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Nazi regime wiped a Palestinian village off the map

Israeli army destroys Palestinian village in Jordan Valley | Arab News
Israel wiped a Palestinian village off the map

Israel quietly wiped an entire Palestinian Bedouin village off the map in the Israeli occupied West Bank. An immediate US action is needed to stop Israel from using US taxpayers’ money to demolish more Palestinian homes in the coming days.

As the world watched the US election on November 3rd, the Israeli army demolished the Palestinian Bedouin hamlet of Khirebet Humsa leaving 80 Palestinians homeless. including 41 children, just as winter storms spread through the West Bank. AFP news reported that the Israeli army gave people 10 minutes to evacuate their homes.

So far in 2020, Israel demolished over 680 Palestinian structures incl. +160 houses throughout the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem. Israel has a protected status and it is unlikely for anyone to speak out against “the only democracy” from either the US or the EU.

To speak out against Israel’s crimes and human rights violations would be met with loud accusations of “anti-Semitism.”This action by the Israeli Occupation Forces is just pure evil.

This crime was committed by the same people who claim that were ethnically cleansed from Europe. So, the ethnic cleansing of Palestine continues slowly but surely unabated. I’m sure Israel wouldn’t be happy until there are no Palestinians in Palestine. It is mind-boggling that Israelis have no memories of what the Nazis did to them.

Mahmoud El-Yousseph

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