systems is also accused of playing a key role in the development of Trump’s militarised US/Mexico border wall, while the very same technologies are also being used to securitise and control the native O’odham people on Arizona’s indigenous reserve. Palestine Action says that it is “a new grassroots network of anti-racist groups and individuals taking direct action to end UK complicity with Israel’s colonial and Apartheid regime.”

The group claims to have targeted Elbit over 40 times, and has promised to “routinely, systematically, continue to escalate its actions until the British Government and this evil arms company can no longer profit from the death of Palestinian civilians.” “The ultimate aim is to shut Elbit down and end all UK complicity with Israeli apartheid.”

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Another Israeli war crime has gone unpunished

Inline image

Dear editor
Another Israeli war crime has gone unpunished! Last night, over 35 Palestinian children and seven women were admitted to hospitals for treatment from injuries, stress, and trauma after the Israeli occupation launched overnight airstrikes in Gaza. The images of traumatized children sadden me greatly!

Deliberate attacks on civilian targets in times of war are not only against international but such bombing is regarded as savage and barbaric.
The Apartheid State of Israel is not only delivering stress and trauma to Palestinian women and children in Gaza but extermination. Obviously, the scum Israelis have no memories of what the Nazis did to them.

Mahmoud El-Yousseph

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Mike Pompeo: Israel’s Most Faithful Bitch

bY: Mahmoud El-Yousseph

Inline image
  • The outgoing Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is planning to classify any criticism of Israel’s war crimes as anti-Semitic.  So it will be an offense to support human rights and international law. The new plan will equate any criticism of Israel with antisemitism as an attempt to silence pro-Palestinian advocates. That takes a very twisted mind to come up with such a plan.
  • Pompeo’s plan will affect NGO groups like Amenisty Internation and Human Rights Watch by cutting their funding. Other pro-Palestinian organizations abroad will also be targeted.  Sec. Pompeo needs to educate himself on the U.S. Constitution because his plan infringes on people’s right to freedom of expression. I am even surprised yet that there is no outcry from the defender of free speech.
    Rabbi Alissa Wise, Dupting Director of Jewish Voice for Peace summed up the plan in one sentence: ” This would be a disaster for Palestinians, the Palestinian rights movement, and all those endangered by white nationalism and real antisemitism.” 
  • For that and more, I am awarding the golden kippah to Pompeo for being Israel’s most faithful bitch. Thankfully, Sec. Pompeo will be leaving his post in less than 10 weeks.
  • Goodbye and good riddance, Mike Pompeo

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Goodbye and good riddance, Mike Pompeo!

US-China relations: how Mike Pompeo's brusque diplomacy fails to win  friends | South China Morning Post

Dear editor,

The outgoing Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is planning to classify any criticism of Israel’s war crimes as anti-Semitic.  So it will be an offense to support human rights and international law. The new plan will equate any criticism of Israel with antisemitism as an attempt to silence pro-Palestinian advocates. That takes a very twisted mind to come up with such a plan.
Pompeo’s plan will affect NGO groups like Amenisty Internation and Human Rights Watch by cutting their funding. Other pro-Palestinian organizations abroad will also be targeted.  Sec. Pompeo needs to educate himself on the U.S. Constitution because his plan infringes on people’s right to freedom of expression. I am even surprised yet that there is no outcry from the defender of free speech.

Rabbi Alissa Wise, Dupting Director of Jewish Voice for Peace summed up the plan in one sentence: ” This would be a disaster for Palestinians, the Palestinian rights movement, and all those endangered by white nationalism and real antisemitism.” 

For that and more, I am awarding the golden kippah to Pompeo for being Israel’s most faithful bitch. Thankfully, Sec. Pompeo will be leaving his post in less than 100 weeks.

Goodbye and good riddance, Mike Pompeo

Mahmoud El-Yousseph

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Goodbye, Trump, and welcome democracy!

Joe Biden would have destroyed Donald Trump - WHYY

Dear editor

President-elect Joe Biden has won the election by 5 million more votes than Mr. Trump and has secured 76 more electoral college (EC) votes. Mr. Biden sits on 290 EC votes – well over the 270 he needed to win the election. Contrary to what Trump’s campaign claims, President-elect Biden did not win the election by voter fraud or by encouraging dead people to vote for Democrats.

President Trump is a crybaby. He refused so far to accept the results of this election by refusing to call President-elect Biden to concede or to address his supporters to accept the election outcome and to respect the democratic process..If Trump refuses to concede and leave the White House on Jan. 20th, he will be making history by being the only president who was physically removed from the White House by the Secret Service — the very same people who provide him protection for the last four years. That will be a unique show to watch! Anyone knows where can I buy a ticket?

At this juncture, red-blooded Americans should stand up and say it loud and clear: Goodbye, Trump, and welcome democracy!Goodbye, Trump, and welcome democracy!

Mahmoud El-Yousseph

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EU must learn to live without US leadership under Biden, say analysts

European Defence Expenditure Up But Spending in Key Areas Falling Short

by Agence France-Presse

The EU will once again have a cooperative US partner when Joe Biden becomes president, but Europeans should harbour no illusions: Washington will be no globo-cop nor NATO’s big protector, leaders and analysts say.

“Great day for US and Europe, we look forward to working together with new administration to rebuild our partnership,” the EU’s top diplomat Josep Borrell said in a tweet congratulating Biden on his election victory over President Donald Trump.

But Jean-Claude Juncker, former European Commission president, earlier offered a typically blunt assessment: “Joe Biden isn’t going to change Washington’s approach to international issues overnight, because he can’t.”

And Sebastien Maillard, head of the Jacques Delors Institute named after an influential former EU chief, cautioned that “the Europeans need to learn to live without American global leadership.”

“For the foreseeable future, the US will be preoccupied with itself,” agreed German political scientist, Markus Kaim.

The comments spoke to an expectation that there was no going back to seeing America as the West’s sheriff, flexing military muscles across the world in the ways it did in the decades following the Cold War.

While the US still maintains aircraft carrier battle groups in different regions, and bases including in Europe, South Korea, Japan, Afghanistan and Bahrain, it has been withdrawing from conflict zones under a trend accelerated by Trump but started by his predecessor Barack Obama.

More notably, within the past two decades much of its military focus has moved to Asia, away from Europe.

Nathalie Tocci, head of the Italian think tank the Instituto Affari Internazionali, added: “We are witnessing the end of American imperialism with the United States no longer wanting to be the world’s policeman.”

So what can Europeans expect from the new US president?

“Things are going to get a lot easier, because Joe Biden understands Europe better than Donald Trump,” Juncker said.

Nevertheless, cautioned a diplomat posted to Brussels, “you shouldn’t expect radical change”.

Europeans will “once again have a partner, an ally, but they need to bolster their strategic autonomy in the economic arena and in terms of security, to be able to defend their interests,” he continued.

Jean-Dominique Giuliani, head of the Schuman Foundation, reinforced that point by saying EU leaders must “define what they want to do with America, and not simply wait for it to tell them”.

Trade and climate change
“With Biden as president, the EU could expect and welcome a much more predictable and constructive US-EU relationship on trade, NATO, Iran, the Middle East and above all on climate change, if the US re-enters the Paris climate agreement,” predicted Mujtaba Rahman, director of the Europe office of the Eurasia Group risk analysis firm.

Trade in particular is expected to flow with much less of the friction that marked the Trump years.

Under Trump, Washington flexed trade muscles by slapping higher tariffs on steel and aluminium, prompting Europe to prepare a riposte. A truce was reached on the promise of a mini trade deal, but that has still not been realised.

On climate change, Biden has already stated he wants to return the US to the Paris climate accord.

He has likewise signalled he wants to reverse pullouts Trump ordered for the World Health Organization and the Iran nuclear deal.

But there are some repairs Biden is not likely to carry out, among them the US show of force to China’s assertive policies and the desire to reduce American involvement in conflicts far from its soil.

Those stances are popular domestically, explained Nicole Koenig, a Berlin-based defence specialist for the Jacques Delors Institute.

What will change will be the style.

“Joe Biden will inform and coordinate with his allies,” she said.

‘Division of labor’
Trump’s unilateral decisions and antagonism towards some of leaders of NATO countries created tensions and divisions within the Alliance.

Its chief, Jen Stoltenberg, expended a lot of energy “to appease the beast,” one diplomat said.

NATO can hope for a normalisation with Biden, but analysts believe Washington will stay retrenched in looking out for US interests.

“That will be uncomfortable for the Europeans,” whose NATO members are split between a pro-Europe camp and an Atlanticist one, said Kaim.

“Illusions of European strategic autonomy must come to an end: Europeans will not be able to replace America’s crucial role as a security provider,” warned Germany’s defence minister, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, in an opinion piece for the Politico website.

Kaim suggested that Biden’s approach would be to propose to the Europeans “a simple division of labour: you will help us in Europe so that we can become more involved in Asia”.

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US removes shadowy group condemned by China from terror list

‘Enough is enough’: China attacks US at Security Council

by Agence France-Presse

The United States said Friday it had removed from its list of terror groups a shadowy faction regularly blamed by China to justify its harsh crackdown in the Muslim-majority Xinjiang region.

In a notice in the Federal Register, which publishes new US laws and rules, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he was revoking the designation of the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) as a “terrorist organization.”

“ETIM was removed from the list because, for more than a decade, there has been no credible evidence that ETIM continues to exist,” a State Department spokesperson said.

The administration of George W. Bush in 2004 added ETIM, also sometimes called the Turkestan Islamic Party, to a blacklist as it found common cause with China in the US-led “war on terror.”

Beijing has regularly blames ETIM for attacks as it justifies its measures in Xinjiang, where rights groups say that one million or more Uighurs or other Turkic-speaking, mostly Muslim people are incarcerated in camps.

But scholars say that China has produced little evidence that ETIM is an organized group or that it is to blame for attacks in Xinjiang, which separatists call East Turkestan.

The Washington-based Uighur Human Rights Project called the State Department decision “long overdue” and a “definitive rejection of China’s claims.”

“The harmful effects of China’s exploitation of the imagined ‘ETIM’ threat are real — 20 years of state terror directed at Uighurs,” said the group’s executive director, Omer Kanat.

But China’s foreign ministry spokesman on Friday expressed China’s “strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition to the US decision”, urging the US to “stop backpedaling on international counter-terrorism cooperation”.

China has acknowledged camps in Xinjiang but describes them as vocational centers meant to reduce the allure of Islamic radicalism.

While experts have doubted a role of ETIM, China has suffered a series of attacks that authorities blamed on Uighur separatists.

In 2014, assailants stabbed to death 31 passengers at a railway station in the southwestern city of Kunming.

In 2009, hundreds died in Xinjiang’s capital Urumqi in riots that largely targeted China’s majority Han.

Activists say that China is trying to forcibly integrate Uighurs by indoctrinating them with communist ideology and making them renounce Islamic customs.

Pompeo has previously called the mass incarceration “the stain of the century” and US senators across party lines are seeking to declare China’s treatment of the Uighurs genocide.

ETIM was listed on the US Terrorism Exclusion List, which affects entry of people into the country, but was never hit with the tougher designation of Foreign Terrorist Organization.

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Biden Underperforms and Trump Stokes Chaos by Claiming False Victory

Cartoons: Trump's victory in US election inspires dark humour around the  world

BYAmy GoodmanDemocracy Now!

President Trump has prematurely declared victory and falsely accused Democrats of “major fraud,” even as millions of ballots continue to be counted across the United States amid an unprecedented wave of mail-in ballots widely believed to favor Democratic challenger Joe Biden. The two campaigns appear neck and neck in several battleground states key to winning the White House, but early results suggest Democrats performed worse than they had hoped, setting up a potential legal fight over uncounted ballots reminiscent of the 2000 election. We spend the hour discussing the results and what comes next, with Ben Jealous, president of People for the American Way and former head of the NAACP; Briahna Joy Gray, formerly the national press secretary for the 2020 Bernie Sanders campaign, and co-host of the “Bad Faith” podcast; and The Nation’s John Nichols in the battleground state of Wisconsin. “The tragedy of this election, regardless of what the outcome ends up being, is that it was ever this close at all,” says Gray. “The crime here is that the vote is this close.”


This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form.

AMY GOODMAN: This is Democracy Now!,, The Quarantine Report. I’m Amy Goodman in New York. My co-host Juan González at his home in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

The presidential race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden remains too close to call, with millions of ballots still to be counted in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Nevada and other states. Earlier this morning, at around 2:20 a.m. Eastern, President Trump prematurely and falsely claimed victory.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: This is a major fraud on our nation. We want the law to be used in a proper manner. So we’ll be going to the U.S. Supreme Court. We want all voting to stop. We don’t want them to find any ballots at 4:00 in the morning and add them to the list, OK? It’s a very sad — it’s a very sad moment. To me, this is a very sad moment. And we will win this. And as far as I’m concerned, we already have won it.

AMY GOODMAN: Despite the president’s charge, no evidence of fraud has emerged in any state. Earlier in the evening, about two hours before, Joe Biden said all votes should be counted.

JOE BIDEN: I’m here to tell you tonight we believe we’re on track to win this election. We knew, because of the unprecedented early vote and the mail-in vote, that it’s going to take a while. We’re going to have to be patient, until the hard work of tallying the votes is finished. And it ain’t over ’til every vote is counted, every ballot is counted.

AMY GOODMAN: Across the country, over 101 million people cast early votes, either in person or by mail, shattering all previous records. Many of those votes have not yet been counted in some states.

At the time of broadcast, Biden is leading by small margins in Wisconsin and Nevada. In Michigan, Trump is leading by just 13,000 votes. Trump has a large lead in Pennsylvania, but many votes from Philadelphia have not yet been counted, as well as surrounding areas throughout the state. Trump is also leading in Georgia and North Carolina, but both states remain too close to call.

We begin our show with Ben Jealous, president of People for the American Way, former president of the NAACP. His op-ed was published in USA Today. It’s headlined “Election chaos: keep calm, keep counting, and get to work.”

And we’re joined by Briahna Joy Gray, former national press secretary for Bernie Sanders 2020. She’s the co-host of the Bad Faith podcast and contributing editor to Current Affairs. She tweeted through the night, so we were fortunate to be able to talk to her today, because she tweeted right through this morning.

Ben Jealous, we’re beginning with you. “Election chaos: keep calm, keep counting, and get to work.” Respond to what President Trump says. He declared victory and called the elections a “fraud.”

BEN JEALOUS: I mean, Trump is a fraud. Let’s be clear here: We have reason to be very, very hopeful. Joe has won every single state that was won in 2016 by Ms. Clinton. He has also won Nebraska. He’s won Arizona. And there’s huge buckets of votes to be counted in urban areas — Pittsburgh, Philly, Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta. It’s not just that there’s votes that are left to be counted in these states. A lot of the little areas have come in, but the big urban areas, there’s huge buckets of votes to be counted.

So, Trump did what we expected him to do, which was to try to perpetrate this fraud on the people of our country that he had won when he has not. And I would say to my fellow Dems and folks who voted against Trump, folks who voted for Biden, just keep calm. We’ve got this. We’ve always known that we would have to wait for every vote to be counted. We’re just going to have to keep calm and count every vote.

AMY GOODMAN: Well, let’s talk about one of the first states that was called last night, and that was Florida. Now, we know that many thousands, if not over a million, votes — this is before the election, well before, when you talk about voter suppression, who got to vote and who didn’t initially. If you can talk about what you see happened in Florida, and particularly talk about the Latinx vote? It definitely didn’t come out for Biden and Harris in the way the Democrats had predicted.

BEN JEALOUS: When you dig into what’s going on with the Latinx vote in Florida, you’ve got to acknowledge a couple of things. One is that Donald Trump heavily outspent Joe Biden in advertising on Spanish-language media targeting Latinx swing voters all across the country. Last time I checked, it was 10 to one. At People For, one of the things that we tried to do was to make up for that gap. And we found ourselves scrambling, trying to get dollars for, for instance, even statewide radio in Florida. So there was just a failure over the summer to really court Latinx voters, especially those who speak Spanish as their main language.

The second problem was, frankly, one of relationship. If you talk to folks in the Venezuelan community, which is critical to winning South Florida, where Joe did not perform as well as he did throughout the state, it’s kind of insane, because Trump and Pence, from a policy perspective, have great antipathy for what that community wants, and yet the leaders will say, “But we know them. You know, Pence made dozens of trips down here. Democrats just made a few at that point.” And so, you know, you’ve got to kind of give it to Trump that, from a marketing perspective, they’ve done a very good job of marketing themselves to Latinx voters in southern Florida, despite the fact that they have Latinx children in cages on the border and, quite frankly, their policy interests are not in line even with folks like in the Venezuelan community, you know, whose leaders were very supportive of them because they felt like they had a relationship.

AMY GOODMAN: I wanted to bring Briahna Joy Gray into this conversation, again, former national press secretary for Bernie Sanders. Talk about your response as you saw the way things were unfolding, what you predicted, what you’re seeing now. In a moment, we’re going to be speaking with Erika Andiola in Arizona. It may well be this Republican state was flipped. Fascinatingly, it was Fox that first called it, to the ire of President Trump. CNN has yet to call it. But you have Arizona, that looks like it has been won by Biden, but you have the very close races in Georgia, in North Carolina, in Michigan, in Florida, in Pennsylvania. I mean, could you imagine what would happen if there wasn’t a pandemic?

BRIAHNA JOY GRAY: Yeah, the tragedy of this election, regardless of what the outcome ends up being, is that it was ever this close at all. For months, for years, Democrats have accurately described Trump as a pox on the country, as someone who has undermined every norm, who has caused a great deal of hardship on specifically, historically marginalized communities, and someone who has done little, little at all, to stem off the worst effects of this global health pandemic, from a health perspective and from an economic perspective. And yet here we are.

And I think when you start to dig a little deeper, you see what’s going on. This was an election in which the Democratic Party was very clear to put neoliberalism on the ballot. Donald Trump — you know, Joe Biden was a candidate who bragged to his donors that nothing would fundamentally change. He ran, clearly, with the plan to marginalize the left and to be very clear about the fact that he didn’t feel like he needed to reach out and do that kind of outreach.

And specifically, he failed in the ways that Bernie Sanders really excelled when it came to Latino voters. And what you saw in Florida is not just that they were outspent, but that Donald Trump was up on the airwaves with Spanish-language ads a full month before Joe Biden got into the state. Choices were made about when to invest and to what degree. And those choices ignored, perhaps fatally ignored, the extent to which the Latino vote is not guaranteed, and it has to absolutely be earned by building a relationship of trust over time.

And when you look at Nevada, one of the reasons why Joe Biden has done much better in terms of the Latino vote there is because he got there earlier and spent more money in the state. And also, there’s some reporting out of The Intercept that he was helped there by the fact that marijuana legalization was on the ballot, and that might have turned out more voters.

So we’re seeing some arguable correlation between pushing progressive policies and, of course, investing in communities in states going toward Democrats. And I think that we need to really think critically about how successful this “nothing will fundamentally change” message ultimately will be for the Democratic Party in the long run.

AMY GOODMAN: Ben Jealous, your response?

BEN JEALOUS: Well, I think all of that was spot on. I think all of that was spot on. You know, our party has to, frankly, learn from the Trump campaign as far as we have to market to every single voter. The way that they went after young Black men, just trying to pull off 3, 4%, we should have gone after with the intention of getting 95%. The way that they went after the Latinx community, trying to get to 40%, we should have gone after, trying to get to 80%. We’ve got to stop taking this kind of machine boss approach where you’re just asking, “Are you winning a particular community?” And you’ve got to start seeing the people of this country as individuals, and you have to fight for every single one of their votes.

And so, I do believe that we’re going to win. It should not be this close. Right now we just got to keep calm, count every vote, push hard. And we have to push against the disinformation that is coming straight out of the White House and the mouth of the president of United States, who took to the television at 2 a.m. to lie to the American people.

AMY GOODMAN: And, Briahna, your response to what Trump said? I mean, secretaries of state, both Republican and Democrat, have repeatedly warned — they’re the ones in charge of state elections — have repeatedly warned that they have to be able to have time to vote — to count that vote. And yet President Trump, while he wants every vote counted in Arizona — right? — because right now Biden is ahead — Fox called it, CNN didn’t call it. Mark Kelly, the Democrat, has beaten the sitting senator, Martha McSally, in a special election. She had — that’s in Arizona. He wants every vote counted there, but in Pennsylvania, where he has repeatedly gone after absentee ballots, calling them fraudulent, he wants the voting stopped. And interestingly, he said this is going to go to the Supreme Court. Like, forget the other courts that lead up to the Supreme Court. He’s taking this — his suggestion was — to his court.

BRIAHNA JOY GRAY: Yeah. I mean, look, this was the game plan that a lot of very sensible folks warned about, right? Bernie Sanders predicted this almost word for word on the Late Night show earlier this week, right? And that’s part of why it’s so frustrating that this race was close to begin with, because as I also predicted on Bad Faith podcast, I said if this is a landslide, if Biden clearly wins and can declare victory and can claim victory on Tuesday or Wednesday morning, then we are in good shape. But if there’s any ambiguity here, we’re at real risk that Donald Trump will try to railroad through a result of his liking, because the reality is — and I think that Trump and the Republicans recognize — that they are a lot better at these kind of strategic fights. It’s not that they’re fair. It’s not that they’re legal. But Republicans are willing to scrape and fight for every advantage in a way that, as we just saw in the Amy Coney Barrett debacle, Democrats simply are not. And in a situation like this where there is an ability to create ambiguity, even if there isn’t in fact ambiguity, it’s hard for me to imagine the steps that Democrats will take to prevent this from, yes, going to a favorable court for Donald Trump and for this being a redux of the year 2000 and the 2000 election, after which, I would like to point out, electoral reforms were not put into place.

AMY GOODMAN: So, let’s talk, Ben Jealous, about the position of Biden. And as you said, this race is way too early to call. And I want to talk about the kind of organizing that you have been doing. If President Trump refuses to accept the counting of the ballots — it’s been amazing over the last few days to see that wall go up around the White House. First it was — you know, first it was wire, and then it was a wall, preparing, not clear exactly, for what. And I should say yesterday he had hundreds of people in the White House starting at 7:00 in the evening, again, the issue of the White House becoming a super hot spot, a superspreading event in itself. And they stayed until well after 2:00 in the morning, when he gave his speech to cheers as he talked about his victory and the fraudulent election.

But I wanted to go to the issues of Joe Biden — you also — you ran for governor of Maryland — and the kinds of issues that you represented and the kind of issues that Biden really stayed away from. That’s the issue of Medicare for All. Joe Biden said he would veto it if it came to his desk, if he was president. I mean, if it came to his desk, that would mean that Republicans and Democrats would have had to have endorsed it. The issue of a Green New Deal, clear that he was not endorsing a Green New Deal, and also that whole issue of fracking, that he once said he was against and then said — once said he was against and then said he was for. But do you think, rather than adopting a progressive position that would mobilize voters — it’s not that progressives don’t have somewhere else to go, especially when it comes to Trump. They can just decide not to vote.

BEN JEALOUS: You know, Joe Biden played his playbook. It looks like it’s going to win the presidency for him. With that said, the playbook of the party has to shift. The party has to run towards the people of the country, has to run towards its base. Kamala, quite frankly, has much more of that in her. I’ve known her for years. And that has to be the future of the party, is to actually fight for every single vote, to be clear to working-class men of all colors that we have a vision for your economic prosperity, because right now you’re seeing Trump get more men of every color than he should. And it’s a real appeal to patriarchy. And you’ve got to replace that, frankly, with a strategy for how you’re actually going to shore up people economically, because when they’re falling for the floor, they’ll grasp for anything, including outmoded ways of being.

We have to really fight for every Latinx vote. We’ve got to fight for every Black vote. We’ve got to fight for every young person’s vote. And that means that we have to be a party that is unabashed about pushing for a vision that actually saves the planet, provides healthcare for everybody and, again, provides a pathway to economic success for everyone in the country. We’re supposed to be the party of FDR.

Now, I’m hopeful. I am hopeful that Joe Biden can be that president, even if he wasn’t that candidate. What that’s going to require is for us as a movement to push him to his better angels. And so, we’re going to count every vote. We’re going to be optimistic in this moment. Joe Biden will win. And then we will push him as hard — you know, as FDR said himself, “I agree with what you say. Go make me do it.” We’re going to have to go make Joe do a bunch of things that our children, born and yet unborn, need us to do in order to secure a better future for this country and our planet.

AMY GOODMAN: I want to bring in another guest. And I also want to say Juan González was co-hosting today, but because we are living in these pandemic times, we are socially distanced, and he’s having a problem with his computer. But I wanted to bring in John Nichols, who is currently in Madison, Wisconsin. The presidential race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden remains too close to call, as we’ve said throughout this show, where we are broadcasting this in the morning of the day after the election, ballots still being counted in Michigan, in Wisconsin, in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia and Nevada and other states. Biden is leading in Wisconsin by just over 20,000 votes, as we broadcast, with an estimated 97% of votes reported. In Michigan, Trump is leading narrowly by 24,000 votes, but the heavily Democratic city of Detroit is expected to take until, well, sometime tonight, possibly, to complete its count of absentee ballots. And then you’ve got Grand Rapids and other places. Their ballots have not fully been counted. But we’re going now to Wisconsin, where we’re joined by John Nichols. He’s The Nation magazine’s national affairs correspondent and host of the podcast Next Left. His most recent book, The Fight for the Soul of the Democratic Party.

John, talk about what’s happening in Wisconsin right now. Before we were speaking, the margin was much tighter. It’s increased a bit to 20,000, with Joe Biden ahead. But talk about what’s been counted, what hasn’t, and what your assessment is of what’s happening in Wisconsin.

JOHN NICHOLS: Well, thanks for having me on, Amy.

And what a night it has been. I can tell you that as I look around Wisconsin — and I just got off the phone with some key players around the state and party folks and local officials, who all were up through the night — it does look — and again, we’ll see what scattering may be out there — it looks like Joe Biden has a sufficient lead to win Wisconsin. I know that 21,000 votes seems like a very small margin, but you should understand that it is almost twice what John Kerry won the state by in 2004 and almost four times what Al Gore won the state by in 2000. And so, the fact of the matter is, Wisconsin is [inaudible] battleground state. And when I look around the state right now, it appears that the key places have reported. And what happened [inaudible] night was that, early on, Trump had a quite substantial lead. And in many ways, the reporting on that went to the heart of the problem with how media covers election night, because it was reporting from more rural areas and from more suburban areas. It takes longer to count a lot of votes in a big city. And so, Milwaukee took ’til around 4 a.m. When [inaudible] came in, it —

AMY GOODMAN: John, we’re losing you a little bit. Your Skype is going in and out, so if you could repeat what you just said about Milwaukee?

JOHN NICHOLS: Sure. I apologize. When Milwaukee came in, it provided —

AMY GOODMAN: We may just have to go to audio for you, but go — we’re going to go to break. We’re going to try to fix this, even if we just get you on audio, because this is absolutely critical, what’s happening in Wisconsin. John Nichols, The Nation’s national affairs correspondent, host of the podcast Next Left. We’re also talking to Ben Jealous, who’s now head of People for the American Way and has a USA Today op-ed, an editorial, “Election chaos: keep calm, keep counting, and get to work,” as well as Briahna Joy Gray, former national press secretary for Bernie Sanders 2020. Stay with us.

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