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It is time for President Moshe Abbas to step down

By: Mahmoud El-Yousseph

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It is time for President Moshe Abbas to step downBy Mahmoud El-YoussephNovember 24, 2020It is time overdue for President Moshe Abbas to step down as the President of the Palestinian Authority (PA ) and let someone else lead. In addition to being an old, sick, and incompetent leader, he also lacks courage and integrity. At a time when Palestinians are starving under siege, in camps, and under occupation, Abbas refused to take $750 million dollars in taxes waiting at the Israeli Finance Ministry that Israel collected on behalf of the PA.

Reason? He demanded Israel must first agree it will not annex the West Bank. Seriously? This man is dumb as a rock. He does not care about the needs of the Palestinian people. Abbas has the audacity to ask the EU for a loan at the same time he refused to collect money (60 million/month in collected taxes) from Israel that is intended to aid the people of Palestine.

At the same time, the PA has dropped the salaries of Palestinian public servants (135,000) to 50%. Then he has the nerve to approve a 67% pay increase for his cronies last year despite the West Bank economic crunch.Since Abbas’ term expired on January 9, 2009, so he is not really a legitimate president. Not only did Abbas give up his right to his return back to his birthplace, the city of Safad, but he also betrayed the Palestinian refugees by giving up (without a mandate) on their rights to return to their homes from which they were forced to leave at gunpoint.

A few days ago, the PA suddenly resumed civil and security coordination with Israel after six months of suspension. What did the Abbas gain out of that? Nothing zip zero!Let us not forget that both Abbas and Mo Dahlan were implicated in the poisoning of Chairman Arafat. Both men also have a hand in the 2002 Israeli assassination of Sheikh Salah Shahada in Gaza. I still remember that day on the morning of July 23rd when Sheikh Salah was targeted by an Israel missile attack that killed him and another 15 people and injured 145 more. Among the people who were killed were 9 children, aged between two months and 13 years.

Abbas and Dahlan are both on record accusing each other of helping Israel in tracking down Sk. Shahada’s movement in Gaza.Abbas is notorious for killing and imprisoning his critics and he acts as subservient to the occupation by aiding the IDF in killing and rearresting freed Palestinian fighters who were freed by Israel during the POW exchange.

He even put the name of two Palestinian activists Nidal Hamad and Mahmoud Attayah on his shit list and shamelessly asked Israel and the US State Department to help silence them along with a few other Palestinians. It worth noting here that Nidal Hamad who lives in Norway has lost one of his legs during a battle in Beirut while fighting the Israeli invading army in 1982. Fortunately, neither the US nor Israel honored Abbas’s request.I hope Mahmoud Abbas suffers the same fate as Romania’s dictator Nicolae Ceausescu unless Allah wishes differently. It is time for President Moshe Abbas to go!

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