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Syria, Lebanon, And Iran In The Crosshairs


Posted by: John Phoenix

“Their feet run to evil, and they hasten to shed innocent blood; their thoughts are thoughts of iniquity, devastation and destruction are in their paths.” Isaiah 59:7

It’s ALL for Apartheid Israel

“I’ve never seen a President — I don’t care who he is — stand up to them (Israel). It just boggles the mind. They always get what they want. The Israelis know what is going on all the time. I got to the point where I wasn’t writing anything down. If the American people understood what a grip these people have got on our government, they would rise up in arms. Our citizens certainly don’t have any idea what goes on.” — U.S. Navy Admiral and former head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Thomas Moorer, during an interview in August 1983.

A Regional War For Israel Is Coming

Excerpt from the article by Philip Giraldi

Israel controls Trump

With the appointment of leading neoconservative John Bolton as National Security Advisor, the Zionist war-party takeover of the White House is nearly complete. With Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State, Nikki Haley at the U.N. and now Bolton whispering in the President’s ear, we have a fully endowed war cabinet that will make sure the Mullahs, Russkies and Rocket Man begin to pay attention. As Haley laid down the law in the United Nations recently, “Our patience is not unlimited.”

Bolton, the point man for Israeli-American casino billionaire and GOP kingmaker Sheldon Adelson, will be the spark plug that ignites a new round of warfare on behalf of Israel. Bolton has long been planning to attack Iran. He secretly and illegally met with Israel’s Mossad intelligence service in 2003-4 when he was in the State Department under George W. Bush to lay the groundwork for such a conflict. Today, right-wing Israelis are certainly cheering his appointment. Naftali Bennett, a member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s security cabinet, has already praised the move, calling Bolton “an extraordinary security expert, experienced diplomat and a stalwart friend of Israel”.

War is likely to start in the Middle East as Iran, Lebanon and Syria are relatively soft targets with only limited capability to strike back. As neocon pundit Michael Ledeen put it, “Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business.” There have been numerous indications that Israel is preparing for war. Its planning clearly includes deliberately involving the United States in the conflict, turning American soldiers into de facto hostages, with U.S. casualties guaranteeing Washington’s direct and immediate involvement in the fighting.

Largely unknown to the American public, the United States has just completed the largest ever joint military exercises with Israel even though it has no defense agreement or treaty with Tel Aviv. That is, in part, because military alliances are dependent on an attack on one partner mandating support from all parties to the agreement. Israel has balked at such an arrangement because it cannot define its own borders, which are constantly expanding.

The recent maneuvers featured scenarios in which U.S. troops fought Syrians, Lebanese and Palestinians in a mock-up Arab village to defend Israel. Washington’s particularly vulnerability vis-à-vis Israel derives from the recent opening of a U.S. permanent facility at Mashabim Air Base in the Negev Desert.

It is described as a base within a base, completely contained by an Israeli air force installation and operating “under Israeli military directives,” meaning that if the facility is attacked Americans will likely die. It has no function in support of U.S. regional interests but is instead a shell facility with a few dozen airmen that can be ramped up considerably if Israel goes to war and calls for American assistance. Together with billions of dollars-worth of U.S. military equipment that is pre-positioned in Israel and can be used by the Israelis as needed, it is all about supporting Israeli war-making and has nothing to do with American security or defense interests except as a tripwire to bring about U.S. involvement.

For that reason, all of the above is something more than just the latest “we have to support Israel” gimmick. The American soldiers and airmen who are now based in Israel are the sacrificial lambs that will guarantee U.S. entry into a war that Israel intends to start, make no mistake about that.

When Israel attacks Syria and/or Lebanon, as it clearly intends to do, Hezbollah will retaliate with its missiles, some of which will surely be directed towards the Mashabim Air Base, which will be targeted to inhibit the base’s ability to bomb Lebanon. And once Washington is well and truly engaged in what is referred to as “force protection,” Israel will undoubtedly widen the conflict by drawing Iran in through attacks on that country’s identified bases in Syria that are supporting the al-Assad government. The bigger war will suddenly become America’s responsibility after Israel inevitably proves itself incapable of handling the escalation.

The Coming War On Lebanon

Excerpt from the article by Timothy Alexander Guzman

Washington’s plan to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has ultimately failed. Now Lebanon seems to be in the crosshairs with tensions between Israel and Hezbollah on the same level that led to the 2006 Lebanon war. There is also the possibility that a new offensive against Syria might take place as Washington maintains its troop levels in the devastated country caused by ISIS and other terrorists groups they supported.

Various reports suggest that the Pentagon may reveal that there are close to 2,000 U.S. troops stationed in Syria even though ISIS has been defeated. So why is Washington staying in Syria? Will there be another attempt to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the near future? Most likely, yes. Adding the Trump administration’s continued hostilities towards Iran, the drumbeats of a new war in the Middle East is loud and clear.

Israel is gearing up for a long and devastating war against Hezbollah, an Iranian-ally who is based in Lebanon’s southern region to deter Israel’s expansionist ideas. Israel understands that a defeat against Hezbollah and the Lebanese military will be absolutely difficult to accomplish, therefore preparations to engage the Hezbollah this time will be an effort to create as much damage as possible and reduce their military capabilities, maybe in time for U.S. troops to enter the war through Syria and coordinate targets with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Israel’s plan to launch more aggressive wars against its neighbors to further an expansionist objective would come at a great cost to Israeli citizens as their economy sinks into the rabbit hole and with the threat of incoming missiles from southern Lebanon makes it that much more worse. Lebanon and to an extent Israel will be once again devastated by a new war. For both sides of the border, it is a formula for disastrous consequences.

Iran Nuclear Deal Hysteria Is A Cry For War

By Views Of News

All those within Government and without who oppose the nuclear deal with Iran are only doing so to please Israel. Their hysteria is totally unfounded. If one wants peace, one must deal with one’s “enemies.” Roosevelt dealt with Stalin, Nixon with Mao Zedong, Kissinger with Le Duc Tho, Kerry with Castro, etc.

Those who cry wolf over the deal and want to attack Iran are only following the diktats of the Israeli terrorist-in-chief Benjamin Netanyahu. After all, he’s their god and whatever he says goes – that’s the only explanation for their idiotic stand. Watch this video of Netanyahu lambasting Iran in the US Congress, or not – after all, who can stand to watch that demonic and arrogant cad ordering the US around.

“If America goes to war with Iran, as is increasingly likely, it will be all about Israel,” said Philip Giraldi, former CIA officer.

Consequently, when the Middle East is set ablaze and millions of people lose their lives, the world will know who to haul at The Hague for crimes against humanity.

Dumb Moves Have Consequences

Excerpt from the article by Philip Giraldi

President Donald Trump (withdrew the US) from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) nuclear agreement with Iran that was signed by the U.S. and five other governments in July 2015. As one informed observer noted, “a train wreck is probably coming, with very damaging consequences that are hard to predict.”

The unfortunate truth is that going to war with Iran is popular among the policy makers and media for the usual reason: it is a major foreign policy objective of the Israeli government and its powerful U.S. lobby.

The U.S. and Israel are also expressing concern about Iranian ballistic missile capability. Again, ballistic missiles would appear to be a weapon that Israel alone seeks to monopolize in its neighborhood because it seeks to regard itself as uniquely threatened, that is, always the victim. It is an argument that sells well in the U.S. Congress and in the media, which has apparently also obtained traction in the White House. It is nevertheless a fake argument contrived by the Israelis. The missiles under development do not in any way threaten the United States and they were not in any event part of the agreement and should not be considered a deal breaker.

Add into the equation the clearly expressed and oft-times repeated Israeli intention to begin a war with Iran, starting in Syria, sooner rather than later, a disaster for American foreign policy is developing that might well make Iraq and Afghanistan look like cake walks. Iran will surely strike back in response either to the termination of the JCPOA or to Israeli bombing of its militiamen and surrogates in Syria. American forces in the region will surely be sucked into the conflict by Israel and will wind up taking the fall. Someone should tell Donald Trump that there are real world consequences for breaking agreements and rattling sabers.

Philip M. Giraldi, Ph.D., is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, a 501(c)3 tax deductible educational foundation that seeks a more interests-based U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Website is www.councilforthenationalinterest.org, address is P.O. Box 2157, Purcellville VA 20134 and its email is inform@cnionline.org.

Defining Moment For Putin: Stand Up To Israel

By Russia Insider

Russia must reconsider its current relationship with Israel because it is wrong for so many reasons, not least because it sends mixed messages to Russian allies in the Middle East.

First steps are already taken; Israel’s ambassador has been summoned to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. But they should be doing much more than this. The whole current crisis is a consequence of Israel’s desire to prop up controlled chaos in Syria for decades to come and Russia being silent when it comes to Tel Aviv’s constant air attacks against Syria.

Syrian base bombed by Israel

Why is Russia keeping silent when Israel bombs Syria, but threatens the US when it says it wants to do the same? Where’s the logic? Why can Israel do it and the US, as a world’s first superpower, cannot? If Russia is not ready to retaliate against Israel, why do they claim that they are ready to retaliate against the US? It makes no sense. Therefore, Russia should not give Israel a free pass and should impose a similar set of economic and political sanctions as in the case of the U.S.

In any case, Russia should make clear to Israel that in case of Russian-American global war, Israel will be one of the first to be wiped out with the help of Russian nukes. This will make them think twice before instigating a global conflict against Russia.

Russia needs to understand that this has nothing to do with Assad, Syria or even the Middle East. It has everything to do with Russia. Israel and the U.S. decided it is the perfect time to inflict a humiliating defeat on Russia in Syria and take them out of this complex equation.

If Russia does nothing and hides under the table while whining and protesting against illegal American, British, French and Israeli strikes against the Syrian people, it will be the ultimate defeat and humiliation for Russia and Putin.

Putin’s Rules Of Engagement In Syria

By Views Of News

Putin is an extremely wise and cunning politician who’s no one’s fool.

He knows that Israel, fiercely supported by Trump and his administration, is hell-bent on starting a new conflagration by baiting Syria, an ally of Iran and Russia, into a wider war. However, Putin will not allow Russia to be sucked in this Middle East quagmire.

For one, Putin is not interested in a wider war nor in provoking one. And second, he wants to position himself as the level-headed peace-seeking adult in the room for the future World Order that will send every country running to him.

Still, in case of a major Israeli war involving Syria (and even Iran) he will not stand idly by. The reason is simple: Putin ABSOLUTELY cannot permit Assad to be deposed a la Muammar Gaddafi or Saddam Hussein; otherwise he will lose the base in Syria, which he cannot afford – he’d look like a fool and Russia would forfeit all the clout and good will it accumulated worldwide.

What will he do in case of a war? His rules of engagement are probably thus.

a. When the BIG WAR explodes Russia’s involvement will most likely be COVERTLY executed (e.g., Russian Soldiers and Jet Fighters disguised as Syrians).

b. Russia’s sophisticated weapon systems in Syria will ONLY be unleashed in the event said BIG WAR, which Apartheid Israel wants so bad, becomes inevitable.

“Putin will continue to hold his water, waiting for the opportune moment to reverse his opponent,” writes Tom Luongo, political commentator. “Russia’s limit has not been reached in Syria yet. Putin always does this. It drives his critics and his supporters crazy. It’s geopolitical judo and he’s the master at it.

“And when that reversal comes and Israel has been thrown flat on its back, Trump’s only move will be to settle. Why speculate on what he’ll do. Just watch and wait it out. The signs are all there.”

Listen Up, Israel!

By Views Of News

Your antisemitism trick has come to an end. Most everyone knows you are NOT Semites.

Your terrorism trick has hit a brick wall. Most everyone knows that those so-called “Islamic Terrorists” are really Israelis.

Your war plans and provocations are fizzling at an alarming rate. Most everyone sees through your evil shenanigans.

Your apartheid state will not last very long. Even some of your clear-minded citizens admit that much.

So take the following advice:

  1. Admit that you are NOT really the Hebrews of the bible.
  2. Forget about that nonsensical “Promised Land” that supposedly extends all the way to the Euphrates.
  3. Stop slaughtering the Palestinians, create a bi-national state, repatriate all their refugees, and pay reparations to all the families you have hurt.
  4. Give back to Syria and Lebanon the land you’ve stolen from them and make peace with all your neighbors.

If you do all these things, you may still have a chance to redeem your soul.

Read also: Jesus was not a Jew

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Syria between the shadow of Iraq, confusion and propaganda


Image result for syria war cartoon

Are we about to see a repeat performance of the Iraq war in Syria?

In a clear-headed blogpost, former Guardian Middle East Editor Brian Whitaker explains why the answer is no, and how the shadow of the Iraq war deception is making rational debate about Syria increasingly difficult. It’s a difficulty, he says, that’s compounded by the war hysteria in the mainstream and social media, and the chaff that’s contaminating much of the social media – talk of an invasion, troops going in, a lack of exit strategies and the “false flag” theories.

In his blogpost, Whitaker points out three key differences between Iraq in 2002-03 and Syria now:

1. Syria has chemical weapons, and the regime has said so itself.

2. President Obama has been palpably reluctant to get involved, directly and militarily, in Syria. American public opinion is strongly against it and there is no significant war lobby in Washington as there was when the neocons held sway.

3. The US does not particularly want Assad to be overthrown at the moment because it’s too worried about what might follow.

Whitaker says that the issue in question now is straightforward: what to do if someone uses chemical weapons. He argues that it’s important to separate this as far as possible from the broader conflict in Syria and its politics. “Chemical weapons are not just a matter of concern in Syria; they are a matter of concern for the whole world, since the world has banned their use.”

This, he says,

poses an invidious moral dilemma. One approach is to say that offenders must be held accountable – otherwise the ban on chemical weapons will become pointless. At the same time, though, holding the Syrian regime accountable is unlikely to be achieved without loss of life.

The alternative is to take no action. That avoids further immediate casualties but in the longer run also leads to a loss of life, probably on a larger scale, by giving a green light to further attacks in Syria and by helping to normalise the use of chemical weapons more generally.

There is of course a possibility that the armed opposition, especially the Islamists among them – whose disregard for human life almost matches that of the Assad regime – might have launched the chemical attack on 21 August that resulted in hundreds of innocent casualties. After all, a preliminary UN investigation into a previous, much smaller chemical attack in May 2013 suggested that the rebels, rather than the government, had used chemical weapons.

However, as Whitaker says in reply to a reader’s comment:

The regime has the weapons and the ruthlessness to use them [chemical weapons]. The gas was released during an attack by govt forces. Subsequent behaviour by the regime has not been that of an innocent party. It promised evidence to back up its claim that the rebels were responsible but it hasn’t done so. [US Secretary of State John] Kerry has promised more evidence – probably military intercepts.

As clear-headed as Whitaker’s analysis is, it’s unlikely to stop the ill-informed comments, conspiracy theories and unfounded talk of false flags which can only muddy the already mucky waters in which Syria is drowning.

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Outgoing IDF Chief Says Yes, We Armed Anti-Government Extremists in Syria


That Israel was assisting rebel groups with extremist ideologies in Syria has been widely believed by a number of observers, who were often derided as “conspiracy theorists” for floating the notion. Eisenkot’s statements confirm those suspicions.

Two men, not specified which group of rebels, ride a motorcycle towards an abandoned UN base at Syria's Quneitra border crossing between Syria and the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights, Monday, Nov. 28, 2016. (AP Photo/Ariel Schalit)

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I am a Syrian Living in Syria: “It Was Never a Revolution nor a Civil War. The Terrorists Are Sent by Your Government”


American People, Please Help Us


Among Global Research’s most popular articles in 2016 and 2017 byMark Taliano author of Voices from Syria, 2017. (Click link to order directly from Global Research)


Two years ago, “Majd” wrote these words on a Facebook posting:

” I am Syrian… living in Syria in the middle of everything. We have seen horrors. It was never a revolution nor a civil war. The terrorists are sent by your goverment. They are al Qaeda Jabhat al Nusra Wahhabi Salafists Talibans etc and the extremist jihadists sent by the West, the Saudis, Qatar and Turkey. Your Obama and whoever is behind him or above him are supporting al Qaeda and leading a proxy war on my country.

We thought you are against al Qaeda and now you support them.

The majority here loves Assad. He has never committed a crime against his own people… The chemical attack was staged by the terrorists helped by the USA and the UK,  etc. Everyone knows that here.

American soldiers and people should not be supporting barbarian al Qaeda terrorists who are killing Christians, Muslims in my country and everyone.

Every massacre is committed by them. We were all happy in Syria: we had free school and university education available for everyone, free healthcare, no GMO, no fluoride, no chemtrails, no Rothschild IMF- controlled bank, state owned central bank which gives 11% interest, we are self-sufficient and have no foreign debt to any country or bank.

Life before the crisis was so beautiful here. Now it is hard and horrific in some regions.

I do not understand how the good and brave American people can accept to bomb my country which has never harmed them and therefore help the barbarian al Qaeda. These animals slit throats and behead for pleasure… they behead babies and rape young kids.

They are satanic. Our military helped by the millions of civilian militias are winning the battle against al Qaeda. But now the USA wants to bomb the shit out of us so that al Qaeda can get the upper hand. 

Please help us American people. They are destroying the cradle of civilization. Stop your government.

Impeach that bankster puppet you have as president… support Ron Paul or Rand or anyone the like who are true American patriots. but be sure of one.thing..if they attack and I think they will….it will be hell.

Be sure that if it were to be a world war, many many will die. Syria can and will defend itself and will sink many US ships. Iran will go to war..Russia and China eventually if it escalates… and all this for what ? For the elites who created al Qaeda through the US government and use it to conduct proxy wars and destabilize countries which do not go along with their new world order agenda !!?

American people…you gotta regain control of your once admirable country. Now everyone hates you for.the.death you bring almost everywhere.

Ask the Iraqis, the Afghans, the Pakistanis, the Palestinians, the Syrians, the Macedonians, the Serbs, the Libyans, the Somalis, the Yemenis, all the ones you [your government] kill with drones everyday. Stop your wars, Enough wars. Use diplomacy, dialogue, help, not force.”

Click front cover to order Mark Taliano’s book directly from Global Research

Consistent testimonies from Syrians, as well as well-documented, open-source Western sources, and historical memory, all serve to reinforce the accuracy of the aforementioned testimony.

Syrians are living the horror brought to them by the criminal West.  They can not afford the complacency of shrugging their shoulders in indecision, not when their lives and their ancient civilization is being threatened by Western-paid terrorist mercenaries of the worst kind.

“Our” proxies, slit throats, chop heads, and take no prisoners as we waffle in indecision, ignore empirical evidence, and take the comfortable easy road of believing the labyrinth of lies  promulgated by Western media messaging.

The veil of comfortable confusion, nested in an unconscious belief that our government knows best or that it is patriotic to believe the lies and fabrications implicit in the hollow words of politicians (who no longer represent us) and the false pronouncements of Imperial messengers, is concealing an overseas holocaust.

Western societies are rotting from the inside out because of these lies and this barbarity.  We are protecting a criminal cabal of corporate globalists who do not serve our interests and never will.

Our democracies, which we should be protecting, have long disappeared – except in the hollow words of newspaper stenographers.  Instead we are supporting transnational corporate elites and their delusional projects.

Poverty and disemployment are all soaring beneath the fakery of government pronouncements, as the public domain evaporates beneath words like “efficiency” or the “economy” — all false covers that serve to enrich elites and destroy us.  Internal imperialism at home is a faded replica of the foreign imperialism abroad.

As countries are destroyed, and its peoples are slaughtered — think Syria, Libya, Ukraine, and others — by abhorrent Western proxies — public institutions are contaminated, and ultimately replaced by parasitical “privatized” facsimiles.  Public banking is looted and destroyed in favour of transnational banksterism, World Bank funding, and IMF usury.  Food security is destroyed and replaced by biotech tentacles and engineered dependencies on cash crops and unhealthy food.  Currencies are destroyed, sanctions are imposed, and the unknown, unseen hand of totalitarian control imposes itself, amidst the cloud of diversions and confusions, aided by comprador regimes, oligarch interests, and shrugging domestic populations.

Syria refuses to submit.  That is why the West is taught to hate her, and the rest of the world learns to love and respect her.

Yet, Syria’s struggles are our struggles.  Syria represents international law, stability, and integrity: the same values that western peoples overtly cherish but stubbornly reject, as our countries wilt beneath suffocating veils of lies and delusions.

I support Syria, because I respect what remains of international law.

I support Syria because I reject Wahhabism, Sharia law, and terrorism.

I support Syria because I reject the undemocratic, transnational oligarchies that are subverting our once flourishing, now dead, democracies.

I reject the lies of our propagandizing media, the hollow words of our politicians, and the fake   “humanitarian” messaging that demonizes non-belligerent countries and their populations.

In the name of justice, humanity, and the rule of law, I support the elected government of Syria led by its President, Bashar al-Assad.  Syria, an ancient cradle of civilization, is leading the way towards a better future for all of us.

All we have to do is open our eyes.

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The Wall, the Shutdown, Mattis, Syria, Afghanistan


The Wall, the Shutdown, Mattis, Syria, Afghanistan — Trump ends 2018 with a tidal wave of incompetence
The US was just hit with a tsunami Of Trumpism.


Image result for TRUMP CARTOON

By Terry Schwadron

Photo Credit: Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian

According to the latest reports, Trump was still saying he would move ahead with a partial government shutdown today, rather than accept a budget without the Wall.

This story first appeared at DC Report.

Under pressure from the most conservative of his supporters, Trump is betting that this is the moment to take a stand, rather than sign the usual, last-minute, kick-the-can-down-the-road temporary delay otherwise backed by his Republican congressional majority to a new Congress with a Democratic House majority.

Let’s be clear here. We’re all losing. But rather than appearing to suffer a personal defeat, the president is making the rest of us feel it, too.

As the rest of the day’s news has made clear, this president cares only about his own opinion about matters financial, security, immigration or national defense, and will ignore advice–or suffer the loss of important advisers like James T. Mattis as defense secretary over the abrupt withdrawal of troops in Syria and Afghanistan. The wall has been central, but not alone in causing heads to shake.

As Trump becomes more and more isolated, it makes the full range of White House action based on gut and campaign promises and virtually no actual information much more important–and potentially dangerous.

In this one week, we’ve seen major disagreements about monetary policy, troop deployment and now, whether we actually have a working government.

Regardless of the outcome, however, the wall debate shows its sheer ugliness in revealing to what lengths the parties must go now to determine whether to pony up $5 billion just to meet campaign promises of Trump.

Indeed, the ineptitude of waiting until the last minute makes clear several things that will prove of lasting interest:

For the White House, the physical wall, not the ability to keep out illegal immigrants or police drugs or anything else, is paramount since the president sees it as key to his image with supporters more than to the cause it might serve. His immigration henchman, Stephen Miller, stone-facedly has kept repeating that there is no Plan B should proposals for the Wall fail, though yesterday, the president suggested he can find the money from different existing accounts within the budget, something that generally requires congressional approval in four separate committees, or have the military do the job. (Don’t they already have day jobs?)
For top Democrats, opposition to the Wall is an equally appealing (and maybe appalling) siren. Not only do they seem to have adopted a morally superior position, but they also appear to have the votes to stop the Trump insistence machine and now want to flaunt it rather than create the immigration price tag that Trump might have to pay to get what he wants. If it is a deal Trump wants, why not show him just how expensive it needs to be: Certainly facts, worries of allies, adverse stock markets and other real-time effect have nothing to do with this decision.
Meanwhile, some of those Republicans who were leaving Congress are going home to their districts and apparently don’t intend to return to vote on government business, walls or anything else. Talk about bravery. Or duty. Or even courtesy to the process to which they pledged allegiance.
Perhaps we can remind all of these people that these are the ones elected to run the government, not to shut it down. These are people who are supposed to do their jobs in large part without partisanship.

Instead, we have a president under fire on all parts of his administration, the subject of multiple investigations, sending out anemic spokesmen to offer babble in the face of prosecutorial facts, trying to bluster his way to a personal goal that has either missed its moment or never really had it. It looks now as if he will have to eat his own proposal.

We have a Congress that wants no part of a wall and another $5 billion in deficit spending, and we have a few thousand Central Americans at the border waiting restlessly for a chance to make their pitch for asylum. To Speaker-in-Waiting Nancy Pelosi’s point last week, the Republicans don’t seem to have even the requisite number of their own votes in the House, never mind that of the Democrats.

What I see is that Trump has the time and attention to tweet hateful messages, get involved in the military prosecution of a single Army officer facing murder charges, has the temerity to attack the French government in its handling of street protests, and shows no understanding of the complexities of healthcare in America. But the wall, and by extension, Mexican underwriting of its construction, can’t even keep enough of his focus to win the day.

We see a flailing, bloviating egomaniac, more concerned with covering his rear end than in protecting my interests as a citizen—interests that have nothing to do with building a wall. Some of us rely on government services, whether they are agricultural inspections of food or protection against communicable disease. Am I missing something here?

That Congress and Trump are finding the easiest path of extending government spending by two or three weeks just to get by the holidays will not solve the problem that comes together under the mantle of comprehensive immigration issues. Instead, only some very focused and hard work is required to get to practical, enforceable, understandable rules.

We can be sure that a wise, intelligent, thoughtful approach is not on the agenda. The politicians just don’t think we will insist on such a discussion. It is much easier to rely on slogans that are fully resistant to the real problems of real families whether in the United States or in Honduras or Guatemala.

Set aside the idea that $5 billion is too much to pay for a bad solution, and not nearly enough to pay for a wall, even if you think it is a good thing. The Rand Institution is among those who argue that walls generally have proved bad ideas for containment. The first thing they do, Rand argues, is to promote the digging of tunnels, though mostly for drug traffic rather than for illegal human routes into the United States.

The discussion about the wll too easily slips into xenophobic talk about how migrants are criminals or disease carriers or trying too hard to reach the gravy train that they believe the United States to be.

If Trump and Miller are so confident in their belief that a wall is an American demand, let’s look to a new GoFundMe campaign that supporters have started to raise the money outside of government; already 40,000 have contributed about $7 million, which is a bit short and raises the question: Where does the money go? The Trump Foundation? Or commit to the government version of this: a bond initiative in which the government goes to the markets to sell the bonds. Instead, they play with my tax money against my services. Don’t they understand that this angers me a great deal?

What’s been lost here in the avoidance of actual deal-making is that the White House needs to put some immigration chips on the table to get Democrats to do something other than smirk. Instead, Trump and company are relying on the same bullying behavior that seemingly was rejected “bigly” in the November elections.

In the meantime, this stalemate over the wall portends really bad things for needed bipartisanship in Washington. The future of healthcare is teetering on unsteady legal claims, the Chinese and the Russians are chewing away at our long-term alliances and our sense of security, the North Koreans and Iran are openly calling us bad names and continuing with weapons development that we abhor. The Syria decision does show that there are bigger stakes at hand than Trump’s campaign promises.

The wall and the war over the wall ought to be telling us something important about how we are resolving problems.

Indeed, the emergent bipartisanship on a bill to reconsider criminal justice sentencing over drug crimes seems to exemplify exactly what we can achieve, if we build consensus rather than attack one another.

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S-300 missile system deterred US Coalition jets in northeast Syria 


The Russian-made S-300 missile defense system has deterred U.S. Coalition warplanes in northeastern Syria, the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov told reporters on Monday.

“After only one battalion of the S-300V4 air-defense system entered combat duty, the intensity of the flights made by the coalition’s air forces in northeastern Syria has significantly decreased,” he stated, as quoted by the Sputnik News Agency.

However, the decrease in U.S. Coalition flights in northeast Syria could be due to Washington’s focus on the Deir Ezzor countryside.

For the last two-months, the U.S. Coalition and their allies from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have been fighting the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh) terror group along the eastern bank of the Euphrates.

The Russian Federation transported the S-300 system to the Syrian military on October 1st of this year.

The move by the Russian Federation came in response to the downing of their IL-20 reconnaissance aircraft, which was ultimately blamed on ‘Israel’.

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Is it time to kill HTS in Idlib? Syrian opposition says yes



… from Southfront

[ Editor’s Note: This opposition leader has hit the nail on the head, stating the obvious. The Syrian peace process is being held hostage by the HTS terrorists, and that will never change until they are eliminated.

If he wasn’t a marked man, he sure as hell is now after taking this stand publicly. He stated the obvious, that it would take a coalition effort to do it. To reduce Syrian coalition casualties, HTS would have to be attacked from 360 degrees so its troops could not maneuver for a fighting retreat, or frankly have anywhere to retreat.

The big surprise was al-Mahamid claiming the US is on board. Once the peace process is rolling, the US would lose any veil of justification for remaining in Syria, other than as an occupying power. Any pretense to be fighting terror would be gone. The Syrians would get back control of their country, making the loser unhappy and maybe even more dangerous.

If this happens, the HTS survivors will be hunting this guy down forever. This is one hell of a brave and committed guy, and VT salutes his efforts. This is what we call leading from the front, a rare commodity these days … Jim W. Dean ]

– First published … December 01, 2018 –

On November 30, Khalid al-Mahamid, a prominent figure of the Syrian opposition, revealed that there is “an international agreement” to eliminate Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) [the former branch of al-Qaeda] and its allies in the northern Syrian governorate of Syria.

According to al-Mahamid’s claims, even the U.S. is a part of the agreement, which was organized by Russia.


Al-Mahamid didn’t reveal any details of the alleged agreement. However, he called on the remaining moderate opposition fighters in Idlib to separate themselves from HTS as fast as possible.

The opposition leader also acknowledged that the Free Syrian Army (FSA) can’t defeat HTS on its own.


Al-Mahamid is known as the godfather of the reconciliation process which took place in southern Syria recently. The UAE-base business man persuaded thousands of former FSA fighters in the governorates of Daraa and al-Quneitra to join the ranks of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) 5th Corps and praised the recent victory over ISIS in al-Safa.

According to al-Mahamid, the international agreement against HTS will be put into action next month. This claim comes in line with several recent reports, which talked about a near operation of the SAA and its allies in Idlib.

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Turkish-backed rebels form new special forces unit to fight Syrian Army ‘video’


BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:45 A.M.) – The Turkish-backed National Liberation Front (NLF) released a video on Wednesday that showed a newly formed special forces unit training in northern Syria.

The new NLF special forces unit was reportedly trained in urban warfare and hit-an-run scenarios.

This new rebel unit will be immediately deployed to the front-lines against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and their allies in the Idlib and Hama provinces, opposition activists claimed.

Below is the video that was released by the National Liberation Front this week:

Turkish-backed rebels form new special forces unit to fight Syrian Army (video)
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Russia Starts Sending Advanced Electronic Military Hardware to Syria

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Russian Defense Ministry has started dispatching advances electronic military instruments to Syria to reinvigorate its defense-combat capabilities after its Il-20 planes was downed in Syria’s airspace last week, a Russian language paper reported on Tuesday.

Izvestia reported that the first set of Russia’s advanced electronic military instruments has been sent to a Russia-run base in Syria on a Il-76 plane.

It further said that the dispatched electronic military instruments are capable of sabotaging radars, communication devices and navigating boards of intruding aircraft on Syria.

The paper went on to say that the Russian electronic instruments can also sabotage satellite navigating systems, including those that are deployed to regions around the Mediterranean Sea.

In the meantime, another Russian paper, Kommerisant, quoted a well-informed source as reporting that Moscow will send four S300 Air Defense Missile Systems to Syria in the next two weeks, adding that the number of systems can also rise to 6 or 8 if needed.

During a Monday briefing, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Moscow will deliver the S-300 air defense systems to Syria within two weeks as an adequate response to Israel’s role in the downing of the Russian Il-20 plane last week.

“The Syrian Armed Forces will be supplied with the advanced S-300 air defense missile system within two weeks. It is capable of intercepting air threats at a range of more than 250 kilometers and simultaneously hitting several aerial targets,” Shoigu stated, adding that the S-300 would significantly boost Syria’s combat capabilities, Sputnik reported.

Furthermore, Shoigu emphasized that command posts of the Syrian air defense forces would be equipped with automatic equipment that would ensure the identification of Russian aircraft by Syrian air defenses.

“Command posts of the Syrian troops and military air defense units will be equipped with automatic control system, which have been supplied only to the Russian Armed Forces. This will ensure the centralized management of all Syrian air defense forces and facilities, monitoring of the situation in the airspace and prompt target designation. Most importantly, it will ensure identification of all Russian aircraft by the Syrian air defense forces,” Shoigu stressed.

The defense minister stated that Russia would jam satellite navigation, on-board radars and communication systems of combat aviation over the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

“Russia will jam satellite navigation, on-board radars and communication systems of combat aircraft, which attack targets in the Syrian territory, in the regions over the waters of the Mediterranean Sea bordering with Syria,” Shoigu said.

He proceeded to say that Moscow had stopped delivery of S-300s to Damascus back in 2013 at Israel’s request, but the situation around the supplies has changed “through no fault of Russia”.

According to the defense minister, an Israeli F-16 jet used the Russian Il-20 aircraft as a shield, which resulted in the downing of the plane by Syrian air defense systems.

“This forced us to take an adequate response aimed at improving the security of Russian troops performing tasks to combat international terrorism in Syria,” he added.

Shoigu further stressed that if measures taken by Russia following the Il-20 crash over the Mediterranean fail to cool “hotheads”, “we will have to respond in line with the situation”.

“We are convinced that the implementation of these measures will cool hotheads and prevent ill-considered actions threatening our servicemen. Otherwise we will have to respond in line with the current situation,” Shoigu stated.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Embassy in Russia has refused to comment on the statements made by Shoigu so far.

Earlier this week, the Russian defense ministry accused the Israeli Air Force of providing misleading information about the area of the planned airstrikes on Syrian targets, thereby violating its agreement with Russia. Shortly after that, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman stated that Tel Aviv would continue its military operation in Syria despite the Il-20 incident.

 “We won’t let Syria be turned into a main Iranian military facility against the Israeli state. We continue to act… and we have all the necessary means and opportunities to this end,” he said.

On September 17, the Russian Il-20 aircraft with 15 servicemen on board vanished from radar screens near Humeimim Airbase in Syria. According to the Russian ministry of defense, the disappearance coincided with an attack by four Israeli F-16 military jets on Syrian targets in the province of Lattakia.

The defense ministry stressed that the Israeli Air Force used the Russian reconnaissance plane as a cover, thus subjecting it to an attack by the Syrian air defenses, with a Syrian S-200 surface-to-air missile hitting the Russian Il-20 while trying to repel Israeli strikes. Israel, for its part, insisted that Syria was responsible for the downing and that by the time the plane was destroyed, the four F-16 were already on their way home.

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Syrian Army’s Operation in Southern Syria in Numbers ‘Video’


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On August 2, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) claimed that warplanes of the Israeli Air Force had bombed several fighters of the ISIS-affiliated Khalid ibn al-Walid Army near the occupied Golan Heights. Seven militants were killed in the strikes according to the Israeli media.

This was the second attack by the IDF on the Khalid ibn al-Walid Army during the last two weeks. On July 26, Israeli warplanes destroyed a rocket launcher allegedly belonging to the group in southwestern Syria.

An official of the Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF) announced that members of the Khalid ibn al-Walid Army are attempting to cross the border from Syria. According to him, the JAF’s 10th Border Guard Battalion clashed with the terrorists in the Yarmouk Valley killing a number of them.

According to Syrian sources, some number of terrorist group members are still hiding near the Golan Heights and at the border between Syria and Jordan. They are attempting to flee the area in order to hide from the ongoing security operation by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

During the operation in southwestern Syria, the SAA and its allies liberated 3,332km2 and 146 settlements, the head of the Russian General Staff Col. Gen. Sergei Rudskoi said during a press briefing. 50 of them were liberated by peaceful means after negotiations.

Militants in the area surrendered over 650 pieces of military equipment, including 39 battle tanks, 28 infantry fighting vehicles and armoured personnel carriers, 10 Shilka self-propelled anti-aircraft guns, 35 anti-aircraft guns, 17 multiple launch rocket systems, 60 machine guns and 23 anti-tank missile launchers. A total of 4,927 members of militant groups and 5,355 their supporters left the area towards the province of Idlib via an open corridor in the framework of the reached surrender agreement.

Meanwhile, the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) conducted its first patrol along the separation line between Syrian and Israeli forces. The Russian Military Police established eight observation posts in front of the UNDOF in order to prevent provocations in the area.

As soon as the situation in southwestern Syria is stabilized, the SAA will be able to re-deploy most of its forces to other frontlines and to start another round of combating terrorism in the country.

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