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Subject: Muslims are under assault in France

Terror attacks in France over Muhammad images spark free speech debate

Dear editor,

Muslims in France fear for their lives as they are being constantly under assault. Their religious rights violated. Women are banned from wearing hijab or niqab, or burkini in public, their faith is maligned, and above all their beloved prophet is mocked. President Macron can not throw a snake into a cradle and then act surprised if the baby gets bit.”

As a result, we heard today the sad and news of the attack in France where a woman was beheaded by an attacker with a knife in the city of Nice. 
Last week, two Muslim women were stabbed repeatedly under the Eiffel Tower by two women who called them “dirty Arabs” One of the victims was stabbed six times and ended up with a punctured lung in the hospital, while the other victim had to undergo surgery on her arm. Macron fanned the flames of anti-Muslim bigotry in France by claiming, ‘Islam is a religion that is in crisis all over the world today.’ Since the beginning of 2020, Monsieur Macron has shut down dozens of mosques and religious institutions under the pretext that they promote extremism.

It should be noted here that mutilation is forbidden under Islamic law. It is also forbidden for a Muslim to mutilate a Muslim and a non-Muslim  A Muslim must not, therefore, mutilate another person or participate in such acts in any other way, such as by witnessing the event or approving of it.

When a California man deliberately plowed his car into a crowd of innocent pedestrians in 2019, he targeted the victims because he believed they were Muslims. According to an eyewitness at the scene, he heard the driver saying, ” thank you, Jesus’ again and again. After this tragic incident, No one blames the Bible or Christians on trial. 

Mahmoud El-Yousseph

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